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RDX cartridge : imminent failOpen in a New Window


I've bought an HP rdx cartridge (1 To) in november 2016.

I use it to daily backup a 2012r2 server in alternance with an other cartridge.

But now, in the log event of the server i saw this error when this particular cartridge is in the server :

"The driver detected that the device \ Device \ Harddisk1 \ DR3 predicted a failure. Make a backup of your data immediately and replace your hard drive. A breakdown is certainly imminent."

I've pass an complete chkdsk /r/f on the disk without any error.

On an other server (2008r2), i saw no error.

HP support say there is no warranty on the cartridge… really ?

So what i do with my cartridge ? I ignore the error, but i'll verify often with an chkdsk ? I'll trash the cartridge ? I force HP to send me a new cartridge ?

Thanks for your help !



RDX cartridge auto-eject problemOpen in a New Window


I have a new external HP RDX USB 3 backup device connected to a server running 2012R2 (device mode is fixed disk and firmware version 0227).  Backups are working but the cartridges (1TB, product# Q2044A) are always a real pain to load as they automatically eject half a dozen or more times immediately after I load them.  I power cycle the hardware, open up the RDX utility and run diagnostics, usually multiple times and eventually the cartridge will remain loaded.

Event Viewer is showing the following error:

RDXmon: MediaInsereted() IOCTL failed. Device:1--(Error code:2) The system cannot find the file specified.

Grateful for any advice on how to fix.



HP RDX utilizationOpen in a New Window


I have to back up a 2.5TB of data with rdx backup system, and i have two cartridges: 1 of TB and  1 of 2TB. the 2TB is inserted and of course i need to tell the server that i will use the 1 TB when there's no more space on the 2TB. The problem is i don't know how to do it. Do i need to connect the two cartridges at the same time? buy another cardridge reader?

My second issue: i wanted to backup a hole partition(E:) in my server, there was already files in my cartridge so I excluded a folder to fit the remaining space. Now, i want to put the hole partition together on that same cartridge so i just formatted that same cartridge  and redo the config without excluding any folder. When the backup was completed, it stilll didn't back up the folder i excluded before . Seems like it kept the last config i did even if i changed it. How do i overwrite the last config i did on the same cartridge?

Third issue: if i plan the backup in rdx utility daily, what will it do when the first backup is completed? will it redo the hole backup + update of one day? or just add what changed the next day?

For information, i will put a screenshot to show you the software i use.


RDX Hardware CompressionOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me for definate whether HP RDX drives support hardware compression?

I have a new RDX drive C8S07A which works but does not compress anything.

The literature implies compression but doesnt state whether this is hardware or software.

Using it with Backup Exec i can enable software compression and compression works but the job takes too long.

Any guidance would be welcome.


RDX install error - is there a way to uninstall old versionOpen in a New Window

Hi all


After an RDX drive failure, we purchased a new drive, and I decided to install the latest software on the CD.


However, I get an error, that despite uninstalling the old software from Control Panel, that still persists, which is:-



The HP RDX Protection (3.0.512.10890) oftware was not installed because the HP RDX Protection (3.0.512.9044) software is already installed in this computer.

The two products are incomppatible and cannot be installed on a computer at the same time.


If you wish to install the RDX Protection (3.0.512.10890) software, you must furst uninstall the HP RDX Protection (3.0.512.9044) software. Directions to uninstall the software can be found in the online help guide, accessed by right-clicking on the HP RDX Protection product icon in your System Tray and selectinh "Help" from the menu.


Well, the software isn't in the Add/Remove list and there is no icon in the system tray.


Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be most gratefully received so that we can resume backup protection ASAP.

If it helps, this is on a Windows 2003 SBS server





Using an RDX unit with VSphereOpen in a New Window

Hello all,


I wonder if anyone has experience of using an internal RDX unit within a ML350p Gen8?


I have installed VSphere ESXi5.5 on the ML350p and run a Microsoft SBS 2003 Virtual Machine. I have successfully passed through the RDX unit so it appears in SBS 2003.


The issue I am having is that the speed of backup using NTbackup or the Small Business Server backup is incredibly slow when point to the RDX unit. If I point the backup to use a folder on the local C:\ I get 10x the speed


I realize that SBS 2003 only supports USB2 so that will have an impact but I am getting quoted three days to backup 300Gb of data. Is this reasonable to expect?


Any help greatly appreciated




RDX as a fixed diskOpen in a New Window

Noting Tandberg has updated their firmware of the RDX to be recognised as a fixed-drive (to leverage the greater flexibility of fixed-disk backup with Windows Server 2012).


Is HP intending to update their firmware accordingly?







HP RDX and Continious Data ProtectionOpen in a New Window

Hi all,


I decided to give RDX a try as a disk based backup solution instead of tape for a couple of small installs.


On both installs I have an HP Proliant ML 350 Gen 9, 2 Arrays, Windows 2012R2 and an external RDX drive plugged in to a USB 3.0 port.  I have loaded the latest version of the RDX utility and CDP software, based on what is listed as when I look up drivers for the RDX drive and Windows 2012 R2.


On the first, I can see the files being backed up when I browse the RDX Protection drive. The problem is I see only drive c:. Within the CDP software it shows full system protection but drive d is not listed and cannot be selected.


On the second install, I do not see any files when I browse the RDX Protection drive. I see the amount of space used increasing on the RDX drive. I also see drive d selected.


