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Webinspect Macro HelpOpen in a New Window

Hello. I am trying to run a webinspect macro. When I run the macro the first time, I get to a logon banner where I have to click "I Accept". I put my credentials (username and password) in the browser network authentication settings (if I do not it is a pop-up where I have to manually put it in and the macro will not do it for me), and then the app loads. AFter that I click "stop" and then you have to "play the macro" again. When I do this, the web page skips the "I accept" part because I just did it and it doesn't require it again. The macro then fails because it cannot complete the step that requires you to "click accept". I looked in the Toolbox and there are IF EXIST, IF BLOCK, etc, but I do not how to javascript to complete it.

So what I'm asking is if there is a way for the macro to check to see if "I accept" is there, if not, then continue with the macro. If it is there, then click it and continue as well. Sometimes the app requests the "I accept" and sometimes it does not. But it is forcing my scan to get the server error and unauthorized since it won't log me in. 


Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15Open in a New Window

Software Content on HPE Enterprise Community in Read-Only May 9 - 15

As you may have seen in the last few months, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is combining some software assets with Micro Focus. As part of this spin-merge with Micro Focus, a new Software instance of an online community will go live on May 16, 2017.

All boards within the current Software category will be located to a new community. All URLs will redirect to the new community. All current users will be migrated to the new community as well. Please be sure to update your bookmarks after May 16.

As part of the migration to a new Software instance, all software content will be in read-only mode from May 9 – 15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will continue to provide further updates in this News board.


WebInspect 17.10 RequirementsOpen in a New Window

Our network is going to Win10 soon and need to find out if Win10 is supported by WebInspect 16.20 and/or 17.10.  I can't find any requirements documentation on HPE support.  Only old stuff like WebInspect 10.


WebInspect 17 UpgradeOpen in a New Window

Hi all.  Trying to upgrade to WebInspect 17 from 16.20, and getting an error using Smart Update.

"MSID5E8.tmp has been detected as W32.Generic:Malwaregen.20cj.1201.  Quarantine was successful."  Coming from our SourceFire virus scanner real time scanning.  Any workaround I can try?


WebInspect 16.20 Fails to StartOpen in a New Window

When I launch WebInspect 16.20, I see nothing on my screen. If I open the task manager (win 2012), I see it come up for about 2 seconds in the Processes list and then close. Here's the only interesting bit from my logs, the App log to be specific:

2017-04-21 16:18:16,237 WARN  [1    ] SPI.WebInspect.App entering Main
2017-04-21 16:18:16,268 ERROR [1    ] SPI.WebInspect.App in Main, swallowing exception 7
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at HP.AppSec.Telemetry.SettingsManager.Reload()
   at HP.AppSec.Telemetry.TelemetryAPI.Initialize(String domainAndUser, Boolean launchUploadProc)
   at SPI.WebInspect.App.Main()
2017-04-21 16:18:16,268 WARN  [1    ] SPI.WebInspect.App exiting Main

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, ideally without destroying my scan data?





Same URL being scanned over and over and adding slashes each time.Open in a New Window

Has anyone ever had a problem with WI scanning the same url over and over and adding an extra slash each time?  In each HTML Request, the referrer is the current URL with one less slash, but in the Session Steps it gets longer and longer as more slashes are added.  This particular scan ended up with a total of  2400 vulnerablitles. 









Fortify WebInspect Foundations the new digital learningOpen in a New Window

Learn anytime, anywhere within the HPE digital classroom, allowing students to learn where and when they are most ready to learn. A benefit to taking our online courses is the flexibility and cost.

In the WebInspect Foundations course you will learn how to dynamically scan and analyze Web application, services, and mobile devices to find vulnerabilities, remediate, and report any issues WebInspect discovers. This course is intended to answer application developers’ and security testers’ basic WebInspect usage questions.

WebInspect home pageWebInspect home pageAt the end of this course, you will be able to effectively work within WebInspect producing Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) to eliminate vulnerabilities and keep up with compliancy before and during your Web application launch.

This course includes 60% simulations, interactive lab exercises so developers can interactively scan web and mobile apps, recognize known and unknown vulnerabilities, and begin to effectively secure their web applications.

