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Expanding the Storage Vision across the Data CenterOpen in a New Window

Storage vision across data center_blog.jpg

Let’s go. . . and look at what happens when we take our storage vision and apply it to the entire data center.





HPE 3PAR Thin Provisioning and Compression with Oracle DatabaseOpen in a New Window

Included with every 3PAR array3PAR_Oracle database_compression_blog.jpg at no cost through the all-inclusive license, 3PAR Adaptive Data Reduction with compression offers the ability to compress Oracle data. Technical deep dive here with links to related white papers.




Why the Future of Compliant Archiving Will Be Software-DefinedOpen in a New Window

software-defined_compliance_HPE_blog.jpgLearn more about software-defined archiving for a forward-looking archival solution that features openness, scalability and cost effectiveness and grants you freedom of hardware choice.





Talking VVols and Hybrid IT Global at VMworldOpen in a New Window

Hybrid IT_VMware_HPE Nimble_global_blog.jpg

VMworld just wrapped, where HPE presented new products announced the industry’s first composable infrastructure for VMware private clouds. Next up: a North American road show! Details here.


How Prepared Is Your Organization to Defend Against Ransomware Attacks?Open in a New Window

Ransomware_data protection_HPE tape techonlogy_blog.jpg

Without question, cybercrime is escalating and ransomware threats abound. Learn how a ransomware infection can occur and how you can fight back—and how HPE tape storage technology can add to your peace of mind when it comes to data protection.


New IDC Report Highlights the Many Benefits of VMware VVolsOpen in a New Window

VVols_benefits_ blog.jpg

The recently published IDC report, VVols Provides Powerful Application-Aware Management for vSphere Environments, builds a compelling case for implementing VVols in your environment.


What Makes HPE Nimble Storage Multicloud Flash Fabric So Special?Open in a New Window

Nimble Storage_multicloud flash storage_blog.jpg

Finding the perfect worldand storage. Flash technology makes storage fast, but doesn’t set storage free. HPE multicloud flash fabric frees storage so that application data can be seamlessly located anywhere—in the data center or in the cloud.


Protect Your SAP HANA Database with HPE StoreOnceOpen in a New Window

Data Protection_StoreOnce_SAP HANA_blog.jpg

Learn how HPE data protection solutions for SAP HANA simply and efficiently deliver end-to-end availability and business continuity. And get the details on getting the StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-ins for free!


Good-bye HPE LTO-1. Hello to Continuing LTO Innovation.Open in a New Window

LTO innovation_blog.jpg

Yes, it’s time to say farewell to HPE LTO-1.  But continuous innovation means HPE LTO tape still has a bright future.


An Introduction to HPE Elastic Platform for Analytics Sizing ToolOpen in a New Window

HPE EPA Sizing Tool_Big Data_blog.jpg

Meet the HPE Elastic Platform for Analytics Sizing Tool. It's designed to provide an approximate bill of materials for both traditional and asymmetric clusters based on user inputs.


VMworld 2017 Recap with Videos and PodcastsOpen in a New Window

I have over 10 hours of videos and podcasts from VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas to help you get an insider's view of this major IT event!

HPE at VMworld 2017.jpg


We’ve Got Nothing to Hide with the HPE 3PAR Data Reduction GuaranteeOpen in a New Window

HPE Data Reduction Guarantee_blog.jpgIntroducing the first Data Reduction Guarantee with no hidden fine print. Look closely! You’ll find no hidden terms or conditions.


Simplify Your Operations with Secondary FlashOpen in a New Window

Nimble_Secondary Flash Array_blog.jpg

Looking to simplify your IT?  (And who isn't?) Start here using the latest in Secondary Flash technology to simplify your data backup infrastructure.


How Innovation in Healthcare and 3PAR All-Flash Leads to a Better Patient ExperienceOpen in a New Window

HPE 3PAR healthcare_blog.jpg

HPE 3PAR StoreServ flash storage helps healthcare providers speed response time for patient care—a good reason why it earned Best of Show recognition at the recent Flash Memory Summit.healthcare blog.jpg



Catching Up with Hewlett Packard Labs ResearchOpen in a New Window

I want to catch you up on what I saw back in early June at Discover from Hewlett Packard Labs. There are two videos I have to share: A 40-Node Machine and Optical Computing. 

40 Node Hewlett Packard Labs Machine.PNG



Connect with HPE and Storage at #VMworldOpen in a New Window

I'm looking forward to my 8th VMworld in the US. In this post, I tell you how to connect with HPE and all we have going on. Plus don't miss my favorite VMworld parties!

Pat Eric and Me.jpg


Relax on Your Holiday with HPE StoreOnce and Veritas NBU Protecting Your DataOpen in a New Window

StoreOnce_Veritas_data protection_relax_blog.jpgSit back and enjoy your holiday, thanks to HPE partnering with Veritas to modernize data protection for Veritas NetBackup environments enabling complete protection and delivery of agreed SLAs.


Top 7 Persistent Storage Capabilities for Running Docker ContainersOpen in a New Window

NImble containers_blog.jpg

Docker Containers and DevOps make apps portable but also strain infrastructure in new ways. Are you ready for these new IT challenges? Learn the top 7 persistent storage capabilities needed to containerize enterprise apps.


VVols + Replication + 3PAR + Nimble + VMworld = Awesomeness!Open in a New Window

VVols VMworld_blog.jpg

VMworld is just around the corner. Join us at HPE booth (#600) to talk to VVol experts from 3PAR and Nimble to find out what makes VVols so great.


Simple vs Flexible - Where Nimble Storage Fits in HPE StorageOpen in a New Window

Picking infrastructure always involves knowing your requirements and selecting solutions that best meet those requirements. In this post will talk about simplicity versus flexibility. 

Simple Flexible Storage_1_blog.jpg

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