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Global Settings 8.3, Update options not pre tickedOpen in a New Window


In a recent upgrade we noticed that when getting the Global Settings from the client Tools>>Options>>Get Globals, when the Global Options to Download form opened none of the options were "Ticked".

In RM 8.1 they are.....

Is this a feature of 8.3 and is there a way to deliver the options ticked for end users?

We have a set of Global Settings saved by the Administrator


Documents checked-in while open for editing - RM 8.3Open in a New Window

Since upgrade to RM 8.3 users have reported documents getting check-in while being edited.

The check-in may occur immediately following the check-out or some hours after the check-out. In all cases the user is not aware that RM has checked-in a document and they continue to work on a document which is no longer checked-out.

I didn’t think this should be possible because TRIMwatcher should see the document is locked by Word, Excel etc.

Has anyone had a similar experience with RM?

It doesn’t seem to matter if offline records is on local drive or network drive





Recent Documents Behaviour in RM 8.3Open in a New Window

We have two issues with the behaviour of recent documents in RM 8.3. It wasn’t like this in TRIM 7.

  1. Recent documents sorts according to the default sort order of searches, rather than keeping the most recently edited/saved at the top of the list. For example our default sort for searches is date registered descending and therefore this is how recent documents now sorts.
  2. When an event of document extracted occurs, the record is added the recent document list. For example I simply drag and drop a document from TRIM to the desktop. The document is not checked out and therefore it doesn’t make sense to be in recent documents but it is.

Do others agree that this is how recent documents now behaves and agree it is not desirable?


Electronic Document Preview tab behaviour in HPRM 8.3 build 9088Open in a New Window

Would anyone be able to shed light on how I can set the 'Preview' pane to stay set to enable default electronic document viewing when searching for documents for a specific user (not via Global Settings)?

Previously in 7++ if you had 'Preview' set for a document type it stayed on, now with 8.3 it will reset back to ' Properties'  see attached

Is this controlled by a local user registry key?




HPRM asking for records to be Inactive before containing to an inactive boxOpen in a New Window

has anyone come across the problem of HPRM asking for records to be Inactive before containing to an inactive box? - this is a new feature which wasnt evident in 7.1 / (?) and is actually preventing knowledge workers and records coordinators from containing records to boxes - see attached error message


HPRM asking for records to be Inactive before containing to an inactive boxOpen in a New Window

has anyone come across the problem of HPRM asking for records to be Inactive before containing to an inactive box? - this is a new feature which wasnt evident in 7.1 / (?) and is actually preventing knowledge workers and records coordinators from containing records to boxes - see attached error message


Bulk Updating a location in Trim via a list of records in CSV fileOpen in a New Window

Currently running Trim 7.3.4 and I would like to know the best way to bulk update a Location in Trim via a CSV file . A have a CSV which contains a list of records and I want to be able to use that CSV ( list of records _  to find the record in Trim and reset its location but I am unsure which tool in trim I can use to acheive this .


Thanks In advance



Pending Event SearchesOpen in a New Window

I do not see "pending event" as a search criteria in RM 8.3.  What is the equivalent search for this version?




Title Word Searching in Content Manager 9Open in a New Window

I have a new installation of Content Manager 9 on which I am performing preliminary investigations into code changes needed as a result of a planned upgrade from version 6.  The installation seems to be mostly working and I have partially emulated our legacy systems model of Classifications, Folders etc. Using the desktop interface I have created document records, checked in files etc.  Unfortunately searching by "Title Word" does not work.  The word index was regenerated from Enterprise Studio and if I search the index words they are all visible.  However record searches based on "Title Word" return no results, but searches by "Free Text Title" locate documents without problem.  I also note that the "Structured Title" is blank but I have no idea what that is!

This problem probably stems from an omission or error in configuration but finding it has defeated me.  Can anyone help?






User Labels not visible in the "Send To' Right-click menuOpen in a New Window

Is there any solution to specific users not seeing the Send to - User Labels function in HPRM 8.3.9088? 32 bit - see attached pic



MS Outlook 2010 Linked folders lost after upgrade to win 10 MS office 2016Open in a New Window


HPE RM8.3 9231 , MS Office 2010, WIn 7,  ... Testing the upgrade of OS from Win 7 to Win 10 and Office 2010 t0 2016.

I just find out that MS Outlook 2010 Linked folders are lost after "IN PLACE" upgrade to win 10 MS office 2016 from Win 7 and MS Office 2010 .... I have the screenshots of windows registries then and now, it clearly shows that registies are not kept. Not sure when the losing of windows registries happened as the upgrade to Win 10 done by IT has been done in 2 phases: Upgrade the MS Office to 2016 in WIn 7 and then the second phase is the upgrade of Windows 7 OS to Win 10.

