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3PAR Remote Copy - checkrcopyvvOpen in a New Window

Does anyone have experience with the Remote Copy command "checkrcopyvv"?  We have inconsistent Remote Copy Virutal Volumes and trying to resolve the issues with the syncing.


HPE 3Par Student GuideOpen in a New Window

Hi Friends,

I am looking for 3Par 20000 Student Guide. I am new to HP 3Par storage and we have 4 newly installed 20450 boxes on premisis. Wanted to understand the concepts and architechture on 20000 series.

Request you to help me with the student guide if you have.

Thanks in Advance!!!


3Par virtual volume is accessible by the Blade infrastrcuture but does not allow to format by the OSOpen in a New Window

Hello Guys,

we have one 3Par StoreServe 8200 connected to C7000 Blade chasis, I have presented a vvol to one of the blades hosting windows, I can see the volume in the diskmanagement utility as healthy but when trying to format the volume, it will end up with an error saying, format was unsuccessful.

it is pretty interesting that I can present the same Volume to other baldes, and the volume will be formatted without any problem. I have done the following to get the problem resolved but all came to nothing.

1. I change the blade slot from Bay 6 to Bay 16 but did not help.

2. I also changed the network adapter (FLB 650 20G) but did not help.

3. I tried different Windows images but again did not work.

4. I also tried to install ESXi on the same blade, but Could not format the data store.

can anybody help? any idea?


Thanks in advance


3PAR CPG's Growth Increment and Growth LimitOpen in a New Window

Hi Friends,

I am trying to understand on what exactly is Growth Increment on CPG and why is it necessary? What if I set it as NONE, what happens.

From what I understood, is as the Volume data occupancy happens, in advance the LD's are created by system, where in the growth increments come into picture. Lets say for a 2-node 3-par, the default increments are in multiples of 16GB. But I assume this is applicable only in case of TPVV, since FPVV has already dedicated LD's created and exported to user. Is my understanding correct? What happens if the Growth increment is disabled?

What is the difference between Volume Growth limit and CPG growth limit? Is growth limit applicable only in case of TPVV existing in CPG?

Thanks in Advance!!!


checkiperfserverOpen in a New Window

Does anybody know what the scheduled task  called "checkiperfserver" and executes the command "checkstopserver" does and how it works?  I cannot even find the command "checkstopserver" in the command list...



Peer Motion PoC using Extended FabricsOpen in a New Window


We are planning to run a proof of concept for a customer regarding 3PAR Peer Motion software to demonstrate some use cases, since our customer needs to move to another Datacenter, which distance is about 20Km. So I was looking for some information but i could not find any specifics details:

- Is Peer Motion supported over Extended Fabrics <25Kms?? we will be using 16Gbps ELWL SFPs and dark fiber on each site (Site A and Site B)

- What should be maximum latency between sites?? Round Trip??

- Customer wants to try with some test machines, but since this is a PoC, resources are limited, I Only have one san switch in site B, but there are some requirements in order for Peer Motion to work, one of these is to use ports from partner nodes wich I am not able to accomplish on Site A, since this 3PAR has 2 separate fabrics for each partner node and I want to connect only one port for one switch in Site A and one port on Switch B. Is it possible to force via CLI or GUI the usage of only one port per system for Peer connections or eventually two ports from nodes that are not partners?? the purpose of the PoC is to check data transfer and functionality not HA or multipath

-Is it possible to use only one port for host connections??

- Any further recommendations??


Thanks in advance.....


Best approuch for migrating Boot-LUNS for Blade Servers from EVA4400 to 3PAR 8200Open in a New Window

Hi guys.

I have real pending migration from HP EVA 4400  to  new HPE 3PAR 8200

The  mission objective :

To migrate all data from HP EVA 4400 to NEW  HPE 3PAR 8200

Current Infrastructure :

C7000 Blade Enclosure

5 x BL460c Blade Servers

2 x SAN SW

HP EVA 4400

MS Failover Cluster  2012 R2

All  5 x Blade SRV`s are booting from the EVA LUN`s  and this is my top concern.

What is the Best approuch  to migrate boot LUN`s  from EVA to 3PAR ?

As for the rest of the Production data  -  i think  i`ll skip HP On-line Import and i`ll bet on  MS Datastore On-line migration !

Any advice from some one allready done this  in real action plan  is highly appreciated.


Kind Regards







why backend iops increased by 5000 IOPS Although the frontend IOPS = 100?Open in a New Window

Hello ,


I do test as below

Copy a 200GB file with IO Size 1MB/sec

But using 3par charts Virtual volume IO Size 512KB/sec

IOPS on the virtual volume = 100 IOPS

but the backend iops on the physical Disks increased by 5000 IOPS

Note CPG is Raid 5 (3+1) , Step size 256KB .

My question why backend iops increased by 5000 IOPS Although the frontend IOPS = 100?



Ramy Shaker


Controller Nodes not visible in 3PAR StoreServOpen in a New Window

I have noticed that my&nbsp;Controller Nodes and Ports&nbsp;are not visible anymore in 3PAR StorServ (3.2.023766)
When I go to Block Persona --&gt;&nbsp;Hosts and show Map, it doesn't show the two controller nodes anymore
I have two switches are HP SN3000B (firmware 8.1.1) Both are SmartSAN enabled (license available)
The HP3Par firmware is (MU1)+P07,P11
The VSP is
When I look in the 3PAR StoreServ --&gt; Storage Systems --&gt; Ports, I see "No Ports"
My Hosts do have a connection to the 3PAR LUNS


Is this our order correct ? 3par storeserv 7200Open in a New Window


Is this our order correct ?  3par storeserv 7200

Please guide me,



3PAR HOST EXPLOREROpen in a New Window

Where can get(download) old version HP 3PAR Host Explorer Software?


