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HPE Software Products: Functional Testing/QTP
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Does HP UFT 12.53 support JavaFx 8.x?Open in a New Window

Hi Team,

We are trying to automate an application developed in JavaFx 8.x version using Hp UFT 12.53. We have included Java and UI automation add-ins. Unfortunately objects are not being recognised as Java objects. They are being recorded ad window.

As per the forums, An ER was logged in 2012 for JavaFx support.

Is there any progress around it? Does UFT 12.53 supports JavaFx applications? Are there any 3rd party plugins? How far can we use the extensibility concepts? are there any proven cases with UFT successful with any of the JavaFx applications?







UTF support for extjs and/or angular applicationsOpen in a New Window


We are looking to see if HP UTF supports extjs or angularjs applications. Is there a list of frameworks that UTF support available?

Thanks in advance!


Unable to interact with Calendar using QTPOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

Can anyone help me out.

I am unable to enter a value in Calendar.


Does UFT (12.01 or 12.02) supports Relative Path to call the existing API Test from GUI TestOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

Does UFT (12.01 or 12.02) supports Relative Path to call the existing API Test from GUI Test? Right now I am calling the API test from GUI Action using option (Insert Call to NewAction -> Call to Existing API Test/Action -> Navigate to the directory where API test exists).  Here Test is being added using absolute path.

But Here I would like to use the relative path to call the existing API test. But During the navigate to the directory, If I try to give the relative path (Let's say if API test is present inside the folder APITest inside the GUI test directory, If I provide the relative path as //APITest), it doesn't identify the test present.

Inside the options -> Folder, Current test directory has been already added by default.

Can anyone please help me to fix this issue?







Query regarding HPE UFT API automationOpen in a New Window

I am trying to automate scenario which involves 2 SOAP services  with one service displays all the offers available and second one uses the open offers provided as response by service 1.

In CA application Test we have filters but I wanted to check how we could automate this through UFT.


Open HP License Portal Link Is Not WorkingOpen in a New Window

I tired to get the trial license from the HP portal, since my trial license is still active. But the link "Open HP License Postal" is not working. Please find the attached image for details



License ErrorOpen in a New Window

I installed UFT trial version from Hp portal. but unfortunately UFT got crashed. so I reinstalled the same. But now UFT application is showing license error while trying to access it. Please find the attached snap shot for its details


Does UFT 12.52 supports SAP HANA TestingOpen in a New Window


 I want to know whether UFT 12.52 supports SAP  HANA application for functional testing and DB testing  to verify DB from source system to HANA systems.


Cannot access QTP server when using checkpoint endpoint client vpnOpen in a New Window



I have an issue with the customer where the user is able to connect to the QTP server without the checkpoint endpoint client once   the user  connects to the  checkpoint endpoint client and tries to connect to the QTP server user never connects


Running wireshark on both end we can see that with and without the  checkpoint vpn client  the paquet always arrive to the destination but the QTP does not reply back when user connecting via the checkpoint vpn client

Do you guys know what could be the root cause of the issue does the QTP accepts only certain source port or is there anywhere in the qtp server I can check to see at least the reason the QTP server does not reply


Thanks in advance 



Retrieve data of datatype CLOB from database using UFTOpen in a New Window


I am struck with the below scenario using UFT.

I am able to connect to database and able to retrieve the data from database using UFT. But for one table which is having the datatype as CLOB, UFT is throwing error as "datatype not macth". Please let me know if it is possible to retrieve the data which is having the CLOB datatype if yes, let me know the logic or provide the code to retrieve the data.

Tried with below code:

Public Function cfn_FetchCLOBData( ByVal strQuery )

    Dim Conn

    Dim rs

    Set Conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

    Conn.Open "DSN=NRST;uid=nrs;pwd=nrs"

    Set rs= Conn.Execute(strQuery) 

    garrCLOBData=Split(cfn_ReadCLOB(rs.Fields(0)),vbLF) // throwing error and unable to call the function


    Set rs = Nothing


    Set Conn = Nothing


    If Err.Number = 0 Then




    End If    

End Function


Public function cfn_ReadCLOB ( ByVal prsTemp)

   Dim intBlockSize

   Dim strTemp

   Dim strData



       strTemp =prsTemp.GetChunk(intBlockSize)

       If IsNull(strTemp) Then Exit Do

       strData = strData & strTemp  

       Loop While Len (strTemp) = intBlockSize


End Function


Cannot execute GUI test since started to use BPT componentOpen in a New Window

Hello all,


I hope someone can help me out as I am presnetly very confused. I started using UFT in a stand alone mode creating a bunch of GUI test. But then we switched to ALM with BPT. I connected my UFT instance to the ALM server and worked with that with no issue. Recently I had to go back to a previously created GUI test but realized when attempting to open the test, that I no longer could see the GUI test option in the open dialog. Similarly creation offers me only components-based test. I looked through the various preferences with no success. I also ran a repair on my installation also with no success. 

