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How to fail library robotics or purposely generate robotics errorOpen in a New Window

I need to find some scenario inorder to fail the library robotics or generate some kind of error which will not allow to move the cartridge from source to destination.



D7 50 4DOpen in a New Window

Does anyone know what this error code is with it's sub codes?



Using two HP MSL2024 Tape DriveOpen in a New Window

I currently have a HP2024 msl LTO6 tape drive connected to a HP ProLiant Server running backup Exec.  I have another HP2024 msl that I have upgraded with a kit from LTO4 to LTO6.  I have connected the second tape drive to the ProLiant Server running backup exec by installing an additional SAS card.  The Server running backup exec sees the upgraded tape drive and it will cataloge the tape(s), but when, for instance I try to run the cleaning tape, the job fails and the tape drive is then listed as "off-line".   Can anyone help me with this issue?  Any recommended trouble-shooting steps?


Thanks, ksoros


LTO - ultrium 5 - PAXOpen in a New Window

Hi there, Here is the current situation. 

I received several LTO Tapes with an unknown file type. i believe it to be a PAX ext file. i have been using Uranium pro backup to do my backups or retreive from a back up. i placed the LTO 5 tape into the tape drive and it does not recognize the file type, therefor it cannot open it.


my question is: How do i open a unknown file format ( specifically PAX  in this case, i think) using Uranium pro backup software. IF that is not a solution.. how can i work around this? what softwares/drivers/ ect would i need to crack open this sucker.


Thank you!  


HP Ultrium 3000 Not Showing in Device ManagerOpen in a New Window

My HP Ultrium 3000 external tape drive is not being detected by the computer at all. I've tried everything I could find with regard to installing drivers, checking compatibility, etc, but to no avail.

* The tape drive powers up correctly, and the status LED stabilises into ready state
* The SAS controller shows up in Device Manager, but the tape drive does not
* HPE Library and Tape Tools Version 4.22 does not detect the tape drive, only the controller
* LTFS Configurator also fails to detect the tape drive

Tape drive:
* Hardware: HP LTO-5 Ultrium 3000, Model Number EH958B
* Driver Download Title: HPE StoreEver Tape Drivers for Windows (American, International),, 24 Oct 2016
* Relevant Driver: HP LTO Tape Drive

SAS controller:
* Hardware: LSI SAS 9201-16e 6Gb/s Host Bus Adapter
* More information: http://www.avagotech.com/products/storage/host-bus-adapters/sas-9201-16e#overview
* Relevant driver: Preinstalled for Windows 10, and also have tried the website driver download

SAS cable:
* Hardware: External SAS 6Gb/s cable
* Have tried the cable in all four external SAS ports on the controller card

Operating system:
* Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit

The computer is a standard workstation style machine.

I appreciate any advice you can provide - many thanks in advance for your help in resolving this issue.


DAT 160 USB drive drives wanted.Open in a New Window

Hi all

I got a DAT160 USB drive second hand and no disk cam with it. I can not install the drive in win 7 64 bit, and I can not fornd the drivers anywhere on the hpe website.

Could I ask someone who has the drivers HPDAT and HPUSBMSC.SYS to pass these on to me. Or point me in the direction where I can find them.



HP StorageWorks DAT 160 USB - Tape Drive - Not recognized in WindowsOpen in a New Window


Hi all,

Here's my situation: The Tape drive has been correctly installed on the operating system (one server W2K8 and W7), the installation procedure described in the documentation was respected and Windows Device Manager recognize the drive.
(Drivers have been updated with HP support files)

But I can't open the drive to read the contents of a tape, it doesn't appear in system explorer.

I've used the HP Librairy & Tape Tools and trying to see where the problem lies but everything seems ok, L&TT properly recognizes and test the drive.

Did I forget a special program to access the tape ?
For information, the final software that will use the drive for backup is "Nice Perform Express".

Thank you in advance if you have an idea to helping me.




Wrong drive type on MSL 2024Open in a New Window

Hi there

i got an LTO-4 drive upgrade for my msl 2024 SAS where the previous drive died. After installung i got Exception 48 error - wrong drive type. I tried to upgrade firmware from 5.30 to 5.70, 5.90 and 6.50 - all the same. any ideas will be greatly appreciated.



Autoloader 1/8 Cartridge Memory / Missing or unreadable barcodeOpen in a New Window

Hello: I have a 1/8 Autoloader, which only allows me to read the tapes, but does not allow me to write.
When diagnosed with "HPE Library and Tape Tools" reports me -> Rule 8.12 (Cartridge Memory / Missing or unreadable barcode).

And update the firmware to the latest versions; but the continuous error.

It also performs tests with a new tape and error is the same.

If anyone has any idea to solve the problem, they are greatly appreciate it.


Installing an LTO5 in a HP ESL9326.. almost there, need ACI 4.1 0x04 specOpen in a New Window


I'm hoping someone may have some interest or information that can help me out.  To say it right off, I'm doing something that's totally unsupported and really just for fun.  However, other people might have interest in this too. 

Background info: In the interest of reviving an old library, I decided to see if I could install an LTO5 drive, when the last drive supported was an LTO3.  So, I intercepted the RS422 serial line with 2 RS422 adapters (one going to drive and one going to library) and wrote a perl script to change the packets as needed so it thinks it has an LTO3 drive.  It loads and unloads and moves the tapes around perfectly, which I thought it would since the drive is physically pretty much the same.  So in that respect, it was a success, and really quite easy to do.

