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SIG News - February

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, February 9, 2017
Updated: Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Network Management

Chris Powers
Network Management SIG Leader

Jon Kies
Network Management SIG Leader

 As with Vivit, the Network Management SIG has undergone a few changes recently.  Our original co-leader (Wendy Wheeler) has moved on and has been replaced by Jon Kies.  Jon is responsible for the product marketing at HPE Software for Network Management and brings his insider-view.  Chris Powers will continue to co-lead this SIG with Jon.  Chris is an IT industry veteran and has presented both in Vivit sessions as well as at HPE Discover.  

The Vivit Network Management SIG focuses on Network Node Manager i (NNMi) and Network Automation (NA) with membership extending from new to seasoned levels of users /administrators, all who can share both their questions and insights.   As an example, we just held two sessions last December.  The first was around how to start out with Network Automation and the second on Performance Tuning of NPS on NNMi.  Go to Vivit’s Network Management SIG page where you will find:

  • the webinar content under the Group Pages
  • a link to the latest case studies
  • the ability to download the latest versions of NNMi and NA

JOIN THIS SIG and the passionate leaders:

  • 10% of Vivit’s worldwide membership are part of this SIG, and it is growing fast.
  • In 2016, a number of key speakers who work with the products on a daily basis have shared their expertise with the SIG: Brian Kaplan, Joe Reves, Prem Monica Raj Natarajan, as well our co-leaders Jon Kies and Chris Powers.
We look forward to you joining in the conversation.


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Micro Focus Names HPE’s Chris Hsu CEO of Group

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, January 25, 2017
It was announced January 17th that Chris Hsu, Chief Operating Officer of HPE and Executive Vice President of HPE Software will be appointed as the new CEO of the go-forward combined company once HPE Software merges with Micro Focus.

This is great news for the Vivit and software community. Chris has had a remarkable career at HP and HPE. In his current and previous roles, he has driven large scale transformations to enable greater company agility, instill operational discipline and drive profitability. As the leader of HPE Software, Chris is directly engaged with HPE Software's portfolio investment strategy, has a keen sense of the market and a strong commitment to a customer-centric culture.

Mr. Hsu will take up his role following completion of the proposed merger. Until then, Stephen Murdoch will remain chief executive of Micro Focus, and will then become chief operating officer for the enlarged group. Nils Brauckmann will remain chief executive of SUSE, and as previously announced, Kevin Loosemore will remain executive chairman until at least April 2018.

Micro Focus plans to announce further details of board composition and executive management of the enlarged group when the prospectus is published in the third quarter of 2017.

We hope you share our excitement at this news and the confidence it shows the market holds in Mr. Hsu, the HPE Software products and the HPE Software team.

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - January 2017

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, January 12, 2017
Updated: Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jagadish Reddy
Sydney, Australia LUG Leader
Brisbane, Australia LUG Leader


"Customer-centric is an approach to doing business that focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point of sale and after the sale in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage. Vivit hosts different events where the customer challenges are discussed and great ideas were shared."

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New Leader Blog - January 2017

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, January 12, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Get Connected

We welcome the following Leader and his expertise. We invite you to join his Local User Group to share tips, best practices, and real-world experiences. Join a group by clicking on the group name under the picture and select the "Join Group” icon which will appear at the top of the group web page if you aren’t already a member. Connect to the leader by clicking on his name. Member sign-in required. 


José Arteaga Salavarria
Sistemista Networking
DC Labs
Italian LUG leader 

  • Born in Venezuela and moved to Italy in 2003
  • Fell in love with networking and server's world after installing his first 10Base2 and the "ancient” Novell Netware operating system
  • Never stopped learning, implementing and managing several solutions. Netwrix Certified Engineer, Cisco CCNA R&S, Microsoft MTA, VMware VCA, IPv6 Forum Certified. Jose is a huge fan of Hyperconvergence.
  • He's looking forward to growing his knowledge and sharing it with all Vivit members.
"Italy calling here with new projects and ideas for 2017. Soon we are going to talk about End-to-end Application and Performance Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Protecting Critical Servers plus Data in Virtualized Environments and secure backup strategies... of course following a pragmatical approach with tons of videos and live events.
We as a community are nothing without your participation, so I encourage you to post, share, and reply to content on our forums (our members are the most important part of the community), and don't forget to follow our talks and live events!”

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SIG News - January 2017

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, January 12, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Business Service Management

Jim Copio
BSM SIG Leader

Mark Laird
BSM SIG Leader

Rocky Pisto
BSM SIG Leader

Sandy Schubert
BSM SIG Leader

Will the Business Service Management (BSM) SIG get a facelift in 2017?  

Your BSM SIG leaders are planning the strategy for 2017.  We are looking forward to more virtual sessions in the New Year and we are currently organizing webinars that will share how many clients have matured their legacy BSM environments to the full blown Operations Bridge play, including several with Business Value Dashboard.  

