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Hyper v Storage HelpOpen in a New Window


I need help to decide what storage configuration use for my hyperv server.

Hyperv server 300GB raid 1

1 Tera unallocate storage.

I need 2 vm : 200G , 300G. current used space is : 200 G for both vm.

Which is the recommended  configuration  to setup storage for backup hyper v and VM ?






RAID per VM?Open in a New Window



I know one large RAID is not a great idea (most of the time), but I am concerned I am going too far the other way.

For example I will have 3 SQL servers and 5 terminal servers in a dual host VMWare environment connected to MSA 2040 via SAS 6GB/s.


Each SQL would have





Each TS would have



That alone is 14 RAID sets.


Is there a RAID set limit per controller? (Couldn't find one)


Any recommendations?




Wanted: VDI setupOpen in a New Window


I am looking for a VDI solution (VMware with stateful Windows 8.1 desktops, 4GB RAM, 40GB HDD). Our HP partner is not able to create a setup that will ensure a smooth working experience for the ~250 users. Instead he wants to start with a small 3Par built, put on some users and see how this works. Afterwards he will extend that setup based upon the experience he has with the tested server group...?



Back to topic.I found "HPClient VirtualizationReference Architecturefor VMware View", which is meant for a stateless setup.

Does such a design exist for stateful VDI, too? What does HP suggest for such a small VDI installation?





iSCSI between x1600 and DL360G7Open in a New Window

Hi all


I've been tasked to plan for one of our clients a redesign of there backup hardware


Currently the X1600 is attached to the network via an IP address and servers backup straight to the X1600 cause large amounts of load on the server


We are proposing using there DL360 G7 as a front end server and connecting it to the X1600 via iSCSI this I don't have a problem with doing .. My question is as follows

The DL360 has 6 NICs and I'm going to use 2 NICs for the public network (LAN) and 2 NIC's for the Private network (iSCSI)


What is the best practices for bonding/teaming the NIC's used for the iSCSI connection to turn the 2 x 1GB links into a 2GB link - for Redundancy and Speed


i've been reading alot of conflicting stories of you can't iSCSI over a teamed connection and to use MPIO


any thoughts on this ? or how i should go about it ?










FC Autoloader directly connected to Server queryOpen in a New Window

FC Autoloader directly connected to Server query


Hi There


I have a HP LTO5 3000 Tape Autoloader, and a HP DL380 Server with PCIe Fibre channel card.


My question is can I connect the tape drive directly to the server without the use of a fibre switch etc, and backup directly from the server to the tape library?


I am aware that this can be done use the SAS Autoloader but have not read anywhere to say that it can or can't be doe with the fibre model?


Any help would be appreciated





Need help in looking for 12 TB+ low cost SATA NAS with file replicationOpen in a New Window

Hi People,


Can anyone here please suggest me some low cost NAS solution to be presented as File Server (CIFS) share for my Production and DR site with replication enabled ?


Here’s the 1 Unit HP storage server with up to 12 TB capacity HP StoreEasy 1430 12TB SATA Storage

(B7D90A): http://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/file-object-storage/product-detail.html?oid=5335884


But the problem is that the drive is just four x 3 TB RAW disk space, and I'm not sure what is the replication technology to drive the PROD-DR site replication.



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Hyper-V 2012 cluster on P2003 G3Open in a New Window

Hello HP,

I've got a question about how would you support Windows 2012 Hyper-v Clustering on P2000G3Sas storage .


From the SPOCK reference for P2000G3 and windwos 2012  I read


General Operating System (1) Notes:

1) Thin provisioning not supported with Windows Server 2012.

2) Virtual Hard Disks of type VHDx are not supported.

3) Live Migrations are not supported on firmware TS240.


For me is the same of saying "Windows 2012 hyper-v NOT SUPPORTED "


Please HP tell me that is not true and that you WILL support such basic features





EVA 6500 ABM to SBM migrationOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


Due to undelivered OS CD of Storage managenet server, we use ABM to deploy P6500 and plan to deploy SAN management server later. After deploying SAN Mgt Sserver we will migrate ABM to SBM. My questions are:


1. What are the challenges of ABM to SBM migration?

2. Deploying SAN storgae p6500 with ABM is a standard way to proceed?

3. if we use nornmal windows OS rather that Windows Storage server, does it cause any impact on the software that we will use later, i.e. BC, CVEVA.




Moving off TAPEOpen in a New Window

I have  17 Proliant servers with internal Tape Drives. I am researching moving off tape. We currently use CA Arcserve. CA their software is "hardware agnostic" therefore they support all HP solutions (they say)


I am starting into D2D     but understand that I will not be able to archive offsite.......So this then leads into having equipment of some sort located in an offsite location with a highspeeed link to the remote location.

I have  this option...we have a new secure building miles away with fiber linking us.


This entire study could lead me into formulating a full blown Disaster recovery solution..... I am wondering if there would be a multistep approach that would implement things in steps that , in the end,  would permit a DR solution to be implemented onto of,  or supported by ,  the previous steps   

I guess  what  I am  thinking is,  it  would be nice to see the equipment  that we invest in as we move off tape to still be supported as integral parts of what could be in its final form...... a DR solution


I appreciate feedback on this






upgrading a storage system ?Open in a New Window


please say me what is All cases should be considered for upgrading a storage system ?

please guide me step-by-step.



