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R: Need Drivers for PD071H Ultrium LTO 3 Tape driveOpen in a New Window

Good Day,

I urgently need to get my PD071H Ultrium LTO3 Tape drive working.  There is nothing on HPE or HP for it.  A quick Google search finds that vendors still have their pages for it, but not HP.  I find blogs with links to sketchy driver sites, but our firewall blocks those.

We have the PD071H plugged into an Adaptec SCSI Card 29160, on an old box running 32 bit XP.  I moved it there b/c the software that comes with the adaptec card is what we used to use to write our tapes, that old XP box is the same model as the one that the tape drive was last used with, and I couldn't find a 64 bit Windows 7 version of the SCSI card drivers AND software.  

Any Help in this matter would be extremely appreciated.


How to connect HP MSL 2024 Tape Library with HP DL380 G8Open in a New Window

Hi All,

can anyone please tell me that how to connect HP MSL 2024 Tape Library with HP DL380 G8, there is no SCSI port available on HP DL380 server so now how can we connect and what are the options available.





Help Required for MSL4048 Tape Library for connecting with Server 2012 R2Open in a New Window

Dear Techs,

I am currently using HP MSL4048 Tape Library for taking the tape backups. Currently the library
is connceted to HP G5 Server via a SCSI cable running 2003 Server in it. We are using ArcServe
to take the backups. The scenario is I want to move from 2003 to 2012 R2 Server. I have
contacted the ArcServe team and took the necessary bakups for ArcServe.

So, please help me out in clearing my below doubts.

> Once I moved to 2012 Server, will it detect the MSL4048 Tape Library? I
will be decomissioning the 2003 Server and install the Server 2012 on the same Server.

> Incase it didnt get detected and needs some driver updates. From where can I
get the required updates for Server 2012 R2?

> Does the Tape Library requires a Firmware update as well?

Please see below for the Library details

Vendor HP
Product Name MSL G3 Series
Firmware Version 7.80
SCSI Compliance N/A

Medium Type ULTRIUM
Density Code Ultrium3
Format Type Fast Seek

Any help or information is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



VLS9000Open in a New Window

i coudnot able to Open Management IP ,how to open management IP  but i can open ILO module

kindly sugesst me

thanking you


Problems trying to use LTO block size above 64K on Windows 10Open in a New Window

I'm trying to use a blocksize of 256kB with an LTO-2 (Ultrium 460) drive on Windows 10 x64

The SCSI adapter MaxSGList is set to 65 which should be good for block sizes up to 512kB.

However the device is still reporting a maximum blocksize of 64kB. at least according to Starwind:

12/20 17:47:40.091 2ab8 SPTI: '\\?\scsi#sequential&ven_hp&prod_ultrium_2-scsi#6&3b67cb81&1&000300#{53f5630b-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b}': 'HP Ultrium 2-SCSI F63D': adapter 4, bus 0, target 3, LUN 0; maxTransferLength 65536, alignmentMask 0x0

The driver I'm using is hplto.sys, and the Device Manager "Tape Drive Parameters" tab for the device shows Maximum Block Size of 16MB.

So something is limiting it to 64kB :( 

Is there some Windows registry setting I need to "tweak" to raise the SPTI MaxTransferLength?

Or? ???

Thank you



Robotic movement error: 0x4C - Source emptyOpen in a New Window

Dear Experts,

We are getting the following "0x4C - Source empty" error on our MSL4048 tape library. Surprisingly enough searching on Google for this particular error brings "no results", so this is the reason why I decided to ask the question on this forum.

I did find an article that talks about "0x8A - HE: slider blocked" global error code., but the robotic movement error code is different in that article. They basically said to check if tapes are not hard to pull/push in/out storage slots. I have never noticed that when replacing the tapes. And the error occurs intermittently and I had seen backup ran on that tape that was referenced in the error a few days after the error appeared. The tape was not manually pulled after the error.

During the time of the error our SCOM system reported the "DPM: Library not available (3301)" alerts as well.

