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Recorded Webinar - Synchronizing with HPE ALM for Traceability Across ToolsetsOpen in a New Window

Synchronized Trace 2-16.jpg

This webinar should not be missed – It’s now recorded!  If your Dev teams are storing their requirements as User Stories in one tool and your QA teams are storing their Test Cases in HPE ALM, then chances are you have no traceability between the two.  And what about Test Defects created in HPE ALM?  How can you trace those back to the original User Story requirement?  We will show you how we solved this dilemma at this exciting event!  

View this webinar now!  http://bit.ly/2kXwv3r


Recorded Webinar - Mobile SDK Trends & Implications: Delivering Quality Mobile Apps with HPE MobilOpen in a New Window


If you missed this webinar, it’s now recorded!  Using Software Development Kits (SDKs) continues to be on the rise in mobile apps.  They offer unique functionality and simplify the coding, while saving time and money.  Join us to hear about key trends and finding for Mobile SDKs.  We will also explore domains of risks introduced when using SDKs and real life stories.  Learn how to achieve a 5 star rating using HPE Mobile Center and SafeDK App X-Ray  as well.  Register now for this important event! 

More info. here:  http://bit.ly/2kDoAVV


3/21 - Accelerate IT to the Speed of DevOps with HPE ITOMOpen in a New Window

Accerate sc.jpg

When: Tuesday, March 21, 2017
8:00 - 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles), 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST (New York), 17:00 - 18:00 CET (Frankfurt)
Where:  Webinar

More info. here:  http://bit.ly/2lSU537

Businesses are accelerating their shift to digital enterprises. IT must accelerate to the speed of DevOps to support this transformation, and must be able to iterate, deploy, and scale faster than ever before. To enable IT to meet these needs, the HPE ITOM suites are evolving to embrace agile best practices.

In this webinar, HPE will showcase the new features of the ITOM suites and will reveal the ITOM go-forward strategy.


Tom Goguen
Vice President, General Manager 
IT Operations Management
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Recently joined HPE to head up the Automate and Orchestrate organization within IT Operations Management
  • Has over 20 years of experience developing and delivering successful mobile applications and SaaS offerings for enterprise and consumer markets
  • Brings a wealth of experience from his prior roles with large technology companies and also his recent activity advising and running start-up organizations
  • Has held line management and executive roles spanning engineering, product management and marketing functions at Sun Microsystems, Apple and BlackBerry
  • Recently as CEO, Tom lead the turnaround and successful divestiture of Newbay Software, a white label cloud services provider to mobile operators
  • Started his career automating a navigation test facility for the Canadian Defense Department, then went on to do embedded software development and building control systems for inertial and GPS navigation systems
  • Is a co-inventor on 9 patents, the most pragmatic of which is a “Join Now” button for conference calls
  • Holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick 
Roy Ritthaler
VP of Product Marketing 
IT Operations Management
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Leads the go-to-market strategy and execution for SaaS and software offerings in the management marketplace including significant interaction with customers and markets across the globe
  • Helps direct and shape business direction and strategy
  • Prior to joining HPE, Roy has held senior product, R&D and marketing positions with Dell and BMC Software in their cloud and management businesses
  • Career has been built on a passion for customer value - it spans smaller companies in the energy and technology sectors, and IBM where he started his career as an engineer


3/15 -Learn How to Deliver an Amazing User Experience with your Application using HPE AppPulse SuiOpen in a New Window

Learn how to deliver sc.jpg

When: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
9:00 - 10:00 AM PST (Los Angeles), 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST (New York), 18:00 - 19:00 CET (Frankfurt)
Where:  Webinar

More info. here:  http://bit.ly/2kTLBro

Application success is measured by the quality of the user experience (UX). That is why 95% of DevOps teams, with mature practices, now focus on the UX. Join this webinar to learn how to deliver an amazing User Experience for your mobile and web users’ using the HPE AppPulse suite. 