Upgrade 3PAR to 3.3.1 (how hard can it be?)Open in a New Window

I want to upgrade my 3PAR tot the latest firmware (3.3.1) but I'm stuck in a catch 22.

We're currently running 3.2.2 MU4 with Hyper-V VSP 4.4

When I use the latest VSP 5.0 for Hyper-V and try to upgrade to 3.3.1 it says that the firmware needs to be 3.3.1 or higher. When we try to upgrade the firmware with Hyper-V VSP 4.4 it says we need SP 5.0 or higher!

I have loaded U009 into the VSP 4.4.

I also read that you first need to upgrade to SP 4.5, but there's no VSP 4.5 (only for physical Service Processor)

How can I upgrade to 3.3.1? I'm lost here.


HPE Enterprise Support, option to give other users access to SAIDsOpen in a New Window


Is there an option to give other users (HPE passport accounts) access to one passport-account SAIDs  (like a guest-access or user/access) this would be very helpful as I work as a consultant and often open SRs on behalf of my customers both for servers, storage and switches.




Usr Snapshot and Adm SpaceOpen in a New Window

Hi Friends,

I am new to understanding HP 3PAR 10400 and 10800 models we have in our environment.

While trying to understand CPG's, I am not getting what exactly is the ADM space and the exact differences between Snapshot and Usr space. Can someone please give explanation with some example?

I have gone through some docs but not able to figure out the exact meaning.

Thanks in Advance!!


3Part Import OnlineOpen in a New Window

good morning everyone

i have a cosult abut the import online:

i have a cluster  windows in VM with VMware 5.5 but the porblem is than the VM have 6 disck RDM and I do not know what is the best way for migrate this cluster(online,offline or Minimally disruptive) with this disk type

please any person in this community can help me





3par space usage not matching vmware?Open in a New Window

can someone help me make sense of my 3par space usage stats vs vmware?  

We are running vmware 6.0 U2 and 3par 3.2.2. MU4.  For now, just focusing on a single 3par tpvv (zero detect enabled).  3par says that it is 14TB virtual size, 8.5 TB user size, and 2.4 TB used user size.  vmware is showing the total size of the datastore as 14tb (correct), but shows 12.68 TB as free (which implies 1.32 TB used)...this does not match the 3par stats.  I have recently deleted several vm's so i thought that maybe we just needed to run an unmap from our hosts and then i might see some more even numbers.  I ran the unmap from vmware but i don't really see any change.  I'm not sure what direction to look right now.


3PAR Iometer Ninja Stars IOPS disrepancyOpen in a New Window


The problem is I am unable to get near the provided IOPS in the latest Ninja Stars tool. I get around half the expected bandwith and half the IOPS with IOMETER (16 workers, 8 outstanding IO`s, full disk). Increasing / Decreasing the Manager or Worker count doesnt change much up to the point when only latency increases.

For example, Full Write with 64K blocks results in half the expected results.

If it helps, SSMC shows that the host is 100% busy when IOMETER is run.

Do you have any advice on how to get better IOMETER results?

Has anyone managed to replicate Ninja Stars proposed results?

Could putting the FC card into a x16 PCIE slot improve performance x2?


3PAR 8400 storage array for testing, 400GB SSD disks in RAID 5, 3+1.

The host that the 100GB volume is exported to is a DL380 G9 with Windows 2012 R2 (No Hypervisor to reduce overhead)

No switches, direct attach. DL380 has a SN1000Q 16Gb FC card in a x8 riser slot. The 3Par ports are the standart 16G 0:0:1 and 1:0:1 ports. Latest firmware and drivers for everything. Round robin in MPIO, FC cables are in good condition.

-In addition, ESXi with Round Robin gets fairly worse results.

Thank you!


!!! UPDATE!!! - I added an additional SN1000Q 16Gb card, and the results almost doubled. So my guess is that the bottleneck is definitely with the windows host server. And it has something to do with throughput per port. Any ideas gents?


Worst SSD reads are significantly slower than averageOpen in a New Window

On the StoreFront Remote website I see messages like Worst SSD reads are significantly slower than average, and Worst VV reads are significantly slower than port reads.  Is there a report that I can create in SSMC to help me figure out why I'm getting these messages?  

We have a 7200 AFA.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


storeServ 7200 node failed during upgrade process from OS version 3.1.2. to 3.2.2Open in a New Window

Good day to all

i have a problem with StoreServ 7200 storage system. I wanted to perform Online 3par OS upgrade from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2, and I ran into problems

The update started normal and after 30-40 minutes when I came back to check progress I noticed that the upgrade is failed 

After that noticed that node1 is down and all node1 loop is down. i suppose that upgrade started with node0 normaly, and when it finished and when it was node1 turn to upgrade something went wrong. 

I saw aamber alarm led on the front side of controller enclosure, I reseated the failed controller and it became green again and alarm was removed

But still when i run shownode command I can see only node0, node1 is not shown in output of any command like it does not exist. I doubted it diet, but looks like it did not, it blinks green

Has any one idea what could be wrong?

Thank you


Forgot 3paradm PasswordOpen in a New Window

Hello everyone

I have a 3par 8440 (4node) and i make it out of box and initial it with VSP for a long time ago then i power off the storage and delete the vsp.

now i want use my storage system but i forgot the "3paradm" password.

3paradm password is not default ( 3pardata) 

how can i reset 3paradm password without VSP and without 3paradm password OR how can i find ciphertext for console user to make deinstallation without 3paradm password?

thank you

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