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User Options - Create DATE_TIME field in offering and Change modelOpen in a New Window


I have not found a way to create a field of type DateTimePicker like in the records menu.
As a result, when we create a user options in an offering or change model, we can only define a date without be able to precise the time.

Does anyone found a solution?
I can for sure define 2 additionnal list fields to define the time but perhaps something is missing in my way to do.




New chat button on SSPOpen in a New Window


Our customer is going to use Skype for chat support. They will provide 8 links (one per language) which will call the Skype bots. They want to have a button with a link on Self Service Portal and each user need to see the relevant button/link depending on their preferred language.

I have checked that it's not possible to create a button on portal by custom actions.

But if I create a Category with a link behind on the portal, it can also act like a button. The question is how can I set the entitlement according to user's locale? If this is not possible, can the URL behind the Category include the query of user's locale?

Or is there any other good idea I can learn?




Error Pushing Firewall Devices to SAW from uCMDBOpen in a New Window

I'm attempting to push firewall devices discovered in uCMDB to SAW.  I've created a new TQL in uCMDB as well as the XML configuration file.  Everything runs successfully in uCMDB but the integration fails in SAW with this error:

EMS 203

There aren't any details as to what is failing.  How do I troubleshoot this issue?


What phase does the 'New Request' form reside in?Open in a New Window

I'm trying to write a rule that will make the service field mandatory.  When I add the rule in Request\Global\After Change, I get a message requesting a serivce on this screen.

 Thinking that the new request form pictured below would reside in the ‘Log’ phase, I wrote this rule in Requests\Global\After Change:
If ${entity.PhaseId != 'Log' || entity.MetaPhase != 'Approval'}
Define Service As mandatory

 4-28-2017 9-30-15 AM.png 


 I would like the rule to start immediately after the request is initally saved.  Where should i put this rule?


Number of members in an organizational groupOpen in a New Window


I am quite sure this information exists somewhere but I don't find it either in documentation or on this forum.

Is anyone know the maximum number of people we can add in a group (for my use case Organizational group)?





Phase ID export as name not display nameOpen in a New Window


We have changed the display name of some phases in Request, but when doing the export in list view with Phase ID field, we got the name not display name in the Excel file. 

Is it possible to have the display name of Phase ID exported?




AD Integration with OPD - integration userOpen in a New Window

Working on getting the OPB to connect to SAW and we are getting and error 400 Bad Request error on login.

I found a similar issue on the forum that suggests that the user that we are using needs to be a non-federated account, and the documentation says that the user needs to be an Integration User and have the OPB Remote Agent role.

I can't find any way to setup a non-federated or Integration user. I'm assuming that this simply means that we ahve a Username and Password for the user.

Can anyone help in nice simple steps please.


Restrict the access to the "New" button in the Service Request managamentOpen in a New Window


Is there a way to restrict the access to the "New" button in the request managament?

The use case is there are 3 assignments for our customer: Service Desk, Support group, SME group, and only Service Desk groups should be able to create a request via "New" button.




April CDU Feature questionOpen in a New Window

The announcement through the MyAccount portal states, 'The CDU includes new features and bug fixes which are documented for you on the SAW community web'. 

When I follow the link provided to find out what features are going to be part of the release, the link just shows the release times for each region?

Will there be any new features in the April CDU?



Where can I find the Release Notes for the Service Anywhere April 2017 UpdateOpen in a New Window

I received the email that the April 2017 update for our Service Anywhere tenants will be happening on Sunday April 30th. However, there was no attachment or link to any kind of release notes on what will be included in the update. Does anyone have a link to the release notes for this update?



Task: Approval Task pending reminder notificationOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I'm unable to figure out how does Approval Task reminder notification "Send person a reminder that an approval task is pending" work. The rule below is uneditable (locked out), and I checked the notification template is enabled, still I'm not receiving any reminder notifications for the pending approval tasks. Anybody using this feature?

