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HPE Software Products: Service Anywhere: Q&A
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article editingOpen in a New Window


For an article in HP SAW, is there a method to prevent a user from updating a document that has moved to draft status?

We have User1 that has moved the document to draft status. User1 is updating the doucment.

We don't wantt the another  User2 to update the doucment as they may overwrite the updates by User1.






How to change the Notification Header background color.Open in a New Window

Hi Community,


I am abble to change the title notication (Service Anywhere by "whatever") but I can't change the green backgroud color to an other color (according my society chart policy)

Any clues?




Which web browser should i use to manage the SAW interface ?Open in a New Window

Hi Community


I notice some strange behaviour accoding the web browser used. Specialy when i wnat to modify template notification.

What is the recommended web browser in order to have access to all functionaliities .






Business Rule | Send Notification to contactOpen in a New Window

Hello Everyone,

Concerning business rules, if you configure(on DEV tenant) a business rule that sends a notification to a specific contact, and do a  DEV2Prod import. When you go to Prod, the same rule looses the contact.


Apparently that field is ID dependent, which means if the contact on PROD doens't have the same ID, it will not work.

Has anyone come across this situation?



HPE Service Anywhere - Configuration - Ribbon Promotion - New Request Form linkOpen in a New Window


We are very new to HPE Service Anywhere.  It seems that we have somehow swapped out the reference form for the New Request link.  It is now referencing User options for a service offering.  

Please can someone tell me how we fix this.  It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The attachment explains visually my predicament - thanks



Set an Approver's Delegate on their behalf?Open in a New Window

Is there any way that a Tenant Admin can set an approver's delegate if that approver is not present?
An approver left on vacation without setting up her delegate.  I'd like to set it up on her belhaf while she is away, but I'm having trouble finding where I can make that setting.


Linked articles together internalOpen in a New Window



We have an ARTICLE 123 and another ARTICLE6543. They are both internal articles and are published (internal for agents to use)

Can we link them together?

In ARTICLE 123 we want a hyperlink to ARTICLE6543.

Is this possible?




Report on Roles assignedOpen in a New Window

For managing user's permissions in the app, I need to know report how the roles are assigned to the users.

I know a user can inherit roles from its groups and to have their own.
I need some way to list, for each user, all the roles thay have. Or the other way around, for each role, which users have it set.
I tried with reports, views and Bi integration but I cannot find any way to extract the "roles" information.
Is it possible to do so?

Thanks in advance.


How to send a plain text notification?Open in a New Window

We are using an automated task to send a notification to a legacy system that expects a certain format.

All uses of Send Notification rule invoke the Header and Footer. Is there a method to automate sending a plain-text email from a request offering?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


How to represent a newline in the expression language?Open in a New Window

We are creating an automated task that will format output for a legacy system. The system expects values separated by newlines.

This is an example of what we are trying to accomplish:

${concat('Submitted by user: ', entity.RequestedByPerson.UserName_c,'%line.separator%','next line')}

We are expecting:

Submitted by user: username
next line

The %line.seperator% represents the mystery value. We've tried \n, \r\n, &013, and &#10

None of those values produce a newline.

Any ideas?


Which REST api is used to link JIRA ticket in HP SAW?Open in a New Window

What is the main use of CASE Exchange API


Using comment update status feild to add to user To Do list?Open in a New Window

Is it possible to use the comment update status feild to do something to a request that adds it to a list of requests awaiting action in the To Do list on the ESS portal?


How to link one HP saw request with other HP saw Reqeust.Open in a New Window

Is it possible programmatically or is there any REST api which we can used to do this?


HPE URL CHANGESOpen in a New Window

You announced that on Sept 20th 'the URL will fully migrate to'  But you did not provide a complete list of those URLs or the update that was promised.  There are 6 days left. 

Could you please provide us with an update to this very important, possibly production impacting change?

I apololgize in advance if I missed your update.


Define suggested values based on custom field of type "small text"Open in a New Window

I need to filter the suggested values based on a custom field.
The scenario is:
Person has a  custom field named "Level" of type "small_text".
I have a field "Manager" in an entity of type "entity_link" to "person".
This field  "Manager" must only suggests people who have 1 2 3 or 4 as value for "Level" field.
I tried several rules:
Define suggested values for Manager with header "manager" with filter Level IN ${union('1','2','3','4')}  

Define suggested values for Manager with header with filter Level IN ${union(1,2,3,4)}  
I was able to save the flow with these two but when displaying the field options it throws "no result due to server error", as shown in attachement.
Define suggested values for Manager with header with filter Level IN ${1,2,3,4}
Define suggested values for Manager with header with filter Level IN ${'1','2','3','4'}
These two rules I cannot saved them due to "Expression  includes invalid characters", as shown in attachement. 
Can anyone tell me how to do it?
Thanks in advance!


showing only organziational groups in a selectionOpen in a New Window

I'm having a custom field (type: entity.Link) which references groups. Now I only want to show the organizational groups in ths selection. I tried a rule:

GroupType IN ${<group>.Type == 'Organizational'}

I'm getting the following error: Expression <group>.Type('Organizational') includes invalid characters.

How to achieve this?


Thanks in advance!



Is it possible to search Hp request Ticket according to its first word of display labelOpen in a New Window

Is there any rest api given by HP  so that We can get all Tickets when we search with first name of Display label insted of writing whole display lbel title


Mapping attachmentsOpen in a New Window

Hi, Can I use After adding relationship rule to copy attachment from a record to a related record? Can I add attachments to a notification? Sissel


identification.findBy and identification.identifyOpen in a New Window


I need to stick the manager name which is based on a DN record from ldap.

i tried ${identification.findBy('Person','DN',Dn)} but it does not work

I also tried ${identification.identify('Person','DN',Dn)}, same thing

It works only if i put a hard coded value in the third parameter, like ${identification.identify('Person','DN','uid=test,dc=example,dc=com')}. Any idea?



Contract: restrict visibilityOpen in a New Window

I need to restrict the visibility of some contracts that are in 'execute' phase.
There are some contract that are confidential and should not be seen by all users that have access to the Contract module.
I thought about "Domain segmentation" but Contract entity doesn't have that ability.
How can I do it? Is there any rule/role/something that I can use for this?
Thanks in advance.


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