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HPE Software Products: Functional Testing/QTP
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SAP S4 HANA - Fiori application - Suggested test automation toolsOpen in a New Window

Anyone here tried to automate SAP S4 HANA Fiori app?

Here are some of the findings from our team:

UFT 12.0:

Our team have tried to use UFT 12.0 to automate Fiori (sap web application) but it has difficulty in detecting objects. 


Leanft was also tried but then a more complex codes need to use. Java language is used instead of VBscript.


Any suggestions for other automation tools? or if there's UFT addin (using vbscript only) that needs to be updated in order to detect the objects easier. Thanks!


UFT - SAP S/4 HANA - Fiori applicationOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,

Anyone here has an experience in automating SAP S/4 HANA Fiori applicaiton using UFT?

Our team is encountering some issues in using UFT for SAP S/4 HANA - FIori.

Here are some of our challenges in using UFT for SAP S/4 HANA Fiori:

  • Most of the objects have dynamic attributes thus re-running of the recorded script won’t work because it can’t see the first object captured during recording
  • Need to use descriptive programming to assign unique values for each objects which will take time to develop
  • Most of the objects needs to be added manually and change its value to regular expression
  • Hard to maintain and read the codes

Using UFT for SAP HANA Fiori fully requires a skilled resource and time to build the components


Anyone here has a suggestion to improve UFT performance in using SAP HANA Fiori application? Would there be any addins updated for the new version of UFT in handling sap web applications?


UFT Tool is not executing the VB scriptOpen in a New Window

Hi, I am using UFT for the first time. The latest version I had worked on was QTP 10. Now I am trying to run the VB statements using UFT " msgbox "Hi".  The statement are not executing at all. I even tried to record some of the events. The events are getting recorded and code is getting generated. But same issue. The statements are not executing when I click on Run button. I even checked the run options in the Settings as well. All the options are set right. But still the statements are not executed. There are lot of things got changed with the current version to what I had used.

Could you please help me in using the tool to execute my scripts.

Appreciate your help.




Pega7 Automation Issues while selecting a value from smart selectionOpen in a New Window

  1. Not able to set values for smart selection web edit. 

Usually Smart selection web edit will work like, when user enters first 2 letters then the values matching will be displayed in dropdown. But when we try setting values using UFT then no values was displayed in dropdown to select.

We tried of using send keys to press down arrow to get the values populated. however none of the send keys was working on that web edit.

  1. Few dropdowns will populate based on the values given in another drop downs in the same page.

The issue while automating with these are , when we select a value in a drop down using UFT then the values in other dependent dropdowns wasn’t populated. However it will work as expected when given manually.


problems accessing controlsOpen in a New Window

I have an application called Unifi Loan origination by Fiserv.  When trying to select controls or menu items, only the main frames are being selected (WinTab, WintreeView, WinToolbar,WinEdit) not the individual controls.  It appears to use something like Stingray controls but when I try to use the Stingray Support Configuration Wizard, it does not identify the Stingray components.

This application allows the business analyst to add and remove fields and menu items from the application kinda like visual basic.

Trying to research this issue brought me to this page



Adding checkpoints and Output values in UFT 12.54 shows errorOpen in a New Window


Im trying to add new standard checkpoints and output value in UFT 12.54 WHich show this error.


HP Unified Functional Testing
Logical name: passengerName
Class: WpfEdit

Cannot create Checkpoint.

Cannot identify the WpfEdit



What is the solution to this problem?







In case of run time error in UFT 12.52, error pop up is not displayed instead execution is stoppedOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I'm using UFT version 12.52; build 6851 in windows 7.

In case of run time errors, error pop up message with debug, stop and skip option is not displayed instead the script execution is stopped.

I have checked the File->Settings->Run section as well. where error pop up message is chosen incase of run time errors.

Please help.


LINK FOR UFT 11.50Open in a New Window



Can we upgrade UFT 12.01 to UFT 12.5x ??Open in a New Window


My organisation has UFT 12.01 license setup, we are looking for upgradation to UFT to 12.52 or 12.5x (latest one).

Can we perform the upgrade with the same license setup, does it will work?

Appreciate your response on this.




executing of "BrowserFactory.Attach" taking long time when switching browsersOpen in a New Window

When we opened a browser(2nd browser) from already existing browser(1st browser), then used BrowserFactory.Attach method to do operation on new browser and closed it. Again used BrowserFactory.Attach method to do an action on 1st browser, LeanFT takign very long time line more then a minute to identify the browser and do teh opration. Please let me know how to resolve this issue. We used titile or open title properties to identify the browser. Usign IE11 for testing.