After the record is in this phase for
, then every
, if
${(entity.Assignee != null) && (current_update.Assignee.OldValue != entity.Assignee) && !is_email_integration_enabled(entity.ParentEntityType)}
Send notification to
Send person a reminder that an approval task is pending
dateSincePending: ${'${format(entity.ActualStartTime, \'short\', current_recipient.Locale)}'}



How to add options within button "more"Open in a New Window


Does anyone already try to add an option in the button more from a request record?
I would like to add the menu "create problem from record" in this list.More_button.png

Is it possible for your point of view?




Survey notification within resolution template notificationOpen in a New Window


I am searching a way to limit the number of notifications for my user and one of notification we want to remove is the survey notification.

  • At each REQUEST resolution (transition to ACCEPT phase), is there any possibility to generate the survey without sending the notification? 
  • If yes, is there any possibility to put the link of the generated survey to the resolution notification sent when the phase ID is ACCEPT

--> If it's possible we would be able to reduce the number of notification

Other question, I have found the post explaining that we can send a suvey every 5 times but is there any possibility to send a survey automatically after 5 requests closed by the end user and then ask him to rate every request in this unique survey?

Thanks in advance for your help.


How to create "Like/ Unlike" buttonOpen in a New Window


Is there a way to create the "like" and "unlike" button in the Article preview form? And this button should count the number of how many votes of "like" or "unlike". How to achieve this requirement by custom action in Article record? Thanks.



Actual Service & SegmentationOpen in a New Window


I know that there's no segmentation for actual services so I am searching a workaround to display only some services to specific HelpDesk team.

I have tried to use the rule "define suggested values based on filter" but it seems to not work.

Any suggestion from anyone of view.




Expanding Resolution section in Service RequestsOpen in a New Window


I would like my users to see all sections of a ticket without having to expand any fields on the form.  I've been able to do this with any support request through the Admin\records\forms section.  But when I expand everything, Service Requests still show the Resolution section as collapsed. 

Am I missing something? I've checked all froms and just the Full Request Form has a collapsed Resolution section.  I expanded it and it only works for support requests and not service requests.

Is this a bug?



OPB Agent Notification SetupOpen in a New Window


The notification is enabled by default on agents configured after February 2017 CDU deployment. For the agents configured before February 2017 CDUdeployment, you can edit the agents to enable the notification.

I just wanted to confrim that since my agent was configured before feb 2017, the only thing I have to do is enter a contact in the 'Recipients' field in the Agent like the picuture below.  

3-29-2017 11-23-16 AM.png

Is there anything else that I need to do?  Does the OPB side need to be updated?



Company Headquarters Drop Down FilteringOpen in a New Window

I would like to filter the list of Locations used in the Headquarter dropdown in Company to only Active and External locations. Below is the business rule I created in Company.Rendering forms

28-03-2017 10-25-07 AM.png

The filter doesn't appear to be active as all the Locations are showing and the header of the filter is not showing. I have tried to create different filters, even ones to that should show nothing (Active NOT IN ${true}) and the dropdown still shows all the locations.

28-03-2017 10-31-24 AM.png

To make sure I was saving and the everything is getting updated, I disable another field. 



Bi Sync - get list display labels?Open in a New Window

I'm implemented the BI sync functionality as per the documentation, and now I'm trying to do some reports out of my DB.  I want to show some of these reports to managers & executive, so I want them to be nicely formatted.  However, I can't seem to find the display labels for list values anywhere in the BI sync extract capability.  Does this mean that in the BI sync I need to manually put the display labels into the queries, or is there a way to grab the list code tables that I'm not seeing?




Exact Syntax for displaying two Level 3 CategoriesOpen in a New Window

Can anyone help with Exact Syntax for displaying two Level 3 Categories?


I'd like to display two categories, both Level 3 under the same Level 2 category, and I cannot get this to work.  

The Level 2 Category:  1007241

The Lever 3 Categories: 1007067 & 1007068


The Rule I have triedThe Rule I have tried




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