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Filtering Internal HPOM Error MessagesOpen in a New Window

Hello Support,

I am working with OML version 9.21.130 and OMA 11.14 and i am facing a strange behavior about filtering Internal error messages.

In particular i have some nodes where thers is no OPC_INT_MSG_FLT variable set to TRUE, but i am able as well to intercept internal messages via "opcmsg" policy. Infact source of the event reports the name of the policy/condition.

I am confused about it becuase i expect this behavior only if i have that variable (OPC_INT_MSG_FLT) set to true.

Please can you confirm my opinion? is there any default value about that variable? Is dipendent on agent version?

Consider that events has been generated by agent side and not by management server side, example:

(ctrl-208) Component 'opcmsga' with pid 20766 exited with exit value '6'. Restarting component.






HP Operation Manager fox UNIX freeze when man clicks with mouse quicklyOpen in a New Window

Dear Colleagues,

We experience freeze of HP Operations Manager many times on a day after we moved from windows to Redhat based workstations. Now we use, the HP Operations Manager for UNIX.

The freeze usually happens, when we click with mouse quickly on filtered messages windows to own or check details of alerts.

We use 09.21..130 Version for HP Operation Manager for UNIX

Java version is 1.8.0_111 and run from /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-oracle-

Operating system is: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation release 7.2 (Maipo)

Kernel version: 3.10.0-327.36.3.el7.x86_64

Has anyone any idea how to solve this issue?

Thank you for the answers, in advance!


Can HP Operations Manager (OpenView) monitor Linux/Unix services?Open in a New Window

Hello, im running HP Operations Manager on a Windows server, the HP tool can monitor other Windows nodes with no problem (Performance, Services...). I did successfully install the Agent on a Linux node (CentOS 6.8), all of the agent services is running well, the certificates on agent node is good, i can synchronize packages n policies with no problem, but when i try deploy Process/Service Monitor Policy on Linux node, the Operations Console tells me that the policy uses a VBscript, which means it does not support a LInux/Unix node.

So my question is: Can HP Operations Manager (OpenView) monitor Linux/Unix services? or did i miss something?

Thanks for reading my question

Best Regards


Error during store of data in CODA for policy WINOSSPI-WINOS_Win2k8_Logging. (OpC30-785)Open in a New Window

Message text: Error during store of data in CODA for policy WINOSSPI-WINOS_Win2k8_Logging. (OpC30-785)

Routine coda_DefineMetric failed with error message coda_define_metric_failed. (OpC30-786)

this is a server running window2008R2  running agent version 12.1.20.

I've stopped the agent  using opcagt -kill and removed the coda db files from the server and restarted the agent using opcagt -start.  I validated Coda is running using ovcodautil -status. 

Still receiving the same error message.



OneView connector to HPOML - Failed to parse HTTP headerOpen in a New Window

Hello all,

I face issue with OneView connector for OML. Even the installation steps were followed and the user credentials are working, Connector still receives errors about "Failed to parse HTTP header".

I used debug option and here are all information.

Could anyone help me with this error?

OneView connector for OML info:

HPBsmIntGenint-01.40.031 - installed
HPOMIntOneView-01.10.011 - installed

OML info:
OML version: 09.21.130
OML Linux release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.7 (Santiago)

OneView info:
OneView appliance: 3.00.04-0269898


Read-Only user created in OneView and configured in OneView connector on OML server side.
OneView IP configured in OneView connector on OML server side.


2016-11-22 08:54:25 [18973] ERROR lua_plugin::lua_source_node - oneview> Request failed!: Failed to parse HTTP header




HP Operations Manager for Win 10Open in a New Window

I am updating my operating system from windows 7 to Windows 10 64 bit and want to know what the latest version of HP Operations Manager that compatible with Windows 10?


Don't have mib's and oid's information to monitor San Devices in-- OMW 8 and 9Open in a New Window


i have to monitor san devices in OMW...but don't have mib's and oid's information...how could i proceed to resolve the issue...also is there any documentation to how to create snmp interceptor policy from scratch...am using OMW 9.0version with MW_00203 latest patch...


Hearbeat monitoring from OML9.2Open in a New Window


I want to know how exactly agent heartbeat monitoring works on OML 9.2. any reference doc will be helpful.

Also if we keep the heartbeat polling interval to 5 minutes without selecting the "agent sends alive packets" check box, then will the ping monitoring alert be created if the server is down at the time time of polling or there are some other factors also included?


HealthView looking for removed policiesOpen in a New Window

HealthView agent reporting error on removed policies on nodes. And thus showing incorrect status.


