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Error - 9.1 Outlook IntegrationOpen in a New Window

Hi all, 

We've recently jumped from 7.2 to 9.1, and some users are having intermittent errors with their Outlook integration. When trying to upload emails (, after the first email successfully goes into the system they are getting the error message "Searching by 'Email Message ID' requires a value. Please enter the string value to search for."

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what might resolve this issue? At the moment I don't have sys admin access so haven't had a chance to poke around, and in fact my Outlook integration is having issues itself connecting to the dataset so haven't been able to try and replicate the issue myself. It's also hard to get an idea of how many users this is effecting as we don't have a great deal of takeup at the moment.




Linked folder and custom propertiesOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

We are using HPRM with Outlook 2010.  Does anyone know if it is possible to autofill custom record properties when checking in an email from a linked folder?

The title comes form the email subject, the container is pre-set and the Author is also set (assuming the email address is associated with a location), however we have a mandatory custom property associated with a lookup set that we would like to prefill if possible.





Outlook link errorOpen in a New Window

Could someone please advise what I can do to stop this error appearing when creating links to RM files in Outlook.  This person had the links working but changed computers and now she is receiving this error - "Property data conversion function error.  Name is limited to 50 characters of text.  Supply shorter string value".  It's only happeing on this machine as we have other linked files which are continuing to work fine so it's a local issue.  Screenshoot attached. Thanks,


HPE CM Outlook Plugin keeps unloadingOpen in a New Window

My HPE CM v8.3 2010 Outlook plugin keeps uninstalling, see printscreen below.


HPE CM Outlook.jpg 


CM9.1 - Registering from OutlookOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

Currently we are testing CM9.1 what is that annoying box that keeps populating on the screen everytime you register an email from Outlook into CM? How do I prevent it from showing its face? I have attached a pretty picture for you all


Kind regards





No Signature in RM 8.3 Generated EmailOpen in a New Window

When generating an email in RM 8.3 (Send to Mail Recpient), the signature is not added although the signature feature is enabled in Outlook.

Is there a way to automatically add a signature to emails generated this way.  I know you can insert a signature manually, but users are asking for it to be added automatically.

This seems a bit trivial, but users are saying this is important since they sometimes forget to manually add the signature which needs to be present because of the disclaimer. 

We are using RM 8.3 and Outlook 2013.






Export Search Results to Excel RM8Open in a New Window

We are using RM8.2 and would like to understand how to export search results to excel.



Default Email Subject Title - Send to Mail RecipientOpen in a New Window

Hi All, 

I've been asked a question about whether or not it's possible to configure the default email subject title when using the "Send to mail recipient" option from within HPRM 8.1. We send docs and references using the Outlook email form, not the forms provided with HPRM.

When the mail recipient option is used the subject title is prefixed with 

HP Records Manager CORPORATE DOCUMENT : DOCXX/XXX : Some Record Title

I've been attempting to find where the text prefix "HP Records Manager CORPORATE DOCUMENT" is being pulled from so we can shorten it to something like HPRM. I know the subject can be truncated manually but this is something we don't want to do on every send, especially where the record title is already long.

I can't seem to locate anything in the Admin options that would allow us to configure this text. I'm aware of captions  config but based on the help file it doesn't appear to be the options I'm after.


Document Queue IssueOpen in a New Window

Has anyone seen the following issue.  Documents are being processed into RM via a document queue. In RM you select the document queue and process it.  When the list of documents appears for processing you can right click on a document and select Mail.  Outlook then opens a new Mail Message with an attachment, the issue is that the attachment has no file extension on it, just the name.  So for example if the document in the queue is titled TEST.TXT all that is being attached to the email message is a file titled TEST

If you send the email and save the TEST attachment as TEST.TXT it opens as expected.  We cannot be instructing users to save and rename.

If I do a Send To Mail from a record already in RM then it works as expected.

Using RM8.3 Build 9232 and Outlook 2010



Outlook Exception on Check in on sendOpen in a New Window

We are receiving an Outlook Exception when using the "Check in on send" option from the HP RM ribbon on a new email.  The exception occurs after pressing the Send button.

The email is sent but not recorded in the Sent Items folder and not recorded in HPE RM so disappears from the senders system.  Additionally a blank email is created in the Drafts folder as part of the symptom.

