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HPE RM 8.3 Add-Inn for Outlook 2016 problemOpen in a New Window

Edited:  Didn't realize there is a similar post as this one a week ago (Outlook 2016 HPE RM 8.3 Add-In issue) where the Add-in was dropping off.  Although it is not exactly the same I think if a solution is found it would fix both posts.  

We have about 300 to 400 client machines which we will be installing MS Outlook 2016 on.  We have been testing the integration between Records Manager and Outlook 2016 and have noticed that on some machines we are getting the following message "Outllook detected a COM add-in problem, These COM add-ins decreased performance or caused Outlook to crash" and the add-in will be disabled by default.  When we go into Manage COM add-ins in MS Outlook and enable it seems to work and integrate with Records Manager.  Does anyone know of a way to fix this before we roll out Outllook to all clients and take the chance of the add-in becoming sporatically disabled and/or causing startup issues within Outlook?  

I attached a screenshot of the error.






RM8 Globally set Ribbons changing by themselvesOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,

We have been using RM8.3 since August, and since then our Globally set Ribbons have had buttons removed without any rhyme or reason.

Has anyone come across this themselves and if so is it a regular occurence, and if so is there a fix?





TRIM Emails - New Screen - Select from LocationsOpen in a New Window

Hi All -

We have recently upgraded from Version 8.1 to 8.3 and have noticed that when registering some emails from Outlook into HPE RM that a new screen has been appearing.

  1. Prompts to choose a records type (exiting functionality)
  2. Prompts to 'Select from Locations' (screen shot attached - this is the new part)
  3. The usual metadata form.

The Select from Locations brings up a list of either known or unknown locations that relate to either the recipient or author of the email being registered. Prior to the upgrade this screen did not occur but has since started?

Does anyone know why this would be occuring or how to stop it?


Many thanks

Janine K


Capturing emails originating from MS DynamicsOpen in a New Window

We are using MS Dynamics 2011 update 18 and TRIM 7.3.3

I have a user who is having problems saving emails generated from our CRM (Microsoft Dynamics). These emails are in his Sent items and he is unable to Catalogue or drag and drop the email into TRIM - the following message comes up. If anyone can shed some light on this it would be much appreciated.

No automatic alt text available.


Ability to save HPRM Linked Folders in OutlookOpen in a New Window

Hello I'm new to HPRM, inherited supporting it for my organization, can anyone help me with the following. 

When a user gets a new computer, is there a way to save the HPRM links in Outlook at all? The subfolders obviously remain but the links are broken.


PDF - Drag n Drop - Document TitleOpen in a New Window

Good Morning -

I'm seeking some advice regarding the drag n drop functionality of PDF's into TRIM. We are on RM V8.3.

Some of our users are dragging and dropping PDF's into a folder in TRIM, and when the metadata box appears the Document Title is populated as the file name of the document and not the Document Title that the PDF was renamed to.  

Does anyone have any ideas on how this can changed to pick up the renamed title given to the PDF?

Kind Regards

Janine K


Record Types – partsOpen in a New Window

We have a Record Type that from 2017 onwards we don’t want users to have the ability to create new parts – I am going to uncheck Use Part Number to prevent new parts being created.

But prior to 2017 commencing I want to create a list of new containers to commence being used from 2017 and I don’t want them to have parts created from them.

My query is, if I create the new containers prior to 2017 & the Record Type used to create them currently has the ability to create new parts but I change the Record Type not to be able to create parts from 1 January 2017 onwards will the containers created prior to 2017 still have the ability to have parts created?

I am hoping that they won’t. 

HPE RM8.3.0.9231


Confirming who EDRMS users areOpen in a New Window

Hoping someone can help with a script to extract user Write activity from Log Files and Audit Files.

Need to demonstrate percentages involving those using and not using the EDRMS (i.e  Write activity, not Read activity).

Looking at a site with 450 EDRMS users and growing.

Looking to use selected days over selected months while excluding login and logoff transactions from extracts.

Understand a usable extract more likely to be over one or two days than a week.

Would also appreciate any tips to simply demonstrate EDRMS usage and percentages.

Thank you




Clock is incorrect problemOpen in a New Window

Has anyone seen there error...

'HP RM has detected that the clock on your machine is incorrect' when trying to open/save to RM8?

We've checked the App servers where HPRM Enterprise Studio is installed and all times are correct.

We have 4 app servers with ES installed and its only seems to have effected 2 of the 4.

Running RM8.01




Word Indexing hangs in HPE RM in a New Window

From time to time our Word Indexing hangs - new Documents do not have their Titles indexed;  the number Queued in the Event Process Monitor grows;  the Word Index process says it is Running.  

We cannot see anything in the Windows Logs, and the documents just beofre the hang do not seem unusual and behave normally in all other aspects.  

If we change the Configuration of Word Indexing from <Any> to the Workgroup Server which does not have the backlog Queued, accept the warning and save and deploy, then the backlog clears in seconds.  

When it next hangs, we can change the Configuration over and again the backlog will clear.

Any ideas will be welcome!

We are using HPE RM on Windows Server 2012 R2 with MS SQLserver 2016.  All 64 bit.