DPM Alert description:
Source: Hewlett Packard MSL G3 Series library (x64 based)
Last modified by: System
Alert description: Tape Library Hewlett Packard MSL G3 Series library (x64 based) could not be contacted. All jobs for Tape Library Hewlett Packard MSL G3 Series library (x64 based) will fail if the connection is not established. (ID: 3301). DPM encountered an error while attempting to control the autoloader on library Hewlett Packard MSL G3 Series library (x64 based) (ID: 25100)

Error details from the library itself:
16.12.31 02:19:11.79 Libctrl task Error - Source unexpectedly empty
Return status: 0x80 - command failed
Global error code: 0x8A - HE: slider blocked
Robotic movement error: 0x4C - Source empty
Current command: 0x15 - move cartridge
Task originator: 0x02 - CDB interpreter task
Extender library specifier: 0x00 - master library
Source element type.: 0x02 - storage slot
Element number: 0x15, 21
Destination element type.: 0x04 - tape drive
Element number: 0x01, 1
Component ID type: 0x02 - medium PVT (barcode)
Component ID: TP0077L5 (this is the tape name)

Library informaiton:
Model: MSL4048
Product ID: MSL G3 Series
Currently Installed Library Firmware: 8.30 / 3.20e
Bootcode Firmware Revision: 0.60
Barcode Reader: CSE600
Library Mode: Automatic, Random
Library Controller Version: LCM 1.0


Manually assigning a MSL4048 logical tape library to a LTO7 driveOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,

I have a MSL4048 with 4 x logical libraries and 4 x LTO7 drives.

We use ARCSERVE as our backup software and the only way to assign logical libraries to LTO7 drives is through a wizard.

Before doing so, how can I tell what library is assigned to what LTO7 device?

ARCSERVE documentation states:


Note: Assigning a drive to a library lets the Tape Engine detect the presence of the drive in the library. If you are assigning drives manually, the drives inside multiple drive libraries must be assigned in the order that the library detects them. Typically, manufacturers configure libraries so that the first library drive has the lowest SCSI ID number, and the last library drive has the highest SCSI ID number. Be aware that this is not always the case. See the documentation supplied with your library for information about how your library’s drives are configured.

How do I determine the order of detection?



My HP MSL6030 is deadOpen in a New Window


my tape library MSL6030 is dead :-(((

Could I open it and replace the power unit?  Any other suggest?




Recover overwritten tape.Open in a New Window

Hello. I had LTO-6 Tape with about 80 tar recodrs with couple Terrabytes of data. Recently, after power down, tape drive rewinded the tape and i accidently wrote few new records from the beginning and made prevoius data unavaliable.

Is there any way to skip past EOD marker, move to next available file record and recover data?

I'm using pure tar and mt, under CentOS 7. Tape drive is HP LTO-6, SAS external drive.


MSL 6030 replace LTO-2 460 with LTO-4 1840Open in a New Window


Have an old HP MSL 6030 library that has a LTO-2 460 and a FC 2Gbps controller card (271666-001).  Dont use the FC connection today, but SCSI only.

Got a refurbished LTO-4 1840 with supported spare part number, but it came without the tray. Took out the old LTO-2 drive and replaced it with the new LTO-4 by put this in the old tray. All jumpers were the same and cables fitted so it should be a no brainer or what?

Before the swap i checked the firmware was updated and selected replace drive in the front meny, before shutting down the libray. Then started again it came up with a warning it couldnt find a drive. In tape tools the old drive still shows up, but in Windows device manager the new LTO-4 drive is deteced (still using SCSI). Tried routing all through the FC controller, but still same message on the Library.

Do i have to get a 4Gbps FC controller card? I know the SCSI or 2Gbps FC would be saturated, but then looking in old documetation the MSL 6030 could be ordered in SCSI only or with a 4Gbps FC controller. The SCSI controller card seems to be the same through all models so i thought this should work. Any suggestions? 



LTO2 TAPE change from scsi to fibre channel or sasOpen in a New Window

hello, i use right now lto 2 tapes to write data. my lto 2 drive connect to the computer with scsi cabell but it wont last for long time. Can i use SAS or fibre channel instead of the scsi (I must remain with lto 2 drives and tapes but need to change the communication through the scsi so i need to find other component). Please share with me if you have idea's and if i can use SAS or fibre channel to connect to the lto 2 drive instead of scsi. 


Thank you very much !


HP LTT firmware download corruptOpen in a New Window


ive recently had an issue with downloading firmware from HP LTT.

