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New Time field in different format then existing time fieldsOpen in a New Window


     I checked these forums, but did not see my exact issue. 

In test lab, I added a field for starting date for test lab.  The execution date and end date are setup by the system.

I run an excel report to determine if the execution date is between the start and stop date.  When I go to compare them, the execution and end date are the same format 4/21/2017  12:00:00 AM, while the start date field that I created is in the format 2017-04-11.   So far, I have manually changed the start date to be in the same format, but am wondering if I can get the correct formart of the date when I run my excel report.  

Any suggestions would be welcome. 




How can i get access to VBAProject (TDExcelAddin) in excelOpen in a New Window

When i try to enter visual basic in excel i get asked for the password. I''ve tried "tdtdtd" but it doesn't work. What can i do to access the OTA?


Can't Get Counters when Adding a Monitor in ALMOpen in a New Window


In ALM,  Test Resources, and then select a resource.  I click the Monitors Configuration tab, click the Add Monitor button, and then select Windows Resources.  I have enter the web and app servers  IP address, user name, and password, and then click the Get Counters button.  Here's the error I get:

 Failed to retrieve measurements.  Please check the machine name, credentials and other supplied details and try again.  If the problem persists, contact your administrator.

There is a firewall in between ALM and NFT servers (web and app) which is enabled now with port HTTP80 and TCP139 (both ports are opened), but still I'm not able to retrieve windows counters of web and app servers. 

I do have access to NFT servers with admin access and thru RDP session manually I'm able to login NFT servers.

Is there any way to add resources monitors in ALM to create a monitoring profile or any further checks or privilages required?





Creating ALM users using OTA when user management is done via LDAPOpen in a New Window

I have been trying to create an Utility in Excel to upload users to ALM using OTA. In our case we have authentication via LDAP. 

I'm using CreateUserEx method to create a user by providing the Domain authentication options. By using this method I'm able to create an user in ALM. The challenge here is that ALM doesn't allow to validate if the user exists in the LDAP directory but adds the user to the system. Is there an option to verify if the user exists in LDAP before they are added to the site? 


set default view for all users in HP ALM defects moduleOpen in a New Window

Hi All, for the above issue I had done the below 

Arrange the grid view the way you want it, save it as a public favorite called for example DefaultBugView.

Then add this code to CanLogin:

Set cs = TDConnection.CommonSettings
Set us = TDConnection.UserSettings
cs.Open "BugViews"
us.Open "BugViews"
us.Value("__default__") = cs.Value("DefaultBugView")
Set us = Nothing
Set cs = Nothing



delete from COMMON_SETTINGS where CSET_CATEGORY = 'BugViews' AND CSET_NAME = '__default__'


but still the view doesnt change, I am using ALM 12.10 version 



Generate Attachment at a new DefectOpen in a New Window

I would like to generate an attachment at a new Defect.
I case of creating a new Defect, i have no BUG_ID, so I can't attach the File.
How can I attach a file?

The following statement have I found, but it only works, when the Defect was created:

      Dim attachFact
      Dim theAttachment
      Dim tdc 'TDConnection object
      Dim bItem

      Set tdc = TDConnection
      Set bFact = tdc.BugFactory
      Set bItem = bFact.Item(Bug_Fields.Field("BG_BUG_ID").Value)
      Set attachFact = bItem.Attachments
      Set theAttachment = attachFact.AddItem(Null)
      theAttachment.FileName = "<Path + File>"
      theAttachment.Type = 1
      theAttachment.Description = "<File Description"

If there is anny one, who should help?




OLE Error 80040A43 when saving a new component in BPT moduleOpen in a New Window


I am encountering issues while creating components in the BPT module.When creating a new component and then trying to save it, I get a message "Entity XXX is not checked out by ProfileName XXXX".

For the components "checked out" under my profile, when I try to check-in them, I am not able. Though I have checked them out with my profile, I get the message that the entity (s) are not checked out under my profile.

