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HPE Storage Solutions Forum - Tape Libraries and Drives
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LTO 6 compression enabledOpen in a New Window

We have an MSL 6480 tape library with LTO 6 drives. This feels instinctively like a dumb question, but can anybody tell me if Ultrium 6 drives come with hardware compression enabled by default? I can't seem to find anywhere either in the RMI or using LTT to enable/disable compression or even verify that it is being used.

Thanks, Joe


HPE StorageEver 1/8G2 LTO-6 ultrium6250 Driver for windows 2008Open in a New Window


I am looking for LTO driver for windows 2008 std R2, its attaching to IBM Scenter server with SAS. plase help me if someone knows.





AP746A SAS cable connectors for Tape DriveOpen in a New Window

I need to sonnect a HP LTO4 internal tape drive to my RAID controller.  The photos of the cable I've found don't match the description.  It shoudl be a SFF-8482 at the drive end and a SFF-8087 at the host end.  Photos show what appears to be a SATA connector.  Some photos of the sam epart number show a cable with (2) SFF-8087 and a SFF-8042 "tail".

Can anyone verify what this cable really has?  A real photo?





May I Connect HPE StoreEver MSL4048 with LTO 7 Tape and HP H241 smart HBA and DL320 Gen 8 SeriesOpen in a New Window


I have a gen 8 DL320 server and in my research i have found that this server is not compatible with H241 Smart HBA, and for gen8 HP recomends H222.  Smart HBA

The HPE StoreEver MSL4048 with LTO7 tapes is not supported with Gen 8 Servers and H222 Smart HBA

Is  it true, do you have any experience for this connection .

Thank u in advance.


Driver for HP Ultrium 7-SCSI SCSI Sequential DeviceOpen in a New Window

Hello my friends

Im new in storage management and I need HELP solving this problem.

I have conected A tape library HPE StoreEver MSL4048 with HP H241 Smart HBA

And i have this driver in Device Management missing.

Driver for HP Ultrium 7-SCSI SCSI Sequential Device

Can anybody direct me to do this connection right.



DAT 320 from IBM build by HP Blocksize / FirmwareOpen in a New Window

We are using DAT 320 USB Tape Drives as backupsystem. We know that this products are EOL.

We bougth some DAT 320 USB Tape Drives labeled by IBM, created by HP. There is one difference to the original HP Drive: the default blocksize. By the original HP Drive the default is 'variable blocksize', the IBM-Device is set to 512 Byte by default. Is there a way to set the default blocksize on the hardware?

We tried HPE Libary and Tape Tools, but there is a password needed for 'Enable Factory Overrides'....

Is there a way to upgrade IBM Tape Drives (created by HP) to the actual firmware VUA8 from HP? The manufactorer of the Tape-Drives is identical.

The IBM-Support doesn´t know of everything......






write error on LTO-6 with LTFSOpen in a New Window

I am trying to use my HP LTO drive Ultrium 6250 with the LTFS wizard in Windows Server 2008 R2. Sametimes I get the following errors. Error occurred while writing occurs near the end of the tape

LTFS20023E Backend SCSI subsystem error from DeviceIOControl (0x48F)

LTFS20042E EIO in write

LTFS12045E Cannot write block: backend call failed (-5). Dropping to read-only mode

Following these errors the device stops responding. I have to restart the server each time after this error.


Server HP Proliant DL320s - Windows Server 2008 R2 (HP)

Type Drive LTO-6 Ultrium 6250 (F/W 35BD) - HP windows driver vers.

Smart Array P410 (F/W 6.64) - driver vers.

HP LTFS 3.1.0

Media - Sony LTO-5 Cartridge


now I try copy data to this cartridge but I downgrade the LTFS Standalone to 3.0.0 version


Surestore tape 5000 drive not reconized in windows 7Open in a New Window

Product Name: Surestore Tape 5000
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

Hello. I am trying to use a Surestore 5000 tape drive in my gameserver for map, plugin and config backups. The only problem is: It isn't reconized by windows. My SCSI card is reconized and my drive select jumper is on 2. Put short: It doesn't show up in device manager but my SCSI card does. Yes, my cable IS terminated. The drive is also the only device on the cable. All of my DIP switches on the bottom of the drive are set to 0. No firmware errors or messages are kicked out by the card itself. Yes the drive is old. But it doesn't cost 500 dollars like modern drives do. 4 GB compressed is all I need. The drive does not appear dead after sitting for 5 years. It takes tapes, both regualr and cleaning tapes, and occasionaly rips one up.


Detailed specs:

Motherboard and HDD out of a Hp Pavilion computer

Adaptek 29160N SCSI controller (firmware ver. 2.11)

Hp Surestore 5000 tape drive (NOT 5000i)


LTFS tape not mountingOpen in a New Window

Dear HP users,

I am unable to mount an LTO 6 tape (locked) on an HP LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 1RU diual drive system using the HPE StoreOpen stand alone software.

Tape LTO 6, was written as LTFS via an Mlogic dual drive LTO 7 unit, using the Mtape utility.

Tape has been verified and is working perfectly from my client.

