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HPE Software Products: Web Products (WCM, Web Client and Webdrawer)
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WEB Drawer Date SearchOpen in a New Window

We have added functionality to our search forms to make an additional field called "Run Date" as a required field and we have added a default value of "Last 14 Days".   We have found that last 14 days does not include documents that have a Run Date with today's date.   We also tried "Last 2 weeks", but that seems to ignore all documents from the current week.    Is there a way to make "last 14 days" or similar expression inclusive of today's date? 




HP Records Manager 8.1 Web ClientOpen in a New Window


Our organisation has recently deployed the web client version alongside the HP RM8.1 software.  Is there a way to change the date created search field fromascending/descending A-Z to numeric ascending/descending instead?  Exactly like how it is set up in the original software.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.




HP RM .Net version supportOpen in a New Window

Is HPRM v8.2 supoorted with .Net Framework v4.6? I have installed HP RM v8.2 onto a Windows 2012 R2 server. Most everything is fine except for the Web Client. It gives an error "HP Records Manager web client is unable to establish a connection to the Web Service." In troubleshooting the issue, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Web Client and when I reinstalled, I receive a message that Framework v4.5 isn't installed.

In addition, all Framework v4.5 Roles and Features are configured on the server using Framework v4.6.



Client User Settings not savedOpen in a New Window

Users are connecting to HP Records Manager client hosted in a RemoteApp virtual server.   When a user upgrades their phyiscal machine to Windows 10, their HPRM settings seem to be lost, including their default Datasets and menu customizations.  Where are these settings stored?  Should I be looking here? =>

C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Hewlett-Packard\HP TRIM\CR\Configuration 


WebDrawer 8.3 fileTypes questionOpen in a New Window

Hello!  I have searched every place I could think of, but have not found an answer to this question.  In the hptrim.config file for WebDrawer 8.3, there is a <fileTypes> node listing various file extensions.  What is its purpose?

On a related note, if I wanted to exclude a particular file type from search results, is there a reasonable way to do that?





Call TrimClient return 404 in IISOpen in a New Window

Dear expert,

I tried to use the following code to call HPE RM service API 8.3 from MVC. However I keep getting 404 server not found when deploy to IIS but it is working fine in IISExpress. Anyone had similar issue?


TrimClient trimClient = new TrimClient("http://MY_SERVER/HPRMServiceAPI");
trimClient.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

string response = trimClient.GetDocument( new RecordDownload() { Id = "9000000001", DownloadType = DownloadType.Document, TrimType = BaseObjectTypes.Record }, "d:\\junk");



HPRM WebClientClassic IssueOpen in a New Window

Hi all, we found an issue on HP RM Web Client Classic, the error message say ‘Unable to set Client time zone on the server’.  Attached screenshot

We have found following topics on HPE community forum:

 We have tried all proposed fixes:

  • Remove all from C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files
  • Reinstall all components together with IIS  server

 Unfortunately the issue still occurs.

How to resolve it?



Web Client Restricted accessOpen in a New Window

HPERM 8.3.9088


We are using AD for users to use HPERM. We want restrict HPERM Web Client access to only certain people instead of open to everyone. Is there any way to achieve this?

I used to work with system which have an indicator for user saying like. desktop user, web user or both. Cannot see anything similar here in HPERM.




How to modify a record type form/page in HPE RM 8.3 Patch 1 Web ClientOpen in a New Window

Win 7, HPE RM (Patch 1) SQL 2012-R2


I want to modify a certain record type (registration form) in HPE RM 83.P1 WEB CLient...

The record type form certainly looks different in web client then in HPE RM client and as it is in web format (HTML/ASP or whatever) I could modify this form further.

AM I on the right place here?

What should i open, which tool to use to modify this particular page?








HPRM 8.3 Web Client unable to establish a connection to the Web ServiceOpen in a New Window

We are using HPRM8.3 Web Client and getting "HP Records Manager web client is unable to establish a connection to the Web Service.".

Could you please help? Thanks.



Use HPE RM8.3 Web Client with iPhoneOpen in a New Window

Does anyone use HPE RM 8.3 Web Client with iPhones?  We are planning an upgrade and would welcome comments and experiences.


Re: Can Webdrawer connect to multiple datasets?Open in a New Window

I have the same requirement. Is there any update on this ?

