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Unified Functional Testing License ErrorOpen in a New Window

I am using a trial version of the Unified Functional Testing product in order to evaluate it.

This morning it was running fine and reported I had 34 days left on the trail. Curiously, when I log into my account on HPE (where I downloaded the trail), it says I have 25 days remaining in the trail period.

Later in the afternoon, I started the HPE UTF product and recieved the following error message:

The title bar of the popup window reads "Unified Functional Testing"

The body of the message reads:

"This machine does not have a valid Unified Functional Testing license. For more details, please refer to the Unified Functional Testing Installation Guide. You must install a valid license and then restart Unified Funciotnal Testing."

I created a support ticket, but the support resource told me that support for the evaluation software is limited to assistance on these forums.

I did a bit of research one line and tried the suggested remedies:

1) Ensure the registry entry key in a particular path has the proper permissions (it does)

2) Ensure the UTF path has the proper access permissions (it does)

3) Ensure the date and time on the PC hasn't been changed (it hasn't)

4) Uninstall and reinstall the software (didn't help)

5) Reboot the PC (didn't help)

I asked support to please issue me another license, minus the days I've used.

Not sure what else to do here since I can't complete my evaluation of the product at this point.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, is there a resolution?

Thanks in advance.




Test execution on ASP.NET app way too slowOpen in a New Window


First time I've work with an old ASP.NET application.
The UFT 12.53 script is working fine (no errors) but the execution time is so slow.
Setting a value on a WebEdit or clicking on a WebButton or selecting an item from a WebList takes like more than a minute.
When you do the "Highlight in Application", the target object is identified right away.
The Page and the Frame where the objects are located have been set to have the Property Smart Identification = False. (setting it to True didn't make a difference)

Any suggestions to make the execution go faster?

Thank you.



Facing Issue with WPF tree delimiterOpen in a New Window

Hello Everyone,

This is regarding change default Tree view path seperator (;) in uft

I am facing problem to change delimiter for WPF tree. in UFT 12.53,

I tried with Settings.Item("TreepathSeperator") = "~" and Tools-> Options-> Java -> Tree view path seperator, but it doesn't work.

Do you have face this or any solution appreciated.



UFT 14 - Test Combinations Generator BugOpen in a New Window

There is a spelling mistake in a pop up message which appears as soon as  you click on Test Combinations Generator button at toolbar for GUI test. This pop up occurs if you have not defined parameters for the test for which you want to use Test combination generator.

"The TestTCG does not have any parameters, therefore the Test Configuration Generator cannot generate a test confirguration.

Add parameters to the Global tab in the Data pane and try again."



Alternatives to VBScript for UI automation with UFTOpen in a New Window

Hi, I am new here and new to HP UFT ecosystem. I have to use a custom framework which uses Vbscript and UFT to do UI automation. Is there any way to do UI automation by using any other language (python, js, java etc) instead of VBscript ?

PS -

I ask this because Vbscript is a dying language and is used mostly in excel. There are hardly and jobs that where Vbscript is the main requirement. It is hard to attract great software developers/QA to your company if you use Vbscript. Why would someone want to commit career suicide by doing only vbscript that is used in legacy applications at big, overbloated corporations ?



Automating ag-Grid using UFTOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

We are using UFT 12.02 and trying to automate a grid which is designed using "ag-Grid".

We are not able to do complete automation, so Could anyone help us to resolve this.

Thanks in advance




Which add-in works for MDtermOpen in a New Window


I'm recently working on automate a application named "MDTerm", The mdterm system turns a normal PC into a Stratus workstation. Using mdterm you can access the Stratus more conveniently and productively than you can with a normal dumb terminal.

I'm confused that which add-in could work for MDTerm? The sreen of  MDterm looks like Terminal Emulator could be a choice, but I could not find suitlable vendor, and there's no HLLAPI shortname setting in MDTerm.

Thanks for any suggestion


HRESULT : 0x8004032C UFT error while trying to open a test stored in ALMOpen in a New Window


We are using ALM 11.52 and UFT 11.53

On a given workstation, we are unable to launch UFT test script stored in ALM. If we try to open test script, UFT reports a "HRESULT : 0x8004032C" error in the "Void SetRegistryRoot(System.String)" method from "QTP.BackEnd.Core.DocumentIfsLib".

I have checked the HP Update option of the help menu, the tool is a uptodate.

Any clues to solve this problem?

Thank you for your help.


uft12 with microsoft script debuger3.0 cannot debugOpen in a New Window

i use uft12.2, default installation will download microsoft script debugger from microsoft website, but now this url dissappeared, so i found mse3.0 in uft12 iso directory,


after install this mse3.0, and set breakpoint in uft12 ide, the program doesn't stopped in breakpoint, it seemed something wrong with this?

anyone knows this?



uft12 crashed when object-spying wfp programOpen in a New Window

uft12 object-spying uft sample flight program has no problem(flight program is also wpf program)

but when i use uft12 to object-spy my wpf program, it cause crash, all programs cannot move anymore, then i have to quit windows7 operating system. 

is there any log in uft12 ? 


Is UFT script got corrupted?Open in a New Window


On of our UFT 12.54 script is running very slow  and eventually hangs in the middle of execuetion. The script even perform scanning operation of the imported execl sheet rows very slow. 