I am working on MAC OS X 10.10

The HPE software is seeing the tape but not mounting. log says:


Get Volume Name from cartridge memory

Mount volume
dyld: Symbol not found: _UCNV_TO_U_CALLBACK_STOP_50
Referenced from: /Library/Frameworks/LTFS.framework/Versions/Current/usr/lib/libltfs.3.1.0.dylib
Expected in: /Library/Frameworks/ICU.framework/Versions/Current/usr/lib/libicu.40.1.dylib
in /Library/Frameworks/LTFS.framework/Versions/Current/usr/lib/libltfs.3.1.0.dylib

LTFS session finished


Any ideas to help me mount and read this tape please?

Kind reagrds,




MSL 4048 and LTO7 issuesOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone,

We have an MSL 4048 with 4 LTO7 Ultrium drives. The library has 4 partitions, one for each drive. SAS card is a HP P841 with four female cable inputs.

We are using ARCSERVE r17 with patch P00000379 to supports libraries with LTO-7 drives (HP Ultrium 7-SCSI)

Firmware MSL 4048 8.9, LTO7 firmware 342

ARCSERVE reports 4 HP MSL G3 Series:

Ultrium 7-SCSI drive 1 says <updating...> for each slot 

Ultrium 7-SCSI drive 2 slots inventoried but Slot 11 says <updating...>

Ultrium 7-SCSI drive 3 says unreadable media

Ultrium 7-SCSI drive 4 slots inventoried


[ERRORS & WARNINGS]4/08/2016
5:30:43 PM W8004 Media manually inserted in drive [1], in Library [Device:4][HP MSL G3 Series ]
4/08/2016 5:31:04 PM W6500 Client connect to tape failed (Tape Name = XXX, Random ID = 8170, Seq = 1)
4/08/2016 5:31:04 PM E3703 Unable to open media. (MEDIA=XX 1, EC=ERROR: THE TAPE NOT FOUND)4/08/2016
5:31:34 PM E3834 Unable to find any suitable media that can be used in this job.

E8030 Failed to insert tape from Slot[0] to Drive[3][SN:9C161011CE] in Library[7][SN:MXA613Z0B3_LL1].4/08/2016 6:07:12 PM
W6500 Client connect to tape failed (Tape Name = XXX INC, Random ID = 1308, Seq = 1)4/08/2016 6:07:12 PM
E3703 Unable to open media. (MEDIA=XXX INC, EC=ERROR: THE TAPE NOT FOUND)4/08/2016 6:07:42 PM
E3834 Unable to find any suitable media that can be used in this job.

Any ideas why ARCSERVE is reporting this issue most appreciated!

We have the following config based on HP BURA:

Data Agile BURA Compatibility Matrix BackUp Recovery & Archive

Driver HPE LTO Tape Driver

 ARCSERVE r17 Server 2012 R2

 SW and HW Certifications

 HP SAS Host Bus Adapters

Model   Firmware/Bios Version  Driver Name/Version

P841/P441/P440ar/H241/H240/H240ar   As recommended by HBA vendors           As recommended by HBA vendors

HPE Tape Libraries

Model   Media Type        Firmware             Maximum # Drives           Maximum # Slots

MSL4048              *             *             4              48

Drives Certified for HPE MSL4048

Model   Media Type        Drive Firmware Drive Capacity   Library Firmware connectivty    

HPE Ultrium 15000 1       Gen 7 LTO            FA17      6.0-15.0 TB         4.80        Fibre

HPE Ultrium 15000 1       Gen 7 LTO            FA17      6.0-15.0 TB         4.80        SAS


How to check hot swappingOpen in a New Window

The ignite tape drive on one of our server has gone faulty and hp has suggested to replace it. The server is at a remote location and I can not go and check if it supports hot swapping or not.

Is there a way I can check if it can be hot swapped or not?

Thanks in advance.


Are there any SDLT320 drivers for Windows 7?Open in a New Window

Does anyone know if there are any Win 7 drivers for the StorageWorks SDLT 320 Tape drive?



Ultrium 920 SCSI always ejecting tapeOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

please help, my issue is as follows. 

I am using HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920 Internal SCSI, connected to a WIndows Server 2003 with Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2 (media server: Version 13.0 Rev. 4164 (32bit).

I have 7 backup jobs, daily full backup everyday using one single tape HP LTO-3 (C7973A 800GB RW). my data size is about 650 GB so one tape is used to be enough. However starting couple days ago, the Ultrium 920 is always ejecting the tape everytime when it reaches the last backup job . I assume the tape is out of space? But I have a doubt since the capacity of the tape is 800GB while my data is only 650GB. Besides, there is no way my data size jump from 650GB into more than 800GB over night. I tried to change with new tape but the problem still exist. then I checked on the Symantec Backup Exec (on the 'Devices' tab). I found something that says like this:

Hard Write Errors: 5

Hard Read Errors: 5

I consulted this issue to Symantec Backup Exec support, and they said there is some problem with the Ultrium 920 causing the tape drive keep ejecting the tape cartridge. I am not sure if this is the root case.

