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Show Next 50 or Show All button in the web client not returningOpen in a New Window

Hi , I am having an issue wherein the new buttons 'Show Next 50 or Show All ' which shows up in the qbe of the webclient (dbdict, massupdate fields etc) . Even after the click ,it just clocks and nothing happens. Attached the screenshot. I tried in an out of the box system and it loads very fast. please guide. thx


Upgrade applications from 9.34 to 9.35Open in a New Window

Hi experts, I have hpsm 9.34 and I want to upgrade to 9.35. My doubt is if I have to upgrade the applications or only the server and client. In the case that I should upgrade de application what is the guide?, because I found the guide for 7.0x, 7.1x and 9.2x but bot for 9.3x.


Need to Import DataPower .Keystore file into HP UFT 11.52 in order to run my API Service Test.Open in a New Window

I have to import datapower .keystore certificate file into HP UFT 11.52 - API test in order to execute my service test. Please let me know the procedure to import the .keystore file into HP UFT.


Thanks in Advance


rights\ability to add\edit\delete CI for some operatorsOpen in a New Window

How can i limit ability for some operators to 

Add\delete\edit CI only for the specified type\subtype\... (or condition for other fields) fo CI



Record Closes when Save or Ok is clickedOpen in a New Window


I have got a requirement to display only those assignment groups, where the logged in user is a manager. I am very new to this project and clients have already created a option for some user, where it displayes all assignment groups, where the logged in user is an assignee. Now i have added an another option in menu with different query.

Existing option in system navigator/ query: {"assignment","name isin $lo.pm.assignments"}

My new option in system navigator/ query: {"assignment","wdManagerName=$lo.user.name"}

Everything works fine to existing one. But new option i have added in menu is not working. It is displaying assignment groups where the logged in user is a manager. But not allowing user to save the record.


Can someone tell me where i am doing wrong


Thanks in advance


Calling a customized format from menuOpen in a New Window


I have created a menu for a special set of ESS users. Here along with all other options, I want to put an option from where these users will be able to raise a new interaction and that should open a new customized form which I have created.

I have seen that for raising a new interaction from ESS portal, Its "ESSSM" menu, from where "cc.open.from.menu" application gets called an respectively the the format "ess.sd.open" gets opened. Now I want to open an other customized format to opened here from menu.

Please suggest. 


Service Manager 9.3X SMTP AuthenticationOpen in a New Window

Is service manager supported for SMTP Authentication? Such as Auth Login or Auth Plain, Auth Cram-MD5, Auth Digest -MD5?


Login is very slowOpen in a New Window

We are using version 9.41, when a user try to login it takes more than 20 second to login. There is a query to the operator record at login that takes 15 seconds, the query is something like below 

select name from operator where lower full name

How can i prevent this query? How can i make login faster?




Integration of Solarwinds to Service ManagerOpen in a New Window

Hello everyone,

I'm pretending to make a new integration between Solarwinds and Hp Service Manager, anyone in here allready did this that can help about this subject?

I Appreciate




notification subgroupOpen in a New Window

on a notification record, if you've got something in subgroup, but nothing in group file or group area, am i correct in assuming that only those listed in recipients would get notifications? are either the group file or group area prerequisites for subgroup to do anything?


display current approver from request to InteractionOpen in a New Window

SM 9.3x

Users want to know who is current approver for his interaction. (for SRC and for SelfService portal)


Alerts not working in Interaction Management in HP Service ManagerOpen in a New Window

I added alert def and added to the particular phase in Service Desk Workflow and then created a interaction for test but no alerts are working on interaction, i tried to view alert logs by clicking view alert logs in more option and their are no logs on that interaction...Please help in configuring alerts in Interaction Management in service desk Also need help on Notifications like configuring notifications for service desk module, i want to send notification when their is no work/action on interaction ticket for last 24hrs.


Urgent..! Unable to Connect: Mobile applicationOpen in a New Window

Hello experts,

I'm running on HP Service Manager 9.4 with Apache tomcat 8 on windows 2012 server.

