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User Groups : "Never Was it So Precious as Today" - You Know That, Don't You?

Posted By Iris Boers, Thursday, August 6, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, August 4, 2020

by Iris Boers
Vivit EMEA Local User Group Liaison

No, we are not talking about the advertising slogan of the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group for the freely available medicinal product Klosterfrau Melisana - a distillate of 13 coordinated medicinal plants and better known as the "spirit of Melissa".

What was intended as an advertising message in 1925 to emphasize the uniqueness and special nature of the product Klosterfrau Melisana is today more than ever also valid for the intensive exchange of information between IT decision-makers and IT managers.

Progressive digitalization, the energy turnaround, and a new ecological understanding, and not least Corona Covid-19 with the accompanying changes in the working world, are leading to dramatic changes in companies – and this at a speed never seen before.

In these times, the winners are those who forge efficient alliances and gain an information advantage. The exchange of information has never been as valuable as it is today!

But with every day the flood of information that comes to us and asks for our attention is increasing. Overburdened with the task of processing all these messages and impressions, we usually scan this information only superficially. So how do you create an efficient exchange of information with like-minded people that also helps to optimize and maximize the IT solutions you use?

What exactly is it that makes the user community so valuable and unique and more important than ever in today's world?

Whether international corporations, Fortune 100 companies, public authorities, or international world market leaders from the upper-middle-class - many of these organizations have one thing in common: at least part of their IT infrastructure is based on Micro Focus technologies. To get the most out of these sophisticated yet highly complex products, a profound, well-founded, and practice-oriented expertise is required that cannot be learned exclusively from official documentation or textbooks.

This is exactly where the Vivit Worldwide User Community comes into the game. As an independent, non-profit service organization that represents the broad Micro Focus community, it is our mission to provide this specific know-how to both IT and business professionals working in a Micro Focus environment and to help customers getting their investments in Micro Focus and Partner solutions maximized. Why we are passionate about all this: the education we provide and the connections we facilitate empower Micro Focus Technology users to accelerate success for your teams, your organizations, and – ultimately -- the people you serve.

"Not always reinventing the wheel - learning from others...", that is one of the three pillars on which the successful work of our Vivit community rests. There are currently more than 80 local user groups and 30 special interest groups where people exchange ideas - at face-to-face meetings in our member companies, in virtual online working group meetings, or at the different pages with various knowledge forums at the Vivit Community webpage.

And even if face-to-face user meetings are still one of the core elements of the community, there has been an increased demand for virtual user meetings not only since Covid-19. In the last 4 months alone, we have held more than 19 virtual user meetings in the USA, UK Germany, and Brazil. It should be emphasized that many of these virtual user meetings were attended by a number of participants that were well above the average. One reason for this was - according to the feedback we received from some of our members - that such online user meetings can be easily integrated into the personal planning calendar, as there is no need to travel and the participants were positively surprised by the technical quality and the possibilities of active exchange during the virtual meetings.
Just as interesting as it was highly appreciated by the participants was the fact that these virtual user meetings all had their own identity and direction. Sometimes they were designed as open discussion rounds, where it was purely a matter of exchanging best practices and use case scenarios and technical questions from the members, sometimes there were roadmap presentations, there were set up as a "lean coffee" formats, where the participants first gather, build an agenda, and then begin talking. Conversations were directed and productive because the agenda for the meeting was democratically generated.

If you want to learn more about the last virtual user meetings, take a look at the community event calendar archive. Summaries with download options for the presentations shown can be found on the respective group pages of the individual LUGs & SIGs.

Our broad network and wealth of experience offer the best possible exchange of experience in the Micro Focus scene. After all, who better than the users themselves could report on how stumbling blocks could be eliminated?
Try out all that our membership offers - from live events to participation in virtual user meetings and webinars, download the latest episodes of our Vivit Espresso Talks Podcast - and use the online knowledge exchange with like-minded people in the form of the individual group pages.

We can promise - Vivit Worldwide members learn what’s next, what’s new, and what’s worked for others!

