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How to get ALM requirment(Code Method) using REST API?Open in a New Window

Hello Everyone,
How to get ALM requirment(Code Method) using REST API?


Workflow - check if changed requirement field is versionedOpen in a New Window


To help with tracking Review of requirements, I want to use workflow to reset my review tracking fields automatically when any Versioned Field is changed in a requirement. I've already written one workflow script that does (and it works) - see below. However, I don't like the use of the For loop to find the field that was updated.

Is there any more efficient way to find out if a changed requirement field is versioned? 

Unfortunately Req_Fields() doesn't seem to include the IsVersionControl property. 

What I have done is to obtain the list of requirement fields from the requirements factory; but I can't find a way to efficiently index the Fields List to find the field that was changed. Is there a way to efficiently determine the Field ID within a Req_FieldChange() procedure?

Sub Template_Req_FieldChange(FieldName)
  On Error Resume Next

  ' Get the Req Factory
  Dim tdc
  set tdc = TDConnection
  Dim ReqF 'As ReqFactory
  Set ReqF = tdc.ReqFactory
' If the changed field is versioned then set Reviewed back to Draft Dim fieldList ' as List Dim aField ' As TDField Set fieldList = ReqF.Fields
' Iterate the whole field list until we find the one that changed (horrible) For Each aField in FieldList With aField If aField.Name = FieldName Then If aField.Property.IsVersionControl Then Req_Fields("RQ_REQ_REVIEWED").Value = "Draft" End If Exit For End If End With Next On Error GoTo 0 End Sub

thanks for your help



Requirement "The image does not exist"Open in a New Window



We are facing a problem after updating our HP ALM to version 12.50 (from 11.51), some requirements created now that include images do not display properly except when visualized in the machine of the person who created the requirement (others only see a rectangle with the message "The image does not exist"). This is very strange because we used images in requirements before but never seen this problem happen until now. Even weirder, some requirements work just fine. 

Some more information: The problem seems to happen only when people use CTRL+C / CTRL+V. We are using versioning on the project that the problem happen. The tab in question is the "Rich Text" from requirements.


Globally Unique Requirement IDs (for cross-referencing)Open in a New Window

Is it possible for ALM to provide globally unique IDs for requirements? i.e. unique across all projects. 

I'm exploring the use of Entity Sharing (i.e. will share my requirements across multiple projects). It is very convenient to be able to refer to a requirement by its ID. However, when I import a baseline into a destination project the imported (copied) requirements all have different IDs. 

It means I can't cross-reference requirements based on their ID. 

Does anyone else have any recommended best practice on cross-referencing requirements when they are shared via libraries? 

thank you in advance


ALM Query for Defect Linkage with requirementOpen in a New Window

Hello Everyone, 

I am trying to build a specific query to link a defect automatically with a requirement; whenever the user fails a test case, a defect is linked with the test instance. Now, when the user run the query, the defect should be linked with the requirement as well (which is linked with the failed test instance).

So, after the query is run, the defect is linked with two entity- one failed test instance and one requirement. 

Certainly, I need to get an update query where the LINK table will be updated. 


Requirement module with user defined field to show the release module objectsOpen in a New Window


I managed to create a user field in my template that will show the releases tree structure (for release objects only) 

but it show an error "Cannot convert the given value to the given type. The type <String> is not supported" when i click to refresh and save, the message appear several times but eventually it save the changes.


any ideas how to get rid of this anoying messege ?

Thanks in advance :) 



Exporting Requirements to QC using Excel Add-inOpen in a New Window



I am trying to export technical elements into QC using Excel Add-on, and it is working .


I have an issue with the placement of the exported requirements.  below is my structure , and i am expecting to export requirements under below Technical cover.


Requirements  > Release2015 > Tech cover >  {my exported element}


How ever , export is placing the requirement under Requirements folder directly like below.


Requirements  >  {my exported element}


I trying to use 

Requirements\Release2015\Tech cover\{my exported element} the element name in the excel , it did not work.


Please see attachment for a visual. Any help is greatly appreciated. 






Deleting the Requirements By idsOpen in a New Window


We are tryign to delete the bunch of requirements by Id wise with the help of below code, We are getting "OTA Server not conencted Error" 

Could any one please help us in this would be a grat help. If any one already have piece of code for this scenario please help me with the code. 

Sub delete()

'If MsgBox(" do you want to delete requirement?", vbOKCancel) = vbOK Then

Call ConnectToQualityCenter ' calling the conenction to ALM Function

Dim reqFact As ReqFactory

Set reqFact = TDConnection.ReqFactory

reqFact.RemoveItem (779)

'End If

 End Sub



Sailaja Chaduvula


Hiding Requirement TypesOpen in a New Window


When someone opens a requirement I am trying to hide requirement types: Undefined, Business Model, and Group.  Does anyone know how to do this?  Thanks in advance


The overhanging 'Requirements' folder won't stop appearing on my Requirement reportsOpen in a New Window

When I generate a requirements report, how do I stop the 'Requirements'  folder form appearing on my requirements report? Is there any way to stop folders from appearing on this report, and show only requirements?

