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SHA256 vs SHA512Open in a New Window

The SA 10.5x installer gives the option of using any of the following for the hashing algorithm for the SA cryptographic module:

['SHA1', 'SHA224', 'SHA256', 'SHA384', 'SHA512']

The SA installer defaults to SHA256 and I know I need at least SHA256 for various regulatory bodies.  Are there any disadvantages with going to SHA512?    Performance?  Issues with supporting tools like java, python or web browsers?



Schedule jobOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

How to schedule a job using API, please let me know any one tried this?




SA v10.50 prerequisite failureOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


When I run prerequisite check tool on RHEL 7.2 x64, I get the following -


[root@superb ~]# /sdas/prereq/preinstall_requisites.sh core_inst --verbosity=3
[INFO] Processing on Linux/7SERVER-X86_64 using /sdas/prereq/Linux_core_inst_rqmts.conf
Checking 'required' packages for Linux/7SERVER-X86_64
Checking 'recommended' packages for LINUX/7SERVER-X86_64
Checking 'absent' packages for LINUX/7SERVER-X86_64
FAILURE These packages are installed but must not be.
Any version is unacceptable.

Testing system memory size
Testing for number of CPUs
Testing if the FQDN hostname is resolvable
Checking file system for case sensitivity
Checking file system directory link counts
Checking that 'uid=0(root)' can create users and groups
Testing allocated swap space
Testing allocated swap space using core_inst rules
[INFO] Setting the hwclock to match the system clock as a requirement to install a SA component
Testing ip_local_port_range value
Verify timezone is UTC
Testing availability of en_US.UTF-8 or en_US.utf8
Checking system runlevel
Verify Network File System (NFS) is running version 2 and NOT version 4
FAILURE NFS is not running version 3. NFS must be up and running version 2 and NOT version 4.
Checking /tmp /var/tmp for 'ro' mount option
Checking /tmp /var/tmp for 'noexec' mount option
Checking /tmp /var/tmp for 'drwxrwxrwt' permissions
Checking /var/opt/opsware for 'nodev' mount option
df: '/var/opt/opsware': No such file or directory
Verify that at daemon (atd) is running
Testing /etc/sysconfig/nfs
Testing to see if SELinux is enabled
Testing translations of localhost localhost.localdomain
Verify that at daemon (nfs-lock) is running
Checking critical paths for symbolic links
Checking available filesystem space
Check for reserved ports in use
Checking ownership of mounted file systems
Require 'files' as first source in nsswitch.conf
Checking for Oracle version in
WARNING Oracle home could not be determined.

[root@superb ~]#


Questions -

1. I have already installed samba package from RHEL 7.2 OS media. But I am still getting this error. How to handle this?

I see following in my system -

[root@superb ~]# rpm -qa | grep samba

2. How to fix Network File System (NFS) running version issue in RHEL 7.2? I tried few things based on Google search but I am not able to figure this out.

Please help.




Can Any one attach rhn_import or rhsm_import file along with parameters as in your environment??Open in a New Window

Hi Team,


Can Any one attach rhn_import or rhsm_import file along with parameters as in your environment??

I was confused with rhn_import and redhat_import





hpsa 10.21 satellite removed but shows up under Administration=>FacilitiesOpen in a New Window


I have a satellite that was recently installed and had no servers/anything attached to it.  This satellite was deinstalled from the satellite server, but was not decommissioned through the GUI/Admin Interface.  I uninstalled the satellite server end and unsuccessfully tried to uninstall/reinstall two times.  Afterward I noted under my Administration=>Facilites window all three satellites under my different names were there, I decommissioned my first satellite, but it is still visible and there are no options available.  I had a look at my other two satellites under Administration=>Facilities and the decommission option is still available.  Of note is all of these installs have been on the same server with the same ip.

My questions is how can I remove a) my first server that has been decommissioned b) how can I remove my other two servers which are still active with the decommission option still available c) is it safe to install a satellite on a different ip (I assume it is), and in the event there is a failure what is a  valid uninstall procedure.

Also, I have noticed that when I login from the command line there is a remove method:

ls /opsw/Facility/<server name>/@/method/remove

Can this remove method be used to remove my inactive decommissioned server and if it can should I decommission the other two and remove the same way?  Has anyone had any experience with this.

I would guess in the future if there is a failed satellite installation it's best to decommission from the gui and then perform an uninstall. from the server.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,




Issue while installing HPSA with external oracle DBOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I am trying to install HPSA with external oracle DB but getting following error during installation. 