Can someone please give me ideas and solution to solve this issue?

Thank you


Problem with replacement tape driveOpen in a New Window

Hello,  I'm an IT consultant and have a new client with a Proliant server.  I replaced their dead HP Ultrium-4 tape drive. Backup software is CA Arcserve.  The program sees the tape drive, some backups work, some fail withE3719 Unable to write to media. (MEDIA=SPARE2 [S/N: 1000000], EC=Unknown error ID).  There are no skips that I can see in the logs, and some tapes run fine.  Not sure if this is just old tapes, as some are, though tapes that have never been used have ended with the same error; firmware, or the media pool, which was set up as scratch only, needs to be cleared out and recreated.  Any help would be greatly appreciated and if more info is needed, I will be glad to supply anything I can.  Tapes are 1.6 TB.

Hope everyone in the US is going to have a great July 4th holiday this weekend.



Can't upgrade HP Ultrium 3000 tape drive to latest firmware (Z6ED)Open in a New Window

Per the subject header, when I try to upgrade my HP Ultrium 3000 tape drive to the latest firmware, it times out and fails. Here's a screenshot:

error screenshot#1.png

I tried to upload more but it doesn't seem to let me.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Why tapetool say COMPAQ MSL5000 for MSL6060?Open in a New Window

Hi All,

I got error(F001: Bad image CRC) when upate firmware for MSL6060 with MSL 6000 Series on WebGUI. Ofcourse, It is ok for CRC. I upload it as binary mode with ftp client.



So, I try to debug HP TapeTool 4.21.

However, Tape Tool show COMPAQ MSL5000 instaed HP MSL6000

The following is identity information for the selected device. You can use commands to select functionality to perform on this device.

Product ID               : MSL5000 Series
Model Name               : MSL Series Library
* Internal Serial Number : Delete by User
Drive Technology         : LTO
Firmware Rev             : 0513
Target ID                : 0
Target LUN               : 0
Number of Drives         : 4
Number of Slots          : 58

* May not match external serial number


  22 COMPAQ MSL5000 Series (Address: 34.0.0[3-50/1/0/14/1/0/4/])
  23   Drive 1:HP Ultrium 3-SCSI (Address: 34.0.1[36-50/1/0/14/1/0/4/])
  24   Drive 2:HP Ultrium 3-SCSI (Address: 34.0.2[24-50/1/0/14/1/0/4/])
  25   Drive 3:HP Ultrium 3-SCSI (Address: 35.0.0[33-51/1/0/14/1/0/4/])
  26   Drive 4:HP Ultrium 3-SCSI (Address: 35.0.1[34-51/1/0/14/1/0/4/])


But, This is MSL6000 like below picture.


I guess, maybe controller change to MSL5000 Series.

Is it resonable reason to fail update firmware with MSL6000 ?

If it is true, How can fix it to MSL6000?

I find two part number 606834-007 and 231671-001. but, I can not find difference

Could you advice for this case?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,






Where I can find a fix list for MSL6000 firmware 5.20?Open in a New Window

Hello all,

I can not find describe for firmware 5.20 of MSL6000 series.

How can I check describe for it?

Thx in advanced


Require Tape Library and medium changer drivers for HP MSL 4048 2 ultrium 960 4 GB FC libraryOpen in a New Window


We have a HP MSL 4048 2 ultrium 960 4 GB FC library with us and that need to configure on one of the AIX server.

But we are not able to find desired tape library and medium changer drivers on internet

Can anyone send the link from where we can download the drivers or can upload the same here.




MSL6480 partitioning and use with 2 or more Backup softversOpen in a New Window

Dear all,

I have one customer that wants to buy new MSL6480 tape library (modular library, max 550 tapes) and to use with at least 2 backup softwares:

1. Qstar (as LTFS tape NAS)
2. Commvault (for backups of exchange, Hyper-V VMs, SQL ...)

In Quickspec (page 5 of PDF document) for library there is following about partitioning:

The MSL6480 Tape Library supports up to 20 logical partitions for greater flexibility and higher asset utilization.
Partitioning allows each partitioned library to be presented to the host as an independent library, separate from other partitions in the library. Hosts for each partition own independent sets of media and can use ISV software that is different from the other partitions allowing maximum flexibility and utilization of the MSL library.

So I need your opinions, suggestions about possible problems to implement this library with 2 backup softvers.

Tnx !


Ultium 1760 SAS CableOpen in a New Window

Hi, I'm a little new here, so I hope my question is not too simple - LOL

I have an HP Ultium 1760 tape drive - the rear connector on the drive is considered mini-SAS (8088).  I would like to connect the tape drive to a server, but there is no mini-SAS connector on the server - it does however, have an HD Mini-SAS (8644) connector (actually two of them).

I know such cables exist and actually bought 1 - problem is it will not work - server does not recognize the drive.  Just to be sure, I connected the drive to another server that does have a mini-SAS (8088) connector and the drive is functional.

So my question is, does the HP Ultium 1760 tape drive support such a connection?  If yes, does anyone know of a specific source to order one?


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