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HPE Software Products: Storage Essentials
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(SOM) Support Tip: Coexistance of SOM 10.20 and OA 12.xOpen in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

Here's some important information in case you have OM/OMi within your environment and are using older versions of the Operations Agent (OA).

With SOM 10.20 it was made to be compatible with OA 12.x.  The challenge is that this process updates the version of Perl that is used.

While SOM 10.20 works with OA 12.x without any problems.  This is not the case with OA 11.x.

OA 11.x uses an older version of Perl.  If OA 11.x exists on the SOM management server before SOM 10.20 is installed, it will break it.   It has been seen to break certificate communications also.

We have been informed that the OA 12.x should be backwards compatible with the older OMi versions.  This has not been confirmed yet.

I hope that this information is helpful and can help avoid some challenges within your environments.

Good luck with your SOM environments.




SOM 10.20 integration with uCMDB 10.22Open in a New Window

Hello Mark,

Could you please let me know whether SOM 10.20 integration is possible with uCMDB 10.22 ?

Also SOM 10.10 with uCMDB10.22 (I heard if ucmdb on CUP19 or 20 it is possbile)



Thanks, Hari


How to delete a Fabric entry in SOMOpen in a New Window

I am trying to delete all SAN switch related entry in SOM and re-discover from fresh.

I was able to delete all physical/virtual switch entries but there are so many fabric entries remained.

How to delete those fabrick entries , any other way to clean all Switch discovery data.


Cisco Switch Discovery in SOM 10.20Open in a New Window

Hi ,

Cisco Switch discovery has become nightmare for me.

I have arround 150 cisco switches to be discovered in SOM , I have Upgraded to 10.20 recently. I had run discovery of switces multiple time (8-9 minimum) but no switch turns up. All are getting failed stating " discovery didn't finish in 60 min".

Somehow running one by one each switch for arround 8-9 times some of them got discovered.

Is there any best practise to discover Cisco switches. How discovery happens if I select in bulk and start discovery ?

How to increase default time out value of 60 min ? Is there a option to auto re-run discovery for failed devices after a certain time. 



New Data Collection policy benifitsOpen in a New Window

Hello Community,

I have been using a default data collection policy to collect inventory data of storage elements(switches, 3PARs and HOsts) in my environment.

I didn't see any additional advantages by creating a NEW data collection policy.

Limited information related to data collection policies is mentioned in the SOM user's guide.

How do one's get benifited by creating a new data collection policy, Any suggestions please ?






(SOM) Support Tip: SOM Post-Installation fails with an error "No mapping between account names ..."Open in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

There is a knowledge document that was recently created to address a problem with SOM Installations.

The problem occurs when SOM is attempting to be installed on a system that does not have a supported language.

According to the latest Support Matrix for SOM 10.20, the following languages are supported on the management server:
- French
- German
- Japanese
- Russian
- Simplified Chinese

If you are attempting to install SOM on a system with an unsupported language (Ex. Spanish or Italian),  you may encounter the following error within the som-install-config.txt log file:
!!  Create HP Storage Operations Manager Embedded Database
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 3:59:40 PM CLT - INFO: The execution directory = C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP BTO Software\bin
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 3:59:40 PM CLT - INFO: Waiting (up to 600 seconds) for process to terminate
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 3:59:41 PM CLT - INFO: stderr> No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 3:59:41 PM CLT - INFO: stderr>

This problem occurs due to the language issue.  The solution is to remove the software, set the server language and/or locale to a supported version and reinstall the software.

More information can be found within the following knowledge article.

KM02550702 - Storage Operations Manager Post-Installation fails with an error "No mapping between account names and security IDs was done."

I hope that this information is helpful.

Good luck with your SOM environments and have a great weekend!


Mark Butler


(SOM) Support Tip: SOM Data Collection Status is showing as 'Running' when it is not running.Open in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

There is a knowledge article that was created recently to help with a strange situation that can occur with SOM 10.10 and earlier.

Storage Operations Manager (SOM) schedules Data Collections based on a data freshness duration.  It does not start at a specific time but may start at different times.

During normal maintenance windows SOM may be shutdown when a Data Collection is actively running.  This does not cause any problems with data consistency due to the use of a staging area that is used.  Only when the Data Collection is complete will the information be added to the SOM database.

If SOM 10.10 or earlier is stopped (Ex. ovstop) or the server rebooted when a Data Collection is running, the Data Collection status may still show as "Running" after the services are started again.  The Data Collection is not "Running' so this is not a correct status.

