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Download link for UFT version 14.0Open in a New Window

Good morning,

In our company, we use since already some time HP-QTP/UFT. Currently, we count with more than one floating licenses and are using UFT 12.53. We would like to test the version .14 but I cannot download the product. The HP site claims that my trail period for the product ended.  Is there any special link or requirement to download it?

Thank you in advance! 



HP UFT , unable to get visible text in telnet sshOpen in a New Window

my group was using QTP and Reflections for vms to perform screen scrapes to verify online screens on a vms system . with the new hp-uft i am unable to use the getvisibletext function on the window .

QTP command - TelnetText = Window("WRQ Reflection for UNIX").GetVisibleText

which would return the screen of text, the telnet session is under ssh and emulating a vt100 terminal 

under HP-UFT the above command does not return any text , please help me


License rehost instructions for Quick Test Pro Concurrent licenseOpen in a New Window

My company has a concurrent license of Quick Test Professional on a server that is due for retirement.  I am trying to figure out how to start the rehost process for the license.  Where can I go to submit this request?



UFT 12.54 closes by itselfOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

After migrating to UFT 12..54, UFT automatically and periodically closes by itself, without any action from me.

Fortunately, it asks "Do you want to save ...."

Have you encountered this problem ? Is ther a hidden timeout in UFT, to release the license after a delay without action ?

Thank to any help


Cannot download UFT 14:00Open in a New Window

:I Am having difficulties downloading the trial version of UFT.

1. The file UFT_14.00_Setup.exe gives HTTP error 401 at 718 MB (out of total 763MB)
2. The file UFT1400_DVD.zip gives the same error after 2.96 GB of 3.13 GB

I am unable to continue the download. Is there another download site that will allow me to continue the download at the place that it aborted?

Refer attachment


HP UFT and Autopass License server not connecting (on same PC)Open in a New Window

Hi All,

I have purchased HP UFT with 1 user concurrent license. I have installed UFT and the Autopass license server on same PC (i know this is pointless with concurrent user licence). But UFT is failing to connect to licence server.

Any guidance greatly appreciated.






Dear Sir/Madam:

I installed HP QTP/UFT software. Unfortunately, I pressed the license key, the trial period is gone before using the software.What can I do now. Thank you and would looking forward to hear from you soon I am.


UFT 14 - Does the API testing component support TLS 1.2?Open in a New Window

Using 12.53 earlier and the PAM suggests that it supports SSL 3.0 which is essentially an older verion of TLS that's obsolete. Does UFT 14's API testing component support TLS 1.2? Please confirm.


Run is slow between components in Test LabOpen in a New Window


I'm using UFT/BPT for API and GUI Testing, everything works fine, i have business components wich are in flows wich are used in Business-Process, i run the Business-Process from Test Lab - ALM, here i have a problem with big times on runs.

EX: Business-Process Test

Component 1:

Start: 18:17:48

End: 18:17:48

Component 2:

Start: 18:18:00

End: 18:18:01

Component 3:

Start: 18:18:12

End: 18:18:13

Component 4:

Start: 18:18:24

End: 18:18:24


After Component 1 it's ended and Component 2 it's started are 12 seconds between.

Component 2 and Component 3: 11 seconds

Component 3 and component 4: 11 seconds


Why it's stay so much between components?





So, what do you do when UFT cannot identify and object?Open in a New Window

OK, I've used all the unique property values of an WebElement found through ObjectSpy, I even threw in (manually added) and Index value.

Here is my Code:

Set MyBrowser = Browser("Micclass:=Browser","CreaTionTime:=0").Page("Title:=.*")

MyBrowser =WebElement("Class:=WebElement","HtmlTag:=FIGCAPTION","InnerText:=Auto""Index:=0").Click

And I'm getting the following error messege:

Cannot identify the object "[ WebElement ]" (of class WebElement).
Verify that this object's properties match an object currently displayed in your application.

Line (8): "MyBrowser =WebElement("Class:=WebElement","HtmlTag:=FIGCAPTION","InnerText:=Auto", "Index:=0").Click".

Tip: If the objects in your application have changed, the Maintenance Run Mode can
help you identify and update your steps and/or the objects in your repository.

So, I ran the script through 'Maintenance Mode,' and UFT commeneted out mline 8 and produced the followiing  code:  MyBrowser =Browser("AllState").Page("Auto Insurance Quotes").Link("Auto").Click 

And,  the script ran successfully!

The question here is : ObjectSpy spied the proprty as "WebElement' and I used accordingly, AND  'Oparetion' is 'Click'


UFT idenfied the object as 'Link' with 'Click' operation!

Would anybody please tell me the difference and  reason(s) for failure?

Thank for reading.



Selecting runtime value from a drop down listOpen in a New Window

Hi folks,

I'm trying to automate a small test that requires selecting a value from a drop down list (e,g: 'Select a State' where a list of states populates AFTER clicking on the 'V' link).

Here is a screen shot of the list of states

:Screenshot (15)_LI.jpg

How do i use 'GetROProperty' or ChildObject method to solve this?

