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Vivit is the longest-standing independent, worldwide Hewlett Packard Enterprise software user community providing an infrastructure of support for members through advocacy, community and education. We're your only source of information on HPE software that is completely unbiased, uncensored, and field-tested. We're customer driven, so you receive real practitioner knowledge.

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➧ Engage with HPE software through face-to-face meetings and virtual events. View the community calendar.
➧ Participate in product surveys
➧ Vote in customer councils and focus groups

➧ Connect online with peers and industry experts
➧ Capitalize on conversations in forums and blogs
➧ Collaborate with worldwide special interest groups
➧ Relate face-to-face in local chapter meetings
➧ Receive community and industry updates in the monthly eNewsletter
➧ Participate in polls with feedback

➧ Participate in live web events
➧ Access product information, general reference material, and webinar recordings
➧ Peruse Vivit's collection of knowledge-based user articles
➧ Access HPE and Partner information
➧ Attend Vivit Advanced Training at in-person events like HPE Discover

➧ Access the on-line career center
➧ Take advantage of leadership, speaking and training opportunities
➧ Publish your case studies and whitepapers

➧ Eligible for HPE Discover discounts
➧ Eligible for HPE software Education and Partner training discounts
➧ Eligible for brokered discounts on add-on services through Vivit

Membership Profile Information

Once you are registered, you will be asked to create a profile. All members at any level are required to provide profile data annually; this data is not shared with other vendors or HPE without your explicit permission. Besides your basic contact info, we'll ask you to periodically review the information you have provided about your HPE software environment. Your information will only be shared with third party vendors from whom you opt-in to receive information. Because of our strict policies around information sharing, you can rest assured that the information is only used to help us better provide services to the HPE software professional community.


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In light of the ever changing economy and the changing wishes of our membership, partners and sponsors, from time to time, the service offerings and discounts that are available to Vivit members may change given changes in the community, interest, or outside party relationships. These changes impact offers open to Vivit's members from the community itself, HP, or third party vendors. In addition to service offering changes, Membership levels may be altered or eliminated to meet the needs of the community. Vivit reserves the right to change, alter, or terminate certain services to any and all members, partners or sponsors past and present, without notice, and no refund of membership dues, partner payments or sponsorship fees. Membership in Vivit does not constitute a guarantee or promise that certain services provided at time of sign up will continue from time to time unaltered. As the user community continues to change to meet the needs of the membership we encourage you to let us know what services and offerings are of the most benefit to you. Thank you.

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