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The importance of updating your member profile

Posted By Mark Herbert, Thursday, January 28, 2016
Updated: Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mark Herbert

Vivit Vice President
Board of Directors

I have the privilege and honor to serve on the Vivit Board of Directors.I was elected to the Board back in 2013 after serving as a local Chapter leader since 2006.It has been an eye opening and awesome experience so far for a variety of reasons.One of the biggest things that I have learned is how important the accuracy of our profile data is.So much is dependent on having our member profiles be complete, thorough, and current.Having current data in our member profiles allows us to reach you with important Vivit news and information in a timely manner.Keeping your profile data current also allows us to better understand what countries are represented by our membership, as well as which HPE solutions our members are using and what versions.This allows us to better understand our membership and give you more of the content that matters to you.

Updating your Vivit profile is easy, important and is worth the time!You start by logging into the Vivit web site, and then clicking the ‘Manage Profile’ link in the Manage Profile menu on the right side of the Vivit home page.

Once you are on the Manage Profile page, click the ‘Edit Bio’ link.For security purposes, you will be prompted to confirm your password.

Once you reach the ‘Edit My Member Profile’ page, carefully go through each field and make sure that the data entered or selected is accurate, especially as it pertains to the ‘Account Information’ and ‘Professional Information’ sections.If there is any data that needs to be updated, please make those corrections.

After making all of your desired changes, scroll to the bottom of the Edit My Member Profile page, and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.You will be prompted on screen that your changes have been saved.

You will then be returned to your profile page and you should see your updated profile data reflected.

It only takes a few minutes to update your profile, so please make that investment so that we can better serve you and make our user group community the best that it can be.

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Education Chair Announces Discover London Breakout Sessions

Posted By Bernard Szymczak, Monday, November 2, 2015

Bernard Szymczak

Vivit Education Chairperson
Board of Directors

I am very excited about Discover 2015 London. First time for me to be in England! There is so much history to see and lots to do when the conference is over.

When it comes to Discover, I am always amazed at the content delivered over three days. I know we will all have a great opportunity to network together, learn about what’s new from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and see how other companies, like yours, are improving everyday with HPE solutions.

Vivit is proud to announce we will have four breakout sessions listed in the catalog this year. These breakout session topics focus on Big Data, Application Development Management Strategy, Security and Automation/Cloud Management and will surely provide great knowledge to all who attend.

Register for the following Vivit Breakout Sessions in your schedule:

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Membership Committee Focuses on Future Growth

Posted By Mark Ford, Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Updated: Monday, September 28, 2015
Mark Ford
Mark Ford
Vivit Membership Chairperson
Board of Directors

Hello everyone. I’m Mark Ford, Board Director - Membership Chairperson at Vivit Worldwide. Nine years ago, I joined the Mercury User’s Group when I became a Mercury Quality Center administrator. Shortly thereafter, HP acquired Mercury and our user group joined Vivit. I’ve served as a Vivit Chapter Leader in two different chapters over the past five years, both in Iowa (briefly) and now in the Carolinas. I’m still working in the Financial Services industry as an HP ALM admin, and I’m excited to now be involved with Vivit in this new position. As Membership Chairperson, my main focus is on three areas: who are our Vivit Members, what do they need from Vivit, and how can Vivit best serve those needs?

Who are our Vivit Members? I knew we were a worldwide organization, but I had no idea just how geographically diverse we are. Did you know that we have over 30,000 members spanning 138 different countries across 6 continents? We even have members from places I’ve never heard of like Curacao  a small island nation in the southern Caribbean Sea north of the Venezuelan coast. It’s great to be part of a group that encompasses people from so many different areas, backgrounds, and cultures  all with a common interest in HPE software. Recently I’ve been working with a reporting tool to better visualize our membership data.That’s why it’s important that you take the time to update your Vivit member profile periodically so that it is complete and up to date. We use that data to detect trends and growth patterns in various areas and to help HPE better understand the needs of their customers as well.

Vivit Member Locations by Country/State/Province

What do they need from Vivit? Our members are the sole reason we exist, and while we may have vast amounts of distance between us, our needs tend to be focused in the same areas. We’re all busy, trying to do more with less and work smarter instead of harder with the HPE software products that we use, but how can we stay on top of all the changes that occur in our industries, service areas, and with HP Software offerings? That’s where Vivit comes in! Collectively we can learn, network, share, and grow in ways that would take much longer in isolation. One way that I drill down into the specific needs of our membership is by leading the Vivit Membership Committee. We’re a small group of active Vivit members with insight into the needs of our communities and a passion for helping Vivit reach those needs. Every other month, we discuss new ways to engage users, webinar topics of value, conference booth themes, and interesting ways to provide for our members. If you have a need that you would like to bring to our attention, please send me an email. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

How can Vivit best serve those needs? All of the ideas we receive and discussions we have in the membership committee get funneled back into Vivit to help drive membership value and growth. Do you need easier ways to introduce others to Vivit? We’ll update the Vivit website with an invitation letter and maybe even put together a short video for you. Is your organization challenged with a specific need that HP Software could address? We’ll get a webinar set up. Do you have an idea to help draw attendance to the Vivit booth at HPE conferences? We’ll make sure the Vivit staff gets that idea. Anything that helps Vivit bring more value to our members is a great idea and exactly what we are looking for on the membership committee!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email me at I look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts to help keep Vivit running strong!


