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ADM Customer Forum - Vivit Meetup London

Posted By Jonathon Wright, Thursday, July 12, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, July 11, 2018
by Jonathon Wright

Vivit Board Director
Advocacy Chair

The Vivit community has been pretty quiet in the UK over recent years as our focus has shifted towards web-based content and knowledge sharing. This was partly due to travel restrictions after the financial crisis and partly because our members felt that they couldn't spare time away from their desks to attend meetings. Over recent months we've seen more people travelling to tester gatherings and events, so we decided to host a Vivit meeting immediately after the ADM Customer Forum hosted by Micro Focus in London.

This event gave us a chance to discuss topics which came to light during the day (at this time no mention of the recent SUSE sale), but was an opportunity to facilitate meetings and introductions between fellow users of Micro Focus ADM software and to allow knowledge sharing and wider interactive discussion.

The goal of the meeting was to share knowledge, learn from one another, and identify topics for discussion at future events (be they online or face to face). Both Richard Bishop and I welcomed the 15 new Vivit members who attended through registering via the Meetup community page.

Our new Vivit members raised some really interesting topics ranging from experienced practitioners utilising Micro Focus products with connected Internet of Things (IoT) based platforms to enterprise customers looking for guidance on how to best migrate from ALM to Octane:

  • Adopting Enterprise Agile (i.e. SAFe 4.5 which Micro Focus uses internally) with Multi-Modal delivery such as V-Model (CoreIT), Agile (FluidIT), or Lean Start-up (AdaptiveIT) at different delivery paces (Experiments, Stories, or Requirements) and providing portfolio value stream mapping across all modals.
  • Becoming Enterprise AI ready, steps towards Insight-Driven Analytics, Predictive ADM and DevOps Hub (across multiple Micro Focus heritage platforms).
  • Offline mode for testing Internet of Things in remote locations such as Connected Car (C2X) or Infrastructure to Everything (I2X).

Active contribution from the legendary Riccardo Sanna provided essential insight into the Micro Focus camp regarding decentralisation of structured data to enable beyond Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) capabilities to enable predictive analytics.

Along with sharing some of the insights from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Alliance as part of representing the European Commission community around open source AI and Machine Learning (ML) enabled platforms that could also help provide insight-driven delivery capabilities (such as ReportPortal).
Both Richard and I spoke at the event covering the following topics:

Richard Bishop, Senior Test Engineer at Lloyds Banking Group.

  • Using UFT and LoadRunner within a Jenkins pipeline
  • Planning a migration to Performance Center 12.60

Jonathon Wright, Co-founder of

  • The use of LeanFT with Docker (see below)
  • Using UFT with Legacy platforms such as mainframe (Terminal Services)

The above slides from the Vivit Meetup are now available to download from the event.
After the event we spoke to Raffi Margaliot around his continued commitment to the Vivit Community and how we can work even closer to align with future Micro Focus events.

Call to action – Sign up to the Vivit-Worldwide Meetup community page or email for a Slack invite.


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Discover the New ADM

Posted By Jonathon Wright, Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Last week, I attended the Micro Focus Open Horizon Summit in Berlin as the recently elected Vivit Board Director for Advocacy along with our Engagement Director, Stephanie Konkoy.

“Discover the new Micro Focus” is something that we have heard continuously over the last 250+ days since September 1st when they became one of the world's largest pure-play software companies, but what does that actually mean for you?

Let us start with the 300+ products (including heritage Hewlett Packard Enterprise / Mercury / Open View product families). Micro Focus is now managing with over 4,800 software engineers across 30 locations. To deal with this size and scale, they have had to align the end to end process:

  • Market Opportunity
  • Product Offerings
  • Enablement (Go To Market)
  • Implementation Capabilities
  • Tracking Performance

This includes a massive Digital Transformation across the new Micro Focus, including Agile Transformation (i.e. adopting SAFe 4.5) and Digital Engineering effort to enable reference architectures and next generation DevOps + delivery platforms (built with technologies such as Vertica / Kafka / Spark to provide machine learning and predictive analytics).

After speaking with Jerome Labat, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Micro Focus, at some lengths around the next generation products they have planned to go to market, I can confidently say that there is plenty to get excited about with the new Micro Focus.

The title of my last blog post was Legacy is your Legacy, and I was equally impressed that the case study showcase was helping Sage UK rediscover the old by helping to modernize the legacy system safeguarding their investment in Micro Focus. The following three focal points will help future-proof any investments across Application, Process, or Infrastructure Modernization:

  • Pre-integrated containers, unified licensing and shared cross portfolio services.
  • Flexible deployment options, deploy on any infrastructure (i.e. on-premise to public cloud, including mobile and mainframe (even Cobol as a Service)).
  • Zero downtime upgrades, auto-scaling, HA/DR, self-healing and most importantly secure.

