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HP MediaSmart Server EX470 -- All Red LightsOpen in a New Window

Supposedly new EX470 (off eBay).  Hooked up per instructions and applied power.  Immediate red lights for all hd bays, even without drives installed in 2, 3, and 4.  Power light and network lights are blue, health light is something like amber or violet (definitely not red).  All lights are steady.  No indication of server in computer's Windows Explorer.  Tried paper clip reset in several configurations -- power on, power off, once power off then again power on.  Nothing seems to work.  All help appreciated!  Thanks.


Frequent Hard Disk Failures in HP X1600 G2Open in a New Window


I am facing frequent hard disk failures in my HP X1600 G2 storage servers (SE1220) running windows 2008 storage server with 12 x 1 TB SATA 

Tried updating the P212 controller firmware (6.62), backplane firmware, bios & HDD firmware

Can someone help me to solve this and what could be the reason

thank you






Problem with Smart Array P212 ControllerOpen in a New Window

Hi All

My HP X1600 G2 storage server was running fine with P212 controller. Suddenly it reported cache error

Did try by replacing the cache, worked for a day and controller started reporting 

Controller self test failed

Tried by replacing both controller and cache , recogonized all the arrays and started to work 

Midway the system got struck, was forced to cold reboot from then on the following errors appears repeatedly

Controller Lockup due to previous failure

Controller failure self test failed

controller failure (Command=0h error=00h dlu=13:bh)

Even tried by replacing another cache, updated firmware to 6.62 still the error persists

Can someone help me to identify the cause 

thank you




HP 1450 StorageOpen in a New Window

we have HP 1450 Storage  connected with 2 Phyiscial server , something happened all Leds lighting and flashing and HD Sata light not working anymore , i try to poweroff and poweron nothing happened , anyone have experience about this case please help me 


HP 3-IN-1 NAS DockOpen in a New Window

I have tried to download the firmware using nasload and no matter how many times I try to hard reset it still asks for a username and password. Does any one know what the default username nd password should be, Aftr a reset I know that it should be admin with the password being blank.


Hp x310 Data Vault SoftwareOpen in a New Window

Hi, i acquired a hp data vault x310 recently, but it doesnt came with the instalation software, i serched for it everywhere (Hp support page, Hewlwtt Packard support page, forums, even youtube) but i havent found nothing, if someone has the instalation software can please share it? i would really aprecciate it.


Thanks in advance!


Storageworks X510 Data VaultOpen in a New Window

Please direct me to correct location thanks,

I have one of the above, Health light is Solid Red & when the reset is done via paperclip I get one Red & 4 Aqua flashes wich says 'recovery failed' contact HP Support. Am assuming my main OS drive is dead but could use some advice in terms of where to next!, also no longer have the original DVD's that the X510 shipped with so if I just replace the system drive I don't know where to get an ISO from to reinstall from,.


Storeeasy Oplocks protocolOpen in a New Window

Hi ,

I knew that Storeeasy support SMB and CIFS , but Does Storeasy (1450,1650..etc) support Optimistic lock (Oplocks) which its required for Folder redirection and folder share?


Thanks in advance :)


HP StoreEasy 1650 - not able to open HP Smart Storage AdministratorOpen in a New Window


i recently got a HP StoreEasy with preinstalled Windows Storage Server 2k12R2 and also some HP tools on it. There is a tool on it named: Manage Storage Pools.

It creates logical drives with RAID 10,5,6 and then creates storage pools on it. AFAIK storage spaces are a feature that allows to create big storage without the need of raid controllers. 

But i have one. So why do i create a storage space on my logical drive?!? Then i create a virtual drive on it with simple striping.. well because my raid controller is already in duty.

But this nonsense is not important. I want to create a JBOD system because my storeeasy is for backup purposes. I run Veeam on it and save it to my DAS which i want to be as big as possible. But i don't have the possiblity to run the array config utitlity when booting and when i try to open the HP Smart Storage Administrator it closes right away (windows goes up .. and exits). Also the console programm does not work. There is no error message. Nothing.

