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how proper restart HPSM service for linker and sch to resume it task?Open in a New Window


Do like to seek advice on how to properly stop and start the hpsm service so that service like linker, sla and sch process will resume it service?

Currently, when I'm restarting the service by going to window service and stop start the services.

But by doing so after restarting I notice I will have huge number of linker schedule in the sch not resuming it task.

This had cause some of the ticket to breach sla as ticket status is not updated. (my sla is in SD and status is updated by it related record; I'm using streamline interaction)





Required IDOL license file update for HPE Smart Analytics, Service Portal, and Propel (April 2017)Open in a New Window

License file expiry date
The IDOL license files for some versions of Smart Analytics, Service Manager Service Portal, and Propel expired on April 30th, 2017. You must now update the license files.

This document applies to you if you are running any of the following products:

  • Smart Analytics included in a content pack for Service Manager 9.34
  • Smart Analytics included in Service Manager 9.35
  • Smart Analytics included in Service Manager 9.4x
  • Smart Analytics included in Service Manager 9.50 and 9.51
  • Service Manager Service Portal included in Service Manager 9.50 and 9.51
  • Propel 2.20.p1 and 2.20.p2

Important: If you are not currently running an affected version of these products, but you are planning an upgrade to one, you must also follow the guidance in this document.

What to do
If you wish to continue using an affected version of Smart Analytics, Service Manager Service Portal, or Propel after April 30th, 2017, you must update the IDOL license files. To help you do this, a license tool is available for download on the HPE Software Support website. You must download the tool and follow the steps below to upgrade your IDOL license files in order to continue using these versions of Smart Analytics, Service Manager Service Portal, or Propel.


  • The license tool is also included in the Service Manager 9.52 (and later) installation package.
  • The IDOL license tool will restart Smart Analytics, Service Manager Service Portal, and Propel. These components will therefore be unavailable for a few minutes.
  • The IDOL license tool is named "Smart Analytics License Tool." However, it also replaces IDOL license files for Service Manager Service Portal and for Propel.

Smart Analytics
To update the IDOL license files used by Smart Analytics, simply download the license tool, and then follow the steps in the tool. You do not need to do this if you are not a Smart Analytics customer.

Note: You must update the IDOL license files on every machine on which Smart Analytics is installed.

Service Manager Service Portal and Propel
To update the IDOL license files used by Service Manager Service Portal and Propel, simply download the license tool, copy it to the Smart Analytics folder on the Propel server, and then follow the steps in the tool. When the tool prompts you to enter the installation directory of Smart Analytics, enter the IDOL installation directory instead.

You do not need to do this if you are not a Service Manager Service Portal or Propel customer.

Note: In a Propel HA environment, you must update the IDOL license files on every Propel server (excluding the Postgresql server and Nginx server).


OMi SM integration causes Duplicate Incident in SMOpen in a New Window

Hello Experts 

we have an issue at one of our customers , they faces a problem of incident duplication for the same CI , for the incidents opened by the OMi

we troubleshoot the issue and sure that OMi can open and close incidents and SM can sync back to OMi in case of manual resolving 

my questions , if I have all the logs of SM , including the integration log SMOmi what type of errors should I search for , or what could be the reason ? 






fill request coordinator automaticallyOpen in a New Window

hi all,

when i open new request fullfilment i want the request coordinator namet to be populated once we choose the assignment group name aslo when order from catalog item which opens new request fullfillment

i want to write a rule set to fill request coordinator field automatically which defined in assignment group .

Any Help please .


HP Service Manager: This record has changed since you selected it after Update ContactOpen in a New Window


I have that message after update contact in Contacts table. 

I use soap request. It works on enable users in AD users, but it doesn't work on disabled users.

What does it mean? 

This record has changed since you selected it after Update Contact

"ReturnCode": 51


Sample script to send a ticket with attachments within Service ManagerOpen in a New Window

Can anyone share the sample script to send a ticket along with attachments from third party to Service Manager

In extaccess i didnt find the attachments related fields but in the wsdl attachment is there as boolean. if I create a new custom field for attachment what should be the Data type and how to insert the attachment?