FYI: I referred the following post:


From the above blog, I followed steps (1 and 2) listed in the last response. I have listed the steps below:

1.Back up project;

2.Run the VC_Alignment Tool provided before, this will fix any mismatch created when you reproduced the issue. Refer https://softwaresupport.hpe.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/KM01810473

3.Stop ALM serverUpdate the SF_IS_UNDER_VCS to ‘Y’ value, you can create your own query, below is an example: UPDATE [SYSTEM_FIELD] SET [SF_IS_UNDER_VCS] = 'Y' WHERE [SF_TABLE_NAME] = 'REQ' AND [SF_COLUMN_NAME] = 'REQ_VC_STATUS'

4.Start ALM server.**Note: Please create a backup of project database (ask to your DBA) and repository before to run the query.

With reference to Step (2), I ran the "VC_Alignment Tool" utility and it finished successfully. However, I still encounter the same error.

 In addition, I did not clearly understand steps (3) and (4). So it will be great if someone can clarify.

Attached screenshot lists 2 observations. 

Please help and let me know how can I resolve this issue. Thanks!


Could not able to export a Large size of Project in HP ALMOpen in a New Window

When I'm exporting a large size of Project in HP ALM, I've encountered this error message "Server has been disconnected while performing ExportProject action". Can you please give me a suggestion on how to export a large size of project? Because I've tried the steps below but I've still encountered the same error message.

The QCP export process has almost no logic in it, simply a set of instrcutions.
1). Deactivate source project
2). rename the file repository  (say from SOURCE to SOURCE_X)
3). Create a new folder with the original name (ex SOURCE)
4). Create an empty subfolder called ProjRep
5). Copy the dbid,xml file to the new source folder
6). Export the project to QCP.  It will only move the database/schema tables into the QCP

(which is really just a zip file) the xml file and the emty folder.  Even a large and old project

should fall below 2gb (300MB is the largest I've seen)
7) .on the destination system, import the qcp, leave the project deactivated
8). copy the ProjRep from SOURCE_X to the destination project
9). delete the empty source folder on the original server, rename SOURCE_X back to the original name, and reactivate the original project
10). Run repair on new destination project.  Activate.

Advance Thanks!


Read Clipboard Data from WorkflowOpen in a New Window


I need to read the clipboard data from Test Plan module.

I tried the below workflow code got from our HP forums.

' Get clipboard text
Set objHTML = CreateObject("htmlfile")
Clipboardtext = objHTML.ParentWindow.ClipboardData.GetData("text")
Set objHTML = Nothing
Msgbox "Clipboardtext : " & Clipboardtext

But the msgbox returns empty string.

I am using HPALM 11.52  Patch 6

Can some one tell me why the clipboard data is empty?






Calculating DPMO or Sigma Level with QCOpen in a New Window

Is there a way for QC to use the testing and defects data to automatically produce a DPMO or Sigma level?


HP ALM 12.50 Installation - HP ALM Service issue - Unable to setup with Local Admin profileOpen in a New Window

I am unable to finish HP ALM 12.50 installation at "HP ALM Service" screen with a strange but consistent error message. Please assist me. Further details provided below.

OS: Microsoft Server 2008 R2

Database: SQL Server 2012

Local Adminstrative profile: SQLAdmin 

 #1. The SQL Server 2012 is setup properly and instanticated as MSSQLSERVER12. User SQLAdmin is able to connect to this instance without any issues.

#2. User SQLAdmin is having administrative previleges on this database.

#3. User SQLAdmin is in Adminstratives Group in this machine

#4. The ALM Installation is started by user SQLAdmin (currently logged in)

#5. On the HP ALM Service page, the same Admin profile SQLAdmin (used for Database connection over Windows Authentication) is supplied for ALM service setup

#6. Upon hitting NEXT button, the Annoying error message is not going away with various combinations (MachineTag\SQLAdmin, .\SQLAdmin etc.,)

Note (s):

1. The DOMAIN left blank purpose fully since this is a Virtualbox machine and working as a a standalone without part of a Domain.

