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Rendering docx documents as PDF when emailing from RM8Open in a New Window

I am in the process of testing for our conversion from TRIM 7.3 to RM8.3, can anyone tell me when an Office  document is emailed from RM8 can it be rendered as a PDF before attaching to the email. This function is available in ECM (Dataworks)?


Query expression too complex, results in unknown search criteriaOpen in a New Window

We have a checkbox field that we do programmatic searches on.

For TRIM7, we used the following code:


TrimMainObjectSearch records = new TrimMainObjectSearch(contextTRIM, BaseObjectTypes.Record);
TrimSearchClause tsc = new TrimSearchClause(contextTRIM, BaseObjectTypes.Record, new FieldDefinition(contextTRIM, "Protection and Control Hard Copy"));

This no longer works - it gives the following error:

HP.HPTRIM.SDK.TrimException: Query expression too complex, results in unknown search criteria. at HP.HPTRIM.SDK.TrimSearchClause.SetCriteriaFromString(String searchCriteria)

We've decided this is caused by some change in the query from TRIM7 to RM8. We've found that queries in the client no longer work when set with ' "Protection and Control Hard Copy":"true" ' (i think that was the old syntax), and now you just set "ProtectionAndControlHardCopy", or "not ProtectionAndControlHardCopy".

So how do I do this in code?



What is the recommended Label Printer for Content ManagerOpen in a New Window

Can someone please let me know what is the recommended Label printer for Content Manager. 

Thank you


Attaching multiple contacts RM8.3Open in a New Window

When creating a record I am able to attach multiple author contact type & only one addressee.

What happens is the system lets me attach an addressee contact type within the form but if I try to attach further addressee contacts using the “Contacts” tab it appears to do so but then when I select the “OK” button to complete the record the addressee that was attached originally in the form has been deleted by the system & I receive the following message:

“Addressee cannot be left blank”


The system does not allow you to attach the contact again – I receive the message:

“This field cannot be used for update when more than one contact of this type has already been attached.”


Therefore I cannot complete the record and receive a document number I have to cancel and start again and only add one author and one addressee only and after completing the registration process & receiving a document number attach the other multiple contacts.

Note: that both the author & addressee fields are mandatory fields on the form.


Has anyone else experienced this issue & found a way of fixing the issue?


What is the easiest and user friendly way to insert an RM8 link into a documenstOpen in a New Window


One of our departments wants to inserts RM8 links into some training  documents to link to other documents in a simlar way that tyou would with URL liniks tghat we all know so well.


The current process of inserting RM8 links to documents s seems so CLUNKLY.  I am hoping I have missed  something.   How do you inserts links ?  




Upgrading to CM9 - Experinces to shareOpen in a New Window

Hi Folks,


We are considering upgrading fromn 8.2 to CM9.  has anyone been through this and can you share ?

Was the upgarde managed inhouse or externally?

What type of testing did you undertake?

What potential pitfalls  should we be aware of ?


Upgrading to HP RM or CM 9.0 - Trimsdk dllOpen in a New Window


We are thinking to upgrade to either HP RM 8.3 or CM 9.0 from HP Trim 7.3. We are using TrimsdkPIA20.dll to integrate with other applications. Can anyone please share if the above dll has changed in the new version or any methods being removed.


Record containers reverting after change - HPRM 8.1Open in a New Window

Hi All,

We are currently experiencing an issue where end users and administrators have a record saved into HRPM 8.1, but in the wrong container, but are unable to update the container of the record before it reverts back to the wrong container.

End users have tried to drag and drop onto the new container and update the properties of the record to no success, and administrators have tried drag and drop and via the right click > Location > container method with no luck.

Curiously, the container updates if the administrators change the container via the properties of the record. and this stops the record from refusing to move to it's new container.

End users use a third party interface and administrators use the native interface, with the document record type's container level as 2 and the container record type's  container level set to 4.

Has anyone else encountered this issue or know how to resolve it?




Automatic sub folders – applying access control / security levels & caveatsOpen in a New Window


I have created a record type that has a top folder & then 8 sub folders which are created automatically using the “Automatic Sub Folder” tab in RM8.

I can’t apply access/security on the record type as it changes depending on which business unit I am creating the folders for.

If I apply access controls to the top level folder I assumed that the 8 sub folders would have inherited the same access/security that I applied to the top level folder but the 8 sub folders are still open to “everyone”.

Then to get even more complex, 2 of the 8 sub folders need to have different access/security (i.e. tighter control) – I was thinking of applying security levels & caveats to those 2 sub folders.

Does anyone know if this is possible? I don’t seem to be able to get it to work. I’m probably asking for something that is not possible.

Any suggestions?



Using Amazon s3 for document storage with HPRMOpen in a New Window

Hello Guys I was hoping someone could help me or point me in the right direction with the following issue,

We are currently investigating about the possiblity of implementing Amazon S3 cloud storage for our HPRM 8.0 On-premise application.


We are aware that when creating/configuring a document store, the Store Location provided requires to have the form of "\\server_name\path\".

Current investigation about S3 Storage guides us to solutions that require using Third-Party Tools (e.g. CloudBerry Drive


CloudBerry Drive comes with an easy installation and configuration that seamlessly integrates Amazon S3 as an external or network drive with the Windows environment.


