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Convert discs to play on home smart TVOpen in a New Window

I have been moving our discs to a format that can be accessed from a home network hard drive through our Samsung Smart TV. the sources have been i-phone videos, and Blu-Ray and DVD videos that we had purchased over the years, or even old family videos from VHS films that had been converted to DVDs. I store videos on a NAS hard drive that is accessibly from my smart TV and gets cropped by Pavtube ByteCopy to 1920x1057 which removes the black line at the bottom. How do you copy dvd to NAS?


Add larger HDD's to storeeasy 1000, 1440 go to total of 40TBOpen in a New Window

I have a HP storeeasy 1000  model 1440 with total 12 TB storage

I need to update to a total of 40TB's   4X10TB disks.

Can I just buy the new disks and install them one by one and they will automatically rebuild?

Any suggestions on how to make this data transition?


Reinstalling a StoreEasy 1440 unitOpen in a New Window

I am planning to reinstall from scratch a StoreEasy 1440 unit.

Where can I locate the up-to-date DVD .iso image?

Is the Microsoft product key required to reinstall Windows Storage server 2012? If it was lost by accident, what is the procedure to request it from HPE?




Interconexion de NAS Storage 1440 y 1430Open in a New Window

Estoy interesado en saber si es posible poder unir dos nas Storage 1440 y Storage 1430 HP las 1430 en este momento es un espejo de la 1440, pero se adquirio una nas nueva y queremos usar el espejo como espacio disponible de almacenamiento del FileServer que se encuentra ubicado en la 1440. He estado buscando informacion sobre este tema pero ninguno que cumpla a mi solucion.

Quedo agradecido con la colaboracion al tema.




Mirror Raid 10 NasserversOpen in a New Window

Hi, I'm new here and new with HPservers.

We bought ourselves 2 Nas storages storeEasy 1000 with 16 TB diskvolume  (8x 2TB) twice.  Now we want to be secured that, in case of crashes, we won't have data loss.

So, our question is: What is the best way of mirroring those 2 servers.

We thought about raid 10 on both machines and then mirror both machines. (and how do you do this?)

But is that the best way, or are there any other options. 




StoreEasy 1440 deduplication problemOpen in a New Window

I have a StoreEasy 1440 NAS used for backup. Deduplication is enabled.

I need to free space and I deleted more than 1 TB of data, but the free space increaded by less than 1 MegaByte (yes, MegaByte),

I realize that part of the files I deleted can be duplicated, but I can't believe that the free space increased by less that 1 MB.

I presume that something is wrong, in the storage or (probably) in the confnguration.

How can I troubleashoot and solve this problem?






StoreEasy 1440 deduplicationOpen in a New Window

I have an HP StoreEasy 1440 NAS used as a repository for backup.

Deduplication is enabled but I need to better understand the way it works and the way I can control how deduplication works.

Where can I locate detailed documentation about deduplication on StoreEasy 1440?




Configuring an iSCSI targetOpen in a New Window

I need to confngure a StoreEasy 1440 as an iSCSI target to be accessed by a VMware vSphere host over a 1GB network connection.

I made several attempts with no success.

Where can I locate documentation about the right way to confngure either the ESXi host and the StoreEasy 1440 NAS?




Updating StoreEasy 1440: treasure huntOpen in a New Window

About one year ago I installed a StoreEasy 1440 storagwe based on Windows Storage Server 2012 R2.

I did not perform any update.

I went to the HPE software and driver page and downloaded the "* RECOMMENDED * HPE StoreEasy Storage Service Release for Windows Storage Server 2012R2" version 2016.01.5.

While attempting to install it I got a message saying that a previous version was requested. I downloaded and installed the previous version but it requires a previous version. I attempted to download all the previous version but I am unable to locate them.

Is there a first version I can start from?

Where can I download it?





Update StoreEasy 1000/3000 Window 2012 to Winows 2012 R2 Storage ServerOpen in a New Window

I can only a Recovery of a System with the Recovery DVD V3 (Windows 2012) od V4 (Windows 2012 R2)

Can I make a Update of  StoreEasySystem 1430 (Windows 2012) to Winows 2012 R2 Storage Server?

Or can I make Updates of the Server FW or Driver Software Update??