In this web seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Measure Mobile and Web Applications by tracking and measuring the real User Experience like your users
  • Focus using Sentiment Analysis on what matters to your users by identifying and prioritizing tasks that affect most of your users, or critical functionality, that negatively impact User Experience
  • Improve speed of troubleshooting by spending less time tracking down problems and isolating problems down to the specific line of code, SQL statement, Ajax request, or log message

Dror Elkaras
Sr. Product Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Senior Product Manager for HPE AppPulse, the next generation of HPE's monitoring tools
  • Joined HPE at 2006 as part of the Mercury acquisition in 2006 and has since served in different roles and functions across most of the software division
  • Holds Master of Business Administration from Bar Ilan University

Liron Lichterman 
Sr. Marketing Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Dan Iuster 
Sr. Technical Marketing Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


3/7 - HPE ALM Standardization as a Precursor for Data WarehousingOpen in a New Window

HPE ALM Standard sc 3-7.jpg

When:  Tuesday, March 7, 2017
7:00 - 8:00 AM PST (Los Angeles), 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST (New York), 16:00 - 17:00 CET (Frankfurt)
Where:  Webinar

More info. here:  http://bit.ly/2lHijcn

Brought to you by the Business Intelligence Special Interest Group

In this webinar, we discuss the importance and techniques of HPE ALM projects standardization to enable higher level reporting and enhanced visibility in your software development lifecycle.


  • Data warehousing at a glance
  • Wild West vs Enterprise HPE ALM Template
  • Planning and configuring the template
  • Customer use case: Standardization project walkthrough
  • How to maintain a standardized environment
  • Next steps with HPE ALM

Tuomas Leppilampi
SDLC Specialist

  • Partner at Assure for 10 years
  • First hand experience in numerous standardization projects
  • Strong international experience from Europe to US and Asia
  • Background in HPE ALM system design and development
  • Enthusiastic about the future of analytics in DevOps area


Recorded Webinar - Building a continuous testing pipeline using HPE LeanFTOpen in a New Window

building pipe.jpeg

Join us for this new recorded webinar - as the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise software development team describes a “day in the life” of our team as they build and test the software we deliver to our customers, using the software we deliver to our customers!  We will also be joined by the team from the British Sky Broadcasting company, to hear some of their challenges in building a continuous testing pipeline and how they were addressed.  Log in to Vivit to see exactly what we will be covering.

 Register for this fun and informative event:  http://bit.ly/2k4eDVP


Recorded Webinar - Data Center Automation: A New Year, a New SuiteOpen in a New Window

Data center.jpg

It’s now Recorded!  With the 2017 suite release, HPE’s Data Center Automation (DCA) is recharged for the new year! The DCA suite is HPE’s infrastructure management solution to automate tasks, orchestrate IT processes, enforce compliance, and optimize infrastructure across virtual and physical servers, database and middleware applications. In this Vivit webinar, we’ll share what’s new and what’s coming, and equally address top-of-mind questions about the suite. 

Join us for this recorded event:  http://bit.ly/2iYPh7R


Recorded Webinar - 3 Unspoken Truths to Know about Security for 2017Open in a New Window

3 unspoken truths security 2-9.jpg

If you missed this event, you can now hear it recorded! In this webinar, we will expose 3 of the top security truths for you to be aware of in 2017. See how through a recent case study, an organization was able to quickly identify their vulnerabilities and mitigate, enabling the business and technology teams to deliver an exceptional outcome and results for their end-users. These are practical examples you can implement, so you do not become impacted by these unspoken security risks.  Instead, overcome them now! 

Register for this event at http://bit.ly/2jpSpt8.



2/16 - Synchronizing with HPE ALM for Traceability Across ToolsetsOpen in a New Window

Synchronized Trace sc 2-16.jpg

When: Thursday, February 16, 2017
8:00 - 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles), 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST (New York), 17:00 - 18:00 CET (Frankfurt)
Where:  Webinar

More Info. here:  http://bit.ly/2kTqJkf

Brought to you by the Vivit Software Lifecycle Integration SIG

If your Dev teams are storing their requirements as User Stories in one tool and your QA teams are storing their Test Cases in HPE ALM, then chances are you have no traceability between the two.  And what about Test Defects created in HPE ALM?  How can you trace those back to the original User Story requirement?  I’ll show you how we solved this dilemma using Tasktop to synchronize User Stories to HPE ALM Requirements, pass the User Story id throughout the HPE ALM lifecycle from Requirement to traced Test Case to linked Defect, and how we will synchronize the Test Defects back to our Dev tool and link them back to the User Story for full round trip traceability.  

