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StoreOnce 4220 AD Authentication Fails with "Network path was not found"Open in a New Window

Hey all,

Got a StoreOnce 4220 that refuses to play nicely with Active Directory. When authentication is set to AD for the CIFS share, the box refuses to allow the Windows Shared Folder snap-in to manage permissions. It can't even enumerate the shares. Shares are visible in Windows Explorer, but "Nework path was not found" is presented when attempting to access it. This happens from Win7, Server 2008 R2, and Server 2012 clients. Screens attached.

Appropriate domain users have been added to the ACL on the device. I've fought this for three days now. What gives? Do I need to put this thing on its own VLAN and remove authentication altogether? 


Catalyst Backup -StoreOnce3100Open in a New Window

I have purchased one StoreOnce3100 but not any backup Software like HPE Data Protector. Two windws sql database server would be client of StoreOnce.

Now how could I map and configure it as Disk backup system?



SAN and StoreoneOpen in a New Window

hi, good day to all people,

 I ihave a SW SAN 5100 Brocade with version firmware v6.4.3c (to old) and I need chek if this version cant work with astoreone 5100.

Is it possible any person in this forum tell me if this configuration work or where I can chek this information please?



StoreOnce VSA 1TB new deployment (3.16.2-1712.1) catalyst + Veeam B&R errorsOpen in a New Window

Brand new lab deployment with SO 1TB. Standard config w/1TB volume and everything looks fine. Added to VBR 9.5 as Catalyst repo and attempted test job; immediate errors in job.

Opened case with Veeam; they're saying it's all coming from the SO.

[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| ERR |Failed to perform final file flush.
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| >> |OSCLT_CLTERR_DATA_SESSION_IN_ERROR_STATE. Err: -3999
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| >> |SeekToWrite operation has failed. Object: '[so1] so1-store1:/Backup_Job_14/myvm.vm-95D2017-05-08T144213.vbk'. Distance to move: '4096'.
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| >> |An exception was thrown from thread [6856].
[08.05.2017 14:42:41] < 6856> storeonce| Closing data session for file [so1] so1-store1:/Backup_Job_14/myvm.vm-95D2017-05-08T144213.vbk:2274682671440

 Going to trash everything and try again, but given that "SO VSA 1TB is self-help support" I really hope this is a one-off and not a serious defect in the current code.


StorceOnce VSA 10 TbOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

We have a StoreOnce VSA 10 TB on Hyper-V. The system is connected directly to the backupserver.
What will be the best way to get the biggest troughput. I started with bondig 2 interfaces, but only on is used. Next I tried to use MPIO with load balancing. Biut the ISCSI Target is shown on one Interface only. I think MPIO must set up in Storeonce. How can I do? I did not find any way.




StoreOnce 6500 VTL creation/deletion issueOpen in a New Window


I have replicating VTL and replication got stuck.

I have removed replication and tried deleting target VTL to restart from scratch.

However VTL deletion is stuck for 1 day now with status "Deleting".

I also tried creating new target VTL but now creation is stuck with status "Unknown".

Not sure what to do next.

Any suggestions?



HPE StoreOnce 3540 NewbiesOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

        Thanks for accepting me to the community. I have a question on StoreOnce 3540 24TB. Regarding on connection to the servers to backup. Can I use StoreOnce 3540 Without the options below connection below or the storeonce will not will if I will not purchase this. :)

Also refer to Network/Channel Cards

• HPE StoreOnce 10 GbE Network Card

• HPE StoreOnce 10 GbE-T Network Card

• HPE StoreOnce 8 Gb Fibre Channel Card

• HPE StoreOnce 16 Gb Fibre Channel Card


Thank you in advance !


storeonce, catalyst, minimal bandwidth?Open in a New Window


Can't find is there any minimal bandwidth required between StoreOnce and client if catalyst is in use.

Is it possible to use it , let's say, over 1Mbit link?

Could you, please, help me?

Thank you!


Storeonce 3100 ReplicaOpen in a New Window


i'm looking for more information about replication betwen nas share over two or more StoreOnce.

1) General Bandwidth Limit defined on source, limit bandwith only from source? If the same StoreOnce recive a replica this limitation don't affect this copy?

2) Maximum Jobs (source and target) how intercat with General Bandwith limit

3) During replica there are a descritpion of a truoghput, example:

Average Throughput    
0.7 MB/s using 0.3 Mb/s bandwidth, saving 95 %

how is calculated?

Excuse for my bad english, thanks in advance




StoreOnce and RMC connectivity with 3parOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I've a question regarding SAN zoning configuration of RMC with StoreOnce and 3par. i want to perform express protect through RMC [I heard that express protect directly backup from 3par to StoreOnce].

