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POWER SUPPLY for SN 3000B 16GB FC switchOpen in a New Window

HI, could anyone help me ,

i need to replace our power supply for SN3000B 16GB FC Switch,

i got two  Power supply's Part Number  492295-001  and the other is 492295-002,

could someone help, which Part number should i order?

are they same part?

Thanks in advance for responding,




Question... Rename this discussion board to "MSA Storage"?Open in a New Window

I have a question for this community/discussion board.   What do you think if we reaname this discussion board from "Storage Area Networks (SAN) - Small and Medium Business"   to "MSA Storage"?    

Any other suggestions for another name?  


MSA 2040: Change the https certificateOpen in a New Window



Is it possible to change the https certificate to a custom certiticate that I created my self? I have a local CA in my domain which I sing certificates with and I wanted to generate a valid certificate for my MSA 2040 so I don't get the warning each time I login via the web GUI.





Smart Array P410Open in a New Window


Hope I'm posting this in the right area!

I'm running an ML330 G6, Windows 2008 SP2

It has a Smart Array P410, No Battery/Cache.

4x 250GB drives in 2x RAID 1.

Latest Driver for this 2008 Server (NOT R2), latest firmware - 6.64.

If I replace each drive, one by one (allowing RAID to rebuild in between) with 500GB or 1TB disks, is there a way of expanding the Logical drive, even if it means booting to Smart Start? I know I need the Cache and battery if I'm to perform an online expand/extend, but can I do this, without the battery/cache, as an Offline task - I'm struggling to find information, despite an extensive search - everythings is telling me I need the battery/cache to do this online - That would be nice... but is it possible to do offline, without the battery/cache?

Alternatively, I'm needing to do this to increase the space available to an Exchange Database, would the Unused space appear (after swapping the drives and waiting for RAID rebuilds), which could be used to create a second Logical Drive (well, 3rd actually!), but second off that RAID 1 set, so I could simply create another 250GB drive in Windows, create a new Exchange Database, and migrate some mailboxes to it - easing the 1st DB's storage usage?

Any advice appreciated!

Thanks, Mark


HP StorageWorks MSA-P2000 G3 SNMP monitoring (snmpwalk)Open in a New Window

Hello colleagues.

I have a problem. I have to monitor HP StorageWorks MSA-P2000 G3  (protocol SNMPv2).

I want to monitor:
- Raid status,
- Disk status,
- Volumes status,
- Enclosure Status

But I can’t find required MIBs or OIDs.
Give me OIDs, MIBs or guide, please



hp storage array p2000 - Rebuild operation didn't start after disk replacementOpen in a New Window


Today i had a weird event in my production environment. I have an MSA P2000 G2, that displays a failed disk. When i changed that disk with a new one, following documents in HP website and online forums, everything was ok. But there is no Rebuild operation is currently running. I remember, that we had a similar issue, couple months ago, about two disk, and the operation spent more than 6 hours. But now, everything finished so quickly.

I add, that the new disk, was added as a Dedicated Spare Disk.

I don't know, if you have any comment about it. If this operation is automatic or not, if i can launch it manually or not...

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards.


MSA2040 Remote SnapOpen in a New Window

Hello Every One,

We have two datacenters (Primary site and a secondary one), in each one we have a cluster of two DL389 G9 and MSA 2040 SAN, same config in both sites, 

the two G9 server are directly attached to MSA 2040 SAN via Direct Attach Cable, we want to implement Remote Snap for DR between the two sites.

I found in the document that a SAN switch is a must, and a Direct Cable Attach is not supported ?

Because we need only to replicate data from the primary MSA to the secondary one, without the need t make the two MSA Highly available, So my question is : can we connect the two MSA via SAN switch only (Or via if possible via direct FC cable) without the need to connect each server G9 to the MSA via SAN Switch ?



TS250P003 * Online ROM Flash Component for Linux - HPE P2000 G3 MSA Arrays *Open in a New Window



When I was trying to upgrade the MSA P2000 G3 disk array to TS252P005(9 Feb 2017) I received a message to say that

"The firmware update from TS201R014 to TS252P005 cannot continue.Please update to TS250 version using the appropriate Smart Component and re-run this Smart Component."

Therefore I am trying to locate firmware TS250P003 * Online ROM Flash Component for Linux - HPE P2000 G3 MSA Arrays *

I have look everywhere without success, can anyone please help me to locate it. There is a link in the HPE site but when you click download the page does not load.

Thank you


Links to MSA 2040 and MSA 1040 Support CommunicationsOpen in a New Window

I just wanted to share with everyone two great links to MSA Support Communications (aka Customer Advisories, Customer Notices).

