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Smart Array P420i in Embedded Slot WarningThe cache is permanently disabled HEALTH AMBER LED BlinkinOpen in a New Window

HP Proliant DL380p G8 server health led is blinking 

below is the ADU report


ACU Version
Diagnostic Module Version
Time Generated Thursday December 01, 2016 9:49:46AM

Device Summary:
Smart Array P420i in Embedded Slot

Consolidated Error Report:
Controller: Smart Array P420i in Embedded Slot
Message: The cache is permanently disabled

Report for Smart Array P420i in Embedded Slot

Smart Array P420i in Embedded Slot : Device Error Report

Device Severity Error
---------------------------------- -------- ---------------------------------
Smart Array P420i in Embedded Slot Warning The cache is permanently disabled


smart array p212/256 raid6 licenseOpen in a New Window

hi there,

i just want to use raid6 on my smart array p212.

as it seems i can not buy a license anymore and i read a statement, that with firmware 6.64 i should not have to since raid6 has been enabled without license.

so now i am running the p212 with fw 6.64 but i got still no option for raid6 despite entering a license key.

could anyone please give me a hint? thx


Configure Logical Arry with hpssacliOpen in a New Window

How to configure logical array thru command line? With hpssacli command I'm having difficulty creating multiple logcal arrays (hpssacli allows to select all drives / some drives but with rest of the drives I'm not able to create 2nd logical array) 

Can anyone share the command to create multiple logical arrays?



Part number for Fusion IO Duo IO AcceleratorOpen in a New Window

I have a 2.4TB Fusion IO Due, HP part no. 674328-001 for which the auxiliary power cable has been lost.  I need to purchase a new power cable but HP seems quite helpless to assist me with this simple request.  Can anyone please provide me the part number for the power cable, tell me where I can purchase it, and confirm it will work with the HP-branded card?


Smart Array P212 SATA 3Open in a New Window

Hi all!

Does Smart Array P212 support SATA 3 disks (SATA 6Gbit/s)?

Thanks in advance.



Transformation Priority?Open in a New Window

I'm using P420i raid card. When I setup the raid, the Transformation Priority always default is LOW. But I want change it to medium or high. Where I can change it?

Note: In raid setup GUI don't have this option 

Smart Array P420i

Smart Array P420i


Erasing SAS drives with a P410Open in a New Window

I need to erase a pile of SAS drives (12G DP 10K 900GB 787647-001).   I don't have a spare HP server with SAS to do it.

I purchased an HP P410 (462919-001) controller and a cable set on Amazon.  I installed it in an old Dell SC1430. It initializes and an LED is green.

I can boot the HP ACU offline CD and the controller is recognized.  I was able to install an eval license. I get code 347 (cache not configured) and 267 (no drives) status codes.

The drives don't even spin up. I know the SATA power edges are on.

What am I missing?  The explanation for the code 267 says 1) there are no supported drives connected (meaning these drives aren't compatibel with this controller) or 2) a bad cable 3) dupe SCSI IDs (still happens with one drive attached) or 3) power to drives is off (nope) or 4) missing OS drivers (not applicable under ACU, right?)


HP SmartArray P812 and non HP serverOpen in a New Window

hi all!

i have HP SA P812.
I insert it in server Supermicro with system board X9DRi-F.
After message "Slot 5 HP Smart Array P812 Controller", server not booted

In server ML 350G5 this controller work property.

What i must do for use controler on Supermicro?


HP Smart Array firmware downgradeOpen in a New Window

Good day,

I recently installed HP Smart Array 642 into Dell server running Win2003. I just updated firmware when I noticed HP raid controller doesn't offer (F8) to configure it when booting.

Could you please tell me how to find some old firmwares for this controller? Maybe there is some hp ftp server...


P420/2GB and Supermicro X8DTN+Open in a New Window

Dear all,


I just installed P420 on my Supermicro X8DTN+ motherboard. when the system boots up, it recognizes the card and show the initialization process, but no option to enter to the configuration panel.