HP UFT 11.52Open in a New Window


Do we have any link for HP UFT 11.52? I already tried HP website, but only 12+ is available.


How do i download trial version of uft 12.54.Open in a New Window

How do i download trial version of uft 12.54.

I already have 12.53 versio and my account says you have one in trial contact customer support.

What do i do


UFT 12.02 can't identify the Active X plug-in objects which are developed on C++.Open in a New Window


I have a situation i.e UFT can't identify the Active X plug-in objects which are developed on C++.

This plug-in can be launched through any browser, and i have automated until plug-in launch after that UFT could not able to recognize the obejcts.

Add-ins used: Active X, .Net, Web 

Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit

Any insight would be helpful!!!




Scolling Issue in IE 11 using UFT12.52Open in a New Window

Scolling Issue: Unable to see an Object that present at top of the page when we are currently  at bottom of the page in IE 11 using UFT12.52


1. Open any page in IE 11

2. Go to till bottom of the page and now try to Highlight or Select any object in top of the page at run time.

Observations: we are unable to see object at the top of the page because of scolling issue

Could some one please help me out




LeanFT 12.54 .NET SDK Getting Reporter Status at RuntimeOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone!

I am having trouble using a new feature that is supposed to be included in LeanFT 12.54 for the .NET SDK.  In the what's new section it says that we can access the Reporter Status at runtime using the following code 

Status reportStatus = Reporter.Status;

However, when I try adding it to my project I get an error message that the reporter doesn't have that property.  I checked the online .NET SDK documentation and the Status property is not present under the Reporter class.  But the property appears to be inder the IReporter Interface.  I also double checked the Java documentation and it's Reporter class has a GetStatus method.  

Has anyoneone had success trying getting the runtime status? 

Thank you,



limitation with fileContent checkpointOpen in a New Window


I implement an automatic test based on fileContent checkpoint. But when sharing with other persons, the test does not work. After contact the UFT support, They confirm it's a known limitation. Even I find this blocking and strange. I need to know if there is any workaround or at least any other way to compare dynamic file with the reference file (a template file)?

And if you plan to fix this limitation





Managing Tests on Different EnvironmentsOpen in a New Window


I was wondering if someone could help me simplify the way we have organized our automated tests. 

We have about 300 automated tests in UFT that we launch directly from QC, and this number just keeps on growing. In addition, we work with several different environments, each of them having a different path to the executable.

In QC, we have all the tests stored in the test plan. The application path is defined in the test script as a CONST and is passed to UFT at launch time.

The problem is that the same test is stored in several test plans and several test labs, just to pass the application path to UFT when we launch them. It's a nightmare to maintain because each new test must be created in different places and it's even worse when we add a new environment since we have to create 300 new tests.

I'm sure we're not the only one facing this problem. How could we simplify all of this? Ideally, we would like to have all the tests stored in only one test plan and in only one test lab. The application path should be specified when we launch the test lab and every time we launch it (we specify the value once for the run and all the tests inside the test lab retrieve this value) . Is this possible?

Thank you for any advice!!!



Terminal Emulator add-in is not available in UFT trail version 12.54Open in a New Window

We are doing poc for main frame related project to do automation the functionality we have choosed UFT , While instaling the UFT 12.54 trail version I have not seen Terminal Emulator add-in in the tool .

Please help me how to enable or install this terminal emulator add-on to UFT trail version.

Thanks in advance,




BeginnerquestionOpen in a New Window


I am trying to get started with UFT and have tried to make a first test of a web application. Therefor I built a first test sequence (open website->click button(1)->write into field(2) in next page). Sometimes it works without errors but mostly UFT tells me something like "field(2) webedit is missing". During test there is no change of the website after use of the click button. For this I assume that the real problem isn`t the missing field (2) but the missing click onto the button before.

What is my mistake? Or is it a known bug (sometimes it works and I don`t know why.....)?

Sorry for this beginner question!

Best regards



IE11 crashes on desktop with UFT ver12.02Open in a New Window

Hello - UFT ver12.02. IE11 crashes very often during the exection. whereas, the same scripts executes fine in laptop which has IE11. Can i get a solution?

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