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3PAR 7200 Upgrade IssueOpen in a New Window

Update of HP 3PAR OS 3.1.2 MU5 to 3.2.1 MU5 was performed. All preliminary checks were successful, but the final was unsuccessful: "All units are not online after waiting 45 minutes". Virtual Service Processor wrote that "Could not open connection to the CLI server process on the IP Socket connection timed out to port 2550". HP 3PAR Management Console also lost connection. In fact, the array does not listen ports 2550, 5783 and 5782.

But! SSH connection is working, the array is successfully updated, all the hardware components are error-free, production work fine, showalert/checkhealth/showversion ok.  

What is this error? What can be done?


Update. The array listens to the ports: 22 (SSH), 5781 (Event monitor), 5988/5989 (CIM) and 8008/8080 (Web Services). And it's all! 




RMC-V plugin for VMware?Open in a New Window

We are looking at using VVols with our 3Par7200 and vSphere 6.0.  The Best Practices Technical white paper mentions StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central for VMware (RMC-V), and says it can be deployed using the vSphere Web Client.  Where do I get the software to deploy RMC-V using the vSphere Web Client?  We don't have OneView for vCenter, so I can't deploy it that way.


Peer Persistence and 3PAR OS versionsOpen in a New Window


I'm working on a proposal for a customer wants to build a DR environment. Actually he has one 3PAR 7200c and vmware. 3PAR OS is 3.2.1 (MU5).

Documentation says: "Firmware version on both HPE 3PAR StoreServ arrays must be 3.1.2 MU2 or newer"

But I have not understood if is mandatory to have exactly the same OS version on both 3PAR or is possible to have different release, respecting the minimum level required.

For example can I maintain the 3.2.1 MU5 on 7200c and on the new 8200 have the latest release or I have to update the 7200c ?

The new array would be a 3PAR 8200 with latest OS available,

Thanks in advance

Kind regards,



how to online remove a disk cageOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone,

IHAC has a knotty requirement about removing one disk cage.

Environment:  3par 7400 with two disk cage(0&1).  OS: 3.2.2

This 3par is low space utilized. The customer want to re-allocate the used space into cage0. Then remove cage 1, and re-arrange it to another 3par storage. So the question is how to remove the cage 1, since the chunklets have spreaded to all the disks.

My plan is:

1)  create a new CPG with -cg option to specify the cage 0

2) tunevv, put all the VVs into the new CPG

3) dismisspd all disks in the cage1

4) the physical cable dis-connect

Is my plan workable?  Is the tunevv operation non-distruptive? 


release space when i remove files in the FS - HP-UXOpen in a New Window

Hi Guys, 

I have a server HP-UX 11.31, on storage HP 3PAR 10000

i remove files in the File system, but in the storage, don´t released space, how procedure to release space for use other areas.




HPE 3PAR 7200 & 8200 Replication SuiteOpen in a New Window

Dear Expert,

I am not sure about replication license suite. Actually I have one 3PAR storage (7200) and I have plan to purchase another one (8200). and what I want to do is, I want to place my current 7200 for DR site and place 8200 with DC site. 

1. if I do replication 7200 and 8200, is it compatible and recommended?

2. About replication license suite, do i need to purchase license for both 7200 and 8200? or Need only one replication license suite for one of them?

Thanks for your comments or advices.




HP 3PAR Storage Access IssueOpen in a New Window


is there any way to get HP 3PAR storage iLo IP without disturbing Production Environment,

i mean what are the possible ways to get iLo IP of any HP Product


Understanding sizing in HPE 3PAR Management ConsoleOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

This might be very basic question. I need to understand sizings I see in 3PAR Management Console. I got a HPE 3PAR 7200 and 32 nos. of 1.2 SAS HDDs installed. Single CPG is created with disk selection as 'All Disks of type FC', which apparently selected all 32 disks. My questions are;

  1. When I view Physical Disks, I see all disks showing 'Total Capacity' as 1116GB. What is remaining GBs used for in each disk?
  2. Single CPG I mentioned above is created with default settings. Which are RAID Type: RAID5; Set Size: 3 data, 1 parity. What would be the usable space for this CPG considering all 32 disks are selected for this CPG?
  3. I got Virtual Volumes in following sizes, which sums up 24,580GB. I do see that in VVs tab under selected CPG. But how do I know if there any more VVs I can create or not? If yes, what size? (considering all 5 thinly provisioned VVs should be allowed to go until 90%)
    1. 5 nos. of 4096GB VVs - Thin provisioned
    2. 2 nos. of 1500GB VVs - Thick provisioned
    3. 2 nos. of 500GB VVs - Thick provisioned
  4. Under selected CPG summary sheet, I see estimated free space. What exactly does it mean? Does it mean actual free space without considering whole thinly provisioned spaces?

