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DEC CDU QuestionsOpen in a New Window

There were three lines I'd like to find more information on:

Users are now able to edit requests in the self-service portal. For more details, see Administration > Self-Service Portal Administration > Enable users to edit requests in the Self-Service Portal in the Help Center.

  • I tried navigating to the suggested area but could not find the entry for 'Enable users to edit requests in the Self-Service Portal in the Help Center.' Is this not added to the help center site yet?

Two new Expression Language functions calculate business duration and end time. One calculates the business duration of an issue based on the end time and the work schedule. The other calculates the end time of an issue based on the duration and the work schedule.

  • What does 'end time' mean?  Is it the time of resolution when the solution info and completion code are entered into a ticket? Or is it when the ticket closes?  Can this expression be used to measure the time between a ticket is assigned to a specific user to resolve and when that user initially resolves the ticket?
  • Could you please provide a use case scenario for these two expressions?

Fixed performance issues with Service Level targets.

  • What does this mean?  What were the performance issues that were being experienced with SLAs?  Could you please provide examples?




Placement of Rest/webservices callOpen in a New Window

My end goal:  "update" an external system (SYSTEM X) ticket anytime a date in a certain field within a SAW Incident Ticket Changes (i.e. null to a Date, Date1 (11/02/2017) to Date2 (12/03/2017, or Date to null) via Rest/webservices call. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: This Date field will only be present if/when a certain Incident Model is selected (Incident Model X).  

What is the best approach: Do I put the Rest/webservices call in the Incident Model X Business Rules OR the Rest/webservices call in the Incident Business Rules?


Sending comments added to an Incident to all linked requestsOpen in a New Window

We're looking to be able to leave a comment on an incident for users, which would be passed to all linked requests to that incident. This avoids having to leave a comment on each individual request. Out of the box, Service Anywhere doesn't seem to do this, so I'm looking for help to get this setup.

I've looked at placing a rule in the Incident > Resolution section, to trigger the passing of comments to linked Requests, but I'm getting tripped up at the point of how to send the comments over. If I try something like what is shown below, where I set the comments with a ${current_update.Comments.NewValue} it will send over all comments ever made on the Incident, and overwrite any comments already on each linked request:

Business Rule for Incident comments.PNG


I just want to send over the latest comment, and append it to any comments already on the Request.

I tried experimenting with ${comments_added(current_update.Comments.OldValue, current_update.Comments.NewValue)} but that just deletes all existing comments on linked Requests and adds the new comment.

There's a existing_comments_modified command, but the documentation is not clear about what this does, and the example given doesn't work, there is no clear guidance about how to use this command.

Any ideas? Should this be actually already working out of the box? Thanks!


Incident without Business ServiceOpen in a New Window


One of my customer just start implementing SAW and converting there process towards ITIL. Therefore currently they dont have proper business services defined. Now to log incident business services is mandatory field in new incident form. From the business rule I can reverse this as optional but dont know where else in the whole incident flow this will effect.

Therefore asking this community to way around as temporarily for creating new incident without business service is safe to do or it will use later in the flow and make effect whole incident process.





Trigger a taskplanOpen in a New Window

Hi folks,

Can you trigger a task plan to start based on the value of a field?

What i would like to do is create a rule ${entity.UserOptions.Field1 == 'Ture'} Start task plan......

somthing like that. 

Id be happy to be able to call a fullfulment plan is that was possible



Service Anywhere integration with Lotus Notes email and calendar?Open in a New Window




is an integration with Lotus Notes alrady done, both for email and calendar?

For calendar, for example Ability to integrate forward schedule of changes (FSC) with Lotus Notes.







Service Level Times Based on Location's Time ZoneOpen in a New Window

How can SLT's (Service Level Times) for Request and Incidents be based on the time zone of the Requested for person's location?  We need to be able to provide a 8-hour resolution commitment to all of our end-users according to their time zone and working hours.  

There is a time zone option in both the SLT and SLA definitions but these are pre-defined for each record.   SLA selection is either the default SLA or a SLA associated to the selected service.  While it may be possible to replicate each service for each time zone this would not be pracitcle to implement or support.


Thank you


Hide a category from Self-Service pageOpen in a New Window

Is it possible to hide a category from Self-Service page?

I have created a service catalog which contains 6 categories, all 6 are now available in Self-Service page. 

I want to hide one category from ESS page, but the offering inside that category should be available through agent request and email request.


Please advise.




HPE SAW Inactive / idle user auto-logout optionOpen in a New Window

Does HPE SAW has an idle or inactive user timer set in the system, so that these users are logged off automatically from SAW. This helps other floating users to log into system.

  • Is there any default timer set in the system
  • Can we change the default time to custom interval for specific customer.


Pause / Suspend the SLA clock in Service AnywhereOpen in a New Window


We have searched, unsuccessfully through the SAW documentation but there is nothing on how to pause the SLA clock.  Can someone please help and advise on how this is done in SAW?


Adding Reports to DashboardOpen in a New Window

 Is it possible to add specific reports to the dashboard for a number of users as defaults?



How to filter request ticket according to multiple entities in rest apiOpen in a New Window

I want to filter HP SAW request ticket with respect to user name,status,phaseid in same query.

Can you please suggest us how to call rest api to apply this type of filter


Mass Delete of TicketOpen in a New Window

Hello Team,

We want to mass delete of ticket from Request/Incident/Change and Problem due to garbage in system during testing.

Let me know if this possible. If any one have document for REST API for HPSAW then share with me.

Thanks in Advance.


Problem with Service Anywhere Configuration Guide September 2016 – pdf versionOpen in a New Window

dear community,

after downloading the "Service Anywhere Configuration Guide September 2016 – pdf version" from HPE Live Network, i've noticed some corrupted screenshots from page 42 to 45. am i the only one having this problem?


mass adding users to services as subscribersOpen in a New Window



as we actually set up our SAW Instance, I need to import all service subscriptions. In the first wave I need to add 6 services to about 200 users. Not all users get all services - nevertheless it would be a shame to do this manually.


I didn't found a way to add more then one subscribe a time to an serivice. How can I add a list of users to one service?




Service Anywhere Incident module - Add Followers tabOpen in a New Window

We have a requirement to add the followers tab (as available for request module) to the Incident module, can this be done and if so how?


Can a non Admin Role be allowed to edit lists?Open in a New Window

What role record type can I add to an existing (non admin) user's role in order to give her edit access to the lists in Admin\configuration\Lists? 


SSO user Sign-inOpen in a New Window

Hello all,

We have recently migrated to SSO, and I have the following question, regarding user sign-in behavior.

During SAW implementation (before SSO), all corporate users were imported into SAW as Contacts. Then a number of Contacts have been promoted to Users in Service Anywhere using MyAccount process.

Now, with SSO if a Contact tries to sign-in with his/her corporate credentials, will he/she be promoted to user automatically so as to be able to sign-in? If not, what actions to do in order to promote them to Users?




Email integration queriesOpen in a New Window

1. is it possible to log a ticket by email by users who don't have account in SAW and at the same time the user's account can be created in SAW?

2. is it possible to make the users in To or CC of email as additional contact in created ticket?


SAW survey. See who hasn't responded?Open in a New Window


There is a survey that we are about to send out manually for which we would like a high completion rate on.

I have created a test survey to check that everything is working before this is sent out. 

In the reports section of the survey page I can see '2 responses received out of 4 surveys sent'. 

Is there any way to see who the two unanswered surveys have been sent to? I would ideally get this list without having to do a manual reconciliation of responder names and the list of those sent the survey.

Any help much appreciated.



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