MSA 2040 Support Communications:   http://h20566.www2.hpe.com/portal/site/hpsc/public/psi/advisoriesResults/?sp4ts.oid=5386548&ac.admitted=1494599977758.125225703.1938120508 

MSA 1040 Support Communications:   http://h20566.www2.hpe.com/portal/site/hpsc/public/psi/advisoriesResults/?sp4ts.oid=6923856&ac.admitted=1494600516336.125225703.1938120508 

You get a nice archive of advirories and notices with the most recent at the top of the list.   



HP StorageWorks MSA Storage P2000 G3 FC Hot SwapOpen in a New Window

We've got an older P2000 G3 which has two iSCSI controllers (P/N: BK829B).

Since we're updating all storage and hosts to FC (P/N: AP836B), we would like to know if it's possible to hot-swap the controllers.

For instance, we would like to;

- disable the partner firmware update
- remove iSCSI controller #1
- replace it with an FC controller
- update the partner firmware update so both controllers are in sync
disable the partner firmware update
- remove iSCSI controller #2
- replace it with an second FC controller
- update the partner firmware update so both controllers are in sync

Could you please advise if this is correctly?


HPE MSA 1040 Advanced Virtualized Features Upgrade E-LTUOpen in a New Window

Hello everybody!!

Somebody knows what exactly does the component: 

HPE MSA 1040 Advanced Virtualized Features Upgrade E-LTU?

I want to connect two servers HPE DL 160 to a MSA 1040 storage. One of them with 8 Gb HBA and the other one with ETh 1 Gb. This software enable this feature or can I connect the server naturally?


Where find this HDD upgrade firmware ? :-(Open in a New Window

I'm crazy, I can not find any upgrade firmware page for my disks (connected to an MSA 2042), these models:

SAS MDL 12G DP 7.2K 787652-001, Model : MM1000JEFRB S/N: S4712BFL0000E715LD34

SAS 12G 15K 787642-001 Model: EH0600JDYTL S/N: 0XJRNVNR

SAS MU SSD 12G DP 841504-001 Model: M00400JFFCF S/N: S2GYNA0HA02471

Please, help me !

Thanks in advance


HP StorageWorks MSA Storage P2000 G3 iSCSI: very poor reading performanceOpen in a New Window


this post was actually posted yesterday in NAS forum and some friends suggested  me to post also here:



Hello all,

we are experiencing quite poor reading performance (order of 15 Mb/sec !!!)  on all the volumes/vdisk we created on a  HP StorageWorks MSA Storage P2000 G3 iSCSI.

Here some details: 


The HW is composed by four chassis for a total of 48 disks.  

Disks are of two kinds:

12 600GB disk 15k RPM  ST3600057SS in the first enclosure 

36 2TB disks 7.2K RPM   ST32000444SS  in the 3 other enclosures.


The storage has two controller for a total of four 10gB isci port connected to a 10gigabit switch and then connected to four i/o Linux server (iosrv[1-4]).

The configuration we setup is attached here in the picture (as png file: hope it is ok) 

On the storage we created 5 different vdisks (one raid6 for the 600GB disks and 4 for the 2TB disks (raid 5 with  global spare).Here below the details: 


# show vdisks
Name Size Free Own Pref RAID Disks Spr Chk Status Jobs Serial Number Drive Spin Down Spin Down Delay
vd01 5995.1GB 3522.5KB A A RAID6 12 0 64k FTOL 00c0ff1153d10000f74e844e00000000 Disabled 0
vd03 15.9TB 704.5KB B B RAID5 9 0 64k FTOL 00c0ff1154c50000c8815b4e00000000 Disabled 0
vd04 15.9TB 704.5KB B B RAID5 9 0 64k FTOL 00c0ff1154c5000042825b4e00000000 Disabled 0
vd05 15.9TB 704.5KB B B RAID5 9 0 64k FTOL 00c0ff1154c5000076825b4e00000000 Disabled 0
vd06 13.9TB 983.0KB B B RAID5 8 0 64k FTOL 00c0ff1154c5000073eb794e00000000 Disabled 0


On each vdisk we just created one single  volume:


# show volumes
Vdisk Name Size Serial Number WR Policy Cache Opt Read Ahead Size Type Class Qualifier Volume Description
vd01 fast1_iosrv2 5995.0GB 00c0ff1153d10000b64f844e01000000 write-back standard Default standard standard N/A
vd03 slow1_iosrv1 15.9TB 00c0ff1154c50000530c654e01000000 write-back standard Maximum standard standard N/A
vd04 slow1_iosrv2 15.9TB 00c0ff1154c50000e40d654e01000000 write-back standard Maximum standard standard N/A
vd05 slow1_iosrv3 15.9TB 00c0ff1154c50000e3db644e01000000 write-back standard Maximum standard standard N/A
vd06 slow1_iosrv4 13.9TB 00c0ff1154c50000e5ec794e01000000 write-back standard Default standard standard N/A


Writing on any of the volumes from I/O server we measured around 350Mb/secs that we consider satisfactory.

