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SM9.4 - cant search "action" in probsummary...Open in a New Window

I am not sure what is going on with this tool. I am using the default field "action" in probsummary and it is an IR key - i did not change this from out of box. I cant search for any term in the action field. in the search there is the 2nd tab that you can change how the search is done from "these words" or "any words" and I have tried using the * symbol before and after my term. I have created new records with my specific term for testing and it I just cant get it find the record.


I dont think it has ever worked. Is there something I need to turn on if this an out of box installation? what is the purpose of this tool if you cant search on the one field that stores the most vital information for incidents???


Closed By Field INteractionOpen in a New Window

I would like to know how Closed By field is populated on an Interacction. When i close interaction the Closed By filed is set as the Full Name of the operator. I would like to change this to emploee id.

I am using HPSM 9.41 codeless


Getting error trying to install Service Manager Service PortalOpen in a New Window

I am in the process of install the Service Manager Service Portal on a DEV system.  I'm at the point where I am install the Service Portal (setup.sh install ....).

The install keeps getting an error and stopping.  The error received is:

INFO postgresql: 

INFO postgresql: checkPostgresVersion: 

INFO postgresql: [echo] Postgresql version: sh: psql: command not found 

ERROR postgresql: 


ERROR postgresql: /opt/hp/propel-setup-2.20.p1.smsp950-20161012-223512/res/postgresql-2.20.p1-rc.0.jar.exploded/actions/build.xml:71: unless=supported.version 

ERROR postgresql: 

ERROR postgresql: Total time: 0 seconds 

java.lang.RuntimeException: Action 'ant:enablePostgres' returns 1 

at com.hp.setup.custom.CustomActionManager.partAction(CustomActionManager.java:66) 

at com.hp.setup.custom.CustomActionManager.executePhase(CustomActionManager.java:48) 

at com.hp.setup.cli.InstallCommand.installParts(InstallCommand.java:143) 

at com.hp.setup.cli.InstallCommand.call(InstallCommand.java:113) 

at com.hp.setup.cli.InstallCommand.call(InstallCommand.java:32) 

at com.hp.setup.cli.Main.main(Main.java:119) 

------ install exits with 1 ------

Does anyone know what this error means and how I might be able to correct it. 




SM 9.50 PortalOpen in a New Window


Who knows what portal is used for SM 9.50? Do you have any screenshots of the standard portal ?

Is it an SRC like sm9.40 or is there a fresh look for 9.50?


Help with update SM 9.30 application to SM 9.31 applicationOpen in a New Window

I have to update SM 9.30 to SM 9.50 but the upgrade guide must update 9.31 first

I 've search my download on HPE license but it do not have SM 9.31 download , only (.30, 9.40.,9.50

I tried to update 9.30 to 9.40 directly but it got some serious erorr (i cannot load tranfer bin after got some errors loading preupg.bin)


Any one have HPSM 9.31 download link??


SM9.4 - how do i set the sort after a search?Open in a New Window

I have a search based upon the "request" table. I have edited the form for my search and it searches but it sorts by "number" which is the first key for the "request" table. I want to change the way it is sorted, I want it by the date (newest first), which is open.date. 

There has to be a way to do this... can anyone help me?


SearchConfig - Rename a search form title in the drop-down?Open in a New Window

Good day,

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction with the 'Search' form in Service Manager. 

I am looking to change the title of a form in the "Look for" drop-down menu.
Ex. I would like to change 'incident' to 'service calls', I am not sure where to go to change this value. (See picture)

Any help is mucho appreciated! 

I can make it rain kudos as well so lets see those responses.

UPDATE: Service Manager Version 9.40


SM9.4 - how to change the field this variable uses $rm.adv.open.start ???Open in a New Window

I am trying to setup a search for "before" and "after" based upon a new data field in the "request" table. The out of box uses this "$rm.adv.open.start" value to search between dates , along with "$rm.adv.open.end". I believe this value is based upon the request table "submit.date".

I want to change the field "$rm.adv.open.start" is using , but I cant find where this is stored and where to change it. I looked in global lists and scripts. 

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Behavior "Add" ButtonOpen in a New Window

Hi guys, 

I want to change the behavior of the "add" button.

I would like that before creating a new record in my table, it needs to check if it already exists, and if it is already create will update, if not create a new record.


Can any one help me?


LDAP IntegrationOpen in a New Window

Hi All

I havent done LDAP integration in long long long time. I followed help documentation as far as possible but not sure why nothing appears to be happening. I enabled ldap stats but I see no activity on user login.

