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HP RM8 - Recent Files and Recent Documents not updatingOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone again

Another funny question. We updated to RM8 build 3.0.9  mid September.

Strangely I didnt notice til now, the Shortcuts Tray "Recent" is not automatically updating with recent files and documents updated and created since....mid September. 

Is this a bug? Is it a server thing? We told IT about it, but if anyone has any suggestions or instructions I might be able to forward to our IT area?

thanks again all


Search: Experiencing on issue when searching by 'title word'Open in a New Window

Recently installed Patch 2 for HPE Records Manager 8.3 Server and client side.

Since then we've been unable to perform a 'title word' search using the Desktop Client.  The Web client works fine.

This is happening on both old and new items.

Have tried.

1. Running a Schema Repair "Recreate indexes".

2. Restarting the Server.

3. Turning off the firewall server side.


Scheduling IDOL Indexing job to runOpen in a New Window

We are having issues with records being indexed.  I wanted to know if there was a way to schedule the IDOl index job to run over the weekend for the past week?  I was thinking of a scheduled task to run a batch file, unless there is a better method.  If so what do I need to specify in the batch file?


Search a container using webservicesOpen in a New Window

I am trying to perform search using c# and webservices. I have read a pdf file on creating webservices for trim and on basis of that I am able to perform easy search as shown in pdf. Now, I need to perform the search on particular container or folder and get all the items within the folder. I have no idea on how to proceed and I am a newbie with trim and I hope I will be shown direction or any sort of help here.

Thank you


Bulk Title ChangeOpen in a New Window


I work for a large governement department, we are using HPRM and we have a Box set up for duplicate/incorrect documents.  we have an agreed title that the uneeded documents should be called but obviously not everyone is following the instructions.  Is there a way to tag the respective documents and rename the title in a bulk amendement? or do they have to be done individually?




Documents stored in DFSR have Date Created attribute later than Date Modified - Impact to EDRMS!Open in a New Window

Hi All,

My department has identified that ‘some’ documents and folders stored in our dfs are showing the ‘Date Created’ attribute with a later date to the ‘Date Modified', due to ongoing file server migrations over the past few years.

As we know the ‘Date Created’ attribute maps to the EDRMS ‘Date Created’ date field and as a result some of the document imported from the file servers to the EDRMS will have the date created incorrect in the EDRMS, potentially affecting archiving and disposals processes.

The closest field that can be used as the date when the document was generated is the ‘Content Created’. This attribute is showing the date attribute earlier than the ‘Date Modified’ as it should always be.


From an EDRMS perspective, is there a way to modify the way the EDRMS looks at attributes from windows file servers? I want to use the ‘Content Created, to get a more accurate date created from windows into the EDRMS.

Your comments would be much appreciated.




Equivalent Search in RM 8Open in a New Window

I have not been able to find an equivalent string search in RM 8, where the search in Trim 7.3 is:   owner:295190+.  295190 is the URI for the location and the "+" sign means to drill down to member locations on all lower levels.

If there is an equivalent search in RM 8 what is its string form and its boolean form?

When I run the string search in  RM 8, it gives me a SQL error.




CompatibilityOpen in a New Window

Can you confirm that a RM 8.3..9088 client is compatible with a RM 8.3.9231 workgroup server?




TRIM 7.3 - RM 8. 3 Daylight Savings TimeOpen in a New Window

Is there an issue with Daylight Savings Time in RM 8.3 (either versions)?   We are doing testing on RM 8.3 and in the date and times do not jive with Data in a 7.3 dataset.  After March 13 2016, it gets back in synch.

Or could the problem be on our end?

Any ideas, comments, or suggestions are welcome.




Is it possible to share the Check-In style?Open in a New Window

Hi guys,

I'm trying this on but can't seem to share it to others. Can you please tell me how to?



Trim 7.3.5 - Windows 10Open in a New Window

Is the Trim 7.3.5 client compatible with Windows 10?  It is not listed in the Trim 7.3.5 specifications.  I just need a confirmation on its compatibility.  What about Office 365?




user permission query rm 8.3Open in a New Window

I would like a query or search in rm 8. 3 that would find which users have a particular user permission on their profile.

Eg the 'Append to existing notes' permission .  

Does anyone know which table in the trim db would contain the profile/permssion data ?

Thanks in advance . 


