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HP SV managers behaviour?Open in a New Window


We have a StoreVirtual 4530 management group with 6 nodes in one cluster and a FOM.
The cluster is evenly balanced between two datacenters.

I'm curious what will happen in case of a datacenter failure, so i started reading some articles about the manager, virtual managers and FOMs but i doesn't give me all the answers.

So let's say DC1 fails, which has 2 managers running.
DC2 is still online with 3 managers running
Question: All volumes still running?

What if DC2 fails, which has 3 managers
DC1 still running with 2 managers
1. All volumes still running?
2. Will one of the nodes become manager automatically? or do i need to make one node manager by manual action?

Seems to be a simple question, but can't find the answer anywhere

Kind regards,





Unable to Format VOlumes presented to Windows 2016Open in a New Window

Hi ,


We have a StoreVirtual 3200 connected to HPE Blade Servers using HPE 6125G/XG Interconnected(Dedicated only for Storage with 10G DAC Cables). We can detected the Presented Volumes of HyperV 2016 Hosts, but while formating it stays for ever and in the event viewer we are getting error messages in Windows Event Manager Event 7 "The Initiator Could Not Send an iSCSI PDU. Error status is given in the dump data. " Error 20 " and Error 20 "Connection to Target was lost. The initator will attempt to retry the connection"

Please assist. 


StoreVirtual 3200: Where to change the VIP address?Open in a New Window

I'm struggling to find the location in the Web Inteface to udpate the VIP address.

The SAN is not yet in production, I just made a typo during the configuration.

Another question, is there a way to restart from scratch and run the wizard again?



vsa nodes system requirementsOpen in a New Window

Hey guys, wondering if there is any advantage to running more cpu cores/memory on the vsa nodes than the required amount? 

Recently added 25TB of space and ran into the error that I needed to increase the memory to meet the requirements in order to add the disc to the RAID. Got me thinking if there was an advantage of running higher amounts of memory. Just curious.



Change volume provisioning from Full to Thin in production?Open in a New Window


we have a VSA 2014-system that complains that space utilization is high (86%).

All volumes are thick provisioned.

Is it safe to change a volume (that's in production) from thick to thin proviosioned?

Would that solve the space utilization issue? (In the Volume Use tab it says I can save ~3 TB if the volume is thin provisioned).

Also, is it safe to change a volume from thin provisioned to thick provisioned, in production?


Configuring network traffic types of VSA in CMCOpen in a New Window

We have a small 2-node cluster with StoreVirtual VSA (Quorum witness on a QNAP NAS).
The VSA has eth0 connected to the management network and eth1 to the iSCSI network.
All iSCSI traffic is isolated on 2x 10GbE NICs.
Apart from some latency issues the system is up and running.

But I recently discovered that the network confguration in CMC is not quite right.
When I goto Network->Comminication all network types are assigned to eth1.
(And the manager IP addressses shown below are the iSCSI assigned addresses.)

I would like to change the management interface to eth0, but can I do this on a live system?

Since the Quorum witness is on the management LAN, I guess I should also change the Lefthand OS NIC to eth0, but again: is this possible on a live system?

How will the nodes communicate with each other when I change the Lefthand OS NIC on the first VSA and then the other?

After changing this I should run "Update manager IP addresses" - correct?

Any help appriciated.



EID_LICENSE_STATUS_EXPIRED E00000202Open in a New Window

Im looking for some advice regarding this error!

Severity: Critical
Date and Time: 5/14/17 8:04:33 PM GMT
Component: SAN/iQ
User: System
Object Type: Management Group
Object Name: SH14-VSA-GRP
Management Group: SH14-VSA-GRP
Cluster: SH14-VSA-CLU
IP/Hostname: SH14-VSA01
Message: The management group 'SH14-VSA-GRP' license expired, causing volumes to go offline. You must register your storage system now.

Looking at the VSA appliences they are fully licenced




I'm looking for any explanation or confirmation of whether the below alarm is safe to ignore or this is not safe for me to use the provisioned LUN as my Production VMware VMFS LUN ?

Severity: Warning
Component: SAN/iQ
Object Type: Cluster

The cluster 'PROD.CLUSTER.2.1' is becoming full. The cluster 'PROD.CLUSTER.2.1' Space Reclamation value is at 94.13% of capacity. This value exceeds 90.00%. When the cluster exceeds the Space Reclamation limit, the application writes to thinly provisioned volumes in this cluster may fail, and other tasks that require cluster space may be impacted. Some actions to reduce capacity utilization on the SAN are to delete volumes and snapshots, reduce snapshot retention, add nodes to the storage cluster, use thinly provisioned volumes, move volumes to other clusters, etc.

