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TDAddin folder and the TDExcelAddin.xla file are not found after HP ALM Excell Add-ins installed.Open in a New Window

TDAddin folder and the TDExcelAddin.xla files are not found after installing HP ALM Excell Add-in. user can't upload to Quality center because Validate and Upload to ALM buttons are grayed out. User currently has Office 2016 installed on the PC.

Please help.





Who updated the defectOpen in a New Window


I am trying to create a query that provides the information about who modified a defect. Are you able to help with the query in ALM12 


How to pass all the test cases in test lab in one gpOpen in a New Window


I have 12 Test sets and each test set has 300 Test Cases. I want to pass all the test cases in one go. Can any one help me in explaining. I'm new to this tool. Can i do it using excel or do i need to use any script, if so kindly explain me in detail. I was trying to use replace option in ALM. But, my access was restricted to perform that action. Help Pls!!


Tester Managing Performance CenterOpen in a New Window

Will a Testing engineer be keen in taking administration activities as additional responsibilities OR a Performance Center Administrator can also do Performance Testing using Loadrunner and VuGen Scripting

I came across a situation where a Performance Tester is expected to do the following as additional responsibilities. 

1. HP ALM Performance Center administration

2. VuGen Script code troubleshooting

3. Build/maintain the HP ALM, Performance Center, loadrunner dashboards

2. Create HP ALM PC/Loadrunner test scripts. 



Error installing ALM / QC v12 - The signature of ALM-Platform-Loader.msi is corrupted or invalidOpen in a New Window

Cannot install the latest version of ALM Qualty Center, when navigating to the URL, http://xx.xxx.xx.xxx:xxxx/qcbin/start_a.jsp, and clikc on Install (as prompted by the windonws to install the update), the file ALM-Platform-Loader.msi donwload fine, but when trying to run it it displays that error message. If I save the file, I can install it, but when navigating to the URL I got now this error message: "Initialization has failed. Contact your system administrator. Failure details: http://xx.xxx.xx.xxx:xxxx/qcbin/setup_a.cab - This file has no digital signature or signature cannot be validated".   If I check on the file, the certificate is revoked. How can I by pass that validation or fix it. I 've already (during the last three days) read and try almost everything people has posted about. Configuration is Windows 7 with SP1, iE11 32 bits, I have full admin privileges. Tried unistall manually and with the ALM/QC unistall tool. Install all the certificates everyone has mentiones.  Set Internert Options with the recommended securiry/privacy/advanced settings. I have no more ideas, unless this is caused by incompatibility of a windows update and the iE. I did restar iE11, but I cannot do same for Windows.  Any fresh ideas....? most of our team was able to install it and is working fine, just a copule of us have this issue. 





HP ALM 12.53 REST QPI Querying defects using predefined queryOpen in a New Window

Hi, In forums I see many examples on querying defect entity via REST API using different query fields e.g.

http://<your hp alm server>:/qcbin/api/domains/<your domain>/projects/<your project>/defects?query={some filter confition inside}

I have defined query with name "my_query" inside my HP ALM and I want to refer to that query using REST API. Does anyone know how to do it.


Questions 2:

is there any WADL for HP ALM REST API. if yes, where I can find that.




Can we upgrade ALM 12.20 to ALM Octane?Open in a New Window


Regarding LDAP Authentication in HP ALMOpen in a New Window


Hi Experts,

We are planning to change the authentiction from Quality Center to LDAP. I have few queries before we migrate to LDAP if you all could help me getting clarified. Currently we are using HP ALM 12.53

1. what are the pre-requisites before moving to LDAP authentication. 

2. Currently we are having a Site Admin account, so before changing to LDAP authentication, is it required to have a admin account created in LDAP which can be used as a Site Admin user id.

3. what would happen to the current users after changing the authentication to LDAP.

e.g. currently there is a user id 12345 and he is logging using QC authentication. we are having the same user id in LDAP (12345). so will it be possible to import the LDAP user id (12345) to Quality Center as the user id already exists. If No, then what is the work around.

4. If the user id is same as the imported user id from LDAP, then will the imported user id have access to the same project which the previous user id is having or we need to assign the imported user id again to the project.

Kindly help me.

Thanks and Regards




Issue when apllying a template on a projectOpen in a New Window

Hello everyone.

I m trying toapply a new template on a project migrated from ALM 11.50 to 12.50.

I have the following issue on the Component object

3. Accessing Module

   3.4 'Component' Module  dissociate element

    3.5 'Component' Module Error

            Failed adding a customized element to the project : the operation is not supported.

This specific module has no user field defined.

It works fine for the other module.

I can't finf the reason of this issue.

Thanks for your help


ALM 12.50 on oracle database



hp qc script editor - copy paste bugOpen in a New Window

i am trying to copy and paste but via code

i am trying to use 



but nothing happened

any idea ???


Mandatory field in test lab based on script statusOpen in a New Window


I need to know how to make a field (that I already created) mandatory when a script is marked as N/A and on which library I should put the code?

thanks in advance!




OTA - set group permission corresponding with "Customize QC project lists"Open in a New Window

Dear community,

 We are using Quality Center 12.21 patch 01.