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Perseverance is the Key to Success

Posted By Iris Boers, Thursday, July 9, 2020
Updated: Wednesday, July 8, 2020

by Iris Boers
Vivit EMEA Local User Group Liaison

It's all a matter of mindset - spotlight on the community work of one of our new Board Directors

If 2020 were a completely normal year, we would now be talking about the super sports summer with top events such as the European Football Championship, Tour de France, Wimbledon, and, as the absolute highlight, the Olympic Games in Tokyo. There would be glittering winners, perhaps some new superstars, but also those who would leave the pitch disappointed and dejected and have to learn to cope with defeats.

However, the handling and especially the coping with defeats are often the decisive factor for successful sports careers. It can take 10 years to reach the top in the top-class sport. And on the way to the top of success, defeats are also part of it. The decisive factor is how you deal with setbacks, how you master them, and how you can use them for your personal development. In sports, the best players usually look back on a series of defeats. A prime example of this is basketball legend Michael Jordan. At high school, he was certified as unsuitable for the competitive test and the school team did not want to accept him. Today the ending is well known to everyone - he is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. And even one of the world's best footballers, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, does not have the best starting conditions for starting his career. Coming from a poor family background, struggling with heart problems in his youth, his start into a professional career was not a self-runner.

Both examples are representative of many other successful sports careers and have one thing in common: in addition to their undisputed talent, motivation, willpower, networking, perseverance, and determination were the decisive factors for their later success. Now you may be asking yourself what all this has to do with the Vivit Worldwide Community and the answer is more than you might realize at first sight.

Today we would like to take a closer look at the "Vivit career" of our new Board Director, Pedro Mendes, and you will see that Pedro's longstanding commitment to community work is similar to many an athlete, he has also suffered some setbacks. The decisive factor for him is that his motivation, enthusiasm, and passion for working in the Vivit Worldwide Community has always been unchecked.

After three unsuccessful attempts to be elected to the Board of Directors (nominations for the Board Election), Pedro has never been discouraged and has always stood for the election: The result: Now in the fourth attempt, Pedro has been elected as Board Director – Communication Chair. At this point, we say again "Congratulations" and good luck in your new role.

Pedro Mendes joined the Vivit Worldwide Community as a member in 2013 and he serves as the Leader of the Portugal Local User Group. He is also engaged within the Vivit Speakers Bureau and in this context, he has received the Speaker of the Year Award in 2016 for sharing his practitioner’s expertise on data protection and recovery, Big Data, and Internet of Things through Vivit webinars and sessions at the annual Discover conferences in Europe. Members value his focus on the benefits and not only on the technology. Mendes said, "sometimes there is a gap between technology and benefits; that’s where I think we can make all the difference.” His efforts to deliver the best content possible are not only being recognized through this award, it is also the logical consequence that in his new role on the Board of Directors he is now responsible for the area of communication.

As the Communications Chairperson, he oversees the strategic coordination of all communications, public relations functions, and informational social media requirements of Vivit to ensure two-way communication channels are functioning. As a Service Manager at Warpcom and Proefit, he is used to acting as a bridge between customers and vendors, and now he can bring this long professional experience to his director role.

Pedro's commitment and enthusiasm are a symbol of everything that makes up the user community. The will to improve things, to share experiences and best practices, the motivation to learn new things, and share knowledge in an environment of teamwork and fun - these are the factors that make a user community so valuable to ALL participants. And this is where the circle to the beginning of the article ends: Business and Sport - In the end, it's all about the mindset. If that's correct, you can celebrate success in every area of life.

If you now feel like getting actively involved in the community work, then take a look the Vivit community page. There are many ways to get actively involved in the community work and one thing is for sure - it might take a little time, but you will get a lot back and you will have a lot of fun with it. Guaranteed!

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Welcome New Leader - Vijay Bhargav Panchakarla

Posted By Administration, Thursday, June 11, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Vijay Bhargav Panchakarla
Toronto LUG Leader

Vivit welcomes new leader, Vijay Bhargav Panchakarla. Vijay is a Project Manager at TechMahindra with 14 years of experience in leading/managing the teams of Performance Testing/Engineering. Prior to his job at TechMahindra, he worked with Sumtotal and Applabs Technologies.

Vijay excels in Micro Focus LoadRunner and SilkPerformer tools and is very passionate about the Performance and Security testing apart from Management Practices.

