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Discovery of HP SN6500B 96/48 FC SwitchOpen in a New Window


my customer needs to discover and manage 2 HP SN6500B 96/48 FC Switch, 2 HP SN6000B 16Gb 48/24 and 2 HP 8/8 (8)-ports Enabled SAN Switch (AM867B). Is having a Brocade Network Advisor (BNA) server the only possibility? He does not have one.




HP Storage Operations Manager_Roles and ResponsibilitiesOpen in a New Window


I would like to understand the roles and responsibilities of HP SOM consultant. 

Please help me with the list of R&R As we are currently hiring for SOM Experts with 5-10Years of experience in the following.

  • Understanding storage environment of customer.
  • Understanding business requirement of storage monitoring and management of same from IDC team of customer.
  • Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and support of SOM.
  • Consulting customer on need basis for best practices.
  • Working on integration of SOM with appropriate tool i.e. BSM or TeMIP for fault monitoring consolidation.
  • Documentation of implementation, configuration, admin guide.
  • Giving end users hands on training of SOM.
  • Any other activity as requested by customer.





(SOM) Support Tip: How to send multiple reports in a single email in SOM Reporter (OBR)Open in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

in case you wonder, if it possible to send multiple reports in a single email out of SOM Reporter (OBR/Business Objects), here is one possible solution:


Good luck & Regards,




SOM 10.20 on VMware ESXi 6.5 won't start after installationOpen in a New Window


I've installed SOM 10.20 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 VM in a VMware ESXi 6.5 environment. After installation the ovstatus reports all processes running but the Web UI won't start.  The ERROR is the following: 

HTTP Status 404 - /som

type Status report

message /som

description The requested resource (/som) is not available.

Error report


Can someone suggest me how to solve it?

Previuosly I installed SOM v10.00 in the same enviroment having the same error. 


Windows Host DiscoveryOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


Host discovery ( windows) is not discovering the port speed deatils, it is just null for the servers, the server we tried discovery having 4 HBA cards and two 0f them are used and SOM is not discoverying. Attached the Screenshot,


I tried running fcinfo /ports command on the server and found that the port speed is unknown, could you please let me know who can i identifiy the port speed in windows servers.

Also some windows based discovered OS says wrong credenatils and with the same i can login, the port 135 is opened verified with telnet.


(SOM) Support Tip: After applying Patch 2 for SOM 10.20, 'somaction' process not starting.Open in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

as an add-on to my former post that SOM 10.20 Patch 2 has been released, please be aware that if you apply Patch 2,
which causes 'somjboss' service being restarted. The 'somaction'  Service, which depends on 'somjboss' service might not get started automatically . The problem seems to be related by applying Patch 2.

Once the Patch was applied, which restarts the 'somjboss', it seems we miss to start the  'somaction' process after SOM 10.20 Patch 2 has been applied. The problem does not occur if you stop and and start all SOM services (ovstop/ovstart) or reboot your SOM system. Only right after applying the Patch 2, which stops 'somjboss'  and starts 'somjboss'  - the 'somaction' process seems not to get started automatically.
In case you use SOM as snmp trap receiver and Incidents (Events) in SOM, please check after applying SOM 10.20 Patch 2, if the 'somaction' service was started.

To do so:
-open a command prompt on the SOM server as Administrator
-run the command
-if you find the 'somaction' service not being running, enter the command
ovstart -c somaction

The 'somaction' service should start quickly and you can verify with command ovstatus  if it is up.
If the 'somaction' service didn't start after applying SOM 10.20 Patch 2, you might miss some Incidents (Events) in SOM whilst the 'somaction' service was down.

Note: this problem has been experienced so far on SOM Installations running on Windows.




(SOM) Support Tip: SOM 10.20 Patch 2 has been recently released (Build 10.20.231)Open in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

for those who haven't been aware - SOM 10.20 Patch 2 (Build 10.20.231) was recently released.

It can be downloaded from the Software Support Online (SSO) portal

As a reminder - the most current SOM 10.20 Device Bundles can be downloaded from the HPE Live Network:

Note: Not all devices required new Device Bundles, hence only some have been updated.

