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RetrieveIncidentTaskRequest envelope returns errorOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts, Sending the request in this form:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ns="" xmlns:com="" xmlns:xm="">



      <ns:RetrieveIncidentTaskRequest  ignoreEmptyElements="true" >




               <ns:TaskID type="String">IM3523846-001</ns:TaskID>






Is giving this response

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">




         <faultstring>A CXmlApiException was raised in native code : error 4 : scxmlapi(4) - Missing or invalid XML document</faultstring>





 Appreciate your support


HPSM LDAP to Service Manager Web Services - Contact and CI CreationOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I have currently configure a Connect-IT (9.60) situation to populate the Contacts and some CIs in HPSM (9.40), it is all ready to go, works perfect in "Test Mode". (LDAP Connector -> Mapping -> Service Manager Web Service)

When I run it in Production Mode, I get the following errors, when creating the contacts on HPSM Web Service side:

2016/09/26 14:55:38.000 0 1 (0) Unable to initialize request.
2016/09/26 14:55:38.000 0 1 (0) Error processing query.
2016/09/26 14:55:38.000 1 1 (0) Cause by SOAP error when sending SOAP message.
2016/09/26 14:55:38.000 2 1 (0) Cause by org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: A CXmlApiException was raised in native code : error 4 : scxmlapi(4) - Missing or invalid XML document

Is anyone familiar with this error and what the resolution is to it? It seems there is some error in a XML document somewhere, which could be causing the Soap Error.

In http.log, I see the following errors:

5936( 2432) 09/26/2016 10:29:05.347 HttpLog: session ID has not been set yet.
5936( 2432) 09/26/2016 10:29:05.347 HTTP/1.1 500



HPSM Email to Ticket intergration - HTML Tags remainingOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,


I am encountering an issue with my current setup for Emails getting integrated into my ticketing system; they contain all the formatting of the email in HTML tags, and I would like it removed. I cannot find a way to do this.

I am using Connect-IT Email Fetch Connector -> Mapping Connector -> ServiceCenter / Service Manager Web Service Connector.

The mail server is an exchange server, but I am using IMAPv4 to get the emails, as the exchange web tier didn't work for me and I couldn't get the support needed to have that setup.


Upgrade from 9.30 (Without PD) to 9.4x classic - Smart AnalyticsOpen in a New Window

I want to upgrade from 9.30 (Without PD) to 9.4x classic. Will Smart Analytics then be avalible. ? As i read it, will it only be avalible if i use the codeless "version"


How to download HP SM9.41 software?Open in a New Window

I wanted to install HP SM 9.41 , the latest version. Can anyone help the link to download the software? The new website is so confusing and routing to Anywhere trail version. What is the product number of HPSM9.41?


Error while updating incidentOpen in a New Window

Hi dears, 
i faced this problem while updating an IM Could any one help me regarding this issue: 

"Query field (name) in (contacts) not defined in dbdict (display,"


The system was working fine but this issue rasied today only, any clue? 


Service Manager 9 Mass update does not populate the dependent fields.Open in a New Window


I am getting quiet versed at using complex update but am struggling with something i think may be quiet simple.

I have mass updated a large number of racks to a new Grid refrence but the assets assigned to these racks have not pulled in the new Grid.

So server x if i go into the record and hit save the grid then repopulates to the new grid much like hitting the autofill button on the rack field.

However the rest have not, i have tried reupdating the records in $ in $file


tr.rack in $file=tr.rack in $file

to try push a save.

question : how do i emulate the save actions from complex update so it autofills this grid which is pulled from the rack record based on field tr.rack





HPSM 9.4 Change Management: closure code set to 1 on approve change phaseOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

HPSM 9.4 , Change Management, change request gives closure code 1 on approval of change itself.

In fact with soap response we should get closure code only when it is explicitely set and duing any middle phase it should not be set.

Please let me know is there any setting which can correct this issue below.