The only workaround we found is to reupload the same script in ALM12.53 but then we have to delete  the existing script before reuploading the script in the same folder in the ALM. This will result in to update all Test Sets in the Test Lab to add the script again.

Please let me know if there is any way we can fix the script without deleting from the ALM.  As of now we have recreated the new Action within the script and restored the prevoirs verions of the script since ALM project is enabled with the version control feature but it didnt help and script still running very slow.

Greatly appreciate for any assistance!


LeanFT - Can't view Last Run ResultsOpen in a New Window

Using Intellij and created a LeanFT maven project.  The test runs fine, but afterwards, in the LeanFT pull-down menu, the Veiw Last Run Results item is grayed out. Some form of results are created.. Any ideas?

From my TestRunner.java class, sans imports:

features = "src/test/java/com/orasi/Features",
//glue the script to a package where the step definitions can be found.
glue = "com.orasi.StepDefinitions",
plugin = {
tags = {"@TID42009REV0.4.0"}

public class TestRunner {

public void Test() {}

From my TestRunner.java class, sans imports:

public class CompleteContctUsForm {

Browser browser;

("^a customer fills in the Contct Us form$")
public void a_customer_fills_in_the_Contct_Us_form() throws Throwable {

ModifiableSDKConfiguration config = new ModifiableSDKConfiguration();
config.setServerAddress(new URI("ws://localhost:5095"));

browser = BrowserFactory.launch(BrowserType.FIREFOX);

//Contact Us
browser.describe(WebElement.class, new WebElementDescription.Builder()
.tagName("SPAN").innerText("CONTACT US").outerText("CONTACT US").index(0).build()).click();

//first name
browser.describe(Frame.class, new FrameDescription.Builder()
.id("").name("").index(0).build()).describe(EditField.class, new EditFieldDescription.Builder()

@When("^they click the submit button$")
public void they_click_the_submit_button() throws Throwable {

browser.describe(Button.class, new ButtonDescription.Builder()

("^they get the thank you message$")
public void they_get_the_thank_you_message() throws Throwable {





Here are the results:



I am not able Spy the Objects in Google Chrome by Using HPE UFTOpen in a New Window

Chrome UFT 

This request is regarding for Chrome Compatibility with Chrome.


I am newly installed UFT 14.00 Version. UFT is working fine in IE but not in Chrome.

we have installed HPE UFT Agent (.crx) in their systems. 

After installing that add on ,

During recording and execution is working fine.(With proper coding like below )

 Browser("Welcome: Mercury Tours").Page("Welcome: Mercury Tours").Link("REGISTER").Click
Browser("Welcome: Mercury Tours").Page("Register: Mercury Tours").Link("Car Rentals").Click
Browser("Welcome: Mercury Tours").Page("Under Construction: Mercury").Link("Vacations").Click  


But I am not able to add Objects by manually and also not able spy.

I am trying to spy during recording time but its also showing like window chrome legacy.....For reference look at the attchement..


Chrome Version : 58.0.3029.81 (64-bit)

Any one Can please help me on these.....


Object IdentificationOpen in a New Window

i added an object to my UFT 14.0 as webButton but now when i tried recording the same object with different system its showing as sapGUIButton . i checked for addins they are same i also restarted the  UFT and changed addin there as well but its comming same.


How to clear text in a SWFEditor fieldOpen in a New Window

using a SwfEditor object with the Type command.  for example: SwfEditor(window).Type "hi"

I need to clear the field before entering next set of text. The "Set" command gives an error saying it ti not supported with SwfEditor.

How do you clear the field?




How to clear the value in SlvEdit at run time via UFT 12.53Open in a New Window

How I can clear the value from SlvEdit field at run time.


script is not getting generated when i record through chromeOpen in a New Window

when try to record with record and run with any open browser settings with chrome browser script is not getting generated where as script is generating for ie browser


Unable to connect to the UFT trial I have just downloadedOpen in a New Window

I get the following error message when I attemt to connect to ALM (paas trial verions) from UFT (downloaded trial version)

"UFT cannot connect to the specified ALM server Login as administrator and try again"

Note the url I tried was

I have only my user login credentials to get in (ie no admin) - 

I tried raising a support ticket but have been redirected to this forum....Help!



Populate parent associated with each child in datatableOpen in a New Window

My code goes like this, Right now the datatable is populating as parent in one column  and the child in another colum, but when i have more than one child, i need to have parent with each child.  how can i do this.

"Get the rowcount of datatable"
i = DataTable.GetSheet("PartnerSheet").GetRowCount
For j = 1 to itemsCount
 DataTable.GetSheet("PartnerSheet").SetCurrentRow(i + 1)
 sMainstring = defaultpage.WebList("ToList")).GetItem(j)
 sSubstring = Left(sMainstring, 2)  
 If sSubstring = "  " Then  
  DataTable.Value("Child", "PartnerSheet") = sMainstring 'sSubstring
  i = i + 1
  DataTable.Value("Parent","PartnerSheet") = sMainstring
 End if


verify an item is within square bracketsOpen in a New Window

i have a situation where i need to check if the selected item is native language or english.  native languages are enclosed in square brackets.  how can i check for square brackets.

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