As a newly appointed Vivit Leader for the Toronto LUG, he would like to create a network of professionals specializing in Micro Focus tools to share their expertise and develop a forum to provide suggestions to Micro Focus on Product improvements.
Vijay is from in Hyderabad, India and presently resides in Scarborough. Outside of work, he enjoys reading fiction.

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2020 Board Election Results

Posted By Mark Ford, Tuesday, June 9, 2020

by Mark Ford
Vivit Board Director
Vice President Operations/Nominations Chair

I am pleased to announce that the 2020 Board of Directors election is complete.

I would like to take a moment to thank those of you who took the time to vote in our recent election. For those that do not already know, Vivit has a Board of Directors that consists of nine directors who manage our staff and provide leadership and direction to our Local User Group and Special Interest Group leaders throughout the world. Vivit had 3 open seats for 3-year terms for the election.

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the newly elected 2020 Vivit Board Directors:

Pedro Miguel Jeronimo Mendes
Lisbon, Portugal USA

Neil Suryanarayana
Physicians Mutual
Omaha, Nebraska USA

Chris Trimper
Independent Health
Buffalo, NY USA

I would also like to thank the other nominated candidates who although they were not elected to the board this year, they were exceedingly strong candidates who volunteer their time in the Vivit community. We are proud to have them as members of our organization and hope that they’ll consider standing for election in future years.

Terri Sims
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Louis Tadman
Bellevue, Washington USA

Mike Warner
FCCI Insurance Group,
Bradenton, FL USA

Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank Chris Carpenter and Todd DeCapua who are both departing from the Vivit Board this year. Chris is coming off a 2-year term and Todd a 3-year term and they both have been large contributors to the Vivit Board. Their departures will be a great loss to our team and we wish them well and hope that they will stay in touch.

Chris Carpenter
Bellevue, WA USA

Todd DeCapua
Wilmington, Delaware USA

Thank you to all our Vivit members who took the time to participate in our 2020 Board Elections.

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COVID-19: A Booster for Digital Transformation

Posted By Iris Boers, Thursday, May 14, 2020
Updated: Monday, May 11, 2020

by Iris Boers
Vivit EMEA Local User Group Liaison

Business and IT have, in the past, used times of crisis to adapt and transform themselves for the better. While COVID-19 has created a ruckus within the human society across religions, races, geographies, countries, and continents and has undeniably had a devastating effect on business, and life itself, it will also be a catalyst for change, compelling organizations to rethink their long-term operations and spending as well as their business models, working cultures and journeys of digital transformation within an enterprise for the future.

Even if COVID-19 is currently seen as an acute threat to our economy, the current situation also serves as an indicator for the future viability of a company: an indicator of where companies currently stand in terms of digital transformation. It is an indicator of how flexibly they are reacting to massive market changes and also of how they are able to use their data. The coronavirus crisis is transforming what was previously an abstract topic for many people, digitalization, into a concrete mission - with concrete problems and concrete solutions. No matter what our new normality will look like after the virus, whether more folks will stick with grocery delivery, having gotten used to the convenience, whether many will continue to work more in the home office or to what extent business travel will once again be part of the business routine - whatever those new developments are, it’s clear that IT-transformation and digitalization will play a significant role. For the success of digital transformation initiatives in companies, it is important to balance agility, speed, risk, business value, and quality, along with access to back-end systems of record.

Agility and Speed

No one can say with certainty how the economic and social situation will develop in the coming months. This makes it all the more important to accelerate developments, new products, and services while remaining flexible and open to changes in plans. The demand for high-velocity software development to support digital transformation across multimodal platforms increases complexity radically. As a result, organizations will need to shift to agile process adoption, automation, and analytics to support business execution, continuous quality, performance, deployment, and security.

To succeed, agile DevOps responsiveness to business stakeholder needs via IT/business collaboration end to end (including modernization and systems of record) is key.

Recommendation: Review and address iterative, continuous development, and testing approaches from functional through security to performance testing and automation gaps to create continuous quality across teams.

To learn more about continuous integration and delivery and Model-Based Testing for ALM Octane, register now for the upcoming webinar presented by the United Kingdom & Ireland Local User Groups (LUGs) on May 27th.

