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Paramertizing an sql statement in my database data source in uftOpen in a New Window

is there a way to parameratize my sql statement in my database data source?

i am using an ODBC connection.



The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.Open in a New Window



I'm testing a REST serivce and sending a POST / JSON to a 'https' url.

For each server behind the F5 load balancer the test runs successfully.

When running the test at the F5 I'm getting the error listed in the subject. 

Would anyone have some ideas to get me pointed in the right direction? 



QA Automator


HP API Test unable to connect to FTPOpen in a New Window

Hello there,

I am new to the whole HP API Test environment (and automation in general) and am currently working on a proof-of-concept for my team to automate the upload/download of files using FTP. 

My goal for this test is to perform both uploading and downloading of files from a Unix server. The way we were doing previously is by using FileZilla client and port 22 (sftp).

I used the out of the box FTP features that HP API provides but it doesn't work. I have provided all the relevant connection information and login credentials and it hits me with "server committed a protocol violation" error message. I am able to connect to this server using FileZilla client with the exact same user credentials and am able to perform uploading/downloading of files. 

What am I missing here? do I have to configure something in order for me to use this feature? Appreciate your feedback on this.






UFT 12.02 API Tests error appears after adding new activityOpen in a New Window

I was busy creating an API test that validates data inputted into a Hive database.

When I added a Condition (Flow Control) activity, I got the following error in the output tab:

Name cannot begin with the '>' character, hexadecimal value 0x3E. Line 6, position 26.


HP Service testOpen in a New Window


While opening project I have created in HP service test I am getting error message ,”Project file could not be loaded,Root element is missing,//Location/Project.csproj”. Does anyone come across this issue ?




ADM Help Center - the movie!Open in a New Window

Join our journey to the ADM Help Center! Discover how we can help you develop amazing apps.
Watch our movie: https://youtu.be/QMz_9P4iE6o 


Throwing "The system cannot find the path specified. "Open in a New Window

Copy pasted a project to a different location, then mapped the datasheet to currently available location in the script. But throwing "The system cannot find the path specified. ", unable to fix this issue. Copy pasting was never issue for some of the projects.

Attaching the report screenshot for reference.



Regular expressions in C# event handlers of UFT 12.54Open in a New Window


A question re REST API tests in UFT 12.54 . Does C# in event handlers like OnBeforeExecuteStepEvent support regular expressions? In code like:

var sUrl = this.RESTActivityV211.Url.Replace(<regular expression>, <target string>);

the regex does not get interpreted. HP's C# documentations are rather scarce in this respect.



How to export SSL certificate, file with .pfx extnOpen in a New Window

Trying to export SSL certificate, tried multiple options available in the tool, but unable to find the right option to export the same.


Is there a way to refresh the data sheet after updateOpen in a New Window

An Excel is added as a data source using link to the original file option. After updating the excel with project open on UFT workspace, is there an option to refresh so that the updates reflect on the project immediately.

Currenly the project is closed & opened for the updates to reflect.


How to pass different XML request for the same operationOpen in a New Window

I'm trying to pass different XML requests for the same operation, in the same step. The operation has optional fields, XML request for each scenario is only passed with one or 2 fields.

Note: Passing empty tags will throw error.


Insert row in Excel message Step 'Process XML Files' : Row 2 does not exist in the ‘test.xlsxOpen in a New Window

I am trying to insert a row into an Excel Spreadsheet and i am getting a message that the row does not exist.

I am reading an xml document and writing to an excel spreadsheet.

 // Process element if Found
                if (currNodeList.Count >= 1) { 
                // Iterate through all nodes that were returned with the query
                    foreach (XmlNode node in currNodeList) {
                         k = k + 1;                    
                        Context.UserLogger.Info(currentElementName + "  Node List Count:  " + 
                                                currNodeList.Count + "  Inner Text:  " + node.InnerText);
                         GetDataSource("Output MasterList Data !'DATA CAPTURED$'").SetValue(k, currentElementName, node.InnerText);                                             


Unable to connect ALM 12.50 from UFT 12.54Open in a New Window

I have following installed on my machine

1.) UFT 12.54 

2.) ALM 12.50

Both the above are trial versions

1. I have installed ALM plugin in UFT

2.I have installed TDConect.exe

Now when I try to connect to alm from uft after entering alm server name as - https://almalm1250saastrial.saas.hpe.com/qcbin

User name and password for ALM and click on connect, I get following error :

"The connection to the specified ALM server failed. Make sure that the server machine is available."