I also use some HP DL380P G8 machines which are very easy to configure via ACU.


My question is: is there any hot key to enter the configuration panel? or, whether is the card compatible with the motherboard?

My goal is to use the RAID for my ESXi VMFS environment.




SSA Status Message Reports Parity Initialization and PDU has no Alerts on Smart Array E200iOpen in a New Window



I was checking the status on a e200i I on a Windows server so first I installed HP SSA and it showed:


HP SSA Version:

Recognized: Smart Array E200i ->  Information Status Message(s)
785 Background parity initialization is currently queued or in progress on Logical Drive 2. If background parity initialization is queued, it will start when I/O is performed on the drive. When background parity initialization completes, the performance of the logical drive will improve.


So I left the server go for a few days and checked back and it showed the same status message.  At that point I performed a firmware upgrade of the e200I controller to the latest, as well as updated the windows driver to the latest available.  SSA still reported the same Partity Initialization.  At this point I installed the latest HP ACU/ADU since I realize SSA is a bit newer then the e200i controller and thought possibly it did not fully support it in hope that the ADU may have more information.  To my surprise ADU showed no issue:


HP ADU/ACU Version:

Recognized: Smart Array E200i in Embedded Slot
There are no status alerts at this time


THats where I am at now.  I am not sure which to beleive?  Is their any more accurate way to verify the controller's status and/or get the Parity Initialization to complete or correct the status message in SSA if it is incorrect?


Any thoughts / suggestions that will be appreciated!



how to update p400 firmware on linuxOpen in a New Window



I just intalled P400 on my system and checked it with hapcucli for firmware version. It says:


Smart Array P400 in slot 21 : Identify Controller

Configured Logical Drives 0 (0x00)
Configuration Signature 0x12345678
RAM Firmware Revision 5.20
ROM Firmware Revision 5.20
Hardware Revision 0x04
Boot Block Revision 0.03


I found the latest firmware update here:



but I am unable to install it:


[root@serenity Downloads]# ./CP013971.scexe

HP Enclosure ROM Flash.
Flash Engine Version: 2.06.10
Copyright (c) 2006-2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company L.P.

No devices updated.


Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I also tried to find "firmware maintanance CD" from page above but it apperas that links to it are broken.


Thanks in advance for any help


P410 Boot LoopOpen in a New Window

Hello everybody,


i am building a NAS and wanted to implement a 3x3TB RAID 5.

After i learned that P400 Controller cannot manage >2TB (only showed 2TB / drive), i have ordered a P410/256 Controller.

The system did boot, but the controller showed there were no manageable hard drives.

So i did an online firmware upgrade (v 6.64), since the capability of managing more than 2 TB per drive were later implemented.

After the update, the display showed his good old "initalizing ... ***" but then rebooted and kept rebooting.

Whithout the controller, the system boots just fine. I have tried a lot of bios-changes, but nothing worked.


I am using a Windows Server 2012 R2 with this Hardware:

Asus P8P67 Rev 3 Mainboard

Intel Celeron G1620 Dualcore 2,7GHz Ivy Bridge CPU

1x 4GB Crucial DDR3-1600 RAM

1x 60GB Intel SSD330 Series OS-SSD

3x 3TB Intenso HDD

350 Watt Corsair VS PSU

Radeon Hd5000 Series PCIe GPU for low level configuration (rdp needs a booted OS and the board does not support intel iGPU)


Every component of the system uses most recent bios/firmware version.


There are many similar problem posts in different forums over the internet, but i only found 1 solution which was specific for a supermicro board/bios.


I found no way to downgrade the firmware since the reboot-loop is the first thing to appear after switching the system on. I cant even access EFI when the controller is inserted.

I tried to put it in another slot. Did not change the behavior.


Does anybody knows a way to change the firmware-version or even solve the boot loop with the most recent firmware-version?


Thank you for your help.