Over the next few months, as HPE looks to reorganize their software suites, we will review potential changes to the direction of our BSM SIG in regards to content and focus.  As always, we will keep you informed as Vivit is your place to go for relevant and timely information.

If you are looking to share best practices with this SIG, please reach out to schedule a virtual webinar slot.  Also, if you have comments or thoughts on how better to serve our members in this particular space, we welcome your inputs.  

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Nominations are Now Open!

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, January 12, 2017
Updated: Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Robbie Clay-Ament, Nominations Chair
Vivit Board of Directors


Vivit is pleased to announce the 2017 Board of Directors call for nominations.

Nominations for the 2017 Vivit Board of Directors are being accepted between January 12 and February 28, 2017. Please consider nominating members who are involved with Vivit and who you believe will provide leadership in continuing to advance our goals of advocacy, community and education to the HPE, soon to be Micro Focus, user community.

Directors have the opportunity to work with other leaders to help drive the future of our user community during this dynamic and exciting time of change. Board service provides a chance to grow both personally and professionally; it is an opportunity to develop skills while working with a team of other dedicated professionals.

Vivit policy is that members of the Board of Directors may not be employees of HPE; however, employees of HPE partners and HPE customers may be nominated for and elected to the board. All nominations must be received by midnight February 28, 2017 eastern standard time.

There will be three openings to fill, and though each member of the board serves as an officer or committee chair, nominations are for general positions on the board, not for specific offices. All nominations will be reviewed by a nominations committee made up of a subset of the current members of the board of directors as well as Vivit SIG and LUG leaders.

If you have questions regarding the nominations process please contact

Nominate Now

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New Leader Blog - December 2016

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, December 15, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Get Connected

We welcome the following Leader and his expertise. We invite you to join this newly formed Special Interest Group to share tips, best practices, and real-world experiences. Join a group by clicking on the group name under the picture and select the "Join Group” icon which will appear at the top of the group web page if you aren’t already a member. Connect to the leader by clicking on his name. Member sign-in required.

*the Cloud Builders SIG and Data Automation SIG have been consolidated to form the new Cloud and Automation SIG

Oliver Höhne 
IT Consultant AG Business Solutions
Cloud and Automation SIG Leader

"Today, Cloud and Automation becomes increasingly important for almost all fields of IT. Therefore, a strong community is needed to share experiences and provide mutual support for technical issues in this area. I think the new SIG is the best platform for this kind of collective and I'm glad to contribute my enthusiasm for CAM at regular meetings and in the forums."

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SIG News - December 2016

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, December 15, 2016
Updated: Saturday, November 26, 2016
Performance Engineering

Chris Trimper
Performance Engineering SIG Leader
Western NY LUG Leader

Todd DeCapua
Performance Engineering SIG Leader
Delaware LUG Leader

Paul Shovlin
Performance Engineering SIG Leader
Florida LUG Leader

Petar Puskarich
Performance Engineering SIG Leader


Performance Engineering is one of the most impactful capabilities being adopted today, delivering high value to: business, technology and end users.

Why do we want to highlight the Performance Engineering Special Interest groups to you?

  • 15% of the Vivit Worldwide membership are members
  • 3 years to growth from 0 to 6000 members, fastest in SIG history
  • 4 leaders, driving content, collaboration, and opportunity across the industry

In the last 12 months, the founder, Todd DeCapua, and the team of co-leaders, Petar Puskarich, Paul Shovlin, and Chris Trimper, have worked to deliver great content and value. How they have done this is highlighted below.

  • 14 webinars delivered on key topics and learnings aligned to Performance Engineering
  • 28 industry experts engaged to collaborate and create content, used in delivery
  • 12 conference speaking sessions, providing additional insights and expertise

When something exciting like this happens, we want to let our membership and others know, so you can get plugged in and share with your peers. Below are some quick and easy ways to get involved now:

Join the Vivit Worldwide Performance Engineering Special Interest Group now and get involved!

Monthly Vivit Worldwide Performance Engineering SIG Webinars

Second Tuesday of every Month

BLOG: PE is Fastest Growing Special Interest Group in the World
12 Jan 2016
Vivit Worldwide PE SIG 2016
9 Feb 2016
PE in Agile
8 Mar 2016
PE in a CoE
12 Apr 2016
PE and Value to the Business
10 May 2016
PE as a Competitive Differentiator
14 Jun 2016
PE and Your End User
12 Jul 2016
PE and Value to Technology
9 Aug 2016
PE and Proven Practices
13 Sep 2016
PE Tools
11 Oct 2016
PE Education
22 Nov 2016
PE Solution Overview
13 Dec 2016
PE Core Capabilities
 Call for Speakers Survey:

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2016 EMEA and Asia-Pacific Award Recipients

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, December 15, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Each year, the number of Vivit’s volunteers increases and so do their contributions,” said Tammy Young, Local User Group and Special Interest Group Chair, Board of Directors. "Vivit depends upon the power of our volunteers to deliver high value to our members by sharing their experiences with HPE software. They contribute by speaking, leading, authoring content, and championing the Vivit mission. Year after year, Vivit volunteers raise the bar, and we tremendously appreciate their contributions.”

