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how to create, manage and restore application consistent snapshots of hyper-v with 3par 7400Open in a New Window



I wish to create, manage and restore point in time, application consistent snapshots of hyper-v with 3par 7400 and installed 3par recovery manger for hyper-v 2.3.0. However, it takes forever on scanning the host machines and not much help from support. Is there any option to expedite the process or another compatible product to achieve the above please? Thanks!


Late responses from HPE - No account managerOpen in a New Window


We have an HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 (4-N Storage Base) inherited from a company LOCAL CORPORATION (currently operated by CONFLUENCE NETWORKS).  Our contract for hardware and software support for the device has expired and we are trying to get it renewed, how ever whenever we log a case with HPE they say that the sales reps will call you wintin 10 working days, but no one calls.  Is there a way to find out who our account manager is? I have already wasted about 2+ months on this with no progress at all.

Thanks & regards,
Aditya Pednekar
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3PAR SRM | DR failbackOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

have you faced any issue in a DR failback using SRM, like the ways luns are mapped to servers in a failback. I mean in normal case the luns are mapped to the RC group created VVset (RCP_<rc group name>).

Is therea way that we can modify that or may be mitigate this issue, like in a failback the luns are not mapped uing a RC group created VVset, rather than it maps luns directly to hosts.


thanks in advance...


Adding cage (disk enclosure) on running HPE 3PAR 8200 system,Open in a New Window

Anybody have tips/links to documentation on how to add a new/extra disk cage to an existing (and in production) HPE 3PAR system?


3par 7200 mibs fileOpen in a New Window

Dear community,

I have a 3par 7200 with missing tool CD (already asked to HP support without success).  I need mibs file for that model, does anyone can provide me that mibs? Or at least a link to download them?

Thank you


3par StoreServ 7400 expansion shelf IDsOpen in a New Window


We recently came into possession of a 4-node 3par 7400 with several expansion shelves (both SFF and LFF) and are trying to get it put back together.  I have everything cabled and powered on, but I'm not sure what the shelf ID's are supposed to be set to.  Talking about the little display on the left side of the chassis that can range from 00 to 99.  I assume as long as everything is unique it will be ok, but i can't find any documentation to confirm or deny this.  Can someone point me in the right direction?


3PAR Smart SAN (can't get it to work)Open in a New Window

Hello, I have tried to get Smart SAN working, but somehow it doens't work.

I have the following:

HPE 3PAR 8200 (latest firmware, latest ssmc, accordingly to SPOCK)

HPE SN3000B (8.10b) planning to upgrade to v8.0.2c

I have the Smart SAN licensed on my 3PAR, I also executed the command to enable Smart SAN on my HPE SN3000B Switches. I have certified Qlogic 16GB HBA's on my Windows 2016 NANO servers.

When I check my FC Switches, it says that it has Smart SAN 1.0 enabled (how can I upgrade it to Smart SAN 2.0?)

I try to make TDPZ Zones in SSMC, but no zones are created. I can create a host and choose FC. Then I can select the WWN numbers from the specific host.

Do I need to use CLI commands for our FC switches to create the zones? What am I doing wrong? We are runnig Windows 2016 NANO server. When I check my 3PAR ssmc, I can choose "Windows Server 2016" so it is supported, right?


Zoning w/ node pair vs zoning all nodes for 4 node 8440Open in a New Window

Can someone explain to me which zoning practice is ideal for a 4 node system: Zoning to node pairs vs zoning to all nodes? Assume we are zoning to a host with 2 HBA Ports

For example, zoning to node pair would look like this:

Host group1 : Fab A ( 0:0:1, 1:0:1) Fab B ( 0:0:2, 1:0:2)

Host Group 2: Fab A (2:0:1, 3:0:1) Fab B (2:0:2, 3:0:2)


Zoning to all nodes like this:

Host group1 : Fab A ( 0:0:1, 1:0:1) Fab B ( 2:0:2, 3:0:2)

Host Group 2: Fab A (2:0:1, 3:0:1) Fab B (0:0:2, 1:0:2)


From my understanding zoning to node pairs w/ 4 node systems can have load saturation on a node pair while having resources available on the other node pair.