Embedded Performance Component and Measurement Threshold Policies on Linux AgentOpen in a New Window

I have written a policy that moniter CPU usage of Linux agent and notify every threshold greater than 10 as attached image. After i deploy this policy on Linux Agent Server, I have encounted the following error:

Cannot convert Measurement Threshold policy VP_SM_OVOWServices
into a policy supported on UNIX systems. (OpC20-350)
The policy uses scripts of type VBScript. (OpC20-353)

I still not understand this message, please give me your idea, thanks.





Error in populating <$OPTION()> variable for DBSPI-3058Open in a New Window

Hello everyone,

I'm facing an issue on an event intercepted from MSSQL SPI (HPOvSpiMss-12.01.002-1.x86_64) - metric 3058, on a server with OA 11.14.084 installed.

- My policy has configured the following CiInfo = sqlserver:<$OPTION(server)>:@@<$MSG_NODE_NAME>

- dbspicfg is configured as follows:
SERVER "t4srv1009t\DOF_TEST1"

But the event has arrived with the following Related CI Hint:

Why the variable <$OPTION(server)> has not been populated with "t4srv1009t\DOF_TEST1" but only with "DOF_TEST1"?

Thank you in advance


How to Retrive the number of messages in active-message-table?Open in a New Window

I need to retrieve the count of  messages in active-message-table. Any ideas?


Flood Gate has Detected a Storm for ApplicationOpen in a New Window

we are facing the below issue:

Flood Gate has Detected a Storm for Application (server.Domain^:^Cissesrv^:^)  Logfile: /var/opt/OV/share/log/concorde/event_storms/20161102/server_114101  Annotations: No


NMP interceptor Policy customizationOpen in a New Window



I was trying to customize snmp interceptor policy .but it won't work. I want receive alerts for specific node , I have given node name as well enterprise id in snmp interveptor policy.

After deploying the policy on nnmi node , OMW not receiving any alert for mentioned device in snmp intercetor policy .

So anyone have idea about how to get traps for specific device.






HP OMW 9.00 + OMW_00204 No support node Windows Server 2012Open in a New Window


If I understood correctly, the 204 pach to add support for the new OS.

But something went wrong.
I cant create a node versions above 6.1 (Windows Server 2008 R2)

How can I solve this problem?


Perl Script Session valuesOpen in a New Window

I can't seem to locate an answer to this.. but it seems like this should work.. 

my $DiskMBFreeThreshold;
$DiskMBFreeThreshold = 100;
$Session->Value('DiskMBFreeThreshold', $DiskMBFreeThreshold);

my $ExcludeFilter;
$ExcludeFilter = "[D:|E:|F:|G:|K:|L:|M:|N:|O:|P:|Q:|R:|S:|T:|U:|V:|W:|X:|Y:|Z:]";
$Session->Value('ExcludeFilter', $ExcludeFilter);


So I have these two values... when I attempt to use the text based $Session->Value('ExcludeFilter'); I'm told that

Perl Script execution failed: (in cleanup) Can't call method "Value" on an undefined value at PerlScript line 39.

but the numeric variable works fine.  

This is a threshold policy and I'm setting that value using the parameters...and calling it on an instance filter.. 

$ExcludeFilter = $Session->Value('ExcludeFilter'); <-- this is line 39

Any ideas?


HPOM Servicenow IntegrationOpen in a New Window

Hi  Team


Agetn 12.0-12.1 crashing OPCMONA from Disk capacity policyOpen in a New Window

Hi all,

   For what seems like a year now, our opcmona agent on our 12.0-12.1 installs seems to randomly go ou over and over again. With a little troubleshooting I found it to be the DiskCapacity policy that fails. My automation guy put in debig statements that would catalog where in the perl scripts the policy was failing and taking the agent out, however it never got to the Perl and it seems that there is some diconnect between the coda pulling the data and getting to the script. Has anyone ran into this and if so how did you fix it.



Error (OpC40-427): Network communication problems occurred.Open in a New Window

I have this same error message and it seems to of been after I registered the OM Agent 12.01.

I have tried all the suggestions above and the results look correct.

Any other thoughts on what might be causing this ?


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Not able to configure UDM syntax error occured.Open in a New Window

Hi Experts,

We are not able to configure the UDM policy, we are continuous getting syntax error while doing syntax check on below mention query

Query is:- select SID,SERIAL#,OPNAME,ELAPSED_SECONDS,TIME_REMAINING/60 "Time Remaining",USERNAME,SQL_ID,target from v$session_longops where SOFAR<>TOTALWORK

Kindly help.




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