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Changing the "FromTo' email id when sending emailsOpen in a New Window

   My query is related to changing the "From email option", when sending an email.

When a requirement status is changed, I send an email using the "Mail"  method. It's sysntax is:
Mail (String,SendList,CcList,Option, Subject,Comment)

I am able to send an email. However, the FromTo email, which is not part of the "Mail" method, is automatically set to the logged in user, who changed the requirement status.

I would like to default the "FromTo" email to a constant email address say "hpqcadmin@test.com".

Can I do that?

I referred an old post (URL attached below), where it says we cannot do it. However, since the post was logged in 2008, I was wondering if it can be done.


FYI: I am using HP QC Enterprise Ver 12.50

Please help. Thank you!


Query to count and classify the requirement typesOpen in a New Window

Hi ,Please help me with a Query to count and classify the requirement types in a requirement folder.


HP ALM Extracts maintaining hierarchyOpen in a New Window

Product Name: HP ALM Quality Center 12.0

I am attempting to extract a specific folder of requirements and all of the sub-folders contained in that requirement folder.

I have downloaded the excel add-on, which still only creates a flat file with the parent directories.

I have also attempted to create a template under the analysis view, however the 'Special Properties' selection of 'Keep Hierarchial' is disabled.

Thank you for helping!!


HP QC-Customization in Requirements module (disable the Folder option)Open in a New Window


    In the requirements module, I would like to disable the "Folder". it will be enabled only if the user belongs to the TDAMIN  group. The "folder option" can be accessed in 3 different ways. Refer the attached screenshot for details.

For all the 3 options, for UserGroups apart from TDAMIN, I was thinking of trapping the "ActionName" in the Function ActionCanExecute()  and then display a message that "You do not have this access". But the user experience will not be right. I would like to disable the "Folder" option, the moment the User logs in to QC.

Please suggest how can I do it for all the 3 options. Thanks!


Enable to Change the Status of RequirementOpen in a New Window

 I mistakenly added an approver to the list of approvers. All the approved approvers approved the requirement P04-PRO-15 (ID 118) of the project RP3_GRA_RPA but the status did not pass to "for quality approval". I changed the list of approvers to remove the mistaken appleter (Marianne Brodeck) but the status has not changed.Is it possible to switch the status of this requirement to "for quality approval" so that the quality approver can approve it?


View or create a report to view releases tied to requirementsOpen in a New Window

Maybe we're using ALM incorrectly, but when we release a new version of our software, I go to Releases, then create a release, then create a scope item, then check the boxes next to the requirement that are part of that release.

I want a tabular report that shows requirement id with its release name.  I think the information I want is in the tables named req, req_releases, releases and qpm_scope_item but I cannot figure out how to write an SQL statement in the Analysis View that extracts the information correctly.

I've tried

SELECT rq_req_id, rq_req_name, sci_name, rel_name
FROM req, req_releases, releases, qpm_scope_item
where rq_req_id = rqrl_req_id
and rqrl_release_id = sci_id
and rel_id = sci_parent_id

as a test which works in a dummy project I set up, but not in the real project that we're using. 

Is there a way to get what I want from ALM?




Requirement Report mixed up in orderOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,

We are using ALM (11.52) for our requirements and we are createing reports (Word) based on them.
The folder and requirements structure in ALM, is also what we need in our generated report. 
But the problem is, that the folders and requirements are mixed up within the same level.

I have checked all filters, both in the report and requirements view - nothing is selected.
The report checkbox for keeping hierarchy is checked.

Do you have any idea, why the order is different in the report than it is in the ALM Requirements view?

Thanks in advance

Example like it is in ALM and the generated ReportExample like it is in ALM and the generated Report




Error requirements new field createOpen in a New Window



I click new field button but i see error pop-up. But i can create new field on defect module.


Error code : 0x800413EC


Thanks a lot.


Cuneyt Cakir



Help me tweak a VBScript to link test cases to requirements?Open in a New Window

So we have a script working that automatically goes down the list of tests in Test Plan (you have to supply the folder path) and links every test to a requirement. The tests have a custom field called Req Ref ID, which we populate with the IDs of any requirements, and the requirements have a required field of the same name. The script simply checks the two fields, sees if there are any matches, and performs the linkage. The problem is: it crashes if it hits a test that has existing linkage. The solutions I could think of range from complicated to dangerous. The best option I can think of is to have it check whether a test has coverage or not, if no perform linkage, if yes wipe out existing coverage, then perform linkage. I'm not great at VBScript, though, and don't really know how to make it remove existing coverage. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it... Here's the script:

