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Upgrade HP P6000 Command View EVA_Patch_10_3_7_ABM broken management controllerOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I did an upgrade on our two P6300 with HP P6000 Command View EVA_Patch_10_3_7_ABM. On one management controller all works fine to upgrade from 10.3. But on the second I had problems. The upgrade process works fine. All was done with out problems. After rebooting the management controller it didn't answer on web requests. I went down to our serverroom and saw that the amber LED on the management module glow solid amber. I tired to reset and reseat the management controller. The reset didn't work. After reseating it the green LED has blown three times and then it went solid amber again.

Has anybody an idea what happens? Is there a way to recover it without the web interface?

Regards Thomas


HPE SN3000B 16G SAN Switches compatibility with 8G connectionOpen in a New Window

I've 2 new HPE SN3000B SAN Switches with 48 16G SFP+ adapter installed. I have a backup server with 8G FC connection to the previous SAN Switch need to be connected to this new SAN Switches. The server are only able to support 8G FC HBA cards. If I connect the backup server to the 16G SFP+ port would it able to work? 


problem with EVA & BladeOpen in a New Window


i have a eva8400  and Blade b460 G7. in eva i can see Blade server HBA wwn . after present i can not see LUN in BL460 g7.

my platform is ESX6u2. i was test with esx 5.5 but problem not solved.

anybody can help me?




Hp b-series 8/24c AJ821a and c3000Open in a New Window

Hi. I have 2 fc switches installed.at.interconnect port 3 and 4 c3000 enclosure.
OA 4.7.
Lost passwords, all default passwords(fibranne also) dont work.
Connect interconnect 3 or 4 dont give any result. I dont console.
Can someone help me?


EVA 4400 CV license lostOpen in a New Window

Hello everyone!

When we start the controller we make an uninitalize system from controller web interface with power off and lost our license. That is may be a most big mistake that i ever made in my work with digital equiment... =(

Currently system works fine on Instant-ON free license that will be expired after 60 days.

We buy a used AG637B controller from seller that located at Germany but our location is different and our supplier can't help.

I know that Dell company via suport call make help with license recovery for old and used hardware without any fee and other issues. But with HP support i don't know where i can get the help!

Please help! If anybody know:

1. Where is i can get a support from HP (all forum topics with same problem contains broken links and my reuest via web form at common HP support site currently no with responce over two weeks).

2. Is this a way for paid recovery or free recovery for old used HP hardware buyed without any contracts and no warranty?

3. What happens when 60-day trial will be expired?


HP XP P9500 VMWARE Host mode options for ESX5.5Open in a New Window

Hello Specialists,

I am often confused with documents read about host mode option settings to be used for VMware ESX 5.5. When Some documents says best practice is to use both 54 and 63 others says 54 is only for esx4.x. I understand there is no harm if I enable both. However, need to understand both and wanted to know will it make any difference IF I did not use host mode option 54 for ESX 5.5.

Please help me understanding it.


Missing Driver for HSV210 scsi array controller deviceOpen in a New Window

I have installed command view 10.3.8 on the following Proliant server

HP Server Model :

Product: HP DL380G5 CTO Chassis

Product number: 391835-B21.


But I was not able to get the command view to discover the EVA8100.

However the window is able to see the vdisks presented to the Proliant server from my old command view server.

From the windows in the server, the device manager shows that ? question mark on the Driver for HSV210 Scsi Array controller device.

Where can I get the driver for the following?

is this the cause of the command view not able to discover the EVA8100.

Please help!



SN6000B switchesOpen in a New Window

We are having issues accessing our HP SN6000B switches in a browser. Firefox and Chrome won't connect at all, and IE allows a login and then hangs at about 15%. I believe it has something to do with the version of Java. What is the last version supported?


SN6000B switchesOpen in a New Window

We are having issues accessing our HP SN6000B switches in a browser. Firefox and Chrome won't connect at all, and IE allows a login and then hangs at about 15%. I believe it has something to do with the version of Java. What is the last version supported?


WWPN is not visible on SAN SwitchOpen in a New Window

I have problem with our Blades where WWPNs are not visible on SAN Fabric for us to provision the existing LUNs of an existing cluster. I have copied the profile from working server. What I noticed is the SAN FABRIC uplink port.

042 Server is the working server or where we copied the profile, this servers has uplink port 2.
077 server is the new server that we can't make the WWPN visible on SAN Switch and it has no uplink port.

I'm thinking this could be the problem and wondering how to solve it.


