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What do I do if the object spy is unable to identify and display the objects from an application?Open in a New Window


What do I do if the object spy is unable to identify and display the objects in the object identificOpen in a New Window


Git and UFT binary filesOpen in a New Window


I have UFT version 12.50 

Has anyone had success committing files from UFT? If so I have the option disabled in my test? what are reasons?

Also we have conflits from .usr and .cfg files , Has anyone had this kind of issues?

Any info is appreciated?

Thanks in Advance


report customisationOpen in a New Window

I want to include some derived data into the report and display it via a table 

I am creating the table via the xsl but I need to enter the details via the xml output. Would anyone know how to modify the xml output to include the new data in the xml? I'm assuming I need to modify the xsd to also define a new variable. Has anybody done this before? I cannot see the help for this as it just does not load on my laptop




Re: Popup dialogOpen in a New Window


I am automating an application however there are 3 dialog boxes coming out to confirm kind of security.

I simply record them and when play back the third one (final one) is always unrecognised for click "yes".

Is there any way to deal with popup dialog box in UFT?






Sample application Flight4b.exeOpen in a New Window

Is there any way to download & install the old Flight4b.exe application?

Some tutorials still use it and the new sample does not work just as the old one (+ it's build on WPF and not the old Win32 forms).


SystemUtil.Run "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\QuickTest Professional\samples\flight\app\flight4b.exe"

I believe it was still present in UFT 12.50.


Jenkins 2Open in a New Window

I'm currently using Jenkins with the QTP plugin to schedule autonomous test execution. I've been reading up on Jenkins 2 and the new Unified Functional Testing plugin, can anyone who is using this comment on the upgrade and it's 'gotchas'?


Mark Smith.


UI Automation BUG API call inherited from UI automationOpen in a New Window



I use UI automation add in for an word Form automation.

- the recorder is not working each time i launch it

- the script is : UIAWIndow("test").UIAWindow("Add").UIACombox("* Category :").Select "Test"

the error "Failed due to a lacking or broken API call inherited from UI automation" appears


I use UFT 12.54 on IE8

Help please








UFT automation for oracle 11g formsOpen in a New Window

Hi ,

Iam trying to automate Oracle 11g forms application using UFT but when iam recording or spying the objcet it is cosnidered as Windows object when i record it displays the code as follows

Windows("business page").clikc 253

can some one help me to resolve this issue and suggest neccesary plugins........


Thanks and Regards





IE 11 Crashes using UFT 12.54Open in a New Window

I'm using UFT 12.54 with IE 11 and when script starts and opens IE it immediately crashes and I'm forced to close the program. I have the UFT add on enabled, and IE is set as my default browser. I'm running Windows 10 on an Virtual Machine 8GB RAM - i7 processor - according to the UFT support matrix this combo is supported any one have any ideas?

Event Viewer Details:

Faulting application name: IEXPLORE.EXE, version: 11.0.14393.0, time stamp: 0x57899082
Faulting module name: Windows.UI.Xaml.dll, version: 10.0.14393.594, time stamp: 0x5850ccd7
Exception code: 0xc000027b
Fault offset: 0x008b73c8
Faulting process id: 0x132c
Faulting application start time: 0x01d270f4a09f0158
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\System32\Windows.UI.Xaml.dll



Errors when I tried to get text from cell in UIATableOpen in a New Window

Hello everyone!

I tried work with UIATable and get errors.

When I use

UIATable(...). GetCellName(1, 1)  I've got error "The test run cannot continue due to an unrecoverable error <0x80070057> Failed due to a lacking or broken API call inherited from UI Automation"

When I use

UIATable(...). GetCellValue(1, 1)  I've got error "The test run cannot continue due to an unrecoverable error. Invoked method is not implemented by a matching Pattern for this object"

Could you please help and give advice how I can get text from cell in table?


How to handle sync issue in SAP GUI?Open in a New Window

I am facing an issue to wait UFT untill SAP GUI window loads. Sometimes GUI window is taking more than 3 mins time to load and it is not consistent as well. I can see a floating loader going below menubar but that is not recognized by UFT.

Can you please help me on how to handle this sync issue?




Browse thru solutions explorer with vbscriptOpen in a New Window

HP UFT 12.54 How can I iterate over the contents of the solutions explorer similar as I can iterate over an active test I would like to get from tree of solutions explorer to my projects to my tests and to my teststeps.

I could not find something like qtApp.solutionexplorer in objectmodel and as it seems visual studio stuff I can parse the ftsln file myself but assume there is a smarter way of getting the contents of the solutions explorer.

