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read only export of LUNOpen in a New Window


I'm new with a 3PAR system. I'm just migrating from our old EMC VNX5300 to a 3PAR 8200.

We use only VMware ESX servers, but for Backup we have a Windows server. On our VNX we exported all LUNs to the backup server read/only and for the ESX servers r/w. That worked pretty fine.

How am I able to export a LUN r/o to our backup server with the 3PAR?

Regards Wolfgang



How to get snapshot list from 3parOpen in a New Window

Hi experts,
Is there any command or way (SSMC / console) to find details about all snapshots on 3par.?


How to get snapshot list from 3parOpen in a New Window

Hi experts,
Is there any command or way (SSMC / console) to find details about all snapshots on 3par.?


tune volume from FC to SSD CPGOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I'm curious, how much time tune could take to move 1TB LUN from FC to SSD CPG ?

FC drive size is 1800G - RAID 5 => SSD Raid 5

Many thanks,



SSMC Admin passwordOpen in a New Window

Does anyone know how to reset the password for the SSMC Administrator console. We don't have the log in details to log in so how can it be reset?


What is the failed size/capacity at 3par cli output?Open in a New Window

When I check command showpd -s, I found output as below?

Id CagePos Type -State-- Size Volume Spare Free Unavail Failed
76 3:16:0 FC degraded 838656 0 0 309248 0 529408
1 total 838656 0 0 309248 0 529408

Please point me with some explaination. Check at attached picture. 






Issues Replacing disks on 3PAR SystemOpen in a New Window

I am having same issue here.


HP3PAR-SS1 cli% showpd -i -p -cg 0 -mg 8
Id CagePos State ----Node_WWN---- --MFR-- -----Model------ -Serial- -FW_Rev- Protocol MediaType
4 0:8:0 normal 5000CCA0172E7D40 HITACHI HVIPC0600GBFC15K JZVUKLAM VCX3 FC Magnetic
20 0:8:0? failed 5000CCA01E30E674 HITACHI HVIPC0600GBFC15K J9VVWPKL VCX3 FC Magnetic





ftp.usa.hp.com What is the Login?Open in a New Window

I need to "3PAR Physical Service Processo.iso"


ftp.usa.hp.com What is the Login?


find storage controller wwpnOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

What is the quickest way to find wwpn of the storage controllers? Sorry if its a newb question!




3PAR Management Console is not installed properly in my PC.Open in a New Window

Hi, This Is Syed. I am working in BdREN.

I am facing problem during 3PAR management console installation in my PC (Windows 10, 64bit). After installation, when I've tried to open the console, it shows " Could not find valid Java virtual machine to load". I've checked the installation log, I found an error like as follows:


Execute Uninstaller: $REG_COMPONENT_LOCATIONS$
Status: ERROR
Additional Notes: ERROR - No uninstaller existed in the directory


Though I've tried to uninstall and install Java several times. Anybody can help me to sovle the issue?


Used spaceOpen in a New Window

I have 3par 8200 where there are only thin dedup virtual volumes on cpg having the same characteristics.

I need to know the available space (not raw) which I can use for my data, regardless of raid level, and the used space (not raw) which is written on disk because so that I can know net total space too.

Thin, Dedup represent hard concepts which  complicate evaluate net used and free disk space.



RMC-V restoreOpen in a New Window


I'm testing Snpashot backup of datastore on 3PAR, is it possible to restore single Virtual Machine rather then whole datastore?



VMware ESX Host PersonaOpen in a New Window

We have been running InForm OS 3.1.2 for some time, and now want to upgrade our 3PARs to 3.1.3.  We have some ESX Server Psersonas set to "6".  HPE recommends "11", but "6" is still supported (I think).  Do I have to change before I upgrade or can I wait until later; i.e. -after?

We also have some ESX Clusters where 5 of the servers have Persona 11, and 2 of the ESX Servers have Persona 6.  (Dumb of us!)  They seem to work fine now, at Inform OS 3.1.2.  Will they continue to work at InForm OS 3.1.3?




3par not connecting in SSMC after upgradeOpen in a New Window

We had a 3par upgrade done today from 3.2.2 mu3 to 3.2.2 mu3 and i've noticed in SSMC i was unable to connect o the system.

