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HP MSA 2040Open in a New Window

How we can calculate speed of data writing through Data protector on to the SAN storage for D2D Backup. I have 16gb Fc connectivity, 6 x 2TB 7.2k HDD's with RAID 5. In addition to the production environment running on same hardware.

Need urgent support.



HPE MSA 2042 SAN with VmWareOpen in a New Window

Hi Folks,


I have a new project with a SAN, and I'm not a specialist with this. We will have 2 ESXi on HP DL360 Gen9, connected to a HPE MSA 2042 SAN.

The SAN will have 22 Hard Drive, and each of them will have 600GB.

What kind of setup you will do with this? RAID Level?

Our environnment will have  25 VM, that can be characterized in 3 categorie (PROD, INT PROD, and DEV).

Number of LUN ?


Thanks all in advance for your answer!




#HPExpertDay - HPE 2042 - Disk Grouping Setup QuestionOpen in a New Window

Can we please ask a quick couple of questions regarding disk setup/allocation for our HPE 2024? The unit is not yet in production so we are able to tear down / test etc at the moment. 


3 x 400GB SSD,

13 X 900GB 10k SAS. (One as a Hot Spare)

We were planning to have our SSD in a RAID5 disk gorup and the SAS disk in one RAID10 disk group. This would give us the speed and capacity required. 

Reading the best practice white papers, it is recommended to balance the controllers with equal disk groups. If we were to create one large RAID10 group with our 12 disks and assign this to one controller, then assign the SSD RAID5 to the other controller this would be sharing the load across the controllers but they would not be equally balanced.


If we were to split our 12 x SAS drives into 2 equal disk 6disk RAID10 groups then we could balance these equally across 2 controllers but.....

a) would we then end up with 2 smaller volumes instead of one large volume?

b) would we lose IOPS as less spindles etc.?

Also what would we then do with the SSD RAID5 group, which controller would this be assigned to?

We could (if we really had to) purchase a 4th SSD and then split them into 2 disk RAID1 groups and then balance them on each controller, but again would we then end up with 2 smaller volumes.?

Can anyone please recommend which way they would go with our disk setup.

1 Controller for one big RAID10 for the 10k SAS and 1 controller assigned for the SSD?

Many thanks



Product Number on SN6000 FCOpen in a New Window

Hi there,


I am trying to get a warranty status on our SAN switches but when i check this , i get back an error saying product number required. The problem is i'm not able to get to the them physically as i only have remote access to the switch.

Is there a way of finding these through SSH?


MSA 2040, remove disk group from poolOpen in a New Window


i need to delete 3 diskgroup from pool's so that i can remove the Enclosure.


MSA2040 with one Enclosure

Pool A with 2 DG (dgA und dgB)
Pool B with 3 DG (dgC, dgD and dgE)

Volume1 and Volume2 on Pool A
Volume3 and Volume4 on Pool B

dgA and dgC are all on the MSA2040

dgB, dgD and dgE disks are all in the Encosure

Volume2 and Volume4 aren't in use anymore an i can delete this.

my Question, can i delete all 3 dg's on the Enclosure so that i can remove all disks?


thanks in Advance




unable to browse the web interface of the 8/20q Fiber Channel switchOpen in a New Window

I am unable to load the GUI on either IE or Firefox, I have at least 5 different versions and combonations of browsers and Java Versions. I cannot find any thing anywhere that seems to have a solution. For the love of god is there anybody out there that has successfully loaded the web interface for the HP 8/20q Fiber Channel switch?


VMware Setup - Am I missing anything?Open in a New Window

Last time I built a VMware setup, I used a 1040 SAN. This time, I hope to crank up the speed a bit. The 1040 is not the fastest.

I came up with ZERO pre-sales support from HPE or Ingram Micro, so here I am. If any of you do these setups on a regular basis and are bored enough, and kind enough, to check my config, I would sure appreciate it.

This end user has a relatively modest budget and 4 servers to virtualize at this point. Is this overkill? Yep. They will definitely have the ability to add storage, memory, and VM's when needed. I'm looking for any input you folks have. Thank you.

1)  (2) HP DL380 G9 Server 867448-S01
2)  (2) HP DL380 G9 Redundant Power Supply - 500W Product 720478-B21
3)  (2) HP DL380 G9 Processor Kit Product 817927-B21
4)  (2) HP DL380 G9 16GB RAM Module Product 836220-B21
5)  (3) HP GL380 G9 8GB Micro SD card Product 726116-B21
6)  (2) HP DL380 G8 or G9 Cable Management Arm Product 720865-B21
7)  (1) HPE MSA 2042 SAN with flash acceleration Product Q0F06A
8)  (5) HP900GB 10k RPM 12Gbps 2.5" SAS Drive For MSA Product J9F47A
9)  (2) HP 24 Port Managed Gigabit Switch Product 2920-24G
10)  (6) HPE X242 10G SFP+ to SFP+ Direct Attach Copper Cable 9.8 Feet Product J9283B
11)  (2) HP 530SFP+ 10Gb Ethernet Card Product 652503-B21


8/20q Fibre Channel Switch Java IssuesOpen in a New Window

Hello, I am fighting an issue of bringing up the gui for my 8/20q Fibre Channel Switch, I probally have not logged into it, in a few years. I needed to move some things around, but now when I do try to login from IE, it tells me that my java version is not 1.4.2. I have installed that old version on 3 different computers, and tried various IE versions 8, 9 and 11. Not a single one of them seem to work. Does anybody have any idea??  

Amazing that Java versions would screw the Admin IT world so bad, and even worse, people keep using it to program with??  Cant figure that one out either. 