Sorry if I didn't clear my questions. Please do ask if any more information is required to answer questions.

Thank you


Servicemag resume failed,P1000 3Par V400Open in a New Window

Replace a failed hard disk on our 3PAR V400.

Initiated the command "servicemag start -pdid 15 and the command was successful.

Next we replaced the new disk.

Then we inititated the command "servicemag resume 0 9"  very soon (We cant sure whether the plug led has been off)but this command failed and we got the following error:

V400 cli% servicemag status -d
Cage 0, magazine 9:
A servicemag resume command failed on this magazine.
The command completed at Thu Mar 30 14:02:56 2017.
The output of the servicemag resume was:
servicemag resume 0 9
... mag 0 9 already onlooped
... firmware is current on pd WWN [2000B45253996193] Id [12]
... firmware is current on pd WWN [2000B4525397CB59] Id [13]
... firmware is current on pd WWN [2000B4525397BB3B] Id [14]
... firmware is current on pd WWN [5000CCA04090DD04]
... firmware is current on pd WWN [2000B4525397B911] Id [15]
... checking for valid disks...
... checking for valid disks...
... disks not normal yet..trying admit/onloop again
... onlooping mag 0 9
Failed --
DC2/DC4 cmd 3: enclosure returned error: Hardware is busy (0x8)

The replaced disk pdid 15 remains in system. 

V400 cli% showpd
----Size(MB)----- ----Ports----
Id CagePos Type RPM State Total Free A B Cap(GB)
--- 0:9:3 FC 15 failed 0 0 0:6:1- 1:6:1- 0
0 0:0:0 FC 15 normal 559104 365568 0:6:1* 1:6:1 600
1 0:0:1 FC 15 normal 559104 364544 0:6:1 1:6:1* 600
2 0:0:2 FC 15 normal 559104 366592 0:6:1* 1:6:1 600
3 0:0:3 FC 15 normal 559104 371712 0:6:1 1:6:1* 600
5 0:1:1 FC 15 normal 559104 367616 0:6:1 1:6:1* 600
6 0:1:2 FC 15 normal 559104 365568 0:6:1* 1:6:1 600
7 0:1:3 FC 15 normal 559104 371712 0:6:1 1:6:1* 600
8 0:8:0 SSD 150 normal 94208 0 0:6:1* 1:6:1 100
9 0:8:1 SSD 150 normal 94208 0 0:6:1 1:6:1* 100
10 0:8:2 SSD 150 normal 94208 0 0:6:1* 1:6:1 100
11 0:8:3 SSD 150 normal 94208 0 0:6:1 1:6:1* 100
12 0:9:0 FC 15 normal 559104 0 0:6:1* 1:6:1 600
13 0:9:1 FC 15 normal 559104 0 0:6:1 1:6:1* 600
14 0:9:2 FC 15 normal 559104 0 0:6:1* 1:6:1 600
15 0:9:3? FC 15 failed 559104 0 ----- ----- 600

V400 cli% showpd -state 15
Id CagePos Type -State- ------------------------------Detailed_State-------------------------------
15 0:9:3? FC failed vacated,missing,invalid_media,multiple_chunklets_media_bad,spinup,servicing
1 total


V400 cli% showversion
Release version 3.1.2 (MU1)
Patches: P04

Component Name Version
CLI Server 3.1.2 (P04)
CLI Client 3.1.2 (P04)
System Manager 3.1.2 (MU1)
Kernel 3.1.2 (MU1)
TPD Kernel Code 3.1.2 (MU1)


Thanks for your comments


SmartStart ISO?Open in a New Window


I'm VMware engineer thrust into a storage admin role not by choice and getting ready to set up my first 3PAR 7200. I've been maintaining a couple put into production before my time in this position, so I'm gaining familiarity with the equipment but this is not my normal lane (area of expertise).


Is the SmartStart CD for setting up a 3PAR 7000 series available as an ISO download? I'm in an environment where I cannot bring in physical media due to security restrictions. If I'm going to use a CD, it has to be an ISO mounted on a VM. Or is SmartStart not even what I should be using? It looks like the smart start mostly just links to web based wizards from the SP that I could just go directly to.  There is a lot of old and conflicting information out there across 3PARs acquisition by HP and HP's website split, so accurate current info is hard to find.