Verify truth.dcId: SUCCESS
Verify Oracle home directory: SUCCESS
Verify "/var/opt/oracle/tnsnames.ora" exists: SUCCESS
Verify hostname is listening on port 1521: SUCCESS
Verify user "opsware_admin" can connect to database "orcl": SUCCESS
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:09] Working on component Model Repository (truth), Common Prerequisites.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:09] Working on component jdk 1.8.x.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:09] Component jdk18 is already installed and up to date. Skipping.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:09] Done with component jdk 1.8.x.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:09] WARNING: Component Component: openjdk17 is not installable on platform Linux. Installation of this component will be skipped.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:09] Component truth_marker is already installed and up to date. Skipping.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:09] Done with component Model Repository (truth), Common Prerequisites.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:09] Working on component Packages for the Model Repository (truth).
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:09] Running script truth_pkgs/pre.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:10] Processing package truth_primary-65.0.70030.0.tar.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:11] Processing package truth_baselines-65.0.70030.0.tar.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Done with component Packages for the Model Repository (truth).
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Working on component Migration Scripts.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Component migration is already installed and up to date. Skipping.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Done with component Migration Scripts.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Working on component Opsware Cert Tool.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Working on component Opsware Cert Tool Packages.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Component OCT_packages is already installed and up to date. Skipping.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Done with component Opsware Cert Tool Packages.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Component OCT is already installed and up to date. Skipping.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Done with component Opsware Cert Tool.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Running script truth/post.
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] [Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Starting Model Repository install...
[INFO] Calculating number of steps required.
[INFO] Continuing interrupted install.
[INFO] Steps needed for install:
validation phase: 0 of 1 steps completed.
pre-install phase: 0 of 1 steps completed.
schema phase: 0 of 22 steps completed.
baseline_data phase: 0 of 168 steps completed.
opsware_config phase: 0 of 1 steps completed.
post-install phase: 0 of 1 steps completed.
cleanup phase: 0 of 1 steps completed.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/jdbc/pool/OracleDataSource
at com.opsware.db.DBWrapper.openConOCI(DBWrapper.java:175)
at com.opsware.db.DBWrapper.openCon(DBWrapper.java:162)
at com.opsware.db.DBWrapper.<init>(DBWrapper.java:142)
at com.opsware.db.DBWrapper.<init>(DBWrapper.java:116)
at com.opsware.installer.util.Database.setDbWrapper(Database.java:192)
at com.opsware.installer.util.Database.setRestricted(Database.java:319)
at com.opsware.installer.util.ActionList.processAction(ActionList.java:166)
at com.opsware.installer.AbstractTIU.doAction(AbstractTIU.java:99)
at com.opsware.installer.TruthInstaller.main(TruthInstaller.java:67)
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource
at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:381)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:424)
at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Launcher.java:331)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:357)
... 9 more
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Component installation script encountered an error (exit status 1)
[Nov-28-2016 13:10:12] Exiting Opsware Installer.


How to do RHEL servers patching with HPSA 10.20Open in a New Window

Hi Team,

Please let me know the steps to do RHEL servers patching using HPSA 10.20. I went through document, confused a bit. requesting you to providee rhn_import.conf file in ur production. So that I can understand.






List Users on HPSAOpen in a New Window

Hello all,

I post this message because I'd like to get the list of all users that exist on SA Client. Let me explain you.

I set the ldap user and group configuration via ldap_config.sh

Then I schedule everyday the ldap_sync.sh to synchronize new users and groups coming from AD.

But the AD users that are deleted from an OU on AD are not deleted on HP SA.

Question : how to delete them from SA ?

If there is no script to do that I would like at least to list them, (to list via APX or other way) the users that exist on SA and compare with the list of users existing on an AD group, to build a list of diff).And then, our admin could delete them manually.

Thanks in advance for you answer if anyone had ever do this.



Communication testOpen in a New Window



I assume that the communication test for all the managed server is being done by SA on daily basis, in my core some servers are showing reachable which have been de-commisioned 20 days before, have verified that they are not pinging nor telnet 1002 working.


Could you please let me know how can i verify the communicaton test is successfull on daily basis or not and how do i correct.




how to copy large files between managed servers on HP SA 10.20Open in a New Window

Hello all,

I have a team that want to copy some large files from one managed server to one or multiple managed servers. Currently, the users developped an OGFS script that have in input source server, source path , target server, target path, and username.

But, as there is a limitation coming from best practices (see KM468388 doc), this script is restricted to work for files of 20MB max ("The OGFS is not designed to distribute large amounts of data").

I also know that it is possible from Inventory view to copy files from a server to another, but it is not automatic.

Question : is it possible to do that by using the HPSA API, an integrate the command on a script ?

Thanks in advance for your replies.



HPSA not reachable serversOpen in a New Window

Hi team,

Getting below error in agent.err file on all not reachable servers in HPSA, I have checke one server where fire wall is turned off. In the same network there are reachable servers also.Kindly give your inputs.