This is a known issue and it is corrected within SOM 10.20.

For SOM 10.10 or earlier, the issue is corrected by manually performing a data collection.  This will change the corresponding state associated with the Data Collection process for that specific element.

More information can be found within the following Knowledge Article:
KM02539940 - Storage Operations Manager Data Collection Status is showing as 'Running' when it is not running.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Good luck with your SOM environments and have a great weekend!


Mark Butler


SNMP traps display for more than one monthOpen in a New Window

Hello Support,

I have configured SNMP traps from 3PARs and switches in my environment, by default the traps are visible for the last one month.

Is it possible to display the traps of morethan one month in the "Incedents Browsing> SNMP Traps View" ?






Discovery address status reflects "internal error" but the log and inventory shows complete/ successOpen in a New Window

Hello Team,

I could see a enhancement request#QCCR1G60848. For the subjected issue and it's mentioned to modify se-disco.ear jar file

Could you please provide the PATH of these jar file and also let me know the steps for modifications to overcome "internal error" issue.

Thanks/ Hari


(SOM) Support Tip: Where is the somshrgrantcertrequest.ovpl command with SOM 10.20 and OBR 10.01?Open in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

First, SOM 10.20 has officially been released and is now available on the SSO Portal.  Feel free to download and upgrade if you like.

Second, there is a defect within the product documentation in relation to the somshrgrantcertrequest.ovpl command.

With SOM 10.10 and earlier, the somshrgrantcertrequest.ovpl command was used on the SHR/OBR server to configure the integration with SOM.  However, with SOM 10.20, the name of this command has changed.

The new command is somobrgrantcertrequest.ovpl.

They replaced the 'shr' reference within the command with 'obr'.  The problem occurs when the SOM 10.20 Reports Guide still shows the 'somshrgrantcertrequest.ovpl' command within the steps for the integration.

Please be aware of this change, problem with the product documentation and plan accordingly.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Good Luck with your SOM environments!

Mark Butler



Deletion process of a storage element from SOMOpen in a New Window

Hello Team, Please let me know on deletion process of any storage element to be followed. If I want to delete an element, so far I am deleting first it from Inventory list then it from Discovery Address. Do I need to clean any repository folder, in order to delete an element successfully from sOM ? Thanks, Hari


(SE) Support Tip: Report Optimizer's 'wrapper.log' file size might grow to an excessive amount.Open in a New Window

Hello SOM/SE Community,

for those still having Storage Essentials (SE) and Report Optimizer (RO) 9.7 in production, there was a minor
issue found with regards to the 'PullMVs' logging File size and Log File location ('wrapper.log').
The issue is only seen, when RO has been installed on a Windows Operating System.
PullMVs is the process that copies the Data from the SE Database (Reporting Tables aka. Materialized Views)
to the RO Server in order to report on the same. There is a Windows Service called 'AppStormReportDB', which is
Java based, on the RO Server (or on the SE Server, if SE and RO running on the same Server (single Server Deployment)).

The following reasons have been identified why the Log File 'wrapper.log' can grow to an unwanted size over time:

- Log File Size and amount of Log Files (roll-overs) are not configured by the Installazion Wizard
- Directory where the 'wrapper.log' should get stored is not being created

In order to fix the issue proceed with the following steps on the RO Server :

-Stop the AppStormReportDB Service

-Use the WIndows File Explorer and navigate into the following directory
%ADMIN_HOME%\scripts\PullMVs\windows\conf (e.g. C:\HP\Admin\scripts\PullMVs\windows\conf)

-Edit the file 'wrapper.conf'

-search for the two lines

-Change the parameters of these line e.g. into

This will set the log files to an amount of 3 Files whith each 10MB in total.

-Save the 'wrapper.conf'

-crerate a directory named 'logs' in %ADMIN_HOME%\scripts\PullMVs\windows\ (e.g. C:\HP\Admin\scripts\PullMVs\windows\)
 so that afterwards a directory %ADMIN_HOME%\scripts\PullMVs\windows\logs (e.g. C:\HP\Admin\scripts\PullMVs\windows\logs)

-Start the AppStormReportDB Service

-Check if a 'wrapper.log' file gets generated under:
%ADMIN_HOME%\scripts\PullMVs\windows\logs (e.g. C:\HP\Admin\scripts\PullMVs\windows\logs)

You can delete the bigger 'wrapper.log' file in %ADMIN_HOME%\scripts\PullMVs\windows\bin (e.g. C:\HP\Admin\scripts\PullMVs\windows\bin)