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EVA 3000 VCS3110 upgrade to VCS4.100Open in a New Window

Hi, We are planning to upgrade our EVA controllers HSV100 from VCS 3110 (active/passive) to VCS4.100 (active/active). we gathered following information from different sources. Now i need to know the impact of this firmware upgrade at our host servers after upgrading the multipathing softwares, as the host servers consist of HP-UX v2, Windows 2000/2003 and Sun Solaris OS platforms. 



-          We can upgrade VCS 3.110 to VCS 4.100 directly. (By Offline method because online firmware upgrade supported only from VCS 4.001).


-          VCS 4.xxx will also require a cabling change for the Host ports on the EVA controllers. This may affect the zoning on san switches.


-          Downgrading while retaining existing data from VCS 4.100 to any earlier version of VCS 3.xxx firmware is not supported. Downgrade is only possible on an uninitialized storage system (which means all your data gone. Make sure you backup your EVA data first).


-          You may also need to upgrade firmware on disk drives when you upgraded the EVA firmware.


-          Be aware that switching to Active/Active firmware will require changing the multipath software on the servers as well.


MSA2312fc G2 and MSA70Open in a New Window



We currently have an MSA2312fc G2 and are looking at adding additional storage via a MSA70.  The MSA2312fc has dual controllers and the MSA70 will have dual I/O modules.  Is it possible to connect the MSA70 without powering down the MSA2312?  Here is the procedure that I think would work but please correct me if I am wrong:


1.  Shutdown controller B on 2312.

2.  Connect I/O module 2 on MSA70 to controller B.

3.  Power on MSA70.

4.  Power on controller B on 2312 after MSA70 has fully powered on and initialized.

5.  Power down controller A on 2312.

6.  Connect I/O module 1 on MSA70 to controller A.

7.  Power on controller A.


I would like to be able to add the MSA70 with no downtime if possible.


Thank you in advance,


Jeff Michels


Migration of SAN EVA 4400 to EVA 6400Open in a New Window

Hi, we are in the process of upgrading our SAN and network.  The older 4400 switch fabric is managed by Cisco MDS9124  switches. The new fabric is FCoE with Nexxus switches.  I would like to connect the the Nexxus 5k to the MDS via twin-x and then mirror the data and then break the mirror during cutover to the new network. Sounds straight forward enough, but I have not found any examples to work from.  I can connect the 5k to mds and create vlan/vsan between the two. What I don't know how to do is creating the mirror. Does it show up in the EVA command view once connected?  I believe the new SAN comes with a 120 day eval for mirroring/CA. Is it sufficient to connect the two sans together for my purposes? The mirror only needs to be in place long enough to replicate the data and point the existing hosts at the new San.  I realize that in a few words I have laid out a lot of complex tasks, but any information and/or help would greatly be appreciated.


Adding spare drives to a p2000Open in a New Window

Having defined a vdisk on a p2000, can I later go back and assign newly acquired spindles as spare disks? Or am I limited to whatever is available at the time the vdisk is defined.


Thanks for your time.


XP12K Disk Array LUN RearrngeOpen in a New Window



We have two XP12K disk array. We want to rearrange LUN in the storage. That means we want to remove some existing LUN and assign new LUN in the storage. So can you plz help me how can we do it. any relevent document to do the activity. also mention the pre and post activities to do the job.





EVA demand-allocated snapshots: if no space available?Open in a New Window



I have some theoretical questions about EVA snapshot mechanism.


Say, we have some V-Disk on EVA 8400 (or 8000 - doesn't matter).

And we have several snapshots with demand-allocation, created for that one V-Disk.


My questions:

1) Do all the snapshots grow in size at once, when V-Disk data is modified?

Or only the last snapshot grows?

2) What exactly happens, when eventually there is no free space available in disk group to store the changes?


Thank you, in advance!


Cisco OR BrocadeOpen in a New Window


Can You Please Help me on This Query

Which one is the best switch for Encl c7000 CISCO MDS or Brocade ?



Why not to use your database server as a file serverOpen in a New Window

I'm looking for a white paper that clearly explains the reasons why is not good practice to use your database server storage as a file server or document repository.


EVA Upgradation-SuggestionOpen in a New Window

Dear All,


We have EVA 4400. 146GB*12 i.e. 1365 GB storage.


Out of that 95% is allocated and  only 70 GB free space.


Now no space is required for atleast 2 years.


I need a valuable suggestion:


1. Whether we have to go for a new encloser. which may cost high


2. Can we change existing HDDs with higher capacity HDDs i.e. now 300 GBs available.


3. if 2nd point is possible then can we change some HDDs in existing EVA. the reason is this

   storage is shared by out test server also. and we can get sufficient downtown for maintenance activity.






MSA1500 plus 4 X MSA30 how much power drawingOpen in a New Window

Could you guys please help me to calculate exactly how much power is used by following storage system.

1 x MSA1500 2 controllers
4 x MSA30 with 12 X 300GB 3.5" disks

I will appreciate if some one tell me the exact figure or direct me how to calculate this.


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