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Best documentation for HPSM toolOpen in a New Window

Hello experts,

I am changing company and by that tool on which I am working.

I have worked in BMC Remedy system up to now and now I will be support / counsaltant for HPSM tool.

Can you help me with advice or link on best documentation to read for HPSM tool? As BMC HPE has a lot of material but I would like to know what is the best one for starting with that tool.

Thank you,

Best regards,



mailThreadcountOpen in a New Window

I am looking at SM help server about mailthreadcount and found following reference.

  • mailThreadCount– specifies the number of threads to send emails. The default value is 10. Example of command line: sm -emailout -mailThreadCount:10

Is there a specific or logical reason of being 10 as default? Is this a matter of SM system limitation?

Is there any further reference somewhere?


JavaMail primerOpen in a New Window

I haven't been able to find much documentation on JavaMail, so I'm hoping someone can point me to a good document or even give me a primer here.  All I've found so far has been the background process and sm.ini parameters, but nothing that explains how it works to determine what to check if something fails. 

The company I recently started working for has A LOT of customizations, and because I'm unfamiliar with JavaMail, I can't tell what is OOB and what is customized.


Re: HPE Software Documentation PortalOpen in a New Window

Hi Afranke,

thanks for share this important information.



Service Manager and third party widgetsOpen in a New Window

Is it possible to integrate (embed) third party widgets inside HPE Service Manager? If yes, could you point me to some documentation? Thanks.


Links in HPSMOpen in a New Window

Hi Experts,


PLease let me know the links for documentation. Also kindly let me know where is the document for links

I am finding it really hard to understand Links, including simple, complex ,special and vj links






Documentation of HPSMOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

Kindly let me know which link I should use to access the documentation for HPSM





add attached to web service service manager for incident management with soap uiOpen in a New Window

To add an attachment to 9.34 service manager for webservice I share a video that can be useful for someone who is trying to do it without getting results

I share video with the procedure, forgiveness quality video:






HPSM skill LevelOpen in a New Window

Hi Guys,

Can anyone please let me know what a person should know or should be able to do in HPSM in each of the below skill Levels?

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, & Expert.




In what programming language the Service Manager tool were built upon?Open in a New Window

Hello all,

    I'm new to service manager. I'm learning Service Manager tools now a days. The tool is pretty good to use. 

I would like to know about in which programming language the Service Manager tool was built upon. I mean, to develope SM tool, what frontend language being utilized by the devlopement team.


Creating contact/users on the flyOpen in a New Window



Feasibility to update tickets in Bulk like we update columns in an excel sheetOpen in a New Window

Hi All,

we have a customer requirement to update the multiple fields of multiple tickets at a time, like we update columns in an excel sheet.

At this moment customer has to open each and every ticket and update and save, customer wanted to avoid this.

Thanks in advance,



Incident Tickets - best practiceOpen in a New Window

When an application team gets an incident ticket assigned to them (let's say from the Service Desk), and they need help from DBA, Hosting, and Network teams to triage the issue. Should they open a Related Incident ticket and get people to help them or should they be using Incident tasks?

What is the best practice for this scenario?


HM SM 9.40 Architecture designOpen in a New Window


We are trying to design an hypothetical HP Service manager infrastructure.

I read the sizing documentation but I couldn't find any response to several questions :

1st : I saw in HP service manager sizing documentation several sizing for the Knowledge management module (small, medium, large...), is the search engine included in that ? (METI1.png file)

2nd : If the search engine is not included in that, do we have any precise metrics to calculate the resources to affect.
It's written minimum of 8GB of RAM, 16GB for better performance. (METI2.png file)
We expect only 50 users simultaneously on this functionally so the requirements seems very high according to our user number and incomplete.

Thanks in advance for your replies,




SM 9.40 Taskplanner Button Additional PropertiesOpen in a New Window


I have to deactivate the button 'Additional Properties' in the (change)  taskplanner modul.

Please look at the attached screenshot.

I can not find the responsible displayoption to modify the condition that only sysadmin users will see this button.

I found a scmessage record with the Message Number 'ticketContext' which contains the string 'Additional Properties', but I don´t find any connection between this record and a condition to deactivate the button.

Any help is appreciated.



(SM 9.40.3006 P3 - Webtier 9.41 )


HP service manager 9.40Open in a New Window

I am installing service manager 9.40 evalution version .it is asking for license  before downloading demo data to the database .H can I get license.How can I get the license ?




HP Service Manager Help Centers are now publicly accessible!Open in a New Window

To make it more convenient for you to access HP Service Manager (SM) product documentation, we are happy to announce that the latest SM 9.41 Help Centers are publicly accessible now.


To access them, click the links below:


Now you can easily share a Help topic by simply copying and pasting the corresponding URL.


We'd appreciate it if you could share with us your comments and suggestions.



HP Servie Manager Information Engineering team


Building Alerts in 9.3XOpen in a New Window

I am trying to find documentation on building Alerts in Service Manager 9.33. Everything I have found so far only shows small pieces of the process.  


Requrie Doumenation for Webservice for HPSMOpen in a New Window


HP SM 9.40 Installation Guide and HW & SW Requirement - If any one can please share the pathOpen in a New Window

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