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QLogic QMH2572 8.0.5.xx firmware downloadOpen in a New Window


I have an issue with an ESXi 6.0 U3 hosts doing a PSOD. According to VMware the qLogic HBA firmware is crashing and I need to upgrade to V8.05.xx.

I can't find a download link for that version anywhere on the qLogic or HPE sites.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of the firmware?




EVA Disk Group SizeOpen in a New Window


We have an EVA 4400. I noticed that the default disk group for the EVA had 12 disks in it and there were several ungrouped disks elsewhere in the array. So, I added them to the group, but it only let me add three. So, now, it has 15 disks in the group. Apparently, it's only licensed for up to 5 TB in a disk group, so it won't let me add more. I read elsewhere in the forum that you should add disks to groups in multiples of eight. So, I'm wondering if I should have removed four of the disks to make eight? Or, do the advantages outweigh the drawbacks of not using multiples of eight? Also, could someone explain what the drawbacks are of using a group not divisible by eight? Is it a reliability issue, or does it actually slow the array down? In other words, which is a better number of disks in the group: eight, 12, or 15?




Management controller failedOpen in a New Window


We have a shared storage SN 2S6938D039, unfortunately we can't connect to it via web, ssh, telent, so we will try to restart the Management controller via cli port, in the interface of controller cli port is wrote SR232 micro-DB9.
Can anyone please share the cable reference should i use .



Error on MSA WebinterfaceOpen in a New Window


We have the following error on a MSA Storage P2000 G3:

On Webinterface: A subcomponent of this component is unhealthy

Putty: shwo enclosure-status

FAN      01 OK        592267-002   CN8247T672           --
FAN      02 OK        592267-002   CN8247T673           --
PSU      01 OK        592267-002   CN8247T672           --
PSU      02 OK        592267-002   CN8247T673           --
Temp     01 OK        AW592B       CN8320M988           temp=39 C
Temp     02 OK        AW592B       CN8334N249           temp=36 C
Temp     03 OK        592267-002   CN8247T672           temp=33 C
Temp     04 OK        592267-002   CN8247T673           temp=37 C
Voltage  01 OK        AW592B       CN8320M988           voltage=11.86
Voltage  02 OK        AW592B       CN8320M988           voltage=5.03
Voltage  03 OK        AW592B       CN8334N249           voltage=11.86
Voltage  04 OK        AW592B       CN8334N249           voltage=5.03
Voltage  05 OK        592267-002   CN8247T672           voltage=11.98
Voltage  06 OK        592267-002   CN8247T672           voltage=5.06
Voltage  07 OK        592267-002   CN8247T672           voltage=3.38
Voltage  08 OK        592267-002   CN8247T673           voltage=12.01
Voltage  09 OK        592267-002   CN8247T673           voltage=5.05
Voltage  10 OK        592267-002   CN8247T673           voltage=3.38
Disk     01 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=0
Disk     02 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=1
Disk     03 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=2
Disk     04 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=3
Disk     05 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=4
Disk     06 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=5
Disk     07 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=6
Disk     08 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=7
Disk     09 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=8
Disk     10 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=9
Disk     11 OK        582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=10
Disk     12 Abwesend  582938-002   2S6301C074           addr=11

Putty: Show system

Health: Beeinträchtigt
Health Reason: Eine Unterkomponente dieser Komponente ist nicht funktionstüchtig.
Supported Locales: English (English), Spanish (español), French (français), German (Deutsch), Italian (italiano), Japanese (æ¥æ¬èª), Dutch (Nederlands), Chinese-Simplified (ç®ä½ä¸­æ), Chinese-Traditional (ç¹é«ä¸­æ), Korean (íêµ­ì´)

  Unhealthy Component
  Component ID: Gehäuse 1, Controller A, CompactFlash
  Health: Fehler
  Health Reason: Die Komponente ist nicht vorhanden.
  Health Recommendation: - Ersetzen Sie die FRU, die diese Komponente enthält.

  Unhealthy Component
  Component ID: Gehäuse 1, Controller B, CompactFlash
  Health: Fehler
  Health Reason: Die Komponente ist nicht vorhanden.
  Health Recommendation: - Ersetzen Sie die FRU, die diese Komponente enthält.

  Unhealthy Component
  Component ID: Gehäuse 1, Controller B, Verwaltungsanschluss
  Health: Beeinträchtigt
  Health Reason: Das Netzwerkanschluss-Ethernet-Kabel ist abgezogen, oder das Netzwerk funktioniert nicht.
  Health Recommendation: - Ãberprüfen Sie, ob der Netzwerkanschluss des Controllers ordnungsgemäà mit dem Netzwerk verbunden ist.
  - Wenn dies der Fall ist, überprüfen Sie auf Netzwerkprobleme.

What can we do? I don't understand what's the problem.

Thank you!