 We are looking for the right automation code for the addition/removal of the group permission right corresponding with functionality [ “customize QC project lists” ] and this via OTA.

 We got automation code working to manage a lot of other QC permissions but we can’t find out the right code for the functionality mentionned above.

 The automation code we are using to set/remove other QC permissions comes in two different implementations :

  1. Via CustomizationAction Object : RemoveGroup Method – the actions can be found in the AC_ACTION_NAME field of the Actions table – we don’t find any suitable AC_ACTION_NAME value corresponding with the [ “customize QC project lists” ] functionality.
  2. Via CustomizationPermissions Object :

Tried with this code without luck (copied only the most relevant part) :  

    Set custom = conn.Customization     


    Set Actions = custom.Actions     

    Set customPermissions = custom.Permissions





    Set customPermissions = Nothing

   Set custom = Nothing


Anyone who can help out here please ?

Thank you


UFT 12.02 and ALM 11 execution slownessOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

Off late we have been facing the issue of ALM 11 slowness (too slow) in stopping execution after BPT execution is completed. We are using UFT 12.02 and ALM 11 with BPT framework.

Till Jan end all was working fine, suddenly now test set in test lab just keeps on showing Running ..., where as UFT execution has been done long time back. I have even tried to debug the script to see if any issue with the component script, but found none.

 Can you please help or suggest if something has changed recently with ALM 11 and UFT 12.02. connectivity?

Just to give you some idea - UFT result (last run result from QC shows execution was completed in 14 sec, where as Execution log from automatic Runner - ALM test lab says 10 mins for execution completion), so after 14 sec it took remaining time to update ALM with status. :(

Please advice.

Thank you,




Test Cases uploaded from Excel displayed as sorted based on 'Test Name', need way to avoid sortingOpen in a New Window

I have written Test cases in Excel sheet and on uploading these to ALM , Test cases are displayed not in the order as in Excel instead displayed in sorted order based on 'Test Name' data.


Is there any way to avoid this? I just wanted to view my Test Cases in same order as in Excel Sheet.

I'm using HP ALM 12.53 version.


Thanks in Advance and waiting for your reply.





How to Display User Defined Field in Test PlanOpen in a New Window

Hi all,


I have one User Defined Field In Design Steps.

In Test Plan, I want to Display this User Defined Column.

I tried to add it through View-->Select Columns Option.

But Fields of Details Tab alone is getting Displayed.


Any suggestions?




Error: passing object with diiferent type of IAuditable?Open in a New Window

I  am trying to creat a similar code for getting audit history of an object (requirment or test instance).  I looked at the sample code in HP ALM Open Test Architecture and tried to run it.  It has a pre-compiling error at line "Set currAuditable = theReq".  The whole error message is: "Cannot implicitly convert type 'TDAPIOLELib.Req' to 'TDAPIOLELib.IAuditable'.  An explicit conversion exist (Are you missing a cast)?  I even tried to put a cast (TDAPIOLELib.Req) theReq but still have error. Has anyone tried to run this sample code successfully?  Thanks in advance.


Public Sub GetReqHistory(theReq As Req)

' Getting an AuditRecordFactory for a specific object
        Dim currAuditable As IAuditable
'Cast the requirement object passed to the routine ' to an IAuditable reference.        

        Set currAuditable = theReq
        Dim AuditRecF As AuditRecordFactory.




This similar code I converted it to C#

public void GetTestHistory(Req theReq)


IAuditable currAuditable;

currAuditable = theReq;

AuditRecordFactory AuditRecF;

AuditRecF = currAuditable.AuditRecordFactory;




What is the database limit for a single project in HP ALM?Open in a New Window

We would like to start using 1 project for multiple upgrades instead of creating separate projects for every single upgrade. Is there a database limit in HP ALM for 1 single project? Thank you for your help!! 


ALM projects columns harmonizationOpen in a New Window


We want to harmonize database columns for 3 custom fields (BG_USER_XX), in order to have the same columns for the same fields (for Analysis and Dashboard views).

The first idea was to analyze the situation project by project and move (by queries) field values between columns in order to obtain the final result.

Please tell me if you have another idea.



HPES ALM Business Views for Excel Add-in 12.01 Method ErrorOpen in a New Window

I have the ALM Business view for Excel addin installed and am trying to log into ALM from the Excel business view.  I had been able to login and pull data.  However, I am now getting the following error.

Method 'SetHookOnKillFocusMessage' in type 'HP.ALM.Analysis.ExcelAddin.Core.AddingCore' from assembly ' HP.ALM.Analysis.ExcelAddin.Core.Version= Culture=neutral. PublicKey Token=79234313cf0407a' does not have an implementation.  Only option is an "OK" button. 

Then I get "Object reference not set to an instance og an object" pop-up message with an "OK" button.

I have tried uninstalling the Add-in, reinstalling it, and rebooting and I still get the same error.

Any thoughts?



Password AuthenticationOpen in a New Window

Hello all,

I am facing following error when trying to change password for HP ALM 12.53 from Customization Page.

"Cannot change password when external authentication is used." 

Can anybody please explain me why is this happening


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