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Disk Array


Thank you.


HP Smart Array P410/512MB with BBWC and 6GB/S SATA disksOpen in a New Window

The QuickSpecs show that 6GB/s SAS disks and 3GB/s SATA disks are supported. I wonder if anyone has expierence with these disks on a P410. Does the controller recognize the disks? Does it downshift the speed to 3GB/s? Or does it work at 6GB/s?


Hope someone can tell me.


MDS600 - bay 1 of each drawer not redundnantOpen in a New Window


Curious situation.



3G SAS switches 2.2.15

MDS600 2.66


Warning Alert from the ACU


799 Logical Drive 1 (20.0 TB, RAID 1+0) is degraded due to the loss of a redundant path. 


In each drawer of the MDS600, only the first drive in bay # 1 is not protected by redundancy.


All other drive bays in the device report a redundant alternate path.


I didn't even think that was possible, but since all the other bays are protected, I assume it can't be a cabling problem.


Perhaps Scientist versus Engineer, do we start the array counting from zero or one?


Engaging with Technical support on Monday.




Changing IP addresses for Data Ports on MSA15150iOpen in a New Window



We are in the process of changing the IP addresses in our office and I was wondering if it's possilble to change the IP addresses already added on the Data Ports. If this is not possible, how will this impact availability of the existing Logica Units created and been used by some Xen Server hosts that we have in our environment.


From what I've read so far, there's no option to just motify the existing IPs, they need to be deleted and added again but there are Portals and Portal Groups with devices already mapped to them. Will these devices be available again to the hosts when they have been recreated with the new IPs and the configuration files on the Xen Hosts updated to reflect the new IP addresses?


Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


Gustavo Verduzco


HSV 110 and HSV 200-A - EVA 4000 starterkit 146 GB HDDOpen in a New Window

I have two recently acquired storageworks, obviously not new, where can find documentation and software?
HSV200-A and HSV 110

EVA 4000 starterkit 146 GB HDD


Firmware Upgrade on HP MSA 2312iOpen in a New Window

Hello all,


Need your help in upgrading the firmware of HP MSA 2312 i. Currently version of the array is M110R21 and we would like to upgrade it to M112R14-02. 


Please let me know the step by step proceddure for the firmware upgrade process.





MSA 1500CS y linuxOpen in a New Window

Hola tengo instalado un storage msa 1500cs a un servidor linux, cuando utilizo el software ACU solo

muestra la controladora de array interna del servidor, pero no muestra la del storage.

La version de ACU es 8.7


Alguien puede darme una mano?



HP Smart Array P400 E-mail notificationOpen in a New Window


I want to ask you if is some possibility how to ensure HP smart array P400 sends e-mails when some event (mainly error) occure?

I use Windows 2008 R2, I downloaded and installed:
HP ProLiant Smart Array SAS/SATA Controller Driver for Windows Server 2008 x64 Edition 
HP ProLiant Smart Array SAS/SATA Event Notification Service for Windows Server 2008 x64 Editions
HP ProLiant Array Configuration Utility for Windows

The following I could not install:
HP Insight Management Agents for Windows Server 2003/2008 x64 Editions 

The following error occured:

The software is not supported for installation on this system.
The installation program couldn't find the appropriate system management controller driver which is required but is not currently installed. Please install the appropriate system management controller driver and then rerun the setup program.
Press 'Close' to exit Setup.

I didnt find any sw which would send e-mail notification about HP array status. Do you have some tips?

Thansk for advice.


How to calculate Input Power and Heat release for EVA4400 with enclousersOpen in a New Window

Hello. Please if someone knows, tell me where i can find information about Power needed to Eva4400 with 8 enclousers work.  And about Heat releases.

Something like "BladeSystem Power Sizer" but just for other equipment like eva4400, enclousers with Hdd's, MSL's e t.c.


