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Spotlight on a Volunteer - March 2016

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, March 3, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chris Trimper
Enterprise QA Senior Automation Analyst

Independent Health
Western New York Chapter Leader
Performance Engineering SIG Leader 

  • Manages a team of 5 test automation/performance engineers  
  • Over 10 years of experience in software QA;  8 years writing test automation and 4 of those years using HPE software
  • Passionate about automated testing assisting for speedier and more accurate testing cycles
  • Technical geek at heart

  "I really enjoy the Vivit community.  I have always enjoyed learning and sharing my findings with co-workers and now I have a place to share even more. This past spring I was given the chance to start up a local Vivit Chapter which I feel has been a success in our community. Both with local sessions and webinars,  Vivit has aided me in finding my voice to share. What I have learned the most from Vivit is that conversations do not need to be expert to expert, but rather seem to be on a ‘fan-boy’ level. The community,  whether online or in-person,  is a group of ultra-eager professionals sharing experiences and learning from others. I’m proud to be a member and encourage others who are ‘occasional’ members to participate more in forums/chapter meetings and webinars."

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New Leader Blog - March 2016

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, March 3, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Get Connected

We welcome the following Leader and his expertise. We invite you to join his Special Interest Group to share tips, best practices, and real-world experiences. Join the group by clicking on the group name under the picture and select the "Join Group” icon which will appear at the top of the group web page if you aren’t already a member. Connect to a leader by clicking on their name. Member sign-in required.

Oded Tankus
Business Intelligence SIG

  • Over 30 years’ experience in all the major aspects of data management and data analysis, specifically BI implementation, BI methodology, metrics development and analytics
  • Specializes in Application Development, SQA and Project Management metrics, including the analysis and creation of business insights from those metrics, which are then used to drive process improvement programs
  • Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Applied Statistics from the Tel Aviv University

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Service Anywhere continues to evolve in the March 2016 Release

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, March 3, 2016
Updated: Friday, February 26, 2016


by Mark Bradley

Service Anywhere releases another feature-rich update to continue enhancing customer’s experience.

Service Anywhere renewed emphases on existing abilities while bringing together a broader range of ITSM, Project Management, and Asset Management capabilities, utilizing Big Data and Social Collaboration to focus on the workforce user and providing a connected intelligence across multiple domains onto the same platform.

March 2016 release highlights include:

On the Fly language translation - Service Anywhere's in-line translation service has been extended to cover:
  • Q&A forum content translation
  • On the fly Knowledge Articles translation

Multi-tenant Console– MSP’s & Enterprises can manage multiple tenants using the new console

  • It provides managed service providers (MSPs) & Enterprises the ability to manage their customers' requests and incident records in one user interface via a multi-tenant (MT) console.

New Subscriptions methods for consumption of services and assets

  • Agents can track relationship between users and services or assets
    • As well as cost information.
  • Catalog managers can design Offerings for specific Subscription actions.
  • The help desk can classify the subscriptions or assets based on the user's consumption.
  • Self-Services Portal users can see their assets (devices) and services.
    • Request support, changes, and cancellations.
    • Access related articles and offerings
  • You can now manage the lifespan of a subscription

Self-Service Portal improvements

  • Productive Loading
    • Page provides users on slower networks with an initial interactive interface.
    • Users can start entering a problem description, read news.
    • Track the latest status of a recent request even as the rest of the portal loads.
    • Experience is seamlessly continued into the full portal once loaded.
    • Will be enabled by default, but can be turned off by tenant setting.


  • Improved flow design with simplified instructions
  • Uses open public requests, articles, Q&A forum discussions, news, and offerings as suggested actions

Public Requesting

  • Add users as followers to a request

Knowledge Management improvements

  • A knowledge article record can be localized to multiple Languages and managed as a single record
  • For compliance with the ITIL data model an article record now includes the following fields:
    • Internal documentation / description v Purpose
    • Categorization
Codeless Configuration improvements
  • When activating new OOTB processes, the new comparison interface allows you to compare existing configuration and highlight differences in v Business Rules
    • Phases
    • Transitions

Description and comments tags have been added in Business rules

  • Add your own descriptions to existing and customized business rules.
  • Many out-of-the-box rules are tagged with tags to aid in comparing, merging, and searching business rules.

