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xpinfo 34.00.00 for vmware/esxOpen in a New Window

We have a P9500 connected to the ESX systems.

On the official HP website is the new release of xpinfo/p900info which should be supported on VMware.

But it does not work. 

Someone has got to try it?


XP7 Configuration reportOpen in a New Window

I am a big fan of the ability to create the configuration report via the "XP7 remote web console". I would like to be able to create this report from the command line (CLI). Is this a possibility? I beleive there was a tool on the older XP's called SANxpert. Is there something similar for the XP7 that a customer can use?




This Vdisk resides in a disk group with an unresolved hardware failure.Open in a New Window

how to change the status of the disks:
Operational state:     Operation in progress
Data state:     Reverting
They are in such a state without change over 20 hours
I attach a screenshot.


Brocade switch swapoutOpen in a New Window

We currently have a DCX switch with 6 48-port blades that is going to be swapped out for a new DCX core switch in a couple of months.  During this process we will also be migrating the IP addresses for the switch to new subnets.  Due to space constraints I'm going to have to pull the fiber from the old switch, down it, install the new switch, replace the fiber and copy the zoneset to it.  It's been many moons since I've set up a new Brocade, so I thought I'd ask the team if there is anything additional I need to be aware of.

The new switch wil be configured with a different domain ID and different IP addresses on the two CP blades and for the VIP that floats between them.  We will be standing up a new BNA server in the new subnet for monitoring and management.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Can't Access the EVA 4400 from the management port or even from the serial/console port!Open in a New Window

Hi All,

Good day.

We are facing a critical issue with our HP EVA4400 SAN Storage, we shutdown our EVA for electricity maintainance then when we powered on the EVA again, we couldn't access the management module or even the console ports, no connection between the storage and the FlexFabric module and we can't reach the data than on disks! , so any luck to solve this issue?


Thanks :)



HSV 300 (EVA 4400) Read Only SystemOpen in a New Window

We have a StorageWorks HSV 300. After installing 8 drives (6 600GB and 2 450 GB) and intializing the system, we get an error trying to manage it. Using the Command View EVA on a management server and the management module the result is the same: "Unable to perform command. Please Try again." With SSSU there's a little bit more info: "Error storage cell is managed by another agent". But here is the strage part, the management agent is the exact same agent from where we are trying to manage the system. After trying to execute all commands suggested here and on google with the same result, we decided to ask for your help guys. The commands the we have tried are (replacing system_name with the actual name of the system):


DELETE SYSTEM system_name

SELECT MANAGER management_agent USERNAME=user PASSWORD=pass

There is no data on the disks so, a full restore could be the solution here.

Any ideas?



HP EVA6500 Mirror clone best practicesOpen in a New Window

We are planning to take Mirror clone of a VDisk to different DG. 

Detach the original Vdisk and present the Mirror clone Vdisk to the server. Do we need any down time for this or precautions  to be taken care.


Storageworks Command view EVA, no storage systems are available.Open in a New Window

When I connect to the EVA, I get the above message saying that there is no storage systems available. We have changed the network switches this past weekend and it seems to conincide with that.  No fiber was touched, just RJ-45. The storgae system is still available on the network since my backups are still working, this had been previously configured to be seen in the backup server. It seems the problem is with the management console, but I can't figure it out. I have restarted the command view service multiple times without success and also have reset the NIC on the controller by taking it out and inserting it back in. This unit is connected to the fiber on our hp enclosure C7000 and all was working before this switch change. Can someone assist ?


Command View License PurchaseOpen in a New Window

Hi Guys,

Looking for some advice on EVA4400/EVA8400 in particular the command view software.......I have a few pallets of both EVA Systems that i need to test, i have downloaded the demo for P6000 Command view but it will run out shortly......

I have a quote to license it to make it legit and obviously to allow me to continue testing the EVA's which is priced at around 7,000 pounds (uk)........now these units are not being put into serviceall i am doing is checking they function properly for re-sell so i am not wanting to pay that amount of money just for a quick 10 mins test/setup, is there another software suite anyone could reccomend that i could use which would allow me to check the functionality on the units and not so expensive.............any help or advice would be very much appreciated.........




AlertsOpen in a New Window

Hi Guy's,

I am new to XP 24000 Storage Array, in this Alerts

Ref.Code: EF2219, 461219 and BF5210

Error Level: Service

Status: Not Complete

What is the meaning of these alerts, Please help me





Resetting EVA 4400 Management Module Not workingOpen in a New Window


As mentioned in the title I'm having troubles resetting my EVA Management Module, I tried restarting the module, reseting it and pulling it out and re-pluging it again but I'm still unable to ping its default IP.