How should i zoned RMC with StoreOnce and 3par ?[RMC=>VM installed on ESXi with passthrough]

Should i use single initiator , single target or RMC + StoreOnce +3PAR in one zone ?

If there is any document available,Please share the link.

any advice would be highly appriciated.

many thanks




hard drive inventory through API or CLIOpen in a New Window

Is there anyway to gather the hard drive inventory for a StoreOnce system (specifially the 6500) from either the CLI or the API SDK?

I found I could view it through the web GUI by expanding out the hardware, storage clusters, drive enclosures, sub enclosures, and drives, but even this isn't really ideal for an eight-node system I have which has many couplets and drive enclosures, and it also can't be exported out into a CSV or anything similar.




Recovery of StoreOnce VSA data-disk to new VSA?Open in a New Window

During investigation about how to get the most efficiency out of our backup-storage, and provide a flexible interface to it from our different backup-applications (MS DPM and Veeam), we have come across HP StoreOnce VSA.

We have established a test-setup, based on the free 1TB-license, with deployment of the VSA into our HyperV-environment. Here we are testing different setups around the StoreOnce, before jumping into buying those bigger TB-licenses, and it is all looking very promising.

However, while testing for failure or disaster-recovery of the StoreOnce-VSA itself, I haven't been able to find a way to re-attach an existing data-disk to a new (re)deployed VSA.
So... can anyone help me to come to a clear understanding, if it is possible to re-attach a previousl StoreOnce-VSA datadisk onto another VSA to regain access to the stored data?
And is it possible to export the configuration of the original VSA, and import it into a new VSA, in case of defect of the original one?

If not possible, of course we can always utilize backup-routines of the StoreOnce-VSA's themselfes, but here we would have to secure backup thru alternative backup/storage-systems, independent of the StoreOnce-VSA's...
So it will be preferred if it is possible to re-attach data-disks onto new VSA's.


Best regards,
Mikael K.


StoreOnce VSAOpen in a New Window


I know this isn't the correct forum but people here will probably know the answer.

I have two StoreOnce 50TB VSA's and want to save the config to an off-site file.  With my physical StoreOnce's I can do this and SFTP the config file to another place.  It seems to be not possible with the VSA.  Is this correct?



StoreOnce bulk acknowledge eventsOpen in a New Window

Is there any way to bulk acknowledge all events in StoreOnce 4500 (web or CLI)?

I'm a bit tired of clicking multiple times on dozens of pages by 20 events.

Software version 3.13.3 if it matters.


StoreOnce Upgrade v2 to v3Open in a New Window


i am using Backup Exec 2015 with a StoreOnce D2D 4324 G2.
Software Version is

Right now i have some issues with Housekeeping/Dedup-Ratio.
Dedup Ratio is pretty bad (1.5:1). Disks are filling up and Housekeeping received about 15.000 Jobs but seems not to process ones.

The Software Version is pretty old and i am think about upgrading to v3 hoping everything becomes better.
Does this make sense? Any improvements? I have a second Shelf installed on my StoreOnce. I don't have the original License for the Second Shelf. Am i able to export the License or will the License be migrated if i am upgrading vom v2 to v3?

Please give me a short Feedback to the upgrading process.

Many Thanks.
Kind Regards



Storeonce Catalyst APIOpen in a New Window

Hello there,
been searching specifications of Catalyst API for third-party integration with no success. On a white paper it says they've been 'published' but I can't seem to find anything but usual Storeonce REST SDK which are nice for reporting but not if you want to tightly integrate with Catalyst.

Anyone has any info?

Thank you


how to do backups and restores from Management Studio to StoreOnce?Open in a New Window


'STORE' is not a recognized Device Type option.
Msg 319, Level 15, State 1, Line 1
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'with'. If this statement is a common table expression, an xmlnamespaces clause or a change tracking context clause, the previous statement must be terminated with a semicolon.


StoreOnce RMC for Hyper-VOpen in a New Window

Hello, is StoreOnce RMC supported on Hyper-V?  The response I got from HPE support was kind of vague, and I don't see any references to it in any of the guides.  Thanks.



Data Protector 8.13 issue with post backup replicationsOpen in a New Window

Error - Happened when replicating backup data with post-backup replication.

CSM: Bad catalog access for message #0 in set 12

Website search does not produce exact error message.



Max Number of Catalyst Stores on a StoreOnce 5100/5500 and 6500/6600Open in a New Window

How StoreOnce Catalyst Stores  can you create on a 4100/5500 or 6500/6600?

What is the max Number of connections to a single Catalyst Store?



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