After personally investing over 20 years in the heritage Hewlett Packard Enterprise / Mercury Interactive product family, I was keen to discover the new within the Application Development Management (ADM) product family, especially within the Functional and Non-Functional Testing portfolio:

  • Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Enterprise
  • Unified Functional Testing (LeanFT) Pro
  • Business Process Testing (BPT)

Hidden Gems - LeanFT now natively supports docker containers, which support Remote Desktop (RDP) and screen capture within the results.

  • StormRunner Functional

Hidden Gems – StormRunner Functional (SRF) supports root cause analysis to help to pinpoint failures.

  • LoadRunner
  • Performance Center
  • StormRunner Load

Hidden Gems – StormRunner Load 3.0 supports AWS and Azure easy to import scripts from LoadRunner, JMeter or Gatling, combined with native support for Network Virtualisation Analytics along with new support for Application Performance Management platforms such as New Relic, Dynatrace, Splunk, and now App Dynamic.

  • Service Virtualization

Hidden Gems - Service Virtualisation community edition can now help target delays due to dependencies of micro-services or lack of systems alignment (only SAP certified solution)

  • Mobile Center

Hidden Gems - Mobile Device Testing in the cloud and on premise with physical devices, free security testing provided by Fortify, synthetic monitoring by AppPulse with mobile analytics.

Hopefully this will give you just a taster of the hidden gems of what “Discover the new Micro Focus” is all about. Personally, I discovered more around the cross portfolio capacities than I have ever seen before when Hewlett Packard was behind the wheel. The synergy between product families has earned Micro Focus a seat at the table as one of the largest software players across the following four pillars:

  • DevOps: enabling the rapid delivery of quality, secure applications with end-to-end visibility across a tool chain of commercial and open source offerings - leveraging the largest portfolio in the industry.
  • Hybrid IT: simplifying the management of a complex mix of platforms, delivery methods and consumption models to help organizations address business needs, control costs, and ensure availability and performance at global scale.
  • Security & Risk Management: Securing data, applications and access; powering security operations and governance to mitigate risk and maintain compliance; and harnessing the power of secure DevOps practices to ensure end-to-end risk management.
  • Predictive Analytics: Helping customers translate siloed data into real-time proactive analytics at scale, anchored on supporting open and cloud-based stacks to create new insights across applications, operations, security and the business.

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Our Focus is on the Customer

Posted By Mark Ford, Thursday, May 3, 2018
Updated: Thursday, May 10, 2018

By Mark Ford
Vivit Board Director/Community Chair

Last month, I attended the Micro Focus ADM Summit in Dallas as the Vivit representative at the Communities booth along with Micro Focus blog editor/community manager, Kim Lock. Vivit was featured as one of three customer community offerings for Micro Focus with Blogs/Forums and TechBeacon rounding out the trio. I spent most of my time at the Communities booth meeting and talking to fellow and new Vivit members and leaders. As a customer, I’m a big fan of the Micro Focus ADM Forums and working with Kim who manages those forums brought greater insight to me and many other Vivit members who stopped by the booth. If you haven’t checked them out lately, please do. They are a great source for timely answers to your software questions:

“Our focus is on the customer” was the message heard several times throughout the ADM Summit from Micro Focus Senior VP and General Manager, Raffi Margaliot. It was present in the CABs, highlighted in the keynotes and discussed at the Communities booth and part of the discussions I had with Micro Focus employees. All were eager to lend an ear to listen to what I as a customer was looking for with Micro Focus software. It was also great to reaffirm that Vivit is well known in many Micro Focus circles and that we are appreciated for our efforts of education, advocacy, and community. Of course there was also plenty of talk about Octane, Stormrunner, and Deployment Automation in addition to roadmaps, innovation, enterprise scalability, and accelerating application delivery. It was a jam-packed couple of days spent focusing on all things ADM (Application Delivery Management).

The pace of the ADM Summit was very different from HPE Discover conferences I’ve attended the past several years, but in a good way. On one hand, I missed the excitement and energy that came from attending a large conference but on the other hand, my targeted experience was more fruitful business wise. I was able to strike up conversations with others at breakfast and lunch on topics directly relevant to my needs. It wasn’t hard to find others using Micro Focus ALM for example.