<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">
      <RetrieveChangeResponse message="Success" returnCode="0" schemaRevisionDate="2014-12-07" schemaRevisionLevel="6" status="SUCCESS" xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns="" xmlns:cmn="" xmlns:xmime="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
               <ChangeID type="String">C10097</ChangeID>
            <instance recordid="C10097 - IdentityIQ Access Request : 0000000108 for Identity adm" uniquequery="header,number=&quot;C10097&quot;">
               <header type="Structure">
                  <ChangeID type="String">C10097</ChangeID>
                  <Category type="String">Software</Category>
                  <Status type="String">initial</Status>
                  <ApprovalStatus type="String">approved</ApprovalStatus>
                  <InitiatedBy type="String">GENERAL, ADMIN</InitiatedBy>
                  <AssignmentGroup type="String">Service Desk</AssignmentGroup>
                  <PlannedStart type="DateTime">2016-09-23T09:07:44+00:00</PlannedStart>
                  <PlannedEnd type="DateTime">2016-09-24T06:00:00+00:00</PlannedEnd>
                  <Phase type="String">Prepare for Change Approval</Phase>
                  <RiskAssessment type="String">3</RiskAssessment>
                  <Priority type="String">3</Priority>
                  <DateEntered type="DateTime">2016-09-23T09:07:51+00:00</DateEntered>
                  <Open type="Boolean">true</Open>
                  <BackoutDuration type="Duration">P0DT0H0M0S</BackoutDuration>
                  <Title type="String">IdentityIQ Access Request : 0000000108 for Identity adm</Title>
               <description.structure type="Structure">
                  <Description type="Array">
                     <Description type="String">Solaris Direct Set password {h,IOVw.>!</Description>
                     <Description type="String">Source Data:</Description>
                     <Description type="String">id=</Description>
                     <Description type="String">name=</Description>
                     <Description type="String">type= LCM</Description>
               <middle type="Structure"/>
               <close type="Structure">
                  <ClosureCode type="Decimal">1</ClosureCode>
               <Urgency type="String">3</Urgency>
               <Impact type="String">4</Impact>
               <Service type="String">Applications</Service>
               <RequestedEndDate type="DateTime">2014-11-28T20:05:12+00:00</RequestedEndDate>
               <CustomerVisible type="Boolean">false</CustomerVisible>


using RAD functions in creating Java script (HPSM)Open in a New Window

I want to create a java script to load .unl file.

so how to implement "$L.rc=simple.file.load( <unload file name>, <target file name>, <drop if already exists flag> )" in creating java script.



Scheduled Reports HP ITSMOpen in a New Window

Hello Experts,

We have a list of scheduled reports.

The reports are executing and sends notifications to the recipients but there is no attachments in the email which is set to PDF.

what could be the issue please assist



Schedule Report in SM 9.41 doesn't send the attachment in emailOpen in a New Window


hell i have a scheduled a report, and it sends ean email that the report is being exported ,but i'm wondering why is the report is not being sent as an attachment over the email. also they don't exist in the path that i insert though i checked the export to be as an email .



How to create Java script to unload and load a specific .unl in HP service managerOpen in a New Window

Can anyone provide or help how to create a java script that can load and unload a specific unl file in HPSM.


Search Form FunctionalityOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

We need to implement the below scenario in search forms for particular field,

we have drop down field, which has the following values,


Banyan Duplex

When I an seraching with "Banyan" value, the result contains "Banyan Duplex" values too. So basically what i understood is, search is behaving as like operator not as = operator.

How can i restrict this behaviour for that particular field. SO it is like, if i search for banyan, it should show only the records with "Banyan" vale. not with Banyan Duplex.

Suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,.


Shalini R



why change or task state got by web service doesn´t match current state in hpsm?Open in a New Window

Hi All,


I have a problem invoking change webservice using RetrieveChangeListRequest. or  As far as I see, the state got invoking this web service doesn´t match current state in hpsm.

