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MS Outlook 2010 Linked folders lost after upgrade to win 10 MS office 2016Open in a New Window


HPE RM8.3 9231 , MS Office 2010, WIn 7,  ... Testing the upgrade of OS from Win 7 to Win 10 and Office 2010 t0 2016.

I just find out that MS Outlook 2010 Linked folders are lost after "IN PLACE" upgrade to win 10 MS office 2016 from Win 7 and MS Office 2010 .... I have the screenshots of windows registries then and now, it clearly shows that registies are not kept. Not sure when the losing of windows registries happened as the upgrade to Win 10 done by IT has been done in 2 phases: Upgrade the MS Office to 2016 in WIn 7 and then the second phase is the upgrade of Windows 7 OS to Win 10.

What could be done here regarding this upgrade so that users can keep their linked folders in MS Outlook?




Ribbon and Global settings for HPE RM 8.3 - RevisitedOpen in a New Window

Revisiting modification of Ribbon and Global settings for HPE RM 8.3 (9088) -

(1)   is there  a way of ensuring 'Text' is shown next to the icon - I have an icon that won't display its Text label

(2   a specific custom ribbon isnt stretching all the way across the screen - can we manually configure the ribbon to stretch so the whole length is populated? The current setting scruntches up and compresses even though there is sufficient space to display contents - There seems to be no option in 'Properties' to do this


Ribbon and Global settings for HPE RM 8.3Open in a New Window

Can anyone please advise how icon and text settings on the Custom toolbar Ribbon are controlled in HPRM 8.3 (build 9088) there doesnt seem to be a switch (or right-click command) for displaying text, or text and icon, or icon only?




User notes for in a New Window

We have the operational need to rollout the local client to replace

Solution sees the rollout of the local client, not web client. Replacing local client with web client to come later.

This change scheduled for Wednesday 8 February.

Although not a lot of change between the two versions we still need to inform and help users through this change. We use MS Outlook.

Does someone have some User Notes with screen grabs helping to explain to users the difference with look and feel between the two versions when using the local client?

My email is bryan.box@landgate.wa.gov.au.

Thank you


Best strategy for Record Numbers already usedOpen in a New Window


WIn7, MS Office 2010, HPE RM8.3

Hi all,

what would be the best startegy to solve the issue of record numbers already used in TRIM for something else, e.g. 12 years ago or so, that are now desperately needed for something far more important .... But system is not letting us enter the record number that already exist in TRIM.

The numbering system (or the range of number is sued for some old record types , not used anymore, but records are there.... 80 % destroyed... but numbers are used...

What would be the State Records Office view on the idea to rename the numbers of records already destroyed (by adding another digit/letter) so that their original number can be used for this desperetaly needed for more important records.... (Off course, some references would be existing in those "old" reused numbers)

Has anyone had this issue before and how it was dealth with?





Version compatibility RM 8.1.1 and CM 9.1Open in a New Window

Is it possible to use a 9.1 client with an 8.1.1 backend? (and would it also work the other way, i.e.: 8.1.1 client with a 9.1 backend)

Note: this is not for production, we're just looking at getting a preview environment set up for 9.1 and wondered if it would be possible to connect to our current 8.1 test servers and vice versa




Exposing Folder Number in Check in style propertiesOpen in a New Window


We are using  CM9.1.

when x checking to see which folder has been specified for a particular check in Style,  the properties shows only the title of the container.  S Does anyone know if there is a way to expose the Container number in addition to the Container title?.




HPE CM9 DataPort - Related Records HelpOpen in a New Window

Hi there,

Im trying to put records alternatively within another container. In TRIM 7.3 I used  "xxxxxx; ALTCONTAINER" with the expanded number of the record included in a cell and it worked fine.

I just found out that this no longer works. I consulted the help and found that the subset ALTCONTAINER no longer exists, the only one I could find that might work is "IsAltIn" but that also doesn't work. What am I missing?

