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HPE Storage Solutions Forum - Storage Area Networks (SAN) - Enterprise
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HP StorageWorks 4/64 SAN Switch stencilOpen in a New Window

Hello Guys!


I am looking for the stencil for the folloiwng product:

HP StorageWorks 4/64 SAN Switch 

Best regards.


P800 Controler with Storageworks and Server 2012 R2 DatacenterOpen in a New Window



It seems that the P800 controller drivers and management software are not suported in Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.

Are there any alternatives other than a hyper-v 2008 server? 


HP SAN 4/32 - HP Serial and "Defaults" Not Allowing Console LoginOpen in a New Window


I purchased a SAN 4/32 HP switch a couple of months ago, and have been having trouble setting it up. 

I have a Qlogic board installed on the server, but the switch still needs configuration.

The seller stated that the switch has been reset to factory defaults, and that a true HP serial cable should allow me to log in. 

I've looked at another forum post to see that I could try via Telnet (23 port), but that doesn't work. Also, attaching the Link doesn't result in any IP on my network. 

So, how can I get into this dang console with this HP serial to RJ45 on my Windows 10 laptop with Putty?

Can I emulate the port as serial? If so, what is the designation for the RJ45 PCI controller port (e.g. "COM 1" equivalent)?

Thanks in advance,
Tyler Scafidi


HPDM Multipath tar file neededOpen in a New Window

I have installed RHEL 6.5 in my server HP BL 460 .

Here I need HPDM multipath tar file i.e pakage (not single RPM) file  for RHEL 6.5   because i want to present LUN from my hp SAN

From net, I don't find specific link for this tar file.


It's helpful  if anyone can share the  specific link.


Command VIew in a VMOpen in a New Window

Hello, recently we moved our EVA 6400 from our primary datacenter to our back office datacenter where we already had other EVA6500 managed by a pyshical server. So, I deployed a VM to manage the EVA6400 only! WELL.. following documentation, to use Command View within VM I need to configure my VM with a SCSI device.. but... when I select the "Raid HP" option I see two "Raid HP" not only one. I believe it means both EVA. But how do I know which is which ?! (see attachment)



EVA 4400 System and Controller Status Unknown from Management ModuleOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

We have an old EVA 4400. Today I reset the managment module and when login to the status of System, Controller1 and Controller2 shown as Unknown. At the back of the HSv300 there are no lights on the FC module (connection to SAN switch) and stacking cables to storage enclosures. Any idea that could pint us to the right direction to resolve this is much appreciated.


Thank you.

Best regards,



Create EVA P6500 RSM SnapshotOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

I am trying to create a RSM script which will create a snapshot of a EVA Vdisk everyday and then delete old snapshots after 7 days. Since I am new to this, Can anyone please share any template if possible?

Many thanks!



Replacing HSV200-A ControllerOpen in a New Window

Hi ,

It 's the first time I use this forum.

I 'm looking for the procedure to replace a controller (HSV200-A) in a redondant configuration (EVA 4000 with 2 Controllers HSV200-A and an FC enclosure ).

Thanks and Best Regards!




EVA showing modules not installed in Drive EnclosuresOpen in a New Window

We have an EVA 4400 that appears to be telling us that the Power, Fan, and I/O modules on the A side are not installed in all but one of the Drive Enclosures.  My first thought was that we lost a PDU, but everything is powered on and the power and fan lights are all green.  I'm not familiar with EVA (IBM and NetApp) and I am not at the site, so I'm dealing with some photos of what it looks like and the statuses in the management app that I'm looking at for the first time.

My currently theory is that there was some sort of power blip that briefly took out half of most of the enclosures and some sort of repair routine needs to run to bring them back online.  Otherwise I can't explain why it is only affecting the A side of all but one of the enclosures.

Any thoughts?  Thanks!


Documents hp sn8000bOpen in a New Window

Guys, please I need a manual to set up zones on HP director sn8000b. 


After hard shutdown, now link to switch failed ?Open in a New Window


Due to sudden power outage and not enough UPS power, my EVA 6300 is turned off abruptly today.

But then it comes back online again after the power resume in my Data Center, but then I got this error:

Controller 1Controller 1Controller 2Controller 2


This is happening in both Controllers as above. There is no cables removed from the EVA array to the server HBA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


log file size increase in DR replication groupOpen in a New Window

We want to increase the log file size in hp EVA DR replication group.

I have searched in hp site for this but don't find anything related this issue.

How can we do this ?

It will be helpful if anyone reply with better solution.



SAN Switches - LDAP configuration help neededOpen in a New Window

I have four StoreFabric SAN switches on my network. I am trying to set them up for Active Directory/ldap authentication. It works fine when I point to one domain controller (W2K13) but will not work against any of the others. Everything seems the same that I can tell but obviously there is something going on that I'm not getting. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Asynchronous replication issueOpen in a New Window

customer  has two eva 8400 and one in Dc site  another in DR site.

Here asynchronous replication is established. Suppose customer suspend replication at DC end for 1/2 days. Here is problem that  When they resume the replication again , it starts from initial point i.e 0% to last. solution

But it should be start form last data from where it was supend.

It is helpfull if anyone give better solution.



MIB for SAN Switch – Brocade DP storage devicesOpen in a New Window


Can anyone help me to get the MIB for SAN Switch – Brocade DP .



Interconnecter deux HP EVA 8400 matériels et logicièls la deuxième baie servait de redondancesement des problèmes d'espace pour les mails se pose malheureusement. Pour palier au problème d'espace des mailboxs nous voulons faire une extension de la premiere sur la deuxème. Merci d'avance a tous 


hp storageworks edge switch 2/24 Administrator password unknownOpen in a New Window

I have a couple of these units that were bought used, and the person that my company bought them from does not remember what the passwords are.

I would like to be able to log into these things but have been unable to find a way through the command line to reset these to factory settings.

I have been able to get to the "{P} SSP>" prompt by using the level-2 password and then turning PM ON and entering the password of redips. However all the commands that are now listed do not give me a clear way of reseting the unit to factory defaults.  Am I going in the complete wrong direction here to reset these units to their default values? Please help.


HP eva 4400 OK to replace ungrouped failed disk while 2nd Disk failure is reconstructingOpen in a New Window

We had a failed disk this morning in Enclosure 2, Bay 1. This HDD is now in the Ungrouped container.
When the DG started leveling, within a minute or two later a 2nd HDD failed. This is in a separate Enclosure 3, Bay 2. Data State on this is currently Reconstructing.
I know not to replace the HDD that is in the reconstructing state but what about the 1st disk that failed that is in the Ungrouped container? Can I replace that disk now or must I wait to replace both till reconstruction is complete?
I only have one DG full of 600GB 10K drives.

The DG protection level is Single (Double is requested). Once reconstruction is complete and 2nd HDD goes in to the ungrouped section, my DG should go back to Double protection, correct?
Thank you!


EVA4100 with mpx100Open in a New Window

I have an EVA4100 with mpx100. The mpx100 is using the first host port on both EVA controllers as input from the EVA. I wanted to convert the EVA to only fc, so I can connect all 4 front end ports. I took out the cables going from the mpx100 to the 2 EVA ports, installed 2 sfp's and then set the ports to fabric. Still I have problems to get link to the san switches on these ports. Is there any more reconfig I must do to get this working. I see that there is light in the sfp's on these ports.



CA-EVA4000 with mpx100Open in a New Window

Can I use mpx100 for Continuous Access with EVA4000 ?
what is the difference between mpx100 mpx100b and mpx110?

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