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I have a .xml file how to import it to HPSM??Open in a New Window


I have a .xml file how to import it to HPSM??  while i was importing that file by going to Tailoring->Database Manager-> and adding that .xml file it say's that ( Such type of file is not allowed as an attachment. ( ) . How to Import it??

Please Help me out.



email ApprovalOpen in a New Window


I am trying to rewrite a change email approval scenario using HP Connect-It in HP SM v9.41.

I have it working properly in HP Service Manager v9.20 using the legacy event connector.

I am using the event registeration 'Approval' and the eventmap 'approval' which is basically against the ApprovalLog table. (attached is the eventreg screenshot)

THe email whcih comes to the inbox contains below args in the email Body and subject contains the change request number.

a) Approval Group:
b) Approval Action:
c) Comments

In the scenario, I verify via script that the sender is actually a part of the approval group or not.
If the email sender is present in the change groups (cm3groups of 921) , it approves else it doesnt do anything.

Now the challenge which I am having is, in SMv9.41, there is no cm3groups it is myGroups and assignment table.

Would I be able to have an Approve action done from Approval Log table extaccess ?
If not, by using Approval table extaccess, would i be able to achieve the above functionality ?

Please guide.



Warning message on HP Connect-IT scenario executionOpen in a New Window


I am on HP SM v9.41 , HP Connect-IT v9.60 on Server 2012 R2.

While migrating one of the scenario from HP CITv9.53 to V9.60, i started seeing one of the warning messag in the HP Connect-IT log (attached is the screenshot ). Though the scenario is finishing successfully and creating the incident requests on HP SM side. I am curious about this warning message.

Could some one please take a look.




How to get a sample HPSM SOAP MESSAGE??Open in a New Window


Copy/Move/View attachments from interactions on incidentsOpen in a New Window

I know there are several threads with solutions on how to Copy/Move/View attachments from interactions on incidents.  I could not get any of them to work (involving adding lines to the post rad expression section on link records etc).

Then I came across an HP proposed solution that uses an HTML viewer to show a link to the attachments on the interaction from the incident.  This way there aren't duplicate attachments and your not moving or deleting attachments.

But I cannot get this to work either.  I am on version 9.40.  We did have the html viewer working in 7.11

The instructions though are a little vague at one point.

Line 3 - the form is different in 9.40 but I am using hte right form and the actual box for hte html viewer displays.  I am using form im.incident.subform.attachments

Line 10 - "Add a ScriptPackage "AttachmentUtils" using sm command "db" - this we did not do in 7.11

Line 11 - Add a ScriptLibrary into the , e.g. test01, using sm command "sl"  - this is confusing.  what is test01?  The name of the Script should be AttachmentUtils.  And this is what we used in 7.11  So I went ahead and named the script  AttachmentUtils and the Package it points to is  AttachmentUtils

Has anyone gotten this to work in 9.40?



Sending and receving email in HPSMOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

We have HPSM version 9.41.2003-P2 in out organization. We already are aware of the option of sending email from HPSM to outlook using notify option.

However, if user wants to reply something back, he cannot as it is a system generated email?

Is there any option where, if a user replies back on the email, and the email is updated as notes or update under activites tab in HPSM.

This communication will facilitate direct communication with user and keep the HPSM tickets updated.

Please note that our organization is very huge, and many users dont have access to HPSM so they only use outlook to raise request and then await feedback




Report Scheduling FunctionalityOpen in a New Window

I recently turned on Report Scheduling.  It works great when the user sets up a schedule to email them a pdf.

And I can get the file share portion to work, only if I use a file share that is on the save server as the Serivce Manager application.

But I cannot get it to write a file to a file share on another server. Even when that file share is set up to allow everyone read/write access. When I set up the sm.ini file to point to a file share on another server, this gets written to the log file (where the xxxx's represet a real file share directory):

  8824( 12172) 10/18/2016 15:01:03  RTE E Error 2 creating directory
  8824( 12172) 10/18/2016 15:01:03  RTE E Failed to create directory '\\xxxx\xxxxx\xxxx\cd2o_test-file 6_2016-10-18' while exporting report

the line in the sm.ini file is:


How can I make this happen?  And is it possible to write to a sharepoint URL?

