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MSSQL Catalyst Plugin can't Connect to SQL-ServerOpen in a New Window


When trying to backup an MSSQL-Server database using the extended stored Procedure/dll deliverd with the Catalyst Plugin I ma getting the following Error:

ERROR: Failed to connect to SQL Server .: A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server) Error : -1

I am running this command:
exec xp_StoreOnce 'BACKUP DATABASE [master] TO STORE=''<IP/Store_name>''

When starting the Backup via the Plugin itself it works fine:
HPStoreOnceForMSSQL.exe  -backup "BACKUP Database [master] TO STORE='<IP/Store_name>' 
 -instance <MYINSTANCE>

I have also tried to use different quotationmarks with $Instance without success.

Has anybody been able to back up a database from a named instance using the Plugin and the extended stored procedure so far?






StoreOnce Hostname changeOpen in a New Window

How to change the hostname, if possible, on a StoreOne 5500 with firmware 3.16.3


StoreOnce Catalyst over FiberOpen in a New Window

I have a StoreOnce at my primary site as well as a secondary site.  I have fiber going from a server at the primary site and can do a Catalyst over Fiber backup.  I now have a second server at my secondary site that also has fiber.  The StoreOnce at the seconday site aslo has fiber.  I have created a new device off of this new server to the Secondary site StoreOnce in hopes of doing a restore.  But when I select restore it always goes back to the source server/StoreOnce even though I have changed my target.  What might I have set up wrong? FDC_CDC_MediaList.jpgFDC_Replaced_CDC.jpg


SQL backup failing due to access issues while using the agent (HPStoreOnceForMSSQL.exe)Open in a New Window

Hello There,

Have a requirement to use the HPStoreOnceForMSSQL.exe agent for automated backup to a catalyst store. Everything appears to have been configured correctly. My environment looks like this:

  • Storeonce - Catalyst store with permissions granted to all clients
  • HPStoreOnceForMSSQL.exe agent running on a remote SQL server

Used the agent GUI to add a catalyst store and everytime an attepmt to take a backup from the SQL server is made we  get an access denied error message.

Can anyone help?


StoreOnce Catalyst sizeOpen in a New Window

Hello, when I point my Veeam server to the StoreOnce catalyst, it is only reporting that it sees 14TB of space, when the array is 28TB.  For some reason the StoreOnce created two 14TB volumes so I'm assuming that's what Veeam sees.  Why can't it utilize the whole array?  Thanks.



StoreOnce D2D - Domain management and CIFS access when SMBv1 disabledOpen in a New Window


We have a StoreOnce 3100 running code 3.15..3.  We would like to add the device to our Windows domain so that we can manage using domain accounts, and also use domain permissions on the CIFS shares.  For security puproses the Windows team have disabled SMBv1 on the DC.  Whilst this is disabled we are unable to add the D2D to the domain - once re-enabled we can add the device to the domain.  If we add the device to the domain whilst SMBv1 is enabled, and then disable SMBv1, the D2D stays connected to the domain however we are unable to connect to the CIFS shares.

It looks to us like the StoreOnce code is still reliant on using SMBv1 - is this correct and if so does anybody know when this will change?




Storeonce 10GB NIC team with Cisco shows IndependentOpen in a New Window

I currently have a 1GB 4 NIC team humming along in mode 4. With the exact same settings, I cannot get the 10GB team to work. It remains stuck in (I) Stand Alone. Any ideas?


switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 500
switchport nonegotiate


switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 500
switchport nonegotiate
spanning-tree portfast edge
channel-protocol lacp
channel-group 15 mode active


Added 10GB network - Cutover from 1GBOpen in a New Window

I recently got a 10GB core switch and I want to cutover my storeonce to 10GB. I can create the port set, however, how do I cutover to it from 1GB? I can remove the subnet from 1GB and add it to the 10GB in one change, hit apply? I dont wan to try it and kick it offline.

Thank you




Storeonce DIskOpen in a New Window


We have a 1T storeonce where backups were reaching the limits for backin up data.    Due to a lack of knowledge about the licensing for storeonce we had upgraded one of the systems disks to 1.25Tb, which is now an unsupported license;

Is there a possibility to schrink this disk without loss of backed up data ?   Or do we have to recreate this virtual applicance to get this fixed.

Thaks for a prompt reply.



StoreOnce Replication synchronisation problemOpen in a New Window


i have a problem in the replication between two identical storeonce systems that i have installed one in HQ and one in DR.