So it was this before:

Expanded Number     Related Records

CY00003/10               SF895; ALTCONTAINER

CY00004/10               SF2476; ALTCONTAINER

CY00005/09              SF213; ALTCONTAINER


And I have it now like this:

Expanded Number     Related Records

CY00003/10               SF895; IsAltIn

CY00004/10               SF2476; IsAltIn

CY00005/09               SF213; IsAltIn


Still no joy, please help.


CM9 DataportOpen in a New Window

Hi, I'm testing CM9 ( Dataport functionality, and I've come across an issue that I can't seem to get around. Every folder we create must have a Series Record. In the Help, it says not to use Related Records, but use Record.Series Record, which is what I used to use in HPTRIM 7.2.1.  However, when using dataport, Record.Series Record is not present in the Target Properties. I am not able to map a matching pair. How to I map the Series field in Dataport?

Many thanks!


ANother issue after upgrade to HPE RM8.3 - Printing ReportsOpen in a New Window


HPE RM8.3 in WIn7 , MS OFFICE 2010 SQL 2012-R2

- The issue that users are reporting is this one:

After the upgrade, the PRINT REPORT for newly made BOXES (Folder type ) does not print the content of the boxes (e.g. the file/containers) even they are all TAGGED. But when printing the BOXES made last week and before, it works OK.

When we "print preview" what needs to be printed, we see the box number title dates etc...on top and then respectivelly the metadata for all other files within the box but what get printed is the box number & box details on the top of the page but nothing else (for newly made BOXES) ...

What could be the issues here? This one is also kind of urgent...







Urgent - Doing the upgrade from HP RM 8.1 to HPE RM8.3 Patch 2, issue with sending the offline recorOpen in a New Window

Hi, Anyone online in these hours? 9 PM in Western Australia.

Doing the upgrade from 8.1 to 8.3 .

OK, issue we found regarding the sending the documents from offline records to be a new revision of an existing docuemnt...  this error popping up saying that no document store has been defined for the record type corporate document


Anyone can assist in this one?




TRIM 7.3 - Windows 10Open in a New Window

Hi All, 

Just a quick question I am pretty sure I know the answer too, but TRIM 7.3 and Windows 10? Totally unsupported according to any documentation obviously, and 7.3 falls out of support early next year... but will it "Work".  We are looking at a total environment upgrage that is requiring us to go to Windows 10, there HAD been a desire/requirement for us to stay on TRIM 7.3 and Win7 due to a couple of key integrations that we couldn't re-write in the short term, but and even bigger showstopper has popped up now that now means we will likely have to move to Windows 10 which is obviously going to create some pains elsewhere. 

Thanks in advance.




Parallel RM8+ Worflow ActivitiesOpen in a New Window

I am fairly new to workflows and I have only created a few simple test workflows, so I’m wondering if I could obtain some feedback on more complicated workflows?

I have been given a project to create a workflow for our town planning department which contains 3 parallel activities that do not necessarily need to start at the same time (sorry a little bit confusing so I will include the process).

I am able to set up parallel activities however they all run at the same time and on the occasion we may only need 1 activity to start so has anyone successfully done this. An example of the process that I am trying to create a workflow on in RM8 is attached.



Moving documents when using Based on Container securityOpen in a New Window

Hoping someone in the community can enlighten me on how to allow end users to move documents between containers when the document record type is set to use 'based on container' access controls?

The 'container' option appears to be unavailable to end users if any of the access options on the document are set to 'based on container'. The only work around I can find is to allow the end used to 'modify record access', which is not suitable as this would allow end uses to change the security settings of the container.

I'm sure I must be missing something obvious?

I'm currently using 8.1.1 7760, but I also have 8.3.0 9088 in a dev environment and the behaviour appears to be the same in that version as well.

any advice would be greatly appreciated








Update HP TRIM 7.0 to HPE CM 9.0Open in a New Window

Greetings. Our Organization is using HP TRIM 7.0 with a contract support ending on 3/7/2017. As a Focal point I received an alert for end of support for HP TRIM 7.x and suggest to update to HPE Content Manager 9.0. What are the requirements and procedures to follow?