2. The strange thing is, IMPORTANT message says the fields can be left blank so that it can start service with local profile (which is SQLAdmin of course), but even then the error message don't go away.

3. I tried starting the ALM setup with "Run As Administrator". 

4. I tried going "Previous" several times but the error message reappears whatever I supply. I even tryed Cancelling the installation, Restarting machine several times.

 I know at the verge of finding the solution the mistake would very minor or silly. But I am waiting sleep lessly.


Thanks all for reading my First and crazy post!!





Test RunsOpen in a New Window


I have just started the trial for the Quality Center Enterprise.

I have completed the Design Steps and now need to know how to proceed...


Getting "A generic error occurred in GDI+" errorOpen in a New Window

User was getting "A generic error occurred in GDI+" error, when he opens Defects tab.

As suggested in many other posts, I recreated the user's QC profile to fix this issue and after re-creation, user logged IN  into the particular project, he was able to see the defects. But when he clicked on the Defect for more details, again he got the same "A generic error occurred in GDI+" error message.

Can anyone help me in this issue?


ALM BV report - Excel is not loadingOpen in a New Window

Hi: While trying to create a ALM BV report, when I click on New Excel menu, Excel is freeze and close, any help would be greately appreciated.

I have: 

Uninstalled Excel-Inn

Restarted System




Linkage of requirements with test casesOpen in a New Window


Is there any utility/API/Script to link test cases to requirements in bulk? Using requirement tab, its very difficult to link test cases one by one manually if I have huge number of test cases. My ALM verion is 11.52.

Please let me know if any solution is available.





Creation of email alias in HP ALMOpen in a New Window

Hi -

I would like to create a new 'Email Alias" in HP ALM for which i can set the alert rules (basically for defects & requirement changes). Where as i would like to understand is it something that can be achieved through ALM itself as my project is synced with LDAP for user authentication. If so, what are the steps to be followed to create a seperate email alias group. thanks in advance for your help!


HP ALM on MACOpen in a New Window

We have HP ALM 12.20. Is there any way to access the ALM on MAC. We've ruled out the web version option as our project are version control enabled



We were unable to access one of the project and on further investigation we identified that the password of project was expired ( at DB level ) and then we reset and unlocked the project.

 Even after doing this still it's failing to connect to project.

Any thing I missed here which I was suppose to do !!!!

Thanks in advance


Quality Centre -->Management-->Releases (drop down menu disabled)Open in a New Window

Good day,

I have created a new project and assigned users to it.

All the users to this project cannot access the Management-->Releases drop down menu as it is disabled (greyed out)  This resulting in the user being unable to create (i) New Release Folder (ii) New Release (iii) New Cycle


Could you please indicate where I need to reset this?

I am still searching the web for possible solutions but hope that someone has come across this issue before that could assist me.


Many Thanks,

Kind Regards


Gregory Smith






How to set the default value of a list field?Open in a New Window

I am trying to set the default value of a list field when I create a new "Requirement" record (e.g Rec1, Rec2, ect.).

I can't find any code samples to guide me through the process.

* The following code works for Non-List Fields

For non list fields, I can set the value using the following sub routine, which works as expected.

- Call WG_SetReqFieldDefaultApp "RQ_REQ_PRODUCT", True, True, 0, 4, "EBS 12.1"

- Code Sub

WG_SetDefaultReqFieldApp(FieldName, Vis, Req, PNo, VOrder, pDefault)

On Error Resume Next

With Req_Fields(FieldName) .IsVisible = Vis

.IsRequired = Req .PageNo = PNo

.ViewOrder = VOrder

.value = pDefault

End With

On Error GoTo 0

End Sub

Does anyone have a working example on how to do the set the default value of a list field?

Thanks, Hyman

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