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RM8 Data Port command lineOpen in a New Window


I am looking ways to improve a current Data Port import task which involves 20 Data Port instances each on a dedicated VM.  At the moment it's all manual process to start each Data Port instance.

I am thinking to automate it a bit by scripting if there is a command line interface.  Of course an import API would probably be better.  Any thoughts, links to document will be greately appreciated.  Thanks.


HPE CM 9.1 Install ErrorOpen in a New Window


just tried to install HPE CM 9.1 in demo environment on Windows 10 machine and the setup fails to load with the attached error message stating HPE CM x64 has stopped working. The demo machine has recently had updates to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition applied. Previous demo installs of HPE CM 9.0 worked correctly. Anyone had similar issues?





[ImThreadMonitor-1] Thread LWThreadRunner-WAITING may be hungOpen in a New Window

My indexbrowser log file is giving me the following error "[ImThreadMonitor-1] Thread LWThreadRunner-WAITING may be hung" and not returning all document during search.  has anyone experienced this before and any idea of how to resolve it ?


IDOL and Virtual ServersOpen in a New Window

Is  IDOL certified for running on a Windows 2008 Virtual server?

What are the issues with IDOL and Virtualization?

We are using HPE RM 8.3..  I believe IDOL is 10.11 OEM.




Using thick client and AD FS authenticationOpen in a New Window

Hi all

Can anyone tell me if using the Azure OAuth 2.0 endpoints is supported and/or officially tested? Or must you use a proper ADFS server?

I have enabled and configured a dataset to use Active Directory Federated Services, pointed the authorize and token endpoint url's as per the Azure AD end points, created a native app and entered the Client ID, but getting the error when testing the authentication:

Unable to successfully autheticate user.  Unable to retrieve access token from OAuth 2.0 server. The server response header was: '400 Bad Request' The server response was: 
"error_description":"AADSTS70000: Transmission data parser failure: Authorization Code is malformed or invalid.\r\nTrace ID: 514020a5-738e-4ac8-94e9-dc2425abb60d\r\nCorrelation ID: a5cdda7c-78dc-4007-8651-bf17e2d17723\r\nTimestamp: 2017-02-20 05:12:44Z",
"error_codes":[70000],"timestamp":"2017-02-20 05:12:44Z",

Not sure if I'm missing something.  The authorization_code it returns is apparently invalid.  Appreciate any help.



HP RM 8.3Open in a New Window

Hi there,


Is there anyway to create a batch of file folders in HP RM 8.3? I need to create about a 100 under the same classification and was looking for a quick way to do this.






Disable Warnings or Error MessagesOpen in a New Window

Is there a way to disable warnings in RM?  We have users who are complaining that warning messages are annoying. Just want to see what the capabilities are.

We are using RM 8.3.




Scanning paper documents into TRIMOpen in a New Window


We are currently installing new photocopiers and wanting to konw how we can get paper documents into TRIM.. Is it possible to scan to a hot folder and have TRIM pickup the documents from this hot folder and store them into TRIM?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i have no idea how trim works, but have used other document management systems.



Converting from Trim 7.1 to HP RM 8.3Open in a New Window

What would happen if you tried to upgrade a 7.1. dataset schema 162 directly to RM 8.3? Just curious.

The installation documentation says that you have to upgrade to a 7.2 dataset (upgrading the schema) before you go to RM 8.3.  Is this all I have to do with the 7.1 dataset before I go to 8.3?





HPCM 9.0 in Azure - any experiences?Open in a New Window

Is anyone running a HPCM 9.0 environment in Azure?

Interested if anyone is and if so what your experiences have been running it in the cloud?

We have run in to one issue to do with the Word indexing. When running the Word re-indexing tool from Enterprise studio, an SQL error is experienced when trying to add the words into the SQL database.  We are running the SQL side of things as a PaaS in Azure, which doesn't support the BULK INSERT sql command, which is what is used to insert the words.  As the SQL Server is running PaaS, we can't create the folders for the BULK INSERT work files or the working directory on the SQL server.  Has anyone found a work around for this?

At the moment we are using IDOL for this but would prefer not to moving forward.

If anyone has any feedback on the above or running HPCM/HPRM in the cloud in general I'd love to hear it!



IDOL Search TimesOpen in a New Window


Can anyone help me please? I'm trying to understand why the same query - for the same text - against the IDOL indexer can give the same number of results in two significanly different times?

The two queries below are identical apart from the BIASDATE being slighty different and happen sequentially one immediately following the other. The first returned in 4.4 seconds and the second in 1.3 seconds?

Are the index results being cached at all?

Many thanks


03/01/2017 12:54:18 [6] 00-Always: action=QUERY&outputencoding=UTF8&xmlmeta=true&securityinfo=ODB8RC66rTRSxa4XjwQl21SZdVZOh0w%2FXPxvCOGvEHAdXfvLeaTcovkByoUJWepLrY6JcJkIf%2FCRh7c71pKS%2FsCRBD2ipulGerOCzudwvEEqbF8%3D&databasematch=Oculus%2B&combine=fieldcheck&timeoutms=30000&anylanguage=true&abridged=true&abridgedmeta=database&printfields=IM%5FDOCNUM%2CIM%5FVERSION&maxresults=100&text=%28ipswich%29&actionid=f907e304391347f865e07396371d0d5735107292&fieldtext=BIASDATE%7B1483448058e%2C2592000%2C20%7D%3Aautn%5Fdate%2BAND%2BBIASDATE%7B1483448058e%2C63072000%2C20%7D%3Aautn%5Fdate (::1)

03/01/2017 12:54:23 [6] 00-Always: Returning 100 matches

03/01/2017 12:54:23 [6] 30-Normal: Query complete

03/01/2017 12:54:23 [6] 30-Normal: Request completed in 4446 ms.