Is there a hp tool running that automatically blocks the usage?!? I'm one step away to erase the system and just install a clean Windows Storage Server.

Best regards

Stephan G


Separate OS and Data for HP Easy Storage 1450Open in a New Window

Hi Experts


We just bought a new HP easy storage 1450, It came with RAID 6 as default,

I put it on RAID 5 but what i want to accomplish is to separate the C drive and create a new partition or logical drive for the data. Is this possible?


Getting started with ILO....?Open in a New Window



I have a HP StoreEasy 1040 Storage server, OS is Windows Stroage server 2012 standard.

My end goal is to access the server from outside via ILO/Console, in case OS crashes or something.

As now, i have only HP System management. have updated firmware on ILO to latest, configured HP Lights-Out Online Configuration utility (Set IP address on ILO) and connected ILO to a public IP address.

What steps do i need to do now? I tried typing ILO address in a local browser, but "The page could not be displayed"

What else do i need.


Can i install Application i.e SQL to HP Easy StorageOpen in a New Window

Hi Guys


We bought a new HP easy storage and the intention of this is basically to store data and i was thinking of like a box type ext HDD :( but its not


My question is, is it ok to install application inside this Easy Storage? the application we required would be SQL.


Thanks in Advance.



EX495 Hard Drive SizeOpen in a New Window

I recently had to install a new hard drive to my Mediasmart EX495 and went through the recovery/factory reset process.


I installed a new 4TB Western Digital RED Drive. However, the HP console shows that I only have 1.6TB available. Is there a way to see my remaining HD space? Or is this a limitation of Windows Home Server?


StoreEasy 1430 8TB default RAIDOpen in a New Window

Dear all,


I have a the storage below:


HP StoreEasy 1430 8TB SATA Storage with the product number B7D89A. 


I want to know what is the default RAID that the ORIGINAL RECOVERY DVD will configure once i run restore to defaults.


Because now I have configured a RAID 5 manually and it lost his serial number, now I need to re-install using the original DVD but i´m afraid it will configure RAID 6 and not 5.


Please someone clarify me.



Nelson Chamba\




HP StoreEasy 1650 Automated Storage TieringOpen in a New Window

Hi team,


my customer is asking to configure a StoreEasy with different disk technologies and Automated Storage Tiering as Windows Server 2012 R2 normal supports. I read some articles about and at least one SSD disk must be configured but I'm not completely sure Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 supports this feature, I mean AST is not mentioned on quick specs and no SSD disks are possible to configure, therefore I think it is not possible. Could you confirm please



Automated Storage Manager Not Loading + Startup Error on Storage works x1400 G2Open in a New Window

Hi I am posting this because when I start up Automated storage manager I get the error:


Problem Event Name: CLR20r3

Problem Signature 01: mmc.exe

Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385

Problem Signature 03: 4a5bc808

Problem Signature 04: System

Problem Signature 05: 4.0.30319.34238

Problem Signature 06: 53e450ed

Problem Signature 07: 2f67

Problem Signature 08: 11

Problem Signature 09: System.IO.IOException

OS Version: 6.1.7601.

Locale ID: 2057

Additional Information 1: d327

Additional Information 2: d3275ff7a0fc736094d269c7ef1760e0

Additional Information 3: 218b

Additional Information 4: 218b387614368f849f093c5f1845ce07






I have tried searching around for solutions for this but I haven't tried many solutions because it is a company server which handles the backups.