Mark Ford

P.S. If you haven’t updated your Vivit Profile in a while, go to: and log in with your Vivit username and password. If you have forgotten your Vivit username and/or password, click on the link to reset your password and you can enter an email address that you may have used previously.

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Vivit Offers Opportunities for Leadership

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Tammy Young
Tammy Young

Vivit Chapter and SIGs Chairperson
Board of Directors

As Vivit was just getting started, Tammy Young was the director of a startup with very little budget for training, so when a Vivit representative approached her at an HP conference in Las Vegas, she was immediately interested in the group’s potential for her team.

"In the beginning, it was a way to reach out and connect with others using the same tools I was at the time,” Tammy said. "I was trying to leverage some of the expertise by going out to the website and saying ‘hey, has anyone tried to do this?’” And she was finding answers.

Now, Tammy is the Chapter and Special Interest Group Chair on the Vivit Board of Directors, and she said it’s never been a better time to take a leadership role in the organization. "There’ are more leaders in leadership roles in Vivit than ever,” she said. "It’s not just putting you in touch with people using the same software, it’s also putting you in touch with your peers.”

Tammy is Director of IT Quality Assurance at Aflac Worldwide, where she leads projects mainly using HP ALM and HP UFT, along with HP Fortify. She said her management at Aflac has supported her involvement in Vivit "absolutely 100 percent.” My management understands how being involved in Vivit to the extent I am helps me get the optimal use of our HP Software,” Tammy said. She also credits Vivit with leading to more fulfilling work, being recognized in a new role and an expert in the ALM tool Aflac has in place. She is considered a thought leader and can affect change more rapidly.”

And personally, as a board member, she gets to work with other people who are passionate about their work and who find Vivit an important part of their lives. "I can’t tell you what a talented group of people that serve on that Board,” Tammy said.  "Vivit members are always happy to help each other out, and the time they take is certainly worth it." She feels she gains even more than she gives.

"In actuality, it’s a more interesting way to get information and get access to your peer group than most channels nowadays,” Tammy said.

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New Vivit Board Continues Building Best Practices

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, August 5, 2015
Updated: Thursday, July 30, 2015
2015 New Vivit Board Members
Left to right: Colin Fries (Secretary), Mark Herbert (Vice President), Richard Bishop (President) and Christopher J. Scharer (Treasurer)

A new Vivit Worldwide executive Board was recently announced during HP Discover and looks to continue building the organization that has helped build career expertise and personal connections with thousands of fellow HP Software users.

These long-time members have used HP Software in roles including banking, healthcare, and specialist software testing, and all continue to build their knowledge through the Vivit Worldwide knowledge base:

Vivit President, Richard Bishop leads the UK Local User Group and has previously held responsibility for nominations, European development, social media, and education. His specialties include Microsoft server operating systems, performance engineering, and the HP ALM suite.

Vivit Vice President, Mark Herbert leads the Arizona Local User Group and is a Co-Leader of the HP Software Education Special Interest Group. He has previously held the education and nominations Board positions. His specialties include HP Application Lifecycle Management, Quality Center, QuickTest Professional, Unified Functional Testing, and Business Process Testing.

Vivit Treasurer, Christopher J. Scharer co-leads the Iowa Local User Group, Nebraska Local User Group, and Testing, Quality, Application Lifecycle Management Special Interest Group. He has previously held the vice president, treasurer, nominations, social media, education and membership Board positions. His specialties include HP Application Lifecycle Management, Quality Center, Unified Functional Testing, Quick Test Pro, and Business Process Testing.

Vivit Secretary, Colin Fries until recently co-led the St. Louis Local User Group. His focus is on test automation architecture and has used multiple tool sets, including HP's Unified Functional Testing (UFT).

Richard said that during the last seven years when he has been involved with Vivit, he has been able to increase his knowledge of HP Software as well as raise his professional profile within HP. His membership has allowed him to build relationships with other members on similar career paths who have helped him understand and develop best practices.

Vivit has over 30,000 members worldwide and some of the IT industry’s top thought-leaders as members and volunteers. These individuals volunteer their time to lead Local User Groups (LUG) and worldwide virtual Special Interest Groups (SIG).

Mark attested that Vivit’s SIGs have improved his understanding of HP Software’s many solutions. His leadership roles in Vivit have allowed him to act as an advocate for HP Software customers around the world. "It helps you get to know the HP executives you might not usually run across,” he said.

Chris also has maintained close interactions with HP executives and has long been drawn toward companies that have used HP products. "HP products seem like they're a lot easier to use than other proprietary software. HP products almost seem intuitive and are very easy to integrate with other products and solutions,” Chris stated.

Richard, as well as Mark and Chris, all transitioned to Vivit from the Mercury User Group after HP acquired Mercury in 2006.

Colin told us he joined Vivit without much prior knowledge of HP Software and needed to learn as much as possible to help build his career. He eventually became the St. Louis LUG leader and sought a position on Vivit’s executive Board to get an even deeper experience. "Without Vivit, it would have been difficult to learn some of these tools and their processes on my own. The network of peers that I have assembled has been invaluable in that it allowed me to easily resolve questions and validate ideas,” Colin said.

To join Vivit, click here

For more information on HP Software, go to

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