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How to perform localization at format sc.manage (incidents,request,etc)Open in a New Window

SM 9.40, someone knows how to make that the field View display the localized values for inbox names?

I already set the datadict for inbox as localized table and the field inbox.name, I got the global variable with the local values, but I don´t get the right values if at the display values properties for the field View using the $G.inboxname.local





oemmetric and oemtopo doesn't startOpen in a New Window


We installed operation connector version 10.11 and bsm connector for OEM version 3.00.

After having set the path of the oracle instant client, we can only start oemevent process.

Both oemmetric and oemtopo aborted.

If you have experienced this issue , would you share how you fixed it ?




Response time of services CapturingOpen in a New Window



I need to capture the response time of service using UFT.

How cani get it?

Plz guide me.


Error -26366: "Text=User Menu" not found for web_reg_find in LoadRunner Virtual User GeneratorOpen in a New Window


I have added web_reg_find and during replay i got below error:

Error -26366: "Text=User Menu" not found for web_reg_find 

I have increased think time. But the error is same.

Please help.

Naina Dixit


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