Service Asset and Configuration Management Enhancements

  • Better CI and asset relationships for greater help desk and asset management efficiency.
    • For example, relate a credit card pad to a cash register, or a blade to an enclosure/rack.
  • Relate a device, incident or request to a company

New ready to use reports

  • Analytical reports can now be presented as line charts
  • Incidents creation over time – Group by creation date by month, then by priority.
  • Requests creation over time - Group by entity creation time by week.
  • Changes creation over time - Group by create time
  • Appears on default Dashboard.

Platform improvements

  • Calendar events can be sent as attachments in notifications from change management
  • Field Level Encryption - added support for encrypting attachments in records.
  • Business Intelligence Integration - Added ability to extract User Options and Comments along with other record data.
  • Increase engagement and user satisfaction
  • Comments improvements – Improved agent interface
  • Self-Service Portal improvements
  • Project Management – Enhanced integration between PPM & Service Anywhere  

For details on the new features visit the Service Anywhere Blog.  

To see a demonstration of the new features, join our Vivit Webinar on March 31st. Please register here.  

Want to try out the new features? Check out the Service Anywhere Free Trial. We know you will be excited to see the latest and greatest of Service Anywhere!  

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How to Create an All Star LinkedIn Profile

Posted By Ted Sclavos, Friday, February 26, 2016
Updated: Friday, February 26, 2016
by Ted Sclavos
Digital Marketing
HPE Software

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 400 million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts to exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities. The network is useful for making business connections, cultivating leads, developing your personal brand, and staying in touch with your professional network.

Get ready to build your personal brand!

Don’t worry: updating your LinkedIn profile does NOT have to mean you’re job hunting. To avoid any confusion, you can easily turn off Activity Broadcasts

Click on image below to enlarge.

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Spotlight on a Volunteer - February 2016

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Monday, February 8, 2016
Updated: Monday, January 11, 2016

Eli Eyal
Operational Support Services Manager
Israel Chapter Leader

 "With Vivit, I can share, present, and get feedback from many people that have a common ground with me. It’s a win-win activity for everyone."

  • Works for Playtech as an Operational Support Services (OSS) manager
  • Has worked in the monitoring field for more than 15 years in many roles, starting as an integrator, implementer, developer of monitoring solutions, and monitoring teams leader
  • Implemented and provided monitoring solutions in many companies and projects
  • Was involved in monitoring projects in Telco companies and software development companies providing monitoring architecture and design of the custom implementation for each project by its needs



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New Leader Blog - February 2016

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Monday, February 8, 2016
Updated: Monday, January 11, 2016

Get Connected

We welcome the following Leaders and their expertise. We invite you to join their Local User Groups to share tips, best practices, and real-world experiences. Join the group by clicking on the group name under the picture and select the "Join Group” icon which will appear at the top of the group web page if you aren’t already a member. Connect to a leader by clicking on their name. Member sign-in required.

Espen Jenssen
Norway Chapter Leader

  • Works at Sykehuspartner, the joint services supplier of non-medical services to health trusts under the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority which is the largest Nordic provider of ICT services with 80,000 users
  • In late 2000, Espen started working at the Central hospital of Akershus (SIA) which changed its name to Akesrhus University Hospital (AHUS).  The goal was to be the most modern hospital in Europe.
  • Participated closely in the project as one of the hospital's representatives; he was both a Group Leader and Team Leader for the collaborated group of network and telephony.
  • Since 2010, he has worked in a small group that provides services to the rest of the data communication community at Sykehuspartner with different products both outside and inside the HPE Software portfolio. Amongst these are Network Node manager and Network Automation
  • For several years, he been a board member of the Norwegian Vivit User Group (NoVUG) and is today the chair of the NoVUG board.