This session is suitable for all levels including VPs, Directors, Dev and QA managers, practitioners, and technical resources.  We will cover the following:
  • Why Requirement and Defect traceability is important to us
  • The challenges faced that prompted our solution
  • Detailed explanation of how we implemented the solution
  • The benefits realized

Mark Ford
Lead Developer

  • Been an ALM/QC Admin for 10+ years and our Tasktop Admin for 4 years
  • Support six different Tasktop synchronizations in Production today between a variety of different toolsets.  I’m a programmer at heart and my specialties include developing processes, tools, and utilities that augment and enhance the toolsets that I support
  • Vivit LUG leader in the Carolinas and currently on the Vivit Board of Directors


Recorded Webinar - The Future belongs to the Fast, Transform your Business with IT ManagementOpen in a New Window

Future belongs to fast 1-31.jpeg

You can now hear this Vivit Virtual Summit as a recorded webinar. Join leaders at HPE Software, as they discuss challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in organizations today.  Learn how IT management can accelerate your transition to the digital enterprise. By leveraging new innovations, you can manage risk while also realizing rapid time to value and to market. 

You are not going to want to miss this recorded Vivit Virtual Summit event!  http://bit.ly/2klydK5


Recorded Webinar - Don’t Underestimate the Power of Good AppsOpen in a New Window

Don't underestimat pwr of apps 1-31.jpeg

Bad apps happen to good people – but they don’t have to!  Do not miss this recorded webinar - where industry leaders and customers will show you how to successfully deliver high-quality apps at speed and scale. Learn tips and tricks to help you avoid bad apps.  See solutions that will enable you to address the needs of the digital economy. 

You can hear this Vivit Virtual Summit right now!   http://bit.ly/2k4st9f


Recorded Webinar - The benefits of transforming your IT event into Autonomous Operations managemenOpen in a New Window

Buiding auton bridges 1-31.jpeg

This Virtual Summit webinar is now recorded!  Your business requires a solution that constantly evolves and provides your operations teams with coverage of various technologies and hybrid IT environments. Let us describe the strategy, roadmap and vision of HPE Software Operations Bridge.

Hear this amazing Vivit Virtual Summit webinar now!  http://bit.ly/2l0j148


Recorded Webinar - The Big Data Service Desk: The Saga so farOpen in a New Window

Big Data SaaS Service desk 2-1.jpeg

You can now join this Vivit Virtual Summit session as a recorded webinar, to gain insights on how HPE Service Manager with Smart Analytics leverage Big Data for the service desk for a better user experience and increased efficiency.

Listen now at:  http://bit.ly/2jASbU8


Recorded Webinar - Agile Delivery in a Continuously Regulated EnvironmentOpen in a New Window

Agile Deliv in reg environ 2-1.jpeg

You can now hear this exciting webinar recorded!  Listen to how Almac Information Services implemented HPE Agile Manager and enabled the team to re-scope the project with an Agile planning perspective and deliver the project in 9 months as opposed to 2 years - with all of the quality and functionality the business demanded. 

Log on now so you don’t miss this exciting event!  http://bit.ly/2kWArif


Recorded Webinar - Enabling the Shift towards Agile and DevOps CapabilitiesOpen in a New Window

Enabling shift.jpg

Now recorded!  During this time of continuous improvement, the pressure on IT has never been greater to deliver. The HPE Pre-sales Value Consulting team can help you unleash the value in your existing investment.  Join us for this webinar to learn about a proven methodology we’ve built.  We will help your IT teams understand your current state, share HPE’s broad experience in this area and identify quick wins you can adopt for repeatable success.

More info. here:  http://bit.ly/2jAXdjt


Recorded Webinar - Supporting the Idea Economy in the World of Finance: IntelliQA with HPE MobilOpen in a New Window


Mobility has become a competitive necessity. Join this recorded Vivit Virutal Summit webinar - to learn how a Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 organization is leveraging HPE Application Delivery Management solutions and HPE Mobile Solutions to deliver high-quality experiences to customers, accelerate time to market and ensure innovation is alive and kicking in the world of finance.