Reinstalling a StoreEasy 1440 NASOpen in a New Window

I have 2 StoreEasy 1440 NAS based on Windows Server 2012.

They work fine by now.

I need to ensure I can resinstall them in case of possible problems.

I have a DVD whose title is "HP StoreEasy 1000/3000 Storage and HP 3PAR StoreServ File Controller - Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standsrd (2CPU/2VM) System Recovery DVD verskion SWX4.00.0a".

In case of need can I just boot from the DVD and reinstall from scratch my NAS?

Do I need any additional tool?

Is there any newer version available?

Where can I locate the up-to-date administrator's manual?




Ibrix X9720 ver 5.3.2BOpen in a New Window

Hi to all.

I have to reinstall from scratch an Ibrix X9720 with 3 nodes which was shipped with version 5.3.2B, but unfortunately

I don't have the right documentation.

Can you please help me to find it or a suitable best practice?

Should not it be possible, where can I download version 4.0 ISO, for which I have documentation, but not firmware matrix?

Best regards and many thanks in advance.

             Pierluigi Cecchi


add memory for HP StoreEasy 1430Open in a New Window


I have HP StoreEasy 1430 model, with existing total memory 8GB, each slot has 4GB of ram (DIMM #1 and DIMM #3) . i want upgrade to 16GB, so i will put each slot memory with 4GB (DIMM #1 until #4) . 

specification for existing memory:

Manufacturer: "HP"
Part Number: "669238-071"
Memory Array: #4096
Form Factor: 0x09 (DIMM)
Type Detail: 0x4080 (Synchronous)
Data Width: 64 bits (+8 ECC bits)
Size: 4 GB
Speed: 1600 MHz


specification for two item of new memory ( http://www.bhinneka.com/products/sku01313683/hp_server_memory_4gb_pc-12800__669322-b21_.aspx ), 

HP Server Memory 4GB PC-12800 [669322-B21] , 4GB 2Rx8 PC3-12800E-11 .

are these correct ? please advice.


Thank you,









i have a HP 1400 G2 NAS , i have 700 GB of un-allocated space on my overall 2 TB(2 TB after raid). now i was not able to use or create volumes on that unallocated space. Already i have 2 primary partitions including OS partition and 7 logical partitions. any suggestions to make that 700 GB live


can not access some lun on PV LIST 8800Open in a New Window



i have 8 disk on 8800 when enter fdisk -l on command line but on ibrix_pv.


i can not access 3 lun dev/sda  sdb adg  how to add to  volume to use?




problem nfs access to windows 2008r2Open in a New Window



I have storeall 8800 with 2 node 380 G8.


I created a nfs lun 6TB and  RW access to *./users.
this lun full access to all client . But when I added it  (nfs lun) to access the system windows 2008 r2  can read only and execute  .
But in the wmwrae esxi host every things ok.(read and write  ok ).
1. install nfs services on windows 2008 r2 .
2.full access  NFS client config .



StoreEasy 3830 cluster with 3par7400 without AD joinOpen in a New Window



I have recently looked throught the doc http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA4-5722ENW.pdf  and found no mentions  there  regarding  installing the 2x storeeasy 3830  with  3par 7400 without joining to active directory domain.


Can anyone clarify   is there any ability  to setup 2x3830 cluster  without joining to AD ?


Thank  you 


Obtaing the HP Storeall REST API Sample Client ApplicationOpen in a New Window



Our IBRIX Web Console Help is furnishing a way to Obtaing the HP Storeall REST API Sample Client Application


But I could not find the link


could you please help







StoreEasy Windows Storage Server 2012 upgrade to Storage Server 2012 R2..?Open in a New Window



I have StoreEasy 1630's that shipped with Windows Storage Sever 2012.

I would love to upgrade them to Storage Server 2012 R2.!!

Is there a path to do this ?

I have Pro Active 24 Support on the hardware and software.



IBRIX SpaceOver AlertOpen in a New Window


Wondering if you can change at what level the SpaceOver message is triggered at on a segment utilisation.

Currently it changes from "OK" to "SpaceOver" at 90% segment utilisation. Wanting to change that trigger to 95%

I know this adds a risk but these segments have static database volumes that will be fixed to about 91% of the segment size.

Current Segment size is 1.6TB if that helps.


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