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Call interaction category from menu directlyOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

Please suggect how to achieve this,? below is the scenario-

I have created 3-4 Interaction Categories each having seperate workflows. Now I need to call directly Category3 (say Risk, Security) from menu.

I have cheked and tried to pass category variable in document.new applicaton but it show list of all active categories.

Please just how can I call Risk Category interaction directly from menu.


Abhijit K



SM9.4 - missing table when creating a new viewOpen in a New Window

I created a new table, it has data and forms - I can view/enter data. I want to create a view for this new table but the table doesnt show up when I go to "System Administration" | "Base System Configuration" | "Miscellaneous" and select "Views/Favorites" and then click on "New"

when it brings up the new window, the first drop down is "Area" and my new table is not listed. This drop down is using var/G.scm.files2

I went to global lists and I cant find this variable the drop down is using - it sounds like i need to refresh a global variable but I cant find the one I need to rebuild/regen

Any ideas?


Things i have done:

I went to the "searchconfig" table and found the record for my table and "Allow Advanced Find" is set to true (not sure if this matters).

I have refreshed the $g.file global list

server has been rebooted a few times since I started using this table


Line Item Not getting attached with Quote while raising through SOAP UI (Web Service)Open in a New Window

Hello Experts,

I was trying to raise quote and associated line item through web service (SOAP API) since last few days. Now, I am able to do that. But, unfortunately, line item is not getting attached. Orphan quote is being created.

Please let me know your valuable inputs on this issue. I am pasting the SOAP UI Input of whatever I did for it.

Please help. Thanks in Advance!!


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:pws="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS" xmlns:com="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS/Common">



      <pws:CreateQuoteOORequest attachmentInfo="?" attachmentData="?" ignoreEmptyElements="true" updateconstraint="-1">

         <pws:model query="?">

            <pws:keys query="?" updatecounter="?">


               <pws:Number type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Number>


            <pws:instance query="?" uniquequery="?" recordid="?" updatecounter="?">


               <pws:Number type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Number>


               <pws:CurrentPhase type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:CurrentPhase>


               <pws:ApprovalStatus type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:ApprovalStatus>


               <pws:Status type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Status>


               <pws:AdditionalInfo type="Array">

                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <pws:AdditionalInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">some info</pws:AdditionalInfo>



               <pws:ProjectID type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:ProjectID>


               <pws:RequestedDate type="DateTime" mandatory="?" readonly="?">2017-06-24T17:50:00</pws:RequestedDate>


               <pws:AssignmentInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">IPS_BANK_COMMERCIAL</pws:AssignmentInfo>


               <pws:ReportingInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">File Tasks</pws:ReportingInfo>


               <pws:RequestedFor type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">lnc432</pws:RequestedFor>


               <pws:Description type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">Deploy Announcements to KDC, VDC</pws:Description>


               <pws:Task type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">Java MSP</pws:Task>


               <pws:RequesterName type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">lnc432</pws:RequesterName>


               <pws:Justification type="Array">

                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <pws:Justification type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">Business would like a new announcement deployed</pws:Justification>



               <pws:Location type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Location>


               <pws:ConfigurationItem type="Array">

                 <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <pws:ConfigurationItem type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">ENVPRINTELLIX</pws:ConfigurationItem>



               <pws:ForRepInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">File Tasks</pws:ForRepInfo>



                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <com:attachment href="?" contentId="?" action="?" name="?" type="?" len="?" charset="?" attachmentType="?"/>





               <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

               <com:message type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?" severity="?" module="?"></com:message>









<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">


      <CreateQuoteOOResponse message="Success" returnCode="0" schemaRevisionDate="2017-04-26" schemaRevisionLevel="1" status="SUCCESS" xsi:schemaLocation="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS http://kdcqsmapp02.kdc.capitalone.com:13116/sc62server/QuoteOO.xsd" xmlns="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS" xmlns:cmn="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS/Common" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">



               <Number type="String">Q2566393</Number>


            <instance recordid="Q2566393 - integrated production support - approved - Deploy Announcements to KDC, VDC" uniquequery="number=&quot;Q2566393&quot;">