2016 - Leader of the Year

Carsten Neise
Germany LUG Leader

Dr. Carsten Neise received the Leader of the Year Award for expanding the Testing, Quality, and Application Lifecycle Management Special Interest Group in the northern and eastern part of Germany. He leads regular meetings for members in this region and has begun hosting meetings for members in the entire DACH region.

Dr. Neise is Senior Consultant at and has more than five years of experience in software development and software testing. He focuses on the effective test design completed by using test automation tools properly; he combines this with test data management (including the measure of test data quality) and service virtualization. Neise also conducts load and performance tests, and he has a passion for model based testing.

2016 - Speaker of the Year


Dr. Pedro Mendes 
Portugal LUG Leader

Pedro Mendes received the Speaker of the Year Award for sharing his practitioner’s expertise on data protection and recovery, Big Data, and Internet of Things through Vivit webinars and sessions at the annual Discover conferences in Europe. Members value his focus on the benefits and not only on the technology. Mendes said, "sometimes there is a gap between technology and benefits; that’s where I think we can make all the difference.” His efforts to deliver the best content possible is being recognized through this award. Mendes also serves as the Leader of the Portugal Local User Group.

Mendes is a Business Unit Manager at Datasmart. Previously, he worked as a Client Manager for a French Multinational company called GFI. He has a post-graduate degree in project management, and he is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer.


2016 - Champion of the Year


Jane Gibson
Australia LUG Leader

Jane Gibson received the Champion of the Year Award for expanding the Vivit community throughout Asia-Pacific. She has worked tirelessly in building an HPE software customer community across the region by hosting regular technical customer forums to showcase solutions and networking events for executives. Gibson also partnered with Vivit to host webinars delivered by customer speakers often sourced from the Vivit community to share their experiences of using HPE software in their business. Membership in Asia-Pacific has grown considerably during this time.


Gibson, HPE Software Customer Advocacy Lead Asia-Pacific, has worked with HPE for thirteen years. Her passion is hearing what customers have to say, giving them a voice to promote their success and in networking amongst their peers.

2016 - Top Virtual Contributor


Wolf-Dietrich Schmook
Germany LUG Leader

Wolf-Dietrich Schmook received the Top Virtual Contributor Award for his participation in and contributions to Vivit’s website which is the hub of the worldwide community. He has been a member since 2000 and one of the first contributors and moderators for the online product forums. Schmook also regularly participates in webinar events which has earned him the title of Top Virtual Contributor. He delivered the first Network Node Manager training in Germany many years ago. Due to the complexity of the ever growing portfolio of HPE software, he has designed and developed the Concepts, Components and Functions (CCF) trainings for HPE Software Education Services.


Schmook, CTO at cTc GmbH in Germany, is a trainer and coach for IT related topics, including IT-Operations with almost all related HPE software products: AM, APM, BPM, BSM, CMS, CO, CSA, DCA, DP, LR, NA, NNMi, OM, OMi, OO, PM, SA, SM, SiS, SOM, UCMDB, and UD. For over twenty-five years, he has been teaching HPE courses and working with customers in over thirty countries to help them make better use of their systems, complete successful integrations, trouble shoot, tune, and become familiar with Vivit. He is also among the top ten virtual contributors in HPE’s new community, ITOM Insiders.

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New Name, Same Purpose

Posted By Administration, Thursday, December 15, 2016
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2016
By The LUG/SIG Team

Annemarie Stuiver, EMEA/APJ Liaison
Tammy Young, LUG/SIG Chair
Teri Sarallo, Americas Liaison

As everyone affiliated with Vivit knows by now we have a new Logo, color scheme and a wonderful new website to better serve Vivit’s membership community. In the deep dive necessary to facilitate these types of changes, your team responsible for Chapter’s and SIGs took a fresh look at everything from each type of SIG, to Chapter activity.

As a result of our renewed focus pertaining to the purpose of a Chapter, the decision was made to rename Chapters to Local User Groups or LUGs. This change makes a clear statement of exactly what these meetings are about whether virtually or physically carried out-- Local users of HPE software coming together to network, solve problems, learn and share. It is also a term recognized globally.

I hope each of you support this change and are assured that while the name has changed, the purpose remains the same.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to each of you.

The LUG/SIG Team

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