Now i need to enable moblity in HPSM. I copied mobility package (webapp-9.40.0009.war) to /webapps folder of apache tomcat installation directory and renamed it to smm.

Edited in WEB-INF/web.properties file as : endpoint http://<mywebserverIP> :13080/SM/ui

Also updated in HPSM system information record -> Active Integrations -> Mobility URL: http://<mywebserverIP>:8080/smm

restarted tomcat service.

Tried from mobile browser (both chrome and firefox) with the link http://<mywebserverIP>:8080/smm.

Throws an error no resource found in the name smm. but i'm able to connect and see the apache tom cat home page.


Please guide me, if i'm wrong while configuring, correcting/missing steps..


Thanks in advance,



BINARY UPGRADE: SM9.33.P3 to SM9.41 classicOpen in a New Window


Can anyone suggest best upgrade path (binary upgrade only please) for SM9.33.P3 to SM9.4x please.  We are thinking of SM9.41.  Client only has limited budget for a binary upgrade.  We want to introduce them to the new look and feel of SM plus we're thinking if we can "slowly" introduce some new functionalities that won't require a lot of work.

Would appreciate any feedbacks.




Need to trigger a email when new Incident matches with same related CI or service opened earlierOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

We are on SM 9.40 with PD.

We have a requirement where we need to  trigger a notification email when logging a new Incident matches with same related CI or service opened earlier.

I have checked the the IncidentMatching script for help. But as I am not a JS expert, can someone please help me to get this requirement done?

Thanks & Regards



Inbox view complex queryOpen in a New Window

I have a need to show (inbox.view) an RFC window based on what time of day it is and to show a block of RFC for that window (may span days in the future or past). Don't ask about rules, it's many if/else rules about day/dates.

So I wrote a scriptLib to work out the logic and it returns a valid query expression. I call that function from the query field of my new view.

val(jscall("CIB_LIB.buildCIB"),11) This doesn't work. val (..., 2) also fails. Without val(I get ORA-0920 invalid ... so long as I return an exprestion it fails to evaluate it. I've excaped the " with \" it just doesn't eval correctly.

from testing the best I could figure out is Val() likes to compair so I change the function to return the one date I need and hardcoded the rest and it works.

header,category isin {"Normal Change", "Emergency Change"} and header,planned.start>=val(jscall("CIB_LIB.buildCIB","S"),3) and header,planned.start<=val(jscall("CIB_LIB.buildCIB","E"),3)

As long a val() is one side of an expression it works. If val() is the expression it becomes an equality and fails to select any records. Without val() it's literal and RAD fails somehow and passes Oracle invalid SQL, aka ORA-0920

If anyone thinks they know how to simplify this I'd like to know otherwise it's just a giveback if anyone has the same issue.


Customer wants to avoid ‘change Requester’ approving the same Change request.Open in a New Window

We have HPSM 9.35 with Change mgmt, using Process Designer. Customer wants to avoid ‘change Requester’ approving the same Change request. When he tries to approve, it should throw a popup saying ‘Requester cannot approve the Change’. Kindly suggest the best way to fulfil this requirement.

Writing conditions in display options to hide Approve/Deny/Override buttons may be possible. But this will not be fool proof, as the Approvers can still be able to approve over emails (using CIT integration to mailbox).

Writing conditions in approval definitions is very hectic, as the volume is more!


Time format for user choice field in SRCOpen in a New Window

If i set in "user select" date\time format line, and when user select time in this field - we need 24 hour format there. (now we see 12 hour format)


HPE service manager 9.40Open in a New Window


I am using HP service manager web applications for the Incidents.Can I sync my Outlook mail ID and this tool to check the incidents assgined on me ?

please Can I also know any Android App has been developed for monitoring the Incident queue in our mobile.



Moulali Patan



SM integration with IBM MaximoOpen in a New Window

Dear Experties,

  Is it possible Integration With HPSM with IBM Maximo..? If Yes Please suggest the preocess & if having any related document please share..

Thanks In Advance..



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