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HPE Storage Solutions Forum - Disk-Based Backup
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StoreOnce RMC for Hyper-VOpen in a New Window

Hello, is StoreOnce RMC supported on Hyper-V?  The response I got from HPE support was kind of vague, and I don't see any references to it in any of the guides.  Thanks.



Data Protector 8.13 issue with post backup replicationsOpen in a New Window

Error - Happened when replicating backup data with post-backup replication.

CSM: Bad catalog access for message #0 in set 12

Website search does not produce exact error message.



Max Number of Catalyst Stores on a StoreOnce 5100/5500 and 6500/6600Open in a New Window

How StoreOnce Catalyst Stores  can you create on a 4100/5500 or 6500/6600?

What is the max Number of connections to a single Catalyst Store?




StoreOnce Catalyst Store connect to a Dataprotector 9 Device with FibreChannelOpen in a New Window

I will connect a StoreOnce Catalyst Store to a Dataprotector 9 Device with Fibre Channel.

I must define the "Deduplication System"

What ist the in the Device  Definition the FC  Address for the FC? Port WWN? Or what is possible.

I read this is only possible for Windows/Linux. 




HPE Storeonce with IBM SAN Director CompatibilityOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

Anyone able to assit how can find the compatibility matrix between storeonce and ibm san director? I tried to check with data Agile BURA Compatibility Matrix for backup recovery & archive, under storeonce - storage networking only show a list of supported HP and Cisco san director/siwtch.

Does it mean this box doesn't support if to connect to IBM san director instead? Any other way can find the fact on this compatibility scenario?


D2D errorOpen in a New Window

Production Configuration" Error on Web Interface 


StoreOnce 5100 Replicating new dataOpen in a New Window

Anyone has idea on how to export data from StoreOnce (NAS & VTL) to media (HDD) and import into StoreOnce in remote site.

Recently we decided not to use Catalyst as backup target and start to use NAS share. That means the whole NAS share  build up backup data from scratch. And now we have an issue with replication jobs accumulating; replication job can never catch up the backup jobs to complete, due to limited WAN link speed

Although moving back the StoreOnce from remote site to local site to replicate is an option, we would like to check if there is any tools or methods to handle such situation. There is always new data to backup, and the WAN link is never fast enough to catch up. We understand that StoreOnce support source dedup such that replication can be speed up without replicating redundant data between StoreOnce, however this does not apply to new backup data.

So I am just wondering is there any good idea in handling this.

We have thought about stopping other replication jobs and only leave the new one to complete the replication. But it seems that StoreOnce does not offer any interface/CLI to pause or manage the existing replication jobs; administrator can only stop or start replication per VTL/NAS.


StoreOnce with Microsoft DPMOpen in a New Window

We are planning to purchase a SO3540 to use with MS DPM. DPM needs a disk pool and for that the SO has to be configured on the DPM server as local disk. I could see only NAS and VTL option on the SO. How do i configure SO with DPM for the disk pool?


4220 storeonceOpen in a New Window

Iused to use the knowledge base here at HP to troubleshoot and research issues; I wonder if it is still somewhere but I will try here

we have power outage

we are good until power outage

no I have a PSU bad

and I have ctrllr unable to read configuration error

I cannot start serviceset set1

segments are unavailable

I cannot find out what segments are

or why they are unavailalbe or what to do about it

I am hoping that if i find a backup config file then I will get back my configuration because I do not see any vtl

at all

how up a creek am I ?



June 29/30: HPE Storage Expert DayOpen in a New Window

HPE is hosting an Online Storage Expert Day on June 29th & 30th, 2016!  Mark this on your calendars!


What is an Online Expert Day? 

An Online Expert Day is an event where HPE Product Specialists, Consultants and other senior support team members join our online forums to answer your technical questions, even for products that are out of warranty. Online Expert Days give you a chance to talk directly to the HPE Experts!


What products are covered during the Storage Expert Day event?

  • 3PAR StoreServ Storage
  • StoreVirtual (LeftHand) Storage 
  • StoreOnce (D2D) Systems
  • StoreEver Tape Storage
  • StoreFabric (SAN) portfolio


Why should you come to the HPE Storage Expert Day?

The Storage Expert Day gives you the best chance to interact with Product Experts @ HPE, whilst giving you an opportunity to learn more about your storage product.

We’ll share our knowledge in the best ways to:

  • Troubleshoot a storage issue you are having;
  • Address hardware and software compatibility issues;
  • Answer queries on planning, installation, setup and configuration;
  • Identify spare & option part numbers;
  • Utilize diagnostic tools/utilities, understand error codes, interpret LEDs and analyze logs;
  • Choose the right storage box, backup device/application or even add the right amount of storage space;
  • Optimize your storage and fix other common problems.

Moreover, this event is touted as the “Super Bowl” of expert assistance, providing you access to an elite pool of internal and external product experts.

It doesn’t matter how old the Storage Device is or what it is connected to, we will do our best to help. 


How does the Online Expert Day event work?  


Starting on June 29, 2016 7am EDT / 12pm GMT, log on to the HPE Storage Forum and create new posts to ask your questions.

