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What’s New in HPE Mobile Center

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HPE Blog: LoadRunner and Performance Center
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StormRunner Load 2.1 release simplifies internal app testing with Docker IntegrationOpen in a New Window

Srl and docker teaser.png

The new HPE StormRunner Load version 2.1 has just been released. Keep reading to find out more about the new capabilities that are available with this new release.


Get the secrets to optimizing your Microservices-based Commerce PlatformOpen in a New Window

Microservices teaser.png

In commerce, every millisecond of additional response time costs money due to lost sales. Users will walk away from transactions if they take too long to process.  Keep reading to learn how to improve your microservices-based platform.


What to expect when you’re expecting peak web traffic?Open in a New Window

Web traffice level_teaser.jpg

Your busiest and most profitable season is expected in the next few weeks. You expect heavier than usual traffic, and you have performed many adjustments to ensure your site is mobile optimized—what else do you need to accomplish? Keep reading to find out.


Don’t miss the DevOps and Performance Engineering excitement at Velocity New York 2016Open in a New Window

Velocity logo teaser.png

O’Reilly’s Velocity conference is next week in New York, and it is one of the top events of the year to discuss the latest in DevOps, web performance and WebOps.


Enhancing the number of TruClient Vusers using Terminal Services in Load Testing softwareOpen in a New Window

server manager teaser.png

Are you looking to configure TruClient running Vusers on Load Generator using terminal services to increase number of Vusers? Keep reading to learn how to accomplish this.


Uncover the potential of Network Virtualization Insights—now available from LoadRunner!Open in a New Window

NV Analytics Report Default teaser.png

Network Virtualization Insights analyzes application performance under various load and network conditions—according to the scripts in a scenario. This is now available in LoadRunner 12.53 patch 2. Continue reading to find out more on this report.


Get up-to-date on performance testing by attending these on-demand performance webinarsOpen in a New Window

Performance Testing teaser.png

If you have missed the recent online webinars for Performance Center, LoadRunner, StormRunner Load and TruClient--don't panic.  You can now easily find them!


HPE StormRunner Load website load testing software now available in AWS MarketplaceOpen in a New Window

StormRunner Load Blue.PNG

Hewlett Packard Enterprise StormRunner Load website load testing software is now available in Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace). Keep reading to learn how to utilize its capabilities for yourself.


Summer travel and the need for great website performance!Open in a New Window

Summer vacation teaser.png

The worst time for your website to go down is during a high demand period. Summer is one of the busiest travel seasons, and when a website is unavailable the impact is incredibly detrimental. Keep reading to find out how to improve your website performance.


LoadRunner’s new Certificate Manager tool makes security easier than ever before!Open in a New Window

Certificate Manager teaser.png

Beginning with LoadRunner 12.53 load testing software, we added a new certificate manager tool that makes the procedure of adding certificates to hosts much simpler. Keep reading to learn how to use it.





Web HTTP JavaScript Tutorial for LoadRunner load testing softwareOpen in a New Window

JavaScript folder teaser.png

Are you looking to code JavaScript within HPE LoadRunner.  Keep reading to get a tutorial to easily walk you through the process.


Black Friday is coming: Prepare by load testing nowOpen in a New Window

ShoppersWithPhones.jpgLast year, 103 million Americans shopped online over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend. They spent $4.45 billion online over the two days, and a third of those purchases were made on mobile phones.  Are you ready for that kind of load and impact?



Reaching the new frontiers of load testingOpen in a New Window

Space Load Runner teaser.jpg

Space, the final frontier! The same can be said about load testing and performance engineering… they allow for us to achieve our dreams and goals. Keep reading to find out how your ideas can reach their potential.


LoadRunner and VuGen 12.53 load testing software - What’s new in web – HTTP/HTML protocolOpen in a New Window

LoadRunner Logo2 teaser.png

If you are a load test engineer for Web applications, you are probably curious about what new features and improvements have been implemented for the Web – HTTP/HTML protocol In LoadRunner 12.53.


Continue reading for a five-minute overview of the highlights.


New to Network Virtualization emulation in TruClient? – Here’s an example to get you running…Open in a New Window

Virtual Location Settings teaser.png

In this article we will demonstrate how to activate Hewlett Packard Enterprise Network Virtualization (NV) emulation on a TruClient script. The TruClient script was recorded in IE and activated on LoadRunner 12.53 load testing software.


Get enterprise-ready performance testing with StormRunner Load 2.0Open in a New Window


StormRunner Load 2.0 teaser.png

StormRunner Load allows you to easily test to see if your app can handle the load from potential users. Keep reading to learn about the enhancements made with the latest version.


3 solutions, multiple apps, different users, 1 goal: Unleashing the power of performance engineeringOpen in a New Window

Performance Testing 3 logos teaser.png

StormRunner is a cloud performance testing solution that enhances our performance testing tool set. This blog discusses the three HPE performance engineering solutions and when to use them.


3 top performances with 'Ideas Worth Sharing' from TEDx WilmingtonOpen in a New Window



How is TEDx working in your local community to boost performance and adoption of technology startup and innovation? In this blog you will find key results summarized and where to learn more for you.





Get a new way to manipulate JSON with load testing in LoadRunnerOpen in a New Window

JSON and LoadRunner teaser.png

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is an easier alternative to use than the common XML, and is used widely in the web world. Keep reading to find out how HPE LoadRunner supports it.


5 ways to make load testing work for youOpen in a New Window

Load testing is a type of software testing used to examine the behavior of a system when subjected to both normal and extreme expected load conditions.

Continue reading to discover five ways that you can simulate realistic load testing of your system, mitigate your risks, and create reliable, continuous and automated performance testing for a better and more efficient end user experience.

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