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Modifying Addional fields after HP RM8.3Patch2 not ok for average usersOpen in a New Window


Win7,. HPE RM8.3 Patch 2  ( ) -  Average user = downgraded Records Manager .

Hi, one for Friday:

After the upgrade from 8.1 to 8.3  an average user as above, cannot modify the metadata for one of the record types ( cannot modify Additional fields)

When we do right click on the record, the message is : ACCESS DENIED. you need to have the MODIFY ADDITIONAL FIELD values permission to execute this task ....

OK, what do we need to do in order to get them the access:

Modify the profile (permissions) they are using (The same as per HPE RM8.1) ?

Modify the Record type (already set to EVERYONE) ?

Modify the Additional field or lookup set? (set to everyone) ?

The Record's access settings (container as well) are set to everyone .

Any ideas?




Tracking change in HPTRIM Content or metadataOpen in a New Window

Hi Friends,

I am using HPTRIM service API, c# as programming language for communication purpose between my application and HPTRIM. With this process I am able to query HPTRIM and obtain metadata and content for various purpose.

Now I am thinking of removing this query process so that I can track change in HPTRIM whenever it happens. I would love to build a communication channel between HPTRIM and my application or inside trim itself so that when something changes in HPTRIM some event is triggered to perform the task of grabing metadata and content.

It would be a great help if anyone can point me to right direction or provide me insight on this matter.

Thank you.



Selecting file store for record types in TRIM 7.3Open in a New Window


When configuring usage in a Data store for TRIM 7.3, is there a way of selecting all record types use that store rather than go into every record type and change the store location under the ELECTRONIC tab?

You used to be able to do this in 6.25, but in 7.3, when I go to CONFIGURE USAGE, I dont see any record types in the list.


Deletion of Additional Field from RM. Safe to do?Open in a New Window


I have an additional field – “Boolean”.

We have replaced the data in this field with a new additional field and we now want to remove this field from the system.

Is it safe to delete additional fields in RM?

I tested in our UAT environment and didn’t receive any errors but I can’t be sure of impact on a production environment.

Thank you


Cross ReferencingOpen in a New Window

I have a document that I need to process in HPE 8.3 in four different locations.  Does anyone know an easy way to cross reference so I only have to upload this document once?


Finding things with a based on container access controlOpen in a New Window


Using RM 8.1

We are trying to do a search to find all things which are not locked down. I.E. have everyone in their viewmetadata.

I have this search string currently. all and not acl:"View Metadata",[type:Person,Organization,committee,group] But it still returns results for records which are locked down to based on container. I am wondering if there is any sort of way to say "and not based on container" in an ACL search.






Creating workflowsOpen in a New Window


I am a novice with HPRM and was wondering how to set up workflows at my work.

is there a simple procedure manual?





HPRM 8.3 - export to excelOpen in a New Window

Hi all,


Does anyone konw if its possible to export search results into an excel speadsheet?



HPRM 8.2 document - preview different to document that checks outOpen in a New Window

Hi all

One of my users spent Friday editiing a document, but this morning have discovered that half the document is missing when the document is checked out. The odd thing is that under the preview window, the document is as expected, with all of Friday's edits.   But I can't get to it.

How can I get the document from the preview tab back?  Under the promote revision option, the latest revising is from Wedneday last week, not Friday.




Trembling hourglass / Search Field preventing any data inputOpen in a New Window

This may be a more localised Network based issue but I thought I would run it past the forum - Has anyone had issues with a 'trembling' hourglass in HPRM 8.30 when trying to add additional data into Search or data entry fields, so much so that further data entry is halted until the hourglass settles down and allows more input


HPRM 8.30 .9088 32 bit  on Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit


Template for Exporting Business Classifications via Web PublisherOpen in a New Window


HPE RM 8.3 , Win 7, MS Office 2010 ...

I used to do an export of documents via Web Publisher in TRIM and had a basic and full detailed LAYOUT (both very basic actually) ..The Basic INDEX page had a link where i could click and that will point me to another page to open an electronic document i exported. 