The server is the storage works x1400 GS

It has the operating system of Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Standard







Another problem I have been encountering is that when I start up a session within the server this error comes up:


We get an unhandled exception: Message=An unexpected Windows PowerShell script error has occurred. .
File C:\Program Files\HP\ICT\nasoobe\hpnasoobe.ps1 cannot be loaded. A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer.
At line:10 char:8
+       . <<<< "$env:programfiles\HP\ICT\nasoobe\hpnasoobe.ps1"
CateoryInfo: NotSpecified: (:) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException
FullyQualifiedErrorId: RuntimeException
, UIDefinitionFile=C:\Program Files\HP\ICT\nasoobe\nasoobe.xml, XPath=/oobe/scripts/init, AboutInfo=AboutInfo, Reason=The Windows PowerShell script has failed. The script is #
      # Script in this block will be run first and will be run only o, InnerException=System.Management.Automation.PSSecurityException: File C:\Program Files\HP\ICT\nasoobe\hpnasoobe.ps1 cannot be loaded. A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer. ---> System.UnauthorizedAccessException: File C:\Program Files\HP\ICT\nasoobe\hpnasoobe.ps1 cannot be loaded. A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer.



I don't have any idea what this message is relating to and there was only one similar to this whilst I was seraching for solutions but it was for a different file.


NAS StoreEver 1640 compatibility with citrixOpen in a New Window

Good day!..... i have a question about NAS HP storeEasy 1640.

crrently, i have some servers for applications in my site and i would like to virtualize them. In this moment my site is using an citrix Hypervisor and anothers with Citrix client. My storage size is almost 12 TB but im thinking to growth to  40 TB almost.


I would like to know if it is possible to used NAS storeEasy 1640 as storage to locate the virtual machines in citrix?, in case of the hypervisor citrix and with citrix client?


i appreciate your help guys


What are the CURRENT SAS DRIVE options for the AIO1200 (aka DL320s) at 1tb?Open in a New Window



Does anyone know what the Current SAS 3.5" 1tb drive is for the AIO1200?  I can't seem to sort this out.







Yes, I know the device is old, and it's running 2003.


An EX495 server that won't fully boot?Open in a New Window

HP MediaSmart Server EX495

used for backups, moving files from one computer to another. and nothing else so far

product FL705AA#ABA


Turning it on starts the boot process, but it appears to hang at the point where all three light on the bottom of the front are aqua, two at the left solid and the right one blinking.

The individual disk lights no longer come on.

Trying to reach through the HP MediaSmart ethernet connection can no longer find it.

Trying an alternate ethernet cable or a different router ethernet port does not give different results.

Trying the ethernet cable, but to a laptop instead of the server, gives results indicating that the cable and the router ethernet ports are still working.

Disconnecting the ethernet cable from the server turns off the center light at the bottom of the front.

I found the manuals; they do not mention this combination of the lights.

The manuals mantion that none of the other ports on the back can be used in place of the ethernet port.

However, the manuals do not mention what appears to be a port on the front, to the right of the three lights.

The manuals mention that the lights can be breathing - but never describe just what breathing means.

The manuals should, but don't, mention the maximum size for the SATA hard drives; I guessed 2 TB each, so that's what I installed when it needed more hard drives.

The web pages I found for the EX495 do not mention any way to ask HP to come repair it, or even whether it's still possible.

However, they do offer a way to check on a repair order AFTER you create one.

This leaves me with no access to my backups for the last few years, and no reasonable way to store any more backups.

If I ever had a Server Recovery DVD for the EX495, I lost it years ago.


I found the item in the manuals describing how to reset the EX495 to its original state, but this deletes all the backups already stored.  I do not consider this suitable for my current situation, since I need to recover a few items from the older backups at least as much as I need new backups.


I looked at HP's listings for newer disk servers.  None of them appear to be able to handle SATA drives larger than 1 TB,

so none of them look suitable for inspecting the contents of the hard drives now in my EX495.



P.S. This thread has been moved from General to Network Attached Storage (NAS) (Small and Medium Business).  - HP Forum Moderator


StoreEasy 5000 series replacementOpen in a New Window

Is there a replacement for the StoreEasy 5000

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