03/01/2017 12:54:23 [9] 00-Always: action=QUERY&outputencoding=UTF8&xmlmeta=true&securityinfo=ODB8RC66rTRSxa4XjwQl21SZdVZOh0w%2FXPxvCOGvEHAdXfvLeaTcovkByoUJWepLrY6JcJkIf%2FCRh7c71pKS%2FsCRBD2ipulGerOCzudwvEEqbF8%3D&databasematch=Oculus%2B&combine=fieldcheck&timeoutms=30000&anylanguage=true&abridged=true&abridgedmeta=database&printfields=IM%5FDOCNUM%2CIM%5FVERSION&maxresults=100&text=%28ipswich%29&actionid=770ed3289efc97711b3b34e5550841a41d5ddcd5&fieldtext=BIASDATE%7B1483448063e%2C2592000%2C20%7D%3Aautn%5Fdate%2BAND%2BBIASDATE%7B1483448063e%2C63072000%2C20%7D%3Aautn%5Fdate (::1)

03/01/2017 12:54:24 [9] 00-Always: Returning 100 matches

03/01/2017 12:54:24 [9] 30-Normal: Query complete

03/01/2017 12:54:24 [9] 30-Normal: Request completed in 1326 ms.


Is SQL Server 2008 SP3 supported by TRIM 7.3?Open in a New Window

Hello All,

Is SQL Server 2008 SP3 supported by TRIM 7.3?


John West



We have recently upgraded to HPE RM8.3.0.9231.

Title Word searching is not working (see screenshot attached). No error is displayed but documents are not indexing and users cannot find documents using the title word search.

Any suggestions?


word indexing.PNG


memorabilia collectionOpen in a New Window


I'm interested in hearing from anyone who  is manging a memorabilia collection within RM8.2.

We currently keep hard copy brochures and other physical objects in our a  compactus group by product.  When we run out of space in the copmpactus,  we intend to to relocate them into archive boxes and send them to commercial storage. 

We will aslo be including photographs  and videos of company events. 

I would be interested in connecting with anyone who is managing a historical  collection or a separate archive collection with RM8 and the records structures you have used  to achieve this.


IDOL configuration questionsOpen in a New Window

Hello.  In honor of Software Experts day, I am going to repost these questions that I previously posted in one of the other forums.  We are using HPE RM Version

Q1: The MaxSyncDelay value - I think the recommended settings for this key have long been 600 for day-to-day and 7200 for bulk reindexing.  The release config file has these very settings.  However, the documentation now says the default for day-to-day is 120 and for bulk is between 360 and 720.  Which values are correct?

Q2: The documentation discusses the configuration item Maximum queued transactions, and continues to explain (in two places) "The smaller the number, the shorter the queue, which makes processing more reliable, but takes longer to be processed by IDOL."  Uh, "more reliable"?  So, it might not be reliable?   Okay, let's say it's not so reliable.  How should one monitor that?  It would be nice to know if documents have been skipped, for some reason.  I like the option to "only index missing records" within the Reindex function, but if the reindex selection search is a large number of records, it still seems to take a long time.  (I actually didn't wait to see just how long.)

Q3: Documentation discusses optimization, but does not provide recommendations on when it should be used - on a regular basis, or only when performance issues arise?

Thank you!



Best Practices For Backing Up SQL Database Used As RM DatasetOpen in a New Window

Does HPE  recommend a certain way to backup the SQL database which is the dataset used in HPE RM 8.3?

Though we have implemented a maintenance plan, our IT department wants to know if HPE has specific recommendations on maintenance.

What is the recommended time that a full/differential/transaction log back up should be done?  Does HPE have a best practice on how the maintanence plan and  jobs are to be set up?

Does some HPE paper/manual exist which explains the maintenace of databases used in the HPE RM application?  Or does HPE make no recommendation and each organization using RM must come up with its own maintenance plan/Backup?

Let me add, what do others feel is the best way to backup up the sql database considering the dataset is continuously changing through the day.




Trim RM8Open in a New Window

I am unsure where to ask, but can someone tell me is Trim RM8 compatible with Windows 10?


HPRM Mail Notification IssueOpen in a New Window

HPRM Version: (64 bit)

Server: Windows Server 2012 R2

Issue: Mail Notification is not sent

What I have done:

- Setting the workgroup server Email Server and test it (Email sent properly here)

- Configure event processing for mail notification to that workgroup server

- Turn off firewall

- Monitor mail notification process, queue is increased and then moved to processed. 

- Check event viewer and got error from TRIMEvent with this error "[24157] Your email system reported an error. 0. 530 Authentication required


Please help and thank you in advance :D



HPERM 8.3 and CertificatesOpen in a New Window

Whenever we install HPERM 8.3 #9088 on a server, the installation seems to place an invalid certificate on the server. This causes System Centre Operations Manager (SCOM) to report an insecure certificate whenever it scans the server. The certificate looks to have been generated by HPE during development as a temporary certificate and left in the package.

Does anyone know if the HPERM services require a certificate, or can we just remove it.


Successful implementation & use of auto-classification?Open in a New Window

Has anyone successfully implemented and utilized auto-classification within HPRM?

We are investigating Auto-Classification within HPRM and are wondering whether anyone has successfully implemented and utilized auto-classification within HPRM?

If so, please provide some feedback on your results here or send me a private message.

We are trying to determine a) if anyone has used it, and b) if someone has, what has been their experience.

Looking forward to hearing from you...

Best Regards, Tamara Hoagland

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