Also in all the setup documentation that I've found, it covers setting up an IP in the SP by going through that wizzard.  Then it goes into the storagesystem setup Wizzard stating that the SP and storage system should all be on the same subnet without explaining how you configure the IP of the storagesystem (it only describes how to set the IP of the SP).  I haven't had much luck finding information on how to configure the management IP address of the actual 7200 storagesystem.  This is all static IPs with no DHCP.  Also the SP is physical.

Thanks for the help.


3PAR RemoteCopy to DR for VMWare without SRMOpen in a New Window


May I know what is the best way of using 3PAR RemoteCopy software to replicate VMWare server to DR site without the SRM feature? The RemoteCopy is working but we can't mount it to the DR VM host to check the data integrity unless we stop the replication. Some recommended to export through virtual copy to view the VM but is there any other way to see the VM at the DR site (at least we can see the storage size etc)? My objective is to prevent disaster over disaster (if disaster happen and the replication is not working).



3PAR RDMs for VMware SQL ClusterOpen in a New Window

I’m trying to add RDMs for HP 3PAR SAN storage onto a SQL cluster of VMware VMs.  Although I did a lot of research and am following a nicely documented method (“How-To: Migrate MS SQL Cluster to a New SAN”), it just isn’t working.

We have two VMs running as SQL cluster nodes.  They have vmdk files for their C: and E: drives, and RDM files (on our old EMC SAN) for the cluster drives (Quorum, DTC, SQL data & log volumes).  The cluster nodes and their SQL databases all work fine, as does failover.   All the files for one VM (vmdk and old RDM pointers) are located in that server’s folder on one datashare, and all the files for the other VM are in the second VM’s folder on another datashare; and the SCSI controllers are both set as non-shared.  This does look slightly strange (to my untutored eye) as it is NOT how the internet method instructs for adding new disks – and after completing the instructions I get errors when starting the VMs.

The internet instructions say to create thin LUNs (except thick for the new Quorum drive).  Then (presumably with both VMs off) set the SCSI controllers to shared physical, add disks (as new RDM disks) to one VM, and note the disk-filenames generated.  Then add them to the other VM (as existing disks, browse to the same files).  Then restart both VMs and rescan disks on one, create volumes, create cluster disks, test failover etc.  The VMs won’t restart, though, vSphere shows the message “Thin/TBZ/Sparse disks cannot be opened in multiwriter mode”.  In order to get these production machines running again for our users, I remove the added disks, but the machines will only start if I reset the SCSI controllers as non-shared again.

Can anyone help me escape from this quandary, please?  Should the SCSI controllers be non-shared (as working now), or shared physical (as per instructions)?  Should I be creating files separately for each VM’s new disks in that VM’s datastore folder (as working now) or re-using newly-created files (as in the How-to)?




3PAR 7200C Mixed hard drive capacityOpen in a New Window


      I have Cage0 (300GB  , 15K,FC,SAS) *24 , Cage1 (600GB , 15K,FC,SAS)*24 , can I use CPGS cross this two  Cages , have any performance issue ? thanks


Reports in SSMC 3.0Open in a New Window

Hey there,

A quick question for you all. Running SSMC 3.0 here with about 12 3PAR's configured.

I'm busy with reporting, but I can't seem to completely wipe the 'System' reports. I try to delete them logged in as the '3paradm' user, but they still appear when another (LDAP) user logs in.

Am I doing something wrong?



HP 3PAR 7400 poor performane / designing questionOpen in a New Window

Hello Guys

I'm a system engineer in my company. We have a strange behaviour with our 3 PAR 7400. So we think it's a strange behaviour :-).

Either, we weren't able to help designing an implementing the system. The system runs about 1 year and the performance is poor (in our opinion, very poor). If we backup (Veeam and HP DP) we have an average troughput from about 150 MB's (as well if we do a normal copy Job on an SSD LUN). I have more speed on my USB Disk. It was an external company who set up everything.

So our job is now reverse engineering :-), what a pleasure.

We have virtual servers and normal server's, everythig is running in two new Blade C7000 enclousures with virtual connect. installed by this company as well. Here's what we got:

2 x C7000 Blade Encloursure

Each Enclousure has:
2 x HP VC FlexFabric 10GB/24-Port Module
2 x HP VC 8Gb FC Module

Then we have:
4 x HP SN6000B 16GB FC Switches
1 x Store Once 4500 with upgrade cage (VTL for Backup)

2 x StoreServ 7400c
6 x DriveShelf M6710

Each Shelf has: 8 x 10K 900 GB SAS, 6 x 72K 1TB NL SAS, 4 x 150K 480GB SSD

(Same 3 PAR Hardware again for RemoteCopy)

Everything is connected with FC. So in my opinion this should run llike hell. But it don't...