What can be written in SM to insert attachment? Please help



How to customize forms and Capabilities in HP Service Manager.Open in a New Window

Hello, I am very new to hp service manager, I used to work on assyst before but now I am required to use hp service manager.
I have been searching all over the internet but apparently they are very noob questions to be asked.
What i need is to know

1-How to customize a form. 
-I want to add a text field.
-make it visible to specific users.

Up until now, what i have reached from (tailoring best practice guide) is to go to form designer under tailoring, choose the form i want to customize and open it in design mode.
a- I do not know how to open a form in design mode.
b- I found some comments on just clicking a button labeled "Design" but i cant find that button anywhere on screen. if my user need some previliges to see this button please tell me what it is.

2-How do I apply visibility rules on a field in service catalog item. I only know how to add new fields to service catalog items and make them visible or hidden but i don't know how to make them visible to some users and not the others.

3-Is it possible to create new Capabilities for an operator like Restful API capability for example.

4-how to apply a workflow on a service catalog item.
I create a new service catalog item. it had a work flow by default which i don't know how to change.

I know these are very newbie questions but please help !!


Email Out form SM Using Gmail or Outlook live ParametersOpen in a New Window

HI Experts,

Is it possible to use either gmail or outlook live parameters in "sm.ini" file to send email out form HP Service Manager??

Thanks in Advance,


Service Catalag: Display "Item Dislay Name" instead of "Item Name" in RF recordOpen in a New Window


we would like to display the "display name of the requested Item" in the RF record (Catalog Items tab) instead of the "Item Name".
In our case, we have, for example, a catalog item with Name=" RMP_CAT_2_5_ITM_1"; and the Display Name= "creation-name". So we would like to display the information "creation-name" in the Catalog Items tab of the RF ticket, instead of "RMP_CAT_2_5_ITM_1".



Unable to connect to HPE Service Manager Collabration. Chat Initialatization failed.Open in a New Window

Hello experts,

    I've deployed HPE Service Manager Collabration in my Developememnt Machine. Followed each and every stpes of Official HPE Service Manager Deplyement guide 9.50.
All configurations are done and i'm able to connect to Service Manager via link. But on logging into SM, getting error in Chat Service Configuration as bellow:

Error calling method: doHttpRequest in class: com/hp/ov/sm/server/utility/HttpClient Exception (java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect)

Checked and verified all Services (Apache, Tomcat, ChatServer, ChatService and SM Services) are running and deployed in same machine.
Able to connect to OpenFire admin console and did specified configurations.
But not able to access the chat service url from Service Manager.


Application verison: Service Manager 9.5

OS: WIndows 2012 datacenter

Database: MS-SQL 2012

Apache Tomcat: 8.xx

Apache: 2.4

Please help me to get it resolved.





Affected CI in HP SM 9.41Open in a New Window


We have HP OMi to SM integration. There are alerts from VMWare Datastore as related CI in OMi.

We would like to know is there any way we can keep this incoming CI afftected CI in SM incidnet(even though CI is not present)

Customer wants to have the incoming CI incase the CI doesnt exisit in the SM.

Any help will be appreciated.




Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15Open in a New Window

Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15

As you may have seen in the last few months, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is combining some software assets with Micro Focus. As part of this spin-merge with Micro Focus, a new Software instance of an online community will go live on May 16, 2017.

All boards within the current Software category will be located to a new community. All URLs will redirect to the new community. All current users will be migrated to the new community as well. Please be sure to update your bookmarks after May 16.

As part of the migration to a new Software instance, all software content will be in read-only mode from May 9 – 15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will continue to provide further updates in this News board.


500 error after logging into Deployment Manager 3.2Open in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I am Installing the latest version of Deployment manager, when I log in  I am getting the following error. Anyone seen this error ?


HTTP Status 500 -

type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableMap$UnmodifiableEntrySet$UnmodifiableEntry.setValue(Unknown Source)
note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the Apache Tomcat/8.0.43 logs.