I am using VTLs and same VTLs are replicating to the DR site.
The replication was working properly but now it is taking forever and is not completing it is always in synchronising state.

noting that only one VTL is configured to replicate to DR now for testing purposes.

first i have tried Un map and re map the replication to see if that works. the replication started, one tape synced 10% and everything stopped later on…

After it i tried to delete the cart/files on the target and then let the replication happen again  the synchronization began but didn’t complete anything. it stayed at 0%


Charbel Aoun


Support for StoreOnce VSA when on 60 Day TrialOpen in a New Window

I called StoreOnce support for help getting my StoreOnce VSA going so I can start testing, but they won't help because there's no serial number for my VSA in the system.

Am I outta luck?


No license installed on D2D B6500Open in a New Window


Please have a look at this and advice:

On the HP D2D B6500, the command line interface shows the followings: 

License# show

License (s):

No licenses installed



Please i would like to know about the implication of having nolicenses installed.










Update BIOS HP StoreOnce D2D2504iOpen in a New Window


I want to update bios for my D2D2504i but I can't download the firmware SP54305.exe :


Can you help me please?



StoreOnce 4220 AD Authentication Fails with "Network path was not found"Open in a New Window

Hey all,

Got a StoreOnce 4220 that refuses to play nicely with Active Directory. When authentication is set to AD for the CIFS share, the box refuses to allow the Windows Shared Folder snap-in to manage permissions. It can't even enumerate the shares. Shares are visible in Windows Explorer, but "Nework path was not found" is presented when attempting to access it. This happens from Win7, Server 2008 R2, and Server 2012 clients. Screens attached.

Appropriate domain users have been added to the ACL on the device. I've fought this for three days now. What gives? Do I need to put this thing on its own VLAN and remove authentication altogether? 


Catalyst Backup -StoreOnce3100Open in a New Window

I have purchased one StoreOnce3100 but not any backup Software like HPE Data Protector. Two windws sql database server would be client of StoreOnce.

Now how could I map and configure it as Disk backup system?



SAN and StoreoneOpen in a New Window

hi, good day to all people,

 I ihave a SW SAN 5100 Brocade with version firmware v6.4.3c (to old) and I need chek if this version cant work with astoreone 5100.

Is it possible any person in this forum tell me if this configuration work or where I can chek this information please?



StoreOnce VSA 1TB new deployment (3.16.2-1712.1) catalyst + Veeam B&R errorsOpen in a New Window

Brand new lab deployment with SO 1TB. Standard config w/1TB volume and everything looks fine. Added to VBR 9.5 as Catalyst repo and attempted test job; immediate errors in job.

Opened case with Veeam; they're saying it's all coming from the SO.

[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| ERR |Failed to perform final file flush.
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| >> |OSCLT_CLTERR_DATA_SESSION_IN_ERROR_STATE. Err: -3999
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| >> |SeekToWrite operation has failed. Object: '[so1] so1-store1:/Backup_Job_14/myvm.vm-95D2017-05-08T144213.vbk'. Distance to move: '4096'.
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| >> |An exception was thrown from thread [6856].
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| Closing data session for file [so1] so1-store1:/Backup_Job_14/myvm.vm-95D2017-05-08T144213.vbk:2274682671440

 Going to trash everything and try again, but given that "SO VSA 1TB is self-help support" I really hope this is a one-off and not a serious defect in the current code.


StorceOnce VSA 10 TbOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

We have a StoreOnce VSA 10 TB on Hyper-V. The system is connected directly to the backupserver.
What will be the best way to get the biggest troughput. I started with bondig 2 interfaces, but only on is used. Next I tried to use MPIO with load balancing. Biut the ISCSI Target is shown on one Interface only. I think MPIO must set up in Storeonce. How can I do? I did not find any way.




StoreOnce 6500 VTL creation/deletion issueOpen in a New Window


I have replicating VTL and replication got stuck.

I have removed replication and tried deleting target VTL to restart from scratch.

However VTL deletion is stuck for 1 day now with status "Deleting".

I also tried creating new target VTL but now creation is stuck with status "Unknown".

Not sure what to do next.

Any suggestions?



HPE StoreOnce 3540 NewbiesOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

        Thanks for accepting me to the community. I have a question on StoreOnce 3540 24TB. Regarding on connection to the servers to backup. Can I use StoreOnce 3540 Without the options below connection below or the storeonce will not will if I will not purchase this. :)

Also refer to Network/Channel Cards

• HPE StoreOnce 10 GbE Network Card

• HPE StoreOnce 10 GbE-T Network Card

• HPE StoreOnce 8 Gb Fibre Channel Card

• HPE StoreOnce 16 Gb Fibre Channel Card


Thank you in advance !

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