3PAR Peer Persistence with VMware Stretch ClusterOpen in a New Window


Need advice on the 3PAR Peer Persistence the best practices to shutdown one site of an Active/Active "VMware 6.0" Stretched Cluster. Taking into concideration vMotion of the vms from one site to the other and then shutdown one site for maintenance.



7400 Add Physical disk problemOpen in a New Window


I have a 3par 7400 storage and I have added 4 Physical disks to the enclosure, But the Allocated percentage is different from others.

The others is 61% new is 39%

Is that right or I have to type some command to balance the percentage?



3PAR virtual volume shows 80% space used, whereas datastore shows around 57% used space.Open in a New Window

Hi All,

3PAR virtual volume shows 80% space used out of 2TB, whereas datastore shows around only 57% used space.

datastore is being used to save a critical database backups with a retention period of 2days.

Will server level defragmentation resolve this?

is there any defragmentation that can be done on 3PAR?


AO scheduled tasks failingOpen in a New Window

Every since a power issue unexpectedly took down our 3PAR we have been having issues with a couple scheduled tasks related to AO.  Below is the task detail.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks


3Par ReportingOpen in a New Window

Hi guys,

I'm relatively new to 3Par, but I have experience with a number of IBM storage solutions. Please excuse my use on non-3Par terms, I'm getting there :D

We have 5 3Par units in different DC locations, and I've been tasked by my boss to carry out some reporting on these units.

We've just invested heavily into a couple dozen new C7000 blade chassis, and we want to report on the "health" of our storage. What's the most effective way to check on this, and are there any specific metrics anyone would recommend I look at?

It would be good to know what metrics to look at for the following - Cache health, Processor Health, Response Times, LUN utilisation, Queue Length, Total Throughput (IO/sec) etc....I've been doing spome searching but I can't seem to find much which is 3Par related and relevant. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


increasing 3Par storageOpen in a New Window

Hi to All,

installed and works current 3par storage 7400 4nodes + two M6720.  Will the additional M6710 disk enclousure be compatible to above?  



RMC-S 4.0 Delete old ActivityOpen in a New Window


How do I delete the old Activity contained within my activity log.

Thank you


ask about growth increment where create CPGOpen in a New Window

Hello guys,

I am new with SAN 3par 8000. I read docs but i still dont understand about growth increment where creating CPG! Could u give me an example about using it?

many thanks


VVols and Priority OptimizationOpen in a New Window

Is someone using VVols with Priority Optimization? According to the white paper "Implementing VMware Virtual Volumes on HPE 3PAR StoreServ" there should be a way to implement QoS for VVols at VM level. In SSMC you can only enable it per VVSET, or SYSTEM (which includes all volumes)? Is there a document which provides more details?


How to activated SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation on 3PAR 8200 for Microsoft Slustering on VMwareOpen in a New Window

Cluster validation fails the SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation in Windows Server 2016.
I have a VMware virtual environnement with HPe 3PAR 8200 FC

I want to know how to activated SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation on 3PAR 8200 LUN

Thank in advance for your help



SAN Replication Configuration Help for Oracle Database (11gR2)Open in a New Window

Hi Experts, 


We are using HP 3PAR storage for Oracle RAC database and HP remote copy for replicating data to DR. Our storage is capacity is full. We have another 3PAR box and presented LUNs from that box to database server.

Question: Can I add all LUNs from Box-1 and Box-2 under same Remote Copy Group. 

Requirement is, If Box-2 link failed, Box-1 should stop replicating and vice versa, otherwise there will be difference between Box-1 and Box-2 LUNs. Oracle requires all LUNs should stop replication at same time.  

Would anyone please advise me a solution. 

Thanks in advance. 



rmc-S 4.0 & StoreOnce 7100 (3.15.1-1636.1) & HPE 3PAR 8200 ( in a New Window


Has anyone successfully completed a Express Protect of their SQL Snapshots using RMC-S 4.0? I am unable to successfully do and am getting errors all over the place. I have opened support tickets with HP and search online with no success.

Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated



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