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Servicedesk 5.1 user settingsOpen in a New Window

I would like to change my users home directory from c:\ to d:\ it seems to be read-only and the only thing I know of is to remove user profile completely from thier computer. Anyone with experience regarding this topic?




Problem with Chart graph in Service Desk Client 2008Open in a New Window

Good day!

I have Service desk 4.5 server with SP35.

On some PC Client 2008 with incorrect codepage for graph (file in attachment)

Font is SansSerif and I can not change it, setting not save.

Also if I change font codepage is correct, but after restart client problem appear again.

What is problem?


Service Desk 4.5 SP32. java.lang.RuntimeException: java.net.UnknownHostException: qsdwapr1: unknownOpen in a New Window

Buenas tardes Ingenieros.

Tenemos un problema en Service Desk 4.5, SP32, nuestros programas que antes funcionaban bien utilizando el AP de la aplicación de repente tuvieron problemas y ya no se pudieron conectar al servidor y nos empezo a mandar el mensaje:

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.net.UnknownHostException: server1: unknown error
at com.hp.ifc.api.ApiORB.addSession(Unknown Source)
at com.hp.ifc.api.ApiSession.<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.hp.itsm.api.ApiSDSession.<init>(Unknown Source)

Fue de un momento para otro. Reiniciamos la aplicacio´n, la Base de Datos y sigue el problema y reitero, no se le ha movido a los programas nada y han trabajado meses muy bien,


HPOV Service Desk 5.10 install in Windows 8Open in a New Window

I need your valuable experience HPOV Service Desk 5.10

You can install HPOV Service Desk 5.10.042 in Windows 8 Enterprise R2 , SP1

If it is positive , there is some guidance documentation to be consulted in a URL

If it is negative there is support to support it that it can not install


Will thank an entire government institution of Mexico


HP ServiceDesk 4.5 sd_import problemOpen in a New Window

Hi all,


I encounter a problem with importing an XML using sd_import: I can't seem to empty fields. When I for example empty the field 'Middle name' in various ways in the XML the original value remains in HPSD.


I've been reading the Data Exchange Administrator’s Guide and I tried Google but I can't find an answer. Did someone encounter the same problem in the past? What I want is to be able to empty fields in HPSD using XML and sd_import. When I change the middle name it is actually updated in HPSD.


Kind regards,





hp ovsd 4.5 sp server service not starts in Windows server2003Open in a New Window

I m not able to start the ovsd 4.5 server's service ,where as its agent and tomcat are working fine.


windows server 2000 upgrade to 2003 then 2008 - SD 4.5 server not working with ntdll.dll errorOpen in a New Window

Hi - I am hoping someone can provide some assistance. I have upgraded (in place) a windows 2000 sp4 server that has service desk 4.5 server on it to first windows 2003 then windows 2008.


The service desk application worked at the windows 2003 stage but now the sever is 2008 32 bit the service starts but then fails with an application event log error of :-


Faulting application sd_serverservice.exe, version, time stamp 0x3d295e53, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6002.18005, time stamp 0x49e03821, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x00067279, process id 0x157c, application start time 0x01d0791fbac96f71.



HP openview Service desk 4.4 SP33 email template for service callsOpen in a New Window

I have been advised that this version of HP openview service desk is only able to support plain text emails (on service call creation and closure) and that modifying the existing email template (phone number) is a lot of work.


Both of these answers surprise me, and I would like to verify the information I have been provided. Can anybody comment on this?



P.S. This thread has been moved from Systems Management (OpenView-OP Mgmt) Support and News Forum to HP Service Desk Support and News Forum. - Hp Forum Moderator





Modify column for search incident or search interaction value is showing for Status as A/POpen in a New Window

Hye Guys ,


For Default modify column value of status is properly displayed i.e open or wip etc 

But when i modify column , value for status get changed into A/P .


I have checked with my datadict (single field is there Status)  , no issue with that .



Appreciated for any HELP .

Urgent .



Rohit Y.


Update ticket via form by emailOpen in a New Window

hello experts

I have a query. a client of ours wants to inject data to SD through a form in Outlook. by this form sends data and SD somehow have to read and update the relevant registration or ticket. is able to perform this task? SD version is 4.5 SP18.

I hope they can give me an answer.


Stop updating closed SC via integrationOpen in a New Window


I have SD-SD integration. It work perfectly. But sometimes Service call already closed in first SD, but second SD updates it (changes status for example) during integration process. How can i prevent this situation?


HP OpenView service desk 4.5 SP25 on Windows 8Open in a New Window

Hi all,


I hope someone can help me here. 


I have installed hp OpenView service desk 4.5 client and updated to SP25 on windows 8. 

It connectes to the server and opens a basic view of calls or changes etc. 


When i look at the view i see that the call/change IDs are 0 and when i double click the call or change i get an error. 