Am I having issues because the Service Manager service is started using 'Local System' and not an actual network account?


You may not approve for any of the pending approval groupsOpen in a New Window


We are on the process of upgrade from SMv9.20 to SMv9.41 .

I am moving the scenarios from HP Connect-Itv9.53 to v9.60 in our upgrade development environment. I had developed an Change email approval scenario in v9.20 environment.

The destination connector is a legacy event connector using the approval eventregister . In this scenario, i have incorporated the rules to check if the sender is a part of the cm3groups which is included in the email body. If the sender is present, it approves , else it doesnt process the email.

Now, once we are in SMv9.41, i had modified this logic to look at assignment table's approvers array (screenshot attached) instead of cm3groups. Also I am making sure that, this assignment group is present in the MyGroups table of senders as well as the 'generic id' (user for HP SM login from connector).

The generic ID is added to the assignment groups approvers array as well as the entire old cm3groups records are added to the MyGroups of this generic HP SM login.

Now when I run the scenario to process an email, i am getting the below error.(attached)

I logged into HP SM client using the email sender ID as well as with HP SM generic ID. Searched for the change request and I am able to do the approval from gui using both the IDs.

Any guidance is very much appreciated.



Adding new menu entry from JavascriptOpen in a New Window

I'm trying to update a menu from javascript, my scripts works but i can't see the the new menu entry, even when the record was saved in the table.


var file = new SCFile("MENU");
var query = file.doSelect("name=\"ESS MAIN\"");
var go=true;

if(query == RC_SUCCESS){

for (var y=0; y < (file.option.length()-1); y++){

if (file.description[y]==system.vars.$name) {

print("Already exist "+file.description[y]);

if (go==true){


print( "Saving changes..." );


print( 'doAction("save"): ' + RCtoString(rc));




How to parse field from SRCOpen in a New Window


I need parse fields from SRC (user select) in OCML and if there is a flag in user select then change status of lineitem to close.


How to get boxes to auto populate with the contact info of the user who opens a ticket in ESSOpen in a New Window


I'm trying to get the contact name, Location, Contact Number of the user to auto fill when they open a ticket on the Submit a Request page on ESS page. Out of the box it auto populates the ID of the user so I know it's possible I just don't know how to get it set up.

*See attachment 

Thanks in advance 


Case Exchange between two HP SM systemOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

Can any share the implementation document to do the case exchange between two HPSM system other than HP PDF.Or at least the actual steps.

My Application version is 9.4x.

I did the below steps but no luck.

Case Exchange SM_SM_Push

Configure the integration account

Each system must have a properly configured account for the integration so that the other system can connect by using this account. This account must meet the following requirements:

  • This account must have the RESTful APIexecution capability.
  • This account must have the rights to retrieve and update Incident records.
  • This account must use the same Time Zoneand Date Format settings as the HP Service Manager systems. See also


Add and enable an integration instance

Applies to User Roles:

System Administrator

To add an integration instance, follow these steps:

  1. Click TailoringIntegration Manager. Integration Instance Manager opens.
  2. Click Add. The Integration Template Selectionwizard opens.
  3. Select CaseExchangeSM_SM_Pushfrom the Integration Template list, select the Import Mapping check box, and then click Next.
  4. Complete the fields on the Integration Instance Informationpage as necessary, and then click Next.
  1. In the Integration Instance Parameterspage, configure the following settings and use the default setup for all the other settings.
  1. In the Generaltab, configure the following fields or options:

Endpoint System runs Process Designer on the exchanged Object: Select this option if Process Designer is implemented in the endpoint system. Otherwise, do not select this option.

Base URL: The value of this field represents the base URL of the endpoint API. For example, http://{endpoint server}:13080/SM/9

User Name and Password: The credentials of the integration account in the endpoint system.


  • The Passwordfield must not be empty.
  • This account must be properly configured in the endpoint system.
  1. In the Outboundtab, set the <Endpoint_instance_ID> in all rows of the Additional path column:

{"CEIncidentPush": {"InstanceID": "<Endpoint_instance_ID>","InternalID":"${context.externalId}", "ExternalID": "${context.internalId}", "IncidentID":"${context.externalId}", "ExternalStatus":"${context.internalObject['problem.status']}"}}

<Endpoint_instance_ID> is the ID of the SMIS integration instance in the other Service Manager system. You can find this ID under the Id column when you open Integration Manager in the other Service Manager system.