Can someone tell me what I need to do to recover the GUI test capability?


Thank you very much for your help!


API Test : Database , Open Connection UFT issueOpen in a New Window

DB Connectivity , API test

Open Connection Feature ,

I have the following connection String in the Open Connection component in my API test .

For some reason , I am able to connect to this DB via code (inside a ACTION -GUI Test) but not using this API test feature ie 'Open Connection' under 'Database'  Toolkit  , This is causing a lot of inconvenience . Can some one please help .


It says , The connection String Property is not initialized . Can someone please help ?


Thanks ,



Spider Module Process errorOpen in a New Window

I am trying to mapped the UFT12.00 and ALM 11.00.

I am getting an error of "Failed to update component from server. Failure in Spider module process Error: This type of installation requires your application to be executed with administrator privileges, and that UAC is disabled"

I have tried to log in with administrator privileges and disabled the UAC also,  but still getting the same error.

Kindly revert ASAP.



Launch Chrome in incognito?Open in a New Window

Hi i am looking for a proper way to launch Chrome in incognito mode via UFT 12.53

Currently I am putting "-incognito" as my URL but it doesnt work if there is an existing incognito window already opened.

The "Parameterize runtime web settings using" section is just for you to choose a browser isnt it?

I have tried to launch via Windows Applications instead but then it opened 2 browser tabs each time i run.



Issue faced while using LeanFT for winform application testingOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I am trying to create automation scripts for a window based application.

Initially I have used UFT and was successfully able to generate the automation script using which I am able to perform test on my application.

Than I thought of using LeanFT to do the same thing. I am facing the probem here.

The objects recognize in UFT is same as object in LeanFT but the operation done on object in UFT are not present in LeanFT ( or may be I am not able to recognize how to map operation performed on objects in UFT to LeanFT for window based application - winforms )

Example :

Following is the operation SetCellData on object SwfTable in UFT

SwfWindow("Orchestrade Desktop (user11@or").SwfWindow("OrchestradeContainer").SwfTable("tradeInfoGrid").SetCellData "Settle Date",0,"9/23/2016"

--> Same object SwfTable I can find in LeanFT as well but can't find any operation like SetCellData in LeanFT.


This is just one of the example. I am facing same problem for all objects. 

Is there any help available to easily map operations performed in UFT to LeanFT.





UFT 12.02 on VMWARE ESXi 6Open in a New Window

We need to be able to install and use UFT 12.02 on VMWare ESXi6, which is currently not supported by HP. We can upgrade to UFT 12.5-12.53  if we need to. Any suggestions? (note: going back to ESXi5.5 is not an option)


UFT 12.51 trial version download link.Open in a New Window

Hi my name is Chakravarthy and i am looking for UFT 12.51 trial version download link, could you give me the link to download UFT 12.51 trial version.



UFT 12.51 trial version download linkChakravarthy.



How to launch the "Run Result Viewer" and open the XML result file programmatically (in c#)Open in a New Window

I am saving my test results in xml format and I want to pop them up from my C# app.

I have been wondering when I can launch the UFT and run a test with "QTObjectModelLib", it might provide us with proper application class for "Run Result viewer" to open the xml file after execution.

Also please let me know if anyone knows a relevant library around the corner besides "QTObjectModelLib" to deal with result viewer.

thnx in advance


HP Uft 12.02 is not supporting Flex application build in Adoble Flex SDK 4.14 versionOpen in a New Window

HP Uft 12.02  is not supporting Flex application build in Adoble Flex SDK 4.14 version , Need a suggestion to it 

kindly tell me if any service pack or Patches avaiable for UFT 12.02 version to support Adobe Flex SDK 4.14 version applications.

Flex Ojects are recognising as webelement in UFT 12.02 version

Kindly mail me for solutions 


Thank you.



UFT identifies all objects of a C++ application as winobjectsOpen in a New Window

UFT Version:- 12.52

Application:- C++

When I try to automate the application with UFT, all objects show up as winObjects. 

  1. I tried opening UFT first and then the application.
  2. Installed ActiveX add in and all other add ins
  3. Repaired UFT

Nothing worked. Is there any other workaround? Thank you.

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