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HPE Storage Solutions Forum - Storage Area Networks (SAN) - Enterprise
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Interconnecter deux HP EVA 8400 matériels et logicièls la deuxième baie servait de redondancesement des problèmes d'espace pour les mails se pose malheureusement. Pour palier au problème d'espace des mailboxs nous voulons faire une extension de la premiere sur la deuxème. Merci d'avance a tous 


hp storageworks edge switch 2/24 Administrator password unknownOpen in a New Window

I have a couple of these units that were bought used, and the person that my company bought them from does not remember what the passwords are.

I would like to be able to log into these things but have been unable to find a way through the command line to reset these to factory settings.

I have been able to get to the "{P} SSP>" prompt by using the level-2 password and then turning PM ON and entering the password of redips. However all the commands that are now listed do not give me a clear way of reseting the unit to factory defaults.  Am I going in the complete wrong direction here to reset these units to their default values? Please help.


HP eva 4400 OK to replace ungrouped failed disk while 2nd Disk failure is reconstructingOpen in a New Window

We had a failed disk this morning in Enclosure 2, Bay 1. This HDD is now in the Ungrouped container.
When the DG started leveling, within a minute or two later a 2nd HDD failed. This is in a separate Enclosure 3, Bay 2. Data State on this is currently Reconstructing.
I know not to replace the HDD that is in the reconstructing state but what about the 1st disk that failed that is in the Ungrouped container? Can I replace that disk now or must I wait to replace both till reconstruction is complete?
I only have one DG full of 600GB 10K drives.

The DG protection level is Single (Double is requested). Once reconstruction is complete and 2nd HDD goes in to the ungrouped section, my DG should go back to Double protection, correct?
Thank you!


EVA4100 with mpx100Open in a New Window

I have an EVA4100 with mpx100. The mpx100 is using the first host port on both EVA controllers as input from the EVA. I wanted to convert the EVA to only fc, so I can connect all 4 front end ports. I took out the cables going from the mpx100 to the 2 EVA ports, installed 2 sfp's and then set the ports to fabric. Still I have problems to get link to the san switches on these ports. Is there any more reconfig I must do to get this working. I see that there is light in the sfp's on these ports.



CA-EVA4000 with mpx100Open in a New Window

Can I use mpx100 for Continuous Access with EVA4000 ?
what is the difference between mpx100 mpx100b and mpx110?


Unable to login to Command View with Domain CredentialsOpen in a New Window

We have a few users who are unable to login to Command View with their domain credentials. They are in the Storage Admins local group but still they can't get in. The HP logs show that "Could not find authenticator for security domain MYDOMAIN".

Has anyone see this behavoir before and found a fix?


Last firmware for HP Distance Gateway MPX100Open in a New Window

Who can give me plese a link to last Firmware for MPX110?


XP24000 LUSE Presented to Windows 2003 Display as Two Adjacent Volumes of One DiskOpen in a New Window



I had strange issue with volume presented with XP24000 storage. LUSE volume is created from XP24000 and presented to Windows 2003 server. Windows 2003 disk manager show this as two volumes in singe disk. When another LUSE is created from different CU and presented to this server disk manager show it as a single disk with single volume.


Initially this LUSE is created from 20 OPEN-V LDEVs. Again I have created LUSE from 19 OPEN-V LDEVS. Both instances it gives same issue when it is in the same CU. Any help to solve this issue is appreciated.




About Command Lun in XP24000Open in a New Window

Hello everyone,

Could you please tell me what's the command lun? And what's it used for?



EVA4000 disk enclosure expansionOpen in a New Window

I want to add one disk enclosure with exsiting EVA. At prsenet the EVA has 2 disk enclosre and dual controler.

CAB cable near bottom terminator is connected to the botom disk enclosure and second one to the second disk encsore and Y cable is connected to controller. New disk enclosre , how I can conncet? Is it necessory to conncet below or just above the controller? And how the cable connctivity will be there , Copper cable and CAB cable....


Need to verify MSCS compatibilityOpen in a New Window

I am planning to implement MS Windows 2003 x64 server two node cluster. My configuration include EVA 8000, hp 4/16 SAN Switches and Qlogic HBA's. I went to "HP Windows cluster configuration Support for AMD and Intel Architecture" site and download pdf guide.

Maximum XCS version listed in this pdf is 6.110.

Is there any other location that gives more updated infomation to verify MSCS compatibility with EVA 8000.


Zoning issueOpen in a New Window



I am trying to connect a HP blade server (C7000) enclosure to a small SAN comprised of an EVA4000, 3 rx4640 servers (running HP-UX) and a tape library. This small SAN do not have zoning configured on the 2x16 FC switchs.

The physicall connetivity between the two exist and we are using brocade switch, and both the SAN and the enclosure are located in two different data centers. The idea is to have this blade being backed up on the tape library.


StorageWorks 4/8 SAN Switch Firmware UpgradeOpen in a New Window


I'm trying to do upgrade HP StorageWorks 4/8 SAN Switch to the latest firmware. Current version is 5.3.0d and the latest should be 6.2.x. I know that I cannot do direct upgrade to 6.2.x. I already downloaded the 6.2.x firmware, but I cannot find 6.1.x. I tried official HP site, Brocade site etc and nothing. Could you provide me some link, where I can download the 6.1.x version or give some advice how to find it?