Now for the part that is kicking me, is that this library only had parallel SCSI and only supports ACI 4.0.  Since this drive is an FC it wants an ACI 4.1 Set Drive Config command.  It apparantely is quite different.  I can get a glimpse of how it's supposed to look by issuing an 0x05 Get Drive Config and then trying ot build an 0x04 command off that, but I am getting an 040c error which means "command parameter is out of bounds" no matter what I try to do when blindly making up my own 0x04 command.. 

Getting a proper 0x04 command to the drive is critical because otherwise there is no way to turn on the FC interface to make the drive usable!  So, I'm hoping maybe someone knows the proper 0x04 command for FC drives or has something newer than the T10 document 02-011r0 that supplies the ACI 4.0 spec.  I've seen lots of mention of the "Ultrium Automation Cookbook" but I can't seem to find this anywhere.


MSL 6000 FC - firmwareOpen in a New Window

Hello, All!

We have MSL 6000 FC library with Ultrium 940 drive in it (LTO-4).

I have tried to find the last firmware update. It seems to me that this library is not supported any more. I’ve found old versions of the firmware (year 2008 for example), but I would like to have the last one. I looked for information in HP “storage product firmware and software support policy” document.

I linked for to look an active version of firmware. As of year 2013 there is only a new product named MSL 6480.

Is there any opportunity for me to find the last version of firmware and where can I find it?

P.S. Of course, I have tried to search on HP sites.

 Thanks for your help!


HP LTO5 Ultrium device driver for Windows 2008 (SAS)Open in a New Window


I am overwhelmed by the sheer inability to find a windows 2008 device driver (lto5 ultrium) and download it.

can someone / anyone (!) please let me know where I can find the driver? PLEASE! :)

the library is a SL500 btw.

thank you!





LTO-5 Ultrium 3000Open in a New Window


Could some please confirm what SAS cable is needed for this drive (EH957A)

We have been given part AP746A but we believe it could be 518885-003 

can someone please confirm if this is correct or let us know what part we need.

Thanks in advance for your help.



HP MSL 2024 Support, Compatability and Queries.Open in a New Window

Hi Experts,
We are planning to setup a Backup & Restore solution for one of our customer. We have proposed a RMAN Streaming backups to Tapes using any of the Veritas MML Based software ex: HP Data Protector, Veitas Netbackup etc.

We have a single Oracle Client but with huge size (FRA size of 7 TBs).
Backup Frequency will be daily incremental backups (RMAN Image Copies - ROLL FORWARD IMAGE COPIES: These are generally same to same copy and acquires more space).

Okay now our doubts/queries.
We are planning to have the HP MSL 2024 Tpe Libraries.
- What is the capacity (Storage Limit) and Speed of this.
- Tape Cartridges LTO support, i mean if this can support LTO 6 or LTO 7 ?
- Tape Cartridges it supports and respective tape storage limits.
- what is the max capacity we can have with this HP MSL 2024, will it be enough for holding 7 TB of weekly data.
- If we compress our data on tapes, in my opinion that will bring some extra efforts and time while decompressing the data, are we right on this part ?
- HP MSDL 2024 Autoloaders will automatically manage or admin things and no manual interventions are required ex: for changing tapes, branding them etc ?
- How many cartridges and with what capacity the HP MSL 2024 supports ?
- What kind of tape drive is compatible with this tape library.
- So, we have doubts mainly on the tape drive and cartridge support type based on this.
- Other aspects of using this library.

Some of the queries raised above might seems silly from this non storage guy :)



Cannot download Driver Autoloader 1/8 G2Open in a New Window

I have a problem to download driver HP 1/8 G2 autoloader, 
I have found the page and the driver to download but when i click on download, it seems like the file dosoen't exist.
This is the Link, if you can help me please:

Link: http://h20565.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=5336445&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=54

Best regards,



Gentleman, i would like to seek a advice regarding HP LTO Tape drive, now i m working a educationOpen in a New Window


i would like to seek a advice regarding HP LTO Tape drive, now i m working a education environment as a IT Administrator. Currently our file server backup (350GB-1TB) data saving to HDD Drives.

i have a plan to buy a new Tape Drive Backup instead of HDD, if some one have any suggetion for the same, and like to recommend a particular model Too. your valuable comments its highly appreicated.

Best regards, Azaf


Enabling Hardware Encryption on HPE LTO Ultrium 15000Open in a New Window


I am writing software that archives data to LTO-7 tapes via an HPE LTO Ultirum 15000 tape drive. I can see on the front pannel of this drive there is an LED light with the word Encryption next to it. I have not been able to, through HPE software, figure out how to enable this hardware based encryption. An HPE employee told me that in order to enable the encryption I had to purchase other software that would push an encrpytion key to the drive.

I know that this other software must use some interface to push the key to the drive. I would like to do this myself without purchasing external software. If anyone could provide any helpful information or documentation on this interface it would be greatly appreciated.




How to convert LTFS tape into Normal data tapeOpen in a New Window

I am using msl6480 ans esl g3 library , i dont have much ltfs tape .

Every timie i need to add LTFS tape manually .

Is there any way to  convert existing norma data tape into ltfs tape ?


LTO 6 compression enabledOpen in a New Window

We have an MSL 6480 tape library with LTO 6 drives. This feels instinctively like a dumb question, but can anybody tell me if Ultrium 6 drives come with hardware compression enabled by default? I can't seem to find anywhere either in the RMI or using LTT to enable/disable compression or even verify that it is being used.

Thanks, Joe


HPE StorageEver 1/8G2 LTO-6 ultrium6250 Driver for windows 2008Open in a New Window


I am looking for LTO driver for windows 2008 std R2, its attaching to IBM Scenter server with SAS. plase help me if someone knows.




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