Adding SOM management server IP in Discovery address for monitoringOpen in a New Window

Hello Team, I would like to discover my SOM management server for performance metrics monitoring. Is it ok to follow the procedure that used for other windows Hosts ? Moreover, I want to monitor the health of my SOM server, like CPU, Memory and etc... Will this information is available in any logs ? I want to make it available for our notice before resources are fully utilized. Thanks, Hari


SOM10.10 Integration is possible with SHR 9.30Open in a New Window

Dear Team, We are planning to integrate SOM10.10 with SHR 9.30 (both are standardalone environments installed on Windows machines) Is it possible to integrate ? Is SHR 9.30 support is ended ? Thanks, Hari


Analysis pane graphs of storages need to show priveous one week data.Open in a New Window

Hello Team, Please let me know, Is it possible to get the graphs of 3PAR storages Data Rate, I/O Rate, Queue Depth, Response Time ... etc(these graphs in Analysis pane are availalbe only for Last one day) for last week as like Raw Capacity, Logical Usage, Thp allocation and Thp Usage (these graphs have shown for Last one week) of 3 PAR storage. Thanks, Hari


DataCollection information for each OS type using Agentless and Agentbased discoveryOpen in a New Window

Dear Team, I am looking for a document(KA) to get the list of information collected using DataCollection process for each OS type of Hosts using Agentless and Agentbased discovery. Thanks, Hari


(SOM) Support Tip: How do you remove an old OBR or Reporting server from your SOM configuration?Open in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

Today I'm sharing a practical support tip if you happen to be moving or migrating your SOM Reporter (OBR) server from one system to another.  There could be any number of situations where this could be occurring.

  • Original OBR server was for PoC and a new/different server will be used going forward.
  • Original OBR server is being decommissioned and a new server is being created.
  • There is a Server name, IP Address or DNS change.

Whatever the reason, the challenge is that the OBR or SOM Reporter server is tracked within the SOM database.  It continues to attempt to send the csv files to this wrong or no longer present server.  This will be seen most often when you are configuring a new Reporting server configuration.  How do you fix this problem?

Let me introduce you to a new option to the somdatatransfercertconfig.ovpl command that was introduced with SOM 10.10.

There is a "-removeremoteserver" option with this command that allows you to remove an old or incorrect OBR server entry from the SOM Server database.

somdatatransfercertconfig.ovpl -removeremoteserver <Server/IP> 

somdatatransfercertconfig.ovpl -removeremoteserver

where the IP address is the IP address of the old or no longer existent OBR or SOM Reporter server.

After this command is run, the old server entry should be gone.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Good luck with your SOM environments!




SNMP traps configuration manual for 3PAR storages and Brocade switchesOpen in a New Window

Hello Team, Hope all doing well with HP SOM. I am looking for a document to configure supported SNMP traps at 3PAR storages and Brocade switches. Could anyone share to me ? Moreover do we need to open 162 port from each switch to SOM Or it is sufficient to open from BNA server to SOM ? Thanks, Hari


SOM - uCMDB Integration detailsOpen in a New Window

Hello Team, I am planning to integrate SOM with uCMDB. With the help of integration document, I see it required HTTP(S) port communication. Pleae confirm, it requires only 5989 port or any other ports as well ? (Both SOM & uCMDB are in Windows environment) It seems, I need to download and and deploy them on uCMDB. For this integration more configuration changes need to be do on uCMDB side than on SOM management server... Correct ? Thanks, Hari


(SOM) Support Tip: Where are the Temporary Locations used by the somgathersupportinfo.ovpl script?Open in a New Window

Hello SOM Community,

There have been occasions where the data collected by the somgathersupportinfo.ovpl script fails to collect all of the log files and other information being requested by support.

There have been times when this was due to possible file system corruption or space issues.

With this in mind, the following knowledge article was created to help understand and troubleshoot issues encountered with all of the requested data being collected.

KM02498904 - Where are the Temporary Locations used by the somgathersupportinfo.ovpl script to collects logs and the DB?

Basically, the somgathersupportinfo.ovpl script uses the following locations:

  • For Windows, the $sysdrive is actually the %SYSTEMDRIVE% variable, which by default is the C:\ location.
  • For Linux, it is the /tmp location which may or may not be part of a separate file system.

The script creates the "Logs", "somEnvironment", "systemInfo" and possibly the "database" directories within those locations, copies the data to them and then removes them after the zip file is created and the script completes.

NOTE:  File system space and/or corruption in these locations can cause problems with the collection and gathering of this information.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Good luck with your SOM environments.



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