The exception is attached but includes the text "Unable to cast COM object of type 'System.__ComObject' to interface type 'Redemption.IRDOMail'...
...due to the following error: Library not registered"

Additionally the HPTrimOutlook.log reports the following 2 error lines:

2016-12-14 15:39:54Z Error: 1>MailItemWrapper GetMAPIFields: for property: HPTrimRecordNumber COMException: ##Exception Source: tsjTiOEx.RDOMail - Exception Message: Could not convert variant of type (Dispatch) into type (Integer) at Redemption.IRDOMail.GetIDsFromNames(String GUID, Object ID)
at HP.HPTRIM.Outlook.MailItemWrapper.GetMAPIfields(TrimMapiProps proptag)
2016-12-14 15:39:54Z Error: 1>MailItemWrapper GetMAPIFields: for property: OldTRIMRecordNumber COMException: ##Exception Source: tsjTiOEx.RDOMail - Exception Message: Could not convert variant of type (Dispatch) into type (Integer) at Redemption.IRDOMail.GetIDsFromNames(String GUID, Object ID)
at HP.HPTRIM.Outlook.MailItemWrapper.GetMAPIfields(TrimMapiProps proptag)

We're using Outlook 2010 with SP2 and up-to-date patching (32-bit) and HPE RM (32-bit) client.

It doesn't seem to make any difference if we enable or disable the options in the Check in on send screen.



Bug with Outlook Add-in on compose email templateOpen in a New Window

We have come across a possible bug when using HP Records Manager 8.3 client with MS Outlook (2010) with an Outlook add-in that adds a custom tab to the ribbon on the compose email template.

It's a very simple add-in just adding a tab with a group with some buttons for providing automatic forwards and reply templates.

The add-in continues to work fine when it is only enabled for the read email template (received emails) but if it is also enabled for the compose email template (new emails) then we see odd graphical glitches in HP Records Manager.

These include the right-click menu responding very slowly and options on it then not responding to clicks.  The menu often can appear behind the HP RM window.
The Help drop-down menu appearing completely blank.

These issues were driving us crazy as it only affected a small number of staff (those who had that add-in enabled as it turned out).

We eventually narrowed it down to a repeatable process of right-clicking an item and select Send To/Mail. Using simple MAPI connection, a new email appeared and could be sent.  The second time to attempt the same action resulted in the right-click menu not appearing on the first click and on the second click appearing behind the HP RM window.  This issue continued until either MS Outlook or HP RM was closed and re-opened.

After starting Outlook in safe mode we found the issue had disappeared which led us to test each add-in further until we identified the culprit.

I'm just leaving this here for the information of others who may find they are facing similar issues.  Hopefully a future version of HP RM might resolve this for add-ins that affect the compose email template.


Email Questions Regarding Outlook Message Prefix and EML vs MSG Formats in HPRMOpen in a New Window

We are using HPE RM V8.3.0.9088 and Outlook 2016.

We have configured the "Update style for an email message that has been processed" option in Dropped Files to be "Update the email message with an 'In HPE Records Manager' indicator.  This is pushed out through global settings, and I verified the setting on my desktop client. Dragging and dropping an email message into HPRM does not update the record in Outlook.  Putting the message into a linked folder and having it processed, on the other hand, does update the record in Outlook, by prefacing the subject with "HPRM:". 

While performing a specific test of the above issue, I received a warning message stating "The email has successfully been registered into HPE Records Manager.  However the attempt to remove or update the subject of the email in Outlook failed. It was not possible to find the eail as the permanent email id could not be discovered within the EML email file.  This is due to the System Option to save email in EML format.  Try using MSG format instead."  This message seems to be somewhat randomly received.  What is the "Permanent email id"?  In HPRM, the messages that I registered have a Message ID and a Conversation ID in their properties, so it isn't that, I guess. 

With regard to the recommendation that I use MSG format instead of EML format, I've not seen such a recommendation before.  None of the documentation or help says anything about the EML format having shortcomings.  I like it better.  I had decided to stay with the EML format since a large number of our existing records had already been converted from VMBX to EML.  Now I wonder if that was the right choice.

Thank you!


Opening and Editing Documents - Poor Performance - HPRM in a New Window

Hi All, 

over the last few months we have received a number of reports from staff across our environment who are experiencing excessive delays when attempting to view or edit documents in HPRM 8.1..1.7919. HPRM does not generate any errors as such but the standard "progress wheel" appears and spins around. 

