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Convert Raid 5 to Raid 6Open in a New Window

Hi all,

I want to convert two Raid 5 VDisks to Raid 6. One of them by adding an additional Disk, the other by converting it. My questions would be, is it possible to convert an existing Raid 5 VDisk to a Raid 6 VDisk, without loosing the Data? And is it possible to convert the other Raid 5 VDisk to a Raid 6 VDisk, by adding an HD?

Thanks and Regards,



Is a D2600 Enclosure support with a HP P2000 G3 Dual 10Gbit iSCSiOpen in a New Window

I am thinking of purchasing 2x HP D2600 Dual SAS Controller Expansion Storage Array (AJ940A) will they work with HP P2000 Dual I/O LFF Drive Enclosure Chassis (AP843A ) with 2x HP P2000 G3 10GbE iSCSI MSA Array Controller (AW595A )

Can't see it in the quick spec's




Please help choose the right SAN solution in Chicago, ILOpen in a New Window


We are looking for a SAN to be the backup repository on premise.

-Capacity 15TB to start and ability to grow.  -Put an identical unit in a colocated offsite location.  -SAN's should de-duplicate and stay sync'd overnight (this has to be a (preferably) built in feature of the SAN).  I am looking for the products that is optimized for this WAN syncing.

We also want to explore, moving production data into the WAN from the current Direct Attached Storage in 6 Windows 2008 R2 Guests (running in 2 VmWare physical machines), total 2 TB;   and 2 Ubuntu 16.x physical servers, total 11TB.  What kind of performance can I expect from a SAN compared to a DAS 10k NAS Raid 5 system






MSA 2040 remove controllerOpen in a New Window

Hi, I'm a new owner of MSA 2040 iSCSI. Actually I have configured two virtual volumes in a single virtual pool assigned to controller A. Now I would like to test high availability before production. Can I hot remove controller B for some minutes (for simulate a controller failure) and then reinsert it without issues or is best to avoid this operation? There is some actions or reconfigurations to do after this test?
There are some cli commands for gracefully shutdown a controller for maintenance/testing purposes?

Thanks in advance


Storevirtual 4335 F3J70BOpen in a New Window


I am hoping someone can clarify some points based on sales information we were given from a supplier.

We are yet to purchase this product.

We have been told that with 2 nodes we can expect 12TB of usable storage?

We have been told that the data will be live on both nodes for speed and data protection.

I am unsure how the above is possible? If one node was lost there would only be 7.5TB of disks available? How would 12TB be able to exist still? Something must be lost?

Can someone help clarify the above and aid my understanding of the system?




MSA2040 FC ODX supportOpen in a New Window

Hi, we have a MSA2040 FC, with performance tiering license, running software GL220P009, the latest when writing this post. Connected are two Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Hyper-V hosts in a failover cluster, both connected with dual-port HP 8Gbps HBA's in a MPIO setup. Everything works fine from that perspective, and the whole setup is 100% verified with HPe SPOCK. When I do sequential operations, because of MPIO I can do about 1400MB/sec of traffic. Not bad.


When we bought the unit 2 years ago our representative told us ODX would be available through a forthcoming update (that's about 3 years ago now). We've never got ODX running under 2012R2, but now with 2016 I'd though to give it another try, but alas, no cigar. Neither can I find any official information of ODX being supported or not.

One issue I run into is that we deliberately use fixed VHDX files on our VM's. Whenever I expand a disk with let's say 100GB, for some reason it only does that with about 200MB/sec and an insane amount of IOPS, stalling practically all other IO. While that's more of an OS issue than SAN issue by itself, ODX should fix that.
For testing reasons I have a dirt cheap Synology 2415+ with a few SATA disks, connected with 1Gbps iSCSI and that does ODX. For large file operations that support ODX that 'crappy' Synology outperforms our 25k+ SSD powered MSA2040 by almost an infinite number. Expanding a VHDX file on the Synology with 100GB takes a second of 2 or 3, while it takes at least half an hour on the MSA2040. It's rediculous to see a device 10 times as expensive and marketed as way more (small)-enterprise ready to perform so much worse than a cheap small office NAS because of a missing promised feature.


So I'd like to get some additional information on how or when ODX is supported by the MSA2040. No-one seems to be able to tell me. Has anyone got it working?


Looking at MSA 2042 - how is management on this beast?Open in a New Window

Good afternoon, all!

Our company is looking at an MSA 2042 as a replacement for our current SAN array. For the community: how is the management on this beast? There's only one of me and I'm sliced pretty thin now.  LOoking for ease of management, accurate reporting and alerts, integration with my current vSphere 5.5 and up environment, and reliability.

Thanks for any input you all have on these!



Hard disk compatibilityOpen in a New Window


Where can I find Infos about Harddisk compatibility with our MSA2324sa? I tried to find a Data sheet or any other Info about the system, but it's not easy at all...