'Use the following script to redirect this function to the module specific function:
Function ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
  'Use ActiveModule and ActiveDialogName to get
  'the current context.
  On Error Resume Next

  'Use the following script to redirect this function to the module specific function:
  Select Case ActiveModule

  '  Case "Defects"
  '    ActionCanExecute = Defects_ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
  '  Case "Test Lab"
  '    ActionCanExecute = TestLab_ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
    Case "Test Plan"

        If ActionName = "Link_T_to_Req" Then
          Call Link_T_to_Req()
        End If

    ' ActionCanExecute = TestPlan_ActionCanExecute(Link_TestP_to_Req)
     '  Case "Requirements"
  '    ActionCanExecute = Requirements_ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
  '  Case "Management"
  '    ActionCanExecute = Management_ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
  '  Case "Test Resources"
  '    ActionCanExecute = Resources_ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
  '  Case "Business Components"
  '    ActionCanExecute = Components_ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
  '  Case "Dashboard"
  '    ActionCanExecute = Analysis_ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
  '  Case "Business Models"
  '    ActionCanExecute = BusinessModels_ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
  '  Case "Test Runs"
  '    ActionCanExecute = TestRuns_ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
  End Select
  'ActionCanExecute = DefaultRes
  On Error GoTo 0
End Function

Sub Link_T_to_Req()
   Dim strNessage
   strMessage =Inputbox("Enter the sub-root folder name: ","Input Required")

   If (strMessage <> "") AND   (strMessage <> " ") Then
  ' strNodeByPath = "Subject\" & "Test"         '  CAN REQUEST FOLDER NAME AS PARAMETER
       strNodeByPath = "Subject\Project EMEE\"  &   trim(strMessage)
        MsgBox   strNodeByPath

        Call MyTestCases(strNodeByPath)
           MsgBox "WE ARE DONE! "

       MsgBox " ** YOU DID NOT ENTER A FOLDER !! **"
   End if
End Sub

   Function MyTestCases(strNodeByPath)
        ' Variable for adding the coverage
    Dim reqID
    Dim TestID
    Dim coverable
    Dim reqF
    Dim Req
    Dim tdc
    Dim arrRefID
    Dim inti
    Dim TestF, testL

    Dim TestSource
    Dim testListReq
    Dim reqItem
     Dim myfilter
     Dim temp
     Dim temp1
     Dim temp2

     Dim TreeMgr, TestTree, TestFactory, TestList
      Dim TreeMg1r, TestTree1, TestFactory1
       Set tdc = TDConnection
    Set TreeMgr = tdc.treemanager

     'Specify the folder path in TestPlan, all the tests under that folder will be exported.
    Set TestTree = TreeMgr.NodeByPath(strNodeByPath)
    Set TestFactory = TestTree.TestFactory
    Set TestList = TestFactory.NewList("") 'Get a list of all from node.

      'Specify Array to contain all nodes of subject tree.
    Dim NodesList()
    ReDim Preserve NodesList(0)
    'Assign root node of subject tree as NodeByPath node.
    NodesList(0) = TestTree.Path

    Temp = NodesList(0)
    'Temp1 =  NodesList(1)
    '   MsgBox  " NodesList(0) = " & Temp

    'Gets subnodes and return list in array NodesList
    Call GetNodesList(TestTree, NodesList)

    Dim Row, Node, TestCase
    Row = 2
    For Each Node In NodesList

        Set TestTree1 = TreeMgr.NodeByPath(Node)
        Set TestFactory1 = TestTree1.TestFactory
        Set TestList1 = TestFactory1.NewList("") 'Get a list of all from node.

        'Iterate through all the tests.
        For Each TestCase In TestList1   'Loop through all the test cases

                temp = "    TS_TEST_ID= " & TestCase.Field("TS_TEST_ID")  & " TS_USER_11= " & TestCase.Field("TS_USER_11")
'''               MsgBox  temp

            ' ignore if any of the test case do not have Ref ID field
           If (TestCase.Field("TS_USER_11") <> "") AND (TestCase.Field("TS_USER_11") <> " ") AND (TestCase.Field("TS_USER_11") <> vbNull)  Then

               TestID = TestCase.Field("TS_TEST_ID")
               RefID = TestCase.Field("TS_USER_11")
               Temp1 = Replace(RefID , vbCrLf, ",")       ' remove carriage return
               Temp1 = Replace(Temp1 , vbLf, ",")         ' remove line feed
               Temp1 = Replace(Temp1 , vbCr, ",")         ' remove line feed
               Temp1 = Replace(Temp1 , ",,", ",")          ' remove double comas as result of removing line feed
               Temp1 = Replace(Temp1 , ", ,", ",")         'remove as result of removing line control chars
               Temp1 = Replace(Temp1 , ",,", ", ")          ' remove double comas as result of removing line feed
               Temp1 = Trim(Temp1)

