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Getting the Path of a TestSetFolder using Script EditorOpen in a New Window


1 or 2 Months ago, I managed to get the Path of TestSetFolders in the Test Lab module. At least I believe that I got the path. The problem is it doesn't work anymore using these code:

FolderID = TestSetFolder_Fields("CF_ITEM_ID").Value
set tdc = TDConnection set TreeManager = tdc.TestSetTreeManager set SubjectNode = TreeManager.NodeById(FolderID) MsgBox "Path: "+ Mid(SubjectNode.Path, 1, 14) '

When triggering the script the following error messages appears:

The Object doesn't support the properties or methods.: 'TreeManager'

FolderID = TestSetFolder_Fields("CF_ITEM_ID").Value
set tdc = TDConnection
==> set TreeManager = tdc.TestSetTreeManager
set SubjectNode = TreeManager.NodeById(FolderID)

We are using QC 12.50.

I read something about TestSetFolderFactory but I'm not sure how to use it because I still get confused by the structures and relations.

Thanks in advance.





How to integrate Mingle with QC?Open in a New Window

Could you please help me to integrate Mingle with QC.


Need to export Defect ID with all linked Defect IDsOpen in a New Window

Hello HPQC/ALM community!

I am facing the following challenge:

I want to export Defect IDs and the IDs of all linked Defects via an SQL/Excel report. I found a few forum posts listing SQL queries to export linked Test Cases and/or Requirements but I'm not really an SQL expert and don't know how to adapt all those inner joins.



What I would like the end result to be, if possible, would be a table in the vein of:

Defect ID | Defect Summary | Linked Defect IDs (e.g. comma separated)

If the comma separation is not achievable, a list like:

Defect ID | Defect Summary | First Linked Defect ID
Defect ID | Defect Summary | Second Linked Defect ID
Defect ID | Defect Summary | ...

would also suffice.

Again, I'm only interested in cross-linked defects, not tests or requirements.

Cheers and thanks in advance!


Adding Toolbar Buttons to the History tab?Open in a New Window


A group of our users has asked if it is possible to add a toolbar button to the History tab of the Defect Details window that when pressed will filter the history based on a specific Field.  They want to save themselves some steps of having to select that drop down and instead want to open the defect details and then click that single button to have the History filtered to their linking.  Is this even possible?  I believe it is only possible to add the toolbar buttons to the main Defect module itself (the Defect grid view) and not inside of a specific window like the Defect Details, correct? 

As far as using code to be able to filter the defect history on a specified field, and suggestions as to where I would look for that or what calls I would have to make in the code for that to happen?  If the customer is OK with having this new toolbar button in the grid view, I would still need to build the function to make it work.  Any ideas?

Best regards,


ALM REST API post step-parameterOpen in a New Window

I'm trying to link a test to a design-step and add some parameters by using the REST API.

But posting to http://<SERVER>:<PORT>/qcbin/rest/domains/<DOMAIN>/projects/<PROJECT>/design-steps/<STEP ID>/step-parameters returns the following QCRestException:

qccore.general-error failed converting entity step-parameter to FREC, request is missing required field SP_PARAM_NAME

Is there a way to anyhow post some step-parameters via REST?

I'm currently using ALM Version 12.01.186 (Patch 1). Does anyone know if this issue is fixed in a later version?


Copy-Paste a defect via button from one ALM project to anotherOpen in a New Window

Hello together,

I know that this question has already been asked, but my question is a bit different.

Background: We have two ALM projects. One is used for our consultants where they create defects for customers and another one for our software factory, where the products for the customers are developed.

My target is to create a workflow comon script with a button (which will show in the defect area) in the "consultants" ALM instance. By clicking the button, the complete defect should be copied into our other software factory project. I know where I have to create the comon script and also assign it to the button.

My quiestion is: How do I get the information about the connection of both projects? I mean in the script I must refer to the connection of the other project right? Could you get me an example of the connection script for another ALM project?



Add field Target Release in Requirement Type TaskOpen in a New Window

I need some guidance with this issue.

When you create a new Requirement in HP ALM, you can use a Requirement Type, such as "Folder", "Business" "Functional" and so on.

I'm trying to add the field Target Release into the Requirement Type "Task", but it's not working with Workflow as expected.

I'm not an expert using Vbscript but I'm trying the best I can.



Shared Workflow not copied to linked projectOpen in a New Window

In my template project I have code in my defect module (shared) that restrics the permitted transitions of a bug using the application of a list to the STATUS field when a bug is selected. Not my code but it works very well.

This code however has not been applied to a linked project when I have applied the cross project customization. Does anyone know a reason for this? I do not have site administration rights so I cannot look at what the settings are at a site level.

The lists referenced here have been copied to the satellite linked project.

heres the code for anyone interested

Sub Template_Bug_MoveTo
  On Error Resume Next
  dim currentstatus
  currentstatus = Bug_Fields("BG_STATUS").Value

  if currentstatus = "New" then
   Bug_Fields("Status").List = Lists("bg_transitions_from_new")

  elseif currentstatus = "Open" then
   Bug_Fields("Status").List = Lists("bg_transitions_from_open")

  elseif currentstatus = "Retest" then
   Bug_Fields("Status").List = Lists("bg_transitions_from_retest")

  elseif currentstatus = "Closed" then
   Bug_Fields("Status").List = Lists("bg_transitions_from_closed")

   Bug_Fields("Status").List = Lists("bg_transitions_from_any_reject_state")
  end if

  'call Bug_MoveTo
  On Error GoTo 0
End Sub

Sub Template_Bug_FieldChange(FieldName)
  On Error Resume Next

  'call Bug_FieldChange(FieldName)
  On Error GoTo 0
End Sub


ALM 12.50 - Error 503 - service unavailable and fixOpen in a New Window

Answer by jefptman

What I did to resolve this was to add a dependency to the ALM service for the MSSQLSERVER. This causes ALM to wait till the service that it is dependent on to start before starting. It will even start a stopped dependency service when starting if needed.