HP server support does not seem to be familar with this product. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


LTFS Storeopen Automation LimitationOpen in a New Window

Hi   ; 


Our Company recently bought MSL 6480 Tape Library with two LTO6 FC Tape Drive . after physical installation and making a partiotion with all of 80 slots in the Librarry magazine we execute the HP StoraeOpen Automation and mount the partition . this is the message : 

" the selected librarary has a configuration which is not supported by HP StoreOpen automation. A tape library with a configuration of upto 4 drive and 48 slots is supported" . 

we do not know this is license limitation or software limitation or how to fix this . 

secound : 

we assumed  this is software limitation and we changed our partition and make it two .after executing HP StoreOpen automation both two partitions are visible for mount but after mount one partition the GUI is locked for mount another partion so we only can mount one partition. 

please help us solve our problems . 




Automated backup at different tapeOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

We are facing a issue. As per our Backup Policy we need to take backup at different tapes, like one backup which schedule is daily once, it will go 7 different tape for each day in a week. Surely all the tapes will be in same pool. How to implement this because we dont want manual intervention for this. Please help me on this ?





RDX BackupOpen in a New Window

Hello, we would like to restore files from our HP RDX tape backup drive to our HP server. However, when we insert the tape it automatically starts backing up data that we do not want backed up. How can we stop this from happening so we can restore the data?




Data Protector Express - backup job not running (counts down then just goes to scheduled now)Open in a New Window

Data Protector Express - backup job not running (counts down then just goes to scheduled now)


It run ok last week yet this week its just failing to run unless I manually force it to run?


Its scheduled to run at 10:00pm and n the job screen it will countdown and say its due to run in say 4 hours and 32 mins but then when it reaches the scheduled time it then just says 'scheduled now' and doesnt actually run.


The tape has been imported correct and is the correct media for the backup job, anyone have any ideas?


HP RDX No recovery snapshots have been created only on 2 tapes.Open in a New Window

I have a customer who is using the HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System.  On 2 of the disks she gets an error saying No recovery snapshots have been created for 40 hours.  The other disks are fine.  This system is about 6 months old and was put in place by her previous IT guy who passed away a few months ago.  I was reading that start/stopping the HP-RDX service might help but my knee jerk reaction is there might be something wrong with the disks.  Before I suggest replacement, I thought it would be best to see if anyone else has run into this or has any other suggestions.  She told me they already replaced 1 disk since they've had it, but that was an unable to read/write error.  I find it hard to believe that there would be failure on 2 more disks already, but as with any electronics I know failure can happen immediately.  Thanks.


HP DPP Express 6.0 - deleted backup job, how to restore?Open in a New Window

Hi there,


Hoping someone can help me out. It seems that one of the backup jobs we had running has been deleted. Is there anyway this can be restored along with the history of this job ?


If not then is there anyway that the cataloged media for this old job can be moved acrossed or auto accepted by the new backup job I have created? As currently I have created a new backup job replacing the one accidently deleted though the tapes we used for the this job have also dispeared from the media list so I'm having to manually add each tape in manually as we use them.




Rate of space occupationOpen in a New Window

Hello everybody,

​I am using  a160 gB cartridge HP RDX and have a space issue. 

​I can't find how the backup works precisely.

My protected windows partition does not evolve a lot. The main activity is a SQL Server database frequently updated (every seconds for 7 hours per day). Its shape grows about 1 GB a year.

I will certainly take a cartridge with a bigger space but before ​I wonder if you have any method to evaluate approximately how the space will used. Another way than experiment, because I can't wait half a year to secure my system.


Thanks a lot for reading me, looking forward for your answers.


Best Regards,





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Hp MSL 2024 Tape LibraryOpen in a New Window

HP MSL 2024 Tape Library


I have MSL 2024 Tape Library, I have attached it to my switch using the FC, My backup software is Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2012 R2, running on Server 2012 R2. All installed on an X1600 Storage. (Currently doing backup to disk). 


I am having challenges in having my Storage and DPM see the Tape Library, anyone who has a similiar environment, please assist. I will provide more details if needed. I should have this up and running at the soonest. 


Kind regards, 


HP Backup Software?Open in a New Window



We are looking for a Backup software to backup the following Microsoft Servers:


WIN 2003

WIN 2008

WIN 2012

Exchange 2010

Exchange 2012 in the future


Which HP Backup Software can you really recommend?


BTW at the moment we're using BE 2010 from from Symantec.


DPE and omnidbutil.Open in a New Window


I use Data Protector Express for some time on an server with linux OS.

Catalog size now is 90Gb.

I want crop it, but have not omnidbutil. Where can i get omnidbutil?

I trying google it for no result.

Sorry for my english.



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Data Protector Express Disaster Recovery 3.50-SP2 Stuck?Open in a New Window



I am doing a test disaster recovery on one of our servers using DPE 3.50 SP2. 


I created a Bootable disk in Data Protector and burned it to a DVD. 


I booted the "new" server off of the recovery disk.  


It copied the data, but then it seems to get stuck.


Here's what I get:


Recovering Boot Partition


Action: Extracting Files from Package


Copy Status:  Decompressing

Copy From: temp/drboot.pak (100%)

Copy To:  Z:\recover.tmp\...\resource\dpguidrm.msg


Host Name : Crusader

Boot Drive Size:  20002 MB


The original device was a DL380 G3.  I am recovering to the same.


It seems to just stop at this point and does nothing.  If I reboot the server, it knows that it is a Server 2003 OS, but states that the NTOSKERNEL is missing. 


Is it normal for this to get "Stuck" on this screen?  Does it really take several hours?  Is it looking for something else during this time that isn't there?


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you!



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Granular file restoresOpen in a New Window

Hi everyone,


Is it appropriate to use incremental backups for granular restores of specific files?


Thank you.

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