               RefID = Temp1
              ' MsgBox RefID            ' New
               arrRefID = Split(RefID, ",", -1, 1)

               temp = "   UPPER BOUND OF ArrRefID = " &  UBound(arrRefID)
             '  Msgbox    temp

               inti = 0
               For inti = 0 To UBound(arrRefID)     'Loop through the individual ref number (ref1)
                  Temp =    "     init = " & inti & "  arrRefID(inti) = " & arrRefID(inti)
'''                  Msgbox    Temp

                  If ((arrRefID(inti) = "") or (arrRefID(inti) = " ") or (arrRefID(inti) = vbNull) or (arrRefID(inti) = vbNullChar) or (arrRefID(inti) = vbNullString)) Then    'Nothing to compare
'''                     MsgBox " NOTHING IN ARRAY VARIABLE   SKIP"

                 'Connect to command object
                  Set com = tdc.Command
                  com.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM REQ WHERE RQ_USER_03 = '" & Trim(arrRefID(inti)) & "' "
'''                  MsgBox    com.CommandText
                  Set recset = com.Execute

                  'Validate the results
                   If recset.RecordCount > 1 Then
                       MsgBox "Duplicate Requirement Ref ID found under Req Module"
                      'If record found map against req
                   ElseIf recset.RecordCount = 1 Then
                       reqID = recset("RQ_REQ_ID")
                       temp2 =   "        FOUND ReqID= " &  reqID
'''                       MSGBOX temp2

                       Set reqF = tdc.ReqFactory
                       Set Req = reqF.Item(reqID)
                       Req.AddCoverage TestID, TDPOSITION_LAST
                   ElseIf recset.RecordCount = 0 Then
                       temp2 =  " Not Found " &   arrRefID(inti) & " in database "
'''                       MsgBox temp2
                   End If
                End If

                Next     'Loop through the individual ref number (ref1)

            Else  'No REF ID
            temp2 =  " No Req Ref ID for  Test.Field(TS_TEST_ID) = "   & Test.Field("TS_TEST_ID")
'''                MsgBox temp2

            End If

      Next    '  Loop TestCase In TestList
'''                MsgBox "No more TestCase in TestList"
    Next             ' Node In NodesList

    Set tdc = Nothing
    Set reqF = Nothing
    Set Req = Nothing
    Set TestFactory = Nothing
    Set TestList = Nothing
    Set TestFactory1 = Nothing
    Set TestList1 = Nothing
    Set recset = Nothing
    Set TestTree = Nothing
    Set TestTree1 = Nothing
    Set TreeMgr = Nothing

End Function

'Returns a NodesList array for all children of a given node of a tree.
'@param:    Node        Node in a Test  tree.
'@param:    NodesList   Array to store all children of a given node of a tree.
'@return:   No explicit return value.
Function GetNodesList(ByVal Node, ByRef NodesList)
    Dim i
    Dim Tmp
    'Run on all children nodes
    'MsgBox "  Function GetNodesList  Node = " & Node  & "  Node.Count = " &  Node.Count

    For i = 1 To Node.Count
        Dim NewUpper
        'Add more space to dynamic array
        NewUpper = UBound(NodesList) + 1
        ReDim Preserve NodesList(NewUpper)

        'Add node path to array
        NodesList(NewUpper) = Node.Child(i).Path

        'If current node has a child then get path on child nodes too.
        Tmp = " i = " & i & "    Node.Child(i).Count = " &  Node.Child(i).Count
        If Node.Child(i).Count >= 1 Then
           Tmp =   Node.Child(i)
     '      Msgbox "   Node.Child(i) = " & Tmp
            Call GetNodesList(Node.Child(i), NodesList)
        End If
End Function



How to move requirements to another folder automatically ?Open in a New Window

Hi all,

I have 3 folder in requirements module. One of them has the all requirements within. Every each requirements has a field which keeps information about folder that the requirement will be moved. I would like to move all the requirement to related folder automatically. 

For example;

Folder A -> 50 requirements

Folder B -> 0 requirement

Folder C -> 0 requirement

In Folder A, 20 requirements should be moved to Folder B, 30 requirements should be moved to Folder C. It will be specified by the special requirement field which should moved to which folder.

It can be SQL Procedure or action does not matter.

Thanks in advance.


You do not have the required permissions to execute this actionOpen in a New Window

Hello  Good Day All, 

In ALM 12.53 version Requirement module - when i change the status  for any of the requirement type am getting the below error- 

"You do not have the required permissions to execute this action . "

Its not allowing me to change even for the TD Admin , and for all other roles in project. 