This is my requests:

var xml3 = "<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=\"\" xmlns:ns=\"\" "+
"xmlns:com=\"\" xmlns:xm=\"\"> <soapenv:Header/>"+
"<soapenv:Body> <ns:RetrieveChangeListRequest attachmentData=\"false\" attachmentInfo=\"false\" ignoreEmptyElements=\"true\">"+
"<ns:model><ns:keys query='((AssignmentGroup=&quot;mygroup&quot;) and (Status=&quot;Open&quot; or Status=&quot;Work in Progress&quot; or Status=&quot;Pending Customer&quot; or Status=&quot;Pending Vendor&quot;) )'/></ns:model> <ns:instance />"+

Thanks a lot!


How to get priority invoking RetrieveIncidentListRequestOpen in a New Window

Hi all,


I´ve a problem invoking RetrieveIncidentListRequest the response not contain priority only Urgency and Impact. I guess that priority is calculated from those  and I´ve seen it usually calculate as urgency + impact /2 but it doesn´t match with priority value for a ticket.


This is the xml:

var xml = "<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=\"\" xmlns:ns=\"\" "+
"xmlns:com=\"\" xmlns:xm=\"\"> <soapenv:Header/>"+
"<soapenv:Body> <ns:RetrieveIncidentListRequest attachmentData=\"false\" attachmentInfo=\"false\" ignoreEmptyElements=\"false\" updatecounter=\"false\">"+
"<ns:model><ns:keys query='((assignment=&quot;mygroup&quot;) and (status=&quot;Assigned&quot; or Status=&quot;Pending Customer&quot; or Status=&quot;Work in Progress&quot;))' /></ns:model> <ns:instance />"+

Anyone can hep me ?







SRC Tailoring to use defaults and mandatory conditionsOpen in a New Window

We are in the process of implementing SRC. We currently use the Service Catalog module from within HPSM and use display screen to set some default values based on the $description variable. We also use the format control calculations and validations.

The new SRC does not appear to use these objects at all. I can see that we can set default values on the checkout panels in the new SRC but I'm having trouble setting a value based on the item itself.

For instance, if the $"EWS Decommission Process (Virtual)" I want the Date Needed By to be set to current date + 60 days, but if the $"Software Install Request" I want the Date Needed By to be set to current date + 5 days.

I also need to make some fields mandatory for some items but not mandatory for others, though I want the display on all items. This was VERY easy to do in the original Service Catalog module using format control and format design.

Is there a way to accomplish these things in the new SRC?


Regarding creation of CI relationship in hpsmOpen in a New Window

Is it possible to create CI relationship in hpsm. If yes, then how is it possible?


Update from HPSM 9.34 to 9.41Open in a New Window

Hello, i´m trying to update my Service Manager from 9.34 to 9.40. I have some doubts about it.

Are below steps correct?

  1. Do a backup of 9.34 enviroment
  2. Install 9.40 server and client. When i install the server, i have to join 9.40 server with the database of the 9.34 enviroment?
  3. Continue with the manual from chapter 4 step 2?
  4. When i finish the manual, should i install "HPSM_00743_Service Manager 9.41.0020 - Applications"? or exist other way to update the applications?
  5. And then will i finish the upgrade or i need something more?

Am i right? Because i don´t know when i should join the old database with 9.40 server, and when upgrade the application



Thanks so much. Matias Romero.


How to mass resolve and mass associate Trouble ticket in Temip to Service ManagerOpen in a New Window

Bulk TT resolve and Bulk TT association has become  basic requirement due to huge number of TTs. We have customised form level changes to accommodate(250 TT at time) but challenge in keeping performance of the system and allow bulk closure and bulk association.


          We need expert advice from DB and Application perspective to support bulk resolve or bulk association (approx. 1000 at time) without impacting performance of the system.


I understand we can Mass Resolve using the Closure codes in Excel sheet and loading to SM using Text Import Wizard, please confirm if this is a feasible method and what is the performance impact in this approach?

Or do you suggest using a CIt Scenario to automate this task by running as a schedule.




Unable to login webtier 941Open in a New Window

I have installed 941 webtier . When i try to  login to the system, my credentials are not validated against siteminder and i am unable to login to HPSM. I get the error message

Service Manager Server is currently not available, please try again later.


I am able to login using thick client.

version: 9.41.3016 build p3





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