Security, Risk, and Governance — Protect Apps, Identities, and Data

Digital measures to combat the pandemic, such as the tracing apps, for example, make it clear that the relevance of data, its use and the discussion about its protection, is taking on a whole new significance for society, politics and also for companies. Any organization without a plan to prioritize the protection and management of sensitive and personal data place their reputation, brand, and high-value data at great risk. It must also meet challenges such as mergers and acquisitions, digital transformation to the cloud, and the growing, global, requirement to safeguard personally identifiable information.

Recommendation: Businesses must understand that data discovery, classification, and controls for both structured and unstructured data are as important to security as the techniques used to secure it.

If you would like to learn more about how Cybersecurity and Privacy can go hand in hand and how to protect IT ecosystems and reduce risk to on-premises, hybrid, or cloud environments for all identities, register here now for the Micro Focus Virtual Universe. From Tuesday, May 19 through Thursday, May 21, attendees will have access to the highest quality content delivered by Micro Focus executives, product experts, partners, customers, and our community. You’ll have multiple opportunities for 1:1 meetings and product demos—all tailored to meet your business needs and your professional development and educational goals – and at no cost – the participation in the virtual conference entirely free of charge. Vivit Worldwide as a sponsor will have a virtual booth within the Digital Transformation Zone, so come and visit us and learn more about the Community

To conclude, COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees shattering the businesses and economies worldwide. However, these challenges provide an opportunity for new businesses to flourish based on a new digital reality. Digitalization has found a new meaning and it is going to reach many new areas. This is the perfect time to focus on digital transformation by realizing the necessities accelerating it.

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Welcome New Leader - Mikhail Vorotyagin

Posted By Administration, Thursday, May 14, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mikhail Vorotyagin
PJSC Sberbank
Russia LUG Leader

Vivit Worldwide is pleased to welcome Mikhail Vorotyagin as a new Russia LUG Leader. Mikhail will now lead the local user group together with Vadim Gordadze, who has been the local leader here for many years, and will be the contact person for members. Thanks to his technical expertise, he will focus on quality management, testing methodology, testing automation and test management.

Mikhail Vorotyagin has got an outstanding professional expertise with more than 14 years of IT expertise. As head of SAP testing Service, in the QA Department of SberTech - the IT service department of Sberbank- for more than 6 years, he is managing software implementation teams, which develop, set up and conduct testing, implement quality processes and DevOps. With more than 10,000 employees and more than 184 automated systems in testing and 400 systems in development, SberTech has the biggest installation of Performance Center in EMEA.

His competences and professional emphases are in the areas such as development and implementation of IT Strategies, creation of software development, procurement testing services team as well as the development of test automation tools, the calculation of the cost of ownership of tools for automation of functional testing, load and test management, calculation of ROI indicators. He is also experienced in the implementation of the SAP application delivery pipeline and DevOps practices in SAP. His private preferences include skiing and cycling.

As a new Vivit Leader for the LUG Russia, he wants to strengthen and enhance the exchange of experiences within the ADM area between different experts in one platform (forums, chats). One of his main concerns as a new leader is to develop and establish new connections to resolve technical tasks in QA area and to build a forum for the promotion of new ideas. He is convinced that the most significant added value the Vivit Worldwide user community offers to its members is that Vivit members break the board between experts from different countries, and provide new concepts and technology from first hand.

We wish you, Mikhail, a good start as new leader and look forward to many activities in LUG Russia in the coming months.

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It's All About Testing - and Not Only in Times of COVID-19

Posted By Iris Boers, Thursday, April 9, 2020
Updated: Friday, March 27, 2020
Why the right test management is an important component and success factor – not only to stop the Corona Pandemic but also in software development

by Iris Boers
Vivit EMEA Local User Group Liaison

The year 2020 has so far been dominated by the novel corona virus Sars-CoV-2, which has spread worldwide in recent months since it first appeared in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan at the turn of the year. In Europe in particular, the number of infected people is rising rapidly, and many nations have already responded with rigorous measures. Almost all European countries have sealed off their external borders with neighbouring countries to slow down the spread of the virus. Public life has come to an almost complete standstill almost everywhere and social distancing and self-isolation have become a matter of course everywhere.
No matter where you look, the strategy of individual countries, no matter where in the world, in fighting the pandemic is the same everywhere. Bringing public life down to a lunar scale, isolating those identified and above all testing, testing, testing.

