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Notify by email the event logs of 3PAR arrayOpen in a New Window


I have a 3PAR 7400c with OS version (MU2).

I want to recieve by email the output of the cli comand showevetlog.

Por example:

showeventlog -min 1440 -ntype "Command executed"

Is it possible ?

What other options I have for local notification ?

Thanks in advance.



3par federationOpen in a New Window

Hi all

I'm trying to establish a federation between 3par's.  I've done the zonig part as recommended by the system but two of four peer links are down, have a look at the attached picture. The peer ports that are not working do have the "connection type" peer but "port type" free. The peer ports that are working  also have the "connection type" peer but but the "port type" is also shown as peer. I hope mye explanation makes sence for someone that can guide me in what direction I should be looking because I'm not shure where to look.

Looking forward to hearing from you.






Issue with expired trial licenseOpen in a New Window

Good morning all ,

Recently i am having issues with 3PAR 7000. The licenses is for virtual copy , remote copy and peer persistence which we dont use . Those were trial ones which came alongside with the equipment but we have no intention in renewing them as we never nor we will use this features .

Can you provide me a solution on how to NOT receive the warning messages about the license? like unloading the license?



3par port hostsOpen in a New Window

Hello There, This is more specific to HP 3par Inserver Storage product line. Just wanted to check to see if the host ports on the 3par have to be reservered for different platform OS. I mean can we mix ESX servers with other windows or linux hosts or does ESX have to be on thier own dedicated ports? If so why? Or any other OS has to be on thier own ports and cannot mix with others?


Adding 3PAR Storage to Remote Insight Support PortalOpen in a New Window


Need some help / Clarification on the following.

I have a customer who is trying to add a 3PAR StoreServe to the HPE Insight Remote Support Portal for monitoring their IT Infrastructure. 

Is it possible to add the 3PAR Storage?

Who to contact to get the 3PAR Device added as when we try to add teh device, the serail number seems to be claimed and advises to contact support.


Thanks in advance.


Private Info Erased

I am a HPE Employee



in ssmc 3 exporting reports to pdf failsOpen in a New Window

Hi everybody,

I just ran into a problem when trying to export a 3par-report to a pdf. This action fails with the helpful message::

Export Report Task Failed. Failed: Unable to export Report.

I have no idea where to start looking for a solution. The SSMC is running on a Windows 2012 R2.

Did anbody here experience a similar problem and even possibly might have a solution. Or prhps some hints?





3PAR 7200c - Unable to add a system on SSMCOpen in a New Window

I am unable to add an existing system on SSMC since it was moved from one site to another.

msg - Failed to add system, Connection refused

The IP of the 3PAR is not pingable





Storage Monitoring and reporting ApplicationOpen in a New Window


We would like to go with a storage Monitoring and reporting application for the below

we are using HP 3PAR 7400 and 8400

1. Capacity planning

2. Trend analysis

3. Performance monitoring of RCIP and host wise vvs

4. Management reports including all above

5. VVs used reports   etc.

which will be the suitable one for all these , even if it is 3rd part software please advise

Private Info Erased


3PAR 7200c - Can a Virtual Volume be expanded non-disruptively to the host ?Open in a New Window


Can I expand a Virtual Volume non-disruptivly to the host either as a fully provisioned or thin Virtual Volume ?

I can see from the 3PAR Management Console the Virtual Volume Edit option.

So If I change the size from 2,400 GiB to 3,600 GiB there will not be any interuption to the host or data loss ?

Best Regards,





HP 3par 8000 How can erase all the configurationOpen in a New Window


How can erase all the configuration and factory mode?

In version 3.2.2 without console password.



7200c - CPG - Adding existing Free spaceOpen in a New Window


How do I add existing free space to an existing CPG (R1)

R-Click on the CPG does not seem to have the correct option.






Can you use HP 3PAR Online Import Utility to migrate NAS file shares on EMC Celerra to the HP 3PAR?Open in a New Window

Can you use HP 3PAR Online Import Utility to migrate NAS file shares on EMC Celerra to the HP 3PAR?


How to disable port persistence in 3PAR StoreServ 8400?Open in a New Window

from a reference and best practices guide for HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage
"No more than 256 connections (128 if using Persistent Ports) are supported per front-end/host port"
I have at the moment is up to 128 connections per front-end port - and it has become a problem
How to DISABLE PORT PERSISTENCE in 3PAR StoreServ 8400, to increase the limit from 128 connections to 256?