Please take a look at the readme's of the Patch and Bundles to get more information.





(SOM) Support Tip: How to create a filter in OBR based on the results of another queryOpen in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

I just created a document explaining how to create a Filter in SOM Reporter (aka. OBR alias Operations Bridge Reporter) were the results of another query is used as a Filter for the main query. This covers how to use 'Supplemental' Filters being present in a different Universe on a query of a Universe, that does not contain these 'Supplemental' Filters. For example - if you want to have deleted Storage Volumes or Storage Pools not to show up in a performance report, where typically the Performance Universes do not contain certain pre-defined Filters, you can use the general 'Storage System Reporting Universe', which contains these pre-defined Filters, as a reference/Filter for you main Performance Report query.

The related Knowledge Document (KCS) can be found at

Hope that helps..

Good luck and Best Regards,



(SOM) Support Tip: Encountering SOM Memory errors during Data Collection and Java Stack SizeOpen in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

There has been an error "java.lang.StackOverflowError" encountered by some customers during data collection.

Often, the device will show has having an 'Internal Error' but when you look at the som-trace.log file, you will see this error.

This error often occurs when performing the data collection on a large device (Ex. 3PAR array) when the Data Collection Level has been changed from 'Default' to 'All'.  In this situation, the error does not occur during the collection of the data from the device, but during the post-processing of the data after the Data Collection from the device completes.

SOM has a properties file (ovjboss.jvmargs) that controls the memory settings for the application.  There are two parameters (-Xms and -Xmx) that are discussed and mentioned within the product documentation to help with the sizing of your environment.  There is one setting (-Xss or Java Thread Stack Size) that is not mentioned within the product documentation.

By default, this parameter is not set and the OS will have a default setting.  For Windows x64 and Linux x64, this default value is 1024k. 

When the java.lang.StackOverflowError error is encountered, this is the setting that would most likely be the cause of the problem.

Gradually increasing this value within the ovjboss.jvmargs file and restarting the application is the best approach to resolving this error.

CAUTION:  Please do not increase this value too much since it increases the size of memory used by every Java Thread within the product.  This could be well over 600 threads and that could cause server resource issues.

Knowledge Article KM02728136 has more information about this issue.
KM02728136 - Encountering java.lang.StackOverflowError messages within Storage Operations Manager during Data Collection process

I hope that this information is helpful.

Good Luck with your SOM environments.




Use SOM to monitor unsupported deviceOpen in a New Window


     We have some switch and storage devices that out of support matrix, seems we have no way to extend SOM function to monitor such devices, am I right?

     Can SOM revieve SNMP Trap from third part devices which out of discover scope? We tried but failed.




API to Import switchesOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


We have bulk devices to import and want to use HP OO to import the devices.

Could you please suggest API/WSDL for SOM.


(SOM) Support Tip: Where to find most current Device Bundles for SOM 10.20 (Build 10.20.223)Open in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

for those of you who installed SOM 10.20 (Build 10.20.201) and put directly SOM 10.20 Patch1 (Build 10.20.223) on top,
you might miss some newer Device Bundles, which have been shipped with SOM 10.20 cumulative Hotfix 1 (Build 10.20.213).
The SOM 10.20 cumulative Hotfix is not required when directly applying SOM 10.20 Patch1, however Patch1 does not contain
the updated Device Bundles we ship with SOM 10.20 cumulative Hotfix 1.
The following newer Device Bundles get shipped with SOM 10.20.213 cumulative Hoftix 1 and are valid for SOM 10.20 Patch 1 as well:

Device Bundle for EMC VPLEX Arrays, Version 10.20.010
Device Bundle for VMware ESX, Version 10.20.006
Device Bundle for EMC Isilon, Version 10.20.010
Device Bundle for HDS/XP Arrays, Version 10.20.27

These Device bundles can now be downloaded from HP Live Network

A readme.txt how to install the Device Bundle is part of the downloadable Bundles.