" - - - - ""

[15/Nov/2016 10:43:09 +0200] INFO "  File ".\shadowbot.py", line 1498, in mainloop

" - - - - ""

[15/Nov/2016 10:43:09 +0200] INFO "  File "C:\Program Files\Opsware\agent\lcpython15\lib\BaseHTTPServer.py", line 108, in server_bind

" - - - - ""

[15/Nov/2016 10:43:09 +0200] INFO "    SocketServer.TCPServer.server_bind(self)

" - - - - ""

[15/Nov/2016 10:43:09 +0200] INFO "  File "C:\Program Files\Opsware\agent\lcpython15\lib\SocketServer.py", line 419, in server_bind

" - - - - ""

[15/Nov/2016 10:43:09 +0200] INFO "    self.socket.bind(self.server_address)

" - - - - ""

[15/Nov/2016 10:43:09 +0200] INFO "  File "C:\Program Files\Opsware\agent\lcpython15\lib\socket.py", line 224, in meth

" - - - - ""

[15/Nov/2016 10:43:09 +0200] INFO "    return getattr(self._sock,name)(*args)

" - - - - ""

[15/Nov/2016 10:43:09 +0200] INFO "error: [Errno 10013] An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions








managed platform content upload errorOpen in a New Window


I'm getting following error when I uploading Suse12 managed platform content to SA10.23.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/opsware/bin/apxtool", line 8, in <module>
File "build/apxtool/cli_parser.py", line 93, in handle
File "build/apxtool/cli_parser.py", line 228, in handle
File "build/apxtool/handler/command_import.py", line 124, in validate_options
File "build/apxtool/handler/command_import.py", line 924, in validate_arguments
File "build/apxtool/handler/command_import.py", line 747, in validate_apx_archive
File "/opt/opsware/lib/python2.7/zipfile.py", line 935, in read
return self.open(name, "r", pwd).read()
File "/opt/opsware/lib/python2.7/zipfile.py", line 961, in open
zinfo = self.getinfo(name)
File "/opt/opsware/lib/python2.7/zipfile.py", line 909, in getinfo
'There is no item named %r in the archive' % name)
KeyError: "There is no item named 'APX-INF/apx.cfg' in the archive"


Please let me know any one seen this error before.




Error while Provisioning Windows ServerOpen in a New Window


I am trying to provision Woindws server using OSBP and external DHCP is configured on Windows machine.

server get IP from DHCP, but preboot image i need select manually and also once server boot from WinPE it unable to read buildmgr IP from DHCP. I have set DHCP options 43, 60,66,67, 186 and 187. 

Is any other option i am missing here.


I have attached scrren shot for more details.


hpsa 9.17 and AIX bff file formatOpen in a New Window

Hi. I am new to hpsa but figureing things out.

Every once in a while it seems hpsa does not know how to categorize or index an AIX bff file.

Example: I just uploaded AIX 6.1 TL9 SP5 and all went smooth and it automatically creates a patch: '61-09-051524_SP' .  Note: this is over 1900 files.

I added the patch '61-09-051524_SP' to a software policy and attempt to install it.

It looks ok with the exception of these few files which it says it cannot find.




 I search for these in the AIX patches..they are not there. I go back to the folder i uploaded the bff files to and sure enough the are there:

bos.help.msg.en_US.smit-        U866124.bff

infocenter.man.EN_US.commands-  U869469.bff
infocenter.man.EN_US.files-  U869470.bff
infocenter.man.EN_US.libs-  U869471.bff

For comparison I was able to do an SP5 upgrade from the same filesets via an nfs mount to nim server so I know the list of files is complete.

Is there any known issues with how hpsa handles some bff files and possible workaround/fix?




HP SA SOAP API responds: No such operationOpen in a New Window

We looked through the wsdl's an came upon osapi/com/opsware/locality/CustomerService.
The service wsdl has an endpoint listed as 'create'.
When trying to make a POST to that endpoint, the API responds with 'No such operation 'create' '

Any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.



HPSA global shell serial number "UNKNOWN" , how to resolve?Open in a New Window

we have sneep on solaris and that put the serial number into firmware. but I have some servers  that display serialNumber "Unknown" . How can I correct that? 

cd /opws/Server/@/ <server>

./method/getServerVO|grep serialNumber

cat attr/SerialNumber ; echo






Unable to log on to HP Server Automation ClientOpen in a New Window



Some assistance required. I am currently trialing HP Server automation whthout much luck.

I have installed the HP Datecenter Automation Trial appliance however, I am unable to sign on via the Web. I get the following error

An error occurred while launching/running the application.

Title: HP Server Automation Client
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard
Category: Download Error

Unable to load resource: http://1xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/webstart/ngui.jar

Can anyone assist?

Any help is appreciated.




Server Automation failed installOpen in a New Window

Trying to install Data Center Automation Express and have downloaded all of the files from HPE

I execute DCA_VA_1601_1_Setup.exe and when I run the install with the integrity checks it takes forever and then fails to complete, saying to cancel the install.

When I skip the integrity checks it creates a 1kb file with 7 numbers as the filename and no extension.

Any ideas?


Customized Patch Mgmt ReportOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

I added some new custom attributes in SA (Annotation fields from VMWARE). 

Is it possible to customize my Report for Patch Management to take into these new fields ?



Compliance Audits for POPIOpen in a New Window

Good day,

We have a client that is currently using HPSA tool for CIS compliance and they are looking at POPI compliance and we would like to know if the tool can actully do the actuall checks. If there are no checks in the tool, will it be possible for the checks to be created and what is the timeframe so we can feedback to the client.




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