I have seen delays of up to about 8 minutes when a user has attempted to view or edit a 1mb powerpoint document, but we have seen it occur across all file extensions and sizes. At the same time I have been able to access the same document and have it displayed in view or edit modes within 3 seconds. From what we can tell it doesn't appear to be a site specific issue as other staff in the same office as the affected user don't appear to experience the delays and as a matter of course we have examined site network link activity and it's nowhere near peak utilisation so bandwidth doesn't appear to be an issue.

In our testing we appear to be able to temporarily resolve the view/edit delay issue by deleting the HPRM user profile folder under the folliowing path:

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Hewlett-Packard\HP TRIM 

When this path was deleted for the user who was experiencing the 8 minute delay, the time taken to subsequently view/edit is reduced to a very reasonable 3 seconds. After a few hours working in the system, the same user will come back to state the delays have increased again and they're suddenly back to waiting for minutes at a time.

Wondering if any others have seen or experienced this issue or have any thoughts on it?


HPE Content Manager can not send email via Lotus NotesOpen in a New Window


We are running CM9 on a Windows 10 PC with Office 2013 and Lotus Notes 9.

There are two things happening when we try and send an email via CM9.

1) You need to tag two records for the mail option to appear in the right click>Send To menu.

2) When you have done this and try to email the records the folowing message appears.

"You appear to have a 64 bit version of Microsoft Outlook installed. This is not compatible with your 32 bit version of HPE Content Manager.'

The issue being is that:

a) We are running MS Office 32 bit version

b) We haven't installed Outlook.


Any assistance woulf be greatly appreciated.


Automatically Cataloging on Send in Outlook - Not So EasyOpen in a New Window

We are using HPE RM 8.3 and Outlook 2013.  We are trying to find a way to catalog on send all emails from RM users in our organization.  We want this to happen automatically and not by clicking on "Check in on Send".   The Sent Items folder cannot be linked to RM, so a rule has to be applied that would move sent emails to a folder that is linked to RM. 

However, there is no way to create a rule that simply moves sent email to another folder.  Rules can only move copies of sent email to folders.  This is messy.  This would cause copies and original emails to exist simultaneously.  Has anybody developed a rule in Outlook which does the equivalent of moving sent emails to a folder and not a copy?

I hope I am clear.  Thanks for your help.





Outlook attaching Documents from TRIMOpen in a New Window

Good Morning from Western Australia,

I have not used this forum before but would love some advice.

We here at the City of Canning are using TRIM 7.3.5 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

I have a user that has tried to attach TRIM documents to email to send out through Outlook.

When she does this the first attached document attaches the second or subsequent look also like they attach, however upon sending the only one to remain attached is the initial document the others drop off. This also once the first attached document is added to the email makes the signature within outlook askew and become partially readable.

However when the same user does the same steps from within TRIM and attaches more than one document they remain and send the signature remains legible as it should also.

Has anyone else found this or know how to resolve this issue?

ave not used this form before, but require some help please.




Debbie Cormack







Attach reference on new Outlook Email - HPRM 8.1Open in a New Window

Hi There, 


we have a number of users who are unable to attach HPRM references on new email items using the "Attach Records" option on the HPRM/Outlook toolbar.

Staff are able to use the Attach Record option, browse for and locate the record and choose the reference option (see screenshot), however, when the email is received the end user cannot see any attachement, and the sender is also unable to see an attachment on the email which is now in the sent items folder. 

Emails sent from within HPRM using the mail recipient option can be trasmittied without issue, the problem only seems to occur if the reference is attached via the HPRM tab on the email itself.

Wondering if anyone has previously encountered this issue?


HPE CM9 Patch 2 and MS Outlook 2010 Integration - differentOpen in a New Window


We are still on HP RM8.1 , Win 7, MS Office 2010 , SQL 2012-R2

maybe going to HPE CM9 P2 ;

I have a question regarding the linked MS Outlook folders to HP RM; Are these links will be there once we do upgrade from 8.1 to CM9 P2?

In CM9 P2 we have these new way of linking folders: using the e-mail STYLES ....??

And the button "Manage" has gone as well ....


forumhpecm9msoutlookintegration2016error - Copy.jpg




Drag and DRop TRIM ReferenceOpen in a New Window

Does anyone know how to drag and drop the TRIM reference rather than the actual document?  I know you can save a reference to your desktop, but then you end up with a desktop full of references and still need to then drag that into your email/word document etc.


exchange connectionsOpen in a New Window

Will 8.3.9088 work with exhcange 2016 or must I user 9.0?

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