I was also pleased to have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Raffi. He’s an amazingly busy guy but very approachable and a fan of Vivit. He’s been around quality, testing, and application delivery software since his Mercury Interactive days so he’s a familiar face to many ADM customers. Raffi is a fan of these targeted summits, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this trend continue every six months or so. Dallas is a Micro Focus hub city, so we could also expect to see more of these in the Dallas area. We talked about how Vivit is well positioned to provide Micro Focus with customer stories on Octane and Stormrunner. Customers find a lot of value hearing how other customers use the software. He would like Vivit to aggregate customer feedback and share it quarterly with their head of customer success to help drive product direction. What do you think about Vivit conducting our own quarterly SIG CABs?

The ADM Summit was a great opportunity to learn more about the new Micro Focus, see ADM product directions, deep dive in a workshop, and talk to a lot of ADM customers. If you have an opportunity to attend an upcoming Micro Focus Summit, I would encourage you to do so.

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It's Just That Simple

Posted By Chris Trimper, Thursday, May 3, 2018
Updated: Thursday, May 10, 2018

by Chris Trimper
Vivit Board Director
Education Chair
Western NY LUG Leader

As the Western NY Local User Group leader, last month I planned a meeting without any speakers, vendors, or heavy PowerPoint. Several of our frequent contributors and I collaborated about the question, "What problems are you facing with testing?" This question led to a brief survey which paved the way for what turned out to be a fantastic roundtable.

Our meeting started off with the typical housekeeping type of chat, but then the real fun began. The survey and a quick live poll of responses (with a low-tech show of hands) drove various conversations such as, "We don't know much about our unit test coverage how do we gain more insight?"' or "What are the various ways you consume/obtain test data?" The conversations were unscripted and had the whole group engaged. Our LUG is heavy in the ADM and Testing space, so most of our topics shared this focus. I encourage leaders to know your members well prior to a discussion like this to best drive conversations.

I share this as hopeful inspiration to drive vendor and presentation-free discussions which will allow the entire community to share their experiences. This is a great technique to change focus as well as help drive members to share with their peers.

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Vivit Keeps Your Membership Data Private

Posted By Mark Ford, Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Updated: Thursday, May 10, 2018

by Mark Ford
Vivit Board Director
Community Chairperson

Hello everyone, as your Community Director,  I would like to give you an update on a topic that has a renewed level of interest recently, especially for our European members: Membership Data.

Vivit has always taken great care of your identifiable member data by keeping it secure and only using it to send you email correspondence. We never share your contact information with anyone, not even Micro Focus or HP/HPE before that. We value you as a Vivit member and we treat your data with the utmost care and respect.

European legislation known as GDPR will take effect in May 2018 and further clarifies how identifiable information can be stored and utilized for citizens of the EU. We are looking into the new policy to make sure Vivit is compliant. GDPR provides good guidelines to follow and other areas of the globe may require them at some point as well. We’ll be implementing the following for our Vivit members in the EU and in most cases, globally as well. This includes:

  • Individuals need to provide consent for using their data (opt-in vs. opt-out)
  • Individuals must be able to easily update their data and have an easy way to have their identifiable data removed (right to be forgotten)
  • Organizations must inform members explicitly how they accept, store, and utilize member data (privacy policy)
  • Organizations must remind members periodically to keep their data current (we already do this annually with our Knock a Little Louder campaign)
  • Organizations must store member data in a secure format and report data breaches within 72 hours (we use and will report as soon as they inform us)

To facilitate the opt-in consent requirement for GDPR, over the next few months, we’ll email all members who have specified a residence in the EU to obtain their consent. Other items will be phased in on the Vivit website as we determine the best way to implement them.

Thank you for being a valued member of Vivit! If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Announcing… SIG Talks

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Updated: Monday, December 4, 2017


Announcing… SIG Talks


By: Todd DeCapua
Vivit Board Director
Vice President Innovation and Strategy

With a continued focus on speed, quality and results; our community members have a lot to share, and we are providing you with the platform and opportunity.

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 12noon ET, 3-5 speakers will share their knowledge, experience and learnings in 8-12 minutes each. Our objective is to be an advocate, providing 60 people with the opportunity to spread education throughout our community.

We believe there are several topics/themes that will come out throughout the year, which will result in further interest on behalf of members, enabling us to do even more with these sessions. To get you started in thinking, below are a few topics we are kickstarting, so you can contribute or build on them for your session.

  • Agile and DevOps
  • Blockchain and Digital Currency
  • Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobility, Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Digital Security and Performance Engineering

How will you contribute your expertise to the community?  If you are interested in participating as a SIG Talk speaker for one of our 2018 Quality and Testing topics or would like to offer another topic you could speak about, suggest a speaker or sponsor a SIG Talk please take a moment to answer our survey.