               <Number type="String">Q2566393</Number>

               <CurrentPhase type="String">Work Phase</CurrentPhase>

               <ApprovalStatus type="String">approved</ApprovalStatus>

               <Status type="String">initial</Status>

               <AdditionalInfo type="Array">

                  <AdditionalInfo type="String">some info</AdditionalInfo>


               <RequestedDate type="DateTime">2017-06-24T17:50:00+00:00</RequestedDate>

               <AssignmentInfo type="String">IPS_BANK_COMMERCIAL</AssignmentInfo>

               <ReportingInfo type="String">File Tasks</ReportingInfo>

               <RequestedFor type="String">lnc432</RequestedFor>

               <Description type="String">Deploy Announcements to KDC, VDC</Description>

               <Task type="String">Java MSP</Task>

               <RequesterName type="String">lnc432</RequesterName>

               <Justification type="Array">

                  <Justification type="String">Business would like a new announcement deployed</Justification>


               <ConfigurationItem type="Array">

                  <ConfigurationItem type="String">ENVPRINTELLIX</ConfigurationItem>


               <ForRepInfo type="String">File Tasks</ForRepInfo>




            <cmn:message type="String">No link exists for this field, fill function cannot be performed.</cmn:message>

            <cmn:message type="String">Quote Q2566393 Phase Work Phase opened by mnj543.</cmn:message>

            <cmn:message type="String">ChM Request lnc432 associated with RM Quote Q2566393.</cmn:message>











Incident Closing Comments (Column empty in DB despite adding closing comments)Open in a New Window

Hi Experts,

So I am slightly confused as to what the point of the Closing Comments (Completion Comments) is.

In the DB table probsummarym1 the closing_comments column is 100% empty despite having added completion comments.

The completion comments only updates the activity journal with a Closure statement.

Should this be occuring this way? - we'd like for the completion comments to be showing up in column so we can use it to edit problem.incident.post.back so resolution in interaction = closing.comments in incident


Query Regarding Rest APIOpen in a New Window

Is there any Rest API to update the status of Test case? if yes then please provide the Rest API URI for it.

Thanks in advance,

Ganesh U.


Add duration to planned start field and planned end field of CM ticketOpen in a New Window


I have created a javascript to add the duration of 8 hours to the planned date time field of CM module from an external system.

The requirement is whenever i recieve the date and time of planned start/end field values from an external system through SOAP integration I need to add 8 hours to the value recieved and then update it in the system. Below is te script but nothing is happening. Can anyone please advise where i am wrong.

  print( "Creating XMLDate object..." ); 
   var d = new XMLDate(record.planned_start);
   print( "The value of the new XMLDate object is: " + d );
   print( "Adding 8 hours to the date..." );
   var dur = d.addDuration("PT8H");
   print( "The value of the new XMLDate object is: " + dur );




TO DO LISTOpen in a New Window


I have a problem which is related to Todo list.I added a new table in hp service manager.I created a menu for my customer.And,my customer adds his duties to form which I created.My customer wants to see his duties in their To do list which added into hp sm.I created new triggers for adding ,updating and deleting.And then,I added new field to TodoMap table.But,Field values are still not coming to Todolist.

How can I solve this problem?

Best Regards,


How can we set sessiontimeout fany user which is getting login through wsdl into hpsmOpen in a New Window

How can we set session timeout for user which is connecting to hpsm through wsdl as tool has been integrated with SM and they are connecting though wsdl.
Or is there any way to set session time out for anyuser whiich is login through one port in load balancing .
PS : load balancing has been done and one port is assigned to wsdl


Get Slo name in modify columns as want to know under which Slo SLA is breachedOpen in a New Window

We have two SLOs defined under one SLA.one for response and other for resolution.How can we check whether the breach of any incident is due to which SLO?

Also can SLA runs for two companies together??
Please help as it's bit urgent.


Does Deleting a filed from a Form affect Data Integrity ?Open in a New Window

Hello evey Body , 

i'm new to form customization , and i need to know if i deleted a not needed filed from a form using the form designer , is this will affect the database intgerity by any means ?




HP SM 9.34. quereis to table take more than 10 sec during user login.Open in a New Window

Hello, experts,

we have complaints from users that login time is almost 1 min.

we open MS SQL 'Activity monitor' for HPSM database and see that most time-consuming queries (10-20 sec) are to the <userinfo> like:

--WHERE ((m1."LOGINNAME" like 'user@test.com'))

I open this table and it has less than 300 records - it's the number of logged in users.

1. why query to this table is so long and take 10-20 secs?

2. how to fix it?

3. we have tried to add index in dbdict to this table (loginname, clientip columns) but it doesn't help.