Error is: You are not allowed to view this service call or this may have been deleted by another user


I have cleared my profile and reinstalled the application and SP25 and i tried running it in compatablity mode to no success. 


I have also tried installing the HP OpenView service desk 4.5 Client 2008 (with no updates) 

When i launch the Client 2008 i get a message to update my software, to what version i do not know... 


I have tried the fixes outlined in these posts: 





Note: Screenshots attached. 


Please could some one help me with this issue?


Many thanks,



OVSD web client gives issue while adding history to a ticketOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


OVSD web client gives issue while adding history to a ticket. But this issue sometimes gets resolved by restarting the OVSD webserver.


I have attached a document to explain the details.


Any help/clue will be greatly appreciated and of course kudos :)







Service call InitiatorOpen in a New Window


Is it possible to set Initiator field via web-api functions?


HP OV SD 4.5 Language settings exportOpen in a New Window



we're using HP OV SD 4.5 SP10  and  going to migrate to another server platform.


We exported almost all settings via ACES functionality but unfortunately I have no idea of how to export Language settings and respectively how to import them onto new SD installation.  Language settings are unavailable to export via ACES (((


Please explain:

1. How to export Language settings?

2. How to import Language settings?


Please help to solve it!




How to run banner.exe on Windows 7?Open in a New Window

In my environment i use banner for visual user notification. Banner properly works on Windows XP.

But if server tries to run banner.exe on Windows 7 machine user gets notification from Interactive Services Detection service.

I tried to disable Interactive Services Detection service - in this case banner is run, but not shown on desktop, it is shown in Processes.


Is it possible to run banner without this notification as on Windows XP?


Strange system behavior - Smart action settings are changed after UI rule callOpen in a New Window


I created Application, that runs test.bat, after that created Smart action with this application and [ID] in Parameters field. This UI rule works fine until client's restarting, after client's restarting disappears [ID] from Parameter file in Smart action. I can't understand how UI rule itself or client's restarting can affect to Smart action settings?


Delete all Telephones from IPersonOpen in a New Window

Hi, I need to delete all telephones from existing person using standard HPSD library: web-api.jar

The problem is that even when all Telephones are deleted, the person.getPrimaryTelephoneNumber() still returns the value of the latest phone (it is also showed in GUI) and I don't know how to overcome this erroneous behaviour.


Firstly, I create some person and its telephone:


ApiSDSession session = ApiSDSession.openSession(path, login, password);


// Create new person
IPerson newPerson = session.getPersonHome().openNewPerson();

// Save the person. I found out that I can't add any Telephone if IPerson is not yet saved


// Create a telephone:
ITelephone newPhone = session.getTelephoneHome().openNewTelephone();

// Setting telephone as primary



After this code is executed, the IPerson with linked ITelephone is created. In the GUI everything looks fine as well.


Now, I need to remove telephone. I tried multiple ways:


1. newPhone.delete():

this deletes phone from person's list, but not from person's primaryTelephoneNumber (it is also can be seen from GUI)


2. newPerson.setPrimaryTelephoneNumber(null) or newPerson.setPrimaryTelephoneNumber(""); newPerson.save();

this throws an error: 


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Program error: the attribute '

осн. телефон.' of this сотрудник cannot be modified, because the сотрудник item was opened in view mode or because the attribute is read-only.


осн. телефон. = primary telephone

сотрудник = employee


3. #1 followed by #2 - the same mistake as in #2


So, there are 2 questions:


1. Main question. How to delete all phones.

2. Less important question. Is it possible to addTelephone to the just created IPerson when save() was not yet called? (see the second comment to the first code snippet)


Service pack 39Open in a New Window


I tried to migrate from service pack 37 to service pack 39. With no luck. After sp installation, i reinstalled service (hp OpenView service desk 4.5 server) and tried to start it - starting failed and logserver.txt was not created.

I tried to reinstall service with default installservice.bat and with full path to jvm.dll in it with same result.

But if i started server via startserver.bat - it started normally.


My environment:

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Standart Edition service pack 2

MS SQL 2008 R2

JRE 1.6.0_31


Deadline calculation according Workgroup support hoursOpen in a New Window

I have Service desk 4.5 sp37 with next settings:

1) General settings - Oppening hours calendar of assigned workgroup for all items

2) Free day - list of free days

3) Holiday calendar - there is only one day (01/01/2014) with no free days included

4) Oppening schedule - 12x7 (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

5) Default Service level - Gold (24x7)

6) Workgroup with schedule (3) and holiday calendar (4)


I create SC in friday (31/05) in 10 a.m. with medium priority (16 hours) and assign it to WG. As i think deadline should be saturday 2 p.m. (10 hours today and 6 tomorrow), but deadline is  calculated as 03/06 02:00.

As i understood for some reasons free days are included to deadline calculation. But i can't understand why 02:00.


What shoul i do for correct deadline calculation according workgroup support hours and holiday calendar?

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