What Vivit Members Are Saying
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The power of thousands of customer voices from around the world is critical to influencing Hewlett Packard Enterprise software product development.

Our community shares tool-specific tips,tricks, and lessons learned to help each member become a better IT professional. Access to ongoing training and a professional network are keys to professional development.


Meeting people who work with the same HPE products in the same area through a Vivit local chapter can inspire you and give you great ideas.

HPE is on an exciting path of transformation and rapid change. Vivit provides consistency and plenty of ways to truly keep pace and stay current.

Vivit hosts special interest groups (SIGs) where I can meet peers and have in-depth discussions on HPE software’s products and related business topics. The personal network that has emerged from the SIG meetings is an invaluable source of expertise and support.

In a competitive IT industry, your career is built on both what you know and who you know. You need timely access to relevant learning and real-world best practices, as well as a network of trusted professionals interconnected in this global economy. My career has been in large part built on my involvement with Vivit and the ability to develop both what I know and who I know.


When you need intelligent answers based on real-world experience, go to Vivit. That’s where I find the best and brightest in the industry.

Olli Laiho, Vivit TQA SIG Leader

Mihai Grigorescu, Vivit South Africa Chapter Leader

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