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Sorting with HPRM 8.2 Web ServiceOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

When using the web service, what is the default sort - and is there any way to sort by relevance?

Is there any way to enable sorting by user defined fields?  



HPRM 8.2 - SharePoint Online integrationOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

Have anyone integrated HPRM 8 with SharePoint Online?

Can anyone share if this is possible or how this integration can be achieved?


Reuel Kirpaul


Managing Legal Advice FilesOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


I am just wondering how you are all managing your Legal Advice files.  Do you utilise HPE RM (TRIM)? Do you run reports from HPE RM/TRIM to define, clients vs matters, numbers etc, how do you do this.  Are you utilising the Client/Matter module, if so how is this working for you?

Do you integrate another system with HPE RM (TRIM).  If you don’t use HPE RM (TRIM) what do you use?

 We currently utilise HPE RM using a specific record type for legal advice folders, however we now need to run reports to show the number of matters being received, who the clients are, the type of advice sought, which legal officer has been assigned to it etc, while we have all these fields in HPE RM, I have since discovered that legal have created a “general advice” folder and for those requests where there might only be 26 emails they are filed in the general folder, thus I cannot statistics from this file as these are all record type documents with no specific metadata for legal advice.  This has got me thinking that maybe Client/Matter would be a better option as there always has to be a client, and then in theory there should be no more general folders….

 Would be great to  hear how everyone else is managing these files.





Trouble Registering Emails into HPE RM from Group (Shared) Email AccountsOpen in a New Window

We have an issue where HPE RM users who have access to both their own personal work email account and one or more “groupemail accounts are experiencing issues when trying to drag and drop or catalogue emails from the group email account into HPE RM. The issues being experienced are that it is either taking a long time (approximately 30 seconds) to register the emails into HPE RM, or it freezes HPE RM and requires the user to close HPE RM through Windows Task Manager.

These issues are not experienced when registering an email from their personal work email account into HPE RM, or if the user drags and drops the email to their desktop first, then drags and drops it into HPE RM.

Has any other organisation experienced this behaviour. If so, I'd be very interested to hear if you were able to resolve it, and if so, how?



HPE Records Manager

Microsoft Outlook 2013


Users suddenly unable to change containers of documents - following upgrade from 7.1 to 8.3.9088Open in a New Window

Has anyone experienced the issue of large groups of users being unable to move documents between containers - all users are either Records Managers or Coordinators (with 'Change Container' ticked in the profile permissions) , and previously had this access in Trim 7.1 via Access Controls of View Document and View Metadata (these access controls have carried over to the new environment, but what else has changed to deny them this ability?). As a standard the other Access Controls on containers in question have 'Destroy Record' set to 'everyone'

The only options they have now are 'Relate or Put in Alternative Container'.


Failed access to HP TRIM: client read failedOpen in a New Window

we have received an error while trying to connect to HPTRIM.  we have reinstall the client but when we tried to add the dataset back, the following error comes out:

client read failed: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host (0x00002746)

*refer attachment.

fyi, we are using HPTRIM client version 7.3.1 build 5352

pls help urgently.




Linked email folders in shared mailbox not viewable by othersOpen in a New Window

Linked folders in a shared mailbox are only viewable by the user who created the linked email folder. The PC asset ID cannot be removed from the field 'accessible only from this machine'.

What is a recommended method for setting up email folders in shared mailboxes?

If this is not a recommended function, would creating email folders in multiple users peronal mailboxes pointing to the same document queue be a workable option? Would this create a situation where multiple users would save the same email from the shared mailbox into HPRM? 



HPRM 8.3 add-in causing outlook crash and missing body textOpen in a New Window

Hi, we have HPRM 8.30.9088 installed on our PCs and when we turn on the add-in in outlook, outlook crash now and then and when we forward out an email with attachement, the body text dissapear on sender end.

Can someone please assist?

Windows 7 64bit is what we are using.




Document profiling not working properlyOpen in a New Window


We have been experiencing an issue with CM9.1  capturing metadata from  doccuments and emails.     This is a fairly key issue and I'm wondering   if anyone else has eperienced it,   as I cannot l believe that the product would be released with this issue.

In CM 9.1  there is an option from  "Administration /system/ record" :  "extract metdata contained within the content of the document".   I believe this has replaced  the setting : " When creating a new record with an attached document:  Automatically profile the record from the document profile" 

If we leave this option unticked  our  document can be profiled from the  document title, yet our emails do not pick up the title from the subject header.  The  CM9 record states  something to the effec of "no subject"

Has anyone  else using  cm9.1  come across this issue? 