But especially when it comes to testing, or rather test management, there are considerable differences between the individual countries, which leads to data confusion and a lack of data evidence, and which ultimately makes it difficult to better estimate the true extent of the pandemic. To understand the scale of the COVID-19 outbreak, and respond appropriately, it is absolutely vital to know how many people are infected by COVID-19. With the current test procedures, where mostly only people with symptoms, sometimes even only people in hospitals with severe courses are tested, there is, for example, a high degree of uncertainty regarding the number of unreported cases of those actually infected, which makes it difficult to better understand the virus and to better adopt the measures taken.

The importance of quality test data and effective test data management

The test data management is not only in the case of the fight against Corona- epidemic of pivotal importance, we as IT professionals know already for a long time that high-quality and realistic test data is the lifeblood of any automated test process within the software development. Put simply: GOOD TEST DATA = GOOD TESTING AND DEVELOPMENT

Having access to stable test data is the biggest challenge to effective test automation for most organizations. And now, with the fast feedback required by DevOps, the consequences of a lack of good test data are even worse. That's not going to cut it when most organizations now see quality as a key driver for business outcomes, according to The World Quality Report. Too many organizations are faltering with test automation—and therefore DevOps—because they can't, or don't, manage test data appropriately.

To be successful in DevOps you need a reliable set of automated tests that confirm that a given build is ready to move to the next stage in your pipeline. To be reliable, your tests must have access to a consistent, predictable set of data. But having good data is only one matter, but what about the environments? Where can tests access this data, and how?

The ideal solution occurs in tandem: spinning up environments and data simultaneously ensures that they both align, avoiding the bugs and delays created by data/environment misconfiguration. Adding modelling, synthetic test data generation and virtual data creation to this approach furthermore augment the quality of both test data and environments, enabling complete test execution against vastly complex systems.

Making the simultaneous and augmented data/environment provisioning available on-demand further removes bottlenecks and a dependency on a central team. It provides parallel access to the data and environments needed to test fast-changing systems rigorously and continuously.

If you would like to learn more about how to optimize and accelerate test automation and about the quality of Test Data and effective Test Data Management, here are some tips from the Vivit Community:

Keep safe and stay healthy! #WeSupportYou

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Post a Job Opening or Add Your Resume to the Vivit Career Center

Posted By Stephanie Konkoy, Thursday, April 9, 2020
Updated: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

By Stephanie Konkoy

     Vivit Engagement Director

Looking for a new job? Needing to hire someone? Want to post a job opening? The Vivit Career Center is at your service, which is one of the many benefits of being a Vivit member.

To post your resume to the Vivit website, log into the Vivit website and go to My Resumé/CV. Simply complete the form and attached your Resume/CV. Edits to your career postings can be made in My Career Postings. Both of these options are located on the Vivit website in Manage Profile.

If you are looking to Post job openings, find potential candidates, search openings and subscribe to new posting notifications, go to the Vivit Career Center and be sure to subscribe to the page.

If you need any assistance logging into the Vivit website or have any questions, email us at Happy hunting and hiring!

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Helpful Tips for Working from Home

Posted By Richard Bishop, Thursday, April 9, 2020
Updated: Thursday, April 2, 2020

by Richard Bishop
Vivit Board Director/Advocacy Chairperson

Like most people who are able to, I’m working from home for the foreseeable future. I’ve been working from home for 2 or 3 days per week for approximately ten years,  or so I have a pretty nice setup (multiple screens, proper office chair, decent headset and webcam). Here are a few tips that I have for working from home.

Try to work “normal hours” and have a routine

It’s very easy (especially if you have a job that you enjoy) to spend too long “at work”. The daily commute is an opportunity to get ready for work and then wind down at the end of the day by listening to podcasts, the radio or reading if you’re using public transport. You don’t have this commute time and it is common for work to expand to fill the hours that you spend at your desk. Make sure that you take breaks and make time for ad-hoc chats with colleagues via VOIP calls, IM chats or phone.

