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HPE Storage Solutions Forum - 3PAR StoreServe Storage
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3PAR F400 BBU replacement procedureOpen in a New Window

What is the proper procedure for replacing the F400 BBU module P/N 664224-001.


3PAR 7200 SNMP MIBOpen in a New Window



how can i monitor the Disks with SNMP on a 3PAR 7200 ?

The ThreePar-mib.mib does not contain any Disk Utilization OIDs

Is there another posibility?



VMware SRM 6.1 stretch storage with 3PAROpen in a New Window

Do you know where I can find reference architecture document for such set up? I was only able to find marketing documents giving general overview of the technology.


Create Remote Copy Group, error: Target STOR1 could not get info on secondary target.Open in a New Window

Hi, all

Could anybody help me to understand, where can be problem?

Then I try to create Remote Copy Group I receive error: Target STOR1 could not get info on secondary target.

Link between RC ports for both storages is ok. 


Thank you in advance.



HP 3PAR Expansion with all magazine degraded and disks with "vacated, servicing" stateOpen in a New Window


I am facing an issue with my expansion on my 3PAR System.

After updating the OS to  3.2.1 (MU2) P13, my expansion is shown as "degraded".

In fact, all the magazines are degraded and all the new disks added are "failed" instead of "normal". 

Thank you in advance for your help


[SS8200 OS3.2.2] VVs don't appear in "Active VLUNs"Open in a New Window

Hello, experts.

I exported some VVs from 3par to a HPUX Server.

In "showvlun" command, VVs are appear in " VLUN Templates" , but aren't appear in "Active VLUNs"

Is there any setting needed?



4-node 3par zoningOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the zoning in 4-node StoreServ scenario. The bellow figure shows a host with two HBAs connects to a 4-node 3par StoreServ.

So, if using single initiator-> single target zoning. I believe it is pretty easy that I can create four zones per fabric.


zone1: port1, 0:1:1;

zone2: port1, 1:1:1;

zone3: port1, 2:1:1;

zone4: port1, 3:1:1

The same zoning in Fabric2.


If using single initiator-> multi targets zoning, which configuration is recommended?

put all the targets into one zone like (port1, 0:1:1, 1:1:1, 2:1:1, 3:1:1) or seperate the targets by the node-pair into two zones like (port1, 0:1:1, 1:1:1,) & (port1, 2:1:1, 3:1:1))

Thanks for the answers!


3par 4node zoning.png 


3.2.1 MU2 P12 --> 3.2.1 MU3 P23 upgradeOpen in a New Window

Good Afternoon Peers,

I'm looking to upgrade a pair of 7440c arrays, one is at 3.2.1 MU2 P12 and the other 3.2.1 MU2 P16. I'd like to get both arrays to 3.2.1 MU3 P23. This is to overcome an issue where new disks being added to arrays are not being recognised because they are newer models.

My question is, has anyone gone throught this process before, and if so, how would you classify the risk. The HPE planning doc is very wordy and mentions many pre-requisites and warnings for moving from 3.1.2 to .3.2.1 MU3 but I cannot see any references to upgrading from within the same OS family.

Even HPE's own Software Upgrade Request Form spreadsheet specifies that 'Option A - Without host configuration review' should be mandatory for upgrade within the same OS family.

Any advice appreciated.




Confirm data deletion on auto-expiration Virtual VolumeOpen in a New Window

Is there a  way to confirm that the data within the virtual volume that was created with auto-expiration date is completely erased ?

Also, is  there is other way to securely erase the virtual volume with a confirmation ?





Unable to start volume driver HP3PARISCSIDriver.Open in a New Window


We are going to add HP 3PAR StorageServ Storage for our openstack cloud setup.

But our storage service cinder get's the warning that "Unable to update stats, HP3PARISCSIDriver -2.0.17 (config name hp_iscsi_only_nl) driver is uninitialized."

Disconnect from 3PAR REST and SSH d3fba4c9-64ee-411b-8802-27b2b9cfe732.

For the request "REQ: curl -i"

we get the following response message

RESP BODY:{"code":270,"desc":" System is too busy. Please try again later"}

We are blocked on the issue, any help will be appreciated.

I am ready to provide further information if anyone is interested to provide help.


Tunesys after adding new disk and Physical disk usageOpen in a New Window

I have a 3PAR with 12 SSD disk and with 1 Virtual Volume 4TB with Thick provisioning created. Recently we bought another 12 disk to expand the capacity. After adding the license and disk initialization, I perform the tunesys with default setting. I have also provision a new Virtual Volume 2TB thick provisioning. But the allocation percentage of each disk is not balanced. The existing 12 disk allocation percentage is still very high and the new 12 disk allocation are not balanced up. 

What tunesys option I should tweak in order to balance the allocation percentage of each disk?

I also found out the not all the phsyical disk are used. The new Virtual Volume although is exported to Host, but it have not start putting data or files to the new Virtual Volume. 