Just wandering has anyone made this layout for Business Classifications more friendly , e.g. to show a nice web style List of Business classifications that actually has e.g. on the left side the list of classifications and on click, in the right frame , the info about the Classification is displayed...

Also, are there any other free tools to make this happen?

Anyone wants to point me to a good template?




Get all the additional field for record using Service APIOpen in a New Window

Hi guys,

I am using HPTRIM service API to connect to the HPTRIM and pull various information out of it.  I am communicating the trim of version  "" with c# as programming language. For few records there are additional fields that needs to be read and I have not been provided with Id for each fields and those fields may vary on each record.

I found various notes on getting the additional fields information of the trim such as "https://community.hpe.com/t5/SDK-API-Support/Getting-all-properties-and-user-defined-fields-for-each-record/td-p/2394528" but they donot explain the process from utilising service api.

It would be great to know all the fields along with additional fields for each records. So if there is a way to get these information it would be of great help.

Thank you

Sunil Karki


HPE RM8..3 Actions: Duration can't be changed while creating new document as in previous HPE RM'sOpen in a New Window


Win 7, HPE RM8.3

A colleague asked me to investigate why (in HPE RM8.3) the workflow actions users can't change the Duration while creating new document as in previous HPE RM's? Once the document is saved to TRIM, then the DURATION menu option is not greyed out anymore ..... This was not the case before this version.... Users were able to alter the duration of the action during the document's creation and addng the action....




HPE RM 8.3 - Can we have the print merge selections in alphabetical order.Open in a New Window

WIN7, HPE RM8.3 patch 2, MS Office 2010

I was asked to ask this: 

"We’ve had some comments from people that it would be better if the print merge selections were in alphabetical order. There are so many options that not being in order makes it really hard to find things if you’re new to it or only do it once in a blue moon.

Can you pass this on to HP or ask the forum about why it is that why and if it can be changed?"



Any comments appreciated.


errors when opening WinZip files in HPRM 8.3Open in a New Window

Has anyone had a major issue with 'HPRM Has stopped Working' or errors relating to the email viewer when opening WinZip files ?

HPRM 8.30.9088

WinZip 16.0


How to search for ID Number changes? E.G Employe E and C ContractorsOpen in a New Window


HPE RM8.3 , Win 7 , MS Office 2010

How can we find which user's ID ( User name ) e.g E 00001234 has been changed to C0001234 or vice versa? We want to find all of them.

I know that there is  DATE Modified but that is for all locations , not specifying that ID has been changed




Document Profiling auto appearingOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone,


WITh CM9,  we are unable to force the appearance of the document profiling form when saving  a documents. This will impact on take up .  Had anyone found a way to  have the profiling form presented automaically and asve the suer the burden of remebering that they ahve to click on the HP Tab.?


Many thanks 


Identify all records assigned to either Current, Home or Owner LocationOpen in a New Window

Hi All, 

I've been attempting to identify All container records that are assigned to any part of a location stucture. 

The search method I have used indicates the top level parent location using the recursive option in the hope it would spilll down to sub-locations and capture any records where one of the 3 locaton fields refers to at least one part of the location structure I'm searching across. If the parent location was called ABC the search would look like:

Current Location = ABC, OR Home Location = ABC, OR Owner Location = ABC. (Recursive selected for all 3 options)


One issue I have noticed is that records which have the Home Location or Current Location set to the container record aren't being picked up in this search even those these fields can indicate something like "In Container 1234 (ABC)".  

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions?


& questionOpen in a New Window

Hi all,


Why does the '&' doesn't work in any word or title word searches.  For example E&Y.  I know in our datebase we have at least 100 items with E&Y in its name but I get know results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Global Settings 8.3, Update options not pre tickedOpen in a New Window


In a recent upgrade we noticed that when getting the Global Settings from the client Tools>>Options>>Get Globals, when the Global Options to Download form opened none of the options were "Ticked".

In RM 8.1 they are.....

Is this a feature of 8.3 and is there a way to deliver the options ticked for end users?

We have a set of Global Settings saved by the Administrator

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