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HPE Storage Solutions Forum - Storage Area Networks (SAN) - Small and Medium Business
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New server infrastructure/ Nuova infrastruttura serverOpen in a New Window


dovrei creare una nuovo infrastruttura composta da 2 server DL360 Gen9 in cluster, Vmware Esxi e 10 macchine virtuali. Sto cercando uno storage condiviso che garantisca prestazioni ed affidabilità (o eventualmente 2 storage collegati tra loro se possibile).

Lo spazio occupato dalle macchine si dovrebbe attestare sui 4TB, su una delle VM però gira un database SQL da 300GB, le prestazioni richieste riguardano principalmente questa macchina.

Mi sapreste consigliare in merito?




Good morning,

should I create a new infrastructure consisting of 2 Gen9 DL360 servers in the cluster, VMware ESXi and 10 virtual machines. I'm looking for a shared storage that guarantees performance and reliability (or possibly 2 storage connected together if possible).

The space occupied by the machines should reach about 4TB on a VM however, runs a SQL database to 300GB, the required performance mainly to this machine.

I advise you would know about?

Thank you,




Asynchronous replication issueOpen in a New Window

customer  has two eva 8400 and one in Dc site  another in DR site.

Here asynchronous replication is established. Suppose customer suspend replication at DC end for 1/2 days. Here is problem that  When they resume the replication again , it starts from initial point i.e 0% to last. solution

But it should be start form last data from where it was supend.

It is helpfull if anyone give better solution.



Firmware update for controller on HP 2000 G3 MSAOpen in a New Window

When trying to download the firmware update, it prompts for OS.  AFAIK, there is no OS....only firmware on the SAN.  What do I choose here? there a way to backup the current firmware before updating?




MSA 2000, changed management subnet, can no longer connect to management website or ping IPOpen in a New Window

Pretty much as this posts subject.

The management ports IP address has been left the same but I changed the subnet from to and now I can no longer ping the IP address of the management port or access the web management (the clients I'm trying to manage it from connected to it fine in the past and their IP settings are correct).

My VMware cluster still connects to the SAN ports fine though.

Am I up s**t creek and now need to restarts the controllers to get the IP management back ?, thanks.


MSA 2040 Password RecoveryOpen in a New Window

I have a MSA 2040 array, that I don't know the manage password to. What is the process to reset the password?


san msa2040 mapping errorOpen in a New Window

i have  a san storge msa 2040 with scsi controler and i have 4 host connected on it and mapping one of them after i restart it it not discover my the San storge but in the windows iscsi instetor its apper connect but the disks not appear on it an i must to disconnect from the target then i connect back and if i restart this host i must do the same again any help for that



P2000 G3 - Can you rearrange the physical drivesOpen in a New Window

We have a P2000 G3 FC / iSCSI system with several vdisks, volumes, etc. We'd like to rearrange the physical drives so that drives in the same vdisks are located contiguously to each other (ease of mainteance / documentation / OCD / etc). Will the P2000 allow this, or will we have to either recreate the vdisks or just live with the current mess?


P2000 G3 iSCSIOpen in a New Window

I have a failed drive that have been replaced.

The current status of the drive is "AVAIL"

I wanted to add it as a dedicated spare to my VDISK running RAID10

If I do this will I loose the data on the VDISK?


MSA 2040 questionOpen in a New Window

Hello, i have a MSA 2040 and i have some questions.

1. What is the difference between Disk Group Type "Virtual" and "linear"?
2. What are the advantages of Virtual vs. Linear?
3. For what the pools be used?


In MSA are installed 17x 15K 600GB hard disks and 2x 2TB 7.2K hard disks.

I would like to set up the following configuration:
• RAID 10 with 16x 600GB 15K HDD + 1 Spare 15K 600GB
o 1 Volume 4.8 TB
• RAID 1 7.2K 2x 2TB hard drives
o 1 Volume 2TB

Which Disk Group type makes more sense here "Virtual" or "linear"?




Safe Disk Firmware Upgrade on a P2000 G3?Open in a New Window

Looking for advice on how to upgrade the disk firmware on a P2000.  What I thought would be a safe way to do this was to first get all the data off of the vdisk by migrating them to a different vdisk on the MSA.  Once it's all clear, go through the vdisk's drives and upgrade their firmware via the MSA's Update Firmware section using the .fla file download.  However I've noticed that even though I'm not touching any of the other vdisks on the MSA, I'm always seeing disconnects of the other vdisks during the upgrade.  Even if I'm doing the upgrade using controller A and the other vdisks are using controller B, still getting disconnects. 

Fortunately they are quick and things seem to recover, but I'd rather have a much safer method to get the drives flashed without the worry of disconnections.

Please advise and thanks!


MSA P2000 G3 and Hardware VSSOpen in a New Window

I have devices:

1. HP MSA P2000 G3 FC/iSCSI

2. Blade Enclosure c7000

3.  Cisco MDS 9124e SAN switch

3. Server BL460c G6 (1 of 2 host of windows file cluster)

4. HBA QLogic2562 8Gb FC (fw 3.75.03)

Im try build solution for file server with hardware vss (for fast OFF-HOST backup with Backupexec on another server).

