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Looking for HP StorageWorks Optical 30ux firmware v3.04Open in a New Window


I'm looking for firmware update for HP StorageWorks Optical 30ux (AA961A).

Here is the notice:


Document ID: c00655202

Version: 1

Notice: 30 GB UDO Drives Firmware v3.04 Release


Product is not supported any more by HP, all links are dead.

Any help would be much appreciated!




Compatible Discs for HP DVD-RAM GH60L ATA Device...Open in a New Window

What types of discs are compatible with an HP DVD-RAM GH60L ATA Device?


I have tried using a CD-R to write files with this drive and it will not recognize the disc. I simply need discs that I can write files to for storage and access at a later date or on another computer. Can anyone tell me which discs (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, etc.) I need to work with this drive?


Looking for Firmware Update - HP DVDRAM GTA0N DriveOpen in a New Window

We have a number of HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF PCs with HP DVDRAM GTA0N Disk Drives.  One of our primary software applications (Panasonic Arbitrator) will not "see" the DVD in the unit, and we tried everything under the sun.  Panasonic doesn't have a solution.  I tried other DVD drives with no luck thinking it may be the drive itself... no luck...  I have downloaded/installed all the latest updates/firmware for the HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF PCs but it will still not see the disk.


Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!


Update to his issue... I was able to get the software to work using an External USB Samsung DVD Writer...



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C7984A vs C7986AOpen in a New Window



Nous devons changer de type de disque optique sur un 220MX. Malheureusement le drive n'accepte pas ce nouveau disque.

Changement du C7986A vers le C7986A (passage de 9,1GB à 8,6GB)

Message d'erreur : Low density media not supported for this drive configuration


Y a t-il une configuration dans fileNet à effectuer ?





Ps : How to configure the type of optical driver in filenet ?


HP Optical Drive Model GCC-H20NOpen in a New Window

Need help locating a manual/datasheet for an old HP DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive.


Model: GCC-H20N



HP PN: 390851-002

SPN: 405425-001

Drive SN: 746HA004151

HP Spare PN: 359493-005

Manufactured Date: Nov 2007


sony SMO-F561Open in a New Window



Is it possible to upgrade sony sony SMO-F561-70  optical drive with HP firmware i tries UDO apps of plasmon  but get error  while writing   firmware the firmware of hp is dot FRM extention so i renamed to DIX extention and tried but while writing it gives error of SPTI  "Check Condition"  i do not understand what I am missing . The SCSI card i used is 29320ALP .  The dtive very well detected in windows.


dvd burner stop workingOpen in a New Window

I was able to burn a DVD-R, but now I can't. I burn one and it said that there were errors. So I tried to burn another one, and the DVD drive told me there was no disk in the drive, and to insert a disk....I did that serveral times....still the same message....Well I decided to try a CD and it burned the photos to the disk with no problem. Is my driver bad? And I had HP scan the driver and no problems came up. I need my DVD burner because I have to burn very large photo files. Can someone help me with some suggestions. Thanks in advance!


HP C7983A MO disks.Open in a New Window

Is there a way to revert a used C7983A MO disk back to its new, un-used state?  I use the disks for a medical application.  When I made a mistake during the backup process, the MO disk can not be reformatted and used again by the application.  Apparently once the application formatted and used the MO disk, it can not be formatted and used again.  My question is that if there is any utility out there which can revert the MO disk back to its original new state?




What Blu Ray Burner can I install ?Open in a New Window

Hi, my first post, I'm hoping this is in the correct area.  I've got an IQ846t touchsmart PC, and although it reads Blu Ray, it will not write them, so I'm looking to upgrade, and to keep it simple, I was hoping the HP site had some info....  Nope....  So, it appears to be a type of Laptop drive, but I have no idea what footprint to look for..  Anyone have a suggestion ?


Thanks, Rich...



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Can anyone suggest a good, reliable brand of HP Mini 2140 Energy Star external CD/CDWR/DVD drive?Open in a New Window

Can anyone suggest a good, reliable brand of HP Mini 2140 Energy Star (compatible) external CD/CDWR/DVD drive?


My two (2) USB ports are located on either side of the netbook so the two (2) USB cables on the MEMOREX external DVD/CDRW drive are too short to reach both USB ports. 


The MEMOREXexternal DVD/ CDWR drive will not operate on one (1) USB port.



2200mx JukeboxOpen in a New Window

Is it possible to either upgrade/update this library to connect to SAS adapters. If not, can you recommend a pcie based SCSI HBA supported by AIX?


