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RMC-S 4.0 Delete old ActivityOpen in a New Window


How do I delete the old Activity contained within my activity log.

Thank you


ask about growth increment where create CPGOpen in a New Window

Hello guys,

I am new with SAN 3par 8000. I read docs but i still dont understand about growth increment where creating CPG! Could u give me an example about using it?

many thanks


VVols and Priority OptimizationOpen in a New Window

Is someone using VVols with Priority Optimization? According to the white paper "Implementing VMware Virtual Volumes on HPE 3PAR StoreServ" there should be a way to implement QoS for VVols at VM level. In SSMC you can only enable it per VVSET, or SYSTEM (which includes all volumes)? Is there a document which provides more details?


How to activated SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation on 3PAR 8200 for Microsoft Slustering on VMwareOpen in a New Window

Cluster validation fails the SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation in Windows Server 2016.
I have a VMware virtual environnement with HPe 3PAR 8200 FC

I want to know how to activated SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation on 3PAR 8200 LUN

Thank in advance for your help



SAN Replication Configuration Help for Oracle Database (11gR2)Open in a New Window

Hi Experts, 


We are using HP 3PAR storage for Oracle RAC database and HP remote copy for replicating data to DR. Our storage is capacity is full. We have another 3PAR box and presented LUNs from that box to database server.

Question: Can I add all LUNs from Box-1 and Box-2 under same Remote Copy Group. 

Requirement is, If Box-2 link failed, Box-1 should stop replicating and vice versa, otherwise there will be difference between Box-1 and Box-2 LUNs. Oracle requires all LUNs should stop replication at same time.  

Would anyone please advise me a solution. 

Thanks in advance. 



rmc-S 4.0 & StoreOnce 7100 (3.15.1-1636.1) & HPE 3PAR 8200 ( in a New Window


Has anyone successfully completed a Express Protect of their SQL Snapshots using RMC-S 4.0? I am unable to successfully do and am getting errors all over the place. I have opened support tickets with HP and search online with no success.

Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated




3Par SNMP MiBSOpen in a New Window


Can anyone advise if there are any SNMP MIBs available to allow for monitoring of the HPE 3Par storeserv from SNMP based applications?




servicemag resume failedOpen in a New Window


We have a 20840 Serv Storage .  We simulate a SSD failed by command Controlpd chmederr set -2  <wwn >. After that we clearing the failed status without re-seat this SDD by command controlpd clearerr. Then we start servicemag command to re-use this SDD but this process is failed by some chunklet cannot resume :

Example of err that show in servicemag status -d " servicemag resume 1 11 -- Failed',....

What's problem here ?



3par 7400 Hard LED AmberOpen in a New Window

I 've changed my 900 10k hdd on my 3par,hard disk in console cli and gui is okey without any errors,but the  led still left amber?what should I do?


Starting synchronous remote copy with low priorityOpen in a New Window


We have to stop RC groups one by one for some maintenance operations. Starting groups again will cause a large impact to all hosts: 30 - 40 ms delays before the sync is ready. Starting only one group with 2 TB of volumes inside takes 20 minutes before the sync state is green and the whole time it causes delays.

Is there an option to start remote copy sync again with lower priority?

2-node 8200, 3.2.2 MU4


Multiple disks failed within one magazine in 3par V400Open in a New Window

Hi everyone, 

I'm not sure how to do the servicemag when two disks have failed in one magazine. Thanks for the help.


Can I do the "servicemag start -log -pdid 60 62", then replace two physical disks, and do the "servicemag resume 1 7"?


V400 cli% showpd -failed
--Size(MB)-- ----Ports----
Id CagePos Type RPM State Total Free A B Capacity(GB)
60 1:7:0 FC 15 failed 559104 0 0:6:2* 1:6:2 600
62 1:7:2 FC 15 failed 559104 0 0:6:2* 1:6:2 600


Can 3par connect to third-party storage(act as the back-end storage)?Open in a New Window

Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure whether 3par can connect the third-party storage? The third-party storage works in backend, and provide the PD to 3par? 


HPE Recovery Manager for Hyper-V page not launchedOpen in a New Window


i am installing HP Recovery Manager for Hyper-V 2.3.0 for taking backup of Virtual machines. I didnt find installation error but when i launched page https://<Servername>:5555/Server/HTML5 then it gives error 

Request Error

The server encountered an error processing the request. See server logs for more details.

When i checked log file then it gives me this information: 

[2017-06-06 14:05:00.0674 (001408.000004)] [RmhService.OnStart [Info]RMH Web Service Started: https://localhost:5555/Server/
[2017-06-06 14:10:54.0726 (001408.000006)] [RmhServerWebService.GetFile [Error]Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files\HP\3PAR\RMHyper-V\Html5\index.html'.

I found that there is no HTML5 folder exists in RMHyper-V folder. Please suggest solution for this problem 



3PAR 7200 and 8200Open in a New Window

Hi there,

is there any way for upgrading an existing and productive 3PAR 7200 to a 3PAR 8200?

Maybe I replace the Controller Nodes and the Drive Enclosures and Drives may be compatible?

Thanks a lot!



3PAR Space Reclamation - ESX UNMAP and zero detectOpen in a New Window

Morning Peers - we are going through an exercise to UNMAP (write zero) to unused datastore blocks within our Vcentre. From the 3PAR end, I can see the used storage reducing, but the reserved space does not decrease and when viewing the free space on the array I do not see this increase. Is there another housekeeping task, other than compactcpg,  that I need to run to reduce the reserved space ?




vmware hosts cannot scan out 3par luns after rebootOpen in a New Window

we have 10 hosts connects 3par . each of them zoned with 3par ports.
we found every host cannot search the luns which are used before reboot normally after reboot.
And we disabled all the ports of the failed hosts on the san switches, then just enable one port of them,do the rescan, the luns are back.


How do I remove volumes from a peer persistence configurationOpen in a New Window

We have a Peer Persistence (PP) configuration here at Arconic.  Our user wants to remove several of the volumes in the PP configuration.  I can't figure out how to remove them, and i can't find a Peer Persistence manual.  

When I try to remove the volume from RCIP it says I can't, because it will cause a failover, which i don't want.  When I try to remove the volumes from the RCP Virtual Volume Set, it says I can't, because, blah, blah, blah.

So, what steps do I need to follow to remove volumes from the peer persistence configuration?  

Where can I find a Peer Persistence manual?

    Stuart Abramson



Afte configured PP, previous paths become inactiveOpen in a New Window

is this normal?
I have not change any setting, including zone and lun mapping.


HPE VSA to 3PAR 8200 MigrationOpen in a New Window

We have vmware, windows OS.

Will have to migrate around 20 VMs  from VSA to 3PAR 8200. This can be done either online or offline.

Is there any tool to do this kind of migration or please advise on the best migration methods.


3PAR with EKMOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

I need setup 3PAR with SafeNe, refer link https://www.hpe.com/h20195/V2/GetPDF.as ... 605ENW.pdf page 14 Commands added for the use of ESKM (no GUI support), include below

- importcert ekm-client –ca <certfilename.pem>—will import the certificate of the Certificate of Authority (CA) that signed the server certificate the EKM presents

- importcert ekm-server –ca <certfilename.pem>—will import the certificate of the CA that signed the array's client certificate

- importcert ekm-client certfilename.pem—will import the signed certificate from the CA

If the SafeNet crate Local CA and singed by itself and it could sign request from 3PAR storage, what are below and how can I obtain?

ekm-client –ca <certfilename.pem>

ekm-server –ca <certfilename.pem>

ekm-client certfilename.pem

Best regards,


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