How to maintain session with hpsm rest serviceOpen in a New Window

How to reuse  the session id to sub sequent requests obtained from the first url connection of rest service in java.

I have tried it with HttpUrlConnection api in java i amgetting only jsession id in cookie(No other cookies are avaible in header). This is tested with Test Hpsm Server.

              URL url = new URL("http://Server/SM/9/rest/interactions_SYNTBOTS/incident_id);
                con = (HttpURLConnection) (url.openConnection()); 
              String authString = new StringBuffer(username).append(":")
                byte[] authEncBytes = Base64.encodeBase64(authString.getBytes());
                con.setRequestProperty("User-Agent", "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 2000)");
                con.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/json");
                con.setRequestProperty("Authorization", "Basic "+ new String(authEncBytes));
                String cookieId = con.getHeaderField("Set-Cookie"); // here i am getting (JSESSIONID=********, path = /sm )           

and then i am trying ti reuse cookieId as following

   urlConn = (HttpURLConnection) (new URL("<HPSM Reset Service URl>).openConnection());
                urlConn.setRequestProperty("User-Agent", "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 2000)");
                urlConn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/json");
                urlConn.setRequestProperty("Content-Language", "en-US");
                urlConn.setRequestProperty("Cookie", cookie);

But unfortunately i am getting unauthorised error. can any one help me on this to achieve session reuse.


Current phase of change is not passed in webservicesOpen in a New Window


Need your immediate help. I am unable to pass the current phase of a change ticket to a webservice transaction via SOAP.

IWhenever i am closing a phase in change, at the click of close phase button two transactions get sent out . One with the phase that is closed and the other with next phase.

If i restrict it to one transaction, only the phase which is closed gets passed to the webservice but the new current phase does not get passed.

Can you please help me or guide me?




JS W SCFile.setFields called with invalid parameter - ignored in sm.log fileOpen in a New Window

User appears to be updating an INM and gets SQL Limit exceeded messages for INCIDENTSM1 and EXTACCESSM1 tables then the following JS warning:

JS W SCFile.setFields called with invalid parameter - ignored in sm.log file


3720( 2660) 04/26/2017 09:39:40 JS I index complete in: 47 milliseconds
3720( 2660) 04/26/2017 09:39:40 JS I indexresult for KnownError_Library: 0
2152( 7580) 04/26/2017 09:39:40 JS W SCFile.setFields called with invalid parameter - ignored



Disable the category wizard when creating new incidents and problemsOpen in a New Window

Version: 9.51 RTE and applications


OOB when you open a new incident or problem you get a wizard asking you to select a category. That category is then populated in the incident/problem format. We want to disable that wizard for incidents and problems. So we would like to display the incident/problem format directly when the user press the New button.




SRC link not opening post deployment of SRC WAR files successfullyOpen in a New Window

We have separate SM App Server, Separate SM Web Server. We are depolying SM 9.50 version.

On SM Web Server deployed SM Web Client, SM Online Help, SRC (deployed SRC War files on tomcat) succesfully.

Post deployment of SRC War files successfully on Apache Tomcat, when tried accessing below SRC link on Web Server, getting message on IE (version 11) browser that 'Page can't be displayed'.

http://<SM Web Server Hostname with FQDN>:8080/src-9.50/

Can anybody help to trace what is the issue that we cant access SRC link or with solution


How to get related tickets using web servicesOpen in a New Window

Hi All,


I need to gather information about tickets (changes or incidents) related to an specified change or request.

Using RetrieveChangeTaskListRequest or RetrieveChangeListRequest and parentchange on query but I am not able to get this information.

I´d like to know if Someone have found just the same issue.

Thanks and Best regards



Duplicate attachment in ticketsOpen in a New Window

Hi All,



Can anyone please let me know how to avoid attaching duplicate attachments in incidents?

If there is any script available please guide me to it.

Thank you !!


Auditing with Format Control HP SM 9.40Open in a New Window

HP SM 9.40 : Tailoring help topics for printing manual

In this pdf document, it mentions 'Add lookup functionality to format control' on page 296. I can get the server to track the auditing changes in the 'Audit Log' but it will not give me the drop-down user menu button 'Audit Lookup' function for a specific record. 

Does anyone have any hints on why this will not show up?



Mobile ClientOpen in a New Window

Hi experts, I was deploy a mobile client but when I try to connect the button Connect was disable in android (Chrome,firefox,IE,Opera), if I connect from Ios (Safari) the button works

Do you know what I need to do?


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