HP MSA 2040 VS Lenovo V3700Open in a New Window

Hi Guys,


Doing some comparisons between HP MSA 2040 and Lenovo V3700.

IBM V3700 has standard SAS ports and you can add either SAN or another SAS Ports 


the question is can we use SAS ports and SAN (for Example) to connect different sources, 



Personal Info Erased


P2000 San MappingsOpen in a New Window

Hi we have a P2000 SAN that consists of 2 Controllers with 3 to 4 volumes on each controller. We also have multiple hosts listed under the host section. We are trying to remove some older hosts that are no longer connected. The host cannot be removed because it states that it is currently mapped.  Under the host's mappings 8 volumes are listed 3 of which say Not-mapped the other 5 say Explicit No-Access. When clicking on a volume in the port map with explicit no-access and check the box that says clear mappings the server will then suddenly show a default map on one of the other volumes. When checking the box Clear mapping shouldn't the host default to un-mapped?  Also what is the difference between default map and explicit mapping?  Why not just use one or the other?




MSA2000/P2000 G3 Compact Flash card format?Open in a New Window

I've got a MSA2000/P2000 G3 controller from a customer which had a funny problem. Every time he wanted to create a vdisk on that controller he got an error. Creating the same vdisk on the other controller worked fine. No error messages anywhere....

I found that the problem was the CF card of that controller. After replacing it with an original 512MB card from another MSA2000 controller, the problem was gone.


Now my question: What are the requirements for these CF cards? Any special format? Does size matter..? Would a 1GB card wirk too?

I'm asking because I could not find any fault on the removed card... except it was a 1GB card.




P2000 G3 trusted Vdisk after drives in LEFTOVR state.Open in a New Window

Hi guys!
The scenario is a MSA P2000 G3 storage with one expansion enclosure. There's just one Vdisk (RAID 5) created with 15 drives and one hotspare. We had a power outage last night and the 5 drives in the expansion enclosure came up with LEFTOVR state and the Vdisk Offline with FAULT. The command "Trust Vdisk" was successfull and the Vdiks became Online. All host seems to work fine accessing the volumes located at the storage.
Well, the CLI reference guide says that a trusted Vdisk MUST be deleted after backup the data, and therefore recreated from the beginning, because " the Vdisk has no tolerance for any additional failure". Can anybody please explain exactly what does it means? This is really mandatory? Does it means that now we have no redundancy in case of a future failed drive?

Thanks in advance,



Creating new pool on MSA 2040Open in a New Window

Hi all, 

We just purchased a new MSA 2040 with a group of the drives being 15K SAS and the other being 400GB SSD. When creating the pool for the 15K SAS drives, everything went fine, but when creating the pool for the SSD, we got an error stating that we need a performance tier license in order to proceed. After reading online about what this license does, we don't need the auto sub-lun function. 

My question is, is there a way to just create a disk array for the SSD? When I add the disk group, I'm creating it under pool B. Does/Can it go into pool A and can it be created as a different raid level group from the 15K group?




How to add host in MSA 2040 SAN storage?Open in a New Window


 When i try to add a host to initiator "Add to host" option is greyed out (see the attached)

I am already created pool with linear disk.






MSA 2040 G4 - Locking ID to register Advance Data Services?Open in a New Window

Hi all, i have a new MSA 2040 G4 storage and i need to register my MSA Advanced Data Services LTU. Visiting http://MyEnterpriseLicense.hpe.com i have to imput my Entitlement Order Number. After that the page asks for the "Locking ID" . Where can i find this?


Thank you in advance, George


Register new MSA 2040 G4 to hpe.comOpen in a New Window

Greedings All! I have a new MSA 2040 G4 Storage and i want to register it at hpe.com under my account. But under "Link warranties" the page wants to input both Serial Number and Product Number. What sould i use for my MSA?

Thank you in advance, George


Migrating from MSA 2012sa to MSA 2042, data copying questionOpen in a New Window


I have a pretty basic setup with two ESXi servers connected to the MSA 2012sa by SAS and we are getting ready to migrate to an MSA 2042 connected by FC.

The 2012 SAN has two volumes, one for storing VMs and another one for enterprise files. I only have a vSphere Essentials licence, so no vMotion.

What would be the best and fastest way to copy all my data to the new SAN.

Downtime is possible during the week-ends but if I could do some steps during production time, that would be a big plus.

Right now my plan was to connect the new SAN to both ESXi servers and use vCenter to shutdown then migrate the VMs (storage only) to the new SAN.

Is there a better way without getting vMotion? Maybe some HP SAN tool I don't know about.



MSA 2040 VASAOpen in a New Window

I've read in HP specification page / document for MSA 2040 that supports VMware VASA, but I don't understand how to get this functionality. For configure VASA, on VMware side, the requested parameters are "Storage Provider" url:port and user/passw. I'm not able to find information about this, neither in MSA 2040 web configuration page or cli, neither HP documentation. Are needed some additional license or software? Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance


P2040 what if a Vraid fail on virtual poolOpen in a New Window


do we loose whole virtual pool in case of loosing any of it's internal Vraids ?



MSA 2040 LUN 0Open in a New Window

recently I've reconfigured all storage pools and I've started assigning volumes from LUN ID 1, leaving free LUN ID 0 , as suggested from some colleagues. Is this correct or not? I have this doubt because now, after a rescan, all hosts are still seeing a LUN 0 ID device for every other LUNs defined, but the reported device type is "enclosure", while other LUNs is rightly reported as "disk". What does it means?

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