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Staffing a successful cyber threat hunting team, Part 2: How cyber security hunting worksOpen in a New Window

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Welcome to part 2 in a series: “Staffing a successful cyber threat hunting team.”


Is your SOC Intelligent?Open in a New Window


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Having a Threat Intelligence function isn’t a "go big or stay home" proposition.


GDPR, Data Security, and more--at HPE Discover LondonOpen in a New Window

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This year at Discover London, a hot topic is the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.  We also have several sessions that pertain strictly to Data Security, IoT, and Ransomware. 


Protect your organization against ransomwareOpen in a New Window


Learn how to mitigate risk and proactively protect your organization against ransomware at HPE Discover 2016 London! 


You need not compromise security in your DevOps journeyOpen in a New Window

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How to integrate security and DevOps to meet faster delivery cycles without compromising application security. 


Consumer privacy: Oxymoron or opportunity?Open in a New Window

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The meaning of “providing for the common defense” has changed significantly since 1787. After all, the writers of the Constitution could not anticipate the services government would be able to provide to citizens through computers, or the potential for threats to and loss of valuable information.


Discover intelligent security operationsOpen in a New Window


Intelligent security operations enable you to reduce business and security risks. Learn more about how you can improve your organization’s ability to detect and respond to malicious security events at HPE Discover London.


Staffing a successful cyber threat hunting team, Part 1: Cyber threat huntingOpen in a New Window

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Cyber threat hunting is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s now becoming a necessity for many security organizations. Join us for a 3-part series, “Staffing a successful cyber threat hunting team.” This post is part 1 in the series.


What it takes to staff an intelligent Security Operations capabilityOpen in a New Window

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What does it take to staff an intelligent security operations capability? In this new whitepaper by HPE Security, you will be guided through a roadmap for staffing an intelligent SOC, roles and responsibilities, staffing models, a roadmap for growth, and more.


Looking through the crystal ball: Top 5 federal cyber priorities for 2017Open in a New Window


As we prepare for the New Year and a new federal administration, I find myself reflecting on events that shaped our nation’s cybersecurity landscape in 2016. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted below the top 5 priorities around federal cybersecurity for 2017.


How the US election is like your SOCOpen in a New Window

election.pngBelieve it or not, this year’s US election has many similarities with your SOC. Because the flood of information and misinformation comes at you 24x7?  Because it can be exhausting? Because the decisions you make can have a huge impact? Because it is painful? Perhaps. But it goes deeper than that. Read on to see the similarities.


A Secure Root of TrustOpen in a New Window


I’m proud to be part of the “Chain of Trust” that begins here in Sunnyvale California for the HPE Atalla HSM (Hardware Security Module). When I joined Tandem Computers 20 years ago I was awed by what the Atalla security products provided our Payment Card Industry (PCI) customers. Since the mid-1970’s, Atalla products have led the way in shaping the payments industry and ensuring the security of not only my personal banking transactions but also the way in which global trade is conducted to this very day. If you use an ATM machine (anywhere in the world), buy gas at the pump, or swipe your credit card at a store, the chances are highly likely that transaction was protected and authorized thru an Atalla HSM appliance on the back-end.


Addressing Micro Focus Fear, Uncertainty and DoubtOpen in a New Window


As you have likely heard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced plans for a spin off and merger of our Software business with Micro Focus. The combination of HPE’s software assets, including our Fortify team, with Micro Focus will form a pure play, $4.5 billion software powerhouse completely dedicated to building, selling, and supporting software. 


Connect Technical Boot Camp offers latest HPE NonStop and HPE Data Security newsOpen in a New Window


The Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp is the most comprehensive technical education and training event dedicated exclusively to the global Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop community.  Information and content for this event is driven by NonStop users for NonStop users. This year the HPE Security – Data Security team will be there in force, and we’ll be presenting 5 sessions at the event.


What applications are best for RASP?Open in a New Window


Interested in using Runtime Application Self-protection (RASP), but unsure of where to begin?  Which applications are best for applying this monitoring and protection capability? Are there best practices? Read this blog post for more information!


GDPR: Compliance and capitalizationOpen in a New Window

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Confused about the new GDPR regulation? At HPE Discover 2016 London, we'll have several specific sessions dedicated to the GDPR--explaining how organizations can not only prepare to be compliant, but also capitalize on opportunities driven by the new regulation.


The true state of application security in DevOpsOpen in a New Window


What role will application security play in this DevOps transformation? We conducted some research on the true state of app sec in DevOps, and some of the results surprised us.


Combating ransomware and other threatsOpen in a New Window

a HPE20160803045.jpgEnterprises are losing their data, leaving not only their companies at risk, but YOU! Your personally identifiable information is lost on a regular basis, and many companies are, frankly, not working hard enough to keep it safe. Joining the growing list of companies that call themselves “ransomware victims” is not a club you want to be in or necessarily have to enter.


IRS scammers target college studentsOpen in a New Window


IRS scammers make the hit on college students. How can YOUR student be aware? 


Security challenges and solutions for a rapidly transforming business landscapeOpen in a New Window

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At Discover 2016 London, you will have several opportunities to learn how to put your enterprise in the lead, but in order to do so, you need to proactively protect the interactions between users, applications, and data--across any device and location. 

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