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HPE ITSM Automation Suite 2017.04 just released: more than 9 enhancements to exploreOpen in a New Window


May 2017.jpgAre you curious about a new, fast deployment experience with ITSM in containers? Keep reading to get the answers you are seeking.


What's New in CMS 10.32? Big Changes to ASM and Cloud Discovery Capabilities!Open in a New Window

CMS 10.32.jpgCMS 10.32 is here! That means some very big changes have come to Automated Service Modeling and our cloud discovery capabilities. Come check out what's included with this exciting release!


What’s next for HPE ITOM? Explore the outlook for the futureOpen in a New Window

Last week, HPE announced some exciting news around our container deployment foundation. Now we are hosting a webinar to further explore this news. Keep reading to learn how to join.



The containers have landed: accelerate and streamline your continuous operationsOpen in a New Window

Today, HPE Software announced the launch of containerized versions of its HPE IT Operations Management (ITOM) suites to accelerate and streamline the continuous operations of IT management software for on-premise or cloud operational environments. Learn more about the launch in this blog.


Containers lady teaser.png


2017 Research in Action Vendor Analysis: HPE Leads the Field in ITSM Strategy and ExecutionOpen in a New Window


The results are in and HPE is rated as the leader in the ITSM market in both strategy and execution from Research in Action! This report uses a unique, primarily survey-based methodology for comparative vendor evaluation, and more than 45,000 data points were compiled before the results were analyzed. It covers vendor analysis and ITSM technology trends.


Be a Service Desk Hero! Get your super skills at the ITOM Americas Summit!Open in a New Window

Be a hero teaser.png


Is your organization looking for a hero? Learn how to be the hero at the Americas ITOM Summit in Dallas May 1-3. Keep reading to become a service desk hero!


Do you still need to hire a babysitter for your IT Services-The next story of automationOpen in a New Window

Printing press teaser.png


The world of IT service management is shifting and changing. Keep reading to get some insights into automation strategies to help you keep up. (Plus get a little bit of movie trivia along the way.


ITSM for dummies: Learning the ropes of IT Service ManagementOpen in a New Window

ITSM for Dummies teaser.png


I have recently voyaged into the world of ITSM. Keep reading to join me on this journey as I dive into all of the parts and pieces of IT Service Management.


Welcome to the future - ITSM Automation and the impact on the service deskOpen in a New Window

ITSMA Picture.jpg

Faster deployments, quicker time to value, and reduced administration and maintenance with HPE ITSM Automation – find out how to achieve this today and tomorrow …


ITSMA Security Certification: Keeping your software secure !!!Open in a New Window

Security-aware product development starts with a well-documented and auditable development process. Keep reading to find out how HPE Software protects its products. ITSMAITSMA


Round up the latest in IT Service Management and Configuration Management in DallasOpen in a New Window

ITOM Summit 2017 teaser.png


Learn how to overcome the challenges your team faces and empower your ITSM to enable IT to accelerate to the current speed of business. Keep reading to discover how.


ITSM at the edge—What does the future hold?Open in a New Window

pink 17 teaser.png


IT Service Management is at a precipice, there is a change in the air with how IT services are delivered and consumed with DevOps, continuous delivery, and containers. Your organization needs to prepare for these shifts to embrace the potential within.


CMDB Trends of 2017 and Beyond: IT Executive Survey Results InfographicOpen in a New Window


Ensure your organization is navigating the ever-changing configuration management environment in 2017 by learning about CMDB usage, trends, budget, and needs from other IT executives! Keep reading to see the results of the IT Executive Survey.


Get your service desk first touch resolution on target and transform business with IT ManagementOpen in a New Window

smart ticket teaser.jpgIf you want to learn how Big Data can reduce ticket handling times and increase first call resolution rate of your service desk, this article provides some insights


HPE IT Service Management Automation Suite 2017.01 is available now!Open in a New Window

ITSM Marchitecture.jpgDid you know that HPE IT Service Management Automation Suite 2017.01 just hast been released? Read on for details …


ITSM Beat: February NewsletterOpen in a New Window

Feb. ITSM Beat teaser.png

Welcome to the February ITSM Beat Newsletter, your key to the latest happenings in the world of IT service management! This is your source for information on IT service management (ITSM) happenings, events and industry trends.


New AM Browser 1.1 - Reporting made easyOpen in a New Window

AM Browser teaser.png

AM Browser helps the world’s largest organizations to unleash the power of their most valuable IT Asset management (ITAM) data. Keep reading to learn how to utilize it for yourself and see things in the business you haven’t seen previously.


Save the date: EMEA Software Customer Forums 2017 in DublinOpen in a New Window

Dublin (small).jpg

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is pleased to announce the EMEA Software Customer Forums 2017 taking place in Dublin, 16-19 May. Keep reading to find out why you won’t want to miss …


Increase application performance and drive improvements with the latest CMS/UCMDB software!Open in a New Window

Is your company waiting for others to check if a version is worth installing? Or is it a first adaptor of software, determined to have the latest and the greatest? Read this article to find out why the latter is worth doing.


Good decision making starts with good configuration dataOpen in a New Window

Configuration Management teaser.png

Recently, a global energy company started a CMS project with Whitlock to achieve two goals. Find out how they accomplished them with help from HPE.  

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