Thank you


Migrate SVSP LUN to EVA - using SVSP / SAN Virtualization, then EXPORTING destination LUN: How?Open in a New Window

We have some native SVSP LUNs/Disks, which were originally created on SVSP, and since been populated with data (ESX, File-data, SQL server etc). Now we want to copy a particular LUN to second EVA (also configured on SVSP) - and eventually present this large 2 TB-LUN to a host directly (need to bypass SVSP). We have flexibility to move our second EVA to-and-from SVSP. The goal is for the host to Directly access the data/LUN without going thru SVSP. How could we do this?


High level steps we are thinking:

  1) Present a LUN of equal size from second EVA to SVSP

   2) Perform sync-mirror between SVSP LUN (source) to EVA LUN (destinatiton)

   3) Split/Break the mirror

   4) Export-in-Place of the destination LUN.


Is this the right way to do it, or any other better steps ?


Thanks in advance


D2700 Rails - Don't fit any of our racksOpen in a New Window

Anyone installed a D2700 systems into a rack.  The rails don't fit any of our racks as they are flat on one side hit the side of the support bars.  Hard to explain, but basiscally the are too wide. 


MSA2324sa vdisk size limitOpen in a New Window

I've a MSA2324sa with 10*300Gb SAS disks.

How could I create a vdisk with all these 10 disks? Or I could create a vdisk only with 7 disks = 2.1 TB?


How to Find out if My Computer has eSATAp or just eSATA?Open in a New Window

First off, I just bought a Seagate 1.5 GB portable hard drive. It comes with a USB 2.0 cable but I seeing that my computer has a eSATA port, I would like to order a eSATA cable and expierence higher transfer speeds. But upon reading the revews, it seems that you need a powered eSATA port to use the External Hard Drive. My question is how do I find out of I have a eSATAp or just eSATA?


My computer is a HP pavilion dv5 1098nr with Windows Ultimate 64x.




MSA2000fc G1 FirmwareOpen in a New Window



i need the latest Firmware for the MSA2000fc G1.

At the moment Storage Controller Code is J200P50 (15.010) and  W420P63 (12.013)

Memory Controller Version F300R22, Expander Controller Code 3206 and CPLD is 27.


Where can i download the correct, latest Firmware for this Box??


Thanks in advance


Kind regards



LVM/CCIS logical drive extendOpen in a New Window

Via HP Array Configuration Utility  we created a LVM physical drive, then a LVM logical drive of 100 GB.  Next via the ACU gui, after testing,  we extended the logical drive to 2 TB.  The ACU reports the correct logical drive to be the new size of 2TB.


However the RHEL5 linux OS still reports it to be 100 GB (pvdisplay output). "rescan" and  "partprobe" yielded no results.  Is there any way to address this without a reboot for the entire HPC cluster?  Is there a patch?


We did find







vdisk fault after thermal shutdownOpen in a New Window

I have a vdisk on a MSA2324i storage system which has member disks on an expansion enclosure (MSA70).  We have an issue with our AC in the server room and the MSA70 shutdown due to thermal condition, the MSA2324i did not.  Since this occurance, the vdisk is in fault status.  All other items are green, no disk failures all controller functions are ok.  Is there any way to get the vdisk back to online status?




Using MSA2000G1 Disk Drives in P2000G3Open in a New Window

Hi, is it possible to use Disk-Drives from a MSA2000G1 in a P2000G3 Enclosure ?


I know, it is possible to connect a MSA2000 Enclosure to P2000G3 StorageUnit via special Cables. However in my Scenario this is not possible, so I would have to do a migration via Backup and Restore.


If I would be able to just swap the Disks and recreate the mappings on the P2000G3, this would ease my Job a lot.


The Drive Type used is SEAGATE ST3450856SS, which are HP 450 GB SAS 15K Drives.


P2000G3 Controller A iSCSI link downOpen in a New Window

I am assuming these link lights being down are showing hardware failure, the Enclosure shows Controller operational but the port as disconnected with health reason "host port has up/down state changes" Each port is linked to a seperate node.