What settings have you used  with regard to this?



Linked PDF bookmarks in RM8Open in a New Window

Hi everyone,

We have had a customer query if it is possible to have linked bookmarks in PDF docs that link to seperate PDF's saved in RM. 

Any advise/help would be apreciated.




Exporting the contents of a documentOpen in a New Window

Hey there, does anyone know how to export the records number and contents of a record?

Specificatlly emails.

Ive tried Dataport, Print merge, Send to Web publish and Send To XML.



Trim Workflow InformationOpen in a New Window

I am running a project using a development of Trim Workflow Management which has been operating in a Test/Dev environment. Having test both the logic, task options etc we are now ready to upload the instance to the Production environment. I have been told by an inhouse technical advisor that it will be necessary to reload each tasks parameters and task instructions and that only the logic flowed is copied.

Surely this is not correct is there a way of doing this transfer with outloosing task parameters and instruction data?



Error on consuming trim DllOpen in a New Window


I'm trying to intract with trim server using "trimsdkPIA20.dll". But I'll get following error when code hits trimsdkPIA20.dll entry point.

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {8A354548-6BCB-11D3-B273-00A0C9FC3DC0} failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)).;

I tried to register "trimsdkPIA20.dll" with REGSVR32, but I got another error stating that dll was loaded but there was not entry-point for server to register the dll.

Any help would be appreciated





Is it possible to organized documents inside the folder?Open in a New Window

Hello Everyone.

I hope someone can assist me with my question.... :)

Currently using HPRM 8.3

The Office has their system set up as Folders with the Documents saved inside each folder.  My questions is, what do I need to do to organized the documents (inside the folder) in alphabetical order?

In a regular (electronic) folder I would do a "right click" and then "organize"  or "sort" by Name, Date, Type, Size, Ascending or Descending ...  But I don't seem to be able to do that with the documents in HP Records Manager.  

Thank you,



Saving into SubFolders - unable to save to sub foldersOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing a problem with saving to subfolders in Content Manager 9?

The containers worked perfectly in RM8 but in CM9 I am only able to save to the first level folder.

For example if I am saving a word document, using the content manager ribbon Check In As option. When I go to select the file number it only lets me see the parent folder and none of the subfolders below.

I can drag and drop into the folders but I can't save directly to them.

Anyone else expereincing this and if so were you able to fix it?


Thanks :)


CM 9.1 New PatchOpen in a New Window


A new Patch was made available for CM 9.1

Do people recommend to apply this? 

We haven't applied a TRIM patch before and have no experience applying TRIM patches.

Patches released only need to be applied on the workgroup server? or both Workgroup server and client machines?

On the client machines we both have 64 and 32 bit, do we need to run both version of the patch, if applicable?

Is it possible to reverse a patch install?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,




TRIM Record Actions - VBAOpen in a New Window

Hi All

Does anyone know how to extract the 'Record Actions' properties from a TRIM document using VBA? The properties i'm looking to extract aren't available through the 'Print Merge' function (i.e. the 'Actual Duration' property).



Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks in advance.



Problem with CM9.1 Sharepoint installation. Missing js scriptsOpen in a New Window


I'm installing the SharePoint Governance and Compliance app on a Content Manager 9.1 installation.

After completing all the installation steps, I can see all the Content Manager menus on Sharepoint. However, none of the pages work, they all come up blank. After some digging, I figured that the pages are trying to use a number of javascript files that are not in the server.

Specifically, the missings scripts are supposed to be on the HPE Content Manager SharePoint Server site on the "Scripts\11.10.914 folder". The "11.10.914" folder is missing.

I did notice that the missing files actually do exist on the 9.0 installation media, albeit in a folder called "11.00.201". Just to test, I copied the 9.0 files into the 9.1 site and renamed the folder appropriately, and now the pages sort of work, but not entirely (at least I can see the pages).

Is it possible these files were ommited from the installer? How can I report this as a bug?




Linking documents on a web pageOpen in a New Window

Hi All

I am wondering how do you go about linking HPE RM records to your website.  For example the risk manager wants to have a link back to HP RM for all our policies so that they are managed in HPE RM, I can utilise the URL from webclient but not everyone uses webclient and then also there is the issue if they are not a staff member they will not be able to access HPE RM, so wondering what you all do.




Losing Customised Quick Access Toolbar when clicking OK in System Options CM9.1Open in a New Window

Also reverts back to show above the Ribbon when the Global Setting is show below the Ribbon

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