WebInspect scan results viewWebInspect scan results viewClick here to register or review a full course outline for this new digital learning course, or view other Enterprise Security trainings available by clicking here.

Maximize your abilities to secure your web applications with WebInspect training because software is only as powerful as those who know how to use it.


Web application account locked out while scanningOpen in a New Window

I am using HP Web Inspect enterprise version, the web application has a feature of account lockout after entering 3 failure attempts.

I would like to know the steps in web inspect where I can tune the tool, so that the web application does not lock out after scanning.

Ex: application login url - www.abc.com/index.cfm

What I tried:

In the exclusion fields - I have added index.cfm

Still the application got locked out while scanning.

Please advice.



Webinspect pauses on Error {11004} Unable to connect to remote hostOpen in a New Window

I am trying to scan my website using HP Webinspect. The scan is Pausing very frequently and it is giving an error "Error {11004} Unable to connect to remote host". I need help in solving this issue.

Secondly is there a way to configure the webinspect to skip pages with errors and continue scanning?


WebInspect Sensor: failed to launch browserOpen in a New Window

This is a stock sensor config right out of the box on Win 2K12 R2.  When I initiate a scan, the log spits out the following.  It appears that the built-in Firefox browser cannot be launched.

If I install sensor on another server, the scan works fine.  Am I possibly running into a communication issue here?  The sensor user has admin on the sensor box.