This is the status that shows there is still about 200GB+ safeguard in case the LUN is inaccessible when the VMFS LUN is used up to 11.5 TB.

P4300 G2 LUNP4300 G2 LUN

Any help and suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



local media install with no internet connectivityOpen in a New Window

I'm trying to upgrade our SAN to the latest 12.7 Left hand OS firmware, but cannot find anyway of getting the upgrade.xml that the local media install requires.

Unfortunately I have no system with the SAN that has internet connectivity, so I cannot use the inbuilt check for updates, and despite downloading all of the 12.7 software I don't appear to have enough to run an update via local media.

How do I get the necessary files?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have now spent 2 days trying to find the correct files.


No forwarding on ONLINE EVENT RESOLUTION HELPOpen in a New Window

Why is it not possible to forward this "old" error links to he new place or have a s site where i can find easy the solution

Regards Georg


VSA P4000 down for over a week how to fire it back upOpen in a New Window


Last week one of our ESXi machines died. We got a replacement and successfully managed to roam the drives over.
We didn't loose any data so that's great.

Now we're at the moment to fire the VSA back on. But we don't know what the expect and the right procedure is.
The VSA was down for over a week.

The VSA runs in a cluster with network RAID 10.

Hope this is sufficient information, if need any more please let me know.




Need to update Lefthand that is still on old O/SOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


I am having issues finding an upgrade path or files for our old Lefthands. They are P4500 and are still running the upgrade using FTP doesnt work and i really need to get these upgraded any idea's?


StoreVirtual VSA EOSL?Open in a New Window

Dear Community

I reached out to my local vendor the other day to renew my VSA license and support, where I was told that "Please note HPE can no longer support this item after: 30.04.2018"

This is the only information I received and the vendor is still trying to get more info from HP, but with no luck so far.

Does anyone here know what's going to happen after Apr next year for this product?



CMC for StoreVirtual 3200 'MultiSite'Open in a New Window

Hi community,

after some hard days of setup and repairs, we got both of our SV3200 up and running with v13.5 & actual patches. Licenses are applied and now I like to build the 'Multisite SAN'. FOM is in place but CMC is still needed.

Any idea, where to download the correct one; matching with v13.5?

Many thnaks in advance





P4500 G2 Cache battery replacementOpen in a New Window


We have a failed battery on our P4500G2. We've got the replacement however I can't seem to find any documentation on how i go about replacing it? I don't even know if we need to power down the unit to replace it - I'm hoping not of course as we have live production systems running on it and powering down isn't really an option!

Any help on this would be appriciated! :)


StoreVirtual OS 12.7 is outOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

download: https://h20392.www2.hpe.com/portal/swdepot/displayProductInfo.do?productNumber=StoreVirtualSW

News: support for VMware ESX 6.5 and Windows Server HyperV hypervisors as well as integration with HPE Recovery Manager Central.

Next new features? I don't know, beacuse link for Relase Notes 12.7 point to old version 12.6. Maybe it will be OK tomorrow...



VSA lost disk 0:0Open in a New Window

vSphere environment a management group with one VSA with two disk:

0:0 boot disk located on datastore1
1:1 data disk located on datastore2

datastore1 crashed due a hardware problem, is there a way to recover the data on disk 1:1, re-deploy the VSA and import the disk 1:1 without data loss ?

Best Regards


iSCSI LUN is full and unable to be presented to ESXi hosts ?Open in a New Window


I need urgent help,

All of my ESXi servers has just lost access to the iSCSI VMFS LUN that is presented from my HPE Lefthand P4300G2 like below:

Full LUNFull LUN

As the above screenshot shows, it was full, I need to delete some old VMs to continue using it, but somehow I cannot understand why when the LUN is presented to the servers group, the ESXi server cannot be accessible through vSphere console ?

Even when the Re-scan was succesful from the vSphere console, the LUN is listed as Innaccessible.

But when I unpresent it, the ESXi server is now accessible or manageable from the vSphere console.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Thanks in advance.


StoreVirtual Site Move/ReconfigOpen in a New Window

Hello, I have a customer that wants to move from a multi-site to a single site, and physically move nodes into one site.  Should I move the nodes into the new site first, then adjust the cluster to a single-site?  Any guidance would be helpful.  Thanks.


How to rest ILO PasswordOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

 How do i reset ILO on P4500 SAN ?



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