EOL or Retired informationOpen in a New Window

Where can i find EOL or retired information on Storage Works RA450?

Need help urgently

Thanks for your help.


Brocade FOS 5.3.0 upgrade Steps to Latest Supported FOSOpen in a New Window

Good day gurus!


I am looking for an upgrade path for my Brocade FC switches to the latest supported version. The current version is:

Fabric OS (swd77)
Fabos Version 5.3.0





MSA 2312saOpen in a New Window


The storage in question is equipped with 12 HDD of two different cuts: 450 GB (x4) and 600 GB (x8).

There are two Vdisks:

- the first uses four 450GB HDDs

- the second uses seven 600 GB HDDs

The latest 600 GB disk is used as Global Spare

One of the 450GB HDDs was corrupted and the system replaced it automatically with the GS.

The customer replaced the 450GB hard disk that was configured as a new GS.

I would like to restore this last disk as a member of the first vdisk and reconfigure the 600 GB disk as GS.

I don't know much about this storage and I imagine that I should expand vdisk by adding the 450 GB disk and then removing the 600 GB disk.

Is there a simpler solution?

Thank you



la storage in oggetto è equipaggiata con 12 hdd di due tagli diversi: 450 GB (x4) e 600 GB (x8).

Esistono due Vdisks:

- il primo utilizza i 4 hdd da 450 GB

- il secondo utilizza 7 hdd da 600 GB

L'ultimo disco da 600 GB è utilizzato come Global Spare

Uno degli HDD da 450 GB si è guastato ed il sistema lo ha rimpiazzato automaticamente con il GS.

Il cliente ha sostituito il disco da 450 GB guasto che è stato configurato come nuovo GS.

Vorrei ripristinare quest'ultimo disco come membro del primo vdisk e riconfigurare il disco da 600 GB come GS. 

Non conosco molto questo storage e pensavo che per farlo avrei dovuto espandere il vdisk aggiungendo il disco da 450 GB e successivamente rimuovere quello da 600 GB.

Esiste una soluzione più semplice?






EVA8100 vdisk configurationOpen in a New Window

I recently obtained a StorageWorks EVA 8100 unit from another department, which we are planning on integrating into our existing storage infrastructure that consists of 2 smaller EVA units.  The problem that I have run into is that I am limited in the size of vdisk I can create  (2TB limit).  I do not have this issue on the evisting EVA units.

The EVA8100 is running the XCS 6.25 firmware and is being managed through CommandView 10.3.  I am running CommandView on the 60-day Instant-On license while I evaluate if this particular harware will integrate effectively into our infrastructure, but do not want to deal with the expense if it will not help the issue.

Has anyone else run into this issue, and have you been able to have a vdisk created that is larger than 2047GB?  I am looking to configure a vdisk of at least 20TB on this particular EVA to match with what is in use on the existng EVAs.


CommandView EVA license exportOpen in a New Window


I have EVA6000 and old appliance server with Windows 2000 and CommandView Eva I want to get installed license from this CommandView and install on other server. But in CommandView "View License Keys" is empty. I tried to search for *.lic files on server disks (Program Files and so on), but don't find anything.

Please help me to find me installed license.


HP EVA WITH SRM 5.1Open in a New Window

I have a question to ask about the configuration of SRM 5.1 with two EVA8400 and HP EVA Storage Replication Adapter version 5.01.00
I configured SRA as from manual HP StorageWorks HP EVA Storage Replication Adapter version 5.01.00 for VMware vCenter SRM Administrator Guide page 17:

In case array management is subject to change, and if the local HP Command View EVA Server does
Not actively manage the array, the following configuration can be used:
1. At the protected site Storage Admin portal, add the HP Command View EVA server local site.
2. Add the EVA array EVA array and Recovery site to EVA array (see Figure 14 (page 18)).
3. Configure the Remote Site Details (see Figure 15 (page 18)) and enter the details of Recovery
Site Array Manager (see Figure 16 (page 19)).
4. Repeat these steps for Recovery site Storage Admin Portal. In step 3, enter the Primary site
Array Manager details.

By implementing this configuration in array manager of the primary site , the one that manages both EVAs all is oK,while the second site returns the following error:

SRA command 'discoverArrays' failed. SRA operations failed
Check SRA services and CV servers

I think it's a normal situation because at this time the secondary site does not manage any storage.
My reasoning Is correct?

Thank you



4400 EVA controller frequently rebootOpen in a New Window


We are using 4400 EVA controller in our organization. Both Controller reboot frequently automatically since last weeks  .Current firmware ver. of eva is 10001000.

Please help i am sharing eva logs..


Recovery data after partition convert from ntfs to vmfsOpen in a New Window

Hi guys,

I have some problem with my storage.

I'm using storage HP P6530. Today, i choose the partition to mount on vmware. The partition was convert format from ntfs to vmfs. The partition lost every data. Anđ now i want to find some important data on the old partition.  How can i do to recovery data? 


