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Business views report Dynamic queryOpen in a New Window

Hello All

We had a request placed that some of our users would like to be able to view all tests within a top level folder instead of diving into each test set folder to view tests and related defects.  The DQL query below works, but the problem is that it is  "hard coded" in the view report.  Is there any way by use of a variable or something else what would allow the user to enter file name within the business view excel report so it can be more dynamically, and use the string that they enter within the nested sub-query?  Thanks in advance!


Select test.id,
  defect.id As "Defect ID",
  test_set_folder.name As "Test Folder Name"
From test
  Left Join defect_link On test.id = defect_link.second_endpoint_id And
    defect_link.second_endpoint_type = 'TEST'
  Left Join defect On defect.id = defect_link.first_endpoint_id
  Inner Join test_instance On test_instance.test_id = test.id
  Inner Join test_set On test_instance.cycle_id = test_set.id
  Inner Join test_set_folder On test_set.parent_id = test_set_folder.id
Where test_set_folder.hierarchical_path Like (CONCAT((Select
    test_set_folder.hierarchical_path From test_set_folder
  Where test_set_folder.name Like 'Name of Folder Here'), '%'))


How to acess AUDIT_LOG & AUDIT_PROPERTIES table using OTA VB scriptOpen in a New Window

I am newbie to OTA vb script. I am not QC Admin, so I would suppose I have limited acess to QC DB. As I can see "New Excel report" is disbaled in HP ALM 11 Dashabord->Analysis view for me.

I would like to extract a report where I have updated a defect comment field or other filed such as Assingn TO, using OTA. I found couple of SQL query that can access AUDIT_LOG & AUDIT_PROPERTIES to retreive the data. 

My question is,

1) How to use SQL query within OTA to acess these tables ?

2)Extract the report in Excel format.


Migrating an ALM project from Oracle to MS SQL SevrerOpen in a New Window

We have 2 ALM instances. Instance A (v11.5) runs on Oracle DB, Instance B (v12.5) on MS SQL Server. We have a need where we need to migrate one project in Instance A to Instance B. I went through older posts on this topic. They all suggest adding the new DB in Site Admin. That is not an option for us. 

I dont think a project export to qcp file is a viable option here as well. Only option seems to be exporting the db schema, file repository, editing dbid.xml and restoring them on the new instance. But if I had to do that, can a dmp file from oracle db be imported into MS SQL Server? I see in forums that it is not possible to import directly.

Has anyone gone through this excercise? Any advice/info is appreciated.  


How to get Release Information to Test Report section in HP ALMOpen in a New Window

In HP ALM Project Reporting, there is no option to get Release details (under "Add Report Section") directly. I have created a custom field under Release to capture Release Risk. Need to get that info to Project Report. But unable to do it.

Any suggesiton will be helpful.






Sample to upload resource using REST APIOpen in a New Window

For a automation purpose, we have to dynamically change the test resource file. For which we feel REsources API would help. We are trying to change the script dynamically.

But we do not have proper example.

We are not able to check-out the resources, using below end-point. Can you please suggest reference.



In the Defect Module, how do you edit the tool tip?Open in a New Window

I would like to put more information for the tool tip. How do you edit the tool tip?


HP ALM 12.5 - How to Make Test Sets Read Only in Test Lab ModuleOpen in a New Window


I had posted this question to wrong forum. I am trying to make particular test sets Read Only, meaning no one will be able to run, delete or modify these particular test sets and the . 

From HP ALM's Practitioner's forum, I found that following will take away "Run" ability for all tests (I don't know how to make Test Sets and also Folders Read Only for Delete and Modify functions yet, any help there I will be thankful too): 

Actions.Action("TestSetView.Run").Enabled = FALSE
Actions.Action("TestSetView.Run").Visible = FALSE
Actions.Action("TestSetView.RunTestSet").Enabled = FALSE
Actions.Action("TestSetView.RunTestSet").Visible = FALSE

But when I try to put a particular test set in an If Then Else logic, the above code does not work as it still does not show "Run" for all test sets and not only Test set with id 103. For example: 

  If TestSet_Fields.Field("TC_Cycle_ID").Value = 103 Then
     Actions.Action("TestSetView.Run").Enabled = FALSE
     Actions.Action("TestSetView.Run").Visible = FALSE
     Actions.Action("TestSetView.RunTestSet").Enabled = FALSE
     Actions.Action("TestSetView.RunTestSet").Visible = FALSE
  End If

 Thank you.



Restrict deleting a test lab folder, if there exists test sets with runs against themOpen in a New Window


I am trying to create a workflow to restrict a test lab folder to be deleted if it contains test set(s) that have runs against it. I need to go down to the child folders, as many as there might be, to check for the existence of runs. I have successfully been able to create worflows for test set deletion and test instance deletion.