Apache Tomcat/8.0.43


How to automate the information icon in HP SM 7 with out clearing the information every timeOpen in a New Window

Is there any chance to automate the information or the error icon where it shows the information like "no incidents found" in the webtier without clearing the records all the time.

Can we do the same just by refreshing the page.




SM 9.52 download is available in these HPE sitesOpen in a New Window

Dear folks,

I write this article to raise your awareness that this time SM 9.52 as a minor.minor full (MMF) release (due to the new SP aggregation SKU for Propel customers) is released on the following HPE sites instead of SSO. Please note, once you enter anyone of these HPE sites, you can find out the SM 9.52 download under the SM 9.50 section. Please also communicate this important information to our colleagues, our customers or our partners if needed.


Thank you for your continuous support!


This product is available via the following HPE Sites:

Updates for Existing Customers:

Software Entitlements Portal

The Software Entitlements Portal will require the user to login to the system to perform Customer Updates.

For HPE Employees:


“My Evaluation Software” requires an HPE Passport account where you are validated as a HPE Employee

Navigate to the Service Management Center and then select Service Manager to download.

For Evaluating Customers:

HPE Partner Ready Portal for North America

HPE Partner Ready Portal for Latin America

HPE Partner Ready Portal for EMEA

HPE Partner Ready Portal for Asia Pacific & Japan

All of the links above require HPE Passport accounts where you are either validated as an HPE Employee or an HPE Partner.




Best Regards



adding new font in HTML EditorOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,

I need your help please.

SM 9.30

We need to add a new font in the HTML Editor (for Notifications) however the only fonts that we can use are the following:
- Arial
- Comic Sans MS
- Courrier New
- Symbol
- Tahoma
- Times New Roman
- Verdana

These are the only fonts that we can use. Is there a way that we can add new fonts?

I have added the .ttf files in the folders below & Installed the fonts on the Server
...\HP\Service Manager 9.30\Server\RUN\jre\lib\fonts
...\HP\Service Manager 9.30\Client\jre\lib\fonts
Restarted the SM services... 
I can see the font in the preferences (from the Eclipse Client) but only in the HTML Editor I cannot modify it.

Can you please help?



Workflow for custom tableOpen in a New Window

I would like to know if i can create a workflow in Process Designer for a custom table i created. My tablename is "Test"

I created an object record for the table. i also created a secModule and secArea record for the table. When i try to create a new Workflow, the table name doesn't appear in the table drop down


I am using HPSM 9.44.5006 codeless


Call interaction category from menu directlyOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

Please suggect how to achieve this,? below is the scenario-

I have created 3-4 Interaction Categories each having seperate workflows. Now I need to call directly Category3 (say Risk, Security) from menu.

I have cheked and tried to pass category variable in document.new applicaton but it show list of all active categories.

Please just how can I call Risk Category interaction directly from menu.


Abhijit K



SM9.4 - missing table when creating a new viewOpen in a New Window

I created a new table, it has data and forms - I can view/enter data. I want to create a view for this new table but the table doesnt show up when I go to "System Administration" | "Base System Configuration" | "Miscellaneous" and select "Views/Favorites" and then click on "New"

when it brings up the new window, the first drop down is "Area" and my new table is not listed. This drop down is using var/G.scm.files2

I went to global lists and I cant find this variable the drop down is using - it sounds like i need to refresh a global variable but I cant find the one I need to rebuild/regen

Any ideas?


Things i have done:

I went to the "searchconfig" table and found the record for my table and "Allow Advanced Find" is set to true (not sure if this matters).

I have refreshed the $g.file global list

server has been rebooted a few times since I started using this table


Line Item Not getting attached with Quote while raising through SOAP UI (Web Service)Open in a New Window

Hello Experts,

I was trying to raise quote and associated line item through web service (SOAP API) since last few days. Now, I am able to do that. But, unfortunately, line item is not getting attached. Orphan quote is being created.

Please let me know your valuable inputs on this issue. I am pasting the SOAP UI Input of whatever I did for it.

Please help. Thanks in Advance!!


