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SSMC 3: Unable to modify the secured portOpen in a New Window


Just upgraded from SSMC 2.2 to SSMC and first of all I couldn't find any Administrator's (or users) Manual for this version.

To consult the web interface from a workstation, we have created a CNAME which points to the server where the tool is installed, so in short: https://URL/

On SSMC 2.2 we used to modify Secure Port from 8443 to 443 which is the default HTTPS port.

On the new SSMC 3.0 the new settings are not applied even if we have modified the "C:\Program Files\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\SSMC\ssmcbase\start.d\https.ini" to use port 443 and restarted the service/server.

Did anyone encounter similar issue? Or is there any other file 


In the meanwhile, I found it (post might be helpful for others :p )

To be able to use another port, modify Property default= to "443"

"C:\Program Files\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\SSMC\ssmcbase\etc\jetty-ssl.xml"


DC Under Voltage MessageOpen in a New Window

We have had over 15 different 3PAR 7000 - 7200 storage systems report the following message: "Dc under Voltgage".

The solution that we were givin was to reseat the power supply and if that cleared the message then we were good to go.  If not, replace the power sypply. 

Can anyone tell me if HPe has determined the cause and has come out with a resolution to this problem?  Our 3PAR OS is currenly at

Thank you


8200 Both management ports are permanently up/downOpen in a New Window

Hi,  all

I need help. My 3PAR 8200 was connected to  HP 2610 switch and work fine. Yesterday the switch was changed to HPE 1950 and after both port on switch are permanently up/down. Ping not succesfull. I loose control to storage.

Can you recomend somtheing? 

I tried:

- to conect just 1 management port

- to connect direct to management port

Can I get out one node and insert back?


Thank you in advance


Ports for 3par CLI communacation ?Open in a New Window


According to 3par CLI Admin manual I need to have the 5782-83 ports open for communication with the 3par systems.  I'm not able to establish contact but we can see on the internal fw that the CLI is trying to contact on port 2550, is this the port used just to initiate connection? This port is not mentioned in the admin guide. Is there a way of changing this so that CLI will use 5782-83 also for initiating the connection or do we have to open for 2550 as well?




IOPS information needed, how to get itOpen in a New Window

Hi, I was asked to get the following values from our 3par.

• Average Write Throughput (IOPS) –
• Average Read Throughput (IOPS) –
• Peak Write Throughput (IOPS) –
• Peak Read Throughput (IOPS) –
• Average Write IO size (KB) –
• Average Read IO size (KB) –
• Sequential Write (%) –
• What time does the Peak start? –
• How long does the Peak last (HH:MM)?


I have the "HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console 3.0" installed and connected to the system.

Now the question is how can I get this information from that software. I know I look as a lazy person, but i hope you excuse my lack of experience and the fact that this info is required ASAP.


disk failed again after disk replacement on 3PAR F400Open in a New Window

disk id:19 1:9:0 showed ""Degraded"". And it changed to ""failed"" after one day. I referred below link & replaced the disk without run ''servicemag start"'. (http://h20464.www2.hp.com/Media/F2F87A23-1853-45E1-9E23-7BC75949A62A/en/3p7_diskdrive_gui.htm). After disk replacement, system add one disk, 1:9:0 and showed ''Degraded"'. Run command "'servicemag status"' and got ''No servicemag operations logged.'' 

Run ''servicemag resume 1 9'", and ""servicemag status"' showed servicemag resume 1 9 -- is in Progress"". its looked like ok. One day later, ID 11 1:9:0  ""Failed"' and ID 19 1:9:0 ? ""Failed". Run ''servicemag status -d"" and got below message:

servicemag status -d
Cage 1, magazine 9:
A servicemag resume command failed on this magazine.
The command completed at Thu Nov 17 10:13:54 2016.
The output of the servicemag resume was:
servicemag resume 1 9
... mag 1 9 already onlooped
... upgrading firmware on pd WWN [5000CCA0175928C4]...
... firmware is current on pd WWN [5000CCA0402D813C] Id [19]
... checking for valid disks...
... checking for valid disks...
... disks in mag : 1 9
... normal disks: WWN [5000CCA0175928C4] Id [11] diskpos [0]
... not normal disks: WWN [5000CCA0402D813C] Id [19]
... verifying spare space for disks 19 and 11
... playback chunklets from pd WWN [5000CCA0175928C4] Id [11]
... All chunklets played back / relocated.
... cleared logging mode for cage 1 mag 9
... relocating chunklets from spare space
... chunklet 1:2037 - move_error,move_failed, failed move
... chunklet 2:2037 - move_error,move_failed, failed move
... chunklet 25:2154 - move_error,move_failed, failed move
... chunklet 27:2154 - move_error,move_failed, failed move

What can I do?


vSP password forgottenOpen in a New Window

Hi all,


I'm having a very silly issue with my 3par. SSMC is ok, I know the passwords and all, but it appears that in order to change DNS servers, I need to use the vSP.