I also need to implement the same logic on the test plan folders.

Below is my code for the testset folder. Thanks in advance

Function Template_TestSet_CanDelete(Entity)
  On Error Resume Next
  If User.IsInGroup("TDAdmin") Then
  Template_TestSet_CanDelete = True
  Dim runFilter
  Set runFilter = TDConnection.RunFactory.Filter
  runFilter.Filter("RN_CYCLE_ID") = Entity.ID
  If runFilter.NewList.Count > 0 Then
    Msgbox "This test set cannot be deleted as there are existing runs against one or more tests.", vbCritical, "Delete Action Not Allowed"
    Template_TestSet_CanDelete = False
    Exit Function
  End If
    set runFilter = Nothing
  End If
  'call TestSet_CanDelete(Entity)
  'Template_TestSet_CanDelete = Template_DefaultRes
  On Error GoTo 0
End Function


Precondition Test CaseOpen in a New Window

Hello Guys, My team and I are migration from Testlink to Quality Center, but in Testlink have a field that we use many, is the field precondition, but I saw in Quality Center don't have this field, Where do you put this information? I was thinking of putting this information on field Comments, Is possible change the label Comments for precondition?



Import test cases from one test set to another test set in Test-Lab using REST API ServiceOpen in a New Window

I want to import or copy paste Test cases from one test set to another test set in Test Lab using ALM rest api services on JAVA platform. can anyone help on this issue.


OTA Raise new defectOpen in a New Window



I just wanted to check if there is a way to create smart defects using OTA.

Scenraio - I have created an automation Framework for mobile apps, where i create scripts in Selenium and i need to execute the test case in HP ALM. Now for every failed test case, i want to raise a defect. Instead of creating a defect and then using the Link library to create aa link between Defect, Test Case and and Requirement, I want to raise a defect directly from either the TestStep or TestRun.

We have this functionality in ALM, where when you raise a defect directly from run, it automatically picks up the defect description and other details. But how do i do this using OTA?


I am using OTAClient.jar & com4j as reference libraries.




Release/Cycle ManagementOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I want to know whether we can move a particular Cycle (say Cycle 1) from a Release (Release A) to a different Release (Release B)? If possible, how to do it and for which 'Role' is it possible? Please help.

Thanks in Advance


When importing test case from excel just the first step is imported.Open in a New Window

Hi Guys, I need help.

When importing test case from excel just the first step is imported, I don't know why.

see the pics

2017-03-22 17_58_25-Microsoft Excel - testcases.xml.xlsx.png

2017-03-22 17_55_11-Greenshot.png





Copy Releases from project to anotherOpen in a New Window

I have a project with about 40-50 releases. I need to recreate those names in another project. I do not care about the linkages, all I want to recreate are the release names, start date and end date.

How can I do this? Thank you.


Can QC tds:// urls be convereted to http:// in order to become clickable links?Open in a New Window

Hi -

I am trying to create links to my test cases in JIRA and for the feature i am using it only allows http:// urls  - I want to add my QC tds:// but not allowed.

Is there a way to convert tds: urls or append http or https to the start and still have the link work?





Users are unable to change status of a test case not on the execution grid. not on the opened item.Open in a New Window


Very strange issue.

2 users have the same access rights.

One could change status of a test case. Another - also can. but when move out to new line in execution grid - status resets to the "No Run" (default status)

I've confirmed there are no any custom workflow present on the template or project level.
Nothing special in the logs even on debug level. status value reset not mentioned in the logs at all.

Taking in to account above: I have a feeling there is some issue with the IE, ALM Client or such... 

anyone have faced similar issues before?
how to reinstall client properly? does it use Java or other external stuff to reinstall?


HP ALMOpen in a New Window

We have HP ALM 12.2 installed on one server. Can we install the same ALM 12.2 into another server. We are using licensed version


Cannot upload to ALM a list of defects using excel add-inOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I’m trying to upload a list of defects using Excel add-in.

My ALM version is 12.01.51 (patch 2) and I’m using Excel add-in ( with windows10

When I submit my username and password I get an error massage “invalid server response”.



HP ALM/QC 12.50 shows machies memory is below minimum requirementsOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

HP ALM/QC 12.50 shows machies memory is below minimum requirements but I have used 8GB Memory Linux Machine.

Following Overview of Linux Machine:

Memory details:

Swap : 16GB

Memory: 7.4GB

Processor: Intel Core i3-4150 CPU @ 3.50GHz x 4

OS Type: 64Bit



What does FORCE_DH_FOR_QTP do?Open in a New Window


out of curiosity: does anyone know what the site parameter FORCE_DH_FOR_QTP is doing? The documentation doesn't say much.

Thanks and best regards


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