Thanks and Regards,



Forget Password SAN MSA 2040Open in a New Window


i forget my password .

who to change or reset password hp san MSA 2040?



SAN Storage Disk ProblemOpen in a New Window


We have an old MSA2324sa and since 01.01.2017 a problem with two disks. The errors are in the attached .jpg!

Could somone help me with this? Let me know what info you need and how to find them. I'm an absolut beginner with Storage systems.

Thanks and Regards, Rico


P800 Controller replacementOpen in a New Window

I have a p800 controller which is plugged into 2 MSA60 appliances.

I understand that the drive size limitation of 2.2TB is determined by the controller.  What would be a controller I should move to that would still allow me to use the MSA60 appliances?




HP SAN p2000 java APIOpen in a New Window

I want to discover the HP SAN p2000 device (LUNS, Disks details) using API. Is there any API to get these details.


HP P2000G3 - Remove FC HostOpen in a New Window



We recently removed a virtual Hyper-V guest, from our server infrastructure, and also removed the vFC adapter from the virtual machine.

Afterwards ive tried to delete the 2 hosts in the HP P2000 G3, but were only allowed to remove one of the host profiles.

When trying to delete the last host profile from the Web GUI, we receive an error: "The command had an invalid value (xxxxxxxxxxx) - Host was discovered, so it cannot be deleted"

From what i could read from other forum posts, we have to delete it through CLI.

When trying to delete host in CLI (delete host VMname-P1), we receive an error "The command had an invalid value"


What is the correct way to delete the discovered host, which no longer exists ?


Thanks in advance.


MSA2012 Disk firware updateOpen in a New Window

Hello Friends,

Can I update a disk firmware online on a MSA2012fc ? I suppose it's not a good idea if the disk is part of a Vdisk, but if its state is "AVAIL" , out of any Vdisk, is it safe update it online? Coud this procedure be unsafe for the concurrent I/O transactions at the Vdisks?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Poor Write performance HP SAN MSA 2040Open in a New Window

Hi, I'm experiencing poor write performance on a MSA 2040 with 8 disks, configured as:

2 x 200GB SSD (read cache)
6 x 900GB (12G DP 10K) RAID1 in pair

I attach some screenshots of configuration.
(why there's a red led indicator on B2-FC?..on details I see the same speed as other ports 16 Gb)
Doing a write test and benchmark from a VM  I experience this speed
It's a poor performance, isn't IT?

Can I speed up my system? Is this the maximum limit instead?
Any Help or suggestion is appreciated....



MSA1000Open in a New Window


We have a HP MSA1000 with 2x MSA30 disk shelves and 1x256mb cache controller. We are unable to see the disks 8-14 on both of the MSA 30's but can see 1-14 on the MSA1000 itself. Can anyone help us see the other disks?



MSA2040 LUN size interpretationOpen in a New Window



I've created 5,2 TB volume  on MSA2040. ESXi host can see this storage device (LUN) but it recognizes it's capacity as 4,66 TB. How it is possible? Where is 500 GB?


Thanks in advance!


hp p2000 g3 storageOpen in a New Window

Dear Team,

We have hp p2000 g3 storage with RAID - 6 configuration (12 HDD=12 *2TB=24TB)

we got a problem ,

1). 1 HDD is failed then we replaced new HDD (11th)without any configuration means now it showing AVAIL

2).We mistakenly removed and reinserted another HDD(9th) at the same time ,after its showing LEFTOVER disk.


Here, 11th HDD showing no indication but 9th HDD is showing Ambler .


what can i do We have 24 TB data.? What troubleshoot i can do ? please suggest onthat..



SAN(FC) Storage does not work with VmWareOpen in a New Window


I'm having trouble with SAN Switch and VMware. The situation is as follows. I have 2x HP MSA SAN Switch 32port, 2x servers, 2 SANs storage (IBM, HP). Both servers see both storages. It's okay. Now, I want to add additional third server, but this one cannot see the storage. I think that zoning in the switch I set properly, but it does not work. Topology is placed in the attachment. According to the diagram, I think that second switch is used as a backup if first stops working. Both switches are set to the same (except WWN of course), the same aliases, same zoning. Aliases are set far more than are actually connected devices (many servers in the server room are not already there). Just 3. So I deleted on one switch settings (aliases, zoning ...) and set new, but it does not work. Added third server sees only HP Fibre Channel RAID array controller. But no HP/IBM storage. And it is interesting that when I deleted one switch, so the two servers still see storage at both FCs, while I think that one side should disappear. Screens from Vmware are in attachments.
Thanks for help




MSA 60 Tone When Powered upOpen in a New Window

I picked up an MSA 60 as a cheap backup target.   When I power it up, it just emits a high pitched tone, like a bios error, that doesn't stop.    The seller says this is normal, but I have some other MSA models and none of them do this.

Does anyone have experience with these units and can tell me if you just hook up power (no SAS cables) does it emit a tone?


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