What could be done here regarding this upgrade so that users can keep their linked folders in MS Outlook?




Ribbon and Global settings for HPE RM 8.3 - RevisitedOpen in a New Window

Revisiting modification of Ribbon and Global settings for HPE RM 8.3 (9088) -

(1)   is there  a way of ensuring 'Text' is shown next to the icon - I have an icon that won't display its Text label

(2   a specific custom ribbon isnt stretching all the way across the screen - can we manually configure the ribbon to stretch so the whole length is populated? The current setting scruntches up and compresses even though there is sufficient space to display contents - There seems to be no option in 'Properties' to do this


Ribbon and Global settings for HPE RM 8.3Open in a New Window

Can anyone please advise how icon and text settings on the Custom toolbar Ribbon are controlled in HPRM 8.3 (build 9088) there doesnt seem to be a switch (or right-click command) for displaying text, or text and icon, or icon only?




User notes for in a New Window

We have the operational need to rollout the local client to replace

Solution sees the rollout of the local client, not web client. Replacing local client with web client to come later.

This change scheduled for Wednesday 8 February.

Although not a lot of change between the two versions we still need to inform and help users through this change. We use MS Outlook.

Does someone have some User Notes with screen grabs helping to explain to users the difference with look and feel between the two versions when using the local client?

My email is bryan.box@landgate.wa.gov.au.

Thank you


Best strategy for Record Numbers already usedOpen in a New Window


WIn7, MS Office 2010, HPE RM8.3

Hi all,

what would be the best startegy to solve the issue of record numbers already used in TRIM for something else, e.g. 12 years ago or so, that are now desperately needed for something far more important .... But system is not letting us enter the record number that already exist in TRIM.

The numbering system (or the range of number is sued for some old record types , not used anymore, but records are there.... 80 % destroyed... but numbers are used...

What would be the State Records Office view on the idea to rename the numbers of records already destroyed (by adding another digit/letter) so that their original number can be used for this desperetaly needed for more important records.... (Off course, some references would be existing in those "old" reused numbers)

Has anyone had this issue before and how it was dealth with?





Version compatibility RM 8.1.1 and CM 9.1Open in a New Window

Is it possible to use a 9.1 client with an 8.1.1 backend? (and would it also work the other way, i.e.: 8.1.1 client with a 9.1 backend)

Note: this is not for production, we're just looking at getting a preview environment set up for 9.1 and wondered if it would be possible to connect to our current 8.1 test servers and vice versa




Exposing Folder Number in Check in style propertiesOpen in a New Window


We are using  CM9.1.

when x checking to see which folder has been specified for a particular check in Style,  the properties shows only the title of the container.  S Does anyone know if there is a way to expose the Container number in addition to the Container title?.




HPE CM9 DataPort - Related Records HelpOpen in a New Window

Hi there,

Im trying to put records alternatively within another container. In TRIM 7.3 I used  "xxxxxx; ALTCONTAINER" with the expanded number of the record included in a cell and it worked fine.

I just found out that this no longer works. I consulted the help and found that the subset ALTCONTAINER no longer exists, the only one I could find that might work is "IsAltIn" but that also doesn't work. What am I missing?

So it was this before:

Expanded Number     Related Records

CY00003/10               SF895; ALTCONTAINER

CY00004/10               SF2476; ALTCONTAINER

CY00005/09              SF213; ALTCONTAINER


And I have it now like this:

Expanded Number     Related Records

CY00003/10               SF895; IsAltIn

CY00004/10               SF2476; IsAltIn

CY00005/09               SF213; IsAltIn


Still no joy, please help.


CM9 DataportOpen in a New Window

Hi, I'm testing CM9 ( Dataport functionality, and I've come across an issue that I can't seem to get around. Every folder we create must have a Series Record. In the Help, it says not to use Related Records, but use Record.Series Record, which is what I used to use in HPTRIM 7.2.1.  However, when using dataport, Record.Series Record is not present in the Target Properties. I am not able to map a matching pair. How to I map the Series field in Dataport?

Many thanks!


ANother issue after upgrade to HPE RM8.3 - Printing ReportsOpen in a New Window


HPE RM8.3 in WIn7 , MS OFFICE 2010 SQL 2012-R2

- The issue that users are reporting is this one:

After the upgrade, the PRINT REPORT for newly made BOXES (Folder type ) does not print the content of the boxes (e.g. the file/containers) even they are all TAGGED. But when printing the BOXES made last week and before, it works OK.

When we "print preview" what needs to be printed, we see the box number title dates etc...on top and then respectivelly the metadata for all other files within the box but what get printed is the box number & box details on the top of the page but nothing else (for newly made BOXES) ...

What could be the issues here? This one is also kind of urgent...






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