Petar Puskarich
NTT Innovation Institute, Inc.
Performance Engineering SIG Leader

  • Technical team player with over 19 years of experience at Nationwide Insurance.
  • Petar has a deep technical competence across a wide range of technologies, and his MacGyver-esque problem solving abilities are legendary.
  • Petar is as comfortable working on technical issues as he is teaching others.

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Vivit Board Nominations Open

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Thursday, January 7, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Karen Semonson, Nominating Chair

Vivit Board of Directors

It is a privilege to announce the call for nominations for the 2016 Elections for the Vivit Board of Directors. Your nomination submissions are very much appreciated as they are a vital key to the success of the Vivit users group.

The Vivit Board of Directors is comprised of nine volunteer positions who share the desire to see this organization of enterprise management computing professionals succeed. To serve on the Vivit Board, you must be willing to give your time and energy and lend your strategic and software expertise to help the organization become better and stronger.

There are three Board positions to be filled during this year's 2016 election. The three terms run for 3 years - from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019.

To be eligible to serve on the Vivit Board of Directors you must:

  • be a general member in good standing with Vivit have the desire to see the organization succeed
  • have the desire to see the organization succeed
  • have the skills to be able to plan and direct strategic initiatives for the organization
  • be willing to commit to the amount of time needed to serve

In order to be selected as a candidate you must be nominated. All nominations for candidates must be received by 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Friday, January 29, 2016. You can email your nominations to

New Board members will be notified prior to the late May / early June face to face board meeting (specific dates to be determined) so that they may plan to attend.

We encourage individuals who are eager to dedicate themselves to the user community to consider this opportunity to become a Vivit Board member.

Thank you for your time and consideration

  Member Sign-in Required.

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New Leader Blog - January 2015

Posted By Lyndsey Zajac, Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Get Connected

We welcome the following Leaders and their expertise. We invite you to join their Local User Groups to share tips, best practices, and real-world experiences. Join the group by clicking on the group name under the picture and select the "Join Group” icon which will appear at the top of the group web page if you aren’t already a member. Connect to a leader by clicking on their name. Member sign-in required.


Pedro Mendes
Business Unit Manager
Portugal Chapter Leader

  • Pedro Mendes is a member of the Executive Committee of Datasmart
  • Previously Pedro was a Client Manager at GFI Portugal, leading the Datacenter Team of the Portuguese Bank Millenium BCP
  • Led major projects for large organizations such as PortugalTelecom, EDP, Autoridade Tibutária
  • Background in system engineering and project management: Microsoft Certified System Engineer since 2001, MCTS Messaging, Project Manager Professional PMP since 2005
  • Pedro is an Award winning HP Trainer on HP Star World Wide Program

Rolf Frydenberg
Daglig leder (CEO)/Partner
Manag-E Norge AS

Norway Chapter Leader

  • Rolf Frydenberg is President of Manag-E Norge AS with responsibility for business development and strategy, as well as sales and deliveries to a select set of customers. Rolf was one of the founders of Manag-E (in 1999), and is still the largest shareholder.
  • Since the early ‘90’s Rolf Frydenberg has worked in the area of solutions for IT Operations and Service Management, in ProsjektLeveranser, Merkantildata, and Manag-E. From 2010-2014 he had a break from this area, working instead for the consulting organization at Gartner, Inc.
  • Rolf’s involvement with HPE Software started with Network Node Manager and Data Protector. After participating at the OpenView Forum conference in Houston in 1994, he worked at getting the Norwegian HP Software users to form a local affiliate of OVFI. As a result, the Norwegian OpenView User Group (NOVUG) was founded in January of 1996 as a local chapter of OVFI. This organization is still active; now with the name Norwegian Vivit User Group (still abbreviated NOVUG). Rolf has had different roles on the board of NOVUG, and has been its most prolific presenter, giving more than 40 presentations through the 20 years of NOVUG activity.
  • Rolf was chair of the Program Committee for the 1997 OpenView Forum conference in Anaheim, California, and served on the board of OVFI from 1997-99. Rolf has also given several presentations at OVFI events.