SOM Trial Version DownloadOpen in a New Window


I am trying to download the trial version of Storage Operations Manager but keep getting an Access Denied Error Message and it fails.


Is there a different link I can try?



CISCO Switch discovery failedOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


While we discover the cisco switches, found the entry in logfile, not sure where is issue, could someone help me to understand.


WARNING We got an odd CIM Exception back from creating a config instance it had an id of CIM_ERR_ALREADY_EXISTS and a description of Discovery entry IP address refers to the same fabric as an existing discovery entry. Ignoring this discovery entry. and a tostring of CIM_ERR_ALREADY_EXISTS
Discovery entry IP address refers to the same fabric as an existing discovery entry. Ignoring this discovery entry. [2016-12-12 16:47:32] INFO Is NOT a APPIQ_CiscoSNMPProvider


EMC SMI-SOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

We have installed an solution enabler for EMC storage (SMI-s) and tring to add the symmetrix VMX device using array as well as with IP address,i am getting the error the following error. someone please guide.


(localhost:5988) ? addsys
Add System {y|n} [n]: y

ArrayType (1=Clar, 2=Symm) [1]: 2
One or more IP address or Hostname or Array ID

Elements for Addresses
IP address or hostname or array id 0 (blank to quit): ***************
IP address or hostname or array id 1 (blank to quit):
Address types corresponding to addresses specified above.
(1=URL, 2=IP/Nodename, 3=Array ID)
Address Type (0) [default=2]: 3
User [null]: rouser
Password [null]: r0u$er
++++ EMCAddSystem ++++
Error: One or more parameter values passed to the method are not valid. (com.emc.cmp.osls.se.array.func.EMC_SystemRegistr




(SOM) Support Tip: SOM with OBR 10.01 command "somdatatransfercertconfig.ovpl -shrdbconfig" failsOpen in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

Here's some information that will help you if you have OBR 10.01 installed prior to performing the Post-Installation Steps for OBR.

When attempting to configure Storage Operations Manager (SOM) to obtain Dashboard Analytics from Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR), using the somdatatransfercertconfig.ovpl -shrdbconfig command an error is encountered.

Steps to reproduce the error and issue.

Install OBR 10.00 and the OBR 10.01 Patch. After that, do all of the OBR post-install configurations. and then try to run the somdatatransfercertconfig.ovpl -shrdbconfig command.

C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software\bin>somdatatransfercertconfig.ovpl -shrdbconfig <IP Address> 5433 verticadba <passwd>

Configuring the SHR Database details...
   SHR Database Server : <IP Address>
   SHR Database Port   : 5433
   SHR Username       : verticadba
   SHR Password       : <passwd>

args : 5433 verticadba <passwd>
Oct 04, 2016 11:10:03 AM com.hp.se.disco.common.analytics.CreateSHRDbConfig writeToConfigFile
INFO: SHR DB configuration written to C:\ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software\se\conf\sdkConfig.cfg
Successfully created the SHR db configuration
Oct 04, 2016 11:10:03 AM com.hp.se.disco.common.analytics.CreateSHRDbConfig main
INFO: Successfully created the SHR db configuration
Oct 04, 2016 11:10:04 AM com.hp.se.disco.common.analytics.SHRSDK executeQuery
WARNING: Exception on query execution: [Vertica][VJDBC](4566) ERROR: Relation "md_fact_table" does not exist
Oct 04, 2016 11:10:04 AM com.hp.se.disco.common.analytics.SHRSDK executeQuery
WARNING: Submitted query: select count(*) from md_fact_table
Failed while testing the connection to the SHR DB!!!
Oct 04, 2016 11:10:04 AM com.hp.se.disco.common.analytics.CreateSHRDbConfig main
WARNING: Failed while testing the connection to the SHR DB!!!

With the installation of the OBR 10.01 Patch, the Post-Installation steps for the Vertica Database configuration are different.  One significant change is that there is a Vertica User (verticausr) specified as well as the Vertica Administrator (verticadba) during the Vertica Database configuration step.  The Vertica User, created during the OBR Post-Installation steps needs to be used instead of the Vertica Administrator with the somdatatransfercertconfig.ovpl -shrdbconfig command.

