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Simple question about SASOpen in a New Window

This is the controller



is the LSI SAS 9212-4i4e model.

Had(i hope) a external mini sas port

I want to connect to hp ultrium lto5 external

tape drive

This is the port of tape drive



Will work?

Which cable i need to connect external port to tape reader?



Using old C7978A labelled as good to LTO-1 to LTO-3 in later drivesOpen in a New Window

I have a number of older C7978A cleaning cartridges which the packaging says can be used for Ultrium 1, 2 and 3 drives.

Can these in fact be used on later tape drives (Ultrium 4, 5, 6, 7)?.. If so what is the highest LTO-n format these can safely be used with and how many cleans are they good for?

Many thanks



Unable to find driver for U320e SCSI Host Bus AdapterOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I am not able to find driver for U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter for Windows server 2008 R2, i am tired, can anyone please guide me. from where i can download this driver, we want to connect our Tap MSA Library 4048 using SCSI cable.






Ultrium 1740 performanceOpen in a New Window

Hi all, 

I recenty bought a new external ultrium 1760 since the old one we had broke down, leaving a tape inside. 

Since i attached the new tapedrive, i haven't been able to create a backup that completed in time, or most importantly can rely on. 

When i wanted to install the device, i received a cable that didn't fit with our setup. I receveid a SAS cable SFF-8088 to SFF-8644. where the SFF-8088 is on the side of the drive, and SFF-8644 would be on the server. I then bought a SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 cable, since i had multiple SFF-8088 slots free. Ever since, i didn't managed to get a decent performance out of it. 

The server is a Proliant 385 G6(i know, not the newest) where i am running backup exec. but when testing the performance with HP L&TT there already is a warning: 
Drive Performance test passed. Drive performance is constrained. Check HBA and cable configuration. Also try another tape and clean the drive.
See www.hpe.com/support/pat for more information.

I already updated all the drivers to 2016.10.0 without result; 

Does anyone has some more advice for me trying to restore a backup capability with decent performance?

Thanks in advance, Kees


A7445b Storageworks ultrium 1760.Open in a New Window

Hi one of my customers have a HP  a7445b Storageworks  ultrium 1760. 

they have asked if it is possible to change the 2 scsi drives int he back on the unit to USB drives. 


Facing issue on MSL G3 library after ESKM encryption !Open in a New Window

Hi currently i am using HP MSL G3 library And i have set ESKM encryption on it .

Encryption is set successfully on library but now i am not allowed to reboot libray, do move media operation etc from library RMI.

Note :  when i was trying to connect with ESKM server from library--Configuration-->security the connectivity test got suck in between.

Questions to be answer: 

Does MSL G3 support ESKM server for encryption or SafeNet server ?

How to regain library in such state ?



EML E-Series robotics controller Updating firmware issueOpen in a New Window

Hi Folks,

Have an issue trying to update the firmware (latest 1493) on our EML-Eseries Robotic controller where it crashes after about 10% "robotics failed to initiate flash" am i over looking something ? is this a hardware issue?

I have attached a screen dump if anyone has any advice






Tape Drive QueryOpen in a New Window


I am using tape drive with tape of 3TB of LTO-5.  I want to use the compression mode 2:1.

Then will anybody tell me, what is the maximum size of data I'll store in 3TB tape after compression.


Thanks & Regards,

Shashank Saxena


Mailslot continually ejecting - HP 1/8 Ultrium 920 G2 Tape AutoloaderOpen in a New Window



The Autoloader was showing as offline in BackupExec.  When I checked the hardware, the mailslot had ejected and the Autloader was continually power cycling.  When the mailslot when pushed in, it would simply eject again.


I managed to manually eject the left magazine and close the mailsot.  At this point the Autoloader stayed online.  As soon as I put the magazine back in, the Mailslot popped out again and the Autoloader power cycled continuously.


Any help to troubleshoot would be appreciated.  This is out of warranty and if I need this repaired, I have no idea where to go.


Many thanks


New installation of Tandberg LTO-6 + LSI Logic 9201 16e SAS card - slow performance. Wrong SAS card?Open in a New Window

I just installed my first LTO-6 drive and SAS card on a Windows Server 2016 Essentials system. The drive is an external Tandberg LTO-6, and the card is an LSI Logic 9201 16e. From my interpretation of the Tandberg compatibility matrix, I think the card is supported.

I have the drivers installed for both the card and the drive, and I have also installed the HPE Library and Tape Tools that Tandberg provides on its download site.

HP L&TT is able to detect my drive, and I can run it through the various tests. All the tests pass, however I get a note saying "Drive performance is severely limited. Check HBA and cable configuration. Check that you have an appropriate HBA at www.hpe.com/go/connect and that drivers are correctly installed. See www.hpe.com/support/pat for more information."