So i removed it from the console and re added, and it finds the name in dns, but i get a message of unsable to connect.

From the ssmc server i'm able to telnet the 3par on port 5783 and that works. Does anyone of any checks i can do, or any logs that might help me see why its not connecting

I'm able to ssh to the 3par.


3PAR StoreServ 7400 4-node Storage Base - Issue with database that does not come back onlineOpen in a New Window

Thu Jan 19 23:44:33 2017 rmora_display -s PRD -p a6stby01 completed.

Thu Jan 19 23:46:28 2017 rmora_mount -s PRD -p a6stby01 -r started.

Thu Jan 19 23:46:28 2017 3PAR1092: ERROR: rmora_mount: Missing required argument(s).

Thu Jan 19 23:46:28 2017 Usage:

Thu Jan 19 23:46:28 2017 ERROR: rmora_mount -s <oracle_sid> -p <db_host>

Thu Jan 19 23:46:28 2017 ERROR:             -t <timestamp> [-m <mountpoint>] [-r] [-v]

Thu Jan 19 23:47:50 2017 rmora_mount -s PRD -p a6stby01 -t 092216003805 -v started.

Thu Jan 19 23:47:50 2017 /usr/bin/ssh -o Batchmode=yes RMO_User@a63par04 showsysmgr >/tmp/mgrAAA021467 </dev/null

Thu Jan 19 23:47:51 2017 System is up and running from 2015-04-02 14:22:22 EDTThu Jan 19 23:47:51 2017 /usr/bin/ksh /tmp/getvvBAA021473 >/tmp/getvvAAA021473

Thu Jan 19 23:47:52 2017 /usr/bin/ssh -o Batchmode=yes RMO_User@a63par04 Tpd::rtpd gettpdinterface </dev/null

Thu Jan 19 23:47:53 2017 /usr/bin/ksh /tmp/getvvBAA021485 >/tmp/getvvAAA021485

Thu Jan 19 23:47:54 2017 /usr/bin/ssh -o Batchmode=yes RMO_User@a63par04 Tpd::rtpd gettpdinterface </dev/null

Thu Jan 19 23:47:55 2017 3PAR1213 ERROR: The Virtual Copy '092216003805' is currently mounted.


The snapshot seems to have got mounted.

So looks like the snapshot is mounted already and we are trying to mount it again, which is leading to this error.


Notify by email the event logs of 3PAR arrayOpen in a New Window


I have a 3PAR 7400c with OS version (MU2).

I want to recieve by email the output of the cli comand showevetlog.

Por example:

showeventlog -min 1440 -ntype "Command executed"

Is it possible ?

What other options I have for local notification ?

Thanks in advance.



3par federationOpen in a New Window

Hi all

I'm trying to establish a federation between 3par's.  I've done the zonig part as recommended by the system but two of four peer links are down, have a look at the attached picture. The peer ports that are not working do have the "connection type" peer but "port type" free. The peer ports that are working  also have the "connection type" peer but but the "port type" is also shown as peer. I hope mye explanation makes sence for someone that can guide me in what direction I should be looking because I'm not shure where to look.

Looking forward to hearing from you.






Issue with expired trial licenseOpen in a New Window

Good morning all ,

Recently i am having issues with 3PAR 7000. The licenses is for virtual copy , remote copy and peer persistence which we dont use . Those were trial ones which came alongside with the equipment but we have no intention in renewing them as we never nor we will use this features .

Can you provide me a solution on how to NOT receive the warning messages about the license? like unloading the license?



3par port hostsOpen in a New Window

Hello There, This is more specific to HP 3par Inserver Storage product line. Just wanted to check to see if the host ports on the 3par have to be reservered for different platform OS. I mean can we mix ESX servers with other windows or linux hosts or does ESX have to be on thier own dedicated ports? If so why? Or any other OS has to be on thier own ports and cannot mix with others?


Adding 3PAR Storage to Remote Insight Support PortalOpen in a New Window


Need some help / Clarification on the following.

I have a customer who is trying to add a 3PAR StoreServe to the HPE Insight Remote Support Portal for monitoring their IT Infrastructure. 

Is it possible to add the 3PAR Storage?

Who to contact to get the 3PAR Device added as when we try to add teh device, the serail number seems to be claimed and advises to contact support.


Thanks in advance.


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