The solution we think of would be mounting the drives in an intermediary server then using Store Locations with the form of "\\intermediary_server_name\path"?



Additionally, do you have any recommendation of a Third-Party tool that allows us to use S3, or any other method for using S3?


Thanks in advance guys.



Integrating with RMOpen in a New Window

HP Records Manager authenticates using NTLM and we are attempting to integrate with HP Records Manager (via Swagger/REST APIs) using a toolset that does not support NTLM out-of-the-box. We hope to create a system user in HP Records Manager which can allow us to use basic HTTP authentication.


Has anyone done this before and can help us out?


Client TitlingOpen in a New Window

Am I right in thinking that you can't configure whether the client should be an internal or external Location, and then specify a suitable Location type (Organisation, Person, etc)? 


HPE Records Manager – System Options – Permissions tab – LocationsOpen in a New Window

Could anyone tell me how user types of Records Co-ordinator & Knowledge Worker have ALL location permissions untagged in the Permissions tab & are still able to create new locations?

We want to restrict create of locations to the user type Records Manager is there something else I need to do?


How to add a document to a container that has Disposition = "Archived (Keep Forever)" in HPRMv8.2?Open in a New Window

We have a business system integrated with TRIM (HP Records Manager). Through this system integration, our business system will generate an XML document attaching to the relevant TRIM file when its Disposition has changed to "Archived Permanent". 

When we upgraded to HP Records Manager v8.2 it has a different approach torecords disposal.  It will not permit attaching this XML document to a TRIM file that has a Disposition "Archived (Keep Forever)".  It requires the document's Assignee to be Set to Home first.

Can any one suggest how our programmer updates the script to enable this attachment to happen?


Scheduled events blocked by errorOpen in a New Window

Hello, we are reporting an error on a newly installed HP TRIM 7.3. There is an error blocking the Scheduled events.

the error: 02:18:36 0 V1 Error : V1 User: PAXXXCT06 - Function request (Retrieve dataset rows (GetRecordset64)) for HP TRIM Workgroup Server '' failed. Workgroup Error. The SQL query failed. Errors were Query timeout expired SQL was SELECT uri FROM TSRECORD WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE ((rcContainerUri=16517355 OR rcContainerUri IN(SELECT A0.uri FROM TSRECORD A0 WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE (rcContainerUri=16517355 AND A0.uri > 0)) OR rcContainerUri IN(SELECT A0.uri FROM TSRECORD A0 WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE (rcContainerUri IN(SELECT A0.uri FROM TSRECORD A0 WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE (rcContainerUri=16517355 AND A0.uri > 0)) AND A0.uri > 0))) AND (rcScheduleUri<>0 OR uri IN(SELECT aeRecordUri FROM TSARCHIVEE WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE ( aeEventType = 106 AND aeEventDateTime > ''))) AND uri > 0)

I have run the query in SQL MG studio and it completed in 33 seconds. I am wondering if I can increase the TIMEOUT to resolve the issue or if there is something else going on.


thank you


- Yes, HP TRIM 7.3 is not supported... we are a little behind the eight ball but moving to Content Manager soon...


HPE RM - Outlook Linked Emails ErrorOpen in a New Window

Hi All -

We are currently experiencing an error across our organisation when using Linked Folders in Outlook Emails.

When we 'clear backlog' with multiple emails from a linked folder or "catalogue linked folder" - the emails get catalogued however we then get an error "Outlook cannot display this view". HP RM then crashes every folder in Outlook and the only soluion is to reset Outlook.

We are using HP RM V8.1.1, Outlook 2013 Client, Outlook 365 backend.

We are currently testing with version 8.3 and the issue appears to be fixed - however just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to rectify the problem with the current version?

Any assistance and help is much appreciated!





DatasetOpen in a New Window

When choosing Local Dataset to add a Dataset, the result is "There are no available datasets in this server.". But I already created a dataset named DemoDB. Please see the attached picture. 


Trim RM8Open in a New Window

Hi everyone,

Very new to records and Trim so appreciate any help here, and thanks for previous assistance.

Strange one. We upgraded from Trim7 to Records Manager 8.3 on the weekend. When we created a new file, it generated a file number that was already in existence. Upon checking records created between dates, we have found that 26 August was the last date that any records were created up until 20 September which was our live date. Records were given numbers directly from where it left off back in August, but, we have of course had quite some records created between 26 Aug and 20 Sept.

Any ideas how to fix this and recover records?

Many Thanks



Migration From HP TRIMOpen in a New Window


I want to migrate my HP TRIM documents, records and images to Sharepoint. How can we acheive this?

Please suggest the possible ways ASAP.

Thanks for the valuble support in advance.


Pragna Majji


How Secure Content Management Can Help You Align Governance and SecurityOpen in a New Window

Don’t miss this interactive webinar on 9/29 to learn how to leverage the concept of secure content management to support privacy and information security transparently within your information governance program. You will also learn how the need for security, business continuity and data protection can be balanced with collaboration and productivity expectations to successfully deliver the desired business outcomes for your stakeholders and customers. There will be an opportunity throughout the session to share your thoughts, experiences and answer any questions. Register now at Vivit!

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