Automatic Sending of HP 3Par command through email - scriptOpen in a New Window

Hi, sorry as I do not know yet how to categorize may inquiry correctly in the location.

I am new to the HP Storage Environment and I just would like to ask if you can help me with a task.

Is it possible to create a script wherein the output from a command in HP 3Par be sent in an email  in a certain period of time?

For example, the output of a command showrcopy from HP 3PAR be sent to my Outlook email at 6:00 AM GST?

May I know the tools that can be used to achieve this?

Thanks for your time and assistance and help will be all appreciated.


3Par VVOL and Array-based replicationOpen in a New Window

when will 3Par VVOL and Array-based replication be supported ?

Regards Peter


3par 8200 change SparingAlgorithm - possible online?Open in a New Window

hello all,

my current config:

3par 8200 / 2 cages / 10 ssd + 38 fc. (cage0 20 FC/ 4 SSD - cage1 18 FC / 6 SSD)

Sparing algorith: maximal

So, now I have only 8 usable SSD disks with 2 spare.

I think, if i change sparing to minimal, i have an additional usable SSD... Is it true?

I found a manual to change sparing:

I can do this changes (setsys + admithw) online? How long does it take about?


thank you / best regards



Reclaim space, problem with chunklet links?Open in a New Window


As many others we are having trouble reclaiming space in our 3Par 7200c.
We are running ESXi 6 and some physical Windows servers.

We had higher hopes on the deduplication ratio on the 3Par, (we are at 1.4-1 with 16kb cluster size) but we have gotten used to it being low so it doesnt bother us so much anymore.

But because of the low ratio we bought 2 cabinetts with FC drives. We wanted to move servers to those drives that doesnt need the speed of the SSD drives. About a month ago we moved about 6.5TiB data to the FC drives so that we could get more free space on the SSD drives.
We moved virtual servers in our VMware environment. We have been running unmap and everything else one can think of (compact CPG, Tune System), but after more than a month we only got back about 1TiB when we wanted to get back 6.5TiB.
The 3Par console shows the disks that we freed to be 0% used, but still when highlightning the SSD CPG we only see that we have gained back 1TiB.
We decided to delete one of the virtual volumes and force 3Par to give us back the space, but even after deleting a volume we knew had contained 1.5TiB data we got nothing back.

We are starting to think there might be some problems with the chunkstore. I heard somewhere that there could be a bug in the chunkstore, something about the chunkstore not deleting unused chunks. Anyone know about that?

About reclaiming space, has anyone found any difference in the amount of space you get back and the time in which you get it between running Thinly deduped and Thin Provisioning?

We are thinking about moving away from using Thinly deduped and only using Thin Provisioning in hopes that we shall be able to reclaim space easier and also know how much space we have left.
But we cant go that way as it is now because moving data to Thinly provisioned disk and not getting anything back from the deduped volumes makes us run out of space.




Max allowable tpdtcl processes of 64 exceeded, no process created for connection from client addressOpen in a New Window

Hello community,

"Max allowable tpdtcl processes of 64 exceeded, no process created for connection from client address"

Our red team in our environment pen-tests the whole environment and these alerts get generated everytime auto-generating incident tickets. Is there any way we can stop this alert? Is there any-way to silence this if we cant stop?



3PAR message "NL tier has disks exceeding low water mark of recommended IOPS"Open in a New Window


my customer has 3PAR 8200 installed last january. Today he call me to ask if I know what means the message

"NL tier has disks exceeding low water mark of recommended IOPS".

But I never seen this before today.

Does anyone can explain to me the means of the message and if is necessary some corrective action ?

Thanks in advance



VMware ATS issue. SolutionOpen in a New Window


To resolve issue on 3PAR 7000 need to upgrade InForm OS to P45 (P17,P18, P19, P23, P30, P38, P45) via SPOCC.

Thanks and Regards,



Unable to extend vv set due to conflict on lun XXOpen in a New Window

I created a new VV and wanted to add to my existing VVSET. And it pop up an error saying "unable to extend vv set due to conflict on lun XX" 

I have 5 vv set. The new vv needs to be add to the vv set5. 

Anyone encounter and resolve this issue?


HP 3PAR cli issue with linuxOpen in a New Window


I installed inform_cli_3.1.1 on my debian linux distro and whenever I tried to connect to my HP 3PAR I have this issue.

Could not open connection to CLI server process on "HP3PARQC":
-sockssl option not supported, libtls not loaded
System name may be invalid, or the process may not have started yet
or may have failed.

Here are the infos :

deb-mgmt# CLI Client version: 3.1.1 (P27)

deb-mgmt# # sestatus
SELinux status:                 disabled


HP3PARQC cli% showclienv
Parameter Value
csvtable 0
nohdtot 0
hafter -1
histstatnum 0
listdom 0
editor emacs

I need to use Inform_cli to build some scripts, and prior to do that I need to be able to connect properly to my HP 3PAR NAS.

Thanks in advance



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