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StormRunner Load 2.2 Release: Extending the DevOps toolchainOpen in a New Window

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HPE StormRunner Load has always had a very open approach, and in this release we have added new integrations with widely used DevOps tools, namely Git and Bamboo. Keep reading to find out how to utilize these integrations.


Cloud-based load testing is now available in the SaaS Marketplace near youOpen in a New Window

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Today we are proud to announce that HPE StormRunner Load is now available in the AWS Marketplace! Keep reading to find out more about this availability and how to maximize these capabilities for yourself.


Come meet the storm in the cloud at AWS re:Invent Las Vegas 2016Open in a New Window

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AWS re:Invent will be heating up Las Vegas next week. Keep reading to learn how to connect with our team and have some fun.


Data Synergy VoIP add-in for VuGen – The keys to InstallationOpen in a New Window

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Data Synergy Voice is a unique innovative test suite for automated testing of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Contact Centre platforms. Keep reading to learn how to install it with HPE LoadRunner.


Holiday Readiness and what your load testing tool should be able to doOpen in a New Window

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The performance testing world is filled with vital information about why the need for great web and app performance is so important. Keep reading to learn how to avoid becoming a poor performance statistic.


Maximize your website testing with project managementOpen in a New Window

create a test in SRL teaser.pngHow do you keep your projects separate within the same tool? You want to make sure they don’t bump heads and hog resources. Keep reading to learn how to improve your website load testing with project management.


Announcing the General Availability of HPE Service Virtualization release 3.82Open in a New Window

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The air is getting crisp and the leaves are showing their brilliant colors. The changing of the seasons reminds me of the improvements we have made to the design of HPE Service Virtualization. Keep reading to learn what they are.


Vivit Performance Engineering SIG: Education 101Open in a New Window

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The October 11 edition of the Vivit Performance Engineering Special Interest Group promises to be an exciting session. The discussion will focus on Performance Engineering Education. Keep reading to learn more about the discussion.


Meet the HPE Experts: LoadRunner's Gaspare MarinoOpen in a New Window

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To help you better understand our HPE Software, we are going to introduce you to the team behind this blog. Today I introduce you to Gaspare Marino, the product marketing manager for LoadRunner and Performance Center. Keep reading to learn more about him and why he is passionate about load testing


StormRunner Load 2.1 release simplifies internal app testing with Docker IntegrationOpen in a New Window

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The new HPE StormRunner Load version 2.1 has just been released. Keep reading to find out more about the new capabilities that are available with this new release.


Get the secrets to optimizing your Microservices-based Commerce PlatformOpen in a New Window

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In commerce, every millisecond of additional response time costs money due to lost sales. Users will walk away from transactions if they take too long to process.  Keep reading to learn how to improve your microservices-based platform.


Holiday Readiness Testing: what to expect when expecting peak trafficOpen in a New Window

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Your busiest and most profitable season is expected in the next few weeks. You expect heavier than usual traffic, and you have performed many adjustments to ensure your site is mobile optimized—what else do you need to accomplish? Keep reading to find out.


Don’t miss the DevOps and Performance Engineering excitement at Velocity New York 2016Open in a New Window

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O’Reilly’s Velocity conference is next week in New York, and it is one of the top events of the year to discuss the latest in DevOps, web performance and WebOps.


Enhancing the number of TruClient Vusers using Terminal Services in Load Testing softwareOpen in a New Window

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Are you looking to configure TruClient running Vusers on Load Generator using terminal services to increase number of Vusers? Keep reading to learn how to accomplish this.


Uncover the potential of Network Virtualization Insights—now available from LoadRunner!Open in a New Window

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Network Virtualization Insights analyzes application performance under various load and network conditions—according to the scripts in a scenario. This is now available in LoadRunner 12.53 patch 2. Continue reading to find out more on this report.


Get up-to-date on performance testing by attending these on-demand performance webinarsOpen in a New Window

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If you have missed the recent online webinars for Performance Center, LoadRunner, StormRunner Load and TruClient--don't panic.  You can now easily find them!


HPE StormRunner Load website load testing software now available in AWS MarketplaceOpen in a New Window

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise StormRunner Load website load testing software is now available in Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace). Keep reading to learn how to utilize its capabilities for yourself.


Summer travel and the need for great website performance!Open in a New Window

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The worst time for your website to go down is during a high demand period. Summer is one of the busiest travel seasons, and when a website is unavailable the impact is incredibly detrimental. Keep reading to find out how to improve your website performance.


LoadRunner’s new Certificate Manager tool makes security easier than ever before!Open in a New Window

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Beginning with LoadRunner 12.53 load testing software, we added a new certificate manager tool that makes the procedure of adding certificates to hosts much simpler. Keep reading to learn how to use it.





Web HTTP JavaScript Tutorial for LoadRunner load testing softwareOpen in a New Window

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Are you looking to code JavaScript within HPE LoadRunner.  Keep reading to get a tutorial to easily walk you through the process.

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