SSMC : IO Error while adding store servs to SSMCOpen in a New Window


we have installed SSMC 3.0.0 on Win 2012 Standard R2 Server(VM), we got error while adding 3par storage arrays to SSMC .can anyone help us to resolve this issue. 


please find below details of the error: 


failed to add system

error:connect timed out



High read latency with 3PAR 8200 and Hyper-V 2012 R2 during Veeam backupsOpen in a New Window

We have an issue with high read latency when taking backups with Veeam v9. I'm having issues narrowing down what exactly is causing the problem but I know 100% that the 3PAR isn't causing the latency (HPE verified). I did think it had something to do with the queue depth on the HBA for the servers but I adjusted them from 32 (default) to 96 on each hyper-v server and rebooted.

This is my equipment:

  • 3PAR 8200 with all 12Gbps SAS SSD and 4x-Paths connects to.....
  • Two Brocade 300 fiber switches with 8Gbps transceivers connects to....
  • One HP c7000 Blade Enclosure with FlexFabric modules (two.. one port connects to one Brocade 300 and the other port connects to the other Brocade 300. 3PAR has a port from each controller connected to each Brocade 300)...
  • Six BL460 Gen8 servers and Two BL460 Gen9 servers
  • Hyper-v 2012 R2 (fully patched with HPE service pack 10 and all windows updates)

I am thinking that having only two 8Gbps paths in the FlexFabric modules are my bottle neck but unfortuanlly I don't see any FlexFabric/VC reports you can run to check the history!

Based on my design does anyone have any ideas on what I should look for?


reset defult password consoleOpen in a New Window

hi guys

i cant login to console (mfg port) with defult password(user: console pass: cmp43pd) after successful upgrade to os ver: on to 3par 7400

how to change this password becuse i need to wipe 2 storage 7400 and this problem exists on both devices.

i can connect to storage with ssh and 3par sccm

please guide me


HP 3PAR License UpgradeOpen in a New Window

We have a HPE 3PAR 8440 with total of 100 disks and bought and activated Operating System Software Suite, Replication Software Suite and Data Optimization Software Suite licenses for 100 disks on it.

Now we plan to buy and add another 50 disks to it, but we only need the Operating System Software Suite.

So could we buy the Operating System Software Suite for 50 Harddisks, and don't buy the other two licenses?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hyper-V multi-site cluster with Peer Persistence white paperOpen in a New Window

Hi there,

I'm looking for a white paper which is mentioned in the Windows 2008/2012 implementation guide about multi-site clustering with Microsoft and Peer Persistence.

The title:: Implementing Microsoft multi-site clustering using HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence.
The document ID should be 4ENW-4AA5. All searches on the HPE website end in a 'document not found' like error.

I've searched support, enterprise documents, partner site and SPOCK.

Does anyone know where to find it?



I have a problem when I use two types of drive SSD for HP3PAR108000Open in a New Window

I use HP3PAR10800 and I have two types of drive SSD (32 hard disk 100GB and 32 hard disk 500GB) . I created a CPG which include 64 my SSD.  I configure tier automatic FC & SSD.

And I have problem:

SSD 100GB always allocated 98%. I don't understand what it 's mechanism. and Should I filter 32 SSD disk 500GB when I create CPG?

Help me??????????????


Port type will not change to "new" when configuring transport layer for RCFCOpen in a New Window

Good afternoon all,

I am working in a remote lab with two 3PAR's, a 7200 and a 8200 connected through a two 3000B, one for odd ports and one for even, for training purposes.

I am trying to configure the even onboard FC ports for RCFC through the CLI. When I issue the "controlport config rcfc <n:s:p>" command it accepts it but still says "free" under type when it should say "new". showport -par shows that the connmode is changed to rcfc. However, it does not come up as an rcfc port when calling showrctransport. When i try to initialize them i get an error that there are no rcfc devices on that port.

I have them zoned correctly, port 0:1:2 from 7k sees only 0:0:2 on 8k, and same for node 1 on each.

7k 3par OS 3.2.1 MU3

8k 3par OS 3.2.2 MU2

Your help is much appreciated, thank you.

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