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Make the Most of Your Software Investment with HPE Software Education

A list of all our courses can be found in our training plan guides, Find all scheduled public classes currently available at:

New and Updated Classes from HPE Software Education May-July 2016

Application Development Management (ADM)

Operations Management

Enterprise Security (ESP)

Big Data


New and Updated Classes coming before November 1, 2016


  • ALM120-125 (Application Lifecycle Management 12.5 Essentials)
  • ALM350-125 (Application Lifecycle Management 12.5 Site and Project Administration)
  • JEN100-01 (Jenkins)
  • LNFT120-125 (Lean FT 12.5 Essentials)
  • LR120-125 (LoadRunner 12.5 Essentials)
  • PC120-125 (Performance Center 12.5 Essentials)
  • UFT350-125 (Unified Functional Testing 12.5 Advanced)

Operations Management

  • APM120-93 (Application Performance Management 9.x Essentials)
  • CDR220-16 (Mastering HPE CODAR)
  • CSA0IT-46 (Cloud Service Automation ART 4.6)
  • CSA120-46 (Cloud Service Automation 4.6 Essentials)
  • ITBA120-101 (IT Business Analytics 10.x Essentials)
  • ITBA350-101 (IT Business Analytics 10.x Administration)
  • OBR120-10 (Operations Bridge 10.x Essentials)
  • OMI120-101 (Operations Manager i Software 10.x Essentials)
  • OO220-105 (Operations Orchestration 10.5 Flow Development)
  • OO320-105 (Operations Orchestration 10.5 Advanced Authoring)
  • OO420-105 (Operations Orchestration 10.5 Administration)
  • OO920-105 (Operations Orchestration 10.5 Delta)
  • Propel01SP-22 (Self-pace e-learning)
  • SAW01ITD-37 (SAW Delta self-paced e-learning)
  • Service Broker /IT4IT Suite (Hosted ART)

Enterprise Security

  • ESM Admin & Analyst
  • Fortify Security Solutions (ATP)
  • Fortify WebInspect (ASE)
  • Logger Search & Reporting ELT
  • WebInspect ART

Big Data

  • Content Manager 9.0, 110, 200, and 300-level courses
  • DP121 – Data Protector Update Training 9.07

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