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RM 8.3 Search MethodOpen in a New Window


We're in the process of upgrading our old TRIM to RM 8.3 and have found that all saved searches require re-edit due to a structural change in saved searches in the new version of RM.  

We have large amount of saved searches based on record actions, e.g. Record actions attached and Ready to commence, Record actions overdue, Record actions in progress, Responsible Location, Completed On is blank etc. In RM 8.3, I found it hard to get a close match to the legacy search methods.  

Is there any documentation listing the legacy and new Search Methods at all?  The Help in RM is lacking this kind of information.  I have over 30 saved searches to fix at system cutover. Please advise the quick way to deal with the issue.

Thank you,



Running TRIM via a Virtual Desktop InfrastructureOpen in a New Window


Do any organisations use TRIM via a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

If so which solution do you use and how user friendly is it?

We are contemplating deploying TRIM to a VDI solution so that staff can use the TRIM full client instead of the Web Client.

Kind Regards



End User problems - Windows & StartupOpen in a New Window

Hi All -

We're experiencing a few random problems with some end users (not all) lately. The following issues are occuring:

  • The minimise/maximise options for windows open in TRIM (not the whole TRIM program) are missing and Windows buttons such as Cascade, Stacked, Side by Side are greyed out and not accessible.
  • The Go Forward and Go back buttons are greyed out and not usable
  • The Startup Tab is missing from Tools--> Options for some of our users.

Not all these issues are happening ot the same users at the same time and i can't seem to find any consistency between the users that are experiencing the issues. I also haven't been able to reproduce the problems on my own pc. 

We recently upgraded TRIM from v8.1 to v83 and the problems have started since then.

Any ideas would be greatly welcomed!




Reg ": License FileOpen in a New Window


          Would like to know how to reset the license file in the HPRM Enterprise Studio. Actually from where i can get the License File. Please find the screenshots of the issue. We have renewed the AMC but would like to know to how to reset the license file. please do the need as early as possible. 

Because of the above issue we are not able to access the DB, our work got stagnated due to this issue. 

Please do mark a copy to rsk@chiasmdais.com. 

Thanks & Regards

Mani N S



Catalogue on send function suddenly not working for some usersOpen in a New Window


Global settings (again!) this time in CM 9.1Open in a New Window

Hi all,

Here I am again, trying to make sense of how HPE make use of the multiple locations for TRIM settings.  Hang on, TRIM? It's not TRIM... Its Content Manager?  Don't coders know how to do a glocal search and replace to change TRIM to HPECM? :p

Anyway, back to settings... I don't think thinks have actually changed in respect to the settings, i.e. there are still the settings (XML files) in the hidden Configuration folder under a users profile.  Then there are settings within the actual CM database.  And lastly, there are registry settings.

So I'm trying to force a get global settings upon our CM users (I will do so via a login script) but I need to figure out what registry settings control a first-time get global.  There is an AutoGetGlobal registry key, however it doesn't change, even after the first time get global has been done.

Can anyone elaborate on this?  :)

p.s. Please don't dare to suggest I look in the doco... I don't think the documentation usefulness has changed since TRIM v4.  :p


Disposal of record - attached to WorkflowOpen in a New Window

We are Using Records Manager 8.2

I am deleting records (invoices) that are due for destruction, however, I cannot delete records that have been created against a workflow.  If I delete the workflow, I am then able to delete the record.  Is there any way that I can delete multiple records easily wihout having to delete the workflows first?

Thanks for your help in this matter.


How to Apply R&D to Migrated RecordsOpen in a New Window

Hi Guys,

We have an issue regarding the application of R&D on our legacy records that are going to be migrated from as older system to HP Records Manager:

On the R&D schedule trigger setup, we are going to use "Latest Date Modified of Contents", but this gets updated if we migrate records to HP which is not a desired thing as our intention is to get rid of legacy records as soon as we can.

As a resolution, do you know:

1- if we can use the same schedule with 2 different triggers to be linked to 2 different record types (e.g. Folder and Legacy Folder)? and

2- if we can force update the above mentioned date after we migrated record to HP RM.

You advice would be highly appreciated.

Thans and regards,



Email Folders Linked to HPRM/TRIMOpen in a New Window

Hello all.

I hope I can get some guidance (and a fix) on linked email folders. 

We have 20 Outlook email folders linked to 20 folders in HPRM/TRIM (1 to 1 folder ratio) and have noticed a peculiar issue with all 20 folders (this is our first week in production).  As emails get dropped into the email folders throughout the day, some emails will process and move to HPRM/TRIM and others do not.  These emails are individual emails (no large bulk moves), most have small text file attachments (50kb or less), and come from various people/companies.

EXAMPLE:  On Monday, email folder #1 got 10 emails dropped in it (10 for easy math) - the first 5 emails processed, the 6th email got skipped, emails 7 & 8 process, then 9 & 10 get skipped.  Email folder #2 got 10 emails - emails 1 & 2 were skipped and emails 3 thru 10 processed.  Email folder #3 - all 10 emails processed.  Email folders 4 thru 20 had different variations of what processed and what did not.  On Tuesday, every email in all 20 folders processed.  Yesterday/Wednesday, some emails processed and others did not but in different variations from Monday.  So in three days, what has processed and what has not is changing on a daily basis. 