Updating Locations in TRIMOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

M organisations has recently restructured some teams and from this there have been amendments to some titles. I'm wondering whatthe best way to go about this is when updating the locations to reflect the orgs new structure. For exmaple, is anyone aware of any implications to updating the title of the current location (position) or would it be best to make the old position 'Not Active' and create a new location with the new position title?




Folder unable to listOpen in a New Window


Hope all is well.

We have a HP-UX server running serviceguard. One folder is to large to do a listing.

1. Any idea on how to see what is in the folder.

2. Can we remove the folder and how safely. (We don'tt need the data)

Kind regards


HP Record Manager V8.3 - Load TestingOpen in a New Window


I am responsible for testing a Trim Upgrade (from V6 to RM8.3). 

I am trying to find some information as to how to load test RM8.3 (capture response times for 1000 users logging on in the space of an hour, capture reponse times when 100 users add a document at the same time). 

The little Perf Test utility which used to come with TRIM is no longer supplied with Trim v8.3. 

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for approach and tools? I have searched the web and not found anything useful yet. Any advice would be much appreciated. 


where to download IDOLServer_VersionNumber_Platform.exeOpen in a New Window

where to download /IDOLServer_VersionNumber_Platform.exe

or link?

thank you in advance


User cannot bring up Email in TRIM/RM/CMOpen in a New Window

There is a user in our organization who cannot open an email in Trim/RM/CM.  He says that he is getting the blue circle, then the application crashes.   I can see the email and I can open it up.   The user created the email and has proper security and access controls to see the email.

I have tried to replicate the problem from my end.  I cannot.  I have opened dozens of applications and then tried to open the email and have no problem.

Has anyone experienced the problem of blue circle of death when opening a record in TRIM/RM/CM?  This person is very high up in the organization and I want to come up with an answer.  This is a little embarrassing.  Does anyone have an ideas? 

Probably the problem is his computer.






HPE RM v8.3 Changing the location of requested Files/ContainersOpen in a New Window

When managing hardcopy file requests is it possible to move files/containers to the earliest requestor the same way that could be done in TRIM v7.35?

This functionality was previously used by our repository that would action anywhere upto 1000 requests per day.

Any ideas/suggestions would be great.

Thank you 


CM 9.0 Patch 1 install tipOpen in a New Window

The supplied installation guide is a bit unclear on the install procedure.

The following command line worked for me on Windows 8/Server 2012 :

msiexec /update _path_to_MSP_files\HPE_CM_x64.msp /qb /lv c:\path-to-the-log\name-of-log.txt

Have a nice and productive day.



DataPort error - DOS file, Detail: Cannot write to the output fileOpen in a New Window


I’m running exports from an existing TRIM 7.3 Dataset to import into a new HPE RM 8.2 Dataset as part of a larger legacy migration. 

There are some electronic documents which are not being exported due to the length of their Filename. “<…>is too long to be used for a filename. The maximum length of the filename including the path is 260.” (See full error from DataPort below)

2016-09-07 17:52:56:371 3          00:00:00:0000000          Error                 Error exporting item property - Item: ICTR-07-91-0036/1, Property: DOS file, Detail: Cannot write to the output file 'C:\Users\infofirst\Documents\Edocs\U5103162_NSHOGOZA - THE REGISTRAR S SUBMISSION UNDER RULE 33 (B) OF THE RULES OF PROCEDURE AND EVIDENCE ON LEONIDAS NSHOGOZA S ADDENDUM 2 - EXTREMELY URGENT MOTION FOR ASSIGNMENT OF COUNSEL (ARTICLE 20 (4)) OF THE STATUTE.PDF'. 'C:\Users\infofirst\Documents\Edocs\U5103162_NSHOGOZA - THE REGISTRAR S SUBMISSION UNDER RULE 33 (B) OF THE RULES OF PROCEDURE AND EVIDENCE ON LEONIDAS NSHOGOZA S ADDENDUM 2 - EXTREMELY URGENT MOTION FOR ASSIGNMENT OF COUNSEL (ARTICLE 20 (4)) OF THE STATUTE.PDF' is too long to be used for a filename. The maximum length of the filename including the path is 260.        NL-TRIM-TEST        02:00:00            6896


When the error is generated, the electronic object DOES NOT export from TRIM and the exported metadata removes the data for the DOS file field.

This causes the metadata after the DOS file field to be in the incorrect cell location within Excel. (This can be fixed with a manipulation of adding a cell in the DOS file field; however, this is cumbersome and risky for hundreds of thousands of records.)


Please advise if you have found a viable workaround for this issue?



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