Reading from them we measured no more than 15Mb/sec !, no matter which combination of cache parameters we choose.


Measures were performed by  dd command  on 50giga files just to avoid cache problems on the i/o servers ( each of the them have 24GB ram).


Investigating the problem we discovered that firmware on the device is one year old:


# show versions

Controller A Versions
Bundle Version: TS210R016
Build Date: Mon Aug 30 18:59:22 MDT 2010

Controller B Versions
Bundle Version: TS210R016
Build Date: Mon Aug 30 18:59:22 MDT 2010


(even if the system was delivered in july 2011) and we plan to upgrade it.  

Yet we still  think we cannot just blame the old firmware for such a problem.

Is there anybody in the forum who can give us some insight  ?

Is there something dramatically wrong on our setup ? 

Please advice


thanks in advance !



MSA60 Firmware update problem.Open in a New Window

I have MSA60 firmware version 2.16.

I try to update firmware, refere to the web page 'https://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/content-webapp/document?docId=emr_na-c03252925'.

But the link of this page is not alive.

- Smart Update Firmware DVD バージョン 9.30 

- オフライン Maintenance CD ROM フラッシュ コンポーネント for Linux - Modular Smart Array 60 

So I can't update the firmware.

What's to do next?


it will not affect iscsi storage?Open in a New Window

We MSA2040 SAN with dual controllers. we need to change both controller IPs.  is there any down time involved to storage?  these are controlller mgmt IPs.

Thank you.


Putty to MSA 1040 gives sh: write error: No space left on deviceOpen in a New Window


I'm trying to Putty into an MSA 1040 but it gives "sh: write error: No space left on device" and puts me back to the logon. I know the logon is correct as if I do it wrong it says "Login incorrect"

I'm attaching from a 2012 VM server using USB passthrough from an ESX host, I have the MSA driver installed on com3 and it works in another site fine. I also tried from 2008 server and get the same error in putty.

Any ideas?
I need to get in to be able to set the IP adress of the iLO up. It's currently displaying an IP of which I can't get to.


msa2040 sas cable to connect to H421 hbaOpen in a New Window


to be sure, are this cables correct to connect a MSA2040 SAS controller to a HBA H241?

HP External 1.0m (3ft) Mini-SAS HD 4x to Mini-SAS HD 4x Cable 716195-B21

HP External 2.0m (6ft) Mini-SAS HD 4x to Mini-SAS HD 4x Cable 716197-B21

HP External 4.0m (13ft) Mini-SAS HD 4x to Mini-SAS HD 4x Cable 716199-B21

NOTE: These cables are used to connect 12Gb SAS initiator to MSA 2040 SAS controller. These are not used for connecting to a disk enclosure.

SAS Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) 

HP H241 12Gb 2-ports Ext Smart Host Bus Adapter 726911-B21

HP H221 PCIe 3.0 SAS Host Bus Adapter 729552-B21





MSA 2040 overcommits when there is available spaceOpen in a New Window

I have an MSA 2040 with 2 x storage pools. 1 with 1 x volume (A) and 1 with 2 x volumes (B & C). Both storage pools are Virtual.

Currently pool 1 shows 8389.9GB Size and 6986.1GB Allocated with 1403.8GB Unallocated.

When I try to grow volume A by 500GB it states if I continue it will 'Overcommit the virtual pool'.

Why is this and how can I expand the volume without overcommitting the storage.

Any help greatly appreciated



P2000 G3 replace controllerOpen in a New Window

Dear  All.

I checked P2000 G3 the SMU found that the control card B problems, but I am not sure the control card B CF card is normal (because the replacement of the control card needs the old CF Card back to the new control card), how to deal with this case, thank you ~



MSA 2040 Backup OptionsOpen in a New Window

I'm curious how folks are backing up the data stored on an MSA 2040 systems?  Our setup is pretty small and simple... 3 LUNS dedicated to VMware Datastores... and 1 LUN dedicated as a builds repository.

I'm looking for a product/products that would allow me to utilize the snapshoting capabilities of the MSA, and then backup that snapshoted data off of the MSA.

In regards to VMware, ideally some backup software would trigger a VM snapshot, and then take a MSA snapshot of the LUN, back it up and then delete the VM and MSA snapshots.

Similar to VMware, ideally the builds repository LUN would utilize a MSA snapshot, back it up and then delete the MSA snapshot.

I've used products like CommVault and TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) to accomplish this againsts a NetApp SAN/NAS before however I'm finding very little information on any products that support the MSA series.  I was wondering if anyone had a working solution or thoughts on how I might achieve this?



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