But have issue, for begin im try sipmle file backup, when i try backup presented volume (not in CSV) from MSA P2000, backupexec say me - "I cant use hardware vss provider, im use standart microsoft VSS". In windows events on file server have error:

1. CAPIVSSProvider - No RAID Controllers found.

2. CAPIVSSProvider - OnLoad(): Cann't find any HBA or Networking Controller.

Im install:

1. HP MSA 1040/2040 CAPI Proxy provides support


2. HP MSA 1040/2040 VDS Providers

3. HP MSA 1040/2040 VSS Provider

Vssadmin say:

PS C:\Users\semaa_adm2> vssadmin list providers

vssadmin 1.1 - Volume Shadow Copy Service administrative command-line tool

(C) Copyright 2001-2013 Microsoft Corp. 

Provider name: 'Microsoft CSV Shadow Copy Helper Provider'

   Provider type: Software

   Provider Id: {26d02d81-6aac-4275-8504-b9c6edc5261d}


Provider name: 'Microsoft CSV Shadow Copy Provider'

   Provider type: Software

   Provider Id: {400a2ff4-5eb1-44b0-8a05-1fcac0bcf9ff}


Provider name: 'VSS Null Provider'

   Provider type: Software

   Provider Id: {8202aeda-45bd-48c4-b38b-ea1b7017aec3}

   Version: 4.2.1417.0 

Provider name: 'Microsoft File Share Shadow Copy provider'

   Provider type: Fileshare

   Provider Id: {89300202-3cec-4981-9171-19f59559e0f2}


Provider name: 'HP MSA 1040/2040 VSS Provider'

   Provider type: Hardware

   Provider Id: {9d09666c-5cf8-45ca-9294-127c95562094}


Provider name: 'Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0'

   Provider type: System

   Provider Id: {b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5}


Provider name: 'VSS Null Provider'

   Provider type: Fileshare

   Provider Id: {f4a69dd4-f712-40e3-a6b3-faeff03cb2b8}

   Version: 4.2.1417.0



Presented volume with snapshot pool looks:


What i do wrong?


MSA30, change SCSI controllerOpen in a New Window


Is it possible to change the dual SCSI U320 controller inside the MSA30 with a dual controller that support Windows 2012 R2 64 bits?

Thank you.






P2000 recovery problemOpen in a New Window


after a controller of a P2000 storage failed, we aquired a new controller which has a slightly newer firmware than remaining controller has. The partner firmware upgrade fails which results in the problem that the replaced controller is shut down and the storage remains degraded.

I am trying to find the firmware T230P03 which comes with the bundle TS230P006 for a couple of hours now but without any success. I plan to downgrade the new controller, get the storage up and running again and then upgrade both controllers to the latest firmware. Unfortunately I am not able to find the bundle TS230P006 at all. The HPE homepage is not of any help.

Does one of you guys have any idea where to find this particular firmare to be downloaded?

Thanks for your help,



P2000 G3 MSA PerformanceOpen in a New Window


I have a Hyper-V 2012 cluster which points at LUNs based on a P2000 G3 for the virtual servers. My users are complaining about speed issues and one thing that has been flagged is latency in the read/write speed. I spoke to HPE who checked my P2000 SAN for hardware faults and found nothing, However, to me the performance data over the last four days looks to be spiking. I don't have anything to compare my charts to as a baseline was never taken.

I'm wondering if I get opinions on the performance charts and whether the performance data shows significant latency that would be causing/contributing to my issues. I have two disk arrays in the P2000, one allocated to each controller. Performance data from each is attached.

Many thanks,



MSA 1000 and brocade 4GBOpen in a New Window

I want to interconnect two FC switches.Both switches are near. The models are :
MSA 1000 SAN switch 2/8 and Brocade 4GB SAN switch for HP c-Class.
How do I interconnect both switches ?



MSA 1000 Windows 2008Open in a New Window


Running a windows 2008 with a MSA1000 for backup purposes.

Got the following strange thing:

I create a LUN on it. About 1.6 TB raid 5.
The MSA1000 has two controllers. Now when i do a rescan in Windows it says it sees 2 disk? how is that possible? It's only one lune but it's stating in windows that it exist 2 times.


Expansion of a MSA30 S-B ENCLOSURE (4TB array)Open in a New Window

I currently have a MSA30 S-B ENCLOSURE with a 4TB array attached to a HP Smart Array 6400 Controller in a DL380 G4. I would like to use a HP StorageWorks 70 MSA Enclosure with a P800 controller, (18)300GB 2.5 SAS drives, to expand the 4TBs.

What do I need to make it work?


P2000 G3 fault tolerant but with down disk(s)Open in a New Window

Hi Community

i've got no idea. My P2000 G3 (13 Disks with 2 Spares) ist Degraded while Hwalth Reason is: The virtual disk is fault tolerant but with down disk(s).

Can anybody help me to fix this? 


Thank You, SJO


Tier LicenseOpen in a New Window

Dear Experts,

I have an issue with tier license require, if i need to buy license which of these are recommend D4T79A or D4T79AE>? and I got this error message:

"Unable to creat disk group SAN1. A performance tier license is required to complete the operation. (A) - Failed to create the virtual pool"

if anyone have an idea please kindly let me know. Thank in advance.




Adding Storage to MSA 2040Open in a New Window

We are needing to add more drive space to our MSA 2040. Can someone point me in the right direction of performing this action. I'm new to the storage world. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

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