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VPE LAB Login IssuesOpen in a New Window

I can't able to login in vlabs.hpe.com. How can i access this lab..? Please share a procedure to register.


virtual lab EnvironmentOpen in a New Window

Is there any virtual lab for testing and learning storage related Application..? If available please share a link and suggest a procedure for accessing HP3Par or anything..


Counterfeit ProductsOpen in a New Window

Dear users,

Recently I have seen some "Tamper Evident Seals" on the external packing (box) of HPE Hard Disk Drives. I put them here, and I want you to give your opinion about these Labels that whether they are counterfeit Labels or just new and original Labels from HPE?



And another complain of HPE, why there is not any "easy to find" section for useres in your website to show and tell the security tips about original and fake products, new version of Seurity Labels and other issues about Verfication of products, especially HDD and Memory modules.


RMC-O problem with ORACLE_HOMEOpen in a New Window



After a sucessfull RMC-O client install in the 02 RAC servers and do the register of this server in the RMC-O GUI, we are having a problem with the "+Oracle Database".

When i try to register a database putting the Oracle SID we receive the following error:

"No databases/instances found for registration".

Reading the support ticket i found on it:

2016-11-08 10:42:32.183 5547 50341360 ERROR rmoracle.rmoworker.sshclientcmdhelper [req-19762cc3-b45e-4322-848f-9f7c47d95822 bfff6028fb98408b8f190a8c915b6883 9912756452644e72840bc1db0e08a231] "rmco_client" returned error code 251 on server ""

2016-11-08 10:42:32.183 5547 50341360 ERROR rmoracle.rmoworker.sshclientcmdhelper [req-19762cc3-b45e-4322-848f-9f7c47d95822 bfff6028fb98408b8f190a8c915b6883 9912756452644e72840bc1db0e08a231] Exception message: ORA-01034: ORACLE not available

2016-11-08 10:42:32.015 5547 50341360 DEBUG hp3parclient.ssh [-] SSH CMD = /opt/hpe/rmc/oracle/bin/rmco_client -service SqlQueryInfoService -usecase Query -name ECP1 -oracle_home /oracle/ECP/11204 -oracle_owner oracle -query_key GET_DBID -format false run /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/rmoracle/rmoutils/rmosshclient.py:90

So, the error is right because the "ORACLE_HOME" of this environment doens't "/oracle/ECP/11204", the right is "/oracle/ECP/112".

Finally, the doubt is: Where and How the RMC-O client read the informations about the Oracle ?







Support Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct?Open in a New Window


Windows Server 2016 Datacenter has introduced a new virtual storage technology for clusters called Storage Spaces Direct.

HPE is fully certified for the prececessor technology, Storage Spaces, under Windows Server 2012R2, but has been silent on Storage Spaces Direct as far as I can see.

I need to replace an old HPE cluster and it looks like Storage Spaces Direct would be a much better option than a physical shared storage array or a SAN.

Here's an article in an HPE storage blog which shows some sample configurations: /t5/Transforming-IT/Microsoft-Software-Defined-Storage-with-Storage-Spaces-Direct/ba-p/6872530#.WBpkLHkzWUk

If I order one of these configurations, will they work?  Can I build a Storage Spaces Direct cluster with HP hardware?  The Microsoft web site lists some partners that support Storage Spaces Direct but HP is a glaring omission; does this mean that HPE is pushing LeftHand solutions and won't support Storage Spaces Direct any time soon?

I'm hoping that HPE is doing testing and will announce support with a configuration white paper soon but I don't know.  I realize that HPE can't pre-announce in this forum but any statement of direction would be appreciated! PM OK...

If this is posted to the wrong forum, please move it or let me know.


RMC 3 Not accissibale from VcenterOpen in a New Window


i installed the HP Recovery Manager Central 3 in registered it in the Vcenter, when i am loged in to the webclient and go to the HPE RMC configuration i see for the first time the aaplaince name, it sain inacssisable and after initilizing it said failed and i dont see the applaince any more, if i try to add it it said that it all ready registered, what can i do?


please help me with that i am on it fro few days now.

see the attched files.


my email eranp@itlogic.co.il




nfs general questionOpen in a New Window

hi everyone, 

i have a question for a long time i hope you can help with her, can some one please explain to me in detail 

why we cant configure a NFS protocol on a native Fibrechannel infrastracture ?

fibre channel work on a block level which is a lower level then a file ( file composed of block at the end day ) and NFS  is a layer 7 protocol.

i don get it right at all please let me know , thank to all those who helps:-)


Wrong information in HP support websiteOpen in a New Window

Hello community.