Error saying "[Unknown:Vectortoo long"Open in a New Window

Sometimes our users get the error "[Unknown:Vector<T>too long " when they try to check a record in (from MS Outlook, for example).  A second attempt a minute or so later often works OK.  Any idea what causes this error?


We are using HPE RM on Windows Server 2012 R2.  Most users are on MS Office Professional 2010.


Download all linked documents from a single flowchartOpen in a New Window

Hi there, I am in the process of downloading a large number of documents using TRIM and am wondering if it is possible to download a document and all related documents (hyperlinked through the document which is a flowchart referencing a large number of other documents) without having to go through and download them one by one. Is this possible?


Containers – Closed PartsOpen in a New Window

End users are unable to place additional documents into Closed Parts even though the checkbox for:


Allow non-administrator users to place records into closed containers


is selected in System Options.  Is there something else required to make this work?



KeyViewExtract-KVOOP.EXE invokeOpen in a New Window

In RM8.3, whilst a user checks in a document to a record, which means the document sent to doc store, events raised and content indexes and response sent back to user,


I woud like to know how many does document store is being inoked for Read Write IOP's ?




What's the default web client url of HPE content manager 9.0Open in a New Window

i download and installed the web client of the latest released HPE Content Manger 9.0 on windows server 2012 R2

but it does not mention the default web client url after walk through the CM9.0_Install.pdf (hyperlink regarding web cleint is obsolete )

i tried prviously version link in hp_man_RM8.11_Web-Client-Install_pdf.pdf, but doesn't work. 


Send to Mail IssueOpen in a New Window

HPE RM 8.3 9000

Outlook 2016

Windows 10 

Having isssue with with Outlook window message box not appearing when going to a record (In HPE RM) Right Click > Send to Mail.  I will click the default settings and it show the window with the message moving over then it will disappear but no outlook window message box will appear.  

It was previously working before and it is happening wit multiple computers not just one.  I have confirmed it seems to be isolated with RM8 and Outlook because I can go to my desktop and right click on a file > send to and it opens a outlook message box with the file attached.  

Check event viewer and nothing of the sort shows a TRIM/TRIMWorkgroup/TrimEvent errors for the scenario.  No error messages appear for outlook either or when I try to replicate the issue. 


Outlook 2016 – RM8 Add-in keeps dropping offOpen in a New Window

I am having issues getting the RM Add-in to hold in Outlook 2016. The add-in check box was not remaining ticked in RM. Each time I closed my computer the check box would untick. The next time I logged in I would have to add the tick in RM and the RM Tab could then be found in Outlook. But again every time I log off the tab removes itself.

For some reason I didn’t have access to the Manage COM Add-ins (Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins) to force the add-in to stay (enable it) but I did have access to Manage Add-ins and there didn’t appear to be any way to force the Manage COM Add-ins into my Account Information.

For some reason last week out of the blue the Manage COM Add-ins appeared & it allowed me to enable the add-in. I thought this was the end of my problems but the enable still doesn’t stick.

Basically what is happening is that every time I close Outlook I lose the RM Add-in and have to add it back in each time I re-open Outlook.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or knows what I could do to fix this?

Version HPE RM & Microsoft Outlook 2016


Upgrade from TRIM 7.21 to CM9Open in a New Window

Hi there,

My organization is currently on the upgrade path to CM9. We had a look at RM8, and had a sandbox to play around in it, and found a couple things that really worried us. The main thing was the "simplification" of disposition - either a record is FR or DE and nothing else. For the last 12 years, we've been using a very standard retention schedule system, i.e. Active Phase/Semi-Active Phase/Final Disposition (SR/FR/DE). We used the Active setting, and co-opted the Archived (Local) for Semi-Active, Archived (Interim) for Archived (SR), and Archived (Permanent) for Archived (FR).

We were very surprised to see that in RM8 we were no longer able to create Semi-Active or SR settings. We have hundreds of retentions that are based on having those settings, and our organization (Provincial Government of British Columbia) is not going to overhaul the structure of the RM retentions to have Active/Inactive/FR or DE just because the software we use suddenly decided that it doesn't allow it. That's not going to fly.

Has anyone else come across this issue and how did you solve it? I have thought about this long and hard, but I can't come up with a solution. I thought about using the Inactive Setting as Semi-Active, but you cannot search on that as a pending event, and even if that did work, it still leaves us with all our SR records with no disposition.

Any information gratefully received!


Searching for records in HP Records Manager 8.1Open in a New Window

I am trying to perform a search with HPRM 8.1 to find all recrods created this year, and are in a particular Virtual Box.  I am trying to build an advanced search, but am having no luck getting down to the lowest level record count.


Unable to send emails from ribbon or right clickOpen in a New Window

I have one user with Records Manager User Type that is unable to use the Mail  icon on the Home Tab, on a tab that I had created for the entire organisation's use  & a tab that the individual had created. Nor are they able to right click & send to forward the email. Other users with the same user permission type are able to use the icons & the right click functions.

Any suggestions on how I might fix this?

Version RM8.3.0.9231

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