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iSCSI LUN Not Connected - HP Storageworks X1600Open in a New Window

Hello! I just got this HP Storageworks X1600, and configuration went fine, up to the point in which I'm trying to setup an iSCSI drive. Everytime I create the Target, the virtual disk, then assign the virtual disk to the driver, it gives me this warning: iSCSI LUN not connected to host.

So after that, if I go on iSCSI initiatior on a Windows client, can't connect. Tried also Xen Server, and it discovers the IQN just fine, but fails when trying to discover LUNs.

So I'm thinking I'm missing something here, but have tried google this, looked on the manual from HP, haven't been able to make it work.

Thanks for any help you can give me.




Error Code 274Open in a New Window



Please help, I have the below error in one of the StoreEasy NAS:

Error Code: 274

300GB 2-Port SAS Drive at Port 5l : Bay 13 is bad or missing.

To correct this problem, check the data and power connections  to the Physical drive

For more information, generate a diagnostics report under the Diagnostics tab.



X3400 NFS MountsOpen in a New Window

We have 2 X3400's clustered together. Windows shares work fine, can create them / connect to them all day. Can't seem to create NFS exports though. Can create them but if I go to a linux box and try mounting it am unable to and doing showmount <hostname> doesn't show the export I created. Anyone have any advice to share? 




Storage 1450 Usage Options for BackupOpen in a New Window

I have a Storeeasy 1450 with 2TBx8 hard disk.

I need to utlizie this server for dumping backup data from my Acronis Backup Software. What is the best way to make the interface with the backup server? Is it iSCSI, NFS, CIFS?


HP Data Vault x310 Recovery DiscsOpen in a New Window

Below is a link to ISO's of the Recovery discs that came with my HP Data Vault x310.

I know these are very hard to find so I wanted to share them with the HP community.

 Software Version 3.0




upgrade my storage hard diskOpen in a New Window

i have the HP STOREEASY 1450 with  ( 4x4T hard disk ) if i want to to upgrade the storage to be ( 4x6T) hard disk , is this model support 6T hard disks ? if yes , if i will configure four 6T hard disks  with RAID 5 what is the max space that i can have 


HP Data Vault X310 SoftwareOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I own "HP Data Vault X310". But unfortunately, I have lost the DVD that came with it. When I am trying to download the DVD from HP's website, it says it requires a valid support contract. 

Can somebody guide me how to download the software? 

Thanks in advance.




HPE StoreEasy 1000/3000 Storage Recovery DVDOpen in a New Window


I have a HP Storage Server out of warrant and I'm looking for HPE StoreEasy 1000/3000 Storage Recovery DVD to instal Windows Storage Server 2012.

Could anyone send me the link to download it?

Best Regards,


NAS box Storeeasy 1540 expansionOpen in a New Window

Storeeasy 1540 upgrade

Hi, I want to upgrade below NAS box Storeeasy 1540 from 2tb to 4 or 6tb. Please advise

Product Details,

Product no : E7W75A Hard drive : 2TB Processor : Intel (R) Corei3 – 4130 CPU @3.40 GHz RAM : 8.00 GB System Type : 64 Bit OS : Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard


error updating firmware smartarry conbtroller P212Open in a New Window

I have a HP storageworks X1600 with a smartarry P212 controller. 

I want to add 4x4Tb hard drives but therefore i have to upgrade the firmware of the controller.

I tryed to use the ltest version of SPP but while running firmware upgrade for controller the controller wasnt found 

how to upgrade the frimware manualy 


Can I monitor Storeeasy from remote host or client via web browser?Open in a New Window

Hi all,

Can I monitor storeeasy 1550 from remote client via web browser??
Because sometimes I'm not able to access the server.


HP AIO600i recovery dvdOpen in a New Window

Hello,  So I have an HP AIO600i that i received for free and I wanted to set it up to backup some computers at a local non-profit.  I downloaded the AiO_600_QV_v1.0.1_5697_6250 iso file for the recovery dvd and when I try to load it it goes all the way through the ram disk then I get a "This is not a ProLiant server" and it makes me reboot.  I do have an AiO600, that's what the lable on it tells me.  Am I missing something or do I have the wrong iso?



hp x1800 g2 hdd failureOpen in a New Window

dear all.

hp X1800 G2

hard drive LEDs  1  Amber, flashing regularly (1 Hz)

hard drive LEDs  2 Off 

A predictive failure alert has been received for this drive. Replace the drive as soon as possible.

how to maintainance?

i cant  to swap hdd

or shutdown before swap hdd  

or have program mange before swap hdd?




HP MediaSmart Server EX470 -- All Red LightsOpen in a New Window

Supposedly new EX470 (off eBay).  Hooked up per instructions and applied power.  Immediate red lights for all hd bays, even without drives installed in 2, 3, and 4.  Power light and network lights are blue, health light is something like amber or violet (definitely not red).  All lights are steady.  No indication of server in computer's Windows Explorer.  Tried paper clip reset in several configurations -- power on, power off, once power off then again power on.  Nothing seems to work.  All help appreciated!  Thanks.


Frequent Hard Disk Failures in HP X1600 G2Open in a New Window


I am facing frequent hard disk failures in my HP X1600 G2 storage servers (SE1220) running windows 2008 storage server with 12 x 1 TB SATA 

Tried updating the P212 controller firmware (6.62), backplane firmware, bios & HDD firmware

Can someone help me to solve this and what could be the reason

thank you






Problem with Smart Array P212 ControllerOpen in a New Window

Hi All

My HP X1600 G2 storage server was running fine with P212 controller. Suddenly it reported cache error

Did try by replacing the cache, worked for a day and controller started reporting 

Controller self test failed

Tried by replacing both controller and cache , recogonized all the arrays and started to work 

Midway the system got struck, was forced to cold reboot from then on the following errors appears repeatedly

Controller Lockup due to previous failure

Controller failure self test failed

controller failure (Command=0h error=00h dlu=13:bh)

Even tried by replacing another cache, updated firmware to 6.62 still the error persists

Can someone help me to identify the cause 

thank you




HP 1450 StorageOpen in a New Window

we have HP 1450 Storage  connected with 2 Phyiscial server , something happened all Leds lighting and flashing and HD Sata light not working anymore , i try to poweroff and poweron nothing happened , anyone have experience about this case please help me 


HP 3-IN-1 NAS DockOpen in a New Window

I have tried to download the firmware using nasload and no matter how many times I try to hard reset it still asks for a username and password. Does any one know what the default username nd password should be, Aftr a reset I know that it should be admin with the password being blank.


Hp x310 Data Vault SoftwareOpen in a New Window

Hi, i acquired a hp data vault x310 recently, but it doesnt came with the instalation software, i serched for it everywhere (Hp support page, Hewlwtt Packard support page, forums, even youtube) but i havent found nothing, if someone has the instalation software can please share it? i would really aprecciate it.


Thanks in advance!


Storageworks X510 Data VaultOpen in a New Window

Please direct me to correct location thanks,

I have one of the above, Health light is Solid Red & when the reset is done via paperclip I get one Red & 4 Aqua flashes wich says 'recovery failed' contact HP Support. Am assuming my main OS drive is dead but could use some advice in terms of where to next!, also no longer have the original DVD's that the X510 shipped with so if I just replace the system drive I don't know where to get an ISO from to reinstall from,.

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