2017-03-30 13:00:45,010 INFO [Sensor Command] Sensor.dispatchCommand - Dispatching command AbortScan (objectID=84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b)
2017-03-30 13:00:45,025 INFO [Sensor Command] ScanManager.AbortScan - received AbortScan command for scan=84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b
2017-03-30 13:00:45,025 INFO [Sensor Command] ScanManager.AbortScan - Aborting current scan 84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b
2017-03-30 13:00:45,041 INFO [Sensor Command] ScanManager.scannerMonitor_LogEvent - WebInspect log message (severity Info): Info:Stop Requested, reason=Scan stopped by AMP Manager:
2017-03-30 13:00:45,119 INFO [84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanManager.scannerMonitor_LogEvent - WebInspect log message (severity Info): Info:Scan Stop, ScanID:84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b:
2017-03-30 13:00:47,135 INFO [84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanManager.AmpQueuesStop - Stopping scan visualization queues...
2017-03-30 13:00:47,135 INFO [84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanManager.OnScanAborted - Scan 84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b aborted
2017-03-30 13:00:47,478 INFO [84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanManager.UploadScanResults - Exporting scan 84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b
2017-03-30 13:00:48,228 INFO [84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanManager.UploadScanResults - Finished exporting scan 84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b
2017-03-30 13:00:48,244 INFO [84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanUploadManager.UploadScan - Initiating upload of scan 84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b from source 'C:\ProgramData\HP\HP WebInspect\EnterpriseServer\Export\84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b.scan' to url 'https://wie.example.com/WIE/SensorUpload/scandata.scan?scanId=84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b'
2017-03-30 13:00:48,260 INFO [84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanUploadManager.QueueUpload - Upload for scan 84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b added to upload queue
2017-03-30 13:00:48,260 INFO [upload] ScanUploadManager.UploadThreadProc - Starting transfer for scan 84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b (previous transfer state was Queued)
2017-03-30 13:00:48,260 INFO [upload] ScanUploadManager.UploadThreadProc - Creating new BITS session to upload scan 84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b
2017-03-30 13:00:49,197 INFO [upload] ScanUploadManager.UploadThreadProc - Upload of scan 84313a98-9547-4633-9337-5c9ffb2baf0b completed
2017-03-30 13:01:09,238 INFO [Sensor Command] Sensor.dispatchCommand - Dispatching command StartScan (objectID=8350d0ba-d794-40df-acbc-65643bee2c16)
2017-03-30 13:01:09,348 INFO [Sensor Command] ScanManager.StartScan - received StartScan command for scan=8350d0ba-d794-40df-acbc-65643bee2c16
2017-03-30 13:01:09,410 INFO [Sensor Command] Sensor.HasUpdates - Checking for updates...
2017-03-30 13:01:10,488 INFO [Sensor Command] ScanManager.AmpQueuesStart - Starting scan visualization queues...
2017-03-30 13:01:23,678 WARN [Sensor Command] ScannerMonitor.SetupTrafficMonitor - entering SetupTrafficMonitor()
2017-03-30 13:01:23,678 WARN [Sensor Command] ScannerMonitor.SetupTrafficMonitor - exiting SetupTrafficMonitor()
2017-03-30 13:01:23,974 INFO [8350d0ba-d794-40df-acbc-65643bee2c16:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanManager.scannerMonitor_LogEvent - WebInspect log message (severity Info): Info:Scan Start, ScanID:8350d0ba-d794-40df-acbc-65643bee2c16 Version:16.20.608.0, Source:AmpSensorWI.exe:
2017-03-30 13:01:24,099 INFO [8350d0ba-d794-40df-acbc-65643bee2c16:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanManager.scannerMonitor_ScanStarted - Scan started
2017-03-30 13:01:24,131 INFO [8350d0ba-d794-40df-acbc-65643bee2c16:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanManager.OnScanStarted - Scan 8350d0ba-d794-40df-acbc-65643bee2c16 started
2017-03-30 13:03:24,627 INFO [8350d0ba-d794-40df-acbc-65643bee2c16:Scanner.threadProc_DoScan] ScanManager.scannerMonitor_LogEvent - WebInspect log message (severity Error): Error:SPI.Net.StateRequestor.EWMRHostServiceManager WebInspectWCFService.LaunchTCException: Failed to launch browser
at WebInspectWCFService.PoolBrowserInstance.LaunchTC(String userId, String additionalParameters, String script, Int64 maxMem, Int32 inactivitySeconds, String parentPid, Boolean scriptServer)
at WebInspectWCFService.PoolBrowserInstance.LaunchTC(String userId, String additionalParameters, String script, Int64 maxMem, Int32 inactivitySeconds, String parentPid, Boolean scriptServer)
at WebInspectWCFService.PoolBrowserInstance.LaunchLoadMode(String userId, String script, Int64 maxMem, Int32 inactivitySeconds, String parentPid, Boolean scriptServer, Dictionary`2 settings)
at WebInspectWCFService.TCLoadPool.InitBrowser(String id, String userId, String script, Int64 maxMem, Int32 inactivitySeconds, Int32 parentPid, Boolean scriptServer, TCProfileType pType, Dictionary`2 settings)
at SPI.Net.StateRequestor.BrowserContext.InitProxy(MacroReturnValuesContainer container, String userId)
at SPI.Net.StateRequestor.EWMRHostServiceManager.RetriablePlayTCMacro(MacroReturnValuesContainer container, String leasedTC, String userId):in RetriablePlayTCMacro, name:webir26login, Failed playing TC macro 0 times, leased TC is 8350d0ba-d794-40df-acbc-65643bee2c16Sb0967a95-a11a-4a5f-b4fd-b97446291ba3


Do we still offer license for Security Consultant?Open in a New Window

Hi experts, 

My client has been using T9600AAE (HP WebInspect 1 Named User 1 Year Term with standard support for Security Consultant).  They want to re-order the same, but it is not on our price list (ESP Japan Price Guide - Mar 2017.pdf) any more.   I also checked the licensing guide (Fortify pricing and licensing - licensing Nov 2016.pptx), but I couldn't find a replacement.

What is a replacement SKU for T9600AAE?  Don't we provide WebInspect Term License for Security Consultant any more?  




HP WebInspect Licence queryOpen in a New Window

Hi All 

The WebInspect I am using is having a perpetual licence.(Hence it won't expire.)

I checked the licence info in WI and found the following- 

Maintenence Licence has expired.

Last Licence updated xx/xx/2016.


I have the below query - 

1. What are being covered in the maintenance licence? Does it include the payload updates? 

2. Related question- What will be the impact if I do not renew the maintenance licence. 

3. Last Licence updated xx/xx/2016 - Does it correspond to the tool procurement licence ? If yes, then does not it contradict the meaning of a perpetual licence? 


Thanks in advance! 





