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We will leave historical discussions here in this forum for search purposes, but moving forward, please post your questions in the appropriate Storage board.


Thank you.


SANWorks Storage Management Appliance IIOpen in a New Window

Does anyone know where to get the ISOs and/or drivers to set this thing up from scratch?  I have one that has a faulty OS, and I need to rebuild it. 


If not, does nyone have any thoughts or know a bit about the server itself?  Like if I could get a quick-start CD from another server (DL380/DL385?) to get it up and running and installed correctly.


I can get to the OS, but it will reboot at least once a day and hang during the progress bar for 2003, so if there's information I need to extract to narrow anything down I can do so.


HP Data VaultOpen in a New Window

I had problems with the automatic backup service. This resulted in a "Failed" backup.

A repair of the database give an answer OK. But when starting a "Clean up" there is a system fault.

Error message:

Windows Home Server Console cannot execute the task.

An error in the backup service is preventing the cleanup service.


How to cleanup the hard way?


SWSM with hyper-v cluster ?Open in a New Window

Hi ,

I'd like to know if SWSM 5.2 can be used in conjuction with Hyper-V cluster to replicate Clustered VM to another server , running Hyper-v  as well , to have a backup

The cluster is made by two hyper-v core systems in CSV .

is there any limitation Ishould  be aware of ?




SWSM Clustering with SQLOpen in a New Window

I want to do GeoClustering with SWSM on Windows 2008 running SQL, can this be done?


I can't find anything that says SWSM supports SQL and clustering let a lone GEOclustering.  If it can be done where can I find straight forward instruction on how to set it up?


Clearing job storage PINsOpen in a New Window

I am trying to find out how to clear jobs locked by a PIN on the device.

Any suggestions welcome!


Hostname does not fail overOpen in a New Window

We are in the process of setting up our lab to test StorageWorks Storage Mirroring. The mirroring is working, and fail over is partially working. The hostname of the source server is not being added to the target server when fail over occurs.

Any ideas what setting we are missing?


Don Jones


StorageWorks Storage MirroringOpen in a New Window

I'm evaluating this product VS. Veritas Volume Replicator.

Some advice? (I mean ...some comparative matrix or something...)

Thanks in advance.



CV SDM 1.09.02 UpgradationOpen in a New Window

I am new to HP Storage works. But I have to upgrade HP Storage Works Command View SDM 1.06 to 1.09.02 in HP-UX 11.11

Please help me do that. I have the installation guide, but is it as simple as it is mentioned in the guide to un-install the previous version and install the new version.

First of all I am not able to understand what type of installation is done before, as it was done by people from HP.
I am a SAP consultant, but expected to install this software.
Any inputs would be of great help.
Let me know if you require any information, I will give the same.

Thanks & Regards,
P. Kumaravel.


Windows 2003 does not recognize ARRAY in MA8000Open in a New Window

I had to reinstall a server that had Windows 2000 and connected to a MA8000.

Tasks done:
- Install Windows 2003
- Windows automatically detect the disks in MA8000 (that was great).
- Installed ACS88WinKit
- Installed Secure Path.

Now I had to install 5 new disks:
- Disks Installed
- New Array created (raid 5)
- Hosts associated

But this Array is not detected in Windows 2003. The old arrays are working fine.

The firmware version is 8.6F. Should I upgrade? I saw that there are many versions and I must upgrade step by step... Where should I start? Which firmware should I use?

Thanks for your help.


HP mobile USB drive Bootable (for ghost)Open in a New Window

Anybody tried to make the USB 40GB bootable and copy the ghost files on it

I am trying to create a ghost file for a nx7010 laptop without installing ghost on it, It seems I cannot maje is bootbale with DriveKey (too large) nor can I boot from CD and use the drive to store the ghost image..

Any suggestions


sm bus controllerOpen in a New Window

I installed windows XP Pro from a OEM disk. I was able to retrieve all the drivers nessasary except the SM BUS CONTROLLER Driver.
I have an HP Pavilion a320n. Can anyone tell me where i can find the driver?