However whan trying all default and non-default passwords on my vSP, both using console and SSH, I can't manage to login. Is there a way to reset my vSP passwords in order to change those DNS settings ?


Any help is appreciated !


SRA command 'discoverDevices' failed.Open in a New Window

Hi, this my first post, so sorry my mistakes. Actually, I don't know where I must write this post. Probably I'm in right place :) 

Recently, I have encountered problem as below.I tried to find on Google, but I couldn't find any solutions.

SRA command 'discoverDevices' failed.

Error. Exception has occurred: A callto SSPI failed, see inner exception.
If the problem still persists, please contact HP 3PAR support for assistance.

I tried to reinstall "HPE 3PAR SRA Software", but the problem wasn't fix. Then I found a solution as below and I want to share it with you. Make them in both sites.

The fix was simply to uninstall Microsoft update KB3161606 and KB3161608 (do not forget to prevent it from reinstalling). In some cases, this is not enough and to fix the issue proceed with registry tweak as described here.

Quick synopsis is below:

Changes made to the Windows registry happen immediately, and no backup is automatically made. Do not edit the Windows registry unless you are confident about doing so.

To edit registry entry, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, andthen click OK.
2.Locateandthen click the following subkey in the registry:
3.On the edit Menu, point tonewand click Key, name the newKey “Diffie-Hellman“
4. Navigate the newKey created.
3.On the Edit menu, point toNew, andthen click DWORD Value.
4.Type ClientMinKeyBitLength for the nameof the DWORD, andthen press Enter.
5.Right-click ClientMinKeyBitLength, andthen click Modify.
6.In the Valuedata box, type00000200 (keep thisin hexidecimal format), andthen click OK

if your problem still persists, you can try to recreate your HPE 3PAR SRA Software certificate by using these commands.

TPDSrm is located in x:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\storage\sra\3PARInSer


TPDSrm.exe viewcert
TPDSrm.exe removecert -sysid XXXXX
TPDSrm.exe validatecert -sys 3PAR_Name -user Username -pass Password

If everything goes well, the result will seem like as below.

I hope my mini article will help you.



3par peer persistence and NetApp MeroCluster on cDOTOpen in a New Window

Hi Everyone, Does anyone has the experience with both 3par peer persistence and NetApp MeroCluster on cDOT. Or any comparison document about the common point and the difference point? Thank you.


3par 8200 bad performance (sequential write hangs up the storage)Open in a New Window

hello all,

we have a little san environment: 3par 8200 + 2 san sw (brocade 8/24) + servers:

3 x hp dl380 gen9 - wmware

2 x hp dl380 gen8 - HyperV

2 x 2 ibm 3620m4 oracle rac

the 3par 8200 has 38 x 1.8Tb SAS 10k SFF HDD (FC) + 10 x 1.92TB SAS SFF SSD (SSD).

with normal load everything looks good, but: when theres is a bigger data copy form FC vvol to FC vvol - all FC vvol are hanging.

So there is a data migration from oracle asm from FC (CPG: RAID6 - 38 x FC disk) to an other FC vvol (same CGP),

the data move speed is looks normal (800.000 - 1.000.000 KBs/sec - 3par_perf_sys_tp.jpg), but all other systems (vmware, hyperv) hangs... In vmware the latency 250-500 ms!!! (3par_perf_vmware_latency-avarage.jpg) the normal latency 0-15 ms!

I made a test: there are 3 vmware vms (2 located in FC vol, and one in SSD vol), i copied bigger file (via nfs):

in normal load: FC to FC 10 sec, FC to SSD 8 sec

while te data move is in progress: FC to FC 40 min!!!! 40 _min_ not sec!!! FC to SSD 28 sec

so I think all the write performance is reserved the sequential write of data migrating... the read performance is slower but maybe it is normal while heavy load (FC to SSD copy 26 sec, so the read performace is slower than the normal, but not 100x times)

this very poor performance / paralell working is normal? what can we do? we have to move and migration data within th FC quite often! Is the QoS help? We haven't got licence for QoS, so unfortunately we cannot try it...

i attached 3 pics from latency and throughput

thank you!



3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptionsOpen in a New Window


From the beginning we see a very bad performance on 3-PAR 8200 Storage. There is poor performance and also interruptions, when you want to copy file in CSV or inside of virtual machine. We have hyper-V tehnology. HP servers 380dl Gen9, direct attached storage. Windows 2012 R2, latest updates.

Client Programs, that connects to server are freezing, sometimes to start copying file takes few seconds. Operation copy sometimes freezes and is 0.

We tried a lot of things, server updates, changing network cards, adding FC switch, nothing helped. HP gave advices, nothing worked out.

We tried to connect Storwize full SSD and Fujitsu Full SSD on 3-PAR place. They are working smuthely, no interruptions, performance is very good.

We also tried the same model from 3-PAR 8200, but Full SSD, full storage, it was the same, very bad performance.