Can someone assist with a short checklist in case I missed something

I want to authenticate only

1) I have completed LDAP mapping server and port from the UI

2) updated sm.ini wind bind user and password and authenticate only.

3) updated operator record with ldap info, LDAP Base Name and LDAP User DN:





2 state of buttonOpen in a New Window

Is it possible to make at form button with 2 state.

When just open the form displays the name of the button "View All" after press on it button displays the name of the button "View Active" and when press again name back to "View All" and so on...


HP SM9 and ServiceNow integrationOpen in a New Window

Hi I am using HPSM9 as ITSM and ServiceNow Orchestrator. Please let me know possiblity of integration of HPSM9 and ServiceNow.


Cascade Update Example - Need HelpOpen in a New Window

Tailoring help topics for printing manual

In this pdf document, it mentions a cascade update example like the one below:

For example, incident records are linked to the contacts table by the contact name (probsummary,
contact.name = contacts, contact.name). If someone were to edit the contact record and change
contact.name, the associated incident records would lose their link and become orphaned. You could set
up a Cascade Update record to monitor the contact.name field in contacts and change the
contact.name field in related incident records to match accordingly

Can someone please give me an example with screenshots on what goes where with the Cascade update as well as the corresponding Trigger that goes with it?
I'm trying to have Service Manager update a contacts information in the probsummary table (Incidents) if I have to change a last name. 

I've tried looking around the Service Manager tool to see if I can re-create it and I'm unsuccessful at this point. I need to get my momentum back up and conquer this modification. Can anyone provide assistance to fuel this S.M. train so we can get it to the station?




Unable to Display CI Relationship Graph :: Both in IE & ChromeOpen in a New Window

Hello Experts,

In our environment, CI Relationship graph is not opening up.  It is showing ClassNotFoundException (com.hp.ov.dv.yfiles.ViewerY.class) application Error.

I have attached the screenshot, just for reference.  Not really getting any clue.

What I got to know is yfiles for Java provides essential building blocks for writing Java applications that analyze, visualize, edit, or automatically draw graphs, diagrams, or networks. So, If we need diagramming components, we need yFiles! And I am wondering how to get rid of this error message.

Please give your valuable inputs regarding the same.





How alter buttons behavior?Open in a New Window

I have created a new form, based on a new database table and i want to alter the behavior of "Add" button. 

But the Screen ID (db.search) is used for multiple forms, so i cant alter the Display Option.

Anyone can help me?


Attacment Issue while raising SD in ess Page SM9.41Open in a New Window

Dear All,


I have an issue with attachment while raising SD from ess page, 

Issue: I have filled the all the required fields and from attachment tab, i have selected the file example, test.doc, and attached the doc, and then i have deleted the test.doc from attachment tab, and i tried to attach the same document (test.doc), but system is not selecting the same attachment.

we are using SM9.41, Also i have checked in SM9.40 it works fine, but SM9.41 its not working.

Pls let me know,How to resolve this issue.





specific cm3r.search format for a user roleOpen in a New Window


we recently moved to SMv9.41 P4 on hybrid. 

I am looking to provide a specific cm3r search format for a certain set of user role users. In the previous version , we were able to do it from cm3profile of the users. Now I tried to give the same serach format from secRights table , but its not showing up for that security role.

How do we provide a separate change search format on a Process designer based system ?.

please guide.




Close button for specific user roleOpen in a New Window

Hello Everyone,


I would like to create a close button for Incident ticket. I have special condition, the button only visible for spesific user role let say "IT TECH ROLE"

Does anyone have any experience for the requirement? How can I set the condition on transition for the workflow?adsd.PNG










How to edit toolbar Configurations in HTML EditorOpen in a New Window


I'm trying to take away some of the tools listed in the text tool bar. Like the font change, or the color changer. Can I create a new toolbar to use? I see Standard, Knowledge Management, and Knowledge Management Extended.

I've attached a picture of what i'm talking about


Created new workflow for form but it's saying "Closeme" and not "Close" with the little X by itOpen in a New Window

Hello experts,

I created a new workflow and it's not showing the normal "Close" button in the tray with the X by it. I've checked the workflow actions and see all the other buttons but not the Close one. I see a few Display Options with "Closeme" but not sure what to change or modifiy.

I've attached a picture of what it looks like with the new workflow and what it should look like. 


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