QLogic QMH2572 8.0.5.xx firmware downloadOpen in a New Window


I have an issue with an ESXi 6.0 U3 hosts doing a PSOD. According to VMware the qLogic HBA firmware is crashing and I need to upgrade to V8.05.xx.

I can't find a download link for that version anywhere on the qLogic or HPE sites.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of the firmware?




EVA Disk Group SizeOpen in a New Window


We have an EVA 4400. I noticed that the default disk group for the EVA had 12 disks in it and there were several ungrouped disks elsewhere in the array. So, I added them to the group, but it only let me add three. So, now, it has 15 disks in the group. Apparently, it's only licensed for up to 5 TB in a disk group, so it won't let me add more. I read elsewhere in the forum that you should add disks to groups in multiples of eight. So, I'm wondering if I should have removed four of the disks to make eight? Or, do the advantages outweigh the drawbacks of not using multiples of eight? Also, could someone explain what the drawbacks are of using a group not divisible by eight? Is it a reliability issue, or does it actually slow the array down? In other words, which is a better number of disks in the group: eight, 12, or 15?




EOL or Retired informationOpen in a New Window

Where can i find EOL or retired information on Storage Works RA450?

Need help urgently

Thanks for your help.


Brocade FOS 5.3.0 upgrade Steps to Latest Supported FOSOpen in a New Window

Good day gurus!


I am looking for an upgrade path for my Brocade FC switches to the latest supported version. The current version is:

Fabric OS (swd77)
Fabos Version 5.3.0





EVA8100 vdisk configurationOpen in a New Window

I recently obtained a StorageWorks EVA 8100 unit from another department, which we are planning on integrating into our existing storage infrastructure that consists of 2 smaller EVA units.  The problem that I have run into is that I am limited in the size of vdisk I can create  (2TB limit).  I do not have this issue on the evisting EVA units.

The EVA8100 is running the XCS 6.25 firmware and is being managed through CommandView 10.3.  I am running CommandView on the 60-day Instant-On license while I evaluate if this particular harware will integrate effectively into our infrastructure, but do not want to deal with the expense if it will not help the issue.

Has anyone else run into this issue, and have you been able to have a vdisk created that is larger than 2047GB?  I am looking to configure a vdisk of at least 20TB on this particular EVA to match with what is in use on the existng EVAs.


CommandView EVA license exportOpen in a New Window


I have EVA6000 and old appliance server with Windows 2000 and CommandView Eva I want to get installed license from this CommandView and install on other server. But in CommandView "View License Keys" is empty. I tried to search for *.lic files on server disks (Program Files and so on), but don't find anything.

Please help me to find me installed license.


HP EVA WITH SRM 5.1Open in a New Window

I have a question to ask about the configuration of SRM 5.1 with two EVA8400 and HP EVA Storage Replication Adapter version 5.01.00
I configured SRA as from manual HP StorageWorks HP EVA Storage Replication Adapter version 5.01.00 for VMware vCenter SRM Administrator Guide page 17:

In case array management is subject to change, and if the local HP Command View EVA Server does
Not actively manage the array, the following configuration can be used:
1. At the protected site Storage Admin portal, add the HP Command View EVA server local site.
2. Add the EVA array EVA array and Recovery site to EVA array (see Figure 14 (page 18)).
3. Configure the Remote Site Details (see Figure 15 (page 18)) and enter the details of Recovery
Site Array Manager (see Figure 16 (page 19)).
4. Repeat these steps for Recovery site Storage Admin Portal. In step 3, enter the Primary site
Array Manager details.

By implementing this configuration in array manager of the primary site , the one that manages both EVAs all is oK,while the second site returns the following error:

SRA command 'discoverArrays' failed. SRA operations failed
Check SRA services and CV servers

I think it's a normal situation because at this time the secondary site does not manage any storage.
My reasoning Is correct?

Thank you



4400 EVA controller frequently rebootOpen in a New Window


We are using 4400 EVA controller in our organization. Both Controller reboot frequently automatically since last weeks  .Current firmware ver. of eva is 10001000.

Please help i am sharing eva logs..


Recovery data after partition convert from ntfs to vmfsOpen in a New Window

Hi guys,

I have some problem with my storage.

I'm using storage HP P6530. Today, i choose the partition to mount on vmware. The partition was convert format from ntfs to vmfs. The partition lost every data. Anđ now i want to find some important data on the old partition.  How can i do to recovery data? 


Question on scli: Any configurable parameter in scli which can avoid device scanningOpen in a New Window


Is there any configurable parameter in scli which can avoid a rescan of devices when there is connection failure between the server and Storage array?  The storage array is an XP array and the server has the Qlogic FC card.




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