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HP QC-Customization in Requirements module (disable the Folder option)Open in a New Window


    In the requirements module, I would like to disable the "Folder". it will be enabled only if the user belongs to the TAAMIN  group. The "folder option" can be accessed in 3 different ways. Refer the attached screenshot for details.

For all the 3 options, for UserGroups apart from TDAMIN, I was thinking of trapping the "ActionName" in the Function ActionCanExecute()  and then display a message that "You do not have this access". But the user experience will not right. I would like to disable the "Folder" option, the moment the User logs in to QC.

Please suggest how can I do it for all the 3 options. Thanks!


Sprinter Error - Failed to connect HP ALM, Unspecified ErrorOpen in a New Window


 We are facing the same issue while trying to Login Sprinter. Authentication is working fine and while logging in error message is shown as " failed to connect to ALM unspecified error." The same user credentials are working while logging into ALM directly.

Sprinter verson-12.20 ALM Version-12.


Can someone help in resolving this issue.


Action.Execute for MoveTo?Open in a New Window


I'm wondering whether I can execute the Action "MoveTo" with Action.Execute?

I know how to execute Actions like RefreshFilter... Can anyone tell me how I can use MoveTo and add the needed target (e.g. the test case that shall be selected automatically).

Many thanks and best regards



HP ALM Test Error - Input String Not In A Correct FormatOpen in a New Window


When testing in HP ALM I am able to run tests just fine for some time through the Test Lab. However, I leave and come back to my PC and perform the exact same actions - Run with Manual Runner - and it generates an error.

"Error - Input String Was Not In A Correct Format"

I am not doing anything different in any of these sessions. It appears very random. Below are the error logs:


System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.
   at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)
   at System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)
   at System.Convert.ToInt32(String value)
   at HP.ALM.QC.UI.Modules.TestLab.Core.ManualRunnerForm.set_FormSettings(String value)
   at HP.ALM.QC.UI.Modules.TestLab.Core.ManualRunnerForm.Init(IRun run)
   at HP.ALM.QC.UI.Modules.TestLab.Core.ManualRunnerForm.CheckForRunAndInit()
   at HP.ALM.QC.UI.Modules.TestLab.Core.ManualRunnerForm.ShowManualRunner()
   at HP.ALM.QC.UI.Modules.TestLab.Core.ManualRunnerService.RunManualRunner(Boolean useBPTRunner)
   at HP.ALM.QC.UI.Modules.TestLab.Core.ManualRunnerService.RunManualRunner(IEntityList`1 testInstancesToRun, Boolean continueManualRun, Boolean useDefaultRunner, Boolean useBPTRunner)
   at HP.ALM.QC.UI.Modules.TestLab.Core.ManualRunnerService.ShowManualRunner(IEntityList`1 testInstancesToRun, Boolean continueManualRun, Boolean useDefaultRunner, ICommandProvider runCommand)
   at HP.ALM.QC.UI.Modules.TestLab.Views.TestSetView.RunTests(Boolean fullTestSet, Boolean isManualRunner, Boolean continueManualRun)
   at HP.ALM.QC.UI.Modules.TestLab.Views.TestSetView.OnRunManuallyCommandExecute(Object sender, CommandEventArgs e)
   at Mercury.TD.Client.Library.WeakEvent.EventWrapper`1.OnExecute(Object sender, T args)
   at Mercury.TD.Client.Library.WeakEvent.WeakEventHandler`1.Raise(IEventWrapper eventWrapper, Object sender, EventArgs args)
   at Mercury.TD.Client.Library.WeakEvent.WeakEventHandler.DoRaiseEvent(Object sender, EventArgs args)
   at Mercury.TD.Client.UI.Components.Command.OnExecute(Object sender, CommandEventArgs args)
   at Mercury.TD.Client.UI.Components.Command.ExecuteEventHandler(Object sender, EventArgs eventArgs)
   at Mercury.TD.Client.UI.Components.ThirdParty.Toolbars.CommandButtonTool.ToolClickHandler(Object sender, ToolClickEventArgs e)




bug_fieldcanchange not working without refreshing defectOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

bug_fieldcanchange function is not working/enabling without refreshing defect.

Does anybody know how to resovle this issue. My code perfectly works when I Click on refresh button for a specific defect.

HP QC 12.21 




How can I have Dashboard/Excel Report in REST APIOpen in a New Window


I have 3 Excel Reports created with SQL (with a query like SELECT CF_ITEM_PATH  FROM CYCL_FOLD WHERE CF_ITEM_NAME = 'REST' ) and I would like to generate them from REST API. Would you please help me with this?



Testplan workflow to read current filter in UIOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I am writing a workflow to perform a some operation on the tree in testplan module.

I would like to take into consideration the current filter of which the user applied on the tree (for example: Execution status)
How do I access and read the current applied filter from my workflow?