WebInspect Audit Engine Error : SPI.Scanners.Web.Audit.Engines.Adaptive.ParameterBasedRedirectionOpen in a New Window

We are getting the exception stack while running the web inspect tool

Error    Audit Engine error: session:19E32C6CFC53C0793DBE400EF991DDE2, CheckID:10705, engine:SPI.Scanners.Web.Audit.Engines.Adaptive.ParameterBasedRedirection:SmartMode:NonServerSpecificOnly,DllCheckID:10705,EngineID:e974f0fd-2e0a-4f6d-8ddc-95c224ed2191, error:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

We got this issue several times and now the scan speed decreased.

Web inspect tool version :16.20


Your browser is not supportedOpen in a New Window


I tried to scan the application in HP WebInspect Web macro recorder with redering engine MSIE option. But I am unable to scan the application.

after login into the application i am getting below error.

"Your browser is not supported."

Please provide the solution to scan web application.



Issue with Visualization window and SSC.Open in a New Window

Hi Team,

I am facing couple of issues when using WebInspect.

1. After the scan got completed, I am unable to view results in Visualization window sometimes. Can you please suggest if there are any settings that has to be changed at UI.

2. In SSC, Best practices and Informational results are combined in Low category...can we make any settings or is it the issue with SSC, as I am having issue in categorizing them and it's taking long time to work on 600+ issues for False Positive analysis. Kindly suggest me if tehre are any settings has to be changed in SSC so that the Best practises and Informational results would be categorised seperately.

3. Sometimes SSC becomes very slow. It takes long time to load when browsing Scan results.

 Request you to kindly help me regarding the both issues mentioned above so that I can work peacefully.

Looking forward to hear from you,


Bhanu M


Exclude tokens from being flagged as BREACH vulnerabilityOpen in a New Window

We use a cross-site scripting token -- that is refreshed per request/response -- and because it has the parital word "token" in it, WI flags it as a secret that could be discovered by a BREACH attack. Because we use this on every page, it generates a huge number of false positives. Other than re-coding our application code to change "token" to some other string, is there a way to keep WI from seeing this is a possible vulnerable secret token in a BREACH attack?

Note that I am not trying to prevent WI from using this parameter in an attack (attack exclusion). I'm trying to get WI to ignore this token as a vulnerability.



I want to create WebInspect scan job in Jenkins. Can anyone direct me on that?Open in a New Window


Scan Status is Running but Audit remains constant for daysOpen in a New Window


I have started scan for an application, I received an error message during profiling the site " SSL configuration failed to connect to target site" I verified the SSL certificate and it was fine and after reading post in this forum, that I can continue scan with this error, I started the scan.

The scan runs fine until some point and after which there is no progress in the Audit on the dashboard, No motion on the network and analysis graphs .Number of attacks sent, HTTP Requests count etc.. all these numbers on the right corner of the dashboard remains constant, But the Scan status is Runnning and the Time is running. 

I had left the scan in this status Overnight, everything was constant. so, then I paused the scan and resumed and it works fine, I have to do this pause resume every 30mins or 1 hour and I can see very very little progress but still the scan has not completed.

After doing this for 4 days, I created a new scan for the same application and selected for crawl only, the crawl was successfully completed. So, hoping it to work fine I clicked on the Audit button on the tool bar and selected audit policy as standard, The scan was normal for until some point and now it is again stuck. same status as said in the above two paragraphs.

Kindly help me with the solution to complete this scan. 


Is it possible to "schedule" SmartUpdate in WebInspect Enterprise?Open in a New Window

Hello experts, 

I'm a trial user of WebInspect.  I've been looking for a way to schedule SmartUpdate (updating security information database). It seems there's no way to schedule it in (Desktop) WebInspect.  It's understantable since it's a desktop application. Can we do this in WebInspect Enterprise?   My client is interested in WebInspect and he is asking if he can schedule SmartUpdate. Thanks,



Is it possible to Integrate HP Unified Functional Testing tool(UFT) with HP WebInspectOpen in a New Window

We are trying to leverage the automation script capabilities of UFT and integrate it with HP WebInspect. Is there any possiblity for that? Is it possible to re-use the UFT scripts in WebInspect? If so, how to do it?

A detailed explanation is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.



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