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:pws="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS" xmlns:com="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS/Common">



      <pws:CreateQuoteOORequest attachmentInfo="?" attachmentData="?" ignoreEmptyElements="true" updateconstraint="-1">

         <pws:model query="?">

            <pws:keys query="?" updatecounter="?">


               <pws:Number type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Number>


            <pws:instance query="?" uniquequery="?" recordid="?" updatecounter="?">


               <pws:Number type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Number>


               <pws:CurrentPhase type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:CurrentPhase>


               <pws:ApprovalStatus type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:ApprovalStatus>


               <pws:Status type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Status>


               <pws:AdditionalInfo type="Array">

                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <pws:AdditionalInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">some info</pws:AdditionalInfo>



               <pws:ProjectID type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:ProjectID>


               <pws:RequestedDate type="DateTime" mandatory="?" readonly="?">2017-06-24T17:50:00</pws:RequestedDate>


               <pws:AssignmentInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">IPS_BANK_COMMERCIAL</pws:AssignmentInfo>


               <pws:ReportingInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">File Tasks</pws:ReportingInfo>


               <pws:RequestedFor type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">lnc432</pws:RequestedFor>


               <pws:Description type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">Deploy Announcements to KDC, VDC</pws:Description>


               <pws:Task type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">Java MSP</pws:Task>


               <pws:RequesterName type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">lnc432</pws:RequesterName>


               <pws:Justification type="Array">

                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <pws:Justification type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">Business would like a new announcement deployed</pws:Justification>



               <pws:Location type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?"></pws:Location>


               <pws:ConfigurationItem type="Array">

                 <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <pws:ConfigurationItem type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">ENVPRINTELLIX</pws:ConfigurationItem>



               <pws:ForRepInfo type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?">File Tasks</pws:ForRepInfo>



                  <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

                  <com:attachment href="?" contentId="?" action="?" name="?" type="?" len="?" charset="?" attachmentType="?"/>





               <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

               <com:message type="String" mandatory="?" readonly="?" severity="?" module="?"></com:message>









<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">


      <CreateQuoteOOResponse message="Success" returnCode="0" schemaRevisionDate="2017-04-26" schemaRevisionLevel="1" status="SUCCESS" xsi:schemaLocation="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS http://kdcqsmapp02.kdc.capitalone.com:13116/sc62server/QuoteOO.xsd" xmlns="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS" xmlns:cmn="http://servicecenter.peregrine.com/PWS/Common" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">



               <Number type="String">Q2566393</Number>


            <instance recordid="Q2566393 - integrated production support - approved - Deploy Announcements to KDC, VDC" uniquequery="number=&quot;Q2566393&quot;">

               <Number type="String">Q2566393</Number>

               <CurrentPhase type="String">Work Phase</CurrentPhase>

               <ApprovalStatus type="String">approved</ApprovalStatus>

               <Status type="String">initial</Status>

               <AdditionalInfo type="Array">

                  <AdditionalInfo type="String">some info</AdditionalInfo>


               <RequestedDate type="DateTime">2017-06-24T17:50:00+00:00</RequestedDate>

               <AssignmentInfo type="String">IPS_BANK_COMMERCIAL</AssignmentInfo>

               <ReportingInfo type="String">File Tasks</ReportingInfo>

               <RequestedFor type="String">lnc432</RequestedFor>

               <Description type="String">Deploy Announcements to KDC, VDC</Description>

               <Task type="String">Java MSP</Task>

               <RequesterName type="String">lnc432</RequesterName>

               <Justification type="Array">

                  <Justification type="String">Business would like a new announcement deployed</Justification>


               <ConfigurationItem type="Array">

                  <ConfigurationItem type="String">ENVPRINTELLIX</ConfigurationItem>


               <ForRepInfo type="String">File Tasks</ForRepInfo>




            <cmn:message type="String">No link exists for this field, fill function cannot be performed.</cmn:message>

            <cmn:message type="String">Quote Q2566393 Phase Work Phase opened by mnj543.</cmn:message>

            <cmn:message type="String">ChM Request lnc432 associated with RM Quote Q2566393.</cmn:message>










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