  1. Open regedit.exe

  2. Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ (the name for the ALM service is "HP Application Lifecycle Management")

  3. In the right hand window... Right-click, Click New, and Click Multi-String Value

  4. For the value name enter DependOnService

  5. Double click on DependOnService and add MSSQLSERVER to the Value Data box an click OK

  6. Exit the registry editor

  7. Open Services (under administrative tools) and open the properties for the HP Application Lifecycle Management service

  8. Click on the Dependencies tab and you should now see MSSQLSERVER listed.

This worked for me on both Windows Server 2008 and 2012. It does require a restart to take effect for some reason.


Project List - New List created not displays in the Components dropdown of New Defect ScreenOpen in a New Window


I have successfully created a new List (HP ALM 11.52) for the 'Components' field (Tools->Customize->Project Lists) and saved the newly created list. When I returned back after log off and login again to HP ALM, I am not seeing the newly created value under Components drop down of New Defect Screen.

I am Project List Admin on the project and no error displayed while creating saving the newly created list.

Greatly appreciate the help in this regard.




Defect Link and Test IdOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I'm trying to use the following URL to identify the Test id associated with the defect


But, it returns details of only run-step(second-endpoint-type). I'm looking for the details of Test

 Can somesome help me how to retrieve the values of Test





HP ALM QC Connection using ALM REST APIOpen in a New Window

Hi ,

I am new to HP ALM QC. I have task to connect QC using Java code.

I am referring https://qc.nam.nsroot.net:650/qcbin/Help/doc_library/api_refs/REST/webframe.html URL.

I am using AuthenticateLoginLogout Example in Example application.

Quick question is code using http method and ALM QC is using https method.

I am getting couple of exception if i am going through example code which is provide in above URL.

Can you please help me to understand how to connect QC using Java code and https method or is there any alternative way?


Impossible to fill Actual Result field programmatically in QC ALMOpen in a New Window

Can someone help me on the following problem:

I have a VBS script which should take information in Expected Result Field, replace data provided by the user and put that in Actual Result Field.

I am doing something like this to get the expected field:

Set designStep = designStepFactory.NewList("")
TDOutput.Print designStep.Item(1).EvaluatedStepExpectedResult

but there is no way to get value of actual result field

For more clarity, please see attached image


HP QC - Selenium IntegrationOpen in a New Window



Can anyone please help me in finding a way to Integrate QC - Selenium.

I have tried automation utilites blogs and few other HP communities ....

Am using QC 12.50version.

Requirement: When test cases in Selenium code base execution was done the same test cases reposited in QC has to be updated with pass/fail results.





REST API call to be triggered from HP ALMOpen in a New Window


I am trying to integrate HP ALM and SFDC to keep track of test execution and defects. I am trying to do this using REST API. 

I have written the REST API call structure and also the apex code in SFDC. 

I am using external website to generate the REST API call now with the ALM URL. But I would like to trigger the REST API call to send the information to SFDC when ever the test case is executed  and defect is filed. 

Please help me to set the trigger point in HP ALM


Unable to execute UFT script from ALM 12.53Open in a New Window

    I have a Windows 10 m/c, where UFT 12.02 and ALM 12.53 client are installed (run as admin followed). 
* UFT to ALM connection is successful. Allow other HP product is checked
* HP ALM connectivity addin from Quality center downloaded and installed as 'run as admin'
* Common files\mercury interactive folder provided with full access
* install/ uninstall done multiple times
* UAC is disabled

I have option to create Testcase in test plan, in the sense, i have proper role in ALM.
But still unable to run Test scripts from ALM. UFT doesn't get launched.

Same UFT and alm combination works fine on win 7(checked it on colleagues m/c)

Is there anything else i need to look into to solve the same? Please suggest


To open defect window on a button near to Text Search buttonOpen in a New Window


We want to open a  new window of defect module on button which is near the text seearch button, in which we have 1 memo field and 1 drop down list field.

We are using HP ALM 11 Application.

Please find the screenshot :



Hp ALM repport - link between tablesOpen in a New Window

HI there,

I'd like to write some query to generate reports. So, I need to know which tables are liked together and what is the key.

Is there a model describing all those links as a "Data Model Conception" or something like that....

Thx for thr help


Exporting project list values from excel to hp almOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

We want to export multiple values from excel to project list entity in the customization window. Could some one suggest if there is any OTA script available to export values from excel





HP ALM _TESTLAB_RUN Button DisabledOpen in a New Window

Hi There,


WE are having a problem where in ALM TEST LAB <RUN button where you can run the scripts manually and you get a dialog box with the steps > that Run button itself is not enabled for some users and it was enabled before as an Admin i tried to delete user and re create but still that didn't solve the problem... I am using HP ALM 11.5.2 version any help would be highly appreicated

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