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HPE Storage Solutions Forum - Polyserve Solutions
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What is that latest vxvm version and how to download latest vxvm SP and hotfixOpen in a New Window

What is that latest vxvm version and how to download latest vxvm SP and hotfix


Migrate from HP CFS/PolyServe 3.4.0 to Windows ClusterOpen in a New Window

Anyone have a good idea of how to migrate from a 2 node cluster PSFS to single NTFS node?

Can i just deport drives and zone them to my new single server and be all good or do I need to migrate the data?

PSFS and NTFS is supposed to be compatible isn't it?

All help is appreciated. Need to get of this old CFS and 2003 server to 2008R2/2012R2.


Unable to login to polyserve mgmt consoleOpen in a New Window

I know polyserve is EOSL bt i recenlty ran into a problem before migration. I am unable to login.

When I launch the console, it asks for usename and password and it fails eveytime i give my login.

anybody's help would be a oasis in the desert :)


PolyServe End of Service Life SupportOpen in a New Window

Effective after tomorrow - PolyServe support will end.


End-of-Support-Life (EOSL): February 28, 2014 


Problem with ¿Certificates?Open in a New Window



We had an old Polyserve system on 2 Linux HP ProLiant nodes  serving a filesystem to all the nodes in our cluster.


After a general shutdown and reboot, I observed a strange behavior: some nodes were able to NFS mount and work with the filesystem as usual, but some other mounted the filesystem but an 'ls' command  lasted  more than 2 minutes:

  • nodes at 192.168.4.* work as usual
  • node works fine but nodes 192.168.2.[1-10] doesn't
  • node works fine but nodes 192.168.2.* doesn't. All nodes have Scientific Linux 5 installed. But in this subnet, we have one node ( with Scientific Linux 6 who mounts and uses the filesystem without any problem.

When I checked the situation with mxconsole, I saw no problem but the Export Group where a certificate error appears (attached capture). The log file (mx.0.log.0) is:


Sep 4, 2013 5:24:19 PM com.polyserve.cecomm.CECommManager postToCE
SEVERE: IOException - PKIX path validation failed: timestamp check
Sep 4, 2013 5:24:19 PM com.polyserve.nfs.ExportRecordsConfiguration loadExportRecordsFromCE
SEVERE: Failed to communicate to CE PKIX path validation failed:
timestamp check failed
Sep 4, 2013 5:24:19 PM com.polyserve.nfs.ui.NFSClusterDeviceMonitorDialog loadError
SEVERE: Failed to communicate to CE PKIX path validation failed:
timestamp check failed

 I read here about the problem with certificates ending in 2012 ¿can that be causing our problems? I've tried to check HP's FTP site to find  new certificates or a solution to our problem but I haven't found any.


Can any one suggest me a possible solution? Our storage system has always been a black box for us (just shutdown and restart operations).


Thanks in advance.






Slowness copying from Polyserve 3.6.1 file sharesOpen in a New Window

We are encountering terrible slowness when attempting to copy file shares from our Polyserve file server cluster to any Microsoft server. Does anyone know if there should be inherent slowness involved in copying large amounts of data from Polyserve file shares and is their any tuning I should be doing or looking for before copying?

Thank You,



Polyserve SSL Certs have expired as of 20120921Open in a New Window

Dear HP,

Where may i find fresh SSL certs for Polyserve (v3.6.2)?

The server.pem and cacert.pem have expired as of 21 September 2012, and is found lacking relevant information.


Working on work-arounds, but no joy at this hour.



Both certs issued by: PMXS Certificate Authority:

E =
CN = PMXS Certificate Authority

OU = Certificate Authority
O = Polyserve, Inc
L = San Fransisco
S = CA
C = US


Product number-Polyserve File SystemOpen in a New Window

Hello all,


We are running Polyserve File System for Windows on 4 servers, version 3.6.0.

The product number for this is T4416A


Does anyone know what the product number is for 4.1.0 ?

Reason being, we are looking to upgrade from 3.6.0 to 4.1.0




Where to download PolyServe 4.1 for Windows 2008 64 bitOpen in a New Window



From where can I download PolyServe 4.1 for Windows 2008 64 bit

From the below link I can only download the documentation not the Installer

Thanks and Regards
N Ponpandian


Do you have Polyserve cluster software for Windows 2008 (32-bit ) standard edition?Open in a New Window



Do you have Polyserve cluster software for Windows 2008 (32-bit ) standard edition?