I've tried plugging the SAS cable into a different port on the LSI card, but that doesn't seem to have changed anything.

I then formatted a tape for LTFS using the LTFS Configurator tool that Tandberg gives out. Using Windows Explorer to drag and drop a test folder onto my tape drive, my transfer speeds will top out at 170 MB/s but then will slow to almost nothing, before climbing back up to the top speed. During this time I can hear the tape drive whirring at different pitches, as if it's slowing down and speeding up as the transfer speed changes. It will do this over and over, alternating between fast speeds and super slow speeds, for the duration of the transfer.

I should point out that using HD Tune to measure my drive performance, that drive typically shows read speeds of 170 MB/s.

So it seems that something is not right. However, I'm totally new to the world of LTO and don't know what to expect so I'm not totally sure where to look. I have a hunch that the culprit would be the SAS card itself, as I've seen people recommend ATTO cards, and I've noticed they happen to be about 10 times more expensive than my LSI Logic. ? However, as this LSI Logic 9201 16e appears to be a recommended card by Tandberg, I thought it might do the trick.

I also tried this drive/SAS card combination in a different computer and had pretty similar results, including the warning in L&TT about the drive performance being severely limited.

With all of that info, can anybody help me out? Does it sound like I'm barking up the right tree in terms of the SAS card being the culprit? Or are there some other troubleshooting steps I can take?


Need help with L&TT 5.2Open in a New Window


Try to install and configure hp l&tt 5.2. Service and webgui on same server + secound service on different server.

Let the installer open all FW ports!

WebGui is empty. If I try to add service I get allways the error: Error in adding service. Try later... (wtf)

Library is a MSL4080 LTO4 via FC on DL180G6 with 2008R2

Any tips?




I can't add 2nd Drive in DataprotectorOpen in a New Window


LTO Tape ejects while restarting WindowsOpen in a New Window

Hello together

I hope that somebody can help me.

If I restart our Windows Server 2012 R2, the tape gets ejected.

The backup runs on a physical server with backup exec and writes to a LTO-Ultrium 5 Drive.

Any suggestions or ideas, what it can be?

Thanks in advance



Cannot download HP Storageworks U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter driver for Tap Library MSL 4048Open in a New Window

Hi All,

Recently we have installed the HP U320e SCSI Host Bus Adapter in our server but i am not able to download the drivers for this card on windows server 2008 R2. whenever i am trying to download from following link it is going to chinese language and failed. we want to connect our Tap Library MSL 4048 using SCSI cable.





How to put library drive in WARNING state ?Open in a New Window

I am testing one scenario on HP library ,so i need one dirve in warning state.

so is there any way to forcefully put drive in warning state ?


4048/2024 FirmwareOpen in a New Window


I have several old tape drives ML 4048's and 2024's. I am having issues with these devices and L&TT is telling me to udate the firmware as one option to fix...

I am trying to download the latest through L&TT vs4.22, but the path to the FTP site http://ftp.hp.com/pub/information_storage/ltt/firmware is bad, so no love there.

Also, trying to download from HP requires a sign in and support contract to download.

Can someone fill me in on what I need to do to get the latest firmware installed on my aging drives??



FC card suitable for LTO5 Ultrium 3280 8GB FC DriveOpen in a New Window


I would like to attach LTO5 drive to my PC.
I read the following web page and realized that there is a card that does not match the LTO drive


How can I find FC card(PCI express) lists that can mount LTFS.


Thank you




Tape Drive QuestionOpen in a New Window

Hi. We have a Windows Server 2008R2 and a NAS unit with a tape backup an HP AQ281A LTO-5 tape drive using an Adaptec 1045 adapter and Novastor software. The tape backup stopped appearing in the devices and the Novastor backup continually fails. I did a HP Diagnostic and it says the tape unit is working but it does not appear as a device when I go to "Computer". Sorry I am not too technical. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Problem motor initialization hp dataprotectorOpen in a New Window


I have a problem with my hpe data protector unit, this show this error:

Status:   HE: setting of elevator pic value failed, error during motors initialization
Code: 86 03

And the backup tasks are not being done.

I try reboot unit, reboot server but same error.

Any help with this?


Upgrade MSL2024 Firmw 5.7 to 6.5Open in a New Window

Hi! I need your wisdom and experiencie for this....

I have an StorageWorks MSL2024 LTO5 Drive with firmware version 5.7 connected by SAS to a Win 2008R2 server and when i tried to use Veeam BKP 9 (upgrade2) the 2008 R2 reboots with BSOD.

I have read that the new firmware fix this issue but i cant download it becouse when i try to load the serial and the product ID the Support Center answere me the error: "the rigth doesnt exist. Check the ID..."

Some one could help me?

thanks in advance!


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