Question on scli: Any configurable parameter in scli which can avoid device scanningOpen in a New Window


Is there any configurable parameter in scli which can avoid a rescan of devices when there is connection failure between the server and Storage array?  The storage array is an XP array and the server has the Qlogic FC card.





Brocade 16Gb/28c Pwr Pk+ SAN SwitchOpen in a New Window

So I got these switches Brocade 16Gb/28c Pwr Pk+ SAN Switch, so the things is how do I monitor the Power Pack, where do I download the software to monitor the Power Pack, o how do I use the power pack?

these features come with the power pack:

Fabric Vision

ISL Trunking

Advanced Performance Monitoring

Extended Fabrics

Fabric Watch

hope your comments...Regards!


Does anyone have EOS/EOL support information for AG638A-StorageWorks M6412?Open in a New Window

Does anyone have EOS/EOL support information for AG638A-StorageWorks M6412?


FC SAN Switches connection with singlemodeOpen in a New Window

Hi All,
Think I must put it in SAN area, but here is the question?

At one site, I´ve 2 DL3890 G9 with 8gb emulex HBA 2 ports crossing FC multimode fiber for to 2 FC controllers of MSA 2040 each ctrl with 2 Ports FC + 2 Eth iSCSI + web management, FC cable multimode LC -LC 50/125, now I have other center connected with singlemode fiber. ruler from center A is LC singlemode, and ruler at Center B is also LC singlemode.

Putting a SAN FC switch at each center, I must have several SFP´s multimode 8 Gbps. LC-LC  to connect all HBA and MSA FC Ports at each side but to conect center A to center B I must have one SFP at each SAN switch singlemode conection LC-LC using 9/125 cables.

Centar A and Centar B are at same lan as they have a singlemode link with near 500 mts.

With brocade FC SAN switches what can you recommend to connect Center A and Center B as I have a mixed multimode and singlemode.

Any small help will be appreciated.



License Command View for Old StrutucreOpen in a New Window


Recently a customer acquired an HP storage structure used. He purchased all the hardware, but not the management software.
I configured the structure using the HP P6000 Command View v10.3 in the evaluation period. We tried to purchase the software from an authorized HP reseller but they said that the hardware is obsolete and that HP is no longer supported.
Is there an HP channel where I can try to purchase the software or restore the old license?
Without the software I can not perform any maintenance, like changing defective HD, correct? (This was my first contact with such structures).

2x HP Proliant 380 G5 Servers
2x Storage Works 4/8 SAN Switch
2x HSV200-B FC Controllers
2x StorageWorks EVA 4100 (14x 146GB SAS 15k + 14x 300GB SAS 15k)

Thanks for attention!


Forgot password HP EVA 6350Open in a New Window

Hi everyone,

I have Array P6350 HP SAN and now i want to reset password for controller. Can you tell me how to do. And i dont want loss any data on SAN.


Best regards



SN3000B configuration with NPIV WWN'sOpen in a New Window


I am not sure if there is a better group for this question or not. Please forgive my limited knowledge on this subject. I am trying to get a better understanding. We have a couple of HPUX virtual machines that can move between 3 BL860 i4's. The virtual machines have virtual HBA's defined each with a unique WWN. When creating a zone the WWN is presented as a hostname (not the vm name) and WWN combination which is perfect until the vm migrates to a different host. Now the origional hostname is replaced with the new hostname which I believe breaks the connection between the SAN and the server.

I would like to find out if it is possible to define a zone that will allow the virtual machine to connect to the SAN in the case that the vm has move to a different host?

Any suggestion, documentation or help will be appreciated.



EVA 6400/8400 Disk Group Allocation LevelOpen in a New Window

A little clarification please.  Based upon an earlier support session I had with HP, I was lead to beleive that the Disk Group Allocation Level should not be above a certain percentage based upon the performance level of the disks in the group.  So much so that, when using Near-line 1TB 7200 RPM FATA drives, the allocation level shouldn't go much higher than 50%-60% allocated (DG is single drive protection level, 84 drives).  This seemed a bit excessive, however when we scaled back the allocation levels on our DGs (two other DGs with 15K or 10K drives) to levels less than 80% we did notice a marked improvement in performance.

I realize that fewer presentations means less I/O, but I'm looking for a best practice guide that spells this practice for me.  In doing so, I'm finding many Community postings with people stating that they are at 95% Allocated and that the Allocation Level is considered only when things such as disk failure and leveling are taken into consideration.  I should also point out that the hosts attached are either VMware ESXi, MSSQL clustered servers, or Oracle ASM RAC 11.2 or 12.

My question is this: Given that I don't have the benefit of Performance Advisor to check LUN and host port utilization, etc., how should I go about calculating required Allocation Levels in order to maintain low latencies?  I know that without the tools this will be an in-exact science; however, any guidance is appreciated!!!



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