Check out the 2018 SIG Talk Schedule


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Vivit’s New Education Chair is Working for You

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Updated: Thursday, December 21, 2017
 By: Chris Trimper
Vivit Board Director
Education Chairperson

At our recent Board of Directors meeting in Chicago this past June, I was honored to be voted in as your Education Chair.  Since then I have been working with my fellow board members on new ways to deliver valuable content to our Vivit community of over 41K members.

Recently, I have been involved in the closed beta and now the public beta for Storm Runner Functional. During this time, I had a chance to explore all the new features and work together with various Micro Focus R&D team members to better my understanding of the capabilities. All these team interactions gave me a great idea and a plan for a series of learning related content!    


Goal 1:   Leverage relationships with Micro Focus R&D Teams


I plan to work with various R&D and Technical roles within Micro Focus to talk about trending activities, new product solutions, and upgrades.  From our recent Membership Survey, we know that many of you are interested in the functionality of “new products”.  This collaboration with myself and Micro Focus will provide an avenue to not only see new features but have beta testers brought in for discussion and allow open questions from Vivit members to the R&D team. My  hope is that leveraging this sort of relationship can help all of us as members to better plan adoption of new technologies from Micro Focus.


Goal 2:  Shorter, more concise Education Video Library


Have you ever found yourself needing to watch a long webinar recording only to look for that 2-4 minutes’ worth of content that you required? I have. Have you ever had to read a lengthy advertisement filled blog for a solution to your problem? Me too! We are aiming to build a library of short and concise videos illustrating solutions and techniques to make your interaction with Micro Focus software solutions better!  My plan is to send out a quick survey to narrow our search in on what areas we should start with or areas that you may aid us with.


Goal 3:  Collaboration with Membership & Advocacy Chairs driving content


Education is important to Vivit at all levels.    I have been collaborating with Board Directors, Mark Ford (Community Chair) and Tammy Young (Advocacy Chair) to find new and creative ways to help build agendas and topics for discussion for our LUGs and SIGs.   As our newly appointed roles align with our three pillars of Education, Community and Advocacy, we’ll be working as one team to deliver amazing content to our members.  We plan to deliver great topics to spark conversations at our LUG events shifting the focus of conversation back to the members; such as we want to drive topics out of our global webinar events for deep dive sessions with LUG and SIG members.   We are excited to get started so stay tuned for more details!


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Mark Ford Takes on Community

Posted By Rhonda Quaranta, Thursday, September 7, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hello everyone, I'm Mark Ford your Vivit Community Director. If you've been around Vivit for a while you might be unfamiliar with this position. If so, you're not alone, because we just recently created it. More to the point, we combined two former board positions, Membership and LUGs/SIGs, into this single director position. That means the Community Director is now a single point of contact directly involved in many areas that impact you as a Vivit member: LUG events, SIG webinars, membership surveys, profile updates, our webinar platform, the Vivit website, and even a Vivit mobile app in the works. Which is terrific because along with the new Advocacy Director position and our existing Education Director position, Vivit can now really focus in on these three core pillars.

Focusing on these areas will be even more important as we transition from HPE to Micro Focus. By the time you read this, most of HPE software will have merged with Micro Focus and Vivit will be now be serving our members as Micro Focus software users. Vivit has been working hard behind the scenes for many months to be in the best possible position so that we're even more relevant after the spin merge. As a result, you will likely start to see some changes such as updated Special Interest Groups and new membership offerings. I've also identified 22 Community related initiatives to work on over the next 10 months. This is a busy time for Vivit and rest assured we are hard at work!

I'd also like to take this time to thank the many members who filled out our recent membership survey. The response was terrific (636 responses) and the information was very valuable. We had three lucky winners who each selected an Apple watch prize. I'm also very pleased to report that over 82% of respondents agree or strongly agree that Vivit provides them with relevant information on HPE software. This statistic will help us really demonstrate our relevance to Micro Focus. But the biggest takeaway that I received from the responses is that our members want more direct, hands on, networking opportunities in areas such as: Deep Dives, troubleshooting guides, regional conferences, more local events and technical sessions, success stories, hands-on training, live demos, networking opportunities, tips and tricks, contact lists of people interested in info sharing on various topics, more LUGs and SIGs (and more active LUGs and SIGs), and ways to influence product development.

So stay tuned! You'll see more information in the coming months on these topics. 

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It’s an Exciting Time to be with Vivit – Let’s Take A Cruise!

