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The Hottest Release Yet: RMC 4.0 Now Available for Flash-Integrated Data ProtectionOpen in a New Window


RMC 4.0 is on general availability! New replication use cases, broader ecosystem support and more affordability make this the most exciting RMC release yet. Let’s take a closer look.


Enabling Job Opportunities for the Disabled Using HPE StoreEasy Entry StorageOpen in a New Window

Blog Post SoME April 2017 - 400 x 267px.pngLearn how a multipurpose facility on a medical campus in Japan uses HPE StoreEasy Storage to enable employment opportunities to disabled individuals through a print workshop serving local communities.


HPE RMC CPU Utilization Benefits vs. Traditional Backup ISVs: Why Is RMC a More Efficient Solution?Open in a New Window

RMC efficiency_blog.jpg

HPE RMC 4.0 signifies a new paradigm for backup and restore CPU utilization. Let’s see how RMC delivers on this promise with real-world testing.


Meeting Video Surveillance Workload Demands from Edge to CoreOpen in a New Window

Storage 3PAR_edge to core video surveillance_blog.jpgAt HPE, we offer edge-to-core solutions to help you address the challenging video surveillance workload for distributed architecture – with HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage with File Persona at the edge and HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING at the core.




Record Scaling for SAP HANA with 100% Data Availability GuaranteedOpen in a New Window

HPE XP7_SAP HANA_blog.jpg

Are you looking for storage to consolidate SAP HANA and non-HANA environments? Look no further than HPE XP7 with record scaling for SAP HANA TDI. Along with HPE Superdome X server, this is an unbeatable compute and storage solution for HANA.


Microsoft Window Server 2016 and HPE Storage Solutions: Open the Door to a New IT Era – Part 2Open in a New Window

HPE Storage Microsoft Windows Serer Part 2_blog.jpg

Here's Part 2 of our discussion on how Windows Server 2016 provides new features and solutions for changing business demands—with innovation across storage-defined compute, data storage and networking. 


Nimble Storage Is Now Part of HPE. Any Questions?Open in a New Window

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquisition of Nimble Storage has finalized. While it's only Day 1, this post takes a big step forward, answering many questions people have asked. Read on to get the details!

Nimble Storage And HPE.JPG



Want to Understand What’s Happening to Tape? Ask Tape Users!Open in a New Window

Tape Storage Market Survey_blog.jpg

You'll find many reasons to feel positive about the continued value and relevance of tape within the all-flash data center as we look ahead to next-generation LTO Ultrium releases.


GDPR. 4 Letters That Change Everything. Are You Ready?Open in a New Window

HPE Storage GDPR_blog.jpgThe deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is coming up fast. You need to get GDPR-ready or face severe financial and reputation consequences. 


Reducing Risk and Ensuring Resilience in a Hybrid IT WorldOpen in a New Window

Storage_Hybrid IT_Chameleon_blog.jpg

HPE Hybrid IT availability and protection solutions let you meet any uptime and recovery service levelswherever your data lives.   


Microsoft Window Server 2016 and HPE Storage Solutions: Open the Door to a New Era of IT - Part 1Open in a New Window

HPE Storage Microsoft Windows Server_blog.jpg

Windows Server 2016 provides a number of new features and solutions for changing business demands—with innovation across storage-defined compute, data storage and networking.


See What HPE Tiered Storage Means for Video SurveillanceOpen in a New Window

HPE 3PAR video surveillance_blog.jpg

At HPE, we have solutions to help you address today's challenging video surveillance transformations. HPE intelligent video surveillance solutions can adapt to the vast increases in video data while still providing the lowest total cost of ownership.


Peer Persistence = Peace of MindOpen in a New Window

Peer Persistence peace of mind_blog.jpgWith all of the uncertainty in the world today, HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage and Peer Persistence software allow you to confidently replicate your data to a third site where it will remain available in case of disaster.



HPE StoreOnce VSA on Microsoft Azure: This Way to Cloud-Based Software-Defined Data ProtectionOpen in a New Window

StoreOnce VSA Microsoft Azure_blog.jpgHPE StoreOnce VSA platform coverage now includes Microsoft Azure. With StoreOnce VSA 3.16.2, it’s available from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. You get all the features of on-premises StoreOnce VSA plus the flexibility of deployment on Azure.


Deep Dive Podcast on the HPE StoreVirtual 3200Open in a New Window

One of the most effective ways I learn something new is to compare it to something I already know. I have a podcast about what the StoreVirtual 3200 shares in common and what is different with products like the StoreVirtual appliances and VSA.StoreVirtual 3200 deep dive podcast medium.jpg



Every Day Should Be Backup Day! Have You Protected Your Data Yet?Open in a New Window

World Backup Day_blog.jpgMarch 31 was officialy World Backup Day -marking a good time to remind yourself that backup NEVER takes a break!  Find out how HPE data protection can help you better protect your data from the edge to the core.


Getting My Hands on StoreVirtual VSA - demosOpen in a New Window

I have a series of demos I did with me doing some basic stuff with StoreVirtual VSA and I want to share that with you in this post.  

StoreVirtual VSA demo_blog.jpg


Looking for Ultra-Low Latency and Affordable SAN Infrastructure for Flash-Based Storage?Open in a New Window


StoreFabric_SN3600B_ blog.jpg SAN performance with enterprise functionality versus affordability. Think this is a paradox? Think again! Affordable SAN modernization with flash-ready performance starts now with HPE StoreFabric SN3600B Gen6 32Gb entry FC switch.


HPE 3PAR All-Flash Storage: Delivering High Availability for the All-Flash Data CenterOpen in a New Window

3PAR All Flash_extreme availaiblity_hot coals_blog.jpgMost storage and application admins would rather walk barefoot over hot coals than experience unplanned downtime. Here’s how 3PAR delivers high availability in all-flash environments where managing risk and ensuring resilience is critical.


IDC Numbers for HPE 3PAR Storage: The Baseball EditionOpen in a New Window

3PAR_IDC report_baseball_blog.jpg

The IDC numbers are out again. Yes, they’re good for 3PAR flash storage. Yes, I’m going to tell you about them.  And we’re going to welcome baseball season at the same time…

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