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Contacts are not populated from AD to HPSMOpen in a New Window

we have recently setup AD integrated with SM 9.40. Able to successfully login to HPSM connecting with AD user/password. Operator is getting created automatically using Template_selfservice tempalte while login with AD user authentication. But the issue is contacts are auto created.

Please guide.

LDAP parameters used in sm.ini are:



Service Manager 9.41 and SSOOpen in a New Window



I am facing SSL issue in version 9.41. I just upgraded to application + rte version on test to version 9.41 and it runs fine without SSL, but when i want to use SSL and SSO, it gives me error handshake faliure on the client and in the log it says "RTE E GetPreference DOS attack detected! Session will be terminated".


Kindly help


how to create new line entry in Form design;.Open in a New Window

Hi Expert,

Do like to do check is it possible create a data entry form, which create a new empty entry after the user enter one.
Do advice how to go about doing it?

e.g. like in the format control -> java script or validation section, when a new entry is enter and save a new empty text area and text fields are created.




sorting Table of arrayOpen in a New Window

Hi Expert,


I had a table control in a form. which had 7 column -> column 1 is array of time field, column 2-7 array of char each (for data entry field like number and char.)

I do like to sort the table when the user click on the header by the first column. I had set the button ID to 1000, but was return with an error. Can advice how to do the sorting ?

16/01/17 11:20:29
Cannot sort or group on array field 'fsstarttime' (us.resort.file,resort)




Change Search IssueOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,

I'm facing a strange issue.

I have put a checkbox in the search Change page. The name in the dbdict is change.flag and i have mentioned the same in fd as well.

Now when I open the Change search page and Click search, it displays a list of records. When I click on above check box and search it say no records found. Now the problem is I uncheck the same checkbox and click search again, then it says no records found !!!! which is incorrect. When I checked in the expert search I could see the below query

true and middle,change.flag#false

above query looks fine to me, but it doesn't fetch any records

1. Please can any1 tell me why this is happening? ( is it coz there are no records in the dB for this field, which means the value is NULL and when true/false value is searched against NULL it yields this result?)

2. Is there any way to clear only the change.flag when unchecked?



Change Search Page modificationOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,


We have a requirement to change the search page i.e. to hide/unhide the fields, but I'm not able to find the page name. Can some1 please help me with this, Also I need to change the name of the button on the search page like "cancel", "Clear" etc. please let me know where can i do this


Unload WorkflowsOpen in a New Window

HI Experts,


I have created an IM Workflow using PD.

When i try to unload it and import to other machine, the workflow is not getting imported correctly.

(I tried unloading it from "workflow" table)


Please suggest steps for unloading workflows.





Export/Migrate Attachments from HPSM 9.30 to HPSM 9.41Open in a New Window

Hello guys,

I browsed through the forum but I was not able to find any related articles regarding this (the ones related to the topic were with expired urls).

Can someone share an article, document, guide or something regarding migration of attachments between two HPSMs.

1) We will need to migrate around 60k Configuration Items and many of them are with attachments.

2) Also we have 80k Incident tickets, again many of them with attachments.

We know that this is possible with Connect-IT but we are unable to find any guide or any kind of useful document.

Is it also possible a direct unload/load somehow ?

Any suggestions are highly appreciated! 

Many thanks in advance!



SendMail - looking for beta testersOpen in a New Window

I have developed a new mail client for Service Manager based on RestFull API. It is meant to replace SCsmtp and Javamail which both have a bug that cause them to loose emails when the mail server is not available.

I need to have the client tested against different mail servers (SMTP) so if you are interested in testing this application let me know. It is very simple do install and setup.


How to execute fill.fc from javascriptOpen in a New Window

Hi experts, I need to run the RAD "fill.fc" in a trigger.

Could you help me?


Webservies integration in HPSM 9.40Open in a New Window

This is regarding webservies integration with HPSM
1.    I wanted to know where the fields can be made as mandatory or optional based on actions in the webservices configuration example as closure codes should be mandatory on close action, but need not to be mandatory on Add action. Where to map fields for each action? and where to how to make it mandatory? Was this needs to be modified in ScriptLibrary "IncidentManagement"
2.   How can I put some conditions and filter the incoming transactions when the requests come from 3rd party tool to HPSM. Where to do this? Expressions does only the calculations on a field. But how to filter the transactions based on the conditions in HPSM? Example: If the transactions has to move from 3rd party to HPSM only when assignment group is "xxxx", and other transactions should not pass.
3.   How to track the error/failed messages when transactions flow from 3rd party to HPSM? Are there any log files for tracking messages?
4.   For failed transactions, where to set the re-iterations for those failed transactions and how?
5.  Can the WSDL for each module be combined to make in a single WSDL(A common WSDL for all the operations related to each module?