"Application Exception 4081 (Application: Downloaded file appears to be corrupted)"

Any ideas



EML-E As a Stand Alone SystemOpen in a New Window


We have Eml-E series Tape library with two Lto-5 Drives that have configured with EVA 4400 SAN system

now days the EVA system is totally obsolete

Can i use the library as a stand alone backup solution ? what are the nessesary steps (OS types Drivers ..etc)

any help or Idea is Appriciate it




HP MSL 4048 Tape Drive replacement with LTO6Open in a New Window

Dear Fellows,

i'm having HP tape library MSL 4048 thats with an LTO4 drive, recently we planned to change the drive to LTO6 and i have following questions:

1. Is it supported on MSL

2. do i need to install the tape drivers 1st so the library detects the drive.

2. if so where do i fend the related drivers and will the cell clients be able to perform with this new drive without any software requirement.



Does Drive  automatically unload the tape to its orignal location when the test is completedOpen in a New Window


When we run any drive diagnostics test on drive using any supported media ,does drive automatically move back the tape  to original location from where it was pulled after  test is completed ????

example :

Source : slot (11111)  Lto6 tape            Destination : Drive2

When we run drive diagnostics test( read/write test) on DRIVE2 and load medai from slot (11111) LTO 6tape into drive 2.

After the test is completed does the media is moved back to its original position i.e slot 11111 or another empty location



How to fail library robotics or purposely generate robotics errorOpen in a New Window

I need to find some scenario inorder to fail the library robotics or generate some kind of error which will not allow to move the cartridge from source to destination.



D7 50 4DOpen in a New Window

Does anyone know what this error code is with it's sub codes?



Using two HP MSL2024 Tape DriveOpen in a New Window

I currently have a HP2024 msl LTO6 tape drive connected to a HP ProLiant Server running backup Exec.  I have another HP2024 msl that I have upgraded with a kit from LTO4 to LTO6.  I have connected the second tape drive to the ProLiant Server running backup exec by installing an additional SAS card.  The Server running backup exec sees the upgraded tape drive and it will cataloge the tape(s), but when, for instance I try to run the cleaning tape, the job fails and the tape drive is then listed as "off-line".   Can anyone help me with this issue?  Any recommended trouble-shooting steps?


Thanks, ksoros


LTO - ultrium 5 - PAXOpen in a New Window

Hi there, Here is the current situation. 

I received several LTO Tapes with an unknown file type. i believe it to be a PAX ext file. i have been using Uranium pro backup to do my backups or retreive from a back up. i placed the LTO 5 tape into the tape drive and it does not recognize the file type, therefor it cannot open it.


my question is: How do i open a unknown file format ( specifically PAX  in this case, i think) using Uranium pro backup software. IF that is not a solution.. how can i work around this? what softwares/drivers/ ect would i need to crack open this sucker.


Thank you!  


HP Ultrium 3000 Not Showing in Device ManagerOpen in a New Window

My HP Ultrium 3000 external tape drive is not being detected by the computer at all. I've tried everything I could find with regard to installing drivers, checking compatibility, etc, but to no avail.

* The tape drive powers up correctly, and the status LED stabilises into ready state
* The SAS controller shows up in Device Manager, but the tape drive does not
* HPE Library and Tape Tools Version 4.22 does not detect the tape drive, only the controller
* LTFS Configurator also fails to detect the tape drive

Tape drive:
* Hardware: HP LTO-5 Ultrium 3000, Model Number EH958B
* Driver Download Title: HPE StoreEver Tape Drivers for Windows (American, International),, 24 Oct 2016
* Relevant Driver: HP LTO Tape Drive

SAS controller:
* Hardware: LSI SAS 9201-16e 6Gb/s Host Bus Adapter
* More information: http://www.avagotech.com/products/storage/host-bus-adapters/sas-9201-16e#overview
* Relevant driver: Preinstalled for Windows 10, and also have tried the website driver download

SAS cable:
* Hardware: External SAS 6Gb/s cable
* Have tried the cable in all four external SAS ports on the controller card

Operating system:
* Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit

The computer is a standard workstation style machine.

I appreciate any advice you can provide - many thanks in advance for your help in resolving this issue.

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