I tried YouTubing, and most videos show how to in Selenium,

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


How to find and change text in PDF document using QTP UFT automation VBscriptOpen in a New Window

Hi Colleagues,

I need some help from you.
I need to write test case in VBscript for QTP / UFT (12.51)

QTP should launch Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, 10, 11 (all available on testing machines) open existing PDF file from testing folder. Find some text in the PDF document. Select this text and replace with another text. Save changes. Close file. Close Acrobat. Everything looks very simple but I spent 2 days without results. And didn’t find any working code solution.
findText() method didn’t find the text and I can’t proceed

Thank you in advance for any help and advice.


UFT Not Responding (Task Manager)Open in a New Window

UFT at times hangs while it is  running tests overnight (via ALM).  I'm trying to find a way to check the "status" in Task Manager for UFT.exe, before terminating. 

I've found numerous posts on how to terminate a task, using win32_process.  I've gotten them to work on my own machine.  Trouble is, I only want to terminate the task if the status is "not responding".  I don't want to terminate the task if it's "Running".  Is there a way to do this?  I have this code, that works to terminate.  I want to enhance it to check for status (if this is possible).

Option Explicit
Dim objWMIService, objProcess, colProcess
Dim strComputer, strProcessKill
strComputer = "."
strProcessKill = "'UFT.exe'"

Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
& "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" _
& strComputer & "\root\cimv2")

Set colProcess = objWMIService.ExecQuery _
("Select * from Win32_Process Where Name = " & strProcessKill )
For Each objProcess in colProcess
WSCript.Echo "Just killed process " & strProcessKill _
& " on " & strComputer
' End of WMI Example of a Kill Process




Download ALM test resource from UFT custom codeOpen in a New Window


I would like to donload an ALM Test Resource from my UFT custom code, so I try to achive this with the code below using TDAPIOLELib:

TDConnection conn = new TDAPIOLELib.TDConnectionClass();
  conn.Login(User, this.Context.EncryptionMngr.Decrypt(Pass));

The problem is the conn.QCResourceFactory does not exist and I don't know why...? conn.TestFactory or connd.testSetFactor exist...

If anyone could help me on this subject?

Thanks so much.

Bye, Brice.



DotNetFactory CreateInstance(System.DateTime) not workingOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

  Set SysDate = DotNetFactory.CreateInstance("System.DateTime")
Set oDate = SysDate.Parse(FDate)

Show the "general run time error" i'm not understand why i'm see the error. 3month ago this code is working.  I'm using the datetime conversion is using above code.

Please help me and if possible please share the e.g.

I'm using QTP 11.0V


Copy the values from a web application to the excel and append the new valuesOpen in a New Window

I am trying to download the values from web table to the excel file.

For every new run I do the recent values should get added to the top of the excel with the header. The older values from the previous run should get pushed down.

I was using data table for performing this function. But when I do multiple runs using the data table concept, I can see a lot of empty rows in the excel inbetween the values.

I am copying the values from the excel and put it to the Data Table while doing a second run and then copying the second run to the excel. Then I am importing the same to another data table and copying one DT to another. After copying the values I am importing the merged values to the excel.

Any suggestion on how to tackle this issue?


UFT script runs only 1 Iteration and fails to oepn the application in second iteration.Open in a New Window

Hi , 

I am using UFT 12.53 and executing a script to test the standalone application on my machine, the script runs fine for 1 iteration but when the script tries to open the application for second iteration the application does not launch and the script fails at second iteration.

When i try opening the application manually it opens fine but fails with UFT code.

When i try and close UFT and try to run the script for second iteration by setting the current row of datatable to 2  the script runs fine.I also get UFT running low on space notification frequently.

Please find the machine details.

OD: Windows 10,64 bit machine

Can anyone please help me with this issue ?





HTTP get parametersOpen in a New Window


I'm totally newbie on UFT. I'm using the Network | HTTP Request tool. My HTTP GET request is:


At the moment the URL field contains that line. I'm wondering if I can split the real url from the get parameters and describe them somewhere. I've seen that it is possible for POST params to specify them as POST form. Is there a same thing for GET




Web Objects are indentified as window objects how to fix this issue in UFT 11.5 VersionOpen in a New Window

Hi All,



Web Objects are identified as window objects how to fix this issue in UFT  11.5 Version.





Delphi Add-in: UFT 12.5 not able to click Delphi Table Object Column nameOpen in a New Window


UFT Technical Query using Delphi Add-in:

Application Type: Delphi Desktop Application on Window 7


How to Sort Delphi Table using Column Header click ?



We are using UFT 12.5 to Automate Desktop based application developed in Delphi v8.0

Hence using Delphi Add-in with Extensibility (xml) in UFT to recognize the objects.

UFT is able to recognized most the objects and can perform action successfully But observed one technical challenge as below.



Application is having Grids (Delphi Tables) and we need to Sort the column name using Column Header of the Delphi Table.

UFT is able recognized the Delphi Table Object But not able to Perform Click operation on column name using column header.


DelphiWindow("DelhiWindow").DelphiWindow("DelphiWindow").DelphiTable("DelphiTable").ActivateColumn "#5"

Kindly Suggest.

Ref: Image file attached of Delphi Table 


Ashish Kumar

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