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You can earn 24 CPE Credits at Protect 2017 – Here’s how!Open in a New Window

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Planning to attend Protect 2017? Be sure to watch for a new offer from HPE Software Education during the registration process. You can earn CPE credits by enrolling in an on-demand security software class with your conference registration. Read more.


How HPE plans to spin out its software assets—Chris Hsu speaks with CIO.comOpen in a New Window

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As part of the IDG CEO Interview Series, Chris Hsu discusses the future of HPE Software assets, the benefits for customers and why HPE decided to pursue the spin-merge with Micro Focus. Keep reading to see the details of the interview.


Introducing HPE Digital Learning! Your source for on-demand training.Open in a New Window


Welcome to the digital economy – where the rate of learning must meet or exceed the rate of change or your organization may not survive. Does your team have the need for speed? Our new Digital Learning is an easy no-hassle and affordable way to enable your team so you can accelerate your business.


Introducing HPE FlexCare for Suites! Offering support for HPE Suite productsOpen in a New Window

Designed to complement Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Suites, HPE FlexCare for Software Suites, boosts the level of reactive support you receive from HPE Software


HPE Atalla HSM Users: 2-Day Hands-on Training in Sunnyvale, CAOpen in a New Window


Banking network transactionBanking network transactionHave you trained your team on Atalla HSM to ensure you are meeting your security goals and delivering full business value?



How do you earn Big Bucks from Big Data?Open in a New Window

Q. What do all the great and disruptive companies have in common?  

A. They have all learned how to make the most out of their data

From Supercell, with the runaway success of mobile gaming with Clash of the Clans, to Uber - transforming how we move about, to Facebook and Twitter, changing forever how we communicate

Q. What do they have in common? 


Success for HPE Software Support at Discover London 2016!Open in a New Window

With over 10,000 attendees at HPE Discover, the HPE Software Support team was kept busy, promoting the HPE Software Support Portfolio offerings as well as ensuring that the wide-range of sessions and activities were a great success.



Correlating NPS & Revenue | Software Customer ExperienceOpen in a New Window

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It's no secret that increasing customer loyalty leads to greater revenue. Loyal customers stay with us, are positive of our brand, and spread positive word-of-mouth about our products and services. In many ways this is positive feedback in action and leads to a greater number of angel promoters, which do the same as the above, and thus, create more angel promoters.


Leveraging Historical NPS Data | Software Customer ExperienceOpen in a New Window

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  Most all of you will have heard of the Net Promoter® Score (NPS). NPS is the relationship metric that is designed to both understand and quantify customer loyalty. It has been a long time since NPS was introduced to Hewlett Packard Enterprise by Meg Whitman, and since this time we have seen dramatic alignment to this industry leading customer experience metric. What may not have been clear is precisely when to leverage this metric.



High performance computing in the cloudOpen in a New Window

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High Performance Computing (HPC) in cloud enable access to HPC-as=a-service on-demand, over the network, from a shared pool of resources, measured and scalable. HPC is often associated with expensive cutting-edge hardware and software, and Cloud is a natural model for bringing efficiency and effective usage of resources. The business demand for HPC is increasing in all three cloud deployment models - public, private and community cloud. This blog explores three functional characteristics HPC cloud in public, private and community cloud.


35M+ global learners enroll in MOOCs annually. With HPE Software Education you can too!Open in a New Window

Get additional education on the biggest trends and topics in the industry – and do it for free – through HPE’s new MOOC program.



IT4IT at HPE Discover London 2016: An Incredible Journey in 12 MonthsOpen in a New Window

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At HPE Discover London 2016, we will be showcasing customer successes and provide an insight into how your organisation can also adopt IT4IT to drive business outcomes of real value with our value chain lens approach. Keep reading to hear from others on their IT4IT adoption and how you can start yours today.


Get ready for HPE Software Support at Discover London!Open in a New Window

Get the latest in HPE Software Support at HPE Discover. We have quite a full schedule of events and opportunities for you in London.


Looking back on TSW 2016 Las VegasOpen in a New Window


Last week Las Vegas hosted the final U.S. presidential debate as well as Technology Services World. The closest I got to the debate was seeing a Trump plane land at the executive field near McCarren, but I did score a pass to the TSW event. Keep reading to learn more from last week.


Back to school, back to studies, back to HPE webinars!Open in a New Window



Sign up for upcoming HPE software webinars and learn how you can drive your business forward.


Customer success story: Segl builds an efficient IT environment with HPE VM ExplorerOpen in a New Window


Learn how HPE VM Explorer helped a growing German DIY retailer create a reliable IT environment whilst providing highly-effective backup.


Improving software nimbleness by joining forcesOpen in a New Window

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced plans on Sept. 7 to spin-off and merge our non-core software assets with Micro Focus. Keep reading to find out what this means for our portfolio.


Learn something every day: attend HPE Software Web EventsOpen in a New Window


Keep up with the latest software trends and learn how to get the most out of them for your business by attending HPE web events.



Meet a HPE Security Trainer - Norm BourgeoisOpen in a New Window

I have had the pleasure of working with some pretty incredible trainers over the years. Norm Bourgeois is one of those trainers who will get any student with the right aptitude savvy as an ArcSight Analysis in a matter of weeks. By taking both the ArcSight ESM 6.x Administrator and Analyst course and ArcSight ESM Advanced Analyst course you will be on your way to mastering ArcSight. I sat down with Norm and asked him about his career as an ArcSight trainer:


Join GDPR webinar to robust complianceOpen in a New Window


Learn more about the world’s most important data protection regulation and find out which opportunities it brings to your business. Sign up for HPE GDPR webinar to get expert view on how to robust compliance and cut operational costs.

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