Label Templates for Optical Media?Open in a New Window

Does anyone know where to find a label template for the C7984A Magneto-Optical Disks?


2200mx show as SCSI Disk DrivesOpen in a New Window

We just finished doing maintenanceon our IS application server.  After reconnecting the HP 2200mx jukebox, we no longer see the device.  It is currently showing up only through Device Manager: Disk Drives as a SCSI Disk Drives.  Has anyone experience anything similar? 



Super MUlti DVD Rewriter Model No: GH40L (A2DH) HP Part No: 575781-500Open in a New Window

I've bough this drive to use in a Vista powered PC and it's ending up in an XP unit. 


Drive doesn't seem to work at all.  Is this unit compatible with XP?  With it's BIOS?  Do I need a firmware change or?


Thanks in advance .... really!




AD-7581A Drivers for DV9000 laptop/VistaOpen in a New Window

Hello ,

Does anyone have an idea of where I can get the correct driver for an ad-7581a dvd BURNER which appears to be a CD?DVD burner with LightScribe mfg by hp for sony? I've searched the Sony site and they have no information on this drive and HP site has no information that I've found. It's "supposed" to be a generic ATA CD/DVD burner with lightscribe but when I install it, Windows installs a generic CD driver from 2006  and identifies it as a Ostiazc dvd drive. Needless to say it won't recognize a DVD nor will it access a file on a CD.


HP DU10N dvd drivers to install Windows 7Open in a New Window


I've bought an HP model DU10N, P/N 461640-6C0 dvd drive. When I go to install Windows 7 Ultimate, it asks for it's drivers. I've searched everywhere and I can't find them. Here it doesn't appear such DVD drive in products or drivers.

Mine is like this:



Can anybody help me, please?


DVD Rom No Repsponse P6787c-bOpen in a New Window

I recently bought the P6787c-b desktop from costco sometime early March, and the cd/dvd rom stopped responding end of April.
I used Nero 10 to burn an ISO file to dvd before it stopped working. So I suspected the problem arose from burning, but wasn't sure since I have installed other software on the desktop since I bought it.
So, I returned the desktop and re-bought the same model desktop from costco. This time, the first thing I did was burn a DVD movie with all the original settings and software that came with the HP, to confirm my suspicions. As luck would have it, the dvd stopped responding right after I burned the DVD, this time I burned the dvd using the windows burning software.

What do I mean by stopped responding?
The eject button on the cd/dvd rom doesn't work. When right clicking the ROM from "My Computer" to Eject, it gives me an Error.
The ROM ejects after burning is successful, I take the DVD out and press the button to close it. Won't reopen again. I also have to use a bit of force when using the manual eject. I do not suspect the ROM is jammed/stuck. This is a new desktop, I pressed the button to close it and nothing near it could have caused it to be stuck/jammed.
Another thing is the light on the ROM stays on. No blinking.
So, this isn't a power problem.
It is also detected by Windows7, so I'm sure it's not a data wire problem.

Problem seems to be from caused from burning dvd. Doesn't seem to be connection/power problems as power is going through the ROM (non blinking light) and is also detected by the system. This computer is new, I just re-bought this probably 3hours ago of this typing.
The only I find odd the that the ROM light stays lit, it doesn't blink or turn off. I don't know what this means, but I know the light should be off if not in use.

Can anyone diagnose the problem for me? I would be glad if I didn't have to return the PC. I have googled for solutions or possible diagnoses but no luck. None with lights that stay solid on at least.

Any help is appreciated.


CD Rom not workingOpen in a New Window

I got a brand new laptop (Model: G62) just about 2 weeks ago and it's been working fine till now. I put a burned cd in to put transfer pictures. It was transferring for about 3 days, literally, probably because there was 2,763 pictures. I decided to cancel the transfer today and when I did it wouldn't work. So I went into task manager and ended the transferring process that way. Once I did that the only thing showing on my screen was my wallpaper. So I shut down my computer and turned it back on and it was working fine again. This time however, when I went to put the cd back in it wouldn't read it at all. I tried another cd and it wouldn't work also.


CD-Rom and DVD-RomOpen in a New Window

My CD-Rom and DVD-Rom does not read when i load CD in the the CD drive and I can't figure out how to fix it. Please help!!!!


Mounting SUN server T5220 with Hewlett Packard (C4315A) External DVD DriveOpen in a New Window

Does HP (C4315A) External DVD Drive support SUN T5220 AC server. Right now we are using SUN External DVD writer SCSI.

thanks for the help.

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