I need to do a quick restore for my old VLS 9000, using the last QR ISO firmware version available (6.1.0), but in the website, the info in "release notes" tab is wrong, because correspond to an upgrade from a zip file, not from an iso file.

I would like to get the correct info to do this work. Can anyone to help me please?

The link is this:






SAP HANAOpen in a New Window

How to increase storage space within a HANA environment ? 


Need to Update Firmware on Brocade 4/12 SAN SwitchOpen in a New Window

Hi, I need to get firmware upgraded on 4 brocade 4/12 SAN switches for HP c-Class enclosures. The firmware on it at the moment is 5.3.0D. Is there somewhere that provides upgrade paths and also a time period for each upgrade. I have read that this should not require downtime if done one switch at a time. I just want to get more information on this if someone could point me in the right direction - thanks.


unable to delete files on HP Data DriveOpen in a New Window



I've been using HP Data drive for a while now and was surprised to get a "disc full" error. It seems I have a lot of files in the recycle bin that clutter my HP Drive.



The problem is, I can't seem to delete some of the files because they are too big! Trying to empty the bin or deleting them directly in the web interface results in "Error 413: Request Entity too large". 


I have transfered everything I needed out of the drive but I haven't found a way to format or wipe the disk...


Any help is appreciated





HP 507609-001 SAS BackplaneOpen in a New Window

Can anyone help me out with the pin outs (10 pin)  for the power connection on this backplane board? I am going to try and setup an array on my non-hp workstation.




Rick Stoffels



DAS with non HP SSDOpen in a New Window


we are building a storage solution with Samsung 850 PRO 1 TB disks

and I am wondering is there a diffrence using P212 /P411/P222/P421 controllers in terms of SDD endurance?

for example HP SSD Smart path


Configuring Dell PowerVault with HP SC11XeOpen in a New Window



I'm new to the forums and hoping someone could shed some light on what I'm trying to do here. I'm also fairly new to servers and I'm honestly not sure if this will even work, but I thought I'd check here before giving up!


I am looking to repurpose an old Dell PowerEdge 2950 server and a Dell PowerVault 220s. The only cards I have that will interface with the PV are HP SC11Xe's. 


I have installed the cards in the server, and my PV disks show during the boot process, but I cannot get into the SC11Xe BIOS to reconfigure them. Do you have any advice for me here?


Transceiver StatusOpen in a New Window


Can anyone advise why the (AJ764A),  HP 82Q 8Gb 2-port PCIe FC Host Bus Adapter shows in the device properties in Windows  with a 'SFP Transceiver Status' of 4Gb SFP present. I thought these cards were as desrcibed i.e. an 8Gb device ??



not original productOpen in a New Window



Product is not original, and not actual size,

supplier reprogram the controller chip that manages the memory.  They use special software to update the firmware, so that these drives now think they have more memory than they actually do.

Actual size after test is only 8GB not 1TB,



HP storage End of life matrix or pageOpen in a New Window

hello and good afternoon to all


I've been trying to locate if there is an END OF LIFE matrix or page for the HP STorage products. just like the one we have from the Networking products



Or if anyone knows a good resource to check on END of life product and their new replacement


what we need is a matrix to use as a reference to offer a new product when a product reaches EOL







Old DEC Equipment HSX30/35/40 ControllersOpen in a New Window

Hi Folks,

I am try ing to find out any information on the above controllers "HSX30/35/40 Controllers" if anyone has it would be much appreciated....i realise these are pretty old DEC Parts so any information at all would be very helpful Part numbers, Units they would have been used in etc






Most Reliable and Secure Cloud Storage Service?Open in a New Window

Hello. I used to use Dropbox, but I heard that their security policy is much more lax than I was led to believe. Apparently their employees have basically unlimited access to your files.

The issue is that I'm a lawyer, and so I have an obligation to keep client files confidential. I'm not confident that Dropbox can meet my needs, so does anyone know of a similar cloud service that takes privacy seriously? I heard CloudBacko was good, but I wanted some suggestions.



What it is expected shelf life for Hard drives used in a Smart Array P410Open in a New Window

I looking have so others share their  opinioins to  know what the expected  shelf life would be for this type of storage used in  24/7 with heavy io usage. I would think the norm, for Tapes, Hard drives and servers is usually 3yrs, Max 5? Can anyone provide any feed back or suggestions on how to determine when the hardware would be replaced? 


Thank you in advance.

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