HPE RM8.3 - Slow navigation between ribbons and CPU spikesOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,

We are currently testing HPE Record manager version (32bit) on Windows 10 64-bit. During testing when navigating between the different ribbons (e.g. Home, Search, View etc), the first time each ribbon is clicked after launching the application, it is extremely slow to load the ribbon. For example, when I open HPE RM, the Home ribbon is visible. If I try to click the Search ribbon, It takes around 5 seconds for it to load, and during this time, the CPU spikes to 100%. This happens on all ribbons.

After you have clicked the ribbon once, the slowness doesn't occur again when you click the ribbon a subsequent time - it is only on the first load of each ribbon. This happened on both a Surface pro and a virtual machine. The HPE records manager Microsoft runtimes for VS2010 and VS2013 are both installed, as is .NET 4.6.0138 that comes natively with Windows 10.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Get Userdefined field from trimOpen in a New Window

Hey Guys,

I am using Service API to communicate with Trim. I am working on grabing metadata from trim and in some part I have been succesful. I am facing trouble get extracting boolean format userdefined field espacially "PUBLICLY AVAILABLE". I am succesfully extracting Userdefined fields without any trouble but when the fields are Boolean type all I get is null value. I have researched the trim community for knowledge but haven't got any definitive solution. I will attach my code snnipet.

If I could get any help it would be very helpful.

Here is the code snippet:

  RecordFind r = new RecordFind()
                Id = recordId,//uri

                Properties = new PropertyList("Author", "PUBLICLYAVAILABLE","STATUS"),

                PropertyValue = PropertyType.Both,
               StringDisplayType = StringDisplayType.Default


 var response = trimClient.Get<RecordsResponse>(r);

In above snippet,STATUS is one of the UserDefinedField which I can extract with same code but PUBLICLYAVAILABLE  is always null when I know that its value is "YES".

Thank You.




Reference in the deployment does not match the identity defined in the application manifest.Open in a New Window

Hi folks.  Just dipping my toe into ECM 9.0.  I've installed it on one desktop (VM) and one citrix server now, and I get the same error each time when I try to run MS Word. 

"Reference in the deployment does not match the identity defined in the application manifest"

And a pop-up with an error message pointing to

file:///D:/Program Files (x86)/HEwlett Packard Enterprise/Content Manager/HP.HPRM.OfficeIntegration.Word.vsto

I've tried a couple of obvious things - I disabled the plugin, ran word to let it do its registry things, then re-enabled the plugin and tried again.  Same result.  There's a pause while it loads the HPE Content Manager Plugin, then boom.   Word still runs, but with the plugin disabled.   As far as I can see, the actual ECM client runs ok (although I haven't tested it a lot)

I've attached a screenshot.

Has anyone else seen this?  I've tried installing with and without the VS runtime re-reqs, I've also tried updating with Patch 2, no luck.   All of the instructions that I see online for dealing with an error like this presume that it's an application that I'm packaging myself, not one that I've downloaded and installed.

I'll wait and see what comes back before sending this to HP support.





Controlling access to legal recordsOpen in a New Window

I'm creating access control groups in HPRM for a legal team. Most records will be restricted by an Access Control Group that only includes members of the legal team. Containers will be created bassed on the legal matter. Other access groups would include executives and slect staff from various departments.

I'm proposing to make all legal folders accessible by the Legal team. Then add other access groups as required and then add individual positions as required. But I want to implement a simple system that isn't onerous to manage.

Would someone suggest how I can design an access control system that allows a legal team to communicate information to the right people without creating complexity where it can be avoided? 


Importing ErrorOpen in a New Window

Hi All

I am trying to import some doucment type reocrds with associated electronic files, I get an error stating "Index was out of range.  Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name index."

Has anyone come across this before and/or know how to fix?




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