Hear this Vivit Virtual Summit webinar now at:   http://bit.ly/2jAUExQ


Recorded Webinar - Cloud Next: The Next Generation of Cloud Management Software from HPEOpen in a New Window


Hear this recorded webinar now!  HPE continues to be on the cutting edge of their cloud management platform with their newest software generation – Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM).  Join us for this Vivit Virtual Summit webinar event to find out how the HPE Hybrid Cloud Management platform can help you accelerate operations responsiveness and achieve cloud freedom.

Join us for this Vivit Virtual Summit webinar event at:  http://bit.ly/2k48h4V


Recorded Webinar - Master any Cloud with Hybrid Cloud Management from HPEOpen in a New Window

Master any cloud 2-2.jpeg

This is our second webinar in our Hybrid Cloud Management series with Vivit Virtual Summit – and is now recorded!  Join us as we continue for an even more-in-depth look into primary design use case. Learn about the advantages that Hybrid Cloud Management can provide to you and your organization. 

Hear this webinar now!  http://bit.ly/2kxwrrZ



2/28 - Effective Application Security Testing at High Velocity: Keeping up with Agile / DevOpsOpen in a New Window

Effective App Security sc 2-28.jpg

When: Tuesday, February 28, 2017
9:00 - 10:00 AM PST (Los Angeles), 12:00 - 1:00 PM EST (New York), 18:00 - 19:00 CET (Frankfurt)
Where:  Webinar

More info. here:  http://bit.ly/2jcZnBq

Is your business challenged with competing priorities and resources when it comes to application security testing and the need for more rapid application development? Are you impacted by costly and cumbersome remediation of security issues?  In a world of competing requirements, how can your application security keep up with the rapid pace of development, while remaining effective?

Using lessons learned by working with some of the most advanced and innovative application security customers / programs, this webinar will cover:

  • Automation - where modern security tools are being included in the “treat infrastructure as code” mantra
  • How development organizations have made static and dynamic analysis of applications more  efficient and effective
  • How to integrate application security throughout your software development lifecycle and the DevOps tool chain of automation using the Fortify Ecosystem
  • How to gain visibility into production application behavior and exploits via low-impact Continuous Monitoring
  • How to protect security flaws in production to buy time for true remediation


Cindy Blake CISSP

Product Marketing Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Works with customers and account teams around the globe to help them apply application security tools to mature their appsec posture and reduce risk
  • Specifically focused on Runtime Application Self-protection, Cindy helps customers integrate security as they shift toward a DevOps methodology
  • Has held a variety of roles at Hewlett Packard following a previous career in IT leadership in both healthcare and energy industries


2/23 - HPE ITSM Automation and Containers – Accelerating Deployment and Time to ValueOpen in a New Window

HPE ITSM AUTO 2 2-23.jpg

When: Thursday, February 23, 2017
8:00 - 9:00 AM PST (Los Angeles), 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST (New York), 17:00 - 18:00 CET (Frankfurt)
Where:  Webinar

More info. here:  http://bit.ly/2jQnNSa

More IT and computing is moving to public networks such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Increasingly, internal/private IT is being restructured to provide similar services. Along with this are changes in the ways applications are being built, deployed, and maintained reflected by the rapid adoption of containers and microservices. What does this mean to IT Service Management and the service desk organization?

Join this webinar to learn what HPE Software and our ITSM Automation (ITSMA) solutions are doing to both take advantage of these trends and also help support these trends. We’ll discuss the benefits to the service desk team of faster deployments, quicker time to value, and reduced administration and maintenance. Please join us to learn more about what HPE ITSMA provides today and what’s coming soon.


Michael Pott
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Responsibilities include out-bound marketing and sales enablement
  • Joined HPE in 1989 and has held various positions in HPE software since 1996
  • Worked on different areas of the IT management software market, including market analysis, sales content development and business planning for a broad range of products such as HPE Operations Manager and HPE Universal CMDB 

Greg W. Morrison
Senior Product Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Sr. Product Manager for ITSMA with a strong background in IT best practices, Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, Business Relationship Management, Product Management and Quality Management
  • Key contributor of the ITIL v3 2011 Service Strategy publication and has held senior leadership roles with industry organizations such as the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) and the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF)

Scott Knox
Senior Product Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Senior Product Manager for Service Manager for 10 years working in various technical roles with the product since 1996

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