Thanks in advanced.


integrating HP ALM (Quality Center) with National Instrument's LabVIEW/ TeststandOpen in a New Window

Hi ,
We want to interface HP ALM (HP Quality Center) with National Instrument's LabVIEW and Teststand tool to report all the defects/ failed condition to it.
1. Do HP have ready drivers available to integrate with NI LabVIEW / Teststand?
References for NI tools: 
2. Do this ALM tool has ActiveX available to integrate with third party software development tool ?



ActiveX for HP Quality CenterOpen in a New Window

Hi ,
We want to interface HP ALM (HP Quality Center) with National Instrument's LabVIEW and Teststand tool to report all the defects/ failed condition to it.
1. Do HP have ready drivers available to integrate with NI LabVIEW / Teststand?
References for NI tools: 
2. Do this ALM tool has ActiveX available to integrate with third party software development tool ?



How to view run id in run details tabOpen in a New Window


When we doible click the run , I do not see any field run id. Is it possible to display run id in run details tab. We are on ALM 11 


New Excel Report option in ALM 12.53 (SaaS)Open in a New Window

Hi All,

I am trying to add New Excel Report (Under Dashborad --> Analysis View) in my project in ALM but not seeing such option to create a report of type Excel Report. ALM have some inbuilt sample Excel Reports but no option to create new. I am trying to understand like, Did HP removed that New Excel Report option from ALM or just not configured for my ALM instance? Any ideas please?


SaaS ALM 12.53 - Undoing Checkouts by TAAdminOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I am trying to do Undo Checkouts for checked out items by others and I am in TAAdmin role. I have seen an option ALM Robot in admin guide but I am not seeing those options in ALM. Is there any limitations for SaaS ALM or any other place I have to look out? Please throw some light here. Thanks.


Create a dependant field in QC DefectsOpen in a New Window


How do I create a relationship between a default status and a user field?

When I select the Fixed status the user field must be enabled to fill. This user field is required and can only require completion when it is enabled.



Bug in the REST API.. or just not implemented?Open in a New Window

Hey all,

I have been working today to grab attachments using the REST API.

Whilst I can get attachments to tests quite happily with

/qcbin/rest/domains/<DOMAIN>/projects/<PROJECTS>/tests/<TEST ID>/attachments/<FILENAME>

ensuring that I set the right accept header

the same call to

/qcbin/rest/domains/<DOMAIN>/projects/<PROJECTS>/design-steps/<STEP ID>/attachments/<FILENAME>

fails completely. As far as we can tell from the documentation this should be supported, we are on ALM 11.52

Can anyone shed any light on this, is it a defect or is it possible to get attachments to design steps via the API at all?


Copy defect views between projectOpen in a New Window

Hello, is there an easy way to copy the defect layout between projects?  Perhaps you can just copy the back-end tables but worried about data intergrity issues in doing that. Using version 11.52


ALM Upgrade from v11 to 12.20Open in a New Window

Exception occurred. Message: [Mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "SQL_Hungarian_CP1250_CI_AS" and "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1250_CI_AS" in the equal to operation.


To retrieve test coverage information using the requirement IDOpen in a New Window


I am using ALM QC 12.20 and trying to retrieve test coverage information for the requirement ID using entity-type "requirement-coverages" using ALM REST API by using the following url:

http://<alm_server>/qcbin/rest/domains/<your domain>/projects/<your project>/requirement-coverages/my_requirement_id


But, the server has returned test coverage information which is nowhere matching the test details present in Test coverage of the requirement id mentioned in url.

Please find the following example:
In HP QC ALM GUI, for the existing requirement ID: 12345, please find following test details, if we click on “Test Coverage”:

Test Name : Test
Test ID: 12345

Now if we do GET : http://<alm_server>/qcbin/rest/domains/<your domain>/projects/<your project>/requirement-coverages/12345/

Server has returned following test coverage information which is mismatching the above test details data:

Test Name: Test1.
Test ID: 22567

Please help to find the correction in URL we are trying to use.

Also, Please suggest if any other entity-type (apart from requirement-coverages )/ Method that can be used to retrieve
test coverage information for the requirement ID?

Best Regards,


How to create SLA for defects?Open in a New Window


Is there a way to create SLA for defects in ALM?



How to add field and customization code in all projects of ALM via OTAOpen in a New Window


I have a case where I need to add one field indefect module around  4000 projects  and  i aslo need to make that field mandatory at particular stage of the defect. I have written the code for adding the field via OTA but only for one project and I do not how to add to all the projects. Also I do not have idea how to make field mandatoryvia OTA.This is really a big problem for me. Please do help.


Note: All the projects follows the same defect lifecycle but differs in customization. However when we try to add the field it will get added as same column name because all the projects are created from single project only.




Import .qcp file to new QC alm versionOpen in a New Window

I have .qcp file exported from 12.20 version. I am trying to create new project in QC community verssion (12.5) but it throws an exception as " ALM-E10000: PRoject:ITBM,Domain:Digital. Project version is:12.20. Project must be upgraded to the site version 12.5 in order to execute this operation."

It starts importin project but it stuck at one point.

.qcp file is exported from 12.20 QC alm version

I downloaded QC community version for evaluation and here i am stuck with the problem. Please help me with this as i am stuck at this point.


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