Sub test()
    Dim qtapp As New QuickTest.Application
    Dim qtui As QuickTest.UI
    Dim myTest As QuickTest.test
    Dim myActions As QuickTest.Actions
    Dim myAction As QuickTest.Action
 '   Dim objDTE
' Creates an instance of the Visual Studio IDE
'Set objDTE = CreateObject("VisualStudio.DTE")
    qtapp.Visible = True
    Set qtui = qtapp.UI
    Set myTest = qtapp.test
    Set myActions = myTest.Actions
     Debug.Print myTest.Name
     For Each myAction In myActions
        Debug.Print myAction.Name

End Sub


Unable to identify multilevel headers of JTableOpen in a New Window


I am trying to automate Java based application using HP UFT. In a JTable, there are two levels of table headers where second level is repeating more than once and first level are unique as shown in attached screenshot. When i try to identify table, only second level column headers are being retrieved. How to get values of first level header? Because i want to type in values in each column. With out getting values from First level header, it is not possible to identify cells correctly, because the number of columns are dynamic.



Low level Recording Mode behaves differentlyOpen in a New Window

We are facing a problem, since two days where if is select low level recording and try record my application, to enter a value in a field, each letter in the field is recorded line by line. Previously whole word is taken and now each letter is recorded seperately. Also the brackets when i tried to enter in the field it is taking the value as 9 ibnstead of (. It ignores shift keys and consider only the key 9 poressed. Below is the reference code generated.


Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Click 1182,26
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Click 1166,83
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Click 1093,86
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Click 610,104
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Click 571,149
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type " n"
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type "e"
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type "e"
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type "s"
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type "h"
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type "u"
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type " "
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("FrameTab Cover").Type "9"

whereas it should actually behave thios way.

Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Click 1050,28
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Click 1049,87
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Click 568,103
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Click 533,135
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type ", neeshu" + micRight
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type micDwn
Window("Windows Internet Explorer").WinObject("Internet Explorer_Server").Type micReturn

 Please provide a solution for this issue. Also let me know if there any patche avaliable to resolve this.


How to read SAP statusbar response time using UFT?Open in a New Window


UFT 11.53 Hanging the machine after installing the patch UFT_00044Open in a New Window

Hello team,

we were using UFT 11.53 from past 2 years. unfortunately UFT started hanging the system in all the VDI. we tried complete uninstallation and re install UFT 11.53. But still hangind the machin and also it will not allow the user to do any mouse operation until to kill the process (uft.exe) from task manager. In task manager, it was show as Not Responding. Please refer the attachment.

Facing this issue in all VDi machines. Please let me know if any right solution for this issue.

NOTE: UFT 11.50 should works fine after installing. Problem only with UFT 11.53 after installing the patch  UFT_00044.

Many thanks,



UFT LicenceOpen in a New Window

In have downloaded UFT trial version from HP Product site and it stated that i will get 60 days for trial. After almost 35 days the UFT licence expired and says need to install the licence.  I came to know that, I have 17 more trial days when i checked the site today. Did anyone expirenced the same issue? How the licence expired before the timelimit? This is not laptop issue as I am installing UFT for the first time.


How to select specific element in Powerbuilder window using HP UFTOpen in a New Window

I am trying to record/automate an application developed in Sybase' Powerbuilder. I am currently using HP UFT v12.54.

Using the default recording process, the object spy is only seeing the area on my PB Window, not the specific field/dropdown. In short, I am unable to select a specific object in the window.

Please see image here https://i.stack.imgur.com/Cfo99.jpg


^ Here I am trying to select the [Authorized Signatory] field, but instead, UFT does not see the specific element, but the field area [Customer Data] instead. UFT just references the fields in the area by xy axis, not the specific object. Is this the default behaviour?

Any input would be appreciated.


UFT Object Recognition IssueOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

We have an Oracle Form opened by a web browser that is automated using HP UFT 11.50 on Internet Explorer 9. We have done all scripting where Oracle Form is recognized as JavaWindow. Suddenly yesterday, the same Oracle Forms are being recognized as just 'Window' with no object hierarchy. We are stuck here and unable to identify any objects on the form. Please drop in your suggestions to resolve this.

Note –

  1. UFT itself opens the bowser which in turn opens the Oracle Form.
  2. UFT recognizes the browser but not the Oracle Form.
  3. All add-ins are associated correctly – Java, VB, Oracle, ActiveX.
  4. All temp, cache files, cookies are cleared.

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