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UFT API -- "Select data" How to return values for query to Sybase databaseOpen in a New Window


I have to validate an API output with a values stored in Sybase DB.

When I use "select Data" activity to fetch the value from Sybase table, the value is returned in XML format as below:

 <Row><ColumnName1> Value </ColumnName1><ColumnName2> Value </ColumnName2><ColumnName3> Value </ColumnName3></Row>.

However I need only the Value so I can save it in excel to compare in my next step. Comparison is being done on value basis not with xml. I need to convert the response from select data (which is in XML format shown above) .

The subsequent checkpoint in API output fails as I need to provide individual values as input to the service.

I will need a solution that can either split array and give me individual values at run time Or I should be able to save only values in Excel which I can import at run time.



Thank you


API Test - XML Message ValidationOpen in a New Window

I am writing an automated test for validating a XML message.

A data element is defined as an IA5String 

  Element IA5String Definition.PNG

Test flow overview:  Consume Message / Convert to XML / Validate via Checkpoints

Consume and Validate Flow.PNG

I want to validate that the device-type contains one of three values.  Example:  "dog", "cat" or "mouse"

How do I check the device type using a checkpoint for 3 values?  Or is custom code needed?  If so, how do I write the validation?

Checkpoint for device type.PNG


Thanks much for any assistance!


form-data with file attachement option in UFT API testingOpen in a New Window


Am working in UFT REST API testing. The API has response body type as "form-data" with 3 inputs along with file attachment option. Please let me know how to add form-data with file attachment in UFT API testing.



Load testing a RESTful API using JSON filesOpen in a New Window


I'm just getting to grips with creating a API test for a REST service we have just built. Our current test suite is all GUI based tests so this is my first venture into API testing in UFT

I have successfully created a few basic tests each using a single JSON input.

Can UFT handle iterating through a folder that contains 3000+ JSON files and placing a few checkpoints to ensure each one returns the correct status code and response body string? 

Perhaps I'm mising the obvious, but using Get Folder Content and/or Read from File don't seem to be the correct way to do this?

Could any one give me a few pointers on whether UFT is suited to this type of test, and perhaps how I might get started? Or if anyone can post a link to any useful tutorials I would appreciate it.

Many thanks



JMS Setup on UFT 12.52 with TopicOpen in a New Window

I am trying to setup JMS on UFT API test using Publish message to JMS topic and Subscribe to JMS topic.

Provided complete CLasspath Variable ,All JMS values on Start >Properties

Provided topic name and message on Publish message to JMS .

Provided topic name and subscription name on Subscribe to JMS topic.


Now when I am trying to run the UFT ,its showing the below error:


Step 'Start' : Step 'Start' started

Step 'Start' ended successfully

Step 'Test Flow' : Step 'Test Flow' started

Step 'Iteration 1' : Step 'Iteration 1' started

Step 'Publish Message to JMS Topic' : Step 'Publish Message to JMS Topic' started

Step 'Publish Message to JMS Topic' : Failed to initialize the JMS session. The initial context factory is missing or wrong.

Step 'Publish Message to JMS Topic' ended unsuccessfully

Step 'Subscribe to JMS Topic' : Step 'Subscribe to JMS Topic' started

Step 'Subscribe to JMS Topic' : Failed to initialize the JMS session. The initial context factory is missing or wrong.

Step 'Subscribe to JMS Topic' ended unsuccessfully

Step 'Iteration 1' ended successfully

Step 'Test Flow' ended successfully

Step 'End' : Step 'End' started

Step 'End' ended successfully



Please suggest how to overcome this and establish a proper connection.

Basically its Solace MQ testing



API Test False ResultsOpen in a New Window

When running API test that contains multiple condition activites,  I am getting false results for conditions that should pass.  The activity is showing a Status of Failure and the Details show Yes ended unsuccessfully.  The top condition has 3 condition under it within the branching.


HP Enterprise web service integrationOpen in a New Window

we are create an application on dot net 4.5 framework i m trying to use this wsdl link


but when i run it gives following error



Accessing Start Parameters from Custom CodeOpen in a New Window

I am attempting to access some of the start parameters from custom code but can't seem to figure out the proper code to do so. I want to be able to access Input parameters that I've configured for the Start Activity for use in Custom Code activities. 

I've tried the following methods but I don't see any references to the parameters that I've configured:






Thanks in advance for your help!



Rest API Testing - Array ValidationOpen in a New Window

Hi ,

I am testing Rest API  and have to validate that in the response depending upon the input I give only pariclyar fields should be displayed.