What we know/have noticed:

1. The folder links do work because we can see the emails that process in the linked HPRM/TRIM folders. 

2. There doesn't seem to be a common denominator in the unprocessed emails - size, attachments, received from a paticular person/company, etc. does not seem to be a factor.

3. Outlook and HPRM/TRIM have not gone down/stopped running in the last three days.

4. When we have gone into the email folders and used the "Check In" function to manually process the missed emails, the emails will process into HPRM/TRIM but are not enclosed in their approprioate linked folders, they show up in HPRM/TRIM with no container number - we then have to manually enter the folder number.

5. We use Windows 7 Enterprise, HPRM/TRIM v8.3.0.9088, Outlook 2013


We are trying to figure out if this is a problem with Outlook or HPRM/TRIM that we can fix or if this is truly random behaviour on what processes and what does not.

Thank you again for the consideration and any help will be greatly appreciated.



SQL Timeout while searchingOpen in a New Window

when a user is trying to do a form based search from webclient we were getting no data found message (actually data exists). we found that the sql query timeout message in our workgroup server logs. DB is growing as we ingest data daily.

 Any best practices to tune the DB.?

we were using and SQL Server.





DataPort and automatically creating containersOpen in a New Window

Is there a way to tell Dataport when importing to use the functionality found in Origin to create a container afte 300 records?  You would think this would be part of the UI in Dataport especially since HPE RM talks about not having more than 300 records in a container, I need to import 300k documents and don't want to have to manually create 1k Containers/folders. 


Get URI of last created recordOpen in a New Window

How can I get the URI of the newly created record after creating it?


After record.Save() I would like to get the URI of the new record.

Is there a property or method in the SDK that does that?



Basic installation of HP RM 8.3Open in a New Window

Hi All,

I'm trying to understand and install a basic HP RM 8.3 system. I went through its installation documentation and  understand it has multiple server and client components. My question is; If i have to do a basic setup is there a need to install a workgroup server ? (while reading documetation I read that atleast one workgroup server is needed)

So in a nutshell,

Is the overall architecture of the system like:

  • Database > HP RM Server > Workgroup Server > Client


  • Database > HP RM Server >  Client

Finally,  this was not very clearly mentioned; but is there a difference between 'workgroup server' and ONLY 'HP RM server', i see in the installation step that Workgroup server is a optional component which we can install with other components like a client.

Any clarification or link to clarification will really be helpful.




Search string for Access ControlOpen in a New Window

Hi Expert,

I am required to construct the search string for find the list of record using HPE CM Service API. The search will return a list of record with access control View Document = Everyone. I came up with the following search string but I am really confident that is it the correct one. 

acl:"View Document",[default:*]

I would appreciate if you could provide me the correct search string.




Send Documents via EmailOpen in a New Window

Hi Everybody,

I have the new version of HPRM, 8.3 (HP E Records Manager), installed on my computer and I am still unable to use the “Send To” email recipient feature.  I remember this was a communication problem with Microsoft 365, and we were hoping it would be fixed with this new version of HPRM, but it does not appear to be.

 As was the case before, I can right-click on a document and select “Send To” -> “Mail” and it pops up with the dialogue box:

 However, it never creates an email. It acts like it is loading the message, but one never appears. My HPE Add-In is enabled in Outlook:

 And the message is not in my Outbox or anything.

 Does anybody have a solution to this?


Thank you for your time.


Automatic Sub foldersOpen in a New Window

I am hoping that someone will be able to confirm if HP RM 8.1 automcatic sub folders Lvl1 can create 10 per record type, as I have created 12 automatic sub folder Lvl 1's to be created upon creation and only 10 seems to be creating.

Thanks in advance :-)



HPE Content Manager 9.1 not allowing manual check in of Outlook sent itemsOpen in a New Window

Hi.  We have recently upgraded to HPE Content Manager 9.1.  Users report not being able to check in sent items from Outlook, despite the system option 'Allow manual check in from Outlook sent items folder' being activated.  For now we are advising users to click and drag sent items to CM, which works ok. 

'Check in on send' is also an option but we have found that the email will not appear in the user's sent items folder if they have used 'check in on send'.  This is a problem if the user cancels the check in for some reason - the email is neither in their sent items folder in Outlook or in HPE CM. 



CM9 Shared User LabelsOpen in a New Window

Hi Everybody,

We upgraded from RM8.2 to CM9.0 at the end of last year. So far it's ok, but we're waiting to see how it goes once everyone is back from break.

I just want some information about Shared User Labels
Are the automatically available to everyone or do you have to make them available?
I'm the administrator so I am assuming that is the reason why i can see every single user label in existance in our system. How do I just bring up my user labels? I don't want to have to put "1" in the front of the names of each of them to bring them to the top.
It's like a need a favourites option for them.

Thank you and regards,


Using Command line to find a record in RM 8.3Open in a New Window

Hello All,


I have seen posts wher eit talks about using the command line to open up various windows in RM such as  w1 - displays the search dialogue, but is there a way to open up a particular database and then find a record using a URI or a search term to find it eg C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\Records Manager> trim.exe -dte and then another parameter to find the record.?





Disposal – destroying a container that has related containers – any issues?Open in a New Window

Can anyone advise:

if Container A is related to Container B and Container A is ready for electronic destruction does the relationship to Container B cause any issues to prevent Container A being electronically destroyed whilst it still maintains a relationship to Container B? Container B will not be destroyed at a later time.




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