Anyone have a different view or experience with these controllers, i am not sure how to check firmware versions?


P2000 G3 No Roundrobin Policy selectable in Windows Server 2008 R2Open in a New Window

Hi, maybe someone already had the same Issue:


On a P2000 G3 iSCSI-Device in a 2 Controller Configuration with all Ports connected (via 2 separate LAN-Segments; 2 per Controller and LAN). I can't configure roundrobin as Load-Balancing Policy,

neither via iSCSI-Control Panel nor via Commandline (in Windows Server 2008 R2).


The control panel states "parameter incorrect" when trying to chance Load balance policy from FailOver only to Roundrobin. And via commandline, RR doesn't even list as supported:


C:\>mpclaim -s -d

For more information about a particular disk, use 'mpclaim -s -d #' where # is the MPIO disk number.

MPIO Disk    System Disk  LB Policy    DSM Name
MPIO Disk1   Disk 1       FOO          Microsoft DSM

C:\>mpclaim -s -d 1

MPIO Disk1: 08 Paths, Fail Over Only, Implicit Only
    Controlling DSM: Microsoft DSM
    SN: 60CFF00116DCCBB279B4D1000
    Supported Load Balance Policies: FOO RRWS LQD WP LB

    Path ID          State              SCSI Address      Weight
    0000000077040007 Active/Unoptimized 004|000|007|001   0
    * TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 0, : 4

    0000000077040006 Active/Unoptimized 004|000|006|001   0
    * TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 0, : 3

    0000000077040005 Active/Unoptimized 004|000|005|001   0
      TPG_State : Active/Unoptimized, TPG_Id: 1, : 6

    0000000077040004 Active/Unoptimized 004|000|004|001   0
      TPG_State : Active/Unoptimized, TPG_Id: 1, : 5

    0000000077040003 Active/Unoptimized 004|000|003|001   0
      TPG_State : Active/Unoptimized, TPG_Id: 1, : 8

    0000000077040002 Active/Unoptimized 004|000|002|001   0
      TPG_State : Active/Unoptimized, TPG_Id: 1, : 7

    0000000077040001 Active/Unoptimized 004|000|001|001   0
    * TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 0, : 2

    0000000077040000 Active/Optimized   004|000|000|001   0
    * TPG_State : Active/Optimized  , TPG_Id: 0, : 1

It is also strange, that pathes in the control panel are shown as active, although only one should be active, as FailOver only is set.


This is very strange.


What do I do wrong here ?


I testes the same configuration (even same machine) in Windows 2003 R2 with iSCSI Initiator 2.08 and I did work as expected.



Disk errors in RAID arrayOpen in a New Window

OS:             Windows Server 2003
Server:       ML370 G3
Controller:  Smart Array 641
Array 1:     2 drives mirrored for OS
Array 2:     4 drives in RAID 5 with one as spare

Array 2, status - "Ready for rebuild"
   Disk Port 1 ID 4, status - "Predictive Failure"

I noticed the above error, upon further investigation this is the current status;

Drive 4 according to HP software is in a predictive failure state, but lights on the outside are fine.
Drive 2 however is fine according to the software but the drive/power light is off.

The server is working fine no apparent issues.
I want to fix the array and get it all back to normal but am unsure what disk/disks to unplug or how to go about repairingthis in the safest possible way.

Is drive 4 okay?  It is a 144GB drive at 15K so faster and bigger than the rest but in a 72GB, 10K caddy as purchased like this.

Would it be best to get the spare connected and synchronised before making any changes and if so can I do this through software on windows or do I have to reboot into the SCSI array Utility?  I am reticent to reboot at this point and would prefer to get things a bit safer first.

Can I safely remove drive 2 and replace it?

or Should I make sure drive 4 is okay first, by swopping caddies with a spare one to test light first, etc?


Attached images:
Disk 2 status
Disk 4 status
Disk 5 status
Photo of physical caddies in server with lights



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