Please refer to the following knowledge document for more information and details.

KM02624620 - Storage Operations Manager command "somdatatransfercertconfig.ovpl -shrdbconfig" fails with "ERROR: Relation "md_fact_table" does not exist".

I hope that this information is helpful.

Good Luck with your SOM environments.





(SOM) Support Tip: Discovery process doesn't kick off.Open in a New Window

Hi SOM Community,

just a hint if the Discovery doesn't kick off and the log context might show old or no data (if logs rolled over) -
Main purpose seen for this issue so far, is that the you might have exceeded the number of licensed MAPs (Managed Access Points),
which prevents that a Discovery starts.
Before you raise a support case, please check in SOM the Consumed and License Capacity (MAPs).

To verify the License Consumption/Capacity press in the SOM UI:

a) Help -> About Storage Operations Operations Manager Software -> Licensing Information
b) Help -> System Information -> View Licensing Information

If the Consumption number is equal or higher than the Capacity number, a Discovery will fail without further notice (if the Instant-On License expired).

A word about Instant-On and License Extensions.

Recently many 'Proof of Concepts' (PoCs) with SOM have been started. Some of you might have already crossed the 60 Days for the
'Instant-On' License and might have received some additional License Extension from SOM Sales/Pre-Sales in order to do further testing with SOM.
The Instant-On License basically has an unlimited number of MAPs that can be used (even though the license page reports 250 Maps for the Instant-On License Capacity).
The Instant-On License cannot be extended and you might have received an additional Evaluation License that expires after some days. With this
additional Evaluation License, the MAPs really count and cannot be exceeded. There can be the situation that you e.g. consumed with the Instant-On license
already e.g. 3000 MAPs and the Evaluation License Extension provided by SOM Sales/Pre-Sales only covers e.g. 1500 Maps, which will prevent any
new Discovery or discovering existing Devices (Nodes) in SOM again.

Feel free to ask if you have questions regarding this topic.

Best Regards,


(SOM) Support Tip: Reinstallation of Storage Operations Manager 10.20 might fail.Open in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

today I'd like to share some recent findings (left-overs) when un-installing SOM and attempting to re-install SOM on the same system with a different customized installation path.

The “Storage Operations Manager Embedded DB Manager” service was never deleted or removed as part
of the uninstallation process.  The installation finds the service still present and does not modify or update it to the new location for the SOM binaries. The start of the service during the new setup fails because it is attempting to access binaries in the wrong location.

This issue appears to exist only on Windows.  A Knowlege Document (KCS) has been published that will help resolving the issue, so that the installation to the new location will be successful.

More details at the steps how to clean the system can be found at

Best Regards and good luck with your SOM Environment






We are using omi 10.12 on windows and SOM 10.20.201 on windows.

We fallowed all the integration steps as per guide and created the integration point. when we run "RUN ALL DADA SYNC"

It is connecting to the respective probe and after couple of minutes it shows status completed successfully.

When we check in RTSM of OMI we are not getting CIs from SOM.

Your immediate support will be highly appreciated.

Mohammed Tajammul Ahmed.


(SE) Support Tip: 3Par Remote Replication Information not captured by SEOpen in a New Window

Hello SE/SOM Community,

if SE fails to capture Remote Replication information from 3Par Arrays you might have to adjust the 'replica_entity'  policy setting in the 3Par CIM configuration.

The default policy setting is "replica_entity", which makes SE or SOM fail to capture Remote Replication information. In order to get this information into SE/SOM you  will have to re-configure the CIM of the 3Par Array(s).

- connect to the 3Par cli (e.g. via SSH)
- run the command

setcim -pol no_replica_entity

-Stop the CIM on the 3Par with the command


-Start the CIM on the 3Par with the command


-Wait for ~5 min and then run a GAED (Get All Element Details) in SE, or a Data Collection in SOM against the 3Par

The Remote Replication information should then be available in SE/SOM.

Note: These steps are mentioned in the SOM Userguide, but can't be found in the SE Documentation.


Best Regards,


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