This EVA was working since very long time and its management module was never connected to our network, so it still on its default ip settings which as mentioned in the Manual are:, the LEDs on the management modules are all green yet there is no network traffic on the management port.

Your help is very appreciated...



Management module on EVA4400 troubleshootingOpen in a New Window

We have an issue with an EVA4400 with a non-responsive management module. The unit had a power outage, but there are no problems with data or data access.


It looks like my only troubleshooting option is to reset it. Can somebody confirm for me that this is not going to cause issues with the data?


DocumentsOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,


I'm new to Storage. Please can anyone help me to find out the documents of HP EVA 8400 &  HP 3PAR student guide and lab guide ( from basics onwards because I'm new to the HP SAN).


Thanx in advance.




Re: HP EVA ReportsOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone.

I'm new to storage. I wanna ask some questions from HP EVA. What are the Reports that we can pull from HP EVA 8400 and how ( step by step process)? And I need some documents for HP EVA 8400 & HP 3PAR Student guide and Lab Guide. Please help me where to find out these documents.


Thanks in advance



Brocade 8Gb SAN Switch: FOS 6.0.xOpen in a New Window

I was recently trying to upgrade the Brocade 8Gb SAN Switch (5480) used by our C-Class Blade Enclosure, and I'm having difficulties finding the correct Fabric OS versions I'll need to upgrade. We're currently on FOS 6.2.0d, and I need a few different versions of 6.0.x until I can jump into FOS 7.0.x, however I'm unable to find them anywhere. I can't find them posted on Brocade's website, HPE Support Center (only showing 7.0.x versions), or elsewhere on the web.

I found a support article (https://community.hpe.com/t5/Storage-Area-Networks-SAN/firmware-brocade-6-0-1a-where-is-it/td-p/5211181) which is from 2011, which says HP has removed them from HPE Support Center and the HP FTP site, and that I should contact HP to have them upload these versions and provide me with links. We're definitely no longer under a support contract, so I'm at a bit of a loss.

Are we stuck on 6.2.0d forever because the files I need simply don't exist? I understand products can't be supported indefinitely, although it would be nice if legacy downloads were always available.


How to move Lun to other server without formateOpen in a New Window


it was our case under Linux Server to move the Luns to new servers

After many tries i made it . so want to share it with you

here is the steps

Old Server

1-backup VG
vgcfgbackup –f /tmp/”vg-backup” “vgname”
2-Then copy vg-backup to old CCTV Server
scp /tmp/”vg-backup” x.x.x.x:/root
3-unpresent Lun

New Server
1-Present Lun

2-Scan for new Luns

hp_rescan -a

3-Restore the backup for VG
vgcfgrestore –f /root/vg-backup name” “VG name”

4-Run command vg display

5-Enable VG
vgchange -a y “VG name”



What cables to useOpen in a New Window

Hello Forum,

Kind of newbie question, but we've bought a P6550 and 2 EVA4400's 
On the P6550 controllers are 4 FC, and 2 SAS ports per controller.
The FC ports are to connect/provide access to servers, and the SAS ports to connect the EVA4400.

Only thing is, cables to EVA are missing and I cant figure out which type to use.
There are Y cables and normal ones
Can anyone provide info on what types are compatible and what is the better option?
or must it always be Ycables?



Expanding vDisk in EVAOpen in a New Window

I am hoping someone can help me. 

I am fairly new to HP Storage and my company has two large HP SAN's running the EVA interface. I have recently added new disks to one and expanded some of the vDisks fine. I am trying to now expand a vDisk on the other SAN (which I have not added new disks to, but has over 3 TBs of free storage) and when I type in the new 'Requested' storage figure, it asks me to confirm deletion of the vDisk. 

It did not do this on my previous expansion, and the deletion question has rather put me off trying to expand this. Why would it be asking me to delete?




HP StorageWorks 4/64 SAN Switch stencilOpen in a New Window

Hello Guys!


I am looking for the stencil for the folloiwng product:

HP StorageWorks 4/64 SAN Switch 

Best regards.


P800 Controler with Storageworks and Server 2012 R2 DatacenterOpen in a New Window



It seems that the P800 controller drivers and management software are not suported in Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.

Are there any alternatives other than a hyper-v 2008 server? 

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