Question about moving off of my current private network....Open in a New Window

I have a 8 node Poly cluster, base version 3.6.1 hotfix 3, db 3.6.2. I currently have 8 network interfaces amongst 4 physical NICs.  6 are teamed, etc across 2 of the NICs (10.77.44, 10.77.45, 10.77.46, 10.77.48.....), 1 NIC is for backup (10.77.47.x) and 1 NIC is currently for heartbeat (172.x).  I need to get off the 172.x network and I need to figure out the best way with as minimal downtime as possible.  Currently my backup 10.77.47 and heartbeat network 172.x have admin traffic enabled.  My preliminary plan is:


Move the only two instances I had on the 10.77.48 interface off - DONE

Disable hosting and discourage Admin on 10.77.48.  (want to use this as a alternative heartbeat network)

Disable the 172.x network interface  (my backup network will be my admin network now)


Should I disable heartbeat in Matrix Server first - if it will let me? Disable the interface in network control panel? What do I need to know about stopping/starting Matrix Server?


I will have backup traffic on 10.77.47 during backup times. 10.77.48 will have nothing else running on it but does share traffic on the first 2 physical NICs I mentioned.  The guide does say you can share traffic but it may effect performance. Any advice here?


After we get done, we may can come back and add the 4th NIC back in so I can have some better admin network help and redunancy.  



Polyserve supports SQL 2008R2?Open in a New Window

Hi, Would like to check if SQL 2008R2 is supported in latest version of Polyserve?


IPv6 on Polyserve 4.0Open in a New Window



Customer is checking is HP Polyserver Matrix Server 4.0 is certified with IPv6.

Can anyone confirm?







SQL 2008 R2 supportOpen in a New Window

Can we please get a firm YES with a target date or NO so we can find a different product on Polyserve supporting SQL 2008 R2? The next version of SQL Server past R2 is already in CTP, and my enterprise will have to move off Polyserve to a new solution this year if we don't get an answer on this by end of Q1 2011.
This is critically important to both our enterprise operations and disaster recovery planning, and we have to get a firm yes/no answer from HP and a target date so we can plan now for CY 2011 and 2012.


EFS clustered gateway on linux suseOpen in a New Window

Dear All,
I would like to seek your reading enough on EFS clustered gateway and linux suse to equip a new server administration.the task is basically formatting previous HP EVa fata disks,creating new filesystem,export it out as NFs to client server and add the disk to replication.I've some years of experience in the AIX,HPUx (client machines) and HP EVA.but cluster gateway and linux suse administration is new field to venture. How to jumpstart in this field? Hope to hear from you.many thanks in advance



P.S. This thread has been moved from Network Attached Storage (NAS) (Small and Medium Business) to Polyserve Solutions. - Hp Forum Moderator


IS 4.1 final releaseOpen in a New Window

Is 4.1 the final realease and will support for SQL server 2008 be coming? Anyone out there know for sure either way?


Sudden, and odd NFS hangsOpen in a New Window

I have a 3.5.1 cluster of 3 nodes with an EVA backend.

Within the last 2 weeks, load spikes on the Polyserve boxes, and it appears that the clients do not immediately get their data.

Anyone have an issue like that, or know of it?


Updating from in a New Window

We have a few boxes that haven't really been an issue, but we'd like to update. Ideally a switch to RHEL would be desired, but my HP guy says it would require a rebuild of the entire FS. Not cool, 20+ spanned LUNS.

So, are there any real issues with running a yast update? Polyserve update?

These are the first gen DL380 appliances.

Thanks for any input you can provide!


3.6.2 and SQL 2008 R2Open in a New Window

I know that SQL 2008 is supported on PolyServe. Has anyone tried installing SQL 2008 R2 on it? If so, did it work?


can't destroy volume in psv6, psv7Open in a New Window

I would destroy some volume (psv6, psv7 )
I have unmounted in in GUI ( Filesystem )
In Linux they are unmounted but not in Polyserve:

[root@srnasln01 polyserve]# mx fs unmount psv6 ALL_SERVERS umount failed: umount: /dev/psv/psv6: not mounted umount failed: umount: /dev/psv/psv6: not mounted

[root@srnasln01 polyserve]# mx fs mount --path /PACS/vnasln1c/share1 psv6 ALL_SERVERS mount failed: Volume already mounted mount failed: Volume already mounted

[root@srnasln01 polyserve]# df |grep psv6
[root@srnasln01 polyserve]#

[root@srnasln01 polyserve]# mx fs status
FS psv6 (vnasln1c share1) MOUNTED(/PACS/vnasln1c/share1) rw,shared,data=ordered,async,createdir
FS psv6 (vnasln1c share1) MOUNTED(/PACS/vnasln1c/share1) rw,shared,data=ordered,async,createdir

Any idea?

Kind regards


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