The Online Expert Day will end on June 30th, 2016 at 7am EDT / 12pm GMT. 

HPE Experts will be online in the forum and will do their best to answer your queries. They may need to get some more information from you, so please check the box "email me when someone replies". 

An online conversation will be born!

 If you need assistance using the forums, there are tips and tricks here.


HP VLS 9000 Storage-Getting message "Reestablishing bonded ethernet interface for eth1"Open in a New Window

Hi All,

Today I have face HP VLS9000 link down issue with both eth0 and eth1 and get message "Can not communicate with DiskArray", late I have restarted the Node with disk Array controller.

link down issue has resolved now but I am getting this message "Reestablishing bonded ethernet interface for eth1" contisuly with below information:

Event Id          : fafed7db-319e-45ca-8751-fb4508efd022

Event Severity    : INFO

Status            : OK

Software Version  : 2.3.1

Affected Component:>node0->NetworkConfig->eth1

Message           : Reestablishing bonded ethernet interface for eth1


please anyone help me to resolve this issue.


D2D Free spaceOpen in a New Window

I deleted about 1TB of data from a D2D unit.

The reported amount of free space is the same as before deleting.

How long should I wait in order to see more free space?




StoreOnce 5100 - Slow Restore Performance Veeam BackupOpen in a New Window


i´ve a BackupSolution with a HPE StoreOnce 5100 and a HP DL 380 Gen9 as BackupServer. We use Veeam Backup v9 as Backup Software. The StoreOnce is connected with 10 GBe to the BackupServer. Veeam use the Catalyst Store as Backup Repository.

The Backups are going very fast, with ca. 140 MB/s but we have big problems with the Restores. A restore of a entire VM is proceeding very fast, with more than 150 MB/s but the restore of some folders from the fileservers is gooing very very very slow with not more than 9 MB/s. Often the restore is proceeding with only a few hundret of KB/s.

We´ve open a case in Veeam but they could´nt help use.

Deos anyone have some recommondations or similar experience?

Thanks for your help



D2D 6500 FS Consistency checkOpen in a New Window


we rebooted out 6500 and it seems to have hickup'ed during reboot and failed over and is now running on a single node and running a consistency check.  Everything is stuck initializing, I imagine till it is done.  Does anyone know what the "progress" number it shows refers to so I have some idea when it might finish?





D2D4324 - G2 - Housekeeping / Dedup QuestionOpen in a New Window


i am using a HP D2D4324 G2 with Backup Exec 2014.
I think i have configured everything fine and read all Best Practices Guides.
The System ist running for about 1,5 Years now.

I realzied some days ago my dedup ratio is going down more and more.
A few month ago i had a dedup Ratio 10:1. Meanwhile i am at 3.5:1.
My used Disk Space is meanwhile at 88%.

I am not able to determine if there is a problem or not.
I am not able to expain, why my dedup ratio gets worse.

I attached a Screenshot from my Housekeeping Overview.
What i am wondering about is the many of received Jobs and the few proccessed ones.

Maybe some has any help for me.
Many Thanks!

Kind Regards


How to change B6500 system date?Open in a New Window

Dear friends,

I have an question about B6500: How to change B6500 system date?


Thanks !


StoreOnce 4700 GUI hangs when Catalyst Items deletedOpen in a New Window



After a catastrophic Data Protector crash we now have a lot of 'zombie' backup sessions left on our StoreOnce 4700.  The only way I can clean these up is to delete the individual catalyst items using the StoreOnce web GUI.  However, after deleting about four or five items the StoreOnce web GUI completely hangs and the only way of restoring GUI access is by rebooting the StoreOnce appliance completely.  While the web interface is hanging all other functions (backup/restore) continue to function.


Any ideas?




StoreOnce 2620Open in a New Window


I have problem in StoreOne the replication not completed at the certain time take more time and cause fail in network.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advanced.


Storeonce 4420 outbound replication pausingOpen in a New Window

Hi folks,

Hope we're all back online after the HP split.

I have a replication question. Recently we upgraded our datacentre D2D2504i to a StoreOnce 4420 with software v3.12. One of the original D2D jobs was a set of replication tasks back to another D2D2504i on a separate site which worked fine.

I have set up the 4420 as a source to the still-licenced replication target and they can both see each other in the relevent appliance details tabs. Recreated the replication jobs and they start but instantly pause. Then restart and pause. Repeat ad infinitum.

Nothing is logged apart from 'replication job paused'. Before the festive season I found one paragraph in a StoreOnce manual that gave the impression I was attempting to set up a 'fan out' configuration which apparently isn't supported, but if I'm simply trying to copy 5 shares from one device to another with room to spare on the destination does anyone know why it won't run?



Free StoreOnce VSA 1TB - Possible upgrade to 3.13.1 ?Open in a New Window


I have the StoreOnce 1TB free license. the latest release is 3.13.0. I need 3.13.1 to fully integrate the VSA with Veeam Backup and Replication.

Veeam engineer provided me an upgrade file but doesn't work because it is not signed by HP.

Does anyone know if is possible, (and how/where) to download an official 3.13.1 upgrade ?

thanks in advance

Kind regards


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