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Managing Your Privacy with Vivit Worldwide

Posted By Jason Kennedy, Vivit Board of Directors, Wednesday, May 30, 2012

As we adjust to our new Vivit Worldwide virtual community, we experience some growing pains. This is natural, and as IT professionals, we all expect these things. The good news is that the technology itself is working significantly better than we were experiencing on the old site. Our challenges seem to come in two distinct areas:

1. Functional requirements for Chapter Leaders

2. Adapting to a more open & "community” style site

To address the first area, we will look to engage the Chapter Leaders in some functional requirements gathering to continue to refine process of the site; like any technology or tool, there’s always more honing to be done.

With respect to the second area, the way we feel best to address the challenge is awareness. is effectively a social media site now; it used to be a fairly static information repository. The new site gives us the best of both worlds, but that comes with a certain amount of individual responsibility for your privacy.

So how should you manage your privacy on the new Vivit Worldwide online community?

The single most important thing to know is how to manage your privacy settings for your Vivit profile. Whenever you are logged into the Vivit site, you should find (now on the right hand panel) the "My Profile” menu.

You’ll want to "Manage Profile” which will then give you the option to "Edit Bio”, including choosing your privacy settings.

As you enter each field, you will have the option to make a piece of information either publicly visible or not. The default value is for it to be publicly visible so it’s important to update your profile, and review these settings. Look for the icon to the left of the field that looks like this:

Click that icon, and you get a choice of public or private status for that information. Some fields are mandatory to ensure that you are an actual & active member, and not a bot, etc. Such an example is your email address. Vivit administration requires we have you enter this, but then set it to private so the icon to the left looks like this:

Now general members can view your public profile, but can’t see your email address.

If you have questions about the Vivit Website & privacy, I encourage you to post a message on the Vivit Services discussion group at:

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