Thank you




MSA1000 SAN : Volume Failed, disks show as REPLACEMENT when they weren't replacedOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

I hope somebody can help.

We have an old MSA1000 SAN connected to two disk arrays that went quite wonky after being shutdown and moved for the first time in many, many years.

We have all volumes back up, bar one - one that we really want back up!


Output from SHOW UNIT on the CLI console is as follows:

Unit 11:
In PDLA mode, Unit 11 is Lun 12; In VSA mode, Unit 11 is Lun 11.
Unit Identifier   :
Device Identifier : 600508B3-0093A0E0-AB3578A1-887E0021
Preferred Path    : Controller 1 (this controller)
Cache Status      : Enabled
Max Boot Partition: Disabled
Volume Status     : VOLUME FAILED
Parity Init Status: Complete
4 Data Disk(s) used by lun 11:
   Disk207: Box 2, Bay 07, (B:T:L 1:08:00)   DRIVE FAILED! (0x0C)
   Disk208: Box 2, Bay 08, (B:T:L 1:09:00)   REPLACEMENT
   Disk209: Box 2, Bay 09, (B:T:L 1:10:00)   REPLACEMENT
   Disk210: Box 2, Bay 10, (B:T:L 1:11:00)   REPLACEMENT
Spare Disk(s) used by lun 11:
   No spare drive is designated.
Logical Volume Capacity : 858,305MB


We've ordered a replacement disk for the drive that has failed.  But what concerns me is that the other three drives all show as REPLACEMENT, even though the disks haven't been replaced.

So I am worried that even if we replace the failed drive, the volume won't rebuild.

I can't find any command in the CLI documentation or on the ACU GUI utility to tell the MSA controller that those drives weren't replaced.


Any and all suggestions greatfully received!




Problem at P6500 : system not booting upOpen in a New Window


After un expected power shutdown P6500 Not booting


You storage system contain only one quorum "Meta data" to protect the integrity for your system your controllers will normally only boot with redundant quorum drive.

You should replace inoperative or missing quorum drive before continuity  

if you feel meta data on your single meta disk can be trusted  you may

Allow your system to restart without quorum redundancy


Please check attached file





Cannot move disks from EVA4400 to EVA6400: "Objects in your system are in use"Open in a New Window


I would like to move ungrouped and removed disks from an EVA4400 to a disk group within an EVA6400. However, when trying to add the disk, Command View shows the following error message:

"Objects in your system are in use, and their state prevents the operation you wish to perform"

Both EVAs are running the same XCS Version (11001100) and are managed by the same Command View Server (10.2). The disks I am trying to move are the same that are currently member of the Disk Group in the EVA6400.



Do I have to wipe the disks in a special way before I can move them to another EVA?



EVA 4400 (AG805C)Open in a New Window

Hi Folks.........

Looking for some help on testing the above EVA4400 in particular the HSV300 Controllers and software licensing i would need......I have got a few of the HSV-300 controllers that i need to test and i have been trying to setup a rig that i can do this far i have G6 Proliant server........Dual controller enclosure(AG805C) would this be enough or do i need other equipment, i have never worked with the EVA Sytems before, I have also managed to connect into the controller enclosure and can login to both HP P6000 Command view web page and the mgmt mod p6000 storage system and this is where it gets confusing..........I see errors referencing "license" and "uninitialized" but it wont let me Initialize as i do not have enough drives???? also what licenses would i need to purchase to have this all legite??? And do i need another enclosure of sorts with an ARRAY setup???

Any help would be very much appreciated



Command View EVA blank screenOpen in a New Window


just wanted to erase our Eva 4400, but after successfull login in Command View there is only a blank screen visible.

Has anybody an idea to make the content visible? It doesn't matter which browser or whether I use localhost or remote.

Is there another way to erase the data on the system? We only want to destroy them before scrapping of the hardware.


Best regards, Chris


HP B-series 8/24c SAN SwitchOpen in a New Window

Dear My freinds

Good day

I have four HP B-series 8/24c SAN Switch  included in Two HP Enclosure C7000, There IP is configured already.

It is configured to activate only a single blade of my system

I need to enable SAN for another blade, I tried to open Java webapp but it hangs on 19%

I dont know the CLI commands for the system. I need help eaither in opinneng GUI interface or over the CLI Commands

Attached capture of the hung java


DR Replication - Server moving - How to stop current source DR and have Destination be active copy?Open in a New Window


I currently have a DR replication going for 4 LUNs (each on their own DR Group) from Source to Destination. My source HP EVA 4400 is in one state/location and my Destination HP EVA 4400 is in a different state/location. I am using Command View 10.3.

The physical server that uses these 4 luns is going to be physically moving from the source to the Destination state/location. Once physically moved, the server will be racked in that destination data center, I will ensure it is brocade zoned and then I will have to present the replicated luns to this server.

What are my proper steps to do this regarding the DR replication going on SAN side, when to stop/suspend and how (right before physical server is turned off) and any other steps I need to be aware of?

This is my first time with any physical server that my HP EVA 4400 houses the luns for is literally moving from one SAN to another so any and all advice and assistance is much appreciated.

Thank you!

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