HP Autobackup PC100 configureOpen in a New Window

HP Autobackup PC100
PN: C7446A
ON Autobackup failured Primary HDD,crashed OS and it Doesn´t run. 1st NTFS partition-POSSP- Error:NT couldn´t start following file is missing:\winnt\system32\config\SystemHardwareProfile\Last Known Good Menu. 2nd NTFS part.-EOSPP- when go boot- freeze.
After failure HDD,was both HD drives replaced. Than system was autorebuild 100% and STOP with orange LEDs :Capacity License Violation.(Maybe 1 of disks failed ?).I cloned new Primary drive to good one of 2 old drives and replace secondary drive.Then System rebuild again and finish with message: "Setting lost,Reinstall system. In Manual-Administr.Guide- is stated: The error will be removed when the unit is rebooted during configuration of the IP address phase... So, now I can´t Access with admin web-based console to Run instal agent on some Backup PC and configure Appliance. I type IP adress from this manual: or , or . (From PC peer to peer w. cross cable and from any PC in our company LAN, too).LEDs in all LAN cards lights normally-activity. . Is some better IP adress or command for connect with autobackup via web-based console? Or Rebuilded sw in Autobackup maybe failed again? Exist some software,which can reinstall the whole Autobackup PC100? What can I do ,now? Many Thank


Tape Backup on NetworkOpen in a New Window

My Colorado Tape Backup drive is a model T3000

I have a small office 5 user peer-to-peer network. 4 of my five work stations are running Windows XP – one workstation (seldom used) is running Windows 98 and the server is running Windows 98.

My server is the oldest machine on the network with a 400 mHz processor. The server has a Colorado Tape Backup drive in it that I use to back up the server files nightly.

I want to replace the server with a newer CPU with a faster processor. I can’t move the Tape backup system to a new CPU because of its age.

Can I hook up the old server to a new CPU to do the tape backup only? If so, where could I find information on doing this


XP Ghosting to new disk concernsOpen in a New Window

Hello, this seemed to be the best spot to post this message. My concern has been ghosting the image of my old HD to the new one. I run WinXP Pro and know that ghosting an image of a Win2000/XP drive is not as easy as it was in Win95,98, etc. If your running XP, have you been also concerned with ghosting/migration software as I am looking for software that does this job reliably. I don't care about interfaces being pretty or easy, what I want is something I can rely on. I want to be able to ghost and image of any XP/2000 computer with applications fully set up and either burn the image to another Hard drive or CDR's. When I need the image, I can open it onto the drive of my choice and have it work. I have read bad reviews for DriveImage 7, Acronis TrueImage, V2i Protector, bothe versions. What's left? Must I go the "sysprep" route to copy this HD to a new drive. WIndows should have an application that can simply send a compressed image of your drive to any location and if disaster strikes, you can use the XP disk, boot, recover the image from the backup location and install to location of your choice, (server versions would also be able to access network drives). Anyone who has duplicated XP drives with software and has had reliable results please post your review or suggestion here. Thanks


L&TT fixes/enhancements in new versions?Open in a New Window

Where can I get a listing of bug fixes and enhancements made to L&TT (Library & Tape Tools) including latest version 3.3 now available?


Does Arcserve 9.0 supportes the SSL1016 SDLT 160/320 Tape Autoloader?Open in a New Window

Does Arcserve 9.0 supportes the
SSL1016 SDLT 160/320 Tape Autoloader or the
SSL1016 DLT1 Tape Autoloader 1/16 or the
SSL1016 Ultrium 460 tape autoloader?


SSL2020 and Backup Exec 8.6 on Win2000 - Hardware errors?Open in a New Window

About once a week I get an error like this during the verify stage of a scheduled backup:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Backup Exec
Event Category: None
Event ID: 57665
Date: 5/16/2003
Time: 11:50:49 PM
User: N/A
Computer: (backup/media server)
Storage device "Drive1" reported an error on a request to seek to a logical media address.

Error reported:
No more data is on the tape.

It happens on multiple jobs, but always on the same tape library (there are two on the backup/media server).

It's happened on both tape drives in the library, so I'm thinking it's not a tape drive problem.

According to eventid.net, this error is related to MS KB Article 154690 - http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=154690

Any suggestions? Is it a SCSI problem? A bad-media problem? Something else?


SMART-2 SCSI controlerOpen in a New Window

Does anuone have drivers for SMART-2 scsi controller for WINDOWS 98 se ?if yes please contact me Chris


i need an hp colorado backup 2 version 9 or 9.1 for Win 2KOpen in a New Window

Does anyone know wher i can find the version 9 or 9.1 upgrade for the HP Colorado Backup II 8GB. I need this to work on a Win 2K pro machine.

Any help is greatly appreciated....James

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