As I allready told the Backup is slow, a copy Job from a hardware server to an SSD LUN is slow (150 MB's). If I run a checkwith I/O Meter, sometimes I won't come over 35 MB's with 16 worker (single I/O). I know, 3 PAR is designed for random I/O's, but I'm sure there have to be more performance as well in single I/O's. Reading is sometimes very fast. I did a copy joby (150GB, a Veeam Backup) from the 3 PAR SSD LUN to the Hardware Server multiple times, several times a week. Sometimes I was on 1,5 GB's, most of the time it went down to about 350 MB/s. If I check the 3 PAR during test's on cli, it just sleeps...

I know there are several things the company who implementet the 3PAR did not a good Job:

- Wrong SAN zoning (Server and every target in one zone)
- SAN Switch FW in Fabric different
- RemoteCopy Job from SSD to FC
- Ports on 3PAR not configured symmetrically

Other thing I don't understand they did: We have 2 3PAR System's. Every Blade Center is Connected with each 3PAR. But one 3 PAR is only used for Remote Copy. Is this some kind of best practice? (I mean the cabling)

How have you guys set up your 3 PAR environment? What performance should we be able to expect? What results do you have with I/O Meter? Do you have any advices for us?

We allready read so many best practices guides for the 3PAR and we now, there is a lot we should change. But I wan't to know how you guys do it in your IT and if you have any advices for us? Especially with the cabling of the Remote Copy 3PAR and the Blade Center's I don't understand.

Many many thanks in advance for your help.








3PAR StoreServer 7000Open in a New Window

I have a 3PAR that has been configured incorrectly.  There are four WWN's that dispaly when you do a showhost command.  The problem that I have is 2 of the WWN"s are incorrect on each node.  This is an active system so I am looking for a way to correct the situation with out having to take a down time to correct.  Is there a way to do this?

Current 3PAR ShowHost command - Incorrect Layout

50014380266713C4 1:1:1 - Path A - B Node
5001438026671244 1:1:1 - Path A - A Node
5001438026671244 0:1:1 - Path A - A Node
50014380266713C4 0:1:1 - Path A - B Node

50014380266713C6 1:1:2 - Path B - B Node
5001438026671246 1:1:2 - Path B - A Node
5001438026671246 0:1:2 - Path B - A Node
50014380266713C6 0:1:2 - Path B - B Node


3PAR Correct Layout

Current 3PAR ShowHost command

5001438026671246 1:1:2 - Path B - A Node
5001438026671244 1:1:1 - Path A - A Node
5001438026671244 0:1:1 - Path A - A Node
5001438026671246 0:1:2 - Path B - A Node

50014380266713C4 0:1:1 - Path A - B Node
50014380266713C6 0:1:2 - Path B - B Node
50014380266713C4 1:1:1 - Path A - B Node
50014380266713C6 1:1:2 - Path B - B Node


Does compaction ratio mean compression in 3PAR?Open in a New Window

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to 3par. In the IMC, what does the compaction ratio mean? And how is it caculated to 3.627:1.  I suspect it's compression. But seems like there isn't any compression option I can enable or disable.  Thanks for the guiding.

3par compaction radio.png



3par 7200 and HPE RMCOpen in a New Window


have 3par 7200 still under maintenance contract and wondering whether RMC is avaliable free of charge for this unit or is it only for 8000 model?

Thank you.


3PAR and Virtual Connect Direct Attached c7000Open in a New Window

Have a 7400 from a lab (on current OS) and also are getting a old c7000 blade enclosure (for free) to use for testing purpose. This isnt our first 3PAR as we have a 8200 that is SAN Fabric attached but will be our first time having a c-class bladesystem. The enclosure doesnt have SAN switches instead we plan on using its Virtual Connect FC Direct Attach fabric that the c7000 will be coming with. Im not very verse on virtual connect direct attached fabric yet alone a c-class blade system. What i found on spock is that direct attached should be compatible but im not really sure how VC Direct attached "flat-san" actually works. What i found online was a cook book as well as a walkthrough from 2012 but wanted some clarrifications since im use to SAN fabric connections.

So does the zoning pretty much get cut out of the equation since its "VC direct connect"? To create a host In SSMC, all id have to do once they 3PAR is connected to the enclosure is to add the paths corresponding to a blade HBAs?



EVA vMotion to 3PAROpen in a New Window

Is it possible to vMotion some VM's from a EVA to a 3PAR (8200)?

I contacted a rep and told me i would need to be licensed for peer motion / online import on my 3PAR.

Ive vMotion in the past just by doing this in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMQFH8dQGfA

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