Create ground rules for family and friends

It is common for family and friends to ring you if they know that you’re at home or if you have children for them to interrupt you when you’re working. Establish some ground rules to avoid interruptions if you can.

Have breaks

You’re going to be sitting down for most of the day, the walk to the kettle or fridge is likely to be less than the walk to the canteen or sandwich shop in the office. You won’t be walking to meeting rooms so make sure that you take breaks from time to time. Maybe aim for 5 minutes per hour away from your desk (or more if that suits you.)

Go out at least once per day

In the office, nobody thinks twice if you aren’t at your desk for 10 minutes or so and it’s easy to feel that you have to stay at your home desk all the time. Go out and get some fresh air even if you just go for a 5-minute walk.

Don’t mix work and pleasure

Make a separate space for working. If you’re fortunate to have a spare room that you can turn over to “office” use I’d recommend that you do it. This helps you to separate your work and home life. Keep distractions away from your working area and learn to separate work and home tasks.

Keep a separate phone number

If you have a work phone, keep it for work calls only and try not to use your personal phone for work calls. This helps you to switch between roles. Consider using VOIP or Skype for work to keep your personal phone “personal”.

Make sure you are visible

It is easy for people in the office to forget that you’re around (although when everybody is working from home this is less of an issue). Stay busy and avoid distractions. When you’re working remotely it is important to make sure that people can see that you’re productive. Respond promptly to emails and especially instant messenger chats, even if it is just to say that you’re busy and that you’ll respond later.


You aren’t a hermit. Make time for calls (or better still video chats) with colleagues. Remind them that you’re there and available for work. This also helps to keep you informed about other goings-on at work and maintains team spirit.

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Video Conferencing for Newbies

Posted By Richard Bishop, Thursday, April 9, 2020
Updated: Thursday, April 2, 2020

by Richard Bishop
Vivit Board Director/Advocacy Chairperson

Some years ago I worked for a company demonstrating video conferencing software. This was at a time when video conferencing was in it’s infancy and long before video could reliably be compressed to be delivered via an internet connection to a mobile device (or even reliably to a laptop). As part of a team effectively “selling” video conferencing equipment when each terminal cost £5,000 or more it was important to make the experience of the customer (at the remote end) as realistic as possible.

Here are a few tips to improve your video conferencing experience which may be useful now that thousands of us are working from home due to the Covid-19 virus.

Make the best use of your Internet bandwidth. Use a wired connection if possible, if this isn’t practical and your home router supports 5GHz as well as 2.4GHz, try to connect to the 5GHz network which tends to be faster to try to reduce jitter, blockiness and video stalls.

To improve sound quality, use a headset rather than the laptop microphone and speakers and position the microphone approximately 10cm from your mouth.Try to avoid breathing directly into the microphone to reduce those loud “breathing noises” at the far end.

Avoid wearing clothes with a complex pattern (especially check and striped patterns). This helps you to avoid the moiré effect.

Make sure that you are well lit and avoid sitting in front of a window (backlighting is usually bad). Be aware of the time of day and try to avoid sitting in direct sunlight. Indirect lighting tends to be more flattering 🙂

Ideally use a “proper webcam” rather than a laptop webcam. Especially if you’re using multiple screens. Put the camera at eye level on top of the screen where you will view the remote person. This means that when you look at their image, you create the illusion that you are looking at them. This makes the remote person feel more connected to you and has the benefit of ensuring that the remote person isn’t looking directly up your nose (like in my picture below).

To improve the illusion of eye contact with the person that you are meeting, resize the remote video so that it is as small as possible and put the remote image directly underneath the webcam.

Try to de-clutter so that the background is as plain as possible. Alternatively use the “screen blur” options in videoconferencing software like MS Teams so that people pay attention to you and not the background.

Join calls on “mute” and “unmute” just before you want to speak. This avoids the people at the remote end listening to you cursing and swearing because you can’t get the microphone to work. It also prevents interruptions such as a a ringing phone or doorbell from switching the focus to you when you don’t want to be the centre of attention.

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