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Updated: Monday, June 27, 2016

By Mark Ford
Membership Chair
Vivit Board of Directors


Hi everyone, I’m Mark Ford, current Membership Director at Vivit Worldwide. As Membership Director I get to be involved in many of the activities at Vivit and we have several upcoming items that I am very excited about! I’d like to take you on a little tour of what you can expect to see in the coming year. You could even consider me your cruise director for the next few moments. My clipboard is in hand so grab a cool drink and let’s see what’s in store as we take a cruise with Vivit!

Port 1: New Logo - This is always an exciting topic and it’s a great opportunity for Vivit to re-express itself. Our current logo/colors have been around for several years and while they are very recognizable, we feel it’s time for a new look and feel. We haven’t landed on a final logo yet but we’ve gone through a few iterations and edits and it’s going to be expressive, bold, informative, and stylish.

Port 2: Website Rebrand - You may have noticed our website layout is a bit dated as well. We’ve contracted with our website host to come up with a sleek website design that is modern, responsive, and mobile friendly. The colors will match our new logo color scheme so we can put the pinkish-purple and orange colors to rest. We know it can be challenging at times to find information on our site so we’ll make sure it targets what our Vivit members need the most. And you’ll be able to access it on a smartphone browser without needing a microscope!

Port 3: Newsletter Format Update - We’re proud of the content and information that we bring you each month with the Vivit InForum Newsletter. We’ll still provide great articles and Vivit updates but in a format that is easier to skim through and grab just what you need. It will be bold, attractive, and eye catching - maybe even suitable for framing!

Port 4: New Webinar Platform - We’re currently researching new webinar platforms to provide a richer experience for our sponsored and SIG webinars. We’re looking for a platform that provides more options to keep the audience engaged and works well with our website registration system so Vivit members won’t have to fill out all those fields every time they register for a webinar. We’re also focusing in on platforms that don’t require proprietary installs that might be blocked at your workplace. You’ll be able to sign up easier and attend more webinars than ever before - and we’ll have many more great ones to look forward to!

Back Home Again - Which brings us back to our original port of call. It was shorter than a 3 hour tour but hopefully you found something enjoyable to look forward to. We’re working hard to implement these changes by the end of this year so you won’t have to wait too long. If it seems like a lot of changes and you’re concerned we’re changing Vivit too much - not to worry! We’ll still be Vivit and we’ll still be your Independent HPE Software User Community. Our commitment to you as a Vivit member and HPE software customer will not waver or change in the least. But we do hope you find us easier to use, more helpful than before, and beneficial to you in every way that we can be.

P.S. If you haven’t taken the Vivit Member survey yet, now would be a great time to do so. It’s very short (only 10 multiple choice questions) and you could win a pair of Bose wireless headphones – which will come in very handy on your next cruise! We value your feedback!

On behalf of everyone at Vivit, thanks and happy cruising!

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Vivit Value Chain

Posted By Administration, Thursday, February 4, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Tammy Young
by Tammy Young

Vivit Chapter and SIGs Chairperson
Board of Directors

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you what I call the Vivit Value Chain. Vivit membership benefits create that Value Chain and include Advocacy, Education, and Career Development and provide access to discounts to Discover conferences and software education – but our "value chain” doesn’t stop there. Our members make up the Vivit community, and it is that group of individuals who come together to comprise the many Vivit Chapters and the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that complete the Value Chain.

While simply being a member of Vivit provides great opportunities and knowledge sharing, joining a local Chapter or SIG group is where you realize the Vivit difference. Our Chapter and SIG group leaders are adept at bringing relevant conversations, topics and best practice with real life applications to these meetings. It is when our Vivit members, who are the best and brightest users of HPE Software, and our Chapter and SIG leaders come together to attend meetings that the full Vivit Value Chain is realized.

Vivit membership is comprised of the keen professionals in the business, and when that talent comes together in a Vivit Chapter meeting or SIG group webinar, problems are solved, ideas are born, and the HPE software used in your jobs and businesses as well as that critical software investment is fully utilized. 

Take a moment and look for the Chapter or SIG group for your HPE software interests in your community and join one! While you are on the web site, check out some past webinars you may have missed or revisit your favorite. Invite your colleagues to join Vivit.  

If there isn’t currently a Chapter or SIG in your community or one convenient to travel to, consider starting one. We will be glad to show you how. Questions? 

Teri Sarallo, Vivit Americas Chapter and SIG Liaison,
Annemarie Stuiver, Vivit EMEA/APJ Chapter and SIG Liaison,
Tammy Young, Vivit Board of Directors, Chapter’s and SIG Chair,    

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