For instatnce if I give country as AL only 3 fileds should be displayed from the master resposne and if I give country as BL then all the fields from the master reponse should be displayed. The respone is in a json format.

Can someone help how to design test for this


Blog: UFT and LeanFT Help Centers are there for you Topic OptionsOpen in a New Window

Read the latest blog on how the ADM Help Center enables you to make the most out of UFT, LeanFT, and other ADM products you use in your organizaiton.

How can we help you? Explore the new Application Delivery Management Help Center for insights

Tell us how we're doing! Feedback warmly welcome.


Getting Error The selected class does not implement 'ServiceTestCall' interfaceOpen in a New Window

Hi, I am trying to call java API from API Test, I am following below link for that-


 After selecting Java Class in step Set the Java step property values-> 4. -> b.  I am getting –‘Java Class Loading Error’ error as 'Getting Error The selected class does not implement 'ServiceTestCall' interface'.  But I already have implemented this interface.

Can someone please help me to correctly point out the exact root cause?






Test steps from test cases of test set folderOpen in a New Window

I am completely new to HP ALM OTA . I am not able to get any referernce for any source which can show me the test steps of test cases present in my test set folder.

Till now i am able to fetch the test case name folder and test set name and fetch test case detail.

Any way with which we can get the list of all testset folders .






licence error in SoapUi to API Test converter toolOpen in a New Window


I have problem to convert Soapui test to UFT.

Each time when I try to convert SoapUi to API Test using tool I'm getting this error

14:03:33 - Error occurred during the conversion of the test '<test name>': License check failed
Neither of the license features succeeded to load.

Of course, I have full license for HP UFT. I am able to create and run my own tests in UFT in Api module.

Do you have idea where is a problem?





How to pass a value from a GUI test to a API Test (HTTP requestOpen in a New Window

 I am trying to access an application and the token code seems changing , its a REST call and the URL and  other Request headers dont change , I have written a GUI script to access a URL and get the access token , now i need to use this token in the API test against the 'AUTHORIZATION-TOKEN'  variable at run time. Authorization_Token Value PropertiesGUI test Screenshot .



Run Results for this run session are not available in ALMOpen in a New Window


I'm using UFT & HP Run results viewer of 12.52 version and ALM 12.21 version. When I try to launch a report from ALM. I get the following error "Run Results for this run session are not available in ALM". I have tried all the possible solution available in the HP Forum but still not able to resovle this issue. 

Can someone help me fix this issue. 

Thanks & regards

Jebakumar J


JMSOpen in a New Window

how to read messages in my JMS Queue. what the details need to read JMS queue message successfully


Need your help on below (Load runner VuGen script)Open in a New Window

1. how to merge two different protocol scripts in load runner Vugen script as per requirement


otherwise let me help on how to share captured data from one script to other scirpt whiling doing load test



Create MessageNode in Report programmaticallyOpen in a New Window

Hi there,

i failed to create a new Mesage-Reportnode programmatically in C#.

My Problem:
I Want to Create a new Node in Report out off a CustomCode Activity.

It works fine with an new instanz of the Checkpoint-Class.

But i want a new Node in the style of ReportMessageActivity or any other style.

A new instanz of ReportMessageActivity destroys the Report. i tried this Code:
            ReportMessageActivity t_ReportMessageActivity=new ReportMessageActivity(this.CodeActivity4.Context,"TestMessage");
            t_ReportMessageActivity.Destination="Run Results and Output Window";
            t_ReportMessageActivity.DirectExecute(new Dictionary<string,object>());

Does anyone knows another solution for this?


Greeting from Germany



UFT - API - Rest webservice TestingOpen in a New Window

I am able to create the rest webservice test using UFT API and run it from QC.  Currently my request (payload ) is text/xml format and response is JSON format.


I would like to know how to parametrize the request and response using excel . Do we have option to write the code /scripts in API test  as we do in GUI testing


UFT does not encode URLs correctlyOpen in a New Window

I've been trying to test a web service on a port bound to HTTP GET, i.e. as a REST service.


It seems that UFT does not do URL encoding correctly, because an empty data set is returned in the response.

I can't see anything in the toolbox to do URL encoding either.

Does anyone know whether a Custom Code step is my only option to create the URL name/value pair correctly?


...and the same thing occurs with HTTP POST operations. i.e. UFT does not replace special characters with character entity references.

If anyone has any answers, please reply.

Happy testing!

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