P.S: Sorry for any mistakes, i am no native english speaker. I have posted  this over at the consumer/other products forum, but were told to better try it here. If this should not be the right place, could a mod please move it? Thanks.


CLI Command to start RebuildOpen in a New Window

Hey there,


I upgraded the BIOS of my Supermicro Mainboard. After the upgrade the Smart Array P410 reports "Ready to Rebuild" on one Logical Drive. (no disk seems to have actually died)


Unfourtunatly I cannot press F1/F2 while the SA is booting because the Supermicro enteres a Bootloop if the OPROM is loading.


I can just manage the controller from the operating System.


Can anyone tell me the CLI command to start the rebuild?







=> ctrl slot=2 ld all show status

logicaldrive 1 (7.3 TB, 5): Ready for Rebuild
logicaldrive 3 (2.7 TB, 6): OK

=> ctrl slot=2 pd all show status

physicaldrive 2I:0:6 (port 2I:box 0:bay 6, 4000.7 GB): OK
physicaldrive 2I:0:7 (port 2I:box 0:bay 7, 4000.7 GB): OK
physicaldrive 2I:0:8 (port 2I:box 0:bay 8, 4000.7 GB): OK
physicaldrive 1I:0:1 (port 1I:box 0:bay 1, 1 TB): OK
physicaldrive 1I:0:2 (port 1I:box 0:bay 2, 1 TB): OK
physicaldrive 1I:0:3 (port 1I:box 0:bay 3, 1 TB): OK
physicaldrive 1I:0:4 (port 1I:box 0:bay 4, 1 TB): OK
physicaldrive 2I:0:5 (port 2I:box 0:bay 5, 1 TB): OK


HP Smart Array P212 SAS controller card disable RAID array featureOpen in a New Window

I have a HP Smart Array P212/256 1-ports Int/1-ports Ext PCIe x8 SAS Controller (PN: 462834-B21), would like to use it connect to HP external backup tape drive (HP Ultrium 1840 SAS External WW Drive)


I try put it into PCI-E slot of HP z420 desktop, it keeps rebooting on startup screen.


Any clue on how to disable its RAID feature? only want to use its SAS controller feature.




acu won't find myy p400Open in a New Window

I just bougt a p400, and I've connected a few disks to it. But whenever I use the acu software, one that has p400 listed as a supported card, it won't find the card. The card is recognised by my MB, It's listed as a bootoption. sytemspecs are:


amd athlon 2.8ghz (2009)

old asus mb (2009)

2x2gb ddr2 ram @ 800mhz

400W psu


driver SMART ARRAY 5300 CONTROLLEROpen in a New Window

 someone help me?


HP Smart Array P410i with 1719 and 1797Open in a New Window

I have a server with a HP Smart Array P410i; it has the below errors.


1719-Slot 0 Drive Array - A controller failure event occurred prior to this Power-up
1797-Slot 0 Drive Array - Array Accelerator Read Error Occurred Array Accelerator is disabled.


I attached a scream shot.

How do I fix this? The OS still boots up.


HP Smart Array P410i Controller Replacement RecoveryOpen in a New Window

Hi All


Im using an HP SMart Array P410 controller card in a non HP server.


Yesterday one of the drives failed.


I replaced the drive and pressed F1 to start automatic recovery.


There is no way for me to see the progress of the recovery? It just boots back into Vmware but my VM's wont start anymore.


Where can I see the progress of the disc recovery?


Im running ESXi 5.5


Thank you.




Smart Array P400Open in a New Window

I am setting up a workstation with some  old equipment.  I am new to RAID & SAS, so, sorry if this is a stupid question...


I want to run 3 SATA disks in RAID 0


I also have a sata to esata port adapter, that I want to use to hotplug hdd for occasional backup of the raid.


Does it matter how I connect to the 2 SAS ports?


i.e. should the raid be on one and esata on the other?


or should i connect 2 drive to each?


or just use 1 for everything?


Thank you.


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