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HP SSSU for linux host - where to get?Open in a New Window

We have preety old, but good working array, EVA 8100 with W2K server as Command View server.

Is there a download for hp sssu for linux host, as i want to script some array checking (like psychical disk outage etc).

Maybe anyone could shate sssu binary?


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Storage Controller testingOpen in a New Window


  I need some details to perform some testing. I have been asked to configure the storage system for our e-commerse software for RAID1 and ensure the storage controller works as expected.


I have gone through hpssacli & hpssascripting. I have cook book PDF. I understand the concept to configure RAID1. Now i want to test whenther storage controller is working as expected. RAID 1 means 2 identical data copied in 2 hard drives.

I want to test following scenarios;


a) Write some data on RAID1 configuration.  Make one of the hard drive to fail and ensure the controller will get the data from the different drive.


b) Configure the cache and ensure the cache is having some write data. Force the cache volume to fail and check the data will not be lost.


How can i test above scenarios. I am sitting in a remote location and i don't have any physical access to the storage system. Keeping this thing in mind how can i test above scenarios?


I am new to the storage domain, execuse me if i am asking silly questions. But i badly need support on it.


Thanks in advance.







HP Business Copy 5.3Open in a New Window

Hi guys,


I have a problem with my hp business copy 5.3


Server Windows 2003



Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 6:

   Connection-specific DNS Suffix  . : gran.local
   Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::380c:532:3fb8:b9c0%21
   IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
   Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
   Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 5:

   Connection-specific DNS Suffix  . : gran.local
   IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
   Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
   Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :



bldb01 /opt/Hewlett-Packard/RSMHostSW/CluiClient/sbin # ./clui.sh -u administrator -h
Failed while communicating with Clui Framework :  Unable to connect to server: Connection refused (errno:239)
bldb01 /opt/Hewlett-Packard/RSMHostSW/CluiClient/sbin # ./clui.sh -u administrator -h
Failed while communicating with Clui Framework :  Unable to connect to server: Connection refused (errno:239)
bldb01 /opt/Hewlett-Packard/RSMHostSW/CluiClient/sbin #


I cannot access the BC server.








SSSU for ovms itanium 8.3-1Open in a New Window

I have a customer who is running Commandview EVA 9.4, and is mograting to itaniums running OVMS. This customer is looking for the sssu executable for OVMS Itanium. Where can I download that for him?


See the status and total diskOpen in a New Window



See the status and total disk usage on sssu command prompt.

SAN-MPKVVC> show manager
Error: Syntax error at or near here
Error: Syntax error at or near here




delete vdisks presented to hostOpen in a New Window

Hi ,


i am sure this must have been answered previously in this forum , but i am not able to find the thread.


i want to delete all vdisk presented to a host using  sssu ( alredy removed from server side )


Also is there a way using evainfo and SSSU ( or in combination ), to identify to actual vDisk names and WWIDs.








view all LUNS in eva3000Open in a New Window

Hello everyone.
Anyone know if there is a program or a command option in the view to see all the LUNS and ability on a EVA3000??


P.S. This thread has been moved from Storage > General to HP Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU).
-HP Forum Moderator


Command View Error "Error while building Virtual Disk view"Open in a New Window

We have EVA 6350.

Recently we have been notified with the Command View Error "Error while building Virtual Disk view. ...."

Command View on the management module shows the same error.

SSSU command shows error

            ls VDISK 

            No Vdisks found



How to resolve this?



P.S. This thread has been moevd from Disk Array to HP Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU). - Hp Forum MOderator


Where can I download HiCommandCLI?Open in a New Window

and how to install and configure the environment? Is this a free tool I can download? I have XP 12000, and need to use command line to retrieve information instead of commandview.




CommandView Management GroupsOpen in a New Window

I'm about to split the management of our Local and Remote EVA 6500's between 2 commandview 10.x servers and setup Vmware SRM over the top. Currently both Systems are managed by the local commandview instance.


If I setup a common management group as per

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=893asYSAGDk  then I take it I can follow best practice and have the DR EVA managed by the DR Commandview server, and still have the ability to setup replication and manage both SANs from either commandview instance.


So my question is - will existing SSSU scripts need to be modified once the Management Group is used and the EVAs are split to the local/remote commandview instances?  


We have existing SSSU scripts to automate snapshots and backups of certain database volumes on both SANs.






Moved from Storage Area Networks (SAN) (Enterprise) to HP Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU)


a lost key HP StorageWorks browser to enter theOpen in a New Window

There is a storage that looks through a server in Windows 2003 Server is a solution that makes the Active Directory and see other servers NEC but I see the san storage and one is damaged and alarmed other good but in reality to enter the browser I can not enter because the former lords and left are not thrown that ...



Please anyone who knows anything my email is danjoza6411@hotmail.com


Possible values for 'operationalstate' of cache battery module of HSV300 ?Open in a New Window

I am writing one script which uses value of 'operationalstate' of a cache battery module.
Currently I can see two possible values for 'operationalstate' biz-  'normal' and 'unknown'.

My script need to take care of all possible values for this property.


Can someone please let me know  what all different possible values for 'operationalstate'  of a cache battery module of HASHES controller ?


Getting 'statedetails' of Cachebattery module in HSV300Open in a New Window



I am looking for a SSSU command to get 'statedetails' of a Cachebattery module in HSV300.
In HSV200 we can use SSSU command 'ls controller full' to get the statedetail.

    operationalstate ...................: good
    chargeropstate .....................: unknown
    currentbatterycapacity .............: 252
    maximumbatterycapacity .............: 244
    minimumbatterycapacity .............: 96
        name ...........................: batterymodule0
        operationalstate ...............: good
        statedetails ...................: holding_charge



For HSV300, we have a command 'ls controller_enclosure full' to get cache battery information, however it does not give the value for 'statedetails' of a battery module.


        name ...........................: battery1
        operationalstate ...............: normal
        batterycapacity ................: 186
          serialnumber .................:  64671F2BLVU0Z
          assemblypartnumber ...........:
          hardwarerevision .............: 000*
          firmwarerevision .............: 0050
          sparepartnumber ..............: 460581-001
          modelnumber ..................: HSV300
          vendorid .....................: HP


Is there any SSSU command which gives the 'statedetails' value of Cachebattery module for controller model HSV300 ?


SSSU for linux and alternate CV PortOpen in a New Window

Hello All,


I am fairly new to SSSU and I am wondering if I am missing some thins to have sssu for linux working with an alternate port .


Here is how I try to connect:


$ ./sssu "FILE sssu.cfg.txt"

SSSU for HP StorageWorks Command View EVA
Version: 6.0.2
Build: 5
NoSystemSelected> FILE sssu.cfg.txt
NoSystemSelected> SET OPTIONS CV_PORT = 2374
Error: Syntax error at or near here

Press return to exit

Here is the sssu.cfg.txt file I am using :


$ cat sssu.cfg.txt
SELECT MANAGER <my-ip-address> USERNAME = <my-user> PASSWORD = <my-password>

According to the SSSU reference guide, if I am not using the default port 2372 I should use the CV_PORT option .

And from the above output this specific option is not recognized .


Am I missing something or doing something wrong ?





EVA disk drive and RPMOpen in a New Window

how can i get the RPM and drive type of the disk using sssu cli?

Does the disktype o/p of 'ls disk full' the right thing to look for ? Also what about the RPM? 

Please let me know if there is any method to calculate the disk rpm.



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