How to apply the upgrade utility patch HPSM_00747.zipOpen in a New Window

Experts, I am trying to figure out how I apply this patch HPSM_00747.zip. I am running the upgrade from SM v9.31 PDCP3 to HP SM v9.41 P4 hybrid. smupgrade utility errors out when I try to apply the custom patch. After reading this article, https://softwaresupport.hpe.com/km/KM01824722 I have decided to apply the patch , but unable to download the installation instructions from HP support site. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thx dev.


Service Desk Ticket: SDW06580927Open in a New Window

NMCI Team,

When attempting to access a Finance program, I am receiving the following error:

Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp server.Protocol Driver error. 

Any assistance would be appreciated! Thank you!


Global Lists in SM over 9.40Open in a New Window

Hi there experts

How exactily are the global lists actualized now? startup is killed, noted. Then? What?

I'll be honest, I'm a bit pissed now. HP took a turn and went killing the startup GL as we all know. They say the login performance will be better. You know they could also say: "Hey don't even use SM and it will be lighning fast when noz used" Gee, thanks...

I did my homework (if not : let me have it) and look for a solution to the problem: new global lists won't be updated automatically.

Some guys say, "Just mingle with the condition and set it back to ture for the startup GL". Yap, that would work, but then again: what was the purpose of denying the old startup list. Yes it made login slow. Do you have another sollution?

HPE : nothing

Forums : nothing

There are some legends around that an immediate restart (hang on, this is my favorite part:) sometimes (lol) works.

Or the other one: "just wait a cupple of days".

Seriously? After so much years of development we have is "sometimes" and "couple of days"???

Please explain to this fool (me) how the GLs are updated.

Thanks in advance!



Capture SD linked time to IMOpen in a New Window

Hi Gurus,

I am looking to capture SD linked to IM time on sd recods.

currrenlty we are available only open & closed time on activitys records.

Please help me to achive it. 


unrecoverable error while applying the custom patchOpen in a New Window


I am dong the upgrade from SM9.20 to SM9.41 

My path of upgrade is SMv9.20 -- SMv9.31

SMv9.31 -- SMV9.31PD

SMv9.31 PD -- SMv9.41 P4

We did the upgrade in development environemnt and created the custom patch. 

I did the upgrade in QA environment and it was successful. Now before the production move, i am trying to repeat the upgrade in one of a sandbox environment.. 

I am able to upgrade the application till SM v9.31 PDCP3.

While trying to upgrade from SMv9.31 PD3 to SMv9.41 P4, i am getting the error while applying the custom patch .

The record being added contains a NULL key (message,add.schedule)
file:(schedule) key:(schedule.id=) (message,add.schedule)
Key #7 is empty. (message,add.schedule)
Invalid connection type (apm.upgrade.import,connect.qsam)
unable to open connection (apm.upgrade.import,connect.file)
unable to open connection (apm.upgrade.import,connect.default)
Unrecoverable error in application:  sm.upgrade.ux on panel call.apply.upgrade
Unrecoverable error in application:  apm.upgrade.wizard.ux on panel load.upgrade.inf
Unrecoverable error in application:  apm.upgrade.load.objects on panel load.upgrade.inf


How to integrate HPSM 9.40 with Lotus Notes?Open in a New Window

Has anyone done integrating HPSM with Lotus Notes. What are the steps to do? Any guidance on this please.


HP Service Manager guideOpen in a New Window

Hello All,

I am new at HPSM tool so if you guys can suggest me which all documents to read or from where to start.

 and Link to download HPSM 9.3

it would be very helpful.


Amit Singh



Process Designer Rule Set - How to call ScriptLibraryOpen in a New Window


I have just applied PDCP and am looking to convert our legacy processes to PD.  My question is, can you call a ScriptLibrary funtion from a Rule Set?

There is a Run JavaScript rule type, but can you call a script Library or do you have to enter the JS in the rule?



HP SM SRC Login IssueOpen in a New Window

Hi Team,


I'm trying to login to my SRC portal in the development env, but it takes lot of time then it fails with a msg "Connection failed..Please contact your administrator." Kindly let me know how to resolve this issues,

I'm new to this, so please share the log path and other details

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