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EMEA/APJ Elite Leader Recognition 2015

Posted By Annemarie Stuiver, Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Vivit Leaders were recognized during the Leader Dinner at HPE Discover in London on Monday, November 30, 2015. The Leaders who did an outstanding job for Vivit by organizing events, growing the Vivit community and building their Chapter or Special Interest Group were recognized and honored with the Elite Leader Award. Below are the names of the Elite Leader Award winners who received a certificate. Thank you all for your great contribution to our community!

Mark Laird
BSM SIG Leader

Richard Bishop
UK Chapter Leader

Cheikh Sadibou Deme
France Chapter Leader

Stevan Zivanovic
Agile SIG Leader

Andreas Birk
TQA SIG Leader
Vadim Gordadze
Russia Chapter Leader

Tags:  EMEA  Leader  Leaders 

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The best present under the tree: Announcing the December edition of HPE Propel

Posted By Vesna Soraic, Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Updated: Monday, December 7, 2015
Vesna Soraic
Vesna Soraic
HP Propel
Product Marketing Manager

The end of the year is here and we have a gift for you. Keep reading to find out what is in the latest version of HPE Propel that will make it easier than ever to become a true service broker.

I love December! It brings back great memories, but the month also triggers hopes for the future. Last week we wrapped up Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2015 London conference which was exiting, engaging and informative. This was the first conference for us as Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Just as we had hoped, it has blown away all projections regarding the number of visitors.

The HPE Propel team is particularly proud of 2015 because:

  • We added many new customers,
  • We delivered three releases of HP Propel service broker software (read below about the fourth release this year, 2.10)
  • We earned strong positive opinions about the product and its roadmap from the market and key analysts.

At HPE Discover 2015 in London, HPE Propel had several breakout sessions, featuring our customers Logicalis and Sopra-Steria.

If you could not join in London, we will share one of the sessions, HPE Service Exchange and Jumpstart - Transform the IT Consumption Experience, as a VIVIT webinar on December 15. Don’t miss this opportunity. Register for the webinar here.

Patrick Bailly, a director for innovation and industrialization at Sopra-Steria and Ankit Desai, a senior product manager for HPE Propel will present how to easily integrate tools together.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, HPE Propel is a new product to help IT become a service broker. It helps improve the user experience by increasing self-service and automated fulfilment across multiple providers. It enables IT to increase its speed and responsiveness to increased innovation and faster service launches. HPE Propel makes IT more nimble to respond quickly to changing market conditions, customer preferences or competitor actions. You just need to know what you want your IT to DIY and what you want to broker – HPE Propel will help you with how.

Next week we release HPE Propel 2.10. Here is (as usual) an incomplete list of what’s coming up in this December issue:

  • Universal search app. Now Propel offers a unified search interface, based on IDOL, for finding information across the service catalog, support tickets and knowledge articles. In addition, we will have application specific search for advanced use cases.

Universal search across all HPE Propel content

  • Openstack Murano catalog aggregation and fulfilment. Users will be able to order, deploy and consume cloud services from the Murano catalog from HPE Propel and manage subscription and service instance actions for Openstack services.
  • Create a support ticket directly from a subscription. Instance actions will be supported for multiple HPE CSA nodes. Version 2.10 will also support dynamic options on subscription management.
  • External Pricing feature. Provides the ability to dynamically have different pricing for each request, performed through an external API.
  • The migration "toolset". The version provided in 2.10 will enable migrating data and configurations from existing instance to the latest HPE Propel instance.
I will include more new features in the blog post next week at

Wishing you a greater emotional engagement with your users and customers and a wonderful holiday season!

Tags:  HPE Discover  Propel  Service Broker  Sopra-Steria 

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