Reference Post:


HPRM 8.3 WebDrawer - Bug?Open in a New Window

I installed 8.3 today, so I could see the OnStream viewer for tif and pdf documents.    When attempting to view a file with the extension of ".tiff", I was directed to the HTML view instead of the OnStream Viewer.   In looking at the menuButton.cshtml, I found the following code.

            if (isDetailsView) {
                if (extension == "TIF" || extension == "TIF" || extension == "PDF")
                    menuItems.Add(Translations.lang.view, "RecordView/" + Model.TrimObject.Uri);
                    viewable = true;

I updated the code to be:

if (extension == "TIFF" || extension == "TIF" || extension == "PDF")

and the view was launched for my files.   Just wanted to share, in case someone else runs into the same issue with 8.3.



webclient document view occupies the disk spaceOpen in a New Window

we were using 8.1, when the user view the document the document is downloadint into the folder under "<drive>:/HP Records Manager/ServiceAPIWorkpath\htmlLive" and this occupies lot of diskspace.

 how can we configure to clean the directory from RM.




HPRM 8.30 Patch 1 WebClient ErrorOpen in a New Window

Hi guys,

Just trying to set up facing the following error, please help me:


Thanks in advanced!



TRIM Web Service for HP TRIM 7.3 - Handler not yet determinedOpen in a New Window

Yes, HP TRIM 7.3 is no longer supported.


I am having an issue loading the web service.

I have installed the web service and configured a port number, however, where I attempt to browse, I get an error:

Handler not yet determined.

I believe there is an issue with the web.config file because when I replace the web.config file from our old version of TRIM (6.2.5) I don't get a Handler error.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?






WebDrawer - Unrecognized element 'pluginAssembliesOpen in a New Window

This is a reply to a question asked by Andrew Nankivell here:



The error sounds like the config file schema is incorrect, one thing to try is to replace it with the schema attached to this post (unzip it first of course).


Strange problem: Saved Searches are not displayed in Web ClientOpen in a New Window

Hi guys, 

I am using HPRM in a VM and facing a strange problem: When navigating to view saved searches in the HPRM Web client no results are shown.

- I've checked Owner, Access Controls

- I've tried adding to favourites and setting access controls to see if they show up in the PRIVATE searches.

- I've tried creating a new saved searches

- Even I created a new saved search in Web Client then refresh but no result.

I can see all these saved searches in HPRM full client.

I can confirm the user logged in and the dataset connected to in HPRM full client and Web client are the same.

Have you got any advices?

Thanks in advanced.



API Services set Date Inactive for documents in file volumesOpen in a New Window

HP RM, win 7, MS Office 2010, Sql 2012 -R2 

Using service API , the external application is creating the documents in HP RM.

Previously, we used Web service/webdrawer. 

If the document goes to a file/container that has a volumes //e.g. 16/255-04 the document number will be made but the document (e.g. MS Word) will not be attached as  (we think) the system somehow understands that initialy documents needs to go to a volume 1 which is closed/inactive so it set the date inactive straightaway and then a few seconds later when attaching the electronic document there, it displays the error: 

Error saving to trim. Date Inactive (Sunday, 12 January 2016 at 1:25:45 AM) must be later than Date Created (Sunday, 12 January 2016 at 1:25:49 AM)..ServiceStack.ServiceClient.Web.WebServiceException: TrimException

This happens only for a documents that goes to a file with a volumes. 

Any reason why? How we can overcome this. 

Once we manualy make the documents (trim numbers only) Active again, that the documents can be atached.



<(RM) Support tip> Web Client Classic 8.3 - The dataset with ID 'XX' has not been configuredOpen in a New Window

Hi guys,

I've seen a number of sites running into this message after upgrading to 8.3 in their Webclient classic.

This will occur if the "Web Client Workgroup Server URL" field is left blank at the time of installation. If you are upgrading simply enter the machine name of the Workgroup server that you are intending the Web Client (and all users browsing to that URL) to connect to.

If you are already seeing this error, then simply modify the web config file

The webconfig file by default it is located under:

<C:\Program Files\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\Records Manager\Web Client Classic

open "hptrim" with notepad

<workgroupServer workPath="C:\HP Records Manager\WebServerWorkPath\" port="1137" name="workgroupservername"/>

Enter in the workgroup server name, if there is nothing entered after "name"

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