Attached tests are 3-PAR 8200, full SSD, full storage. Tests for our 8200 no SSD, not full, are the same.

I don't know, how people work with such bad performance. The same poor performance we had on 2 same model of 3-PAR 8200. 8200 full SSD was out of the box.

We experiance program freezing. disconnecting from SQL ... This 3-PAR is big disaster.

I think HP has global problem. I don't know why people don't stand up and tell that it works bad. Support from HP is extremly bad. We are solving this problem from april. And this is our production.

I will never buy HP again.




Will vvolume auto grow beyond its allocated size?Open in a New Window


will a vvolume auto grow beyond its size set with createvv?

a previous admin has created a lot of thin vvolumes with allocation limits and warnings. As users write into the space they have been given, by sizing at the Lun level, we start to get warnings and critical alerts on the console. I don't think we need these. We do not overprovision, and so users are just taking what they are allowed, so I think this is not a big deal. Is this right?

However, the alerts are causing real pain, as the operators see yellow and red warnings on their screen and are concerned ,so understandably they call out the storage team. A lot.

if I turn all these volume warning and alerts off, is there a danger of a vvolume growing beyond its allocated size, or is the size pretty much the same as the user-al allocation limit? In other words, Will the vvolume stop at its size, or could it keep growing to take up more and more space until it is all gone?

Maybe I should be looking more at setting alerts on the cpgs or physical space available to stop overallocation, leading to space shortages, and ultimately write errors for apps?

thanks for any guidance.


EVA2000 to 3PAR 8200 MigrationOpen in a New Window

We have a EVA2000 with SAS connections to a c3000 HP Chassis, and we need to move over to a new 3PAR 8200 which is Fibre Channel.

Two servers are VMware ESXi v5.5 Host. We also have a few Windows 2008 Servers that we will need to migrate.

What are different options that we could use to provide a quick and reliable migration?

Thought about putting a FC Switch in the c3000, but unable to due to need both the LAN & SAS switches.

Restore from tape is an option, but this would be very time comsuming.





3PAR Storserv 8000 IP address and console password unknown - Reset 3PAR to factory settingsOpen in a New Window

Good Day,

How can I reset the 3PAR storserv 8000 to factory settings?  The default IP address of is not accessible and the new IP address that might have been configured when the device was initialized is not known.  I tried to login to the serial console but I don't know the 3paradm password as well as the console user password.




3par Quorum Witness Download locationOpen in a New Window

Hi,   I am looking for the actual download location for the 3par Quorum Witness appliance.   Does anyone know where it is at?   At this point I have all the install guides but none of them lead to a download location or specs for the appliance.


Has anyone tired to deploy it to azure?   Any reason it would not work?


HP 3par 7400- Replaced disk but old disk remains in the 3par Management ConsoleOpen in a New Window

We've replaced a faulty/ degraded disk on the 3par, the faulty/degraded disk has evacuated all the data. After replacement , the new disks has been brought online but the old disk stills showing in the management console. I've tried removespare, dismisspd, movech without any luck. ... chunklet : - move_error,src_set_invalid, will not move it seems a chunklet referencing to the old disk is still stuck in the 3par. THe storage is working fine and the replacement disk is working but we need to remvove the degraded message from the management console as it doesn't beling anymore to the 3par. Regards,


Too many CLI connections to 3PAR 10400Open in a New Window

Im constantly having a problem with being able to login to a 3PAR 10400.  I keep getting this "too many cli connections" and not being able to login.  I can unplug the network cable and that will disconnect anyone that is connected either via SSMC, IMC, Oneview, etc.  Why is this a problem now?


Thank you,


Maximum links in M*N Remote copy configurationOpen in a New Window


form 3par documentation:

In an M-to-N Remote Copy configuration, bidirectional data replication takes place in a 4x4 fan-in, fan-out configuration.
Data replication occurs without the need for dedicated Remote Copy pairs. The transport layer can be RCFC, RCIP, or FCIP, or a mixture of these, with up to five links per node. Only one RCIP link per node is possible; the other links can be RCFC or FCIP.

Question1 : no more than 4 device can participate in RCP scenario?

Question2:one node in above text means a controller or a device as whole ?

Question3:what does it mean up to 5 link ? 1 link per controller port or anything other ?


Thanks alot



3PAR 8200 FCOE configuration with Vpshere 6Open in a New Window


I've a new 3PAR 8200 comes with two port 10GB FCOE/iSCSI adapter on both nodes. I've only experience configured 3PAR with FC connection only. This is my first time configure 3PAR with FCOE. 

Could anyone guide me on how to configure the port of the FCOE. I don't see a tab with FCOE on port type in the 3par management console.  Or Do i use the port type iSCSI?

On the Vsphere host side, I configure adapter binding with software iSCSI adapter.




3APR firmware upgradeOpen in a New Window

My clinet is not having HP support & he is expecting us to perform the firmware upgrade of 3APR V400.


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