I have attached the error screen.

Please help me.. Thank you for all your help in advance.

- Abhay


Rename checkpoint name using custom codingOpen in a New Window

Is there a way to rename the checkpoint name in the results when using custom code?


Reporting pass/fail in custom code for API testingOpen in a New Window

How can I customize report results (pass/fail) and detailed messages using custom code for an API test?

I've tried to use the Reporter.ReportEvent but this does not seem to work for api testing.


UFT API -- "Select data" How to return values for query to Sybase databaseOpen in a New Window


I have to validate an API output with a values stored in Sybase DB.

When I use "select Data" activity to fetch the value from Sybase table, the value is returned in XML format as below:

 <Row><ColumnName1> Value </ColumnName1><ColumnName2> Value </ColumnName2><ColumnName3> Value </ColumnName3></Row>.

However I need only the Value so I can save it in excel to compare in my next step. Comparison is being done on value basis not with xml. I need to convert the response from select data (which is in XML format shown above) .

The subsequent checkpoint in API output fails as I need to provide individual values as input to the service.

I will need a solution that can either split array and give me individual values at run time Or I should be able to save only values in Excel which I can import at run time.



Thank you


API Test - XML Message ValidationOpen in a New Window

I am writing an automated test for validating a XML message.

A data element is defined as an IA5String 

  Element IA5String Definition.PNG

Test flow overview:  Consume Message / Convert to XML / Validate via Checkpoints

Consume and Validate Flow.PNG

I want to validate that the device-type contains one of three values.  Example:  "dog", "cat" or "mouse"

How do I check the device type using a checkpoint for 3 values?  Or is custom code needed?  If so, how do I write the validation?

Checkpoint for device type.PNG


Thanks much for any assistance!


form-data with file attachement option in UFT API testingOpen in a New Window


Am working in UFT REST API testing. The API has response body type as "form-data" with 3 inputs along with file attachment option. Please let me know how to add form-data with file attachment in UFT API testing.



Load testing a RESTful API using JSON filesOpen in a New Window


I'm just getting to grips with creating a API test for a REST service we have just built. Our current test suite is all GUI based tests so this is my first venture into API testing in UFT

I have successfully created a few basic tests each using a single JSON input.

Can UFT handle iterating through a folder that contains 3000+ JSON files and placing a few checkpoints to ensure each one returns the correct status code and response body string? 

Perhaps I'm mising the obvious, but using Get Folder Content and/or Read from File don't seem to be the correct way to do this?

Could any one give me a few pointers on whether UFT is suited to this type of test, and perhaps how I might get started? Or if anyone can post a link to any useful tutorials I would appreciate it.

Many thanks



JMS Setup on UFT 12.52 with TopicOpen in a New Window

I am trying to setup JMS on UFT API test using Publish message to JMS topic and Subscribe to JMS topic.

Provided complete CLasspath Variable ,All JMS values on Start >Properties

Provided topic name and message on Publish message to JMS .

Provided topic name and subscription name on Subscribe to JMS topic.


Now when I am trying to run the UFT ,its showing the below error:


Step 'Start' : Step 'Start' started

Step 'Start' ended successfully

Step 'Test Flow' : Step 'Test Flow' started

Step 'Iteration 1' : Step 'Iteration 1' started

Step 'Publish Message to JMS Topic' : Step 'Publish Message to JMS Topic' started

Step 'Publish Message to JMS Topic' : Failed to initialize the JMS session. The initial context factory is missing or wrong.

Step 'Publish Message to JMS Topic' ended unsuccessfully

Step 'Subscribe to JMS Topic' : Step 'Subscribe to JMS Topic' started

Step 'Subscribe to JMS Topic' : Failed to initialize the JMS session. The initial context factory is missing or wrong.

Step 'Subscribe to JMS Topic' ended unsuccessfully

Step 'Iteration 1' ended successfully

Step 'Test Flow' ended successfully

Step 'End' : Step 'End' started

Step 'End' ended successfully



Please suggest how to overcome this and establish a proper connection.

Basically its Solace MQ testing


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