I have changed status from Any to Any , also workflow  but still no clue for this . 

PLease any one have any idea suggest me . 

Thanks & Regards





Requiremen​t user template entities - not visible or updateable in Requiremen​t ModuleOpen in a New Window

Requiremen​t user template entities - not visible or updateable in Requiremen​t Module


A project was set up with RQ_User fields created and then requirements(2800) had been captured..

Later I decided to create a template project and copied the original project customisation as a basis.

I now manage all access permisions and entities etc through this template project (the original project now being linked to this)

- our Bug User _Template entities work just fine - 

I now have added some new Rq_ User_Template entities and updated all the linked projects.

the problem is:-

1/ the requirement user template entities - are not  visible in the Requirement details view at all 

2/ Two of the new entities are Project Lists - and the list items/values are not visible in any of the requirement module views 

3/ these new entities are not updateable in any of the requirement module views

4/ all the new User Template entities are visible in the Customize/Project Entities/Requirements/User Fields - so they have been rolled out to the project

5/ even with TDAdmin access - I cannot amend these fields

6/ the Template Project does have the original User Entities as RQ_User_01 - 10 as well

any suggestions please?

can I put some coding in the Workflow to make these accesible - if so please could you supply this

is it because I have a mixture of User Entities (created and populated in the original project) and new User Template Entities?


I will be grateful of some help please  - I have 10+ projects linked to this and don't want to hard code this in each project, and iof course, any new ones. Plus I cannot lose any history/audit trail on any of the existing projects - so I cannot recreate/copy all the original fields/entities as template fields.

hope that is as clear as mud

please email




Requirements - Automatic mails after changing with history, comments and attachmentsOpen in a New Window


if we changed somethink in an existing requirements and the "Assigned To" is filled in, automatic mails will send... all right!

But is it possible to script that the history, all comments and the actual attachments will send by default, too? 

I know, that you can send all these points by checking the checkboxes for manual sending, but what is the script settings to send also for automatic mails?


Thanks, BR.


make validation errors more visible when importing requirementsOpen in a New Window

Is it possible to make the validation errors more visible when importing from MS Excel? Currently the litle red highligh is not enough. Can you highlight the entire cell in yellow?


Display on Requirements Tree View/Grid View when a requirement is baselined or changed afterwardsOpen in a New Window

Need to visibly show via the Requirements Grid or Tree view when a requirement has been baselined or changed after being baselined.


Hide requirement fields (details) when creating a new requirement (project -specific)Open in a New Window

Is it possible to implement a new way of hiding fields from the Details menu when creating a requirement?


Create 'project-specific' user fields for a requirement entity for a project linked to templateOpen in a New Window

When you have created a project from  a template, the user fields created for that requirement entity get passed along to the project. However, if you have a requirement user field that should only apply to one project, adding that user field to the template, applies that field to all projects linked to the template. We need to be able to add user fields for an entity specific to an individual project even if that project is linked to a template.


Requirements hiearchy excel reportOpen in a New Window

I know someone on here must know this one. I'm trying to produce an excel spreadsheet in QC replicating the tree view. I understand somehow the RQ_ORDER_ID and RQ_PARENT_ID are related, but that's about it. Looking in the DB reference it talks about a self-join but I do not know how to generate a script for that. Right now, we are referencing off Path which is not correct. We are using MS SQL Server and QC 12.01. Any help is appreciated.

 REQ.RQ_REQ_NAME 'Requirement.Name',
 REQ.RQ_USER_TEMPLATE_04 'Requirement.Threshold Platform Type'

order by rq_req_path asc


Creating a requirement using REST APIs in HP QC ALM database with C/C++ Code for a Linux(Debian) SysOpen in a New Window


Can someone guide me whether is it possible to create a requirement in HP ALM QC database using REST APIs.?

Thanks for the help in advance.



Store History on Tree structure changeOpen in a New Window

Little background.  The team that is in charge of the Requirements has full access to that module except they can't delete requirements.

I have setup a Requirement Folder called Trash which allows them to cut/paste or drag/drop requirements they don't want into that folder.  I have then setup Data Hiding so only the Admins can see requirements in that Trash folder.

Works great, but we just found 3 requirements in the Trash that should not have been there and they want to know when and who put them there.  I looked and there is no history that shows this.

I think the field I need to enable History on is the RQ_FATHER_NAME but I can't enable History on that field.

Anyone have an Idea on how I can track in history when and who puts a requirement under the Trash folder?

I'm on ALM 12.01



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