I even filter 'Requirement Type' and the folders still appear in the report.

1         Requirements (folder)
1.1         Req ID : 365 - Demo (folder)



HP Sprinter - Does mirroring works on different browser on the same Primary Machine?Open in a New Window


Could somebody let me know if there is a possibility of using the Mirroring feature on different browsers in the same machine.

For example, I want to test the web application on IE, Chrome and Firefox. I will be performing the test on Chrome browser and same user actions need to be replicated/mirrored on IE and firefox browsers in the same machine. Is it possible? 

Appreciate all help!




Sort the Requirement Details fields in the outlook mailOpen in a New Window


in the send mails of requirements in the lower part there are the "Requirement Details".

Now we have the field "Rich Text" at the end of the mail which is very uncomfortable, because we have to scroll two pages down in fact of the "Comments" before.

So, my question: How can I customize the field order of these fields that for example "Rich Text" stands before "Comments"? 


How to check notification to the team members if the requirements are changed?Open in a New Window


I had a question with respect to the HPALM software :

If there are certain number of requirements which are defined in HPALM and there are certain team members who have read access to this requirements. If in the future anz requirement changes how can i put notification so there is an auto email generated to all associated people about the requirement update.


Method 'undocheckout' of object 'IVersion' failedOpen in a New Window

I have tried to undo check out but still i get the error. Am new to QC.



Group Requirement TypeOpen in a New Window

I am a new user (no admin rights) and I've looked at the user guide with no luck. Here's what I was hoping to do with the Group requirement type. I wanted to create a Group with a custom name, in a Folder, and add my requirements to that Group. I envisioned the following:

  1. Folder Name:
    • Requirement 1
    • Requirement N
    • Custom Group Name:
      1. Requirement NN
      2. Requirement NNN

My assumption was that I would be able to select a requirement, change the type to Group, somehow rename of the Group and continue to use that new name as a custom group for say 20 of my 60 requirements in that folder.

That did not happen. Is this possible? Or, is this some kind of admin thing?




Changing the "FromTo' email id when sending emailsOpen in a New Window

   My query is related to changing the "From email option", when sending an email.

When a requirement status is changed, I send an email using the "Mail"  method. It's sysntax is:
Mail (String,SendList,CcList,Option, Subject,Comment)

I am able to send an email. However, the FromTo email, which is not part of the "Mail" method, is automatically set to the logged in user, who changed the requirement status.

I would like to default the "FromTo" email to a constant email address say "hpqcadmin@test.com".

Can I do that?

I referred an old post (URL attached below), where it says we cannot do it. However, since the post was logged in 2008, I was wondering if it can be done.


FYI: I am using HP QC Enterprise Ver 12.50

Please help. Thank you!


Query to count and classify the requirement typesOpen in a New Window

Hi ,Please help me with a Query to count and classify the requirement types in a requirement folder.


HP ALM Extracts maintaining hierarchyOpen in a New Window

Product Name: HP ALM Quality Center 12.0

I am attempting to extract a specific folder of requirements and all of the sub-folders contained in that requirement folder.

I have downloaded the excel add-on, which still only creates a flat file with the parent directories.

I have also attempted to create a template under the analysis view, however the 'Special Properties' selection of 'Keep Hierarchial' is disabled.

Thank you for helping!!


HP QC-Customization in Requirements module (disable the Folder option)Open in a New Window


    In the requirements module, I would like to disable the "Folder". it will be enabled only if the user belongs to the TDAMIN  group. The "folder option" can be accessed in 3 different ways. Refer the attached screenshot for details.

For all the 3 options, for UserGroups apart from TDAMIN, I was thinking of trapping the "ActionName" in the Function ActionCanExecute()  and then display a message that "You do not have this access". But the user experience will not be right. I would like to disable the "Folder" option, the moment the User logs in to QC.

Please suggest how can I do it for all the 3 options. Thanks!


Enable to Change the Status of RequirementOpen in a New Window

 I mistakenly added an approver to the list of approvers. All the approved approvers approved the requirement P04-PRO-15 (ID 118) of the project RP3_GRA_RPA but the status did not pass to "for quality approval". I changed the list of approvers to remove the mistaken appleter (Marianne Brodeck) but the status has not changed.Is it possible to switch the status of this requirement to "for quality approval" so that the quality approver can approve it?

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