  1. If you need to exchange attachments, only select the Activate attachment exchangeoption under the Attachment Handling tab in one system.

Caution: Do not select this option in both systems. For more information about how attachment handling works, see 

  1. Click Next. The Integration Instance Fieldspage opens.
  2. Modify the default entries in the SM Fieldsand Endpoint Fields if you have customized fields. Otherwise, go to the next step.

Note: Endpoint field names must be the same as the caption names in web service CEIncidentsPush. For more information about the caption names configured in CEIncidentsPush, clickTailoring > Web Service > Web Service Configuration in Service Manager. In addition, you can refer to the out-of-box settings of the Field Name field in the Endpoint Fields tab.

  1. Click Next. The Integration Instance Mappingpage opens.
  2. Configure field and value mappings if you have customized fields. Otherwise, go to the next step.
  1. Click Finish.

To enable the integration instance, follow these steps:

  1. Click TailoringIntegration Manager. Integration Instance Manager opens.
  2. Select the integration instance that you want to enable.
  3. Click Enable.
  4. Click Yes.

Kindly help


Shameer Saleem



Order Information in Service Request Catalog portalOpen in a New Window

Hi experts,

I have a request regarding SRC portal. Is it possible to modify the information for "This request is for" field under the Order Information tab?


If yes, can you advice how to change it? In ootb, the field, search and erase button is greyed out. (refer screenshot below)





Add a new server to an application model via HPSM change moduleOpen in a New Window


I want to find a good way to add or remove a server-CI to/from an application model via Change in HPSM. I've looked at the workflow for normal change with an CMDB update, where you get three options

* select from Baseline

* Set Attribute name and values

* Set relationship

So I want to set a relationship to a new server, but I can't find my new server since it is not in the affected CI list for this service yet. I don't see a good way to remove a server from a model either.

What is the best practice to update the CMDB with a model containing only a service and servers? (we are starting out very easy with a model containing Application Service and Servers/Nodes)

We discover every servers with UCMDB and builds models in UCMDB Browser and then push this to the HP SM.

So my quetsion is how do I "tell" the person who should update the model that he should add a new server to the model and remove an existing one? And also mark get the history CI'change on the right servers?


Changing htmltemplates table expression fieldOpen in a New Window

1.SQL type VARCHAR(4000bytes)→Change to TEXT type Is this possible? Is default 4000bytes?

2.Will this be supported?

・In dbdict, open htmltemplates table.
・In SQL table tab add following.
・From field tab choose expression.
Change to TEXT from VARCHAR(4000) in SQL type.
Change SQL table to m2






problem scheduler fails to startOpen in a New Window

Hello Experts,

We’re are having an issue with our HPSM 7 version wherein the problem scheduler fails to remain active. It starts and then it fails. Any insights on what I need to look at would be greatly appreciated.


Java script to replace affected Item!!Open in a New Window

Hi Team,

We are looking for script, Once any ticket opens with particular CI's automatically affected item to be "XYZ". Currently we are using with title of the descprition we are looking replace with CI's value.

/////////////////////////////// XXX///////////////////////////////////////
if(system.functions.index("DAD",record.brief_description)==1 || system.functions.index("Alert: DAD",record.brief_description)==1 || system.functions.index("Memory usage",record.brief_description)==1 || )


Relate knowledge document from problem ticketOpen in a New Window


I want to build a link to relate KM document with Problem ticket. Can you please let me know the screlation configuration that needs to make ? 



how to enable tasks in requests based on field from previous task?Open in a New Window

how to enable tasks in requests based on field from previous task?


Linker Scheduler is closed automaticallyOpen in a New Window

Hi expers, 

i have an issue in my system i noticed that the linker scheduler responsible for linking SD-IM/SD-RF tickets in the system stopped and doesn't exist in system status. i